Sunday, May 19, 2019

Bodyguard Story Gets Legs

Took the media, specifically Channel 5, most of the day to catch up:
  • NBC 5 has learned of a move by Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot to reverse decades of tradition by revamping the mayor’s Chicago Police bodyguard unit, adding representatives from federal agencies and other law enforcement agencies.

    At issue, the mayor-elect’s intention to build a new protective detail, reportedly headed by former U.S. Marshal Jim Smith. The unit would include former federal marshals and members of other departments outside Chicago.
FOP is expressing reluctance:
  • “I am not in favor of taking away our jobs and replacing them with someone,” FOP President Kevin Graham told NBC 5. “For as long as we have had a bodyguard detail for the mayor, Chicago police officers have been committed to making sure the mayor and those around him or her are safe.”

    A police source told NBC 5 that the mayor-elect has been told by present and former high-ranking department members that the proposal creates a myriad of issues, not the least of which are the fact that outside officers might not be fully indemnified by the city of Chicago, and that such a unit raises question about state certification.
Not to mention who's going to pay for it all.

And what does this mean to the fixed detail in 014? Rahm had six or eight officers from 019 with a sergeant in four or more cars around his house 24/7....and Rahm was hardly ever there. He was either in DC (most weekends) or at his secret hideout/condo in 012 near Van Buren and Green which the media never seemed to catch onto.

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Ten-Year-Old TVB's

  • Omar Orozco couldn’t believe his eyes: three kids in two off-road vehicles going down the Dan Ryan Expressway at about 60 mph. Orozco was driving home to Lansing around midnight Friday night when he spotted the two vehicles in the southbound lanes near the Garfield exit.

    The vehicles appeared to be Polaris Ranger side-by-sides. Even more shocking, the drivers appeared to be about 10 years old. They didn’t have their lights on, and the vehicles did not appear to have any license plates.

    Video of his encounter has been posted on YouTube and Facebook, where it already has been viewed more than 300,000 times, and has more than 1,900 comments and 11,000 shares.
Video at the link up top and more at come of the media sites on the right hand links. Quite a number of comments about "Where are the police?" First up, we don't patrol the expressways and second, where is/are the parent(s)?


Serious Discussion Time

Is it time for a realistic look at arbitration? Before everyone gets all huffy about us even bringing it up, relax. The FOP has done a fine job so far holding the line on what will and won't be discussed. Everything we've heard leads us to believe they have not even acknowledged Rahm's efforts to gut discipline, which means it won't be before the arbitrator. But there are recent developments that members should be paying attention to in order to be aware of what's in play.

First the Teachers Union just had an election, and their president is playing the asshole card early:
  • The president of the Chicago Teachers Union easily won re-election after ballots were counted late Friday and immediately issued a warning to the incoming mayor, Lori Lightfoot, who was not endorsed by the labor group.

    "We hope that the new mayor makes good on her promises to transform our public schools," said Jesse Sharkey after winning re-election with 66% of the vote. "If she does, she will find us to be a steadfast ally. If she does not, she will find us to be an implacable foe."

    The union, which represents around 25,000 teachers and other education workers in a district with 400,000 students, had endorsed Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle in the mayoral election.
The CTU backed the loser (Prickwrinkle) and now are making demands on an administration that hasn't even been sworn in yet. Not the way to make a first impression.

Then there is the current financial situation going from bad to worse:
  • There’s a reason city finances were excluded from the 110-page transition report delivered Friday to Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot.

    Lightfoot is buying time to get her arms around a budget shortfall she claims is infinitely “more dire” than the newly revised $700 million figure outgoing Chief Financial Officer Carole Brown has acknowledged.

    The last thing Lightfoot wants is to have a public airing — and potential flogging — of the painful tax increases and budget cuts being kicked around by her task force on budget and financial issues chaired DePaul University CFO Jeffrey Bethke.
So Rahm lied (again) and stuck Lightfoot with the extensive bill.

It should not be impossible to discuss that the PBPA had the correct idea. With the financial situation being what it is, why not arbitrate? Discipline is off the table since the FOP refused to discuss it, the raise is left to the arbitrator and he must consider the current economic boom along with comparable raises across the spectrum, and when the inevitable tax hikes are presented, the FOP can shunt the blame over to Sharkey and the CTU - they'll look unreasonable, greedy and they'll strike, which will really tick off taxpayers.

Discuss. Civilly.

Burke Missed Injury Fraud?

  • While Ald. Edward M. Burke ran City Hall’s program to compensate injured workers, there was little, if any, effort to “detect potential fraud, waste and abuse,” according to an audit issued Friday — months after Burke lost control of the program following his arrest for attempted extortion in an unrelated case.

    For decades, Burke has overseen the $100 million-a year workers’ compensation program, refusing to allow city agencies to monitor the expenses, and even hiring private law firms to fight Inspector General Joseph Ferguson’s efforts to examine the system, in which some city workers have been receiving disability payments for years.
Wasn't there an "open source" site that tracked political donations? Wouldn't it be interesting, informative and maybe Pulitzer Prize winning to look into the names that might appear on both workman comp claims AND contributors to certain aldercreatures?

Kind of like how the law firms that sue Chicago in all forms (police, fire, streets, etc) all limit-out on contributions to certain politicians or their pet projects.

