Thursday, February 20, 2020

Media Picks Another War

You want to see some triggered snowflakes, check out this BS:
  • SCC,
    Chicago Reader editor Maya Dukmasova targeting cop vehicles outside of FOP hall. Drum roll for the comments. Owner of truck should file a complaint for showing license plate. This is Arena type shit right here.
Dukmasova posts a picture of someone's truck parked outside FOP Hall with a bunch of bumper/window stickers proclaiming his political leanings. But the snowflakes are agog that someone would dare support Free Speech, gun ownership, police in general, etc. Not something that we'd necessarily do, but last we checked, still completely legal, and here's a media editor taking pictures of vehicles on the public way and posting them on her social media accounts to provoke ridicule, denigration and not-so-subtle threats.

Our reader is correct - this is some Arena-type bullshit reminiscent of leftist/socialist "progressive" regimes, which of course, the media is all too eager to support.

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Hi Dave!

So not only is he a child-endangering drunkard who flees accident scenes and tries to beat up teenagers, he's a bit of a creepy exhibitionist on the side (allegedly):
  • CBS 2 investigative reporter Dave Savini, 52, allegedly harassed a woman with “obscene” texts and Facebook messages over a year’s time, according to a Chicago Police case incident report obtained by Chicago City Wire.

    Flight attendant and author Kathy Browne, 50, told police in July 2016 about a series of messages she had been receiving from Savini – in one he allegedly asked Browne if she wanted a “picture of his penis.”

    “She stated this in an ongoing problem for a about a year and asked Dave Savini to stop contacting her,” the police report said.

    Browne told Chicago City Wire that she also contacted CBS 2 about the matter.
But SeeBS, especially on the national level, has a history of looking the other way when women are harassed. Why should the local affiliate feel any pressure to correct aberrant behavior by a pervert? Maybe Dave can get together with Special Ed and compare pick-up methods.

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Get Your Ballots In

The deadline is fast approaching for the FOP election and believe it or not, politicians pay attention to participation as a measure of how involved we all are regarding our representation.

No one says you have to vote for an entire slate - pick and choose. We went heavily for independents this time around.


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Low/No Bail UPDATE

  • Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans for months has defended the bail reform he ordered by citing an analysis produced by the office he runs.

    His report, released in May, noted that Chicago saw no increase in violent crime after judges began implementing those reforms by reducing or eliminating monetary bail for many pretrial defendants. Far more of these defendants were released from custody, yet only “a very small fraction” were charged afterward with a new violent offense, the report states.

    But a Tribune investigation has found flaws in both the data underlying Evans’ report and the techniques he used to analyze it — issues that minimize the number of defendants charged with murder and other violent crimes after being released from custody under bail reform.
But the Tribune seems to have memory-holed the article (removed it from the main page) in a rather expedient fashion since it reflects rather badly on the Machine and pretty much proves Judge Evans a bald-faced liar:
  • One central conclusion of Evans’ analysis was that only 147 felony defendants released from custody in the 15 months after bail reform went on to be charged with new violent crimes, or 0.6% of the total. He has called this a “rare” occurrence.

    But Evans’ definition of violent crime, while acceptable to criminologists under some circumstances, was limited to six offenses and excluded numerous others, including domestic battery, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, battery, armed violence and reckless homicide.

    Hundreds of these charges were filed against people released after bail reform took effect, according to data Evans provided after the Tribune filed a public records petition to the Illinois Supreme Court. If those charges were included in the analysis, the total would be at least four times higher, the Tribune found.
Gee, a Chicago politico using manipulated data to draw the completely wrong conclusion. Who wouldn't have thunk it?

And get a load of this bullshit:
  • In an earlier interview with the Tribune, Evans said: "My heart goes out to the families who’ve been victimized by crime.”

    But, he added, “The only way you can guarantee that no one will commit a crime while their case is pending, and that no one will miss a court date while their case is pending, is to keep them all in jail. … That’s not the solution.”
Um, that's EXACTLY the solution dumbass. And you're victimizing the most vulnerable members of the community all over again with your crap.

And we were contacted by one of the authors of a study that seems to show that crime actually goes up after more offenders are released on low/no bail provisions. Here's their article - with links to their scientific studies:
  • In a study posted on SSRN today, my colleague Professor Richard Fowles and I explore the public safety implications of recent Cook County bail reforms. We review the Cook County Chief Judge's study of these reforms, which sanguinely asserted that as more defendants were released pretrial no additional crimes resulted. We believe that, properly assessed, the study's own data suggests a significant increase in crimes as a result of the changes. Our conclusions may have broader implications about the public safety dangers of bail reform.
Remember, these are professors, so they're way smarter than Cook County politicians and judges.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

VRI Gutted?

Supposedly cut down to twenty-four officers on a nightly basis? Seems they're very serious about cutting OT, even for a couple months. They did this a year or two ago. The body count was amazing.

Once the warm weather hits and the wilding crowds head downtown (along with a few extra dead people weekends), they'll be reinstating OT or cancelling everyone's days off.


Sad Sad Beta-Journalist

The other day, we had a post about an alternative media source pointing out how the Slum Times endorsement of Crimesha was a little bit "tainted" by the three-quarters of a million dollars they've made to her campaign coffers. We weren't mean about it or anything. We actually complimented the effort that went into the reporting.

