Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fraud Warning

We didn't want to bump the post just below this one, but we're obligated at times to do so.
  • There is no fundraiser yet.

    There is no GoFundMe site yet.

    The Credit Union has not announced ANY Memorial Account.

    The only organizations doing anything financial at the moment are the 100 Club and the Police Memorial Fund. Anything else is NOT AUTHORIZED by anyone in a position to do so.
Wait for the announcement from the Department and/or FOP.

Comments closed here.

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RIP PO Samuel Jimenez

Only this post tonight. We got this from a frequent reader who sends us things.
  • An officer died yesterday. I did not know him, but I've known hundreds, maybe a thousand like him. Clean uniform (mostly), shiny leather gear, insignia all in place, scuffed shoes from all the calls and alleys and stairs and vacant lots.

    I was young once, and seldom have I felt so old as I do tonight. I realize how much I've seen, forgotten, tried to forget and failed. Nearly 25 years. Still a rookie to some, a dinosaur to so many others. The Circle of Police Work.

    In spite of all that's going on, on how "staying fetal" is the somewhat accepted practice of policing nationwide, this kid, this young and (I'm guessing here) idealistic kid, upheld the finest traditions of police work. He ran to gunfire. He wasn't ambushed like so many of our brethren recently, he ran toward danger. People were in danger and he went where he was supposed to go.......and it killed him.

    What do you even say to that? What words can even measure up to that sense of duty, that willingness to sacrifice it all, that feeling that somewhere, someone is in trouble and G_ddamnit, I'm going there to sort it out somehow, even at the cost of everything.

    Once again, the pipes will play and the drums will thump, a funeral will be held and the world will be less for the passing of a cop doing his duty.
RIP Officer Jimenez.


Monday, November 19, 2018

Active Shooter (UPDATES)

Mercy Hospital.

Multiple casualties.

Officer might be injured.

UPDATE: Initial victim is reported deceased.

UPDATE: Gunman deceased - not sure by who

UPDATE: None of the information we're getting is good.

UPDATE: Tribune; Sun Times

UPDATE: Officer has passed. RIP Officer. Godspeed.

UPDATE: Comments are going to be ruthlessly moderated tonight.

No politics. No blame. No bullshit.


Police Limit

We haven't linked to this site nearly enough.

Some samples:

If you have some spare time, scroll back through his archives. We're sure he gets ideas from all over, but there are quite a few that seem to directly relate to the Chicago experience.


Thirty Stolen Guns?

From the comments:
  • OT: In the AMC messages 30+ guns of various, makes, models and calibers were reported missing from a Northside location on 15 Nov 18. But, has a date of theft of 14 September. Unbelievable. I believe the 30+ is being conservative, since the person that reported the theft is not the original owner, just the person discovering.
Any info? Any bets on where the guns turn up?


Nice Elevators Rahm

  • Visitors in a famed Chicago skyscraper dropped 84 floors, but survived when an elevator malfunctioned in the world’s 16th tallest building.

    A mechanical problem caused a half-dozen passengers nearly 1,500 feet above the Miracle Mile to drop from the 95th level cocktail lounge at 875 N. Michigan Ave. to the building’s 11th floor Friday. Rescuers spent almost three hours rescuing terrified passengers, according to CBS Chicago.
Okay, to be somewhat fair, Rahm doesn't maintain the elevators. But his administration is required by law to inspect the elevators annually and the certificates are to be prominently displayed, usually within the elevator itself so everyone knows the cars are in working order.

But in recent months, perhaps over the past year or two, elevators haven't been getting inspected, especially in city buildings. The certificates are years out of date or read "On File Somewhere Else." You can't even see if the elevator has been inspected this century if you don't put in the effort - and who does that?

No one....until an elevator falls 84 stories and the news media covers it up for three days until someone finally mentions the people weren't just trapped. They were trapped after a failure. All the descriptions we've read by the lazy media aren't malfunctions. One or more cables parted. That's a failure, not a malfunction.