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

New Buffering Parameters

Evidently, the City wasn't getting anything with which to jam officers up on body camera, so they are unilaterally increasing the pre-event buffering from 30 seconds to two full minutes.

They have agreed to hold off on programming this into the body cameras until the FOP meets with Department officials. The FOP has also promised a labor action though we (and numerous e-mailers) believe the FOP has misstated the situation slightly, saying that it's "audio recording" instead of "visual recording." As we understand the systems, audio kicks in upon manual activation of the camera.

Anyone know why? We can't think of a single reason that doesn't involve someone playing "gotcha!" with the footage. 99% of the footage is going to be of the steering wheel or the airbag cover. Maybe it'll catch us twirling the radio dial to US 99 or something - is that illegal now?

On the other hand, maybe it'll catch the asshole who keeps carving up the steering wheel in our pool rides.

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Going Federal

  • Four teenagers who faced state carjacking charges for taking an off-duty Chicago police officer’s vehicle in Edgewater last October have now been slapped with a federal indictment in the case.

    A federal grand jury charged 18-year-olds Jamar Jarvis and Javion Bush along with 19-year-olds Raynell Lanford and Jamaal Ashsaheed with the Oct. 18th incident in the 5800 block of North Winthrop.

    After taking the off-duty cop’s Lexus shortly after midnight, Jarvis, Lanford, and Ashsaheed drove onto Lake Shore Drive where officers working in the Town Hall (19th) Police District intercepted the vehicle and followed it south as members of the FBI’s Carjacking Task Force and the Chicago Police Department helicopter unit joined in.

    Officers eventually pulled the vehicle over in the 5500 block of South Lake Shore drive and then chased the occupants on foot before each was arrested. Police said a gun was found inside the stolen car.
The feds don't lose too many car-jacking cases. We're looking forward to this one playing out in court. The four offenders have all been in custody at County since apprehension. Does anyone know if they get transferred to the MCC at some point so Crimesha can't under-bail them?

Thanks to the CWB Blog for reporting this - we don't think anyone else did.

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More Proco Joe

  • Liliya Hrabar thought someone might be playing a practical joke when Chicago police pulled her over in February and said the car she was driving had been reported stolen by her boyfriend, Ald. Proco “Joe” Moreno.

    The 35-year-old insurance broker from Des Plaines said she had been in regular contact with Moreno since borrowing the Audi A6 from him a few weeks earlier. When police placed her under arrest on Feb. 4, she said, she started looking around for a hidden camera.

    “I couldn't believe that happened,” the Ukraine native said in a thick accent Thursday at a news conference shortly after filing a defamation lawsuit against Moreno. “That’s why I keep saying there’s a hidden camera somewhere. I keep thinking that’s a joke.”
Seeing as how Joe had insurance fraud charges filed against him, she might have a winnable case.

CWB tells us that Proco Joe is plotting his defense already:

That's Joe and Tom Tunney discussing things at El Jardin.

Perhaps discussing upcoming legal issues?


Media Sues for Jussie Files

  • Keeping Jussie Smollett’s criminal records under wraps is pointless since the high-profile charges against him — and their subsequent bombshell dismissal — made news all over the world, attorneys for the Chicago Tribune and other news organizations argued Thursday in court in a bid to unseal the files.

    “There is no way to secrete the fact of Jussie Smollett’s arrest. At this point it is widely and publicly known from here to Helsinki and back,” said Natalie Spears, a Tribune attorney. “No potential employer, let alone anyone with a pulse, does not know about Jussie Smollett’s arrest at this point.”
Golly, suing a democrat State's Attorney in a democrat county court system regarding dropped charges against a democrat? Did someone discover an entire closet full of testicles and they're just handing them out to anyone now?


Friday, May 17, 2019

Interesting if True

Rumors abound as the mayoral inauguration approaches:
  • FYI O/T The bodyguard detail will be out for Lori. Private security to take over. No Police.

    Also Lori's wife will have an office on 4th fl at city hall.
Why would the mayoral spouse need an office? Is she drawing a salary, too?

The "no police" thing though - no more clouted sergeants stealing a commander paycheck (and pension) and 24 "politically reliable" officers grabbing sergeants pay, even when working overtime not guarding the mayor. That's already $300,000 or so cut from the budget (minus the cost of whoever she hires.)

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Great Statistic

  • Chicago has a long history of aldermen getting in trouble, and despite decades of attempts at reform, three sitting aldermen are currently serving their constituents while out on bond. A fourth was just booted from City Council and is out awaiting sentencing. And a fifth has been a City Council no-show for months after it was revealed he was flipped by the feds and wore a wire on colleagues after getting busted himself.

    • Aldermen Ed Burke (14th) and
    • Ricardo Munoz (22nd) are facing various charges in different cases,
    • while Ald. Willie Cochran (20th) has been convicted in a federal case and is out awaiting sentencing. He was kicked off the council when he pleaded guilty.
    • And Ald. Proco “Joe” Moreno (1st) joined their ranks on Tuesday night when he was arrested. The alderman has been charged with insurance fraud and obstruction of justice and appeared in Bond Court on Wednesday. A judge agreed to release him on his recognizance.
    • Meanwhile, Ald. Danny Solis (25th) has acknowledged he’s a federal informant.
And hopefully, a few more are waiting in the wings after Solis and Burke turn State's evidence - looking at you Johnny.


