Thursday, February 23, 2017

So There's This Order.....

If you were raised with any sort of moral compass, you'd think that people are supposed to know the rules....and obey the rules, not flout them like some two-bit chiseling criminal.

We direct you, dear readers, to Employee Resource Order 04-05, specifically Section III, Subsection B-1-b which states in full:
  • Merit Board members will not be allowed to participate in the nomination process. [emphasis added]
Not "should refrain." Not "might want to think about not participating." It says "WILL NOT."

We now direct you to the "Merit" Board as it is currently constructed:

A fine upstanding bunch of Deputies, none of whom ever passed a promotional exam on their own and at least one that should have been facing criminal charges years ago.

Finally, we present the most recent Sergeant list from about three weeks ago:

Golly. Three of the "Merit" Board nominators have nominees who were made "merit" in direct and egregious violation of the written directives of the Chicago Police Department. And Special Ed, sitting around waiting for a kidney (and hoping for a spine), does nothing in the face of what can only be described as blatant corruption, malfeasance and....well, cheating we guess.

But he's used to that last one.

This has been brought to the attention of the FOP and the Inspector General. You'd think a slam-dunk case of numerous Exempt members violating policy would be the subject of some sort of investigation, what with the DOJ pretty much slamming the "business as usual" practices around here, but all we're hearing is crickets.


Get the Popcorn!

  • Sandi Jackson’s own comments helped convince her estranged husband’s lawyers that they need to question former Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy and two other former cops in the couple’s contentious divorce case.

    That’s the argument lawyers for former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. made this week, disputing former Ald. Sandi Jackson’s argument that the subpoenas her husband issued to McCarthy and the other two men were harassment and “a fishing expedition.”

    Those three subpoenas were issued last month because of “admissions made by Sandra to Jesse, statements made to Jesse by multiple family members, close friends and former colleagues of both parties, and other information in his possession,” the former congressman’s attorneys said in a Tuesday filing in Cook County Circuit Court.
Another reason McCompStat is keeping a low profile?


The List

With nominating supervisors:

Congratulations to the deserving.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Another Asshat Heard From

Mark Brown, part of the media cabal that has spouses working for Tommy Dart in exchange for friendly, ball-washing newspaper/television coverage, has an opinion on the upcoming Contract - but then again, opinions are like assholes:
  • A coalition of groups concerned with police accountability are teaming with the City Council’s Black Caucus to pressure Mayor Rahm Emanuel to publicly endorse specific changes in police union contracts to make it easier to investigate officers.

    The Coalition for Accountability in Police Contracts — which includes ACLU of Illinois and the Better Government Association among others — has drawn up a list of 14 recommendations it wants to see recognized in new police contracts.

    These include everything from removing the requirement that citizens sign sworn affidavits when making complaints against police officers to removing restrictions on the use of past disciplinary records in the investigation of current complaints.
Well first of all, the Sworn Affidavit provision is a State Law, and not subject to negotiations.

Second, this is part of a concerted effort to deny Police Officers their Constitutional Protections. pfather pfelcher is another portion of this effort, the ACLU and assorted other bad actors, too. You are to be presumed guilty without being able to question witnesses, without being able to view any evidence, and soon to be without the benefit of counsel.

You think we're joking? Check out the part of the proposal where you aren't even allowed to view video of an incident that may exist before giving a statement. You are expected to relate verbatim what may be the most stressful incident of your life, in under 24-hours, without the benefit of a video you yourself may have recorded. A video that we've seen time-and-again, sees only what it's pointed at and not what you may see peripherally by merely turning your head 20, 30, 45 degrees left or right.

And when you deviate in the slightest from what an armchair quarterback determines to be the politically correct actions of the day, made in the air-conditioned comfort of an easy chair, with water and snacks and the REWIND button handily at their side, you will be crucified in the name of political expediency, jobless, pension-less, un-hireable, and god forbid, imprisoned.

Whoever gets elected next month ought to seriously consider forgoing any sort of negotiations with the City for the foreseeable future. There is no way that the FOP (or the PBPA) can or should consider the City as negotiating in good faith. It just isn't possible in this atmosphere. Figure out something else - perhaps the National Lodge to come in and run things on the Contract end.