One-hundred bucks says the "inspectors" (probably from Vanecko Elevator Maintenance" or some other shady outfit) aren't even riding the elevators, conducting emergency operation tests, or checking out the hoistways and the mechanical logs to ensure the equipment has been replaced as required so people aren't killed.


Sunday, November 18, 2018

30 Felony Charges

  • A man is facing 30 felony charges for using a stolen credit card last month at five different locations in northwest suburban Rosemont.

    Salvador Nunez, 18, of Rosemont, was charged with 15 Class 3 felonies for unlawful use of a credit card and 15 Class 3 felonies for identity theft, according to a Saturday morning statement from Rosemont police.
Perhaps the Rosemont Police should take a look at the Crooked Commander Johnson - he could catch 276 felony charges minimum for cashing Social Security checks for 23 years and another 276 felony charges for identity theft plus whatever forgery charges they could make stick.


Nice West Side Rahm/Toni

It sure looks like Prickwrinkle's bullet tax isn't having the desired effect:
  • Three men were wounded Friday night in a shooting in the East Garfield Park neighborhood.

    The men were sitting in two separate vehicles about 9:22 p.m. in the 3400 block of West Ohio Street when a vehicle approached and at least one person inside fired shots, Chicago police said.

    In the first vehicle, an 18-year-old was shot in his buttocks and thigh, and another 18-year-old was shot in his thigh, police said. They were taken to Norwegian Hospital in good condition. A 22-year-old in another vehicle was struck in his wrist and was in good condition at the same hospital, according to police.

    Shortly after the shooting, officers placed evidence markers next to at least 70 bullet casings at the scene.
Perhaps Toni would have better luck charging by the expended bullet. Or maybe this wasn't an actual shooting. Some "artist" may have been attempting to replicate the shot-up Volkswagon for a west side display.

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Fuck This Guy

  • St. Clair Shores, MI – Controversy over the value of the life of a police K9 dog has been brewing in a small Michigan town after police shot and killed an armed suspect who had just fatally shot a police K9 in the face. St. Clair Shores Police K9 Axe was murdered in the line of duty while tracking a suspect on Nov. 4.

    The St. Clair Shores Police Department responded to the Lakeland Manor Banquet Hall at about 6:30 p.m. for a report of a man with a gun, the Detroit News reported. There were approximately 70 people at the banquet hall attending a baby shower at the time of the incident, according to WDIV.

    The armed man ignored commands from police when they arrived, and fled the scene, the Detroit News reported. The St. Clair PD deployed K9 Axe to track and apprehend the suspect. The suspect opened fire on K9 Axe with a handgun, and the police dog was hit, WDIV reported. St. Clair Shores police officers returned fire and fatally shot the suspect, later identified as 29-year-old Theoddeus Gray of Detroit.
The usual suspects are outraged that a two-legged dog wasn't treated better:
  • Local activists have expressed outrage about the shooting of Gray, and said they do not feel the suspect’s life should have been taken for killing a police dog.

    Detroit business owner Branden Turner told WXYZ that he didn’t believe a K9’s life should be valued at the same level as a human being’s.
Well, the K9 was actually a productive member of society with a job and an ability to follow directions like "Sit," "Stay," and "Don't Point That Gun at People" so we agree his life had way more value than that of the late Detroit denizen.


Coming Soon?

Another version of what police work might be like, brought to you by the ACLU:
  • Members of the Seattle Police Department are battling community activists and the ACLU, who are targeting the new contract that the police department is seeking, and strong rumors have been floated that various members of the nine-member Seattle City Council will vote against the contract’s approval when the vote is taken on Tuesday. Seven aye votes of the Council are needed to pass the contract.

    The contract has already been overwhelmingly approved by the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, but rumors persist that Councilmembers Kshama Sawant and Mike O’Brien will vote against the contract.