9.5 - Mission Accomplished

Hilarious section from the Q-and-A with the soon-to-be former mayor:
  • Q: Do you own that maybe your leadership style was too top-down and too brash?

    A: Every one of those problems I told you about, those problems became exasperated because the elected officials decided they wanted to be liked rather than lead. My goal wasn’t to be liked.
Well, you succeeded there Asshole. We're pretty sure no one liked you. Hopefully, they see the crooked hole that you drove Chicago into and remember the fiscal irresponsibility that led us to this point should you run for Dick "Turban" Durbin's senate seat.


Here We Go

  • Last month, a criminal case against a Hoffman Estates woman became tied to the legal drama surrounding Jussie Smollett when a judge, saying the situation “smells, big time,” asked why the woman was being “treated differently” than the actor by Cook County prosecutors.

    And now the woman has acquired a new attorney to help her fight the felony charge of disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false police report, the same crime Smollett was accused of in a 16-count indictment before charges against him were suddenly dropped.
Of course, the offender apologizes to Jussie for prolonging his turn in the spotlight. Her lawyer, whether you agree with it or not, points out the double standard for the connected and well-to-do.

The correct answer however, is punish everyone equally, not disregard the law. Crimesha has set a dangerous precedent.


Thursday, May 16, 2019

I'm Told That I'm Sorry

"Un-indicted" Johnson and Babs "Pillow" West doing damage control - and failing miserably:
  • “In this never ending hilarity, Miss-Lie-Tenant-Carter was ordered to apologize to the recruits this past Friday for her outburst the other week (I’m a fuckin Lie-tenant of Po-leech).”

    “Fat-KJ (the unindicted Johnson - SCC) in hopes of avoiding the ire of BabsWest ordered Captain M and M to order Miss-Lie-Tenant-Carter to apologize. I was there and she (Saadia Carter) tried her best but was soooo disingenuous to the point that we as Metro recruits didn’t believe a word this lousy excuse for a person had to say. Her actions the other week spoke volumes compared to her actions this past Friday.”

    “BabsWest is worried the metro Chiefs will revolt against her and FatHeadEd for what happened w Miss-Lie-Tenant-Carter. I wonder what hubby blowhard, Eric Carter, thinks of her shenanigans?!?”
Eric Carter hasn't given a single thought to his wife's actions - the entitled never do. Anyone know if Captain Murphy has been disci0lined yet for failing to carry out the orders of a Deputy Chief? But Pillows and Un-indicted Johnson (and Special Ed) can't afford to have Lori looking at where corruption, scandal and poor morale have their roots.

Speaking of scandals:
  • Why did Saadia Carter have a P.O. call Area South Violent Crimes yesterday to try and get confidential information about a sensitive case? P.O. was told to go pound sand. Not the first time Saadia put a P.O. up to doing her dirty work. The Dept should be looking at her for media leaks on confidential/sensitive cases.
This is captain material?


We're Number One!

  • America’s 10 largest cities, largely Democrat strongholds, are drowning in municipal debt, according to a new report from government watchdog Truth in Accounting.

    The report sought out “to determine what ... overlapping financial entities mean for taxpayers’ bottom line.” Truth in Accounting said its purpose was to “calculate the various bills (and surpluses, when available) at the city government level and divide them out to determine a per-Taxpayer Burden.”

    The two cities with the highest burden: Chicago and New York City; Chicago’s combined taxpayer burden: $119,110; New York City’s combined taxpayer burden: $85,600.
And if you read the posts below this one, that tax burden is only going higher.


Rahm Shorted the Pensions?

  • The city of Chicago has filed suit against the Illinois state Comptroller’s office and pension boards for its police officers and other city workers, accusing the pension funds and the comptroller of wrongly intercepting state grant funds otherwise owed to the city because the pension funds say the city has shorted its pension contributions.

    On May 1, lawyers for City Hall filed a complaint in Cook County Circuit Court, asking a judge to slap an injunction on the comptroller’s office and order the state release the money.


    According to the lawsuit, the comptroller’s actions followed notices of “final determination” submitted in March and April by three pension funds which manage retirement funds for Chicago city workers, including police officers. According to the complaint, city believes the pension funds have told the comptroller City Hall has shorted its contributions to the three pension funds by a total of about $23.1 million, which could trigger an embargo on state funds to the city.

    Under state law, the comptroller is required to intercept and hold any payments being made by the state to a municipality, if one of the municipality’s pension funds reports the local government has failed to fund its pensions at the levels set by law.
Rahm's people accused of shorting pension funds? Who would ever believe that? Oh yeah - everybody.

But can Mendoza prove it in court? Go read it all. It's interesting to say the least. Especially in light of this article:
  • Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot could need to come up with more than $200 million beyond what Mayor Rahm Emanuel previously estimated in the 2020 city budget to cover higher pension payments and costs previously covered with expensive borrowing, Emanuel’s chief financial officer said Wednesday.

    That would push the budget shortfall Lightfoot faces north of $700 million, higher-than-expected costs the incoming mayor didn’t know about until recently.

    The city’s pension investments performed badly at the end of 2018 as the stock market took a dive, Chief Financial Officer Carole Brown said. That led to a negative rate of return that will force the Lightfoot administration to come up with perhaps an additional $100 million as the city shifts to actuarially based pension payments in 2020, Brown said.
Lori is a progressive democrat though, so she'll probably find taxes to raise.


