Wednesday, June 03, 2020

The Return of Steve

The Department tacitly admitted that Brownie has fucked up the entire riot response and reached back in time and tapped Steve Georgas to fix the entire broken situation. To be fair, it's not all Brownies fault, but the fault of the political system putting incompetent morons in charge and chasing out anyone with actual experience. And of course, Groot calling the shots when she can't even be a moderately successful federal prosecutor.

Georgas has taken a bunch of heat over the years, some justified, some not (as all criticism is mostly opinions), but he successfully pulled of a decent NATO response along with the Cubs World Series run after Carter and others completely dropped the ball on that event.

It will be an interesting couple of days coming up with the current 12 hour schedule predicted to last through the weekend. It's obvious no one at HQ is currently capable or willing to take the reins and Groot cannot look like a total failure in her choice of supernintendo.


More Magic Money

She must be fertilizing the Money Tree with the bullshit she spews forth on a daily basis:
  • In a televised speech aimed at calming a city rocked by widespread looting, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday evening announced a $10 million grant fund for looted businesses and promised to implement a series of long-stalled police reforms.
Oh yeah, and in the midst of the bloodiest May in decades, remind everyone that it's the police that need reform, and not the "community" that has racked up tens of THOUSANDS of murders of their own since the 1970's.

We'll just remind everyone that of the 1,208 shootings in the City of Chicago this year, the CPD is responsible for exactly five of them:
  • that's four-tenths-of-one-percent
Stats per


Extra Coroners

  • Last Sunday was the most violent day of one of the most violent weekends in Chicago in recent memory.

    Of the more than 20 killed by gunfire across the city over the weekend, 15 died on Sunday, so many the Cook County medical examiner’s office said it had to bring in additional pathologists to handle the autopsies.
And the least surprising part of it (which is really sad):
  • Ages of the victims range between 18 and 39. Thirteen are men, and two are women. Twelve are black, two Latino and one is identified by the office as “other.”
Amazingly, not a single individual was killed by the police - meaning everything Groot and Fatass are telling the public is pretty much out-and-out lies. Prickwrinkle, too, and she had to spend extra money so that autopsies could be completed.

Anyone know if they gave up that temporary freeze space for all the non-existent COVID victims?

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P - O - L - I - C - E

Groot did a noontime presser yesterday and it was our unfortunate displeasure to have to hear it when we woke up.
  • She thanked "public safety workers" especially Streets and Sanitation workers and "Ward Officers" for all the sweeping of glass, cleaning of debris and boarding up buildings.
She couldn't even be bothered to say the word "police" even though not a single person could have done any of those other jobs without police being nearby to make sure they didn't get shot or beaten or robbed.

Then she does an evening press conference where she calls a Marine veteran officer a "coward" for being called to the scene of a drugged up asshole trying to kill his own father with a baseball bat and not being courageous enough to take a beating.

Does anyone know what type of meds Groot is currently taking? Because they might want to adjust the dosages as she's living in a fucking dream world.

Hey Groot - Fuck You again.


Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Confusing Picture

Anyone else think that professional "journalism" is dead?

So are we Matt. So are we.

This used to be a great newspaper town back in the day.

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Another Hypocrite

This is Princess Leia. She's been running around the Deuce telling sergeants to write up Officers for not wearing masks and not keeping social distance since the "pandemic" began. She's bucking for Captain:

Looks like she has an "in."


This is a "Doctor?"

So Groot's Director Of Public Health Alison Arwady had the following order for all "protestors:"
  • Anyone who has been protesting in a large crowd should self quarantine for 14 days
Seriously. She just said that Saturday evening or so.

Talk about living in a bubble.


The Level of Groot's Intellect

Low....and declining. The Sun Times is currently altering the story every few hours so they can "memory hole" the entire thing - this is the altered story:
  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot and one of her most outspoken City Council critics got into a profane exchange on Sunday during the second of two conference calls held to update aldermen on the city’s failed efforts to contain looting and violence in Chicago neighborhoods.

    During the first call on Sunday morning, Ald. Ray Lopez (15th) said he asked Lightfoot directly what her plan was to protect the neighborhoods after sealing off a downtown area devastated by looting, vandalism and arsons on Saturday night.

    According to Lopez, the mayor responded she had a plan for every neighborhood.

    “I said, ‘I heard on the scanners that we have hundreds of people, caravans, driving in from Indiana and other places to come and terrorize our city,’” Lopez said.

    “She rebuffed that. Disregarded me again. She said, ‘I’m dealing with issues. That’s an unsubstantiated rumor. You can chase that if you want, Ray.’”
This is the original text, about seventy paragraphs buried now:
  • When I was finished, she basically said, ‘Okay. Next’ and tried to move onto the next alderman without answering me. At which point, I interrupted and said, ‘No. I demand an answer. I want to know what your plan is.’ At which point, she said I was full of s--t for saying that all she cared about was downtown and that she wasn’t prepared and that there’s nothing she could say intellectually that would make sense to me.’”

    Lopez said he “wasn’t having it.” He answered profanity with profanity.

    “I told her, ‘F - - k you. You don’t know what’s going on. You need to come out from wherever you’re hiding and see what’s going on in the neighborhoods.’ I said, ‘You need to check your f---ing attitude.’ That’s not what this is about right now. … That just underscores and totally proves the fact that she had no plan for the neighborhoods.”
Groot sure likes to use the "Fuck You" answer to a lot of things. It's a pretty weak cover for the incompetency she's showing on a near daily basis lately.

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What a Month

Turns out the hospitals have been unplugging patients the last few days of May. The count keeps going up:
  • In May 2020 -  390 shot, 81 homicides
We have no idea when the last time was that May have over 80 homicides.

The yearly count has blown past 200 and stands at 244 before June even started.

At this rate, 600 is almost a slam dunk and Brownies tenure won't last past Christmas.


Groot's Protection

Groot had seventy-five cops protecting her home the other night.

Just thought we'd mention that while other formerly "quiet" neighborhoods had to resort to Citizen Patrols to keep their neighborhoods quiet.