    Last month, Chief Carmen Best told the Jason Rantz Show, “We need to have this contract go through. We are not going to be able to provide effective public safety, in my opinion, unless we fairly compensate the officers. Too many officers will leave. They’ve worked too hard. No one expects nurses, or teachers, or anyone else to work without a contract. Why should the officers have to do that?”
Seattle has a relatively small Department when compared to Chicago and even they are bleeding personnel at a rate never before seen with lateral transfers, retirements and outright resignations with little-to-no interest in job seekers.


Saturday, November 17, 2018


So here's the list of people who got trained up for Captain:
  • * Clucas Jr, William E.
    Conroy, Patrick J.
    Dari, Samuel
    Deane, John B.
    * Doherty, Raymond M.
    Dolan, David S.
    * Ellison, Jacquelin F.
    English, Anthony B.
    Garrido III, John
    Hannigan, Kevin R.
    * Hoffmann, Jeffrey A.
    * Jerome, Don J.
    * Kaup Jr, Edwin J.
    Kilroy Jr, William A.
    Mack, Paul C.
    Mc Dermott, Sarah A.
    * Mc Farlane, Richard M.
    * Mc Mahon, Terrence G.
    Melean, Frederick R.
    * Milmine, Keith A.
    * Moss, Susan E.
    * Mostek, Carlos M.
    Mullane, William E.
    O Malley, Patrick K.
    * Olson, Eric R.
    * Petrenko, Joseph G.
    Rios, Juan A.
    * Robinson, Roderick D.
    Sesso, Jacquelin M.
    Wu, David C.
The individuals with an asterisk made Captain, and this list isn't even 18 months old.

But some people are going to claim since captain is so-called "Senior Executive Service" there's no guarantee of promotion, regardless of past practice of using all the individuals on the list.

We present Exhibit #1 - The Class Photo:

Why take a class picture if there was no intent to promote?

And to those who might think we're taking the side of the captains-in-waiting, rest assured there are some real morons on this list, both promoted and waiting-to-be-promoted. But you do realize who is going to be on the new list, right at the top? We'd be more than happy to see that list delayed until a new political administration was in place.


Rahm's "Legacy"

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel was accused Friday of trying to tie his successor’s hands on the $95 million police and fire training academy in West Garfield Park that has become a symbol for critics of his misplaced spending priorities.

    Mayoral candidates Lori Lightfoot and Garry McCarthy blasted the mayor hours before Emanuel joined West Side community leaders and Ald. Emma Mitts (37th) to announce that the city has chosen a joint-venture led by AECOM to design and build the new academy at 4301 W. Chicago Ave. and would be begin “exclusive negotiations” with that team.

    AECOM was also chosen to rebuild Chicago’s longtime fleet maintenance facility on a vacant 12.5-acre site at 210 W. 69th St. that once housed Kennedy-King College along with a vehicle repair shop and a fueling station.

    “If what he’s trying to do is lock the city into a binding contract, that should not be approved by the City Council. This should be a decision for the next mayor,” Lightfoot said.
McCompStat chimes in:
  • McCarthy is the former police superintendent fired by Emanuel just days after the court-ordered release of the Laquan McDonald shooting video.

    He also urged aldermen to reject the contract and reiterated his longstanding claim that the new academy will cost twice as much as Emanuel contends and that money would be better spent on higher priorities, including restoring the 55 percent subsidy for retiree health care.

    “We don’t need to spend $180 million on a new police facility. There are better training opportunities by assuming some abandoned property in this city that can be done a heck of a lot cheaper,” McCarthy said.
Lightfoot is objecting simply to be contrary. She always objects, but never presents an actual counter proposal. Garry is most likely correct - the combined Police/Fire Academy will undoubtedly cost twice the budgeted amount, but Rahm won't be around to take that blame.

Rahm also won't be around to take the blame if a new captains list happens with a brand new set of "merit" appointees who couldn't pass an actual promotional test.