Aldercreature Arrested

  • Outgoing Ald. Proco “Joe” Moreno was taken into police custody Tuesday evening on an arrest warrant, according to Chicago police.

    The 1st Ward alderman has been investigated twice in the past year, most recently in February for a possible false police report. Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Tuesday night Moreno was in custody over that incident.
He was released without having to post bond (big surprise) and the charges he faces aren't likely to actually result in any significant jail time. But he does add to the ridiculous totals of aldercreatures indicted and arrested while in office.


Death Penalty Case

  • Police suspect a Southwest Side woman lured a young expectant mother to her home before the pregnant woman was slain and the child was cut out of her body.

    Authorities said a body found in a garbage can early Wednesday in the woman’s backyard in the 4100 block of West 77th Place is that of the pregnant woman — Marlen Ochoa-Uriostegui, who was reported missing three weeks ago. They said the woman was strangled to death and ruled the death a homicide.
Some crimes are unforgivable, and this crime fits the bill. All four suspects should face the executioner and society should not be at risk for some bleeding heart politician to release them because they feel sorry for their crimes in the distant future. Their futures should be spent counting the days to lethal injection.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Commander to Prison - Maybe

  • A former Chicago police commander who earned praise for overseeing big reductions in violence in the Englewood community pleaded guilty Tuesday to stealing more than $360,000 in Social Security payments intended for his mother that he continued to collect after her death 25 years ago.

    In all, Kenneth Johnson admitted to bilking the Social Security Administration out of $363,064 from the time of his mother’s death in May 1994 to November 2017, when the scheme was uncovered, according to his plea agreement with prosecutors.

    Preliminary guidelines call for Johnson to be sentenced to up to about two years in prison for the felony conviction on one count of theft of government funds. U.S. District Judge Manish Shah set sentencing for Sept. 11.
Missing from the article is any mention of paying back the $363,000 he stole from taxpayers. Hopefully that's addressed at sentencing? After all, he'll be collecting his pension seeing as how the crime isn't related to his city service.

Shouldn't take him long to pay it all back.

Great pick again though Special Ed. You sure have to seem at least as many people going to jail or retiring under investigation as previous superintendents.


Answers to IAD Corruption? (UPDATE)

This appeared in the comments a few days back and we've been trying to verify some parts of it:
  • Why Is there a current internal reviews of IAD closed cases? Why does this review of these closed case involve several Sgts who worked on these cases while assigned to IAD? How did these cases become closed with findings of Unfounded or Not Sustained when witnesses and evidence were present that were never addressed? How and why did these involved Sgts suddenly become promoted up and out of IAD?

    Why is there a new IAD Chief and deputy Chief of IAD being promoted? Why is one of these new IAD chiefs a former Lieutenant that was assigned to IAD during the time of these improperly closed IAD cases? Why is this new chief being brought back into IAD? To help or hinder the reviews of these cases? Why is IAD calling in these promoted Captains and Lieutenants to review these closed cases? Why are these former investigators of IAD refusing to cooperate with this review of closed cases?


    These cases were properly initiated by citizens and CPD, during investigations by IAD information of damaging pattern of misconduct was discovered! But the current Chief of IAD Juan Rivera put stops to investigations, telling these Sgts it was in best interest of Department to close the cases! For this quick closing of cases these Sgts all were rewarded by getting merit promotions or grade adjustments on tests! And transferred out of IAD!

    Only problem is that evidence and witnesses are still available and new Mayor wants accountability for not investigating these cases originally! Looks like truth is leaking out and who were involved will be the ones retiring quickly?

    This review of cases is more then 35 deep so it is showing how IAD was protecting CPD command staff from bad investigations! A pattern of protection that was initiated from IAD and Command staff? And those who keep mouths shut get promoted?
This would explain a portion of the IAD promotions that are occurring at a statistically impossible rate.

UPDATE: We're aware Rivera is long gone. We're assuming the writer meant "But [then] Chief of IAD Juan Rivera..." We have no way of knowing, but we've been getting tips and clues from HQ sources that hint something is up. Lori has a lot of cleaning up to do if she wants to get hold of the reins. Otherwise, the tail is still wagging the dog and the corruption that IAD is burying stays buried. IAD is in place to cover up connected corruption, not root it out.


Retired Judge Has Questions

  • To avoid raising concerns of a conflict of interest by a skeptical public, the top criminal courts judge in Cook County stepped aside last week to let another judge decide whether to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate how actor Jussie Smollett’s case was handled.

    But the retired judge who is calling for the special prosecutor now wants to know how Judge LeRoy K. Martin Jr. settled on sending the case to veteran Judge Michael Toomin, court records show.

    Martin on Friday announced he would “transfer” the matter to Toomin, head of the Juvenile Division and one of the most senior judges on the Cook County bench, after retired state Appeals Court Judge Sheila O’Brien called for Martin to recuse himself. Martin’s son, LeRoy Martin III, was hired last year as an assistant state’s attorney, and O’Brien argued that Martin might have faced a conflict because State’s Attorney Kim Foxx could be called as a witness.

