Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rumors? We’ve got rumors!

With about 8 exempt openings (and more to come!) the rumor mill is in full swing. Who's getting what? Who's moving where? Times like these are among the more exciting ones. The BIG question is for the spot that isn't even vacant yet - Chief of Patrol.

Chief Maurer has taken care of a bunch of his people already; his Sergeants have fled HQ for greener pastures and even the POs are landing in decent spots. They know change is afoot. As we see it here, it's a two horse race for the successor: Area 5 Deputy Chief Maria Maher and Area 3 Deputy Chief Daniel Dugan. I still remember the story of someone showing up at a "barricade" incident where the offender was holding a shotgun and threatening everyone. As was related by eyewitnesses on the scene, POs on the scene were ordered to stand down and holster their weapons as the shotgun was obviously fake and they were making this individual nervous. Of course, when the situation was resolved, the shotgun turned out to be real and loaded to boot. Hmmmm.

Is Maurer getting the Airport or the new Federal Judges Protection detail?

Other openings

1. Deputy Chief of Patrol (Kajari)
2. at least 1 ADS spot (Flanagan)
3. 020 District Commander (Darling)
4. Chief of Detectives (Molloy)
5. Deputy Chief Field Group B (Kobel)
6. Vice (Brannan)
7. Deputy Superintendent Staff Services (Robinson)
8. Deputy Superintendent Crime Strategy and Accountability (Byrne)
9. ?? Assistant Deputy Superintendent Education and Training (Shaver)

Anyone got any hot info on these? Leave it in the Comments section.



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