No good deed goes unpunished though. The writer, an alleged journo by the name of Konkol, decided to skim through our little anti-Crimesha efforts here and try to make some political hay with his rather over-active imagination (no links for him - he has been Mope-rah-fied). He actually called us "scurrilous" in the headline:
  • The always contrarian (often racist) Second City Cop blog has jumped into the election endorsement game with an unusual plan aimed at ousting Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx.
This charge has been leveled so many times, it has lost all meaning. We again ask for specific examples of this alleged "racism" so many lefties insist is prevalent here. And not the dog-whistles that libtards employ for anyone telling uncomfortable truths. His interpretation of words is his problem, not ours. We suppose all the statistics over on the site are racist because they show something like 85-to-90% of shooting victims and offenders are minority. Same thing with the CPD DataPortal showing almost 100% of wilding youths are minority.
  • The post offered bullet-point arguments for its race-based, get-out-the-vote campaign strategy. An astute political consultant told me they are akin to "the genius that comes after six shots of Irish whiskey."
"race-based"? What the actual Hell is he talking about? Has he not read the papers? The blogs? Watched the news? Crime is rampant and much of it is based solely on the refusal to prosecute criminals. That isn't "race-based." That's a poor performance by an elected official and justifiable voter outrage. We're not happy with Crimesha because she's incompetent. And what's with the slam on Irish whiskey? Oh, right. Irish = white so "racism" again.

Then he starts to get mean, like a really angry chihuahua:
  • Without citing a source, the phantom cop blogger wrote: "There's some support for it as voters see the outrageous crimes being committed by persons out on bail, not serving sentences, not even being charged, and being released to terrorize the same communities over and over again."
"Without citing a source." You mean like accusing us of being "racist"? Like claiming some sort of "race-based" strategy? Like making veiled references to "Irish" spirits?

Speaking of nameless "sources," he closes with this:
  • The know-it-all offered some unsolicited political advice — anonymous guy to anonymous cop blog: "They'd be better off just keeping their mouth shut like they're taught in the academy."

    We'll see what happens on St. Patrick's Day, when voters hit the polls and Irish whiskey shots go down easy.
There's that "Irish" thing again. His "know-it-all" persona is a convenient device he invented (like Slats Grobnik) to further mask his "commentary" as something akin to reporting. Those lefty "journos" sure like their anonymous sources. The pop up all the time in the main stream media whenever they've got something bad to say about anyone even leaning to the right. And they're always telling conservatives to shut up, not to venture any sort of opinions, and generally let their betters run the governing.

Also note that his "source" is encouraging cops to maintain silence "like they're taught in the academy" - you know, that "Code of Silence" everyone insists is taught from Day One, but only ever appears when the connected get caught up in something.

By the way, does everyone remember why Konkol is writing for a minor league website like The Patch instead of  an actual newspaper or magazine? Surely his talents are being wasted there? He won a Pulitzer once you know.

Well, he was fired by the ultra-leftie rag The Reader......for blatantly racist editorial decisions:
  • Mark Konkol, who promised to “set a new vibe, take risks and make waves” at the Chicago Reader, was forced out Saturday as executive editor of the alternative weekly after the first issue he oversaw ignited a racial and political controversy.

    The cover of the February 15 edition featured a caricature of J.B. Pritzker, the Democratic candidate for governor, sitting atop a black lawn jockey and blowing black smoke while an FBI agent listens in on his phone conversation. Three stories inside focused on Pritzker’s wiretapped call in 2008 with former Governor Rod Blagojevich in which they talked about African-American politicians.
In fact, it was two years ago yesterday he got fired (Happy Anniversary Konks!) And also yesterday, one of the subjects of his editorial missteps had his sentence commuted - the other is hopefully awaiting indictment. So all sorts of happy memories for the sad angry writer who barely lasted ten days at The Reader. In any case, on any given day, our readership far outstrips his.

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Low/No Bail Body Counts

  • An Englewood man is charged with fatally shooting a 15-year-old boy while free on a recognizance bond and electronic monitoring as he awaited trial for allegedly possessing a stolen handgun.

    And police say he was carrying another handgun when they arrested him last week.

    It’s the latest in a string of violent crimes identified by CWBChicago that were allegedly committed by people who were on affordable bail while awaiting trial for gun crimes and other serious felonies.
Late last year, the CWB blog wrote a couple of articles showing Evans pretty much lied about there being no "horrible incidents" under the affordable bail program. The trouble was the dead bodies that were appearing on multiple occasions:
  • 21 November, CWB blog documents three murders and two attempted murders under the Evans plan;
  • 27 November, CWB blog reports another city murder and a suburban murder, both by people (or folks) out on bond.
But the main stream media won't touch the story, probably because they have too many spouses and relatives working for the County in different capacities.

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Of Course They Did

So Blago gets out after eight years for never taking a dime. Rahm walks around free as a bird after steering $1.3 BILLION (with a B) to a politically connected developer:
  • Key to the massive $1.3 billion taxpayer subsidy for Sterling Bay’s Lincoln Yards megadevelopment was a 36-page report declaring that the project met the requirements to get the money.

    As Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration promoted the record tax increment financing deal at a November 2018 public meeting inside a church, a planning official introduced the author of that report as “the city’s TIF consultant.”

    The consultant took the microphone and said the report was done “on behalf of the city of Chicago.”

    What the administration and consultant didn’t tell the crowd: Developer Sterling Bay had both picked the consultant and paid the firm. And that consultant also had been retained by a Sterling Bay subsidiary to lobby City Hall on the final terms of the Lincoln Yards agreement.
In the meantime, pensions continue to dwindle, a casino is still a pipe dream, taxes are going up while population is going down. But Sterling Bay profits are going up and - no doubt - so are their contributions to political campaigns.


Another Great Bail

  • A West Side man is charged with possessing a loaded handgun in a car recently while free on bail as he awaits trial for a 2017 armed carjacking in the Loop.