    In a motion filed Monday, O’Brien notes that in court Friday, Martin said he had “called Judge Toomin” and “spoke to him” about transferring O’Brien’s petition to him.
Is Shield O'Brien running for office? Because she seems to be pointing out the appearances of corruption and she's irritating the correct people in order to run as a "reformer," though that term has lost all meaning in Cook County.

Pointing out that Martin Jr. got to pick the judge substituting in for his own conflicted status doesn't lend much credence to an already corrupt process.

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You Think It's Bad Now?

  • Last fall, a City Council Committee shot down the most extreme of four pending proposals for civilian police review after one aldermen claimed the proposal was drafted to appease people who are “hateful of the police.” On May 29, proponents of the so-called Civilian Police Accountability Council will try again, emboldened by support from 15 aldermen in a City Council that has taken a sharp turn to the left.

    Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35th), chairman of the new Socialist Caucus, held a City Hall news conference Tuesday to announce plans to re-introduce a CPAC ordinance that still may be going nowhere, even after the changing of the guard at City Hall.
Get a load of these proposals:
  • Their plan, championed by the Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression, calls for electing one representative from each of the city’s 22 police districts. They would serve four-year terms with a dedicated staff and an annual salary matching what aldermen are paid.

    The elected panel would have an annual budget of $30 million and be empowered to: hire and fire Chicago’s police superintendent; establish police policy; investigate police shootings and other allegations of excessive force and police abuse; negotiate a police contract and pass judgment on police discipline.
It's like Portland 2.0 combined with Baltimore's ongoing death spiral.


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Nine Years???

  • The man charged in the killing of off-duty Chicago police Officer Michael Bailey is finally slated to begin trial this week, nearly nine years after the veteran officer on the brink of retirement was shot dead in front of his South Side home.

    Cook County prosecutors say Anton Carter attempted to rob Bailey of his new Buick Regal, sparking a shootout in which Bailey emptied his gun but was shot three times. His son found him motionless next to a bottle of glass cleaner.

    Bailey, 62, was among five Chicago police officers killed in 2010, one of the department’s deadliest years in decades.

    Prosecutors won convictions in the four other slayings as Carter’s case made its way through the system at a glacial pace even for the Leighton Criminal Court Building, the county’s main criminal court. Among the reasons for the delay was that prosecutors chose to first go to trial on a separate carjacking charge against Carter.
Anyone know what he got on the carjacking charge? We're a bit concerned because guess who Crimesha's staff is relying on for testimony?
  • Little physical evidence links Carter to the killing, but Judge Stanley Sacks ruled earlier this year that prosecutors can call three jailhouse informants who allege Carter confessed to them in separate conversations after he was sent to prison on a parole violation about two months after the shooting.

    One of the jailhouse informants recanted his previous testimony before a grand jury, alleging that Chicago police detectives offered him a substantial amount of money to cooperate against Carter.

    Such testimony has been criticized as inherently unreliable.
And Crimesha's people fucked up a recent case when a jailhouse informant "recanted" just a few weeks ago.


Back in Custody

He survived? And he showed up at Court?

But this time, he didn't go home:
  • A 14-year-old boy accused of shooting two men on a Red Line platform last week in the Uptown neighborhood during the evening rush was ordered by a judge on Monday to remain in custody.

    Although the boy was ordered to be released at a hearing Friday because police held him beyond the legal limit for minors, his mother never picked him up.

    On Monday, the boy’s mother told Cook County Juvenile Division Judge Linda Pauel that she was hesitant to take custody of him because of concerns about a retaliatory attack against her son.

    “I am not a police officer to guide or protect him,” she said. “If I came to pick him up, they might see me with him and attack me, how would I handle that?”
Mom of the Year - never even came by to pick him up. The Yummy Sandifer comparison is getting better by the minute. And as hinted at here, the fuck-up was a Crimesha/Tim Evans Special and NOT the CPD:
  • A Cook County juvenile court judge’s decision to release a 14-year-old accused of shooting two men at the Argyle Red Line station without any sort of supervision on Friday was a stunner. Even in a county where low bail and a weak prosecutor’s office help make crime pay, the unconditional release of an accused two-time shooter on a technicality raised eyebrows.

    But new questions arose over the weekend about exactly how long the boy had really been in custody and about the judge’s decision to set him free. [...]But police this weekend strenuously denied prosecutors’ claims.

    “The interrogation and arrest lasted 21 hours and 44 minutes,” a CPD spokesperson said. The boy was then transferred to Cook County custody. Police said the teen was taken into custody on the West Side at 5 p.m. on Wednesday; attempted murder charges were approved by prosecutors at 2:44 p.m. on Thursday; and the boy was then transported to the county’s juvenile detention center. The “magic” 40th hour by which a judicial officer must have reviewed the teen’s case passed some 20 hours later, two hours before the boy was brought in for a bond hearing.

    A police department source this weekend also said that the accused teen has an outstanding warrant from elsewhere in Illinois that should have prevented the judge from releasing him in any event.
Once again, the lame-stream media takes Crimesha's word, even knowing that she is a shady-as-fuck liar who has repeatedly abused the truth to a degree that should trigger a DCFS investigation. You'd think someone would have called CPD to see what happened, but no one did. In fact, CPD provided a timeline of events to the CWB blog that shows exactly how long the offender was in custody and when he was transferred to County custody.