White Sox Tim Anderson

Taken from his Twitter page:

Remember this when the White Sox are offering free tickets to the ballpark that they haven't been able to fill in twenty years.


Monday, June 01, 2020

Family Threats

Numerous unconfirmed reports from Twatter and places like that the rioters are targeting police neighborhoods. Be careful.

Also, an aldercreature tweeted about latin counts beating the Hell out of looters who came to his ward.

The world is upside down.

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Where's Fatass?

Numerous, and we mean numerous, reports that Putzker was observed at Pier 290 in Williams Bay, Wisconsin dining while Chicago burned.

Rumor or fact? Don't expect the media to ask even the simplest of questions - it would be "disrespectful" and all that bullshit.


Can You Imagine.....

  • Chicago’s love-hate relationship with electric scooters will resume, but not until the end of the summer because of financial concerns tied to the coronavirus, a top mayoral aide said Friday.

    Transportation Commissioner Gia Biagi acknowledged transportation options are needed now, more than ever, as the Chicago economy prepares to partially reopen and mass transit struggles to reassure commuters it’s safe to return to buses and trains.

    But Biagi said she cannot wave a “magic wand” and deliver Round Two of Chicago’s grand experiment with electric scooters. The handful of companies expected to be involved in the second pilot still must sort out their shaky finances.
We never did see a report on how many scooters were "disappeared" or ended up in recycling yards. The "shaky finances" could have more to do with Inventory Shrinkage than COVID.


Nineteen Dead??? (UPDATE: Twenty One)

Just when you thought Groot and Brownie couldn't dig themselves a deeper hole, they ask for a shovel and start digging a basement:
  • 10:00p Riot Tally*: 19 killed, 43 wounded
That was the weekend after Memorial Day.

Five homicides in ten hours in Englewood.

Anyone know when the marches and protests are scheduled for these nineteen dead and forty-three wounded, because we think the Department is stretched a little thin this week.

UPDATE: Final numbers, pending a newly discovered body or three:
  • Twenty One dead
  • Forty Six Maimed
Nice leadership there Groot - this one is on you and your hand picked puppets.

Middle ninety degrees later this week.

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National Guard on Tap

Once again, the correct decision, but far too late to make much of a difference:
  • After a riotous night Saturday in Chicago, unrest again unfolded in the city but also in the suburbs on Sunday.

    Reports of looting, windows being smashed and other acts of violence were coming in from several areas of the Chicago area.

    The Illinois National Guard was called in to protect the downtown. Access into the Loop and nearby was being limited.
Which is why neighborhood stores bore the brunt of the chaos Sunday.


Comment Backlog

As we said, everything is delayed.

We got home and there were 1,000 comments waiting for us.

Even on a good day, we usually handle 400 comments. So we put a dent in the backlog and headed out to work again.

We will get to just might take a day or so to catch up.

Be sure to check out the CWB blog. They've been posting pictures and twitter videos that the Chicago media refuses to show the public because Groot threatened to slap their peepees.

Stay Safe. We'll get to it all in a while.

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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Nice One Brownie

Who's side is this dickhead on anyway?

That's the Superintendent of the CPD criticizing Minnesota police for arresting one of our fine Medill "School of Activism" stringers for disobeying police orders in what is essentially a war zone up north.'

How about just keeping your mouth shut Brownie and not exposing brown-stain ass for everyone to see?

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Everything Delayed

We're all in the same boat.


Stay safe. Watch your ass and your partner's ass.

Don't get out of the boat.

And in case you didn't hear it already, Fuck you Brownie.


Cancelled Days Off

So we get home at zero-dark-thirty and finally get a message, issued at 2330 hours last night, that Days Off are cancelled and twelve-hour shifts are in effect.

So the "no OT" thing is over finally?

And a special salute (single finger) to the media who didn't once breeak into active programming yesterday afternoon while downtown burned and hundreds of rioters arrived via bus from Indiana.

If you aren't wired in to social media, and we mean a bunch of it, you missed the biggest disaster to befall Chicago since the first Bulls riot. Complete mayhem, unpreparedness on display. The broken glass and destroyed storefronts, not to mention who knows how many disabled and burned squad cars towed away....and the media "missed" at least 95% of it.

Make no mistake, the media is complicit in what is obviously a pre-planned event.


Hey Groot?

Fuck You


Busy at Work (UPDATES)

As we stated yesterday, posting is going to be sporadic and delayed. Bear with us. In the meantime, we are appalled at how badly the administration and "leadership" has failed during these riots.

First up, everyone keeps saying "Protest." These aren't protests.

Second, there is no cohesive plan:
  • Groot threw together some sort of parking ban downtown, but then someone scattered cops all over the place in groups of ten or fifteen, leaving pockets of isolated officers when hundreds and thousands of assholes descended on them;
  • dumpsters being wheeled into the streets as barricades....for the rioters. Streets and San should have been out all night with flatbeds sweeping these things up and parking them at Soldier Field;
  • squads parked so close to the line of march that guerilla attackers slashed dozens tires rendering them inoperable for moving officers around anywhere and easily set ablaze...and tow trucks were unable to access the area;
  • the 10-1's all over the radio were only a hint at what a disaster this is turning out to be;
  • Cops losing equipment, hats, cuffs, vests;
  • A sergeant with a broken wrist yesterday, and other with a broken arm Saturday;
  • cops being dragged into the crowd and beaten;
  • not to mention eggs, bottles, rocks, etc....and no helmets until Saturday;
  • rioters attempting to flip multiple occupied wagons - something that hasn't been done since the Humboldt Park riots of the 70's we think;
  • Car 44 send Area 4 Incident Teams downtown until after 2030 hours
Last we heard before heading in tonight was the CTA was still running and the bridges were down, enabling rioters free access to pretty much wherever they could get to. Did no one see Batman Begins? It was filmed partially in Chicago and to contain an out of control eruption of violence, Gotham raised the bridges. (UPDATE: Some bridges up after 1900 hours)

Gas Teams? Pepper Ball guns? LRAD? Not a one. (UPDATE: Gas team(s) deployed around 1930 hours)

The pepper ball guns were used to great effect by the Denver Police yesterday. Check out the videos if you can find them. And after rioters surrounded two precincts in New York (84th and 88th?) the NYPD laid them out like stunned mackerel.

