Friday, October 24, 2014

Off Duty Shot, Wounded

  • An off-duty Chicago police officer was shot and seriously wounded during an apparent robbery attempt early Friday morning on the South Side, authorities said.

    The 41-year-old officer was leaving a lounge near 75th Street and Langley Avenue in the Park Manor neighborhood around 12:50 a.m. and was approached by three robbers as he got into his white BMW, according to police and Pat Camden, a spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police.

    There was an "altercation" and the officer tried to speed away, but one of the robbers opened fire and hit him in the chest in the 7400 block of South Langley Avenue, Camden said.

    The officer, an eight-year veteran of the department, kept driving and was spotted by a squad car and pulled over near 73rd Street and Champlain Avenue, police said.

    He was initially taken in critical condition to University of Chicago Hospitals, where he was stabilized, and then transferred to Mount Sinai Hospital, officials said. Camden said he was listed in serious condition.
Prayers for a speedy recovery Officer.


"Lone Wolf" Attack in New York?

  • A MAN wielding an axe has turned a busy New York street corner into a scene of bloody chaos, chopping one cop in the back of the head and slicing a second cop in the arm before two other officers shot him dead on the spot.

    Some news outlets are reporting the axe attack has possible ties to Islamic extremism. The attacker’s social media profiles feature hate-filled posts aimed at the US government.
ISIS recently exhorted its members here in North America and in Europe to execute "lone wolf" attacks on government buildings, workers, police and military targets. So far, there has been a vehicle attack on two Canadian soldiers, killing one, a rifle attack in Ottawa killing a soldier before shooting up the Parliament Building, and now an ax attack in New York wounding two cops. In each case, the attacker was eventually killed by authorities, but they inflicted extensive damage before being neutralized.

They're here boys and girls. They're here and they're waiting for an opportunity. Be aware.


Ebola in New York

Popping up here and there - now New York:
  • A doctor in New York City who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea tested positive for the Ebola virus Thursday, becoming the city’s first diagnosed case.
Good thing he stayed home and monitored himself, right?
  • Even as the authorities worked to confirm that Mr. Spencer was infected with Ebola, it emerged that he traveled from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the subway on Wednesday night, when he went to a bowling alley, and then took a taxi home.
Well that's just peachy-keen. Make sure you read that Special Order. And don't say "ebola" over an open radio:
  • Emergency dispatchers in New York were likewise told to use codewords to refer to suspected Ebola cases over the radio and were not allowed to reveal information on any of the cases handled by first responders.

    “At no point shall a dispatcher transmit over the radio any message containing the word ‘Ebola’ or related terminology,” a New York Fire Department bulletin stated.

    Instead dispatchers were told to use the code letters “F/T,” for Fever/Travel, to indicate that a 911 caller had a fever and a history of travel to West Africa.
Keep the public in the dark - that'll solve everything.



  • What if a giant cockroach were spotted crawling up a wall in the City Council chambers while the department head, whose job includes pest control, was on the hot seat at budget hearings?

    Would it feel like throwing a dinner party and having a big bug crawl across the plate of one of your guests?

    Kind of, judging from the reaction it got Thursday from Fleet and Facilities Management Commissioner David Reynolds.

    To say Reynolds was embarrassed would be an understatement. Especially when Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd) called attention to it, then asked what the department’s budget was for pest control.
Obviously, not quite enough.

But you can't blame the cockroach. It was just mingling with his peers. You turn on the lights and aldercreatures scatter almost as fast.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Anyone Got Pictures?

Remember that "Chicago Fire Extravaganza" that wasn't? We got this e-mail yesterday:
  • On the Orange Line yesterday, between the Halsted and Ashland stops. Observed the startling sight of the abandoned fabricated houses/structures that were to be burned on the river. Just abandoned in an empty lot, 3 symbols of political largess. Perhaps they could be recycled and the salvage value returned to the City, of course a fraction of the cost of construction.
Is this a storage lot? Or is it just another example of Rahm pissing away money after pissing it away in the first place "celebrating" the deaths of a few hundred people and the destruction of millions of dollars worth of property?

In any event, if anyone snaps some decent pictures, we'll put them up here so Fioretti can fail to use them in a campaign painting Rahm as a short-out-of-control-nine-fingered-egomaniac.