The CrimeInWrigleyville and Boystown blog is the only outfit holding public servants to account.

More Non-Prosecutions Coming

Via a third party, someone we'd trust by reputation alone:
  • Although my sources have heard different things from those inside the SAO, here’s what I’ve learned so far …

    [...] The Narcotics Division is being done away with. Narcotics cases will be handled by the general trial division. (Just like the old days, when they were put on bond and their cases continued forever until they pick up a new case and they pled out to concurrent time.) The Complex Narcotics Unit will become a small unit in Special Prosecutions.
    Many of the ASAs who were in the narcotics unit were transferred into a new unit called Restorative Justice.

    Restorative Justice: The victim is invited to come to court and met the guy who stole their property or burglarized their house so he can say he’s sorry. If he does this, he gets to avoid prison. The victims get nothing. [...] Some think narcotics prosecution will slowly be phased out since Kim is one of those that think the War on Drugs is evil.

    In my opinion, Kim has done the following:

    Dope dealers and junkies will be put back onto our streets where they will be allowed to continue to victimize their neighbors and their crossfire during shoot outs over drug territory will continue to cause fatalities of innocent people. All property crime offenders will be immediately released and eventually given an unlimited number of non-penitentiary sentences no matter how often they steal from others.

    Worse of all, Kim Fox’s policies are encouraging criminal behavior by sending the message that criminals are blameless because their behavior is the fault of society and they are compelled to act as they do. This, of course, will undermine the efforts of the overwhelming number of law abiding, intercity, parents who are trying to teach their kids right from wrong. It will also allow criminals to continue to make life miserable for the people who are forced to take these predators back into their community.

    She claims that her actions will make life better for intercity Black people, but if so, she has to think that all Black people are criminals. I worked under five States Attorneys in my time and although I preferred some over others, she is by far the worst of them all. Unfortunately, she is not unique. All too many of our politicians, bureaucrats and judges have never realized the fact that victims are people too.

Silence from the media and what this means to the communities hardest hit by violence. Crimesha isn't completely wrong about the War on Drugs - it's not evil, but it's been poorly run, managed, fought, however you want to describe it.

But zero-punishment isn't the way to run it either...unless you're a moron.



  • The reign of Empire on Fox is coming to an end next year. Just two weeks after the Charlie Collier-run Fox Entertainment renewed Lee Daniels and Danny Strong’s hip hop drama for a sixth season and guided Jussie Smollett toward the exit door, it was announced Monday during Fox’s pre-upfront call that the self-described “groundbreaking cultural phenomenon” will be canceled once Season 6 is done next year.
Pardon us while we laugh a little bit.


Monday, May 13, 2019

Police Week Begins

  • Four fallen Chicago Police Department officers were honored in Washington, D.C. Sunday as National Police Week begins.

    CPD Commander Paul Bauer and Officers Samuel Jimenez, Eduardo Marmolejo and Conrad Gary all died in the line of duty in 2018.

    The families of the fallen officers can now see the names of their loved ones on the National Police Officers Memorial wall.

    Several events were held for the families to commemorate the lives of the officers, including a wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
If you could, take time out of your week to remember the fallen in your own way.

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Headline Bias

Who? What? Where? When? Why/How? Those are supposed to be the basics.

Here's the Sun Times headline:
  • Man killed by Chicago police officers during foot chase in Lawndale

    Chicago police officers fatally shot a man Saturday afternoon during a foot chase in the Lawndale neighborhood, according to officials.

    Officers approached the 30-year-old man shortly after 3:30 p.m. as he walked in the 1400 block of South Lawndale Avenue, CPD Sgt. Michael Malinowski told reporters at the scene.

    The officers started chasing the man through the block, shooting him in a gangway during the second of two “armed confrontations” during the pursuit, Malinowski said. A handgun was recovered at the scene.
Headline implies the impetus for the shooting is a foot chase. Three paragraphs to get to the mention of a gun. Police hater Nader Issa is the "reporter."

The Tribune, which for the second time in one day, surprised us by actually reporting facts:
  • Gunman suspected of firing at police, sparking two West Side shootouts, dies

    A man suspected of firing a gun at police has died after officers shot him on the West Side on Saturday afternoon in Lawndale.

    The 26-year-old man was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, officials said.
We don't know who pissed in the Tribune's cereal, but this is a welcome change from their usual bullshit. Let's see if it sticks.

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False Reports Again?

  • Prosecutors said a South Shore man admitted to police that he made at least 10 calls to 911 reporting that a police officer had been shot on duty because he liked watching police scramble to respond to his false calls.

    In one call, authorities said he watched as police hurried to the scene of where he claimed a Chicago officer had been shot in the abdomen.

    [...] King was arrested Friday night in the 7000 block of South Clyde Avenue, and he later was charged with a felony count of making a false police report.

    Judge John Lyke Jr. ordered King, of the 7800 block of South Essex Avenue, held on $25,000 bail and electronic home monitoring if released.
One felony count of making a false report? Seems a bit light after at least ten calls. LEt's see how long it takes Crimesha to "Smell-it" this case.


That Must Have Been Painful

  • A man tried to sexually assault a woman late Friday on the lakefront bike trail by the South Loop, but she escaped after a bicyclist scared him away, Chicago police said.

    About 11:20 p.m., the 27-year-old woman was attacked while walking south on the bike path in the 700 block of South Lake Shore Drive, according to a community alert issued by police.