    CWBChicago first told you about Savion Canty after prosecutors charged him for his alleged role in an armed carjacking of a Hilton Chicago Hotel employee in April 2017. In bond court for the carjacking, a pretrial analysis recommended that Canty be placed under “maximum conditions” if the judge decided to release him on bail.

    Instead, Judge Stephanie Miller ordered him held without bail. Less than a week later, Canty appeared before now-retired Judge Marvin Luckman, who earned the nickname “Let ‘em Go Luckman” due to his defendant-friendly rulings. Luckman reduced Canty’s bail and allowed him to go home the same day by posting a $2,000 bond.

    Now, prosecutors have charged Canty with having a handgun in a car during a traffic stop in West Garfield Park. Police said Canty, 21, was in the back seat of a vehicle that fled the scene of an accident. When they removed Canty from the back seat, officers allegedly found a loaded handgun with an extended ammunition magazine under the back of the driver’s seat at Canty’s feet.
And once again, CWB blog doing all of the heavy lifting here.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Blago to Walk Free

  • President Donald Trump on Tuesday commuted the 14-year prison sentence of disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, setting in motion a process that could free him shortly from a Colorado prison after serving more than seven years behind bars.

    In explaining his move, Trump called Blagojevich’s sentence “ridiculous.”

    “Yes, we commuted the sentence of Rod Blagojevich,” Trump told reporters Tuesday before he departed on Air Force One. “He served eight years in jail, a long time. He seems like a very nice person, don’t know him.”
Eight years for a phone call - a wiretapped call between Blago and JayBee "the Hutt" Pritzker, that was mysteriously ended mere seconds before either was able to utter the name "Obama."

Not a single dime exchanged hands (in this deal - lord knows about other deals) and he gets a fourteen year sentence because he endangered Sparklefarts. Bobby Rush, who outright refuses to account for a missing million dollars, hasn't faced so much as a rude question from the bought-and-paid-for media.

Now hopefully, the rumors of a as-yet-unknown jailed politico laying out a roadmap of corruption for federal investigators here in Illinois can finally be confirmed.

And by the way.....Blagojevich didn't kill himself.....just in case.

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Multiple Guns - No Arrests/Charges

So Groot had a meeting last week, having "difficult conversations" with forty-one police commanders about the crime numbers so far this year. Groot demanded (DEMANDED!)  that officers use all the tools available to clamp down on crime and stop the shootings.

Then this happened outside of the NBA All Star game, to absolutely zero media coverage:
  • So last night at NBA event, suv breaches the secure lot where command van and other police vehicles are, 3 shitheads bail out and run, driver tries to tell cops they can keep car and tries to leave, they grab him and search car, 5 guns and tool box full of drugs found. DC Carter, soon to [be] chief decides to 19P it because it's one of the DJs hired for the event. Are you fucking kidding me. He needs to be dumped immediately. Mayor you paying attention?
  • Detailed to the United Center tonight, NBA entertainment entourage pull into parking lot. Verbal altercation with several occupants and United Center security. Parked their vehicle in a no parking area and walked away. Five firearms and drugs recovered from said vehicle. Nobody goes to jail. Unbelievable!!!
  • On Sunday a private company with bomb dogs was working the ALL STAR game. As a vehicle was inspected a dog alerted the handler. I've even heard more than one alerted on the same vehicle. CPD units were requested via radio along with bomb techs. Here is where things get interesting- the vehicle occupants who were apparently guests of a celebrity, exited the vehicle and just walked away and into the venue. Inside the vehicle officers discovered narcotics and several guns. That is when newly anointed Chief Carter stepped in and said to let them -the occupants- walk. I was also told that the Chief's daughter was seen hanging out with said celebrity during the NBA weekend...
Perhaps Groot missed what else happened this weekend - four dead, twenty-five wounded - including over a dozen under the age of eighteen. She certainly was quick to blame "ready access to guns" as the leading cause of the carnage.

Any guesses on how "readily" these guns were accessible? Many of these attendees are supposed celebrities and "heroes" to numerous at-risk youth. What kind of examples are they setting with guns and drugs? And isn't the United Center one of those "no gun" zones we see all the signs for?

Any info on charges? If they weren't Illinois residents, there are exactly zero ways they could be carrying/transporting loaded weapons legally according to State Law, celebrities or not. Surely there were cameras around?

And how was Chief Carter was able to exercise this much "discretion" as to charging? Does he think he's Crimesha Foxxx or something? Is he aware that Groot wants coppers using "all available tools" to attack the burgeoning crime problem?

We have so many more questions than answers.

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Nice CTA Groot

  • Three people were shot, one fatally, in a CTA pedestrian tunnel downtown overnight, police said. No one is in custody.

    Just after 2 a.m. Monday, a witness flagged down police to report shots fired in the pedestrian tunnel that connects the Blue Line and Red Line at Jackson.

    Officers responded to the scene and found two men unconscious with gunshot wounds, according to initial reports.

    Medical personnel pronounced one victim dead at the scene. He was shot in the stomach and chest, according to CPD. The other man is in critical condition at Northwestern Memorial Hospital with gunshots to his head and arm, police said.
At some point, you have to make a change, if only for the express purpose of looking like you're doing something.

That time has long since passed for Mass Transit. Our readers have provided numerous examples of general incompetence on a daily basis, but because the people running the place are wives, girlfriends, pin-cushions of bosses, they're allowed to stack up a body count, even get blasted at CompStat, and not a single consequence is handed out.



So aldercreature Burke is facing a federal indictment, ethics questions, and a whole litany of questions over years of allegedly corrupt practices. Now comes word of yet another "unethical" practice closely associated with him:
  • SCC, they cancelled the O'Hare golf outing. Forever. The new commander claims it was "unethical" and shut the whole thing down. I wanted to let you know since you've written in the past about Burke taking his city-owned car and city-paid-for bodyguards up to Wisconsin for the outing for years. How come the media never covered that?
We've heard stories about the outing - raffle prizes of round trip airline tickets, autographed jerseys for all manner of sports teams, and other goodies as prizes - all legit as donations. Dozens of Districts and Units do this annually.