But here, we're cannon fodder for Groot's progressive order.

UPDATE: Michigan Avenue is trashed.


This is Amusing

That "Downfall" clip that everyone parodies, with Hitler in the bunker as the Russian Army closes in on the remnants of his failed Reich? Someone made one after last week's Memorial Day massacre:
Trying to put names to the characters makes viewing a good time.


Blog Birthday

Not the celebration we were hoping for:

But thanks for the thoughts, visits and readership.

You are what makes the blog possible.


Saturday, May 30, 2020

Gas Teams

Took long enough you idiots.

CW Dispatcher tried to tell off Car 100, and 100 told him to stuff it.

This after something like a dozen cops are in the hospital with broken bones and limbs.

Are the bridges up?

UPDATE: Heard on CW 6: buses full of Antifa coming in from Indiana?

UPDATE: Curfew at 2100 hours? Too little too late Groot


Overnight Mayhem

We were kind of busy last night. You might have heard about it?

Everything is delayed today. Maybe tomorrow even.

Stay safe.

UPDATE: Anyone know why the media is reporting "broken windows and property damage" but nothing about the looting that took place at half a dozen stores? We're just curious.

UPDATE: (Saturday afternoon) Anyone listening to their scanners? CW6? It's a total disaster. Groot and Brownie have dropped the ball completely.


Putzker Loses Big

He folded like a cheap took a while because to be frank, it was a very large suit:
  • Governor Pritzker, during today’s Daily Briefing, announced new guidance for religious institutions in Illinois.

    These “guidelines” effectively remove any previous mandates he thought he had placed on them, and replaced the mandates with “guidance.”

    This move was hours prior to his response deadline to the United States Supreme Court in the case of Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church and Logos Baptist Ministries v. Jay R. Pritzker, which was seeking an emergency injunction prior to May 31, 2020. Read the Emergency Application for Writ of Injunction to the SCOTUS
US Supreme Court Associate Justice Kavanaugh ordered Fatass to have a brief before him no later than 31 May explaining in detail how Fatass's "executive orders" weren't in direct violation of the First Amendment of United States Constitution.

Rather than explain, Fatass had a new set of "guidelines" drafted regarding church services, none of which are enforceable by police. He also had Illinois AG Raoul file the report of the changes made (i.e. the complete and total surrender to Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church). Upon doing so, the Court dismissed the injunctive relief.

A massive victory by the Romanians.

By the way, among the filing attachments was Dr. Arwady's declaration of the church as a "public nuisance," which doesn't bode well for taxpayers. Or Groot. Or the Deputy Chief who cited the church under whatever unconstitutional orders he was given. Here's to hoping the Romanians go for blood.

The Tribune finally adds some spin to it by posting Fatass's claim he was lifting the restrictions anyway, so there's no need to sue him.

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Again with the HQ "Dumps"

  • The Chicago Police Department is adding 100 officers to patrol the streets beginning next month, pulling them from desk jobs, officials said Friday.

    The new assignments come as the warmer weather brings the threat of more violence. During the long Memorial Day weekend, more than 50 people were shot in the city. The following day, at least 28 more people were shot.

    Fifteen percent of sworn officers currently working at police headquarters will be permanently reassigned to the city’s 22 patrol districts on June 7. This will not include officers working on functions related to a federally mandated consent decree to improve the city’s policing practices.
But it's not really "permanent:"
  • Officers tapped to work the streets from headquarters will be deployed “on a rotating two-week schedule,” according to a statement from the department.
Because everyone knows that gang violence operates on a two-week cycle. Brownie and Groot have consulted with someone - probably Malinowski or Lemmer - and the next cycle begins promptly on 07 June.

One hundred officers working on two-week cycles is fifty officers per deployment. Divided among 22 Districts is about 2.2 officers per district per two week cycle - one entire car. Since the mice are already on days, they'll be ordered to be left on days so as not to disturb their sleep cycles.

They'll also have weekends off....unless they're unlucky enough to already be assigned to Friday/Saturday or Sunday/Monday day off know, exactly when the extra manpower would be most helpful to the Districts. Real big help this is going to be. We're better off with the hundreds dumped out of Homan Square.

After eight different Reductions in Force, there can't be anybody left at HQ, right?


Parting Shot Advice

Some good words for Brownie to use should he choose to head off into the sunset:
  • He’s still holding some cards. The best play for him is to be straight up, call out Lightfoot and say, “I took this job with the intent that I would be able to run the department, not the mayor run the department using me as a mouthpiece. If she has a better idea, with all of her vast experience being a police officer, maybe she should just appoint herself mayor AND superintendent of police, because that is what she is doing now. And she can enjoy the failures of trying to do the impossible for the ungrateful.

    We have so many great people in Chicago, but those individuals, the ones who are doing their duty as citizens, neighbors, parents, Mayor Lightfoot is not concerned about those people. She is only concerned about those who will never follow rules, laws, or basic elements of human decency, and misplaces the blame on the police Department instead of where it actually lies, in entire communities of individuals who have no regard for common decency or human life.” There you go, superintendent Brown. I wrote your speech for you. If you came out and said that, her firing you would appear retaliatory in nature setting you up for amazing public image and maybe some coin coming your way.

    You are holding an Ace, play it.
We won't even ask Brownie to pay for the advice.


57 and Climbing

  • Two 19-year-old women were shot to death Thursday while sitting in a parked vehicle in South Chicago.

    They were in the 8700 block of South Essex Avenue about 8:36 p.m when someone opened fire, Chicago police said.

    One woman was shot in the back and hand, police said. The other woman was shot in her head.
Anyone seeing any marches or riots or protests over this? Because we remember a time when this wouldn't be tolerated by ANY community in Chicago.