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This Could be Interesting

Guess what turned up?
  • ALSO, spring cleaning in Englewood... a truly (rare as it may be) upstanding citizen on a certain block that had an OIS'ing over the holiday season uncovers a weapon lodged in between branches of a heavy bush. The residential location being within throwing distance and directly on the path of the chase the good/dumb (you pick) Sgt took. Here's to praying some DNA, finger prints or any other form of identifiers are traced by the I.S.P. lab to this shitbag. Good luck Sgt and great work by 007 (and many others) keeping this investigation alive for this guy.


No One Noticed Before?

  • Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson has a busy West Side district under the command of a cop with a long history of misconduct allegations, a WBEZ analysis of police records shows.

    Cmdr. James Sanchez has been a subject of at least 90 formal complaints since joining the force in 1985, according to the records, obtained through the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. Most of those complaints alleged excessive force or improper searches.
And a very close association with SOS's most famous miscreant - they were partners.

But none of this raised any eyebrows back when he rocketed up the promotional ladder. Funny how that works out. Not a single investigative reporter was able to put two and two together and you know - hold politicians accountable for the mess they've made of the Department.

Notice how the first line blames Special Ed? That tells you everything you need to know.

But hey, it doesn't matter - he's maxed out. He'll get a six-figure pension.


016 Going to Hell

Another shooting (murder?) within a mile of the last killing - within half-a-mile of the station:
  • A 17-year-old boy was shot in the head on Tuesday afternoon in the Jefferson Park neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

    The attack happened about 4:45 p.m. near the intersection of Higgins and Linder avenues, according to Chicago Police.

    He was taken in critical condition to Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, police said. No one was in custody for the shooting.
Hey, you know what would make all of this violence go away? A 100-unit low-income CHA building!


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Another Detective List Out

Send it if you got it.

131 names we heard - and Granny Clampett got her pick in, even though she left.


And Once Again.....

Every time we see some talking dick with ears on TV, radio or the papers saying crap like "We can't arrest our way out of this [Chicago violence] situation," we just want to bitch slap them and say, "Have you tried?" Because we know that they haven't. They're caught up in this narrative that there's no such thing as a bad boy.

Guess what? There is. Many times over. And if they sit in a cage, far away from friends, family and gangs, they can't hurt other people.

Case in point - this piece of shit arrested for the shooting of the two-year-old. Run his name through the IDOC search function. He had a 6 year sentence applied to his worthless ass back in 2008. If he had served 100% of his sentence, he wouldn't have picked up PCS charges (felony) in 2012, 2013 and two in 2014. And if he had served 100% of the year each he got for those felonies in a secure downstate prison, he wouldn't have gotten a two-year sentence for Escape (EM) in 2014. And maybe, just maybe, if he had served 100% of that sentence in some hellhole, he wouldn't have been out on the street taking part in a double homicide that included a two-year-old child.

Supposedly, this isn't the only arrest upcoming in this case and it'll be enlightening to see how many more of them benefited from "early release," Electronic Monitoring, or "day-for-day" credit.

It's the sentencing stupid. And it's far past the time that Prickwrinkle and Dart should be run out of office for the nonsense they perpetuate about "too many" whatever's are behind bars. If they're in jail or prison where they ought to be, for the appropriately assigned sentences, they aren't out bleeding the neighborhoods.

It's far past time for a "Truth in Sentencing" law here in Illinois, and you'll see in short order, that you CAN arrest your way out of this situation.



  • Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson again called for tougher gun laws. “Enough is enough,” he said.

    Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner proposed sending state troopers to Chicago. Without being specific, President Donald Trump suggested sending in the feds.

    Tracy Cannon – once associated with the Vice Lords – says it won’t matter. “I don’t care how many police they bring in. It’s not going to stop, man.”

    Guys on the street say law enforcement made a bad situation worse. “They locked up these gang chiefs and everything went haywire,” says Charles Winters. Large organizations like the Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords subdivided over unresolved disputes. Absent leadership, cliques within the same gang will often do battle. “Ain’t like it used to be,” says Cannon. “Back then we had structure. Older guys would make us go to school. Even though we was gang banging, we would still go to school.”
And we'll bet the cops reading here know exactly where the problem lies - cops have only been saying it now for 40 or 50 years:
  • “We more like a family than a gang… brothers,” says Kevin Gentry – associated with the Vice Lords. In the gang, someone was kind to them. Their role models sold drugs, had money, clothes cars and girlfriends. “The gangs have become family for a lot of young men here in Chicago and across the United States. They gravitate toward the guys with charisma. They gravitate toward the guys that might protect them. But they really are not protected out there. Too many people are being killed, it’s a false sense of security,” says Tio Hardiman from Violence Interrupters, a group that attempts to predict and prevent gangland shootings.
Of course, Tio can't even interrupt himself from beating his old lady, and he's one of the "top" people (or folks?) in these "organizations" making excuses for decades of blood.