    A man attempted to sexually assault the woman, who struggled and tried to pepper-spray him. A passing bicyclist then “startled” the man, and he ran away, police said.
And then the Tribune does something remarkable:
  • The alert described the suspect as a black man with a medium complexion, who was thin but with an athletic build. Police said he did not have any facial hair, was between 28 and 30 years old, standing between 5-foot-10 and 6 foot tall. Police didn’t provide a detailed clothing description, but noted he wore a black jacket and black pants.
Now we know and you know that Community Alerts ALWAYS have this information on it. The media chooses not to report it though - delicate sensibilities or some bullshit.

But something must be different with this case. A reader speculated that someone in the media or related to someone in the media must have been the victim for the Tribune to swerve this far out of their comfort zone.

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  • Two women were forced to the ground, pistol-whipped in their faces, and robbed overnight in the Lakeview neighborhood, according to Chicago police. No one is in custody.

    The victims, both 26, said they were walking in the 1200 block of West Roscoe around midnight Sunday when two men wearing ski masks ran toward them and ordered them to lie down while threatening them with a handgun.

    Both women were then struck in the face with the gun—one strike was so powerful, it broke the barrel off of the weapon, according to a police officer who was at the scene.
Putting the victims on the ground and beating them in the face - that's some deep-seated hatred right there. And hard enough to break the barrel off the gun? Maybe it was just a cheap gun.


Sunday, May 12, 2019


Someone said the lists were up, then down, then up again.

This is what we have:
  • Lieutenants (click for a larger version):

Nice to see the 010 District Commander still can't be bothered to nominate anyone from his current assignment. This is like the third or fourth list in a row. Also good to see that being off the street for over a decade and being unable to pass a test doesn't hinder an Academy house mouse (who is supposed to be teaching this stuff) from another bite at the "merit" apple.
  • Sergeants (click for larger versions):

  • And finally Detectives:

Interesting times.


Sync, No Sync

Once again, the Department half-asses it:
  • Off topic, but maybe interesting to someone. It seems that in 001 many of the cameras have not been syncing with event numbers, with some as far back as last November. So word came down that everyone has to go thru all their recordings that do not have event numbers, listen or watch for an event number and then document it manually.

    Some POs have hundreds of recordings that didn't sync with event numbers. At first they tried to blame the POs but then realized it was a hardware glitch. So now with the warm weather approaching we are taken off the street for hours at a time to find the event numbers that didn't sync. Ahhh, the city that works!
So pull officers off the street and attempt to have them manually match body cam recordings from incidents already fading from memory as merely routine.

Great system you have there Special Ed.

Maybe you could pay overtime instead so you aren't depriving citizens of police service.

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Is this the silliest thing you've ever seen or what?

The Department can't keep body cameras charged, in-car cameras functioning and secured/alarmed fire doors safe from cheating lie-tenants. Does anyone think this contraption would survive even a single tour?


Saturday, May 11, 2019

Shooting - 010, 011 (UPDATE)

  • One person was shot after police exchanged gunfire with at least one suspect on the West Side Saturday afternoon.

    It happened in the 1400 block of South Lawndale Avenue in the Lawndale neighborhood shortly after 3:30 p.m. police said.

    The condition of the person shot was not immediately known. No police officers were injured.
010 and 011 seem to be involved.

Officers are fine and that's all that matters.

UPDATE: Offender dead.


Officer Stabbed

  • A Chicago police officer was stabbed in the neck while placing a man in custody Friday morning on the Far South Side, officials said.

    The officer, 27, responded about 9:30 a.m. to the 13200 block of South King Drive for a call of someone injured during a battery. While placing a 42-year-old man into custody, the officer was stabbed in the lower neck and left arm, said police.

    He was taken to a local hospital where he was listed in good condition.

    No additional information was available. Charges were pending.
Best wishes to the Officer for a speedy recovery.


Fourteen Year Old Shooter

  • A judge allowed a 14-year-old boy to go home and come back Monday after he was accused of opening fire at the CTA’s Argyle station in Uptown this week.

    “Over our objections, the minor was released to the custody of a parent,” Cook County state’s attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton said in an emailed statement.

    The boy, who appeared in juvenile court before Judge Linda Pauel on Friday, is charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a gun.
And it's the police's fault!
  • Prosecutors requested that the boy be held in custody, but the judge found that under the law he must be released because he was held in custody for 42 hours by the police and was not brought before a judicial office within 24 hours, Simonton said.
An error? Or an overabundance of caution?
  • Chicago police said they were worried for the safety of the boy, especially in light of the fact that his picture, taken by CTA surveillance cameras, has been posted in multiple news reports.

    Prosecutors also asked for electronic monitoring, but that was denied as well, Simonton said.
Yummy Sandifer anyone?

Anyone want to place odds on if the shooter makes it through the weekend alive?

More gun laws would have stopped this, right?

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Warrants Denied?

In regard to the possible disbanding of the Cook County Drug Unit being disbanded, it's 100% true:
  • The bureau is being dissolved. The Prelim, Bond Court and Grand Jury unit is going to absorbed by the Felony Trial Bureau, the Special Pros. Unit is disbanded and Courtroom 102 is going to one of the Felony Trial Wings. The Complex Unit is going to Special Prosecutions.