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Friday, May 29, 2020

"Room to Destroy" (UPDATE)

We've heard this one before....Baltimore, wasn't it?
  • ....sent this evening from commander of area central

    Good evening all,

    The Department will no longer use force to disperse large gatherings. Until further notice, large gatherings will only be monitored until the crowd disperse on it's own. Please ensure that all supervisors under your command are made aware of this instruction.

    Thank you,
You have your orders boys and girls, from an Area Commander no less.

UPDATE: Verified (and another $50 to the Chaplains from SeeBS. They can afford it with all the layoffs this week:
  • Chicago police officers have been ordered to “no longer use force to disperse large gatherings,” as tensions mount over the months-long stay-at-home order, and protests continue nationwide over the death of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who pleaded for air as a white police officer kneeled on his neck

    “Until further notice, large gatherings will only be monitored until the crowd disperse on it’s own. Please ensure that all supervisors under your command are made aware of this instruction,” top brass wrote in a memo to commanders and officers Thursday night.

    In addition to mounting protests over Floyd’s death, the order comes amid a statewide stay-at-home order that prohibits gatherings of more than 10 people.
So no one can gather in groups of 10 or more.....but the Department won't give us any tools to "enforce" the "order."

Brilliant leadership once again. Lift the lockdown Groot.



Word from HQ that the Sooper-Sekret Study Groups have received their pamphlets outlining Part II of the delayed Sergeant Exam. Nothing like getting a leg up on the competition.

We however, haven't received one. Have you?

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Groot's New Co-Pilot

Aldertool Taliaferro wrested the wheel away from Groot for a moment and reversed that bus right over Brownie:
  • David Brown failed his first major test as Chicago’s police superintendent because he was more concerned with cutting overtime than fighting violence and failed to share his Memorial Day weekend plans with local leaders, an influential alderman said Thursday.

    Mayor Lori Lightfoot has condemned the “out of control” violence that turned Memorial Day weekend into a “bloodbath” and held Brown personally responsible. The chairman of the City Council’s Committee on Public Safety went even further.

    Ald. Chris Taliaferro (29th), a former Chicago Police officer, said the former Dallas police chief turned his first holiday weekend in Chicago into “a fail,” as Lightfoot put it, by putting hundreds fewer moonlighting officers on the street than the 1,200 additional officers who worked last Memorial Day weekend.
Somehow, this runs in direct contradiction with Groot's proclamation just 24 hours prior:
  • In her afternoon news conference, Lightfoot blamed disgruntled cops upset about cuts in police overtime for spreading a false rumor that there were 1,000 fewer police officers on the street. But she also contradicted Brown, saying “In fact, there were more officers on the street this weekend” than in prior years.
So which is it? Cops are disgruntled liars or Groot is a serial fabulist making up bullshit to direct attention away from her own incompetence? (hint: it's Groot - there were hundreds less officers. Interested reporters can FOIA the Attendance and Assignment sheets from previous years at their leisure).

Back to that big ol' bus running over Brownie:
  • According to Taliaferro, the edict was on full display over Memorial Day weekend. There were “hundreds” fewer officers on the street when there should have been at least as many as last year, maybe more, to “saturate” South and West Side police districts plagued by gang and gun violence, the alderman said. The Chicago Police Department should also have used “outside units” from the State Police and Cook County Sheriff’s office, Taliaferro said.

    “The mistake was cutting back on officers. There were a lot fewer. … It did not rise to the level of what we had the last several years. And that’s why we saw an increase in violence,” Taliaferro said. “You need to have those officers on the street during holiday periods — especially when we’ve been sheltered in place for two-and-a-half months. We can worry about cutting back on overtime Tuesday through Thursday.”
Point of Order Chris - maybe you don't remember this, but ISP and Cook County don't get "used" by CPD. They are separate entities with their own command staffs. And if they are anything like our command staff, they'll resent encroachment on their territories and officers. They might deign to "assist" Chicago, but in case you don't remember, we're currently under a Consent Decree. Our rules and regulations are a bit more involved (and restrictive) than theirs might be. Their training is different. Their policies are likely different. Their liability is most certainly different. And if they have half a brain, they wouldn't put any of their officers anywhere near the Chicago shitshow, and certainly not under the command of any of Groot's incompetent minions.

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The "New Normal"

  • For the second straight day, a large crowd confronted Chicago police officers as they arrested someone on gun charges.

    The latest incident happened about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday as police were dispersing about 100 people attending a memorial in the 2700 Block of West Flournoy Street in the Lawndale neighborhood. Officers saw a man with a gun who ran from them and threw the weapon underneath a car, police said in a statement. They took him into custody and placed him into a police car, but a crowd surrounded it “and began pulling on the doors in an attempt to release the offender while interfering and obstructing the officers,” police said.

    The car was able to leave the scene and no injuries were reported. Five people were arrested on charges ranging from aggravated battery to a police officer to resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. The suspect initially taken into custody was charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, police said.
This after officers were pelted with bottles following a gun arrest on the block where a five-year-old was shot the day before. Anyone hear some condemnation from Brownie? From Groot? From a single "revrund" or community activist or violence interrupter? Maybe Chump the Wrapper?

All of the above assholes get calls daily from citizens and alderassholes about violence in the 'hood. So cops go there attempting to quell violence by their presence and manage to spot people (or folks) actively breaking the law running around with guns, so they do the heroic thing and pursue, capture and arrest them. The thanks for their efforts is crowds of people (or folks) throwing bottles at them and attempting to release the criminals.

Someone in the administration want to explain this to us? You aren't inspiring us with any confidence at this point and your "leadership" is a bad joke.


Virtue Signaling Received!

For something we've all received training on already, and in fact, is covered every single year in the new "Procedural Justice" and "Use of Force" modules:
  • Chicago Police Supt. David Brown has ordered all Chicago Police officers to undergo mandatory training on “positional asphyxiation” in light of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

    “I want to make it clear that this behavior is not acceptable in Chicago, will not be tolerated under my command, and quite frankly has no place in law enforcement anywhere,” Brown said in a statement Thursday.
Now, for the record, we agree training is good. We have bitched here for years that training was inadequate. We've also outlined how the City fought training every single step of the way, refusing to grant Contractual training days as proposed by the FOP back in the 1990's.

