Monday, March 25, 2019

Shooter Arrested

  • Multiple sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, have stated that a former candidate for the Chicago Police Department is being questioned in connection with Saturday morning’s slaying of off-duty Officer John P. Rivera, 23, and the critical wounding of another 23-year-old man in River North.

    CWBChicago is withholding the name of the man being questioned because he has not been charged with any wrongdoing in connection with Saturday's events.
Second, guess who wrote about this murdering jagoff almost two years ago, regarding the dropping standards to hire Rahm's mythical 1,000 officers?
  • This is exactly what our readers were warning about months ago:

    A new recruit, hired by CPD, in the academy, was arrested at the training academy for home invasion. Tried to escape and found to have a fully loaded weapon in his car! So, this is the new and improved Police Department!?! wtf!

    An update shortly thereafter said:

    Wasn't hired yet! Was in the process. Sorry for the misinformation... Was told if he beats this arrest he is still eligible to be hired

    Unfortunately, we think that's probably true, seeing as what Human Resources has been pushing through the past few years.

    You'd think it was amazing that he even managed to enter the building as an applicant....
So he was arrested for home invasion AND a gun was taken from his car in the Academy lot AND he was convicted of a felony charge in the ensuring months. THEREFORE, he was ineligible to have/own/possess a gun. We're sure this will make for interesting excuses by assorted gun grabbers.

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No R. Kelly Concerts?

  • Dubai's government on Sunday forcefully denied a claim by R&B singer R. Kelly that the artist had planned concerts in the sheikhdom after he had sought permission from an Illinois judge to travel there despite facing sexual-abuse charges.

    In a rare statement, the government's Dubai Media Office also denied claims by his lawyer in court that Kelly had plans to meet the sheikhdom's ruling Al Maktoum family.

    "Authorities in Dubai have not received any request for a performance by singer R. Kelly nor are there any venues that have been booked," the statement said.

    It added Kelly "has not been invited by the Dubai royal family for a performance."
If the judge has half a brain, he or she is going to throw a few extra restrictions on this jackass's ability to move around.


FOID Card "Unconstitutional!

This is going to the Illinois Supreme Court, and probably the US Supreme Court. From the Illinois Carry website:
  • This is a case in my own circuit court that we have been monitoring for the past year. The court ruled the FOID Act unconstitutional in regards to the licensing and taxing requirement to be in possession of a firearm or ammunition in your own home. The IL Attorney General has appealed the case to the IL Supreme Court.

    Cliff notes: Lady with a clean record, in possession of a single shot, bolt action rifle .22 in the home for personal protection. No FOID but otherwise eligible for a FOID. Judge ruled requiring a license and charging a fee/tax to exercise a Constitutional right in the home unconstitutional.

    We were in contact with the attorney for this case and discovered he was retiring and will not be representing Ms. Brown at the IL Supreme Court level. We have sought legal representation for Ms. Brown and believe the case will be in good hands. More news to follow!
Sounds like a bunch more taxpayer money to be wasted courtesy of the democrats coming up soon!


Sunday, March 24, 2019

Special Ed in Dubai?

Special Ed spent some time in the Mid East recently....the exact same place R. Kelly is trying to flee to do concerts:
  • Eddie T. Johnson, Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, thanks #DubaiPolice for the invitation & being part of #DpSymposium. Superintendent Johnson believes that some of the practices he has seen at #DubaiPolice will be of benefit to his police department in the fight against crime.
Special Ed picking up pointers from a third world Arab kingdom stuck in the middle ages? Are we going to start caning ne'er-do-wells? Chopping off hands? Stoning adultresses and the LGBTXYZPDQ community? Maybe a few beheadings?

Because if Ed is trying to push Chicago style fetal policing on them, they're no doubt laughing behind his back.


Death Spiral Continues

  • Since the turn of the century, Illinois has been in the midst of a perfect demographic storm. Residents are leaving the state in record numbers. The number of Americans moving into Illinois has hit new lows. Net foreign immigration has fallen by half. And the number of births has dropped by more than 20 percent.