UPDATE: Here's one shot someone found and put in the comment section:


Ferguson Pressure Cooker

Looks like the feds are releasing info to prepare everyone for the eventual "No True Bill" working it's way through the system:
  • Information about the Michael Brown fatal police shooting is beginning to leak out, and former St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch says it’s no accident the feds are allowing the information.

    Fitch discussed a New York Times article indicating, according to federal investigators, there was a struggle that led up to the fatal police shooting of Brown, with KMOX’s Mark Reardon on Monday.

    Fitch calls the information from the investigation coming out as phase two – to “coordinate leaks to the media, and to start getting some of the facts out there to kind of let people down slowly,” he says. “When I say this is phase two – phase one was really Eric Holder’s announcement how they were going to basically do a complete review and take over the Ferguson Police Department.”
A lot of lessons to be learned here, none of which the media or the protestors or the race-baiters will pick up on, so the nation will be doing this again and again and again:
  • "eyewitness" suck;
  • co-offenders have an agenda;
  • family members, especially those who weren't there,  have a bigger agenda;
  • Jesse is going to get someone killed one of these days - Sharpton already has;
  • radicals, race-baiters and leftists in general will never believe scientific evidence;
  • obey the police now - sue us in court later.
Expect a few more weeks of leaks. Then maybe an announcement after it starts snowing.


Can We Close the Airports Yet?

At least a dozen African countries shut down air travel to their cities and guess what they don't have? Ebola. Or Ebola scares. But the United States won't do that because "racism" you know. And guess what we have?
  • Two people who arrived at O'Hare International Airport from Liberia have been placed under observation at Chicago hospitals, under the city's procedures for handling Ebola, after they fell ill during their flights, officials said.

    Health officials stressed that "at this time there have been no confirmed cases of Ebola and there is no threat to the general public."

    In fact, the officials said they decided against testing the two for Ebola after initial medical evaluations but did initially send them to Lurie Children's Hospital and Rush University Medical Center. The child was later transferred to the University of Chicago Medical Center for observation.
That's good news and in practical terms, it gives the hospitals a chance to practice their protocols.

Now how about First Responders? Where's that ambulance? Has it been run through a decontamination drill? The paramedics? How about CPD arriving at the airplane? The airplane itself? These are questions that the media seem all to happy to avoid asking but really ought to be asked to at least give the impression that (A) the media is watching the political theater and (B) politicians are actually taking this seriously.

On a related note, we finally got our Ebola training from the Department. A two-page note from downtown saying "refer to the Special Order, call CFD and SWAT." Wow. We feel so safe now.


Gee, This is Unusual

  • Early voting in Illinois got off to a rocky start Monday, as votes being cast for Republican candidates were transformed into votes for Democrats.

    Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan went to vote Monday at the Schaumburg Public Library.

    “I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast the vote for my opponent,” Moynihan said. “You could imagine my surprise as the same thing happened with a number of races when I tried to vote for a Republican and the machine registered a vote for a Democrat.”

    The conservative website Illinois Review reported that “While using a touch screen voting machine in Schaumburg, Moynihan voted for several races on the ballot, only to find that whenever he voted for a Republican candidate, the machine registered the vote for a Democrat in the same race. He notified the election judge at his polling place and demonstrated that it continued to cast a vote for the opposing candidate’s party. Moynihan was eventually allowed to vote for Republican candidates, including his own race.
This is a GIANT scandal when dem votes turn republican, but a "calibration error" when it goes the opposite way. And in the most well-known city/county of the "stolen vote" elections. Golly.


So....We Get a Refund Now?

On one hand, this justifies Rahm closing 50 schools.

  • Chicago Public Schools’ official enrollment dipped below 400,000 for the first time in years, the district announced Tuesday, having lost nearly 4,000 total students from last year.

    CPS reported its enrollment, counted on the 20th day of school at 396,683, or about 3,800 fewer students than the 400,545 enrolled in the 2013-14 school year at every kind of school. Ten years ago, the district had nearly 427,000 students enrolled across neighborhood, charter and contract schools.
Serving less and less students, but costs keep going up and up. Sounds like a broken economic model that might lead into a financial death spiral. You know, like Detroit.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Knife to a Gunfight Again

Paraphrasing Clint Smith here:
  • "An armed man will kill [an idiot armed with a knife] with monotonous regularity."
  • A 17-year-old boy who was shot to death by a Chicago Police officer Monday night on the Southwest Side has been identified.