We also agree that going over Use of Force is good and necessary. The scenario based training is decent, could be better, but the City tries to do everything on the cheap, and it shows.

During one module (Use of Force of PJ I), the instructor pretty much talked us through one arrest scenario, step-by-step."OK, I'm down, cuff me; Cuffs are on. Search me; I'm searched. Roll me to my side. Positional. Positional." Safety Officers reminded us constantly, "He's down, he's not resisting, don't knee him in the back, don't break his arm, put him in a sitting position."

That's decent training to start. Most people learn by doing, doing it repeatedly, and doing it correctly with coaching throughout the process. That way, in the heat of an actual fight, the officer is going to hear that voice coaching them though the incident making sure steps are followed that protect (firstly) the officer and (secondly) the arrestee.

Brownie is obviously running scared at this point (and receiving bad advice from his appointed inner circle) by telling the media what he's doing, even if all of his officers know they've been getting this training going on a third year now. He's virtue signalling to the press (and Groot) while losing the Department who can see the strings being pulled on this puppet.

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Media Covers for Chump

Don't look for this one to make the media. This is a picture of Chump the Wrapper last year at Wentworth Gardens:

Wentworth Gardens, you may recall, is where the five-year-old got shot a few nights ago, and where Chump tweeted that the "militarized police" should stop coming to the 'hood.

Do you know why the police were in Wentworth Gardens? It seems that the individual on the right side of that photograph is a recently-deceased (02 January) known gun offender and suspected shooter in a number of violent acts. It was his birthday, and to celebrate, two hundred jackasses gathered resulting in numerous shots fired calls and the five-year-old catching lead. At least two guns were recovered, including the one that led to numerous officers being pelted with bottles and rocks.

For this, Chump broadcasts his ignorance to the world, and the Chicago media lets him get away with it without any sort of context pointing out exactly why the crowd of two-hundred was there....and why the police were summoned to the scene. Trust us, the cops didn't go looking to be outnumbered 100-to-1.

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Notify Sean Penn!!!

We're getting a bunch of emails and comments about the Academy set-up of Alternate Response and/or the integrated Command Post is suffering with no air conditioning as of late and CFD ambulances are making near daily trips there to remove heat casualties.

We're also told that they're forbidden from tipping off the media lest it cast Groot's handpicked command staff to undue ridicule.


Thursday, May 28, 2020

Another Midget Dictator

After the debate over yesterday's picture - is it a nazi or Il Duce - we got this one:

How come no one is making memes out of these?


K9 Dispersals?

Report from the southside two nights ago:
  • Dispatch is actually sending canine to disperse crowd in 003.

    "Surge" cars and 006 at 75th and DRexel for a crowd of 200 plus
Following in the traditions of Bull Connor (D-Alabama). We expect CFD will be next with the deck water cannons.


Did the Weekend Ever End?

  • The violence that marked Chicago’s Memorial Day weekend spilled into the week, with 23 people shot between Tuesday afternoon and early Wednesday, including a 5-year-old girl and two teenage boys.


    The shootings occurred from the Far South Side to the Northwest Side and a follow a long holiday weekend that saw at least 10 people killed and 40 others wounded. It was the deadliest Memorial Day weekend in five years, and prompted Mayor Lori Lightfoot to publicly rebuke her new police superintendent, a little more than a month on the job.

    Five men were killed over 10 hours Tuesday and early Wednesday across the city.
So has the weekend total at 10 and 42 over the three day weekend. And over the course of something like thirty-six hours, Chicago racks up half again as many casualties?

That would make us think that Groot's criticism of Brownie has some merit. He's failed this weekend and the failure continues into the first warm week.

But then again, Groot is the one actually running the Department, refusing to let Brownie make any substantive changes, sticking him with a roster of cheaters and corruptocrats that would embarrass any so-called "reformer."

Since Brownie is already under the bus. who can she blame now?

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Mixed Bullshit Messages

Groot must have been told she fucked up, because she was making apologetic noises yesterday (see yesterday's posts regarding tweets from Groot and Chump the Wrapper):
  • The accusations against the police department prompted a response from Mayor Lori Lightfoot who said they are fundamentally untrue.

    “Those dispersal orders are happening all over the city – and yes, in white, areas, Latinx, in monied areas,” Lightfoot said. “Why the media doesn’t cover that I think there’s some answers to that.”
The media doesn't cover it because Groot told them not to. After all, the crowd was throwing bottles at the police who had just arrested a man with a gun in the area where a five-year-old was shot. Reporting that might make the police look like heroes.....and the community look like assholes. Can't have that.

Fred Waller got into the "act" with backhanded praise:
  • Chief of Operations Fred Waller defended the Chicago Police Department’s handling of crowd dispersals. “CPD was also on hand for a large gathering Monday in Grant Park,” Waller said. “As you can see, our officers were busy in all parts of the city. We need to do better and we will do better.”
Gee Fred, what could we have done better? We didn't shoot anyone all weekend while the community shot over fifty. We recovered 216 guns. A normal boss not looking to suck ass would call that a pretty good weekend.

And bringing up the rear, almost doomed to irrelevancy over the past year, pfather pfaker found a dim spotlight he can jump in front of:
  • However activist and Catholic priest, the Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor at St. Sabina in Auburn-Gresham, said the difference in tactics is clear as black-and-white. “We’ve got to end that culture, whether its two different ways people are treated based on your race and the color of your skin,” he said.
The pfake pfather sees everything through the lens of race and color. He conveniently leaves out (as all libtards do) the deciding factor for all police actions:
  • behavior
Guess where a five-year-old wasn't shot? Or where people were wearing masks, playing their music at a reasonable volume during reasonable hours, drinking anywhere but on the street corners, and not shooting fifty people over a three day weekend (almost eighty over four days.)

That, and that alone, dictates where the bulk of police resources are sent, and they aren't sent there of their own volition. There are politicians who make those decisions.