SWAT Success

  • One man is in custody and another was found dead after a standoff with a SWAT team Monday morning in Little Village, police said.

    About 7:45 a.m., officers were called to the 3400 block of West 23rd Street for a "domestic disturbance" between two men, police said.

    There was a standoff until 12:24 p.m., at which point officers were able to get inside the home, where they found a 68-year-old man dead.

    The man had been shot in his head, police said, and a gun was found. A 37-year-old man was taken into custody.
No reports of SWAT having fired a shot, so this looks like another homicide - meaning the holiday weekend total goes up one, at the very least, matching last year, for those math wizards who couldn't read yesterday.

Nice job by the personnel on scene.


ICE Sweep Finds Escapee

  • A man who escaped from an Illinois prison in 2003 has been arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in Atlanta.

    An ICE spokesman says Jorge Soberanis-Rumaldo was taken into custody Friday as part of an enforcement operation targeting criminal illegal immigrants. Authorities say Soberanis-Rumaldo is a Mexican national who was in the U.S. illegally.

    Soberanis-Rumaldo was sentenced to eight years in Stateville Correctional Center on a felony charge of cocaine possession in March 2003. Authorities say he escaped while on work release in June 2003.

    The 58-year-old was arrested at his Atlanta home.
He was arrested at his home?

He owes IDOC 8 years, and ICE finds him at his home??

Anyone know why it took 13 years to locate him?


Monday, February 20, 2017

How BS was ABC Report?

  • In the investigation, the I-Team uncovered thousands of domestic violence complaints against Chicago police officers.

    In a database obtained through a the Freedom of Information Act request, the I-Team found 5,280 domestic violence complaints filed against Chicago police officers since the year 2000. That's more than 340 complaints filed every year and on average, nearly one per day.
And how many per day does CPD respond to?
  • Chicago police respond to nearly 500 domestic related calls a day, according to the latest department data; calls for help at home from across the city.
So let's break out the slide rule - 500 per day, 365 days in a year....182,500 in a non-Leap Year. So 340 CPD domestics per year versus 182,500 citizen domestics per year is about 0.19% of the total...not even a full percentage. That's positively law abiding. Back to the numbers:
  • ...the I-Team found 5,280 domestic violence complaints filed against Chicago police officers since the year 2000.
Golly, that's fully half the Department! Unless there are duplicates. Guess what? There are. Hundreds. Many hundreds. Because once you're in a bad relationship, it follows you many times. One of you is stuck in a bad behavioral spiral, one of you is calling the police semi-regularly (or the neighbors are) and CR's are pretty much automatically generated, even if neither party wants to pursue it - hence the many closed investigations. What percentage of the 5,280 are those?

And we ran our names through the Invisible Institute database, and guess what? We're named in a series of "Domestic incidents." You know why? Because we responded to Domestics, someone wasn't happy and complained to IPRA, and now we have "Not Sustained" domestic beefs on our publicly accessible disciplinary history, even though we've never laid a hand on our spouse, roommate, significant other, etc. How many of those supposed 5,280 are those?

The Department says the following:
  • The Chicago Police Department takes any allegation against a police officer seriously, especially in cases of domestic violence. While a complaint or allegation against an officer is not an inherent implication of guilt, all domestic complaints against an officer are fully investigated by IPRA and officers are held accountable in cases of substantiated criminal or administrative misconduct.
Chuckles and his iTeam might want to review that underlined portion of the statement. An allegation is not indicative of guilt or a cover-up. Allegations need proof. Proof requires acceptable admissible testimony under oath according to the Rule of Law duly passed by the Legislature. It's a pretty basic concept for any grade-schooler taking a Constitution test. Not so much for a media in thrall to a midget mayor demanding "bad police" stories to deflect attention from three dead kids. Plus, as we just showed, twisting numbers until they get you the result you want just makes you look like hacks.....or more like hacks than you already are.

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Jed Domestic?