Friday, November 16, 2018

Crime in Englewood Up

Someone recalculated the crime in Englewood in light of recent events:
  • Every time ex-Commander Johnson fraudulently cashed a Social Security check that counts as a financial crime - so that's 23 years times 12 months: 276 additional crimes
  • Every time ex-Commander Johnson entered the boundaries of 007 with a pocketful of stolen money, that's Possession of Stolen Propoerty. Figure 2 years, 250 days a year is another 500 counts added to Englewood totals.
And we got this from a couple readers:

Not a word in the media about how multiple "merit" appointees end up in scandals or jail at a rate that almost matches aldercreatures.


Captain Lawsuit

A rumbling among the white shirts.

There are almost 20 lieutenants, already chosen and trained up to be captains and yet, Special Ed has announced a new application process for captain since three names are missing from the current list - Fenner-Johnson, Hall-Wysinger and Ward. There are others, but those are the ones Special Ed will be pushing.

The trouble is, every other list of captains from the past two or three rounds has been fully utilized prior to a new process being undertaken. In fact, a number of blatantly bad and incompetent captains were made just to prevent the possibility of them suing....and winning. That means there's precedent.

And that means some sort of lawsuit to delay things.


Nice Display

  • Robert Torres, founder of the nonprofit Parents for Peace and Justice, said gun violence has become so commonplace in Chicago that it seems as if the public has become immune.

    “If the news is not moving you, if these mothers and families are not moving you and impacting you, we’re going to bring you something … that brings a conversation and gets you involved,” he said.

    That something is a Volkswagen riddled with more than 6,000 bullet holes.
So where is this car being displayed? Englewood? North Lawndale? Garfield Park? Austin?
  • ....it will travel for three days throughout Chicago beginning Thursday outside New City Fellowship Church in the 1300 block of North Rockwell Street. It will then be on display Friday at City Hall, Millennium Park, The Bean and Grant Park. On Saturday, the exhibit will roll through spots in Wicker Park and Lincoln Park and end up at Wrigley Field.
So, no where near where actual shootings take place. That would be too dangerous. And no one in those neighborhoods would actually be surprised or horrified by a car with 6,000 bullet holes. You have to horrify the liberals who might throw money at you....instead of solutions.



  • The $2.1 billion Dallas Police and Fire Pension System is suing its former actuary and advisor Buck Consultants for allegedly failing to “provide adequate warning or proper counsel” that the fund says could have prevented the system’s impending fiscal crisis.

    According to The Dallas Morning News, the pension fund alleges in the lawsuit that Buck Consultants, which had advised the pension’s board of directors for more than 25 years, and three of its employees “failed to communicate important risk information.”
Face it, something is going have to be done, especially in light of the burgeoning pension crisis, the constant mismanagement by the City, the failure to adjust the actuarial contributions and the incoming administration that, for all the noise about supporting workers, is going to attempt to re-open the Constitutional Convention and gut the pension law.

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Crooked Commander

We guess there was something to the rumors when one half of the Wonder Twins "retired" with less than 24 hour notice. If we're reading this correctly, this asshole was crooked for at least 24 of his 32 years on the job - 75% of his career:
  • A former Chicago police commander who earned praise for overseeing big reductions in violence in one of the city’s most historically dangerous districts has been charged with stealing more than $360,000 in Social Security funds in a scheme lasting more than 23 years.

    A one-page criminal information filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court accused Kenneth Johnson of bilking the Social Security Administration out of $363,064 from about June 1994 to November 2017.

    Although the charge does not contain any more details, sources with knowledge of the investigation told the Chicago Tribune that Johnson is accused of stealing benefits intended for his mother. The charge also makes no mention of Johnson’s former role with the Police Department. The 32-year CPD veteran retired in August.

    Johnson, 54, is scheduled to be arraigned next week before U.S. District Judge Manish Shah, court records show.

    Defendants charged by criminal information typically plead guilty.
Interesting last sentence there. Who else is he going to give up? Someone close to him? Someone who knew both him and mom? Someone who shared a womb with him 54 years ago?