    Laquan McDonald of the 500 block of North Springfield was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.
And why did he need to be shot?
  • The teen used the knife to puncture the front passenger-side tire of a squad car and damage its front windshield before leading officers on a foot chase, police said.

    Other officers used a squad car to try and box the boy in against a fence near 41st and Pulaski, Camden said. An officer shot him in the chest when he “refused to comply with orders to drop the knife and continued to approach the officers,” police said.
They gave him numerous opportunities to surrender. He declined them for whatever reason, but it's pretty cut and dried. Well done Officers. The usual suspects are bitching to various news organizations, but so far, no one is biting


More Money Gone

You know it's cheaper to pay coppers overtime than to actually hire coppers, right?

We imagine it must be cheaper to pay out damage complaints to motorists than actually fix the roads:
  • Chicago motorists filed 5,179 vehicle damage claims “specific to potholes” this year — an avalanche twice as large as the last four years combined — thanks to the road remnants of a brutal winter that wouldn’t quit, the city clerk disclosed Tuesday.

    The cost to Chicago taxpayers won’t be known for years. That’s how long it takes for individual claims to be processed by the City Council’s Finance Committee.

    But judging from the $387,928 paid out from Jan. 1 through Oct. 8 to 1,302 motorists whose vehicles were damaged as far back as 2008, the pricetag could be staggering.
And the city isn't paying these claims in anything like a timely manner - you'll see your money after a year, maybe two.

In the meantime, if you buy a new car, you'll get taxed so Rahm wins. If you go to a local auto mechanic, you'll pay a city tax. If your really unlucky, you'll end up paying a city tow at some point for extensive damage. Rahm's winning and your paying.


Thank Goodness for the Feds!

  • As the investigation continues into the murders of seven women in Indiana, police officers in Gary used trained dogs Tuesday morning to search for more bodies while federal authorities said they believe there could be victims outside the state.

    [...] Hammond Police Chief John Doughty said Vann has claimed to have killed more people going back 20 years. Investigators “have concerns” that Vann – who has lived in other states, including Texas – could have victims in other states, according to Bob Ramsey, the supervisory special agent for the FBI office in Merrillville, Ind.
It seems Chief Doughty was already looking into that possibility. And let's see - we haven't been through Hammond in years, but he's got seven bodies to his credit in Indiana so far, he's been loose on and off for decades, has a history of sexual violence, registered in Texas as a sex offender, re-registered in Indiana. We're going to go out on a limb here and say this guy has dozens of bodies in his distant and not-so-distant past.

The FBI is more than equipped to handle this sort of background investigating and we're betting that Hammond is a little overwhelmed at the size of the fish they have in their net right now. It's rare to catch one of these predators alive, let alone with a warm body nearby. We certainly wish them luck in tracking all the victims they're able to. But the feebs stating the obvious (...he might have victims in other states...) seems to reinforce the thought pattern that cops in the "sticks" don't know what's going on.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

::ZOOM:: What was That?

  • The city of Chicago is blowing through its allotted police overtime budget for the second year in a row as Mayor Rahm Emanuel continues to grapple with high levels of violent crime, officials said Monday.

    Budget Director Alexandra Holt told aldermen during the first day of budget hearings that the city expects to spend up to $95 million on police overtime this year. That’s $23 million more than the $72 million set aside for this year.

    Last year, the city ended up spending more than $100 million on police overtime after estimating it would spend $32 million.
Also revealed - no hiring next year. We think they're trying to say the force will remain static, hiring will equal retiring at some level, but reality often doesn't reflect these lofty promises, as evidenced by Rahm's empty promise of hiring a thousand officers and then "shifting" them outdoors for the time it takes to forget the last news cycle.


Nice Leadership Picks

If you chose a moron to run certain parts of your business, choosing incompetence over skill, would it really be a surprise when the endeavor went under? Behold three of the most notorious Commanders, people held up as paragons of commander-hood and worthy of his trust:
  • Pena, currently under suspension
  • Evans, currently under indictment
  • West, currently presiding over the largest single increase in shootings and homicides
This guy picks commanders the way certain prognosticators pick football winners.