Rumor in the comments about the Lake Shore Drive fake "suicide" attempt-er Jedidiah was arrested late last week in 004 on a Domestic Battery charge.

Good thing he didn't still have his gun.

This goof is rapidly spinning out of control.


And Still a Day to Go

  • Despite unseasonably warm temperatures that can lead to more people being outside — and, thus, more violence — the number of people killed and wounded in shootings citywide is slightly down from last year.

    Four people have been killed and at least 16 more wounded, including a 13-year-old boy, in South and West side shootings since 6 p.m. Friday, according to Chicago Police.

    Last year, six people were killed and 19 more wounded in shootings over the same weekend.
HeyJackass has last year at 5 and 28, so well within striking distance.

UPDATE: For the unpublished morons in the comment section, we underlined the phrase "HeyJackass has last year at 5 and 28" since you seem to have trouble reading and comprehending how the earth travels through time and stuff. Here's how part of that works:
  • 2016 is LAST year (the past)
  • 2017 is THIS year (the present, except for January and most of February - that part is PAST, too. And the stuff still coming up - that's the FUTURE)
  • 2018 is NEXT year
And since the HOLIDAY WEEKEND ends at midnight tonight, there's still a better than average chance Chicago will surpass (have more than) last year (2016.)


Stolen Spot?

We certainly hope this isn't true - it makes a mockery of the process...well, more of a mockery we suppose:
  • Lots of crying going on at HQ on Thursday around 1430 hours when they were reading off the new D assignments. Only the heavy went North (and by heavy, I mean so many phone calls came into S.O.'s desk that he had to start prioritizing who's heavier. Some unlucky Commanders are going to have hurt feelings). Take a look at the names when the assignments come out and you'll see what Im talking about.

    On a side not: The CAPS guy from 018 in the D class withdrew and requested to be sent back to 018 instead of going to A/S
That's a bad move if true. You either deprived a rank order person of a spot, or you made your clout look bad.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Detective Pfleger on the Case!

  • A 26-year-old man has been charged with murder in the triple shooting that killed a two-year-old and his uncle on Valentine's Day in North Lawndale.

    Devon Swan, 26, was charged with first degree murder is the shooting that killed 2-year-old Lavontay White Jr. and his uncle Lazaric Collins, 26. A third victim, a 20-year-old woman who is pregnant, was also wounded in the shooting that was recorded live on Facebook.
This however, made us choke on our whiskey:
  • Additional arrests are expected in the case, said Anthony Guglielmi, CPD spokesman. Police Supt. Eddie Johnson, CPD detectives and Rev. Michael Pfleger are expected to provide additional details on the the charges at a noon press conference Saturday.
Um, who now?The phony pfather? Who bad mouths the CPD every chance he gets? Who provides no support, no solutions, and nothing but racial animus because he unhappy in the skin he was born in?

Correct us if we're wrong, but this crime happened in the 010th District, far from the south side shithole pfleger flings his poo in. Does Special Ed ever get tired of all the ball-licking he's required to do? Rahm, Rush, pfleger, the list goes on.


Get Ready for Some Theater

  • Work will start in earnest next week on how to reform the Chicago Police Department after federal investigators found that officers routinely used excessive force against minorities and tolerated "racially discriminatory conduct" by officers.

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday that officials from the U.S. Justice Department will arrive in Chicago next week to begin negotiating a legally binding agreement — known as a consent decree — to ensure that reforms are implemented under the authority of a federal judge.
Rahm was in Washington last week, ignoring the deaths of three children, and meeting with anyone he could - but not the President. He did meet with Sessions, who has made no secret of his disdain for Consent Decrees and that his DOJ won't be spending much time on them.

We don't know about you, but that seems to mean no Federal dollars for what will undoubtedly be an expensive undertaking. Rahm doesn't have the money, nor the political capital to impose another tax increase on tax weary Chicagoans. Rahm is more suited to being Trump's foil for all that's wrong with "big city democratic politicians." Plus, he's getting zero support from Prickwrinkle's machine - she smells blood, and a chance to run Cook County and Chicago all at once if she gets her tool into the 5th floor.

So what's up? Was Rahm begging for non-iterference from DC? Is he going to create some sort of political theater? Say this, say that, do something completely different, divert funds, pretend reforms, political moves, attack the Contract, etc, etc? We have no idea, and the tame media bouncing up and down on Rahm's lap can't be trusted to ask the real questions and come up with real answers.