Regardless, the combined 007/011 Christmas Party is looking to be short at least one "honoree" this year. And is anyone going to point out that once again, a multiple "merit" promotee is the subject of an indictment?

Time to strip the pension.

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Robber With Gun Shot

  • Chicago police shot and injured a man who they say fired at a woman who tried to stop a robbery on Wednesday afternoon on the West Side.

    The woman was in a vehicle when she saw the man try to rob someone she knew in the 700 block of North Lawndale Avenue in the East Garfield Park neighborhood around 3 p.m., according to Chief of Patrol Fred Waller. At some point, the man fired at her, hitting the vehicle several times, Waller said.

    The woman flagged down police officers, who were already in the area, police said. The officers chased the man for several blocks ending in the 600 block of North Central Park Avenue, where they had an “armed confrontation” with him, Waller said. He did not offer specifics of the confrontation. The officers fired one shot at the man, hitting him in the abdomen.
One officer went to the hospital as a precaution, but that didn't stop Special Ed from stripping him in the ambulance, along with a citizen who happened to be passing through the hood and Waller by accident. After a prolonged discussion, Waller got his gun and star back.

An excellent job Officers - that's a compliment you won't be hearing much from the brass or public in upcoming days.



An astute reader pointed out this elephant in the room:
  • 25 convictions on 47 theft arrests - bond $5
  • millions in heroin - bond $300
  • repeated rape of a mentally infirm woman - bond $400
And when Van Dyke dared to talk to the media?
  • $2,000 on top of an already $1.5 million dollar bond
Prosecutors had demanded revocation and forfeiture of the bond.

Anyone see something odd?


And Once Again....

Even though 100% of the fault lies with the lawbreaker, gotta grab at that brass ring:
  • Two mothers are suing the city of Chicago, contending a “reckless” police chase led to a crash that killed a man, his friend and the friend’s 3-year-old son last month.

    The wrongful death lawsuit was filed by Cynthia Turner and Sharnice McGee, whose sons died when a car fleeing police ran a red light and hit their car. It accuses the unnamed officer in the chase of negligence as well as reckless driving and pursuit “in violation of Chicago Police Department general orders and policies.”

    The accident happened around 7 p.m. Oct. 1 in the 6900 block of South Loomis Boulevard. Chrishawn Turner, 25, and his friend, Antonio Cowan, 24, had decided to go out that evening to catch up. Turner’s two young children, Cabari Turner, 3, and Shamari Turner, 2, were in the back seat.

    Not far away, Chicago police officers in a marked car spotted Christopher Carter speeding erratically east on 69th Street, police said. The officers turned on their lights and sirens and followed, but the department says they turned off the emergency lights and stopped following the car before the crash.
You know what? Even if the officers were parked at their lunch location and were sitting in a restaurant, they'd be accused of negligence for leaving the car where a ne'er-do-well could see it and be subconsciously compelled to accelerate to unsafe speeds, run a red light and launch an unsecured child 100 feet down the street.

It would be damn near impossible to do less in this situation - see a car speeding, turn on the lights, turn off the lights, back off....and you still end up named in a lawsuit. What's the lesson to cops who want to actually stop criminals?


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Crime is Down!

Except, of course, where it's skyrocketing....like the formerly "quiet" parts of town:
  • While Chicago Police Department leaders continue to insist that “crime is down” citywide, crime may not be down in the places where you live, work, or play, according to an analysis of city data by CWBChicago.

    In fact, crime reports are at five-year highs in Lincoln Park, the Loop, and Near North neighborhoods which includes River North, Streeterville, the Magnificent Mile, and Gold Coast.

    Overall reported crime in the Loop is up 47% over the past five years and 3% compared to last year. The Loop includes Chicago's central business district, Theater District, and Millenium Park, among other popular attractions.
The CWB Site has a bunch of graphs and explanations of how crime, especially violent crimes, are hitting five year highs. They also reveal exactly how Special Ed and his predecessors pretend overall crime is down:
  • On paper, crime is down by about 350 incidents in the Uptown neighborhood. But the reduction is not due to a massive decline in serious crimes. Instead, police have essentially stopped enforcing drug laws on the streets. As a result, there have been about 400 fewer narcotics crimes reported in Uptown this year as five years ago.