Was something being "kicked upstairs" to Burke? Everyone who pays attention knows that Burke ran the airports. No one got there as a management pick without being vetted and approved by Burke's operation. We wouldn't be surprised if the entire supervisory staff had to buy the obligatory "fundraiser" tickets for Machine events.

And everyone already knew there were a bunch of FBI wires on Burke - did his operation take down the golf outing for as yet unrevealed reasons?


A Dead Horse...Seriously

What an amazing city we have here. You can find anything if you wait long enough....even a dead horse:
  • Several Chicago alderman are calling for changes to city ordinances after a horse was found dead in Englewood.

    Chicago police and Animal Care and Control found two horses in a yard near 61st and Carpenter, after receiving multiple calls requesting well-being checks on the animals.

    One of the horses was dead. No word yet on what caused the horse’s death.
Fortunately, we have inside information from a number people on scene. Using their amazing powers of deduction, the detectives have narrowed down the cause of death to two possibilities:
  • heroin overdose 
  • gunfire
Because no one dies of natural causes in Englewood. Even horses.


Monday, February 17, 2020

Ten Cops Hospitalized

All sorts of injuries last night resulting in the hospitalization of at least ten cops that we've heard. Three from this fire:
  • Three Chicago police officers entered an apartment building in the Bronzeville neighborhood Saturday night to knock on doors and let people know the building was on fire, according to police. While inside, the officers suffered from smoke inhalation and had to be taken to a hospital along with four of the building’s residents, including a 5-year-old boy.

    Firefighters were called to the extra-alarm fire before 10:45 p.m. Saturday at an apartment complex at 4820 S. King Drive on the South Side, according to the Chicago Fire Department.
Six others went to the hospital from a multiple squad car collision on the west side:
  • Two Chicago police vehicles were involved in a crash Saturday night that sent six officers to a hospital, according to the Chicago Fire Department.

    The crash occurred about 8 p.m. in the intersection of West Jackson Boulevard and South Springfield Avenue in the East Garfield Park neighborhood on the West Side, said Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford.

    The officers were responding to a call that another officer needed help, according to the Chicago Police Department. The crash involved a marked Chicago police squad car and one unmarked police vehicle.
Another ended up at the hospital after an unknown incident.


Police Memorial Info

It's that time of year again - planning a trip to the annual Police Memorial in Washington DC.

As usual, Retired Sergeant Al Piantkowski has put together THE definitive guide to anything and everything happening in the nation's capital.

And (unfortunately) as usual, we are unable to get to accept the document so we can post it here as a readable/printable document.

Fortunately, the Sergeants Association website did get it uploaded and it's available for viewing and printing at the link below:
Give it a minute to load - it's nineteen pages of maps, photos, event calendars, etc.

We apologize for our technological shortcomings. We are working on it and if we manage to get it uploaded, we'll link it. It is truly a work of love and dedication that deserves widespread exposure to everyone making the pilgrimage to DC.


Making Propaganda

After eight or more teens were shot this weekend, many by "accident," Groot sends exactly the wrong message in a propaganda exercise that would make Goebbels proud:
  • In a weekend that saw eight children shot within an 18-hour span — including at least three juveniles hit by accidental gunfire — Pastor Corey Brooks described Chicago as a “city of two different worlds.”

    The lead pastor of New Beginnings Church of Chicago and executive director of Project H.O.O.D. described these two worlds Saturday afternoon while standing outside the Parkway Gardens Homes on the South Side, where three of the children were among six people wounded in a single shooting late Friday.

    But about 10 miles north of there, NBA players, celebrities and tourists were arriving at the United Center for the NBA’s All-Star Weekend.

    “The NBA All Star game has come to Chicago on what happens to be a very violent weekend,” Brooks said. “So while the eyes of the world are on our city, we’re asking for the world to come alongside and help us.”
"...two worlds..." Anyone want to guess what difference Pastor Brooks is referring to?

Groot immediately went to work spreading lies:
  • The past 24 hours have been extremely painful as we’ve seen more children impacted by gun violence—due in large part to children and teens having ready access to these deadly weapons.

    As a city, we have a fundamental obligation to ensure the safety of our children so that they can pursue their dreams and live a life free from violence. Each and every one of us needs to step up and play a role in fulfilling that commitment.
  • half of the eight were shot "by accident" - the kids didn't own the guns
  • parent(s) failed to secure the weapons properly AS REQUIRED BY LAW
  • Crimesha has (so far) failed to prosecute a single parent AS THE LAW IS WRITTEN
And as a final note, "Each and every one of us" doesn't need to step up. One person has to step up (maybe two) and that person is a RESPONSIBLE parent - you know, someone who isn't leaving a weapon lying around where children can get it and negligently discharge it. One of our readers pointed out that the last fourteen-year-old girl wounded actually had a pistol found in her pocket while paramedics were treating her.

As far as we've been able to tell, not a single "assault" weapon was used and not a single NRA member was involved in any of these shootings, but there's Groot claiming "ready access" based on nothing actually factual. Funny how NRA people are the ones securing/locking up their guns and getting their kids educated regarding proper handling/use of firearms.


Thinking Out Loud Here

So Special Ed is gone.

He's been placed on the "No Hire" list we linked the other day.

That means the CR number with his name all over it is not being investigated - it's closed since he's no longer employed by the Department.