End the Signs

This has been a bunch of crap for years now - remember the Hampton sign:
  • A man whose father was killed at a New York City restaurant bombing for which the militant Puerto Rican nationalist group FALN claimed responsibility lashed out at Chicago aldermen Thursday for approving an honorary street designation for FALN leader Oscar Lopez Rivera.

    At the behest of local Ald. Roberto Maldonado (26th), the City Council’s Transportation Committee voted without a word of debate to designate a three-block stretch of North Luis Munoz Marin Drive as Oscar Lopez Rivera Way.

    Maldonado did not attend the meeting and could not be reached for comment. Last month, he participated in what turned out to be a successful demonstration outside the White House to plead for now-former President Barack Obama to commute Lopez Rivera’s 70-year sentence.
Maldonado has always been a turd, and it shouldn't be surprising he'd support a terrorist group that planted bombs across the United States that killed numerous people. This street sign practice should have been done away with years ago, never more so when it was used to reward campaign contributions by some guy, then rescinded in a fit of political pique by people who thought Hillary was going to win an election.

It ought to be used only to honor the dead, and then, someone who actually made a quantifiable contribution to the betterment of the City. That would leave out aldercreatures and most political hacks. And exceptions for those who gave their lives defending the City.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

FOP Ballots Are Out

And what a cast of characters.

We've been attempting to remain quiet on this front, seeing as how the last few elections, everyone and their brother used our comment sections to spread all sorts of nonsense and stories about the other tickets. We got sick if it early this year and clamped down most of it.

That being said, we've had a lot of beefs with the current occupants and more than a few with most of their opponents, who happen to be previous occupants of the top offices. It's turned into a clusterfuck of immense proportions and it plays into Rahm's hands any way you cut it.

We still haven't received an adequate answer to the golf outing money. Big problem. The previous president is running a solo campaign, and quite frankly, we haven't gotten over the letter issue when egos got the better of a whole bunch of people. Some of the other characters who thought it was more important to go after an insignificant blog than to represent the members are among the roll call of bitter losers.

We have no advice aside from the following:
  • Incumbents are bad
  • Active members over retirees (or soon-to-be retirees)
  • Patrol over Detectives/Units (but not Dougherty)
Take it any way you want it. Impoliteness will be deleted.


More Payouts

We're sure the usual suspects will add these to the totals bandied about for "payouts for police misconduct:"
  • Chicago taxpayers will spend $250,000 to compensate a drag-racing motorcycle driver injured in a 2011 collision with a police vehicle driven by First Deputy Police Superintendent Kevin Navarro.
So the injured party was drag racing (illegally) and collided with the then-Captain's SUV, causing the airbags to go off, giving the then-Captain a concussion, and launching himself through the air (physics) and is therefore entitled to a quarter-million for his stupidity?

And that isn't the worst of the payouts:
  • Also Tuesday, the Finance Committee is expected to sign off on a $370,000 settlement with Hugo Holmes, a former field service supervisor for the Chicago Department of Transportation. His lawsuit against the police department claimed he was the victim of a false arrest after getting caught up in a prostitution sting.

    At 8:30 a.m. on April 25, 2008, Holmes stopped at the corner of 47th and Washtenaw. According to Holmes, undercover officer Michelle Acosta was posing as a prostitute and approached his pickup truck when she said, “$20 for a b—job?”

    Holmes said he ignored the solicitation with disgust and a dismissive gesture, telling her, “I’m working.” Acosta told a different story. She claimed Holmes offered $20 in exchange for “h—d” and to “lick her t—y.”

    Acosta signaled to her undercover partners, who “swiftly accelerated” out of a nearby alley into Holmes’ path. They arrested him and searched him and his truck.

    Prosecutors dismissed the case against Holmes, but not before he was subjected to “great embarrassment, public humiliation and hate mail that ultimately led to his suspension,” his lawsuit said. Holmes said he suffered from shingles brought on by the stress of the case.
He claims entrapment, but anyone who has ever worked an "Angel" sting knows that isn't the drill - the Johns line up to buy some affection. There's no need to "entrap." And furthermore:
  • In a separate investigation, the city’s inspector general concluded the 2008 prostitution allegations against Holmes should not be sustained. In 2005, though, Holmes was given a 29-day suspension after an earlier inspector general’s investigation found he had lewd photos on his Department of Transportation computer.
So he's a known pervert who has used city equipment before in furtherance of his perversion. And he's going to get $370K? Where do we sign up for his job?