    These demographic forces have all combined into a single troubling fact: Illinois is shrinking. The state has lost population five years in a row. In 2018 alone, the state lost 45,000 people, the second-biggest population drop in the country.
The accompanying graphs and charts ought to frighten any correct thinking citizen. Illinois cannot survive it, and even the influx of illegals is tapering off - foreigners don't want any part of Illinois.

And now JayBee the Hutt is talking about doubling the gas tax from nineteen cents a gallon to thirty-eight cents per gallon. We're suddenly struck with an image of gas stations sprouting up on the Indiana, Missouri and Iowa borders as big rigs fill up at one border, then drive completely across Illinois without stopping to refuel at the opposite border.

Oh wait - that's already happening.


Stop Using Your Phones

Your personal phones that is. You think it isn't going to be subpoenaed? You think it isn't discoverable?
Be sure you see who and what Loevy and Loevy are demanding to be produced, and when it isn't produced, demanding $1,000 per day fines for contempt.


Saturday, March 23, 2019

Off Duty Killed

In 018. Details very scarce at the moment.

Prayers all around.

UPDATE: Second person wounded was NOT an officer. An officer was in the back seat but was not wounded. Headline has been changed to reflect this information.

UPDATE: Second person upgraded to critical. It was looking very grim for a while.

UPDATE: Random attack? What the fuck?

UPDATE: Twenty-three year old John Rivera, nephew [corrected] of a retired Chief, senselessly murdered.


Sun Times

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1,479 Days

  • The city of Chicago went more than a full day without a reported shooting this week, from late Wednesday night to early Friday morning.

    No gunshot victims were reported between 10 p.m. Wednesday and 2 a.m. Friday, according to Chicago police and Sun-Times records.
Not to worry - Chicago is already on its way to a new streak with two in a row so far. Check back in about four years from tonight.

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Where's Our Car?

Must be nice to marry well:
  • Is the Mass Transit secretary who is married to a Deputy still taking unmarked car home everyday....?
We had no idea secretaries were getting cars now. We must have missed that announcement. Anyone know where they're handing out keys?


Granny Clampett in the News

  • The Coalition for Police Accountability is calling for the firing of Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick in the wake of the 2018 police killing of Joshua Pawlik, a homeless man who was shot 22 times by four officers.

    The coalition is directing its demand toward federal court-appointed Compliance Director Robert Warshaw, who has the power to fire the chief under the court-supervised Negotiated Settlement Agreement (NSA), which has governed Oakland police reform efforts since 2003.
What moron hired her for that short stint here again? To avoid a lawsuit she would have lost anyway?


Friday, March 22, 2019

Next Week CompStat

Supposedly, Mass Transit is up, with the "number one scoring" lie-tenant - Hall-Wysinger - in the hot seat.

Any bets on how Lemmer pussyfoots around her, perhaps offering a cool refreshing beverage and a back rub? After all, you can't mess with the wife of someone who signed off on all of your "merit" promotions.

We also heard that someone slipped her the answers already.


Feds Piling On

Desperate to rehabilitate their image after being shredded at the national level (and more to come when the lies told in FISA Court are exposed), the FBI is hammering low hanging fruit:
  • college bribery scandal ensnaring Hollywood types;
  • upcoming indictments for mail threats of Smollett;
  • Additional federal charges have been filed against two Chicago police officers already accused of lying to judges to obtain search warrants and then stealing cash and drugs from the properties they searched.

    The indictment on Wednesday accuses Xavier Elizondo and David Salgado of conspiracy to violate civil rights and obstruction of justice. Elizondo is also accused of trying to persuade Salgado to conceal evidence.

    U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly scheduled a Tuesday arraignment on the new charges for the officers.
This is going to be especially difficult for the FBI to explain, seeing as how there is a national scandal about to erupt over their lying to federal judges over a FISA warrant (renewed four times) based on falsified documents, paid for by Hillary and leaked to the media by all sorts of Sparklefart holdovers.

But as we said below, when the feds have you, they really have you, regardless of the shame they ought to be feeling over their own illegal acts.


Cochran Pleads Guilty

  • South Side Ald. Willie Cochran pleaded guilty Thursday to a felony charge of wire fraud for misusing his campaign funds for gambling and other personal expenses, including tuition for his daughter.