Mendoza Runs Interference

Even with the media embargo on the pay raise Illinois legislators were due for, the story was gaining massive traction downstate and in the more enlightened parts of the electorate. Enter the Machine's Susana Mendoza:
  • Seeking to knock down a Republican talking point on the $40 billion state spending plan passed over the weekend, Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza released a video Wednesday declaring that legislators won’t be getting raises in the budget year that begins July 1.

    “Some state legislators seem to think they’ll be getting a pay raise this year,” Mendoza says in the minute-long video. “The answer is: No, they won’t."

    As debate over the budget stretched into the early-morning hours Sunday, some Republicans in the Illinois House and Senate objected to the lack of language specifically blocking the automatic cost-of-living raises legislators are granted under state law.

    [...] While it’s true that no such language was included, the budget lawmakers approved would not provide any money to cover the cost of legislator raises, which means they won’t be seeing a pay bump, according to Mendoza, a Chicago Democrat whose job includes writing lawmakers’ paychecks. “Here’s how much money the General Assembly appropriated for legislator raises … in this year’s budget: Zero," Mendoza says in the video. “Which means, here’s how much more money I will be putting in their paychecks this year: Zero.”
We think that Mendoza is positioning herself for another shot at the mayor's office. She was our bet last year in the crowded field and seeing as how Groot is cratering in every metric of being an actual leader, it'll be another toss-up race in three years. Unless she's got her sights on the Durbin's Senate seat?


Contact Tracers

Someone brought up a good point in the comments:
  • These "contact tracers" are a ready made patronage army to run around and "harvest" absentee ballots in democrat-rich sections of Chicago
With an expected workload of seven-point-five phone calls expected from them every day, they'll have plenty of down time to concentrate on election stuff....and at $20 per hour, too.

Someone also commented that all the data these tracers collect - contact points, areas people visit, places they hang out, frequent people they meet - it's just a civilian version of the old gang database. And didn't Groot campaign on destroying that?


Sad Face Emoji

  • Longtime Chicago investigative reporter Pam Zekman’s 39-year run at CBS 2 Chicago ended Wednesday.

    Zekman was among 12 or more reporters, anchors and other employees laid off by the local CBS television affiliate WBBM, as first reported by the Daily Herald’s Robert Feder.

    Other layoffs included news anchor Erin Kennedy, sports anchor Megan Mawicke, meteorologist Megan Glaros and reporters Mike Puccinelli and Mai Martinez.
Zekman's best days are far behind her and the SeeBS brand has fallen so far in recent years that you would need a microscope to even see the remnants of it. Hopefully the rest of the "reporters" can Learn to Code.


Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Getting Crowded Under the Bus

We can't stop laughing - Groot took Brownie, and just tossed him under the bus - and he hasn't even been here a month yet (Tribune story):
  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot publicly scolded her new police superintendent Tuesday for not coming up with a good enough strategy to contain violence over the Memorial Day weekend, the deadliest in five years, though she acknowledged the department is facing its greatest challenge in decades.

    “While I know that there was a lot of energy and coordination among a variety of groups, what I said to the superintendent this morning is this was a fail,” Lightfoot said. “And whatever the strategy is, it didn’t work … This weekend’s violence was out of control.”

    At least 10 people were shot to death and at least 40 others were wounded by gunfire over the long weekend, despite a statewide stay-at-home order and a plan by Superintendent David Brown to step up patrols and better coordinate their deployment across the city.
Chump the Wrapper chimed in with Groot:
  • Yo I seen HUNDREDS of ppl at millennium park and and pics of even more at the parks on the north side. Outside, no masks, no social distancing, enjoying themselves. Please stop sending large groups of militarized police into our neighborhoods exclusively
Of course, Chump has to resort to lies to make his point. Most people were wearing masks, most were social distancing, and they were enjoying themselves without drinking on the public way, blasting loud music, decidedly lacking in gunfire and openly brandishing of weapons. Those factors alone would mean less police presence.

In the meantime, guess whose fault all the mayhem was? If you answered "the community," slap yourself with a cocobolo nightstick.

It was The Police of course!!! (Sun Times story)
  • In her afternoon news conference, Lightfoot blamed disgruntled cops upset about cuts in police overtime for spreading a false rumor that there were 1,000 fewer police officers on the street. But she also contradicted Brown, saying “In fact, there were more officers on the street this weekend” than in prior years.
False rumor? Really? More than prior years? Perhaps Groot would care to explain this from our City Hall spies:
  • After a meeting at City Hall two weeks ago to date, Brown calls West and Riccio to his office. He demands a cost-benefit-analysis of manpower vs. shootings v. OT because LL has given him marching orders to curb ALL overtime. Hence this weekends bloodbath.
Hey Brownie, it's not to late to be your own man. Reclaim your balls, pack your bags, and leave town while burning every bridge behind you by revealing exactly how Groot is running the Department, leaving incompetent lackeys in place, restricting your ability to make actual changes and demote the morons who have cheated their way to the top spots.

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Groot went national over the weekend, between church raids and nearly a dozen dead and forty wounded:

Picture from Ace of Spades.

We also saw where the citizens of Kentucky hanged their governor in effigy as a political protest. We were going to try the same thing here, but the rope kept breaking as the effigy was just too damn heavy.

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Where is This Money From?

  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced $56 million in funding to go towards a request for proposal to expand contact tracing in Chicago.

    Mayor Lightfoot said the money is coming from the Illinois Department of Public Health and the CDC and that 85 percent of the funding will go towards at least 30 community organizations that serve communities experiencing high economic hardship.


    The neighborhood organizations will hire a workforce of 600 contact tracers, supervisors and referral coordinators, who will have the capacity to trace 4,500 new contacts per day.

    The contact tracing process begins with interviewing a person who tested positive and then identifying people who they were in contact with. Public health officials will then get in touch with those individuals to urge them to get tested and, if necessary, self-quarantine. It also allows the state to track the progress of the virus and its spread.