And since it's closed, it's eligible to be the subject of an FOIA request for anyone who wants spend the time on it, including the affidavit and any attached video.

Any bored retirees out there?


Get Behind the Vest Week

Just a reminder:

(comments closed here - informational post only)


Sunday, February 16, 2020

Cops Rescue Swimmer

  • Chicago police officers dove onto ice at the edge of Lake Michigan and pulled someone out of the frigid water Saturday morning in the Gold Coast, Chicago police said.

    After receiving a call for a person in the water, SWAT officers who were patrolling the area saw someone bobbing in the water around 7 a.m. in the 600 block of North Lake Shore Drive, police said.

    The officers hopped over a breakwall, slid across the ice and pulled the person from the water, according to police.

    The person was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition.
There's video floating around (floating...haha) somewhere and it's very good. These two officers almost went in themselves before other city workers grabbed their legs to help get the victim out of the water. Very very well done.


Nice Weekend Groot

You thought last weekend was bad - and it was in terms of dead bodies in February. But it's probable that this weekend will be considered a bigger problem, based solely on the number of children catching lead across the city:
  • An 11-year-old boy was wounded Friday in what police said was an accidental shooting in Lawndale on the West Side.

    He was accidentally shot in the neck by his 7-year-old sister at 7:49 p.m., according to preliminary information from Chicago police.

  • At least six people were wounded in a shooting Friday inside a South Side apartment.

    [...] A 14-year-old girl with gunshot wounds to the back, shoulder and lower backside and a 15-year-old girl with gunshot wounds to the leg and foot were both taken to Comer Children’s Hospital, according to police. The younger girl was in critical condition while the older girl was in good condition.

    Another 14-year-old girl was shot in the leg and taken to Stroger Hospital in good condition, police said.

  • A teenage girl was accidentally shot in the face Saturday afternoon in the Little Village neighborhood, marking the fourth juvenile hit by accidental gunfire in the city since Friday night and the seventh child wounded in Chicago gun violence over an 18-hour span.

  • An 8-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl were accidentally shot by another child Friday in Bronzeville on the South Side.

    The boy, whose age was not specified, found a gun and was playing with it about 10:20 p.m. inside the home when he shot the other two children, according to Chicago police. All three kids are related.
Seven kids catching bullets. We can't wait to see "Accountability Tuesday."


About Damn Time

  • The Trump administration is deploying special tactical units akin to SWAT teams to Chicago and other sanctuary cities to assist in everyday immigration arrests.

    News of the deployment, first reported by The New York Times on Friday, has triggered an immediate response from city officials and immigrant groups who decried the move as an intimidation tactic.

    A spokesperson for Customs and Border Protection confirmed the planned deployment to the Chicago Sun-Times.

    The agency will send 100 officers to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which oversees arrests and deportations in the interior of the country.
The usual anti-American citizen politicos began bleating:
  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot said in a video response released by her office Friday evening that the Trump administration is “yet again targeting our immigrant and refugee communities through its usual fear mongering and xenophobia.”

    “If anyone thinks that they can come here to our city and terrorize our residents into the shadows, let me say this: they’ve got another thing coming,” she said.

    Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35th) said although it’s not the first time Trump has used federal agents to “target” Chicago, it’s chilling nonetheless.

    “It’s extremely important, even if he is crying wolf, that we take this seriously,” he said.
Remember, they hate actual American citizens and legal immigrants because they might get the idea you can succeed without government help.

Step Two - cut funding to "sanctuaries" that refuse to follow Federal Law.


Saturday, February 15, 2020

Conviction Stands

  • Gerald Reed’s shot at freedom came just before Christmas 2018, when a Cook County judge threw out his murder convictions amid accusations he was tortured into a false confession by detectives under notorious ex-Chicago police Cmdr. Jon Burge.

    On Friday, those hopes were dashed.

    In a stunning reversal, a different judge on Friday reinstated Reed’s convictions and his life sentence for a gruesome, decades-old double homicide. After decades in state prison, Reed was being held at Cook County Jail as he hoped another jury would hear his case and end his incarceration for good.

    Instead, Judge Thomas Hennelly ruled that all the proceedings leading up to Reed’s exoneration actually centered around an oral statement that was never used at trial — not his separate written confession. Reed, 56, alleged that Burge detectives tortured him into that statement.
This is at least the second case that, when looked at dispassionately and without granting blind allegiance to the litany of lies spouted by Zorn and the corrupt Northwestern University minions, stands up to legal challenges and shows that CPD got it correct.


What the Hell is "Trolling"?

This is among the dumbest opinion pieces we've ever read, and we've been reading for nearly half-a-century now. Surprise, it's written by an ACLU attorney:
  • Each of us wants government to work for the people, not its own interests. When we see public officials manipulating the system to make money for themselves or family members, we all feel a sense of outrage, no matter the party.

    Shouldn’t our police be held to the same standard?

    A recent report exposed anew the practice of “trolling” by CPD officers. Trolling is when an officer actively seeks a traffic stop, an arrest for disorderly conduct or other violation at the end of a work shift, so the officer can artificially manufacture the need for overtime. According to Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson, many trolling arrests are made “as a result of escalating a situation which could have been within the officer’s discretion to dismiss.”
What is this "discretion" the writer speaks of? We remember a long time ago, the old timers spoke of a mysterious power called "discretion" but it was killed off by liberals. Nowadays, we have cameras in the cars, cameras on the body, cameras in everyone's cell phones, cameras on the lampposts, cameras everywhere. For many years now, the ACLU has claimed police wielded too much power, so they removed it by every means possible. "Discretion" is about as extinct as the dinosaurs.
  • In other words, trolling exposes Chicagoans to unnecessary arrests and increased contact with law enforcement with no increase in public safety. For Chicagoans of color, these additional contacts with law enforcement jeopardize not only liberty, but may jeopardize life itself. It is time for the city to reign in this practice.