    Cochran, 66, appeared before U.S. District Judge Jorge Alonso at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse, where federal prosecutors outlined his plea agreement. Cochran pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud, which accused him of withdrawing money from the 20th Ward Activities Fund — meant to go to children and seniors — and used it for personal expenses.

    According to the plea agreement, while Cochran personally donated more than $32,000 to the fund, he withdrew approximately $14,285 more than he gave, and converted it for his personal use. Cochran spent the funds on gambling at Ameristar Casino, his daughter’s college expenses, and goods for his home.
Anyone know when they're going to attach GoPro's to aldercreatures?

UPDATE: Watch for the "former Chicago cop" old saws to start up again.


DCFS Abets Child Killer

  • The state’s Department of Children and Family Services says it is investigating a caseworker assigned to the family of a 2-year-old boy who was beaten to death Monday at his Washington Park neighborhood home.

    The toddler, Ja’hir Gibbons, was found unresponsive by his mother at their home in the 6500 block of South Prairie Avenue after he was repeatedly struck by his mother’s boyfriend, Dejon Waters, according to Cook County prosecutors.

    Waters, 21, is charged with first-degree murder in Ja’hir’s death and was ordered held without bail during his initial court hearing Thursday afternoon.

    Cook County prosecutors said the DCFS caseworker assigned to the family had been to the home only two days before Ja’hir died.

    On Thursday evening, DCFS announced the caseworker was being investigated for allegedly falsifying records.
There was a rather huge-ish scandal back at the beginnings of our careers involving DCFS, falsified records and a couple of dead kids. One kid might have been missing for months before the caseworker asked after him. It was actually standard practice at one time that DCFS was the LAST place you called because kids were in more danger with them than the abusers.

Looks like we're headed to those bad old days again. Maybe Kwame will prosecute someone?


On Going HBT

  • A man barricaded himself inside a home Thursday afternoon after police officers responded to a call of shots fired in the South Chicago neighborhood.

    About 2:50 p.m., officers responded to the report of gunfire in the 8100 block of South Brandon, Chicago police said.

    When they arrived, they found the 24-year-old barricaded inside of the home and a SWAT team was called to the scene, police said. As of 5 p.m., he was still inside the residence.

    No injuries have been reported, police said. Police previously reported that shots were fired at officers.
Hopefully it all ended well.

UPDATE: It did.

UPDATE: The Brandon/Crandon confusion is the media, not us. Go complain to them. We posted and linked what THEY reported.


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Mental Health at Center Stage

We see lips moving, but we don't think the message is reaching people who need it:
  • Responding to that trauma is now a top challenge for the Chicago Police Department, where alarms are sounding after six officers killed themselves over the last eight months.

    Last week, after the most recent suicide, Superintendent Eddie Johnson convened a small meeting of command staff and told them officer wellness was now his priority. To keep neighborhoods safe, his officers need to be healthy, he told the group.

    Johnson formed a task force to examine the department’s mental health services, according to his spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi, who was at the meeting.
    After killing an armed suspect, a Chicago cop — and his department — struggle with PTSD

    And in a sign of changing attitudes, Johnson also sent his officers a note about the latest death, saying, “we must do everything we can to ensure that our fellow officers have the support needed to get through the challenges of this very difficult job.”
Support? From this administration? Are you joking?

Two years without a Contract (three for supervisors) and no meaningful negotiations. Not to mention that the City only wants to gut Contract protections, making it easier to lose our jobs, which is stressful enough without the added pressure of being fired for offending the "community."

Meaningless training for officers instead of demanding the "community" behave properly - and no meaningful punishment (like prison) when they don't.

Little-to-no opportunity for advancement....unless you possess the proper DNA, are willing to sleep around or service certain persons, or you manage to cheat in a secret study group - again, available only to the chosen or those who choose the appropriate bedroom partner.

And speaking of partners, how about if/when you find someone worth working with, some asshole lieutenant or captain can break up car assignments for activity reasons that no one is willing to put down on paper. At least in the old days, we could bribe the Watch Secretary to work with a regular partner.

Special Ed's "changing attitude" isn't really believable seeing who he has promoted and who he has protected.