    So, yes, crime is down by 350 cases in Uptown. But only because police have made 396 fewer drug arrests—just 44 this year compared to 440 during the same period five years ago.
Welcome to CompStat style statistical counting.....and outright lies to protect the politicians.

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Officer Upgraded

Now in Good Condition.

The house is a loss and there are expenses before insurance payouts.

014 is running a GoFundMe site - link here.

Help if you can.

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He Shot Him Over What?

  • A 49-year-old woman is facing charges after shooting her boyfriend Friday night in the South Side Englewood neighborhood, police said. Rose Breckenridge was charged with four felony counts of unlawful use or possession of a weapon by a felon and a misdemeanor count of domestic battery causing bodily harm, according to Chicago police.

    At 9:36 p.m., Breckenridge and her 47-year-old boyfriend were arguing inside a home in the 6700 block of South Winchester when she opened fire, police said. The man was struck in his shoulder and taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where his condition was stabilized, police said.
Completely understandable.....well, not completely, but common enough that we can overlook the pathology behind it.

This, not so much:
  • An Oak Park man was denied bail Monday on charges that he shot a 27-year-old man Sunday afternoon in Lawndale following an argument over a parking space, authorities said. Officers responded to the shooting shortly before 1 p.m. in the 2700 block of West Lexington and found the wounded man suffering from a gunshot to his leg, according to Chicago police.

    During a hearing Monday at the Leighton Criminal Court Building, Cook County prosecutors said 46-year-old Reginald McClendon argued with the 27-year-old after telling him to move his car. The younger man did move his vehicle, but McClendon was unhappy with where he moved it, telling the man the parking spaces were assigned, prosecutors said. During the argument, McClendon pulled out a gun and fired it multiple times at the man, striking him.
We have no idea why a guy from Oak Park cares about where someone parks in 011. The only place with more vacant lots and available parking than 011 is 007 last time we looked.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What's This? And Why?

  • A rejected House bill that would have extended new pension perks to select Chicago aldermen could see another day.

    State lawmakers will reconvene Nov. 13 for veto session, during which they will have the opportunity to override Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto on any bill from the regular session.

    One of those bills will be House Bill 5342, a proposal sponsored by state Rep. Robert Martwick, D-Chicago, that would provide an exclusive pension boost to Chicago aldermen who formerly worked for the Chicago Fire Department. The bill would amend the Illinois Pension Code by redefining “active fireman” under the Chicago Firefighter Article to include former firemen currently serving on the Chicago City Council.
How many former firefighters are actually on the City Council right now? Two? Four? So Martwick is going to rewrite the law to benefit a tiny sliver of an already limited club. Why?

Who was running against Martwick last week? A CPD sergeant? And the State FOP Lodge endorsed Martwick so he could introduce a bill to benefit less than half-a-dozen former firefighters?


Rahm Looking for Work

  • Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel may finally get paid for a job he’s been doing for free for years: offering opinions on national politics.

    Emanuel announced in September that he wouldn’t seek reelection as mayor and has since been largely mum about his post-mayoral plans. But he has attended meetings in New York with top executives at MSNBC and CNN in recent weeks, and discussed a potential future as a cable news pundit, according to several sources familiar with the conversations.

    In recent months, the outgoing Democratic mayor has been represented by agents with William Morris Endeavor, the talent agency and entertainment behemoth where his brother Ari Emanuel is the co-CEO.
Since he's been pushing lies about manpower, murder and crime statistics in general, he'd fit right in with CNN and MCNBC.


Off Duty Injured in Fire

  • An off-duty Chicago police officer is in the hospital after a fire in Portage Park.

    The blaze broke out at a home near Mason Avenue and Irving Park Road around 4:10 p.m. Monday afternoon.