C'mon Bob...Put Some Heart into It

  • Mayoral challenger Bob Fioretti is urging his supporters to sign petitions demanding that Mayor Rahm Emanuel “restore the public trust by refunding” $7.7 million in fines generated by red-light cameras after the timing of yellow lights was reduced from 3 seconds to 2.9 seconds.

    “The mayor said he has not “made a judgment” on whether to refund drivers the $7.7 million in tickets that were racked up after his administration lowered the length of yellow lights,” the alderman wrote in an email to his supporters.

    “The reduction in the length of yellow lights resulted in 77,000 tickets! Tell the mayor that he should restore public trust by refunding the money that was a result of his administration lowering the yellow light length.”
An e-mail? Talk about your invisible campaigns. And then this?
  • On Monday, Fioretti attended opening day of City Council budget hearings, but did not ask a single question — not even about the timing of yellow lights.
Looking more and more like Bob was the plant to split the anti-Rahm vote and guarantee the 9.5 digit midget a runoff.



  • A self-confessed serial killer is in custody for allegedly strangling a young  woman from Aurora. Police say the body of Afrikka Hardy, 19, was found Friday night at a Motel 6 in Indiana and her suspected killer is leading police to more victims.

    [...] Vann, 43, ordered a prostitute through the site serving Chicago and arranged a Friday meeting at a Motel 6 in Hammond with Afrikka Hardy, 19, the chief said.

    The person who arranged the meeting, whom Doughty described only as “a facilitator,” later texted Hardy and received “suspicious texts” she believed were from Vann, the chief said.

    She and another person went to the motel to check on Hardy, according to a probable cause affidavit. They found her body in a bathtub.
A number of people, including us, heard this on the radio news. As you can see, it's in the print media, too. A "prostitution facilitator." Wow. Whatever happened to the word, "pimp?" And when the "pimp" went to the motel with "another person," no one says, "enforcer," or "muscle," though you know he went there strapped and ready to beat the "john" if necessary.

We actually prefer the unenlightened era at times like this.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Sergeant Injured in 010

This could have been way uglier than it was:
  • Two men were killed and a Chicago police sergeant was injured late Sunday night when a vehicle slammed into a squad car, then crashed into a taco restaurant in the Little Village neighborhood, police said.

    Police said a black vehicle was speeding westbound on West Odgen Avenue before hitting a Chicago police car sitting in traffic about 11 p.m. The car then crashed into a building at the intersection of Ogden and Pulaski, according to Chicago News Affairs...
Photo from the Tribune:

A foot or so toward the back....or god forbid the opposite side of vehicle? A quick recovery wished to the sergeant.


Let's Grow Some Weed!

  • Three companies that want to be among the city's first medical marijuana dispensaries won zoning approval Friday, but still need state license.

    Three fledgling companies that want to be among the city's first medical marijuana dispensaries cleared an initial hurdle Friday when the Zoning Board of Appeals granted them special use permits to set up shop.

    But even with zoning approval in hand, all three will still be competing for the limited number of licenses to be granted by state regulators within eight geographical areas of the city.

  • Most of the questions from board members related to security, and each of the would-be operators trotted out security chiefs with extensive resumes.

    Green Thumb has hired Terrance Gainer, the former Congressional sergeant at arms.

    Kind Care, which seeks the Elston Avenue spot, has hired Zvi Kremer, a former security manager for El Al Airlines in Moscow and Chicago.

    And Professional Pharmacy Management — the partnership between longtime pharmacist Barry Golin and brothers Doug and Danny Marks —has hired Michael Chasen, who retired after 39 years at the Chicago Police Department as chief deputy of detectives, to run security at its proposed shop on Milwaukee Avenue.
Wow. The connected Gainers, the ex-Chief of Detectives, an international airline security boss. How ever will Quinn/Madigan/Rahm choose to grow the medicinal weed? Maybe some sort of "sharing" among the connected?

Is it just us or does this remind anyone of the defunct Chicago casino license? That had a Who's Who list of connected rich folks looking to get richer.


Commander Suspended?

You think this would be bigger news - if in fact it happened:
  • COMMANDER PENA 010 on a ten day suspension for harrassing a PO
We've never heard of such a thing. You'd think that maybe they'd have been stripped and down at callback. After all, they've done that to Captains before.