    The guy who was the special pros boss is a really good guy, was in the Gang Unit and prosecuted lots of murder cases including a cop murder. They let him go this week. The ASA's are "At Will" employees and they gave no reason for letting him go. Ultimately, there was no spot for him and he did not fit their agenda.
This also popped up:
  • Anonymous said...

    Past few weeks it’s been almost impossible to get a search warrant when the only thing being searched for were drugs. Narcotic has a total of 29 search warrants denied last week alone for drugs. Things are getting bad.
Perhaps the paper needs to be tightened up, especially in light of the scandal involving falsified warrants?

Or Crimesha's office is using that as an excuse? In any event, when do the layoffs start with the massive reduction in prosecutions?

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Friday, May 10, 2019

Drug Unit Disbanded?

From the comments:
  • Krimesha has disbanded the drug unit at the Cook Co State's Attorney's Office and fired its supervisor, one of the few real prosecutors left in that office.

    Restorative justice. No enforcement of laws.
Names? Should be a busy summer on tap.

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Wrong Wrong Wrong

Who was it who said, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."? Oh yeah, a nazi propagandist. The Cubs organization has gone full lib-tard, believing bullshit and embracing their inner leftism:
  • The Cubs said they are investigating an incident in which a fan sitting behind NBC Sports Chicago reporter Doug Glanville “more likely than not” used a racist gesture on air Tuesday night.

    The fan used the gesture while Glanville, who is black, was making an on-air report during the Cubs’ 5-2 win over the Marlins. It’s been associated with white nationalists and right-wing trolls in recent years.
The Slum Times cites the Southern Poverty Law Center, itself credibly accused of racist practices in suppressing speech they don't agree with by invoking the dreaded "racism!" charge. They did the same thing with the Thin Blue Line flags/patches. They've also been successfully sued for their slanders.

The Slum Times wasted no time in slobbering all over the Cubs for their social justice warrior-ing:
  • The Cubs did the right thing Wednesday by indefinitely banning a fan who’d made a hand gesture that team officials believe was intended to be seen on TV “in a racist way.”

    The fan made the gesture on air behind NBC Sports Chicago reporter Doug Glanville, an African American, during the broadcast of Tuesday’s game against the Marlins. If the intent was to be racist, as it is when the gesture is used by white supremacists, that’s intolerable.
The Cubs didn't even pretend to "investigate" anything, but sent this fan a letter banning him from the park forever. Fine, it's private property, they can admit or ban anyone they want. But their statements as to why are suspect and very close to actionable - which is why they aren't identifying the fan.

The gesture in "question" is the OK sign. It's part of a game we played in grade and high school, commonly referred to as "The Circle Game." If you got someone to look at your hand when it was held below the waist, you got a free hit to the arm/shoulder. You can read about it here.

During the most recent presidential campaign, a group of Dark Web hackers and pranksters at a site called 4chan decided to begin a joke that claimed one of the most common hand signals in the world was now a symbol of a tiny group of malcontents. The media ate it up because it allowed them to criticize people associated with the Right as "racist." Even the Anti-Defamation League spotlighted the hoax.

But that isn't going to stop the Cubbies from "virtue signaling" that they're anti-racist now after the shellacking the elder Ricketts got for actual racist thoughts in a letter. Also, don't mention that they employ a wife-beater/abuser. They need a scapegoat.

Is the Slum Times going to criticize and ban this racist?


Correct Decision

  • A special prosecutor from the Illinois Attorney General’s office will prosecute misdemeanor charges against Jedidiah Brown, after Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx decision to recuse herself over allegations she had political ties to the community activist.

    Cook County Circuit Judge LeRoy Martin Jr., chief of the criminal division, appointed the AG’s office at a hearing Thursday.

    Foxx stepped aside from Brown’s case, which stemmed from a 2018 arrest at a protest in South Shore, after eight officers involved in the arrest said Foxx had a conflict of interest because Brown is a political supporter who shared the stage with her at a news conference April 6 at Rainbow/PUSH Coalition headquarters.
Who's the Illinois Attorney General again? Oh yeah, Kwazy Kwame. We're sure he'll be completely impartial in his prosecutor pick.

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Rahm Lies Some More

Anyone else get the feeling Rahm is running for Durban's Senate seat?
  • Two cities, following different road maps, have shown the possibilities and potential pitfalls of police reform. The challenges facing Baltimore and Chicago were seen as synonymous three years ago. Both cities embarked on reforms around the same time, which are still in the early stages.

    [blah blah blah]

    At the meeting, I was clear that police officers would “go fetal” if they weren’t included in the reform.

    Leadership instability and missteps in engaging rank-and-file officers in the reform effort may be sources of the problem in Baltimore, where a recent survey found three out of four police officers feel that a consent decree negotiated with the Justice Department keeps them from doing their job.

    In Chicago, we negotiated a consent decree with the Illinois attorney general and deliberately gave police officers a seat at the table. Early on, we asked them to participate by identifying areas they knew to be in need of reform.
Isn't the FOP currently suing to get a seat at the table? A table that, as far as we can tell, has already been cleaned of dishes, silverware, had the linens washed and is currently being loaded into a U-Haul truck?

Rahm is touting his own "achievements" as opposed to the Baltimore basket-case by lying through his teeth.


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