Mientras el Mundo Gira

  • Ald. Ricardo Munoz, charged with misdemeanor domestic battery, will once again be barred from returning to his Little Village home, a judge said Wednesday — three weeks after his wife, seeking reconciliation, invited him back in.

    Things have soured. A situation made clear by the middle finger accompanied by the parting words “Hey, Rick, f— y–!” that Betty Torres-Munoz offered her husband as he waited for elevator doors to close after the Cook Country Domestic Violence Court hearing.

    The order of protection banning Munoz from the couple’s Little Village home was reinstated Wednesday at Torres-Munoz’s request.
We don't think Rick is going to serve any time, but we certainly hope the ex-Mrs takes him to the cleaners.


I Believe I Can Dubai

  • R. Kelly wants permission to hop on a private jet to Dubai next month for a series of concerts that would mark his first performances since his arrest on sex abuse charges.

    Kelly, who surrendered his passport last month and cannot leave the state without the court’s permission, filed a motion Wednesday requesting permission to fly to Dubai to perform three to five concerts in April. Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg said he turned over a copy of the request, as well as details of the singer’s travel arrangements to Cook County prosecutors, and will ask Judge Lawrence Flood to rule on the matter at a previously scheduled status hearing on Friday.

    “(Kelly) needs to be able to work like anyone else who is free on bond, and the law needs to be adaptable,” Greenberg said.
Adaptable? Sure. Like letting him fly to a Middle East emirate that permits 14-year-olds to marry. Sounds right up Bob's alley, doesn't it? And no extradition treaty with the UAE? Perfect! What could possibly go wrong?


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Kwame Fails

  • The Illinois Supreme Court on Tuesday denied a bid to resentence former Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke in the murder of Laquan McDonald.

    Attorney General Kwame Raoul and Special Prosecutor Joseph McMahon filed a petition with the court in February seeking a new sentencing hearing for Van Dyke.

    Cook County Judge Vincent Gaughan gave Van Dyke 81 months behind bars in January. A jury in October found Van Dyke guilty of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm.

    The judge chose to sentence Van Dyke only on the second-degree murder count, finding it to be the more serious crime. Raoul and McMahon challenged that decision in their petition.

    The state Supreme Court denied the bid for a new sentencing hearing without explanation Tuesday. Justice P. Scott Neville Jr. wrote a dissenting opinion. Justice Thomas Kilbride also dissented in part. Both suggested a supervisory order would be appropriate.
So Kwame.....any word on the Farrakhan-connected sergeant who shot the nonthreatening, unarmed mentally challenged child from his automobile? Or is that a politically based prosecution you don't want to touch?


Prickwrinkle Conceding the Field?

This is NOT the act of someone who thinks they're about to win an election:
  • With two weeks to go before the April 2 runoff election, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s mayoral campaign has stopped airing TV commercials — an unorthodox move that raises questions about the viability of her campaign in the race’s closing days.

    Preckwinkle, who is the Cook County Democratic Party chair, has reported raising nearly $1.6 million to rival Lori Lightfoot’s $1.9 million since Feb. 27, records show. Those sums include fundraising in the past week, during which Preckwinkle has reported raising nearly $360,000 to Lightfoot’s $1.1 million.

    “We’re making strategic decisions to put us in the best place to win this campaign,” Preckwinkle said Tuesday during an endorsement event with U.S. Rep. Danny Davis when asked to explain why her campaign has gone off the air.
Someone has speculated to us that in the week following the election, Prickwrinkle is going to get a knock on the door at 0600 hours by some federal employees in suits, and she's saving money needed for bail and lawyers.


More 'Splaining for Toni

How long until Prickwrinkle ditches the constant embarrassment Crimesha has become?
  • Mayoral candidate Toni Preckwinkle defended her political protégé on Tuesday amid allegations that State’s Attorney Kim Foxx acted inappropriately when she tried to persuade Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson to transfer the investigation of Jussie Smollett’s claim of being the target of a hate crime to the FBI.

    “Kim Foxx was my chief of staff for … a little more than two years. She ran for and was elected state’s attorney. I’m very grateful for the good work that she’s done there,” Preckwinkle told an unrelated news conference on the West Side.