    In the inspector general’s new report, a follow-up to a 2017 report, Ferguson writes that the Chicago Police Department “did not acknowledge the existence” of trolling and other abusive practices “even though CPD management acknowledged the practices during the audit.”
So a practice no one admits exists is supposed to be reined in how? Are the police just supposed to put on the blinders when someone blatantly breaks a law in front of them? Something like sixty minutes before quitting time, no crime can be observed? No jobs can be dispatched?

Newsflash lady - we're already there - and the ACLU drove us there. Hopefully, you don't get mugged, kidnapped, shot, or assaulted too close to quitting time.

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Who Wore it Better?

This one started making the rounds a day or so ago:

We're going to have to go with Don Johnson for this one.

UPDATE: Best comment so far - "Crockett....and Stubbs."


Progressives v Free Speech

Seems the authoritarian side of progressives always wins out:
  • L.L. was so furious that protesters were at City Hall blocking her door she ordered City Hall Sgt. K to arrest women and children protesting with media present. He refused and was dumped a few week before his retirement. Is she really that stupid??????
At least the sergeant can retire with his conscience clean.


Conway and the NRA

Some readers took issue with our encouragement to pull a dem ballot for the primary given Conway's anti-NRA statements. We are aware of the statements and grant them little or no credence for the following reasons:
  • Of course he's going to tailor his message. Every politician does it to some extent. If this gets him in the door to legitimately challenge Foxxx, we'll put up with his pandering for now because...
  • As Cook County States Attorney, how much influence does he actually have against the NRA? We'll give you a hint - zero. Crimesha should be prosecuting actual criminals and enforcing the laws on the books, not letting jagoffs go and creating law out of thin air.
  • Conway is correct in this - the office needs to prosecute criminals, not play social justice warrior.
As for the anti-Trump stuff, so what? He's one of thousands of yippy dogs nipping at the coattails of the more powerful. If it gets him credibility with the voters to displace Foxxx, who cares?

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Friday, February 14, 2020


We're going to pick a side here and it isn't going to make some people happy. We're going to have to encourage the readers to do the following:
  • Pfannkuche is going to be the Republican nominee. It's pretty much a guarantee. For this reason, we're going to encourage all CPD and anyone you can reach out to, to forgo voting in the Republican primary.
  • Instead, ask for a democrat ballot (yes, it's painful, but it's the only way to actually succeed at what we're proposing).
  • Vote for Conway in the primary race for Cook County State's Attorney. While you're at it, vote for Bernie Sanders (feel the bern!) Bernie winning will help hobble democrats nationally, so go for it.
  • THIS IS THE BEST OPPORTUNITY TO DEFEAT CRIMESHA FOXXX. If she makes it past the primary, she's going to eat Phannkuche for lunch. That's simply a fact of voting demographics. So she has to lose the primary.
Don't discount it. There's some support for it as voters see the outrageous crimes being committed by persons out on bail, not serving sentences, not even being charged, and being released to terrorize the same communities over and over again.

Conway has the money. More doesn't even have six-figures in her campaign accounts. Is Conway a "progressive"? He's making those noises, but it seems his record is a bit to the right of Foxxx's, so he's got that going for him. Plus, if voters launch the incumbent, the Machine sits up and takes notice.

It's not the optimal solution, but it's what we've got. Vote early. Vote often. Vote absentee if you have to. And don't worry about, "If I vote I might have to serve on a jury." Cook County uses Driver's Licenses for the jury pools and has for years now.


Bought and Paid For

  • It seemed strange enough the Sun-Times editorial board on Monday "strongly" endorsed Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx for a second term, telling voters to spare her the "injustice" of letting a "single high-profile mistake ... overshadow her accomplishments."

    Foxx's "single" flub, of course, was cutting a deal to drop felony charges against actor Jussie Smollett, who police say faked a hate crime last year, and misleading the public about recusing herself from the case, among other things.

    By Tuesday afternoon, the paper's early support of Foxx's re-election bid grew even more shocking when word got out that special prosecutor Dan Webb obtained an indictment of Smollett on six new charges related to filing false reports that he was the victim of a homophobic hate crime, and said the investigation to determine whether "any person or office involved in the Smollett case engaged in wrongdoing" continues.

    Until you follow the money, that is.
Money totaling over $750,000:
  • But there's no mention of the $301,250 Sun-Times investor Michael Sacks has personally pumped into Foxx's campaign since September.

    The endorsement doesn't include a disclaimer revealing the political action committees controlled by the Service Employees International Union (part of a collection of unions that own the paper) kicked in $425,000 to support Foxx's campaign in the last four months, according to public records.

    There wasn't a single sentence about the $25,000 Sun-Times investor and politically connected real estate investor Elzie Higginbottom donated in October that the Friends of Foxx campaign didn't report receiving until Jan. 15, according to state election board records.
And the George Soros money, too.

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No One Mentioned This

We venture no opinion on this. We post it merely in the interest of full disclosure to all members of the CPD and all taxpayers of Chicago:
  • LANCASTER - The son of Dallas Police Chief David Brown killed a Lancaster police officer and another man during a Sunday melee that left three people dead, according to a law enforcement official.

    David Brown Jr., 27, was himself shot and killed by officers, according to the official.

    A law enforcement source who is familiar with the case and who asked that he not be identified said Brown had been behaving erratically at the apartment complex where the shootings occurred, in the 900 block of River Bend Drive near West Pleasant Run Road in southern Dallas County.
This was nearly ten years ago and the sins of the son shouldn't pass to the father. But as a finalist for the top job here, full disclosure is the watchword.