Serious Question

So Special Ed sends out a notice that he intends to make another 130 or so Detectives before summer time. So if we have this straight:
  • 135 or so Detectives already this year
  • 140 or so Sergeants
  • another 130 Detectives before summer
400 promotions out of the blue shirts.

Just asking - do we have 400 recruits in the Academy due to come out before summer?  Because we know there aren't 400 FTO's to teach them - they're already asking for anyone eligible to sign up for the "FTO-lite" program, and those being taught aren't even able to work unsupervised until after this autumn.

It just has a bad feel to it all, especially as it goes against just about everything in the DOJ report regarding training.


Jail Justice

  • The 19-year-old man charged with firing the stray bullet that struck and killed 11-year-old Takiya Holmes was beaten by a Cook County Jail inmate while awaiting his bond hearing at a county courthouse.

    The beating was captured on video and released Thursday by the Cook County Sheriff's Office.

    The surveillance video captured an inmate approaching a dozing Antwan Jones while he was handcuffed to a chair in street clothes before his bond hearing Wednesday at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse on murder charges in Holmes' shooting death.
The guy doing the punching is himself, inside for murder, so he's got nothing to lose and all sorts of reputation to gain. Amusing to say the least.


Friday, February 17, 2017

MidWeek Bloodbath (UPDATE)

  • 11 people have been killed and 11 wounded in shootings over a 48-hour period in Chicago from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday morning, Chicago police said.

    On Tuesday, a 30-year-old man was shot and killed in the North Lawndale neighborhood, police said. He was a passenger in a vehicle when another vehicle approached and someone inside fired shots at about 9:30 a.m.
Those are summer weekend-type February...where the temps were in the 40's.

Guess what's coming up?
  • A long, unseasonably warm weekend is ahead for Chicago neighborhoods that already are coping with levels of violence that are more common to the warmer months of spring and summer.

    Forecasters are calling for a sunny weekend, with temperatures hovering in the 50s from Friday to Monday’s Presidents Day holiday, a weekend that comes after a week that already has seen 13 homicides, including the deaths of three children under 13.

    The correlation between warm weather and violence has been documented by criminologists — though the extent and cause of the connection is debated — and the city so far this year has already seen 77 murders, trailing the pace of 88 during the same span last year. In both 2015 and 2014, there were two murders over the Presidents Day weekend.
Chicago is down 11 murders? Really? Oh wait, those are CPD numbers, the only numbers less trusted than Hillary Clinton polling results.

In any event, it's going to be a very pleasant 60 degrees for the weekend into next week. Who knows what fresh Hell the west and south sides will inflict upon the citizenry. We predict that Special Ed will be "concerned."

UPDATE: 13 and 13 if you add in the next day.

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War on Police Continues

Channel 7 again - is there anything they do that isn't anti-police?
  • The ABC 7 I-Team uncovered a stunning number of domestic violence complaints against Chicago police officers and an overwhelming lack of disciplinary action.

    In the investigation, the I-Team uncovered thousands of domestic violence complaints against Chicago police officers.

    In a database obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, the I-Team found 5,280 domestic violence complaints filed against Chicago police officers since the year 2000. That's more than 340 complaints filed every year and on average, nearly one per day
And how many are filed by bitter spouses, exes, domestic partners and  boyfriend/girlfriend types who know the easiest way to cause problems for a cop is to make up some story and run with it? the complaints die when (A) people make up, (B) people get over it or (C) people realize they have to sign an affidavit swearing under oath that the misbehavior actually occurred, and they realize that a perjury charge and conviction could hinder their futures in some manner (though seldom in Cook County.)

We were over at the Invisible Institute website recently and just for fun we typed in a completely random name to the database. And golly, a Domestic beef and a Conduct Unbecoming complaint, and this person suffered no untoward disciplinary actions. In fact, the sergeant was allowed to keep her spot in IAD, where she investigated many dozens of complaints herself, meting out discipline and sitting in judgement over people who had histories far less then hers. She even ended up in a special study group with all sorts of other IAD cronies and, if the open investigation is to be believed, the answers to a promotional exam. Does this prove anything?

But Channel 7 is determined to make hay out of raw numbers without even the most cursory investigation into what the numbers entailed. That might take actual work, and the Department isn't going to bash itself.