    Contact tracers can earn $20 an hour with supervisors earning $24 an hour. All positions will also come with full benefits.
$56 million....for a virus infection less deadly that the seasonal flu....and that's already burning itself out.

We certainly hope the FOP is keeping track of all these miraculous dollars that keep reappearing when Groot wants to fund some pet projects.

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Quick - Name This Tune

  • “We will shut you down. We will cite you and if we need to, we will arrest you and we will take you to jail. Period. Don’t make us treat you like a criminal, but if you act like a criminal and you violate the law and you refuse to do what is necessary to save lives in this city during a pandemic we will take you to jail, period.”
We're having a hard time with remembering exactly who said this. It must have been someone semi-important though. It seems very matter-of-fact and meant to intimidate lawbreakers into reconsidering their evil ways. We certainly hope that this person had the Department's back and didn't throw anyone like the Supernintendo under the proverbial bus.

In the meantime, did everyone see that CPD got something like 215 guns off the street this holiday weekend? The jail must be overflowing with felony arrests. Because you couldn't possibly get two hundred guns off the street without two hundred people facing some sort of charges, right?

It's such a great time to be living in Chicago.


Tweet Update

Yesterday we posted Groot's tweet about how she was more worried about the officers wearing masks that the fact that numerous officers were injured at a ghetto mini-riot.

The followup tweet (which we didn't have at the time) was even more tone deaf (click for larger version):

So she admits in the tweet that she's the one sending officers into the hood to enforce social distancing (see post above for Chump the Wrapper's complaint about cops breaking up crowds). How do you create "racial equity" when only one certain community is not following the directives? And now she is getting questions about how CPD is accomplishing the mission - a mission that the entire community seems dead set against complying with.

Again, don't trick bag yourself or your co-workers enforcing a dictate that (A) was never passed into law and (B) will only result in your facing Department Charges in the very near future. Look at what she just did to Brownie (see top post).

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Right Under the Bus

Groot interjects herself right into the driver's seat:

The video that we've seen (of course) starts right at the point where an officer throws a punch. Not a second of any provocation, not a millisecond of anything that could be proven to be self-defense. Nothing. Just a completely out-of-context punch. And there's the Groot, telling everyone that the top three things that will be looked at are tactics, rights and "face coverings."

Guess who will be taking time for no masks?

Did you know that during times of extreme exertion, even the simplest mask can cut blood oxygen levels anywhere from 5% to 25%? Running, biking, fighting a non-social-distancing crowd who are out partying in violation of all sorts of "orders."

We also notice Groot didn't mention the officers injured attempting to enforce her and Fatass's "orders." Anyone one want to guess exactly where cops fall on her radar? Here's some words we haven't reminded everyone of in a while - Stay Fetal. The job you save might just be your own.

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"Deadliest" Memorial Day Weekend

  • Nine people are dead and 30 others wounded so far in weekend shootings in Chicago — the deadliest Memorial Day weekend since 2015, when 12 people were killed.

    Despite the state’s stay-at-home order, the weekend’s death toll has already surpassed last year’s holiday weekend, when seven people were killed and 34 were injured during the period from 5 p.m. Friday through 5 a.m. Tuesday.

    In 2018, seven people died and 30 others were wounded. In 2017, six people were killed and 44 others were wounded. In 2016, six people were killed and 56 wounded.

    At the beginning of Memorial Day weekend — the unofficial start of summer — Chicago Police Supt. David Brown announced opening a Summer Operations Center to centralize police resources in an effort to tamp down on summer gun violence.
And it looks like the Slum Times is taking its lead from the blog, recognizing that the weekend doesn't encompass the usual time frames. Theirs is from 1700 hours Friday through 0500 Tuesday.

There was a "mass stabbing" of four Sunday, none dead. We don't think knife woundings have ever been tallied in weekend totals, but knife homicides count.

Final Totals per will be posted upon their verification later this morning.

UPDATE: Ten and Thirty-nine. has the weekend totals as Ten and Forty-two, but within the hours we set, three are outside the boundaries.

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Cops Injured

  • Two Chicago police officers were injured while trying to disperse a crowd Sunday in Englewood on the South Side.

    They were responding to the gathering about 9:42 p.m. in the 7000 block of South Lowe Avenue, Chicago police said. One officer noticed a male holding a gun, and a chase ensued. He was taken into custody a short time later.

    Shots were fired in the area, and a second male was taken into custody, police said. No one was hit by gunfire and a gun was recovered.

    During the incident, two officers suffered minor injuries and were taken to hospitals in good condition, police said.
Anyone know why hundreds of people (or folks) were out violating the "stay at home" order?

Another Officer was hit by a car:
  • A Chicago police officer was hurt after being struck by a vehicle during a traffic stop Monday in Woodlawn on the South Side.

    The female officer tried to grab documentation from a female driver about 2:20 p.m. in the 6300 block of South Vernon Avenue when the driver sped off and struck the officer, Chicago police said.

    She was taken to a hospital in good condition with non-life threatening injuries, police said.
Nice biased "reporting" there by the Slum Times. How about the officer was "reaching" for the documentation when the offender sped off, striking the officer.

Best wishes for speedy recoveries to all of the injured.



Here's the Dumbest of Dumb ideas it has ever been our displeasure to run across:

Seriously. Turning off traffic signals during a holiday to "deter" crime? How is that supposed to work exactly?

And worst of all, KNOWING and PREDICTING an increase in traffic crashes at these intersections? We're thinking of returning to Law School just so we can sue the City and whomever came up with this asinine idea.

All of these intersections are in 003. Was it elsewhere or was this stupidity of the localized variety?

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A Bit of Perspective

From what we can tell, the numbers are pretty close to what the CDC has been releasing:

Someone will nitpick it for sure, but it's a pretty close representation of how certain blue cities are driving the shutdown....and driving the economy into the shitter.

UPDATE: Los Angeles is included. Click the picture, zoom, in, you can see the faint lines delineating the County borders.