"Do Not Hire" List

  • It's hard to believe Chicago City Hall's employment blacklist is only 29 pages long.

    Fired police Supt. Eddie Johnson and the local media's favorite City Hall spokesman, Bill McCaffery, who also recently got the axe, are the latest former employees blackballed from city jobs. Jose Moreno, a former Chicago firefighter who pleaded guilty to molesting five children, and 21 other former Fire Department employees won't be considered for city jobs in the future.
Nearly 200 cops, almost 50 Department of Aviation people, a couple of aldercreatures - running to twenty-nine pages.

Almost as shocking are the names that aren't on it, including some very connected people who did prison time.

We don't have anything to add, just an amusing read we thought we'd share.


When Sergeants Attack

Remember, the clouted are always covered for - even when they act like criminals:
  • Question: When is Sgt Thompson going to get stripped for falsifying a fake battery report. He jumped in a PO’s face and pushed him. Mind you the PO is bigger than the jolly green giant. Well the sergeant got flipped by a one hand face grab and stretched out on the floor. They tried to cover it up but too many DEA guys were witnesses. Wonder what happened to that CR??????
We're betting the PO didn't want to make waves, but seriously, attacking a police officer? In front of outside witnesses? And then filing a fake Battery report to cover your lawbreaking - lawbreaking in front of feds?

Beck, you hear about this one?


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Do Not Get Drawn In - Stay Fetal

So "Accountability Tuesday" reappeared for the first time since Special Ed was getting his knob polished:
  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot summoned interim Police Supt. Charlie Beck and the 41 commanders under his control to City Hall on Tuesday to talk about ways to tamp down the violence after Chicago suffered its deadliest February weekend in 18 years.

    “I wouldn’t describe the mayor as angry. I’m not angry. She’s not angry. We’re concerned,” Beck told the Sun-Times. “We have some issues that we’re dealing with in certain pockets of Chicago. We met to talk about those strategies. I’m not gonna go into them in depth, except to say that they involve a broad range of resources focused on areas that have suffered the violence the most.”
  • Chicago “could have a mess on our hands that eclipses some of the worst years of violence” the city has seen, unless police get proactive and use all the tools available to them, Mayor Lori Lightfoot warned Wednesday.

    After a weekend of violence — including nine homicides — that was the worst in February in 18 years, Lightfoot summoned interim Chicago Police Supt. Charlie Beck and 41 CPD commanders under his control to essentially read them the riot act.

    “This weekend’s crime numbers, where we saw so many homicides and we saw a lot of shootings, were incredibly distressing to me,” Lightfoot said. “I’m not gonna shy away from that and I had a lot of very difficult conversations with CPD leadership over the weekend, Monday and yesterday.”
Did any of the conversations center around the continuous harassment of Police by so many oversight organizations, that actual policing is dead? COPA is re-opening investigations that have been adjudicated years ago, just so they can fire officers previously cleared. Force Review is fine-combing videos looking for any and all infractions and recommending officers be pulled from the street for "training" - training that is actually punishment. IAD is continually covering for corrupt clouted officers.

And do we really have to go over the Crimesha disaster, where robbers are pled out to probation and then go on to murder multiple victims at the same time. Continuing Investigations that never get charged. Last week's article about murder stats being fudged, meaning known murderers are out and about, free to kill again.

Stop-and-Frisk? "Racist."

Citizen contacts? "Racist."

Traffic stops? "Racist."

If you get told over and over, even after months of training and hours of on-the-job training and extra training and more training that ever before, that everything you do is under review by armchair quarterbacks who never served a day on the street, that never made a snap decision under unbelievable pressure, then guess what? The smartest move you can make, day after day, is to disengage. Do not jeopardize your continued employment or your remaining free from prison and/or bankruptcy.

You have sown the wind. Now reap the whirlwind.

UPDATE: As many mentioned, coming up on THREE years without a Contract, and the only reason it's take this long is the political players want the FOP (and PBPA) to sign off on every single negotiated Disciplinary know, to make it even easier to fire us for any offense, real or imagined.

Makes us want to rush right out and fight about you?


...and Then There Were Four

  • A shortlist of candidates vying to be Chicago’s next top cop includes a woman who leads a suburban department and a former police chief from Texas, both of whom had officers injured or killed in mass shootings in the last few years, the Tribune has learned.

    The Chicago Police Board, tasked with reviewing applications from a pool of 25 candidates to be the next police superintendent, has yet to narrow down its search to three finalists to present to Mayor Lori Lightfoot for her consideration.

    But sources familiar with the applicants said the board’s roster of candidates has been whittled down to a handful of names, among them Sean Malinowski, a former Los Angeles police official who has worked as a top consultant for the Chicago Police Department for the past few years; Kristen Ziman, chief of police in west suburban Aurora; Ernest Cato, a deputy chief for the department; and David Brown, a former Dallas police chief.
The smart money is still on Malinowski given his ties to the interim and the University of Chicago eggheads currently running studies, pilot programs and pretty much the entire department.

However, money could be an issue as Malinowski is rumored to be earning well north of half-a-million with the outside consulting contracts. Would he take a 50% (or larger) pay cut to run a doomed department and a city on the verge of a 600+ homicide year?


CTA Detail

So we have the "Window Detail" over Christmas, where Probationary Police Officers are sent to Michigan Avenue over the holidays to provide a visible presence of "security" to assuage nervous tourists who might otherwise decide to stay home, shop online or :::gasp::: spend money in the far-safer suburbs.