    “I think that she makes the decisions that she believes are in the best interests of the office.”

    The Fraternal Order of Police has demanded a federal investigation of Foxx’s behavior in the Smollett case.
It certainly isn't speaking well of Prickwrinkle's personnel decisions that they constantly step in shit of their own making.

As for the FOP, perhaps getting Crimesha disbarred would be an easier job.


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Comments Up Shortly

Sometimes, even SCC works late and has to be at court in the morning.


What Happened in 015?

Bunch of reports that an armed mob freed a handcuffed arrestee from custody?

Have we reached that point already?

When do we start with the vigilantes? Because at some point, those acting like mobs are going to get themselves shot, by cops or by fed up citizens.

UPDATE: 015 District units on the 011 side of Cicero and Gladys. There are some links to the radio traffic in the comments.


Prickwrinkle is Looking Bad

Every poll shows Lightfoot running away with this thing, and the Slum Times is going all in on making Prickwrinkle look bad:
  • Mayoral candidate Toni Preckwinkle owns a Hyde Park condominium where Chicago police have repeatedly responded to domestic-disturbance calls involving her 37-year-old son — and some residents say she doesn’t seem to have done anything to address their concerns.

    Chicago police officers visited the condo in the 5100 block of South Cornell eight times since January 2018, and one resident sought an anti-stalking order against Preckwinkle’s son, Kyle Preckwinkle, according to police and court records. Police didn’t make any arrests.
And Prickwrinkle and her people aren't shy about going negative lately, which is a definite sign that they're feeling the heat:
  • Lori Lightfoot jokingly refers to herself as a “triple-threat” because she is an African-American woman vying to become Chicago’s first openly-gay mayor.

    Now, her sexuality is the subject of a dishonest and deceptive flyer distributed to parishioners at black churches on the South Side and elsewhere.
This is turning out to be one of the more entertaining elections in recent memory. Too bad it's likely to accelerate Chicago's death spiral no matter who wins.

Who has the FOP endorsed?


Another Dumb Idea in Springfield

This is what passes for intelligence from our political "masters" in Springfield:
  • Creates the Peace Officer Accountability Act. Provides that before a peace officer is permitted to carry a firearm in the unit of government in which he or she is employed, the peace officer must either: (1) live in the unit of government in which he or she serves; or (2) complete 200 hours of specified work or training.

    Provides that the unit of government shall require each peace officer employed by the unit of government before entering upon the officer's duties to have a liability insurance policy.

    Provides that the public shall have access to all documents concerning promotions, which documents are subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

    Provides that each peace officer, before discharging his or her duties as a peace officer, shall sign an affidavit declaring that he or she will report all unethical and unlawful conduct of other peace officers immediately to the internal affairs division of the department.

    Provides that the exclusive representative of a peace officer bargaining unit may not enter into a contract or collective bargaining agreement with the department that permits unconstitutional conduct by peace officers. Amends the Illinois Police Training Act.

    Provides that the minimum standards for police academies shall include 20 hours of race relations training, acquaintance with the youth residing in the unit of government in which the officers will serve, when discharging a firearm, the avoidance of the use of deadly force except when necessary to protect the life of the officer and on methods of using less than deadly force to disarm a suspect.

    Provides annual 20 hours of training of peace officers in race relations and constitutional methods of the use of force. Amends various other Acts to make conforming changes.
We never seem to see any training for the "community" though.

They'll stack requirements on top of requirements and write vague bullshit that serves only to strip officers of any job protections, negates Constitutional Rights, and creates insurmountable obstacles (financial and otherwise) to actually doing the job we swore to do.

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This is Interesting

Remember Mrs. Obama's former Chief of Staff who called Crimesha Foxxx to interfere in the Smollett investigation?
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center has tapped Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff to lead a “top-to-bottom” examination of its workplace culture, less than a week after the anti-hate nonprofit fired co-founder Morris Dees for misconduct and its staff complained of discrimination against women and people of color.

    Tina Tchen, who began leading Buckley LLP law firms’s Chicago office after serving in the White House, will lead a review that reports to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s board of directors, the nonprofit announced Monday.