(We know we're going to get a bunch of people saying that we're ignoring a persistent problem yada yada yada. We're not. We know domestic abuse happens. We also know the flip-side where what is said doesn't match what actually occurred. We just don't go off half-cocked with horseshit numbers that can be twisted to fit a media agenda.)


Indiana Chase Goes Bad

  • The northwest Indiana police chase that ended in a fatal crash that killed an innocent 13-year-old girl started with a report of a woman shoplifting beer, police revealed Thursday.

    East Chicago Police said an officer was dispatched to a parking lot in the 4700 block of Indianapolis Boulevard for a shoplifting complaint Wednesday afternoon. A woman who matched the description of the alleged shoplifter was seen by an officer at the scene carrying a case of beer, authorities said.

    The officer told the woman to stop but she ran toward a Dodge SUV and told the driver to "Go, go go," according to police.

    The driver then exited the parking lot at a high rate of speed and traveled into the southbound lanes of Indianapolis Boulevard, nearly striking several vehicles on the roadway.
They eventually ran into a 57-year-old grandmother driving her 13-year-old granddaughter. The child died. Hopefully, the shoplifters get charged with murder - in Indiana, they'll probably do significant time.

Be careful chasing boys and girls. We hear it far too often on the radio lately. We all know they're going to run - don't let them run away with your career, too.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Really Ed?

  • Chicago’s police superintendent said criminals view Cook County’s judicial system as “a joke” when it comes to holding gang gunmen accountable for their violence.
    Supt. Eddie Johnson, at a Wednesday news conference to announce murder charges in the fatal shooting of an 11-year-old girl, said criminals simply have no fear of the system.

    “They think the judicial system in Cook County is a joke. They just don’t fear it, and until we create that mental accountability to them to not pick up a gun, we’re going to continue to see this cycle of violence, and it’s just silly, it is,” Johnson said. “It’s silly on their part, but even more tragic is the leadership doesn’t listen. If you are in charge of these communities, and you have something to say, or you can do something to prevent this, and you don’t, then that’s a failure on you. Shame on you, because you should be.”
We've only been highlighting the inanity of day-for-day sentencing every time a hardened criminal shoots or gets shot while on parole or when they're out halfway through a twenty year sentence for nearly 11 years now.

Start calling them out by name Ed - Madigan, Rahm, Evans, Prickwrinkle, Foxx, the Black Caucus, assorted "revrunds."

Police work isn't rocket science. Neither is superintendent-ing.


February Catching Up

  • Five men were shot -- three of them fatally -- Wednesday afternoon in Chicago's Brighton Park neighborhood, police said.

    The shooting happened inside a two-story, multi-unit residential building in the 3900-block of South Albany Avenue just before 3 p.m. Wednesday. The victims were inside the home when an unknown male walked inside and began shooting, police said.

    A police source said the shooting appeared to be related to drugs. No one was in custody Wednesday night.
On the other side of things, an arrest in the killing of one child:
  • The 19-year-old charged in the shooting death of 11-year-old Takiya Holmes opened fire because he saw people he didn't think belonged in the neighborhood, police said Wednesday.

    Takiya was struck by a stray bullet Saturday night and died Tuesday.

    Prosecutors say 19-year-old Antwan Jones was aiming at rival gang members selling marijuana in his neighborhood when 11-year-old Takiya Holmes was hit in the head by a stray bullet.
But, as one commentator pointed out, selling weed is a "non violent" so this can't possibly be true.


Please No

Someone want to confirm or deny this?
  • Special ED has a flunky calling around trying to get {Jedediah's] gun and phone released from inventory. The commander doe not want to sign release of the weapon because the kids is a space cadet! Commander trying to put release of the weapon on Detectives division.
How about someone call ISP and get his ability to own or carry a gun revoked?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Two? Seriously, TWO?

  • A man and a 2-year-old boy were shot and killed and a pregnant woman was wounded Tuesday afternoon in North Lawndale.

    The woman was on Facebook Live at the time of the shooting, which occurred in an alley in the 2300 block of South Kenneth Avenue.

    They were in a car in the alley about 1:30 p.m. when another vehicle drove past and someone got out, pulled out a weapon and fired shots, according to Chicago Police.
So cue up the outrage....that'll last maybe two news cycles. There were two 11-year-old shot this weekend. One has already been removed from life support, the other is probably hours or days away from the same fate. One aldercreature is talking about a march for all the good it'll do.