And harassment only getting 10 days? Harassment of a female PO? That's setting a bad precedent - anyone accused of harassment from this point forward can expect exactly 10 days. Otherwise there might be an appearance of "favoritism" or "clout" or who knows what.The Department wouldn't want that hanging over its collective head, would it?


Horses Again

  • Another horse statue honoring police was found broken into several pieces this morning on the city's Magnificent Mile.

    Shortly after 3:30 a.m., police responded to a report of a damaged statue at 744 N. Michigan Ave., according to the Chicago Police Department Office of News Affairs.

    Officers found the statue broken in several pieces, according to preliminary reports from police.
Doesn't the Mag Mile have cameras? Hundreds of cameras? Thousands? Are they all broken?

Perhaps the statues ought to be moved indoors to some of the lobbies of tourist locations? Or the lobby of the local police station where an eye can be kept on it for a bit?


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bears Favored

Three whole points.

Bears are playing .500 ball. No one knows which Jay is going to show up. Consistency is an unknown word in the locker room. For all intents and purposes, it's a coin flip.


Where's All That Camera Money?

Good news - Rahm's "Red Light Safety Cameras" have done their job!

Bad News - Rahm's budget is suddenly short $50 million:
  • Chicagoans are costing the city tens of millions of dollars -– through good behavior.

    You heard that right: Good behavior is bad for the budget. Real bad, reports CBS 2 [...]

    [...] CBS 2 has learned the speed cameras caught far fewer speeders than expected.

    [...] How much lower? Fifty million dollars lower. Emanuel’s administration had figured on $90 million in fines to help balance this year’s budget, but they can only count on $40 million. That’s a $50 million shortfall, putting pressure on the next spending plan.
We've pointed this out in the past - why is the city (any city?) allowed to base budgets on "projected" revenue? They have some magical insight into unforeseen weather disasters? downturns in the economy?

Punitive fines influence behavior. $100 fines influence behavior a lot faster than something less. And here's taxpayers holding the bag for Rahm's unrealistic expectations. because they advanced their own economic interests by slowing down and obeying the law.


Batten Down the Hatches

  • A white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in Missouri in August told investigators he was in fear for his life after the young man grabbed at his gun, which was discharged twice in his patrol car, the New York Times

    Government officials briefed on a federal civil rights probe into the Aug. 9 killing of Michael Brown by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson told the Times that Wilson had said he was pinned in his car and punched and scratched by Brown in the moments before the shooting.

    The government officials, who were not identified in the Times report, said forensic evidence collected from the patrol car indicate Wilson's gun was fired twice, with one bullet striking Brown in the arm. The other missed, according to the Times report, published late Friday.

    Reuters could not independently confirm the report, and could not immediately reach officials of the Department of Justice for comment.

    Brown's blood was found on the gun, the interior door panel and the officer's uniform, the newspaper said.
This is a Tribune report about what appeared in the New York Times.

No True Bill is on the way. And then the media can cover the riots and burnings that they helped lay the groundwork for and wonder why in Obama's "post-racial" America, how such a thing could happen.

Hopefully, we aren't seeing blow-back across the country.


The Scandal That Keeps Giving

  • The top deputy to Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation on Thursday amid revelations that Operation Fast and Furious scandal guns were used to harm Americans in Phoenix in 2013, a development top congressional Republicans say President Obama’s administration sought to cover up.

    Documents released by conservative government watchdog group Judicial Watch—and put forward by Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA)—show that an assault rifle purchased as part of Fast and Furious was used in a Phoenix-area crime in July 2013 that left two people wounded.

    Part of a police report shows the rifle’s serial number, 1977DX1654. Judicial Watch obtained the documents from a lawsuit it filed against the city of Phoenix, Judicial Watch v. City of Phoenix, to get officials to release the documents. Judicial Watch had filed an Aug. 5, 2014, public records request with the city, which it ignored, forcing Judicial Watch to file the lawsuit on Oct. 2.
Hundreds of fully operational weapons allowed to "walk" over the border with no oversight or tracking are "walking" back over the border and being used by criminals and cartels against Americans in a completely manufactured crisis to degrade national gun rights. And still, no one has been held responsible.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola Plans Underway!