    The left-leaning Montgomery, Ala., organization, which tracks extremist groups across the U.S., is scrambling on two fronts to address employee unrest over working conditions, while also patching the hole left by Dees, whose firing last Thursday for undisclosed misconduct caught many staff members by surprise and delighted some of the center’s far-right adversaries.
The left certainly has some strange bedfellows, what with all the ethically compromised scrambling they're doing.


Shrinking Government?

Something we can get behind - except it seems to have disappeared:
  • Amends the Cook County Forest Preserve District Act. Provides that 91 days after the effective date of the amendatory Act: (1) the forest preserve district board's authority to appoint and maintain a police force is terminated; and (2) the Cook County Sheriff's Department shall exercise primary jurisdiction over the territory within the forest preserve district. Effective immediately.
The Squirrel Police are yet another needless patronage-heavy drain on taxpayer dollars. It ought to be phased out via attrition and it's duties rolled into the sheriff department. We have no idea why the bill isn't appearing at the link, but it either moved forward or was withdrawn - which would be a shame. Any chance to shrink County government is a good thing.


Monday, March 18, 2019

Summer Numbers Coming

  • Three people have been killed and at least 12 others wounded in shootings across Chicago since Friday evening.

    Friday night saw three people shot, one of them fatally; eight people were shot and one killed Saturday; and four people have been shot on Sunday, one of them fatally.
Just under the average for the past few years, so we're sure Special Ed will be bragging "crime is down" as if an average of one dead and four ventilated is a good thing.

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Pension Issue Again

Was this guy ever sworn? If yes, did he ever work the street? If not, why is he in our pension fund? (click for larger version)

We're just curious.


Trooper Wounded

  • A carjacking suspect was killed and an Illinois State Police trooper was wounded during a shootout Saturday evening on I-55 near downstate Staunton, police said. Around 3:45 p.m. Saturday, the Glen Carbon Police Department informed state police about an armed carjacking in which the suspect fired shots in the area of the Glen Carbon Sam’s Club, according to ISP.

    A responding state trooper found the suspect’s car going northbound on I-55 and tried to pull it over. Instead, the pursuit took them into Staunton, then back toward the highway, police said. Staunton police joined troopers in following the suspect, who drove off the roadway and got stuck in the median near the intersection of Staunton Road and Interstate 55, according to ISP.

    The suspect got out of his car and started to run, according to state police. The state trooper ran after him. He took out a handgun and shot at the trooper, who was hit, police said. The trooper fired back, hitting and killing the suspect, police said. The suspect was identified as male but had no identification on him and has not been identified, police said. Police said a handgun was recovered at the scene.
Well done Trooper. Wishing a speedy recovery to you.

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

COPA "Not Qualified"

  • The union representing Chicago police officers says the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) is violating state law by investigating fatal officer-involved shootings, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in Cook County Circuit Court.

    The officer union — Fraternal Order of Police Lodge no. 7 — is seeking an injunction against the city to ensure that COPA investigators are state-qualified law enforcement officers, which the lawsuit claims they are not.

    COPA is designated to lead investigations into fatal encounters with Chicago police.

    The lawsuit alleges that COPA’s lead investigators in those encounters are not trained “law enforcement officers,” in violation of the Illinois Police and Community Relations Improvement Act.
COPA also has an anti-police agenda when they should be looking for facts and truth. Everything, every single action, is interpreted to put the police in the worst possible light and satisfy a political end. That was evident in its creation and the complete disregard for existing law that is always so prevalent in Chicago politics.


Ants and Grasshoppers

  • For at least a decade, most Illinois residents who receive food stamps have been exempt from a federal law that requires them to work or risk losing their benefits.

    But a proposal that would make it harder to obtain those exemptions — a move designed to encourage people to find jobs while unemployment is low — has social service agencies in Illinois, like elsewhere, worried that the poor will only plunge deeper into poverty.

    Some 38 million people nationwide use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as SNAP, to buy groceries. Mostly, they are children, the elderly or people with disabilities.