Gun laws go unenforced - see our post directly below. Offenders are routinely released or sentenced to minimal time, so there's nothing to fear from the judicial side of things - no consequences. No one in the "community" is willing to step up. Shame doesn't work, appealing to a higher morality doesn't work, humiliation doesn't work. We guess it's time to blame the police again.


Low Charges

  • Chicago police say they found a stolen handgun, several magazines, and nearly 100 rounds of ammunition when they stopped a south suburban Lansing man near Clark and Elm streets.

    But, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office refused to pursue felony charges against the man, citing “insufficient evidence” that he knew that the firearm was stolen, according to a police source.

    Police stopped 23-year-old Tarik D. Coleman outside of Table 52 restaurant around 3:40 a.m. on January 26 because the Mercedes he was riding in had expired plates, according to court records.

    Cops say Coleman removed a Glock 27 .40-caliber handgun from under his seat during the stop.

    Coleman was detained, and police reportedly found a 9-millimeter handgun in the vehicle’s glove compartment.

    “Those guns are mine. The Glock and the nine. I bought them at Cabela’s in Indiana,” Coleman allegedly told police. “Don’t put them on anyone.”

    An investigation found that the 9-millimeter had been reported stolen from Mooresville, Indiana. Coleman changed his story to say that he bought the stolen gun “on the street from some guy in Chicago Heights,” police said.
Bought it on the streets? That would appear to run afoul of 430 ILCS 65/3(a-10) which, if we're reading it correctly, is a felony, though of varying degrees depending on other factors.

And while Possession of a Stolen Firearm is a felony under 720 ILCS 5/16‑16, knowledge (intent) appears to play a role in the charging - though as the offender's story changed from "bought it in Indiana" to bought in "on the street," a halfway decent interrogation might solicit information that he knew it wasn't on the up-and-up.

Too bad Kim Foxxxxxxxxxx isn't a law-and-order type of States Attorney.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

More From Jed

The ghetto drama doesn't stop:
  • The story gets funnier. Staredown boy aka Lamon Reccord somehow was allowed to move the vehicle and promptly drives it to the hospital and somehow gets jedidiah and they escape the hospital. Of course all on facebook livestream. Cops with sirens chasing him,, why in the fuck wasnt he handcuffed to a gurney?
So he never even got evaluated. He just up and left the hospital after his buddy Lemon "borrowed" the car Jed was holding himself hostage in.
  • I was on scene with the family. They were all talking shit about the police and trying to draw officers into an argument. They were talking to officers like they were above them as well as making racial comments about some of the whit officers s on scene and even about the black officers being traitors. And the best part is, they had the Superintendents phone number and were talking to him directly!! Nothing but ignorance and drama on display. Watch them sue the swat guys for wrecking his car when they pinned it in after he started making attempts to drive into the lake.
So it was all an act, intended to provoke some sort of response from the police. This is what we deal with day in and day out.
  • J'Mal Greeeeene got a personal call from S(t)upEd letting him know his "guy" was "LIVE" at BF attempting/faking suicide. J"Mal then asked the Sup to wait for him to get there and have SWAT stand down - hahahahahahahahahahahaha! The nerve of this a**hole.
And they're directing Special Ed via cell phone to have SWAT "stand down."

Hey Ed, any regrets about giving these idiots your direct number? Personally, we find it "concerning."

Don't worry - we'll strip ourselves on the way out.

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Happy St Valentine's Day Chicago

We certainly hope Rahm had a nice day trip to DC yesterday.

(post was mis-dated, so it went up late)


Federal Charges on the Horizon

  • After calling out rising crime in Chicago six times since taking office, President Donald Trump moved to make assaulting a police officer a federal crime.

    In a series of executive orders signed by the president just after former Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions was sworn in as attorney general, Trump ordered his new top law enforcement officer to figure out how to use federal laws to "prosecute individuals who commit or attempt to commit crimes of violence against ... law enforcement officers."

    In Chicago, a similar proposal — known as the "Blue Lives Matter ordinance" — has languished in the City Council since being proposed in July by Ald. Edward Burke (14th), a former police officer who is considered the dean of the City Council, serving as alderman since 1969.
Charge it simliar to a Civil Rights statute and they can serve 85% of their sentence in a Louisiana shithole like Bill Cozzi did.


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