Even though the word out of Washington has been that there's nothing to worry about, that the chances of Ebola arriving on American soil are miniscule, that if it ever gets here, quarantine protocols will keep everyone safe!
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel sought Friday to reassure Chicagoans increasingly concerned about the Ebola epidemic that the city would learn from mistakes made in Dallas and have a coordinated response if the deadly disease surfaces here.

    To make certain of it, Emanuel summoned hospital officials and commissioners of several city departments (police, fire, health, aviation and emergency management and communications) to the first of what he said would be weekly meetings to discuss the city’s emergency preparedness.
  • Despite the burgeoning Ebola epidemic, the Chicago Fire Department has never “fit-tested” its 4,645 firefighters and paramedics to make certain that disposable face masks used to protect them from fluid transmissions are properly sealed.

    The Massachusetts manufacturer of the N95 respirator recommends — and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration demands — that first responders be tested annually to make certain the mask fits tightly enough to filter out small particles.

    The tighter the fit, the more resistant the mask is to bodily fluids, which is how Ebola is transmitted.

    But until the Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2 sounded the alarm this week, the Fire Department had distributed masks without fit-testing any of its employees.
Um...masks are great for airborne particles, but Obama has been telling everyone that Ebola isn't an airborne disease (that's why he hasn't banned flights, disregarding the fact that while Ebola isn't airborne, infected passengers are). It hasn't mutated that far yet.

In any event, most Ebola patients exhibit projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea and the disease has shown surprisingly high infectiousness...1-to-10 particles can infect you, as opposed to hundreds, even thousands of particles to transmit colds, measles or other diseases. And Ebola doesn't have to be inhaled - it will get through whole skin. So a mask is great....if you don't make skin contact with any vomit or shit flying out of an infected individual.  And then you have to load someone on a stretcher, lift them into an ambulance, unload them at a hospital and have to decontaminate every surface, article of clothing and lord knows what else. No problem at all.


First the Trib... the Sun Times? (warning - password site)
  • After insisting for nearly three years that it would no longer endorse candidates for political office, the Sun-Times is reversing itself and formally backing Republican Bruce Rauner for governor.

    The Sun-Times announced Friday that its Sunday edition would carry its choice for governor. Although the announcement stopped short of saying whom the newspaper would endorse, sources confirmed that Rauner would get the nod enthusiastically over Democrat Pat Quinn.
Tribune endorsement is here.

Sun Times excuses over here.

Now who are the Rockford and East St. Louis papers endorsing? Those are the other two counties Quinn won last time. Maybe this is the end finally?


Kill This Money Waster Already

  • The rain-shortened Taste of Chicago lost $169,404 this year, the city announced Friday.

    The food festival had to be closed on its only scheduled Saturday in July due to heavy rains and standing water, and just 1.1 million people walked through the gates during its other four days, according to the city Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. That's down from 1.5 million attendees in 2013, when Taste turned a $272,000 profit, and 1.2 million visitors in 2012, when it lost $1.3 million.

    Since taking office, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has tried to guide the city's big summer food festival toward profitability in large part by shrinking it while increasing revenue.

    The city raised the surcharge it collected for every strip of 12 food tickets at this year's festival by 50 cents, from $2 to $2.50. And the mayor pushed through an ordinance to charge $50 for "premium seats" to Taste concerts, up from $25 the year before. Until Emanuel took office, all Taste concert seats were free.
And while they're at it, they ought to cancel the "Chicago Fizzle" fest, too.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Contract Results Are.... [UPDATES]

...not available yet.

Speculate here and check periodically for a count.

UPDATE: Early word is it passed.

UPDATE: media coverage

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McHenry Shooter in Custody

Did he just snap?
  • A man accused of shooting two McHenry County Sheriff deputies was found a few miles away from his home, walking along a road, after two people called police to report a suspicious person.

  • The incident began after the suspect’s wife had called a friend in Michigan. That friend called the McHenry County sheriff’s office, asking that someone check on the well-being of the wife early Thursday.

    According to Nygren, Peters, who has military experience, fired a rifle through the door of the home, opened the door and continued firing, hitting a female deputy in the leg and striking a male deputy in the leg and abdomen.
Coppers are stabilized, but a long recovery ahead of them:
  • The male officer — a seven-year veteran of the McHenry County Sheriff’s office — was taken to Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, where he was listed in “stable but critical” condition, police said. The female deputy, a 12-year veteran, was taken to Centegra Hospital – McHenry, authorities said. Her condition had stabilized.
Best wishes to the wounded.