    But many other recipients — about 8 percent — do not have such disadvantages: they are considered able-bodied adults, under 50, who do not have children or other dependents. Federal law limits them to three months of food stamps during a three-year period unless they are working, volunteering or in job training for at least 80 hours a month.
No kids, no disabilities. That frees up a lot of time. So what's stopping them from working at cleaning up highways and byways if they want to eat?
  • Of the 1.8 million people receiving food stamps in Illinois, about 162,000 are able-bodied adults without dependents, according to the Illinois Department of Human Services. That able-bodied group expands to some 400,000 people who enroll in SNAP in a given year as they cycle on and off the program.
And here we are, working 40 hours a week and in many cases, one of our days off, along with some volunteer work at church/school to support a functional community...and (it looks like) a couple of able bodied individuals who refuse to even do twenty hours volunteer work or get a part time job.

We're thinking bureaucrats are fearing cuts that would mean downsizing government as much as lazy assholes fear actually working. There aren't many greater motivators than hunger. If you're working, you're usually too tired to be an asshole, which means crime goes down, too.

And if you starve to death, oh well.


Brown for Inmate!

  • The owner of a Pennsylvania debt collection business was indicted Friday on federal charges alleging he steered money to Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown’s office and campaign in exchange for government business.

    Donald Donagher Jr. donated thousands of dollars to Brown’s campaign fund, paid $5,000 into the clerk’s scholarship and community development fund and directed one of his employees to make hundreds of thousands of robocalls for Brown’s campaign in an effort to obtain debt collection contracts from the clerk’s office, according to the indictment. Donagher also underwrote the office’s 2014 Women’s History Month celebration, according to the indictment.

    Brown, who was first elected to the clerk’s office in 2000, has been the focus of a federal corruption probe centered on bribes-for-jobs allegations in her county office. She repeatedly has denied any wrongdoing and has not been charged.
The subject of numerous allegations since 2014 involving land exchanges, pay-to-play donations, and alleged out-and-out bribes, Brown still manages to stay out of prison for some reason.


Saturday, March 16, 2019

Wow. Just Wow.

We're just an "insignificant blog." We've been told so many many times. But yesterday we wrote about a fallen Brother's wife running a Marathon in his memory this coming Autumn. She had completed the 2018 Marathon with him just last year. We noted that she was a mere $200 from her goal and asked people to check out her story and her site.

Less than twenty-four hours later, she is nearly $3,000 over her goal.

You magnificent men and women. You are amazing. There's something to be said for "insignificance," and you prove it each and every day. Very VERY Well Done.

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Kass on Crimesha

We've been pointing out for a couple years now the all-around incompetency of Crimsha Foxxx and her office of clowns. Her disregard for the Law as written, her making up thresholds and bars to jump over for charging, her complicity in releasing felons and those charged with felonies onto the street to further victimize the "community."

And the silence of the media in being the supposed "watchdog."

But now?
  • As TV actor and want-to-be-victim Jussie Smollett pleaded not guilty on Thursday to staging his very own fake hate crime, I thought about someone else on trial in this case:

    Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.

    The state’s attorney hasn’t been charged with anything and won’t be. She doesn’t have a formal role in the Smollett fake-hate-crime case, now that she’s recused herself owing to a conflict of interest. But she stands in the court of public opinion after a remarkable Tribune story by reporters Megan Crepeau and Jeremy Gorner.

    It is an account of how Foxx was contacted in the Smollett case by a politically connected lawyer close to Chicago’s most prominent political families, the Obamas and Emanuels. That lawyer, Tina Tchen, was chief of staff for former first lady Michelle Obama, and she is a friend of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s wife, Amy Rule. Tchen was apparently a go-between for someone in the Smollett family.
The media, as much as any other entity, bears a tremendous amount of blame for neglecting their primary duty to the public and becoming agenda driven hacks. Kass has been fighting a losing battle for years against a rising tide and politically beholden editors who undoubtedly axed many stories that should have been printed.

This might (BIG "might") be a break in the wall surrounding the Machine. We won't hold our breath just yet. But it is a refreshing hint of a breeze.

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Alderasshole Still At It

He [Arena] is endorsing a fellow communist/progressive named Murphy for the 39th Ward race.

So that means vote for the other person - Samantha Nugent.


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