Consent Decree During COVID-19

The Chicago Contrarian's take on the Consent Decree and the political machinations behind it:
  • With likely hundreds of millions to be raked in from the taxpayers in a purported quest to restore constitutional policing in Chicago, several recent crises are quickly revealing that the consent decree imposed upon the Chicago Police is one of the greatest frauds ever perpetuated on the city.

    And it’s about time those who created it and oversee it, like court-appointed special monitor, Maggie Hickey, be held accountable.

    Even in its gestation, anyone with any political sensibility could see the move to impose a consent decree on Chicago had nothing to do with the Constitution and everything to do with the politicization of the Justice Department under President Obama and his lackey attorney generals. As the DOJ under Obama announced an investigation into the police on the claim that officers regularly violate constitutional rights, the report revealed no methodology or serious statistic gathering, just the usual collection of arbitrary numbers and anecdotes manipulated to claim the police are racist because they are more active in certain minority communities than others.

    The report conveniently left out the crucial fact that the increased police presence was a response to increased violent crime. Rather than conduct a fair, circumspect investigation, the DOJ report employed the race card that has become the sole bargaining chip of the political left, particularly Obama’s administration.
An interesting read from a former FOP VP. Give it a read.


On the County Side

Prickwrinkle is looking at a $200 million shortfall...minimum. We got this from one of our many County readers:
  • In 2017, well before COVID hit and just before the clusterfuck that was the "pop tax," CCDOC officers signed a contract with the county board. Not including some gains they made in language to the Contract, on the financial side (the side negotiated with Preckwinkle not Dart), they agreed to defer step increases for everyone, for 3 fiscal years. This caused over 65% of the correctional staff and supervisors to receive no step increase for that time. They got a $1200 bonus the first year, then a 2% raise and then a 2% raise again. That's it. Their initial proposal will be even more draconian, but this is what the county will eventually demand from the union this summer:

    - Health care premiums will double (as a percentage paid every check)
    - Step increases deferred for an additional 2 years, then only 2 step increases allowed in the last year (meaning if you got hired new and haven't received a step increase and are expecting say 3 of them, you only get 2... further deferring raises and driving down unfunded liabilities in the future).
    - Dramatic increase in 12-hour shifts (less officers needed by 30% for the same post, etc).
    - A one-time medical buy-back of 100%, up to 200 hours, per officer. (Intended to deplete the amount of medical each officer carries on the books, making it harder for them to call in medical in the future over time).

    And the kickers?
    - TWO unpaid furlough days, PER MONTH, for a year.
    - NO Raises over 3 years...... $1500 bonus each year instead.

    If not: 10% layoffs for every merit rank (ie: 300~ OFCs, 20-25 SGTs, 10 LTs), and mandatory 3-4 unpaid furlough days per month, for everyone. Hiring freeze and promotional freezes to follow (not counting bosses). And even scarier, civilian directors will run divisions and units. The county figured out that with the reduction in inmate population, you could close several divisions and need less bosses. Superintendents will be a thing of the past. Civilian directors will oversee everyone, working largely as a panel group, instead of direct control over a specific group of people.
This partially explains more of Dart's emptying the jail - it justifies massive cuts among the deputies. But we still don't see cuts in the rest of the otherwise redundant Cook County government ranks. There isn't a single function aside from the jail and forest preserves that isn't (or can't be) covered by other local governments.

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Monday, May 25, 2020

Wow. Just Wow

These assholes voted themselves a pay raise? With almost zero dollars coming in, they voted themselves a pay raise? With unemployment in Illinois topping 16% and well on the way to 20%, they voted themselves a pay raise??
  • State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) was disappointed with the Illinois General Assembly’s action following the emergency session which ended after midnight on May 24th in Springfield. The legislative session ended with lawmakers receiving a pay raise, a budget which spent billions the state doesn’t have and they skipped town without a vote to safely reopen Illinois earlier than Governor Pritzker’s ‘Restore Illinois’ plan.

    “With less revenue for state government and record unemployment, it makes zero sense for the legislature to give themselves a pay raise and spend money the state doesn’t have,” said Rep. Meier. “I voted against the state budget because it makes promises the state can’t afford to keep. With billions in debt and less revenue for the state, now more than ever must our state government tighten its belt and stop digging ourselves deeper into debt.”

    The State of Illinois owes more than $7.4 billion in unpaid bills, with 74,064 invoices waiting to be paid. Illinois’ estimated revenue for Fiscal Year 2021 which begins July 1, 2020, and ends July 1, 2021 is $36.8 billion. Yet, the Democrat-controlled legislature approved a $42.8 billion budget which included borrowing $5 billion. The legislature anticipates Governor Pritzker will sign the budget very soon.
That's not a budget - that's a roadmap to disaster.

Here's how almost everyone voted (click for larger version):

The final tally might have changed as the eleven "not voting" came off the fence.

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No More Specialty Cars?

Specifically, no more 05 cars?
  • SCC,

    In order to have more bodies answering calls and have a greater presence on the streets, to go with the disbanding of Narcotics, 05 cars are now a thing of the past along with "security" cars and stuff. Each beat car will be responsible for the parks on their beats.
All well and good. Many street level problems begin in parks, so this is just CAPS in action.

However, weren't 05 cars Federally Funded? Where is that money going or is the City returning a block grant to the Feds?


Church Raid?

We haven't been able to verify this via regular means and the website is not among our regular reads, but this seems like an escalation of large proportions.....if true:
  • Courtney Lewis, the pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Chicago, was in the middle of his sermon when he heard loud banging on front doors. It was the police and they were denied entry into the sanctuary. Mayor Lori Lightfoot had dispatched three squad cards and two unmarked cars filled with armed officers. A representative from the mayor’s office was also present.

    [...] Pastor Lewis said the intent was to shut down their Sunday services. It was “like the Soviet-style KGB,” he said. “The only thing she hasn’t done yet is beat the doors down and arrest our members,” the pastor said.

    Pastor Lewis tells the Todd Starnes Radio Show that the men of the church were instructed not to open the doors during the services — per protocol.
Someone on the southside has to have first hand info and/or pictures of the incident, again, if it actually happened as the pastor says. The church is at 1210 E 62nd St.

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