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Quinn Worried?

  • Former President Bill Clinton is in Chicago on Tuesday to headline an event to bolster the re-election of Gov. Pat Quinn. Clinton comes the day after early voting starts in Illinois and after President Barack Obama is scheduled to lead a big get-out-the-vote rally on Sunday at Chicago State University and then be the draw at a fundraiser in Chicago on Monday for the Democratic National Committee. On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden stumps for Quinn; Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.; and Rep. Brad Schneider, D-Ill., at a turnout rally in north suburban Vernon Hills.

    Earlier this month, First Lady Michelle Obama and former Sec. of State and potential 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were in Chicago to help Quinn, locked in a tight battle with GOP nominee Bruce Rauner.
Obama's second trip this month. Michelle stopping by. Both Clintons and Biden? Quinn must be running behind or Rauner is surging in the polls. It would be highly embarrassing to have a Republican elected in Obama's home state, but this desperation really makes us wonder what the pollsters and media have been hiding.

Quinn looked horrible in the debates. He has to import out-of-state shooting victims to push his anti-gun platform. Durbin hasn't been hammered nearly enough for comparing US troops to nazis. Obama is an anchor on every national and state race. And you've got Quinn trolls all over state worker websites (and our comment section) trying to use scare tactics to push the vote. Things must be grim.


Parking War Casualty

Victim of his own stupidity:
  • A parking enforcement aide was slapped with a 29-day suspension for threatening to “aggressively ticket” the personal vehicles of Chicago Police officers in retaliation for an “unfair” parking ticket issued to a co-worker, the city’s inspector general disclosed Thursday.

    Three months ago, Inspector General Joe Ferguson used his quarterly report to lift the veil on a “rivalry” that triggered a “public screaming match” between a parking enforcement aide and a police officer.

    [...] On July 2, a parking enforcement aide was slapped with a 29-day suspension after being accused of sending an anonymous, profanity-laced email to an unidentified police district threatening to blanket police officers' personal vehicles with tickets to get even with an officer there for ticketing a fellow parking enforcement aide.

    “The PEA threatened to aggressively ticket personal vehicles parked in the CPD district police-vehicle-only parking lot, above and beyond prevailing enforcement practices,” Ferguson wrote.
No idea when the fundraiser is, but wouldn't it be funny if.........

Nevermind. Bad idea. Forget we said a word


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Survey Time

Anyone getting these survey people coming to Roll Calls? According to some e-mailers, they're from the "Center for Police Equity" and they are teamed up with the UIC Survey Research Laboratory to survey departments to see what issues matter to the police.

There are sections on job satisfaction, attitudes toward supervisors, thoughts about the job, the community, the policies McCompStat comes up with, etc. There's even a section that appears to gauge your mental status and how you approach the job and coworkers.

It's over 250 questions and it's supposed ot be anonymous - except for the part where they ask you age, gender, years on the job, what beat takes up most of your time and what year you were born. In other words, enough to nail your identity 98 times out of 100. They claim you can't (or won't) be identified. They obviously haven't dealt with Chicago-types before.

They will donate $20 to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation up to a total of $25,000. We'd do it just for the donation to the fund, but we certainly would advise against filling in the identifying data that might get you in a bit of a tight spot.


Nothing to See Here

  • The Ebola crisis in the U.S. took another alarming turn Wednesday with word that a second Dallas nurse caught the disease from a patient and flew across the Midwest aboard an airliner the day before she fell ill, even though government guidelines should have kept her off the plane.

    Amid growing concern, President Barack Obama canceled a campaign trip to address the outbreak.

    Though it was not clear how the nurse contracted the virus, the case represented just the latest instance in which the disease that has ravaged one of the poorest corners of the earth — West Africa — also managed to find weak spots in one of the world’s most advanced medical systems.
These people are supposed to be under quarantine and isolated for 21 days minimum, yet here's one flying across the country. But everything is just great!


Kicking the Can Down the Road

Rahm releases his preliminary 2015 budget...guess what doesn't get addressed?
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday accused the Illinois Supreme Court of throwing a “wet blanket” on pension reform talks with police and fire unions and said he’s hoping for a statewide solution to the problem that might include a sales tax on services.