    The police officer, 54, was taken to Lutheran General Hospital from the 4000 block of North Mason Avenue with smoke inhalation in critical condition, according to police.

    The cause of the fire has not been determined.
Prayers for the Officer.


Monday, November 12, 2018

Bond Was How Much?

  • Why did a judge let an alleged rapist out on bond for $400 cash? [...] How did Burnell Johnson get a $400 cash bond?

    “Again, that’s just an accusation,” Johnson said.

    Not just accusations, Johnson faces criminal charges, including seven counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault of a handicapped person. His alleged victim, only known by her initials in police reports, is in her 30’s, but functions as a 6-year-old, with an IQ of 47.
We're imagining, no, not very much.

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Another Low Bond

We thought $300 for a heroin dealer was proportionally cheap, but this is also pretty damn low (click for a larger version):

That's a $50 D-Bond, meaning the offender has to post 10% ($5) to walk out.

Five bucks.

Oh, did we mention that he has forty-seven other arrests, twenty-five of which resulted in a conviction?

Who's the problem again?


Sunday, November 11, 2018

How Low Can You Go?

Good thing the election is over because this dumbass judge would have attracted a lot of attention:
  • A 70-year-old man is facing charges of selling a kilogram of heroin to undercover officers — and of possessing over $1 million of the drug — in the Portage Park neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

    Manuel Mejia Rojas, who lives in the Little Village neighborhood, was charged with class X felonies of delivering and possessing a controlled substance, according to Cook County states attorneys. He was held on $300 bail.
$300 bail?

For over $1 million in heroin. A drug that's been called a "humanitarian" crisis andis tearing apart not only the inner cities, but the suburbs and rural parts of America as well.

Surely that's a misprint and the reporter meant $300,000, right?
  • “That’s a lot of drugs, son,” Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. said at a bail hearing Saturday in the Leighton Criminal Courthouse on the Southwest Side.

    Judge Lyke asked what bail he could afford to pay, and Rojas replied $300. Lyke set his bail to $300 and order him to be placed on electronic monitoring.
Oh. Well. Electronic Monitoring. That's a relief. No chance he'll manage to do bad things while he's on Dart's World Famous Electronic Monitoring Program. A program renowned far and wide for it's ability to tell EXACTLY where every prisoner is at all times.

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Nice Train Rahm

  • Two men were hospitalized after an argument turned bloody early Saturday on the Red Line heading south from the Loop, Chicago police said.

    The confrontation between the men turned physical as the 24-year-old pulled out a gun and shot the 38-year-old in the stomach around 12:15 a.m. as the train sped toward the CTA’s Cermak-Chinatown station, police said.

    In return, police said, the 38-year-old grabbed the gun from the younger man who just shot him and began beating him with it.

    As other passengers fled from the train car as it pulled into the platform in the 100 block of West Cermak Road, police officers found the two men — one shot, the other battered — still in the Red Line car.
Still no word on how someone snuck a gun onto the CTA in violation of all those signs Rahm ordered to be put up. You'd think it was damn near impossible to be armed on a Chicago train nowadays.


Good Samaritan Learns Lesson

Not that we wish ill upon anyone (except Shanks, Rahm, Durbin...okay, we wish a lot of ill sometimes), but some people are just dumb:
  • A 32-year-old homeless man allegedly stabbed a man and tried to steal his van during an incident that ended in a crash and chase in the River North neighborhood Saturday morning.

    It happened about 8 a.m. in the 200 block of East Hubbard Street as a 39-year-old good Samaritan offered to take the 32-year-old man to his home for a shower and to clean up, Chicago police said.

    After they got into a van, the 32-year-old pulled a knife and began trying to stab the older man while he was driving, police said.

    The 39-year-old jumped out of his van but grabbed onto its side door as the homeless man tried to drive away with it, crashing instead.
How long are they going to stick with this "good Samaritan" routine? Anyone know if there's a "stroll" over on East Hubbard?

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