    In a meeting with the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board, Emanuel explained why he ignored the elephant in the room — a state-mandated, $550 million payment to shore up police and fire pensions — in a pre-election budget that bolsters services with higher taxes on parking, car leasing and cable television.

    Emanuel said he’s determined to “hold to the principle that reform and revenue go together,” just as he did in crafting a deal that saved the Municipal Employees and Laborers pension funds, with a telephone tax hike covering the first year of the city’s increased obligations.

    But he argued that the Illinois Supreme Court made that impossible when it ruled in July that subsidized health care premiums for state employees are protected under the state Constitution and cannot be “diminished or impaired.”
Pushing it to the crisis point....and beyond.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

McCloseBuildings Fail

Anyone willing to admit that at least one of the stations mergers has failed miserably?
  • 012 is getting a satellite office in the old 013 Wood Street Station now occupied by Sheriff's deputies doing warrants. Will save us a lot of time spent driving to and from the 012 station.

    Even though Staples was the driving force behind this -- based on input (begging) from officers and the community -- Ald. Moreno issued this earlier today taking most of the credit. Election year...

    "When the Wood Street 13th District Police Station closed in 2012, the nearby residents were concerned that the closing would effect the safety of the immediate neighborhood. The mere presence of police officers gave nearby residents the comfort of having police officers nearby."

    "At that time I vowed that the facility would continue to have a security presence. I worked closely with the Cook County Sheriffs office and in the Fall of last year, the Cook County Sheriff's office officially took over the Wood Street station and to this day, up to 75 sworn officers use the facility on a daily basis, bringing a deep sense of security to the community."

    "Today, I am pleased to announce that the Wood Street Station will also serve as a Satellite Office for 12th District Chicago Police Officers. Although neighbors welcomed the Sheriff's office, they still felt that a presence of Chicago Police Officers would add to the safety of the neighborhood."

    "Over the next month, I will be working hand in hand with the Sheriffs Office and the 12th District Police Office to welcome officers from the 12th District to the Wood Street Station. As your Alderman, safety is my number one priority and I want to thank the tremendous work of 12th District Commander Melissa Staples and the leaders in the Cook County Sheriffs' department. These dedicated individuals will make our neighborhood even safer when Chicago Police officers are working out of the Wood Street Station hand-in-hand with Cook County Sheriffs within the next month."
Seriously, have you seen the size of the new 012 on a map? And where 012 itself is located? And the neighborhoods and traffic in between. Now the Department is going to run a "satellite" office? Here's an a new building, somewhere in the area of ...oh Wood and Augusta. You could name it...013!

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Almost Got Away...

  • A Northwest Side man joined runners for a portion of the Chicago Marathon on Sunday morning while fleeing police, according to authorities.

    The man drew the attention of Chicago police officers after he began bumping into marathon spectators along a stretch of River North, according to police accounts. When the man saw officers, he bolted—bumping into more spectators and even some marathoners around the 200 block of West Superior Street—along Mile 12 of the marathon route, authorities say.

    Officers chased the man and tackled him to the ground, according to Chicago police. While arresting the man, police say, officers discovered he was carrying illegal drugs.
Moron - go break the law where there are tens of thousands of runners, hundreds of thousands of spectators and hundreds of coppers every few yards, all on heightened alert looking for Bostonian-type malfeasance. Real brainiac there.


Did You Vote?

You probably had to mail in your ballot yesterday for it to arrive in time for counting. If you brought it directly to the post office, it might get there in time, but we doubt it.

You cannot hand deliver it - the postmark acts as a validation of sorts, otherwise someone could bring a shitload of unfranked ballots to the count and claim they were hand delivering the decision in a box.

We believe your only option is to show up for provisional voting the morning of the count. Check the FOP site for times.

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Send it Here

From the comments:
  • A bit off topic,
    I am a red light camera installer.
    I worked for Spaantech,A Xerox subcontractor. I have info about the times being changed for the Yellow,
    and names of people at Xerox that told us to do it. Soooo who do I talk too?
    I would like to give my info to the right people to do the most good.
    Any help would be great. And A BIG THANK YOU!! TO ALL CPD.
    not a cop, Just a really pissed of tax payer 
The papers have had a few articles lately about the timing of yellow lights. If they don't want it, we'll spread it around. Our profiles are on the right hand sidebar.


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