Now we are going to have a "Tube Detail" to cover current failures in charge of Mass Transit:
  • The Chicago police department is preparing to deploy a temporary task force to address crime on the CTA’s elevated train system. News of the plan emerged hours after CWBChicago yesterday reported that CPD and CTA leaders were preparing significant changes in the way the two agencies address rail safety.

    “I want to put cops on dots,” CTA Vice President of Security Kevin Ryan told CWBChicago this week, referring to L stations that are represented by dots on the transit system’s maps.

    The police department seems to be moving in Ryan’s direction with the patrol surge, which will run from March 5 to Memorial Day. Two or three officers will be pulled from each of the city’s 22 police districts to staff the mobile patrol unit for about eight hours each evening, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune.
Golly, is that Iron Mike? Must be nice to get such a soft landing.

And Albany Park residents - remember those ten cops you were promised to alleviate shortages? It just became seven. The Amazing Shrinking Manpower solution.


Crime is....Up!

Beck has a problem.

Groot has a problem, but she can just blame Beck:

Something emboldened the criminals, and they're having a field day with it.

Thanks to our stat guy for the chart. Don't expect to see this in the papers.

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That Was Fast

We guess it isn't that hard to be a captain if they're already getting their assignments:
  • Meleon to 022 (old list)
    Mannion to 001
    Oseguera to 009
    Baier to 010
    McKenzie to 011
    Hein to 015
    Bielfeldt to 018
Next up - 25 lieutenants and 55 sergeants. Supposedly, no "merit" among them all.


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Juicy Charged

  • A little less than a year after he walked out of a Cook County courthouse seemingly never to return, Jussie Smollett again faces criminal charges as a special prosecutor Tuesday announced a new indictment accusing the former “Empire” star of faking a 2019 hate crime attack.

    The new indictment brought by Special Prosecutor Dan Webb — and a three-page statement that rebukes Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s decision last year to dismiss charges against Smollett — land about a month from a Democratic primary in which Foxx is fighting to win a second term.

    The charges almost certainly will vault Smollett’s case — which involves six counts that are the lowest level of felony offenses in state law — back into national headlines.

    Foxx’s office accused former federal prosecutor Webb of roiling the political waters in “James Comey-like” timing, invoking the former FBI director’s decision to announce an investigation of then-candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails ahead of the 2016 presidential election. The state’s attorney’s office also issued a brief statement.
We're actually surprised Webb didn't bury this until after the primary. What does he know that we haven't heard yet? 
  • Are there some internal numbers that hint Crimesha is in a weak spot?
  • Or is this meant to drive supporters to the polls since a pasty white Special Prosecutor is picking on Crimesha?
Webb is a product of the Machine. Always has been. If he's doing this now, at this point, it's at the behest of someone pulling the levers. The voters have to sift through the bullshit to see which ones.

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Worse and Worse for Crimesha

  • A South Shore man who received just two years probation for committing a pair of 2018 robberies in Boystown has been charged with the cold-blooded slayings of two men during a botched robbery in Chinatown this weekend.

    Prosecutors on Monday charged 20-year-old Alvin Thomas with two counts of first-degree murder for the shooting deaths of 36-year-old Huayi Bian and 38-year-old Weizhon Xiong in a parking lot on the 2000 block of South Wells around 2:13 a.m. Sunday.
The above is from the CWB blog. But the Slum Times endorsed Crimesha yesterday, despite knowing that this asshole was charged with a pair of robberies and was currently on probation.

Who in their right mind offers probation for TWO robberies?

Not only that, but a little birdie whispers to us that this jagoff was (thisclose) to being released because Felony Review demanded more video than what already existed - the offender trying to carjack other vehicles on the expressway ramp, fleeing the scene immediately after the shootings and being covered in the victims' blood. That's not good enough for Crimesha's social justice warriors.

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Preview of Illinois' Future

This is in Michigan. Do not doubt for a second it's coming here:
  • Everywhere you turn, headlines scream about criminal justice “reform” and the need to change how we prosecute and punish people who break the law. But instead of moving toward positive change in the name of law and order, we’re essentially just redefining what constitutes an actual crime.

    And this story out of Michigan is no different.

    According to the Lansing City Pulse, Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon is on a mission to empty her community’s local prison. And it’s starting with reviewing cases of convicted murderers who are currently serving life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Guess who she sounds like?
  • “While I personally believe there are some people who should be in prison forever, like the Jeffrey Dahmer type of people, I just don’t believe in the death penalty,” Siemon says. “I think life in prison without parole functions in a similar way, and I think everyone should have an opportunity to be able to get out some day.”

    So now she’s trying to commute their sentences. Reports said that with the help of former Assistant Attorney General Ron Emery, Siemon will begin a review of 90 inmates convicted of murder and sentenced to life behind bars. Critics are losing their minds. And for good reason. Because it’s not about guilt, Siemon says – it’s about progression and a potential change in character.

    “It’s not whether or not they’re innocent,” Siemon said in an interview. “We’re not saying that. But if they committed a homicide 40 years ago, who are they now? And do they deserve another chance? To my knowledge, nobody else is doing this type of thing in the state. It has just been something rolling around in my head.”
This type of insane thinking permeates the left, pretty much from top-to-bottom. It completely ignores the victims, victims' families, and the safety of the community at large.

Should any of this crap come to pass, this idiot should be required to house the first two of those released into her home on a trial basis, just to see how it would all work out.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020


It wasn't the worst weekend in seven years.

It was the worst February weekend in EIGHTEEN years - and the Slum Times actually reported it:
  • In terms of violence, Chicago hadn’t seen a weekend like that in 18 years.

    The nine murders on the South and West sides between Friday night and early Sunday were the most in a single February weekend since 2002, according to a review of publicly available police data. All nine victims were men between 19 and and 39 years old.

    Another 14 people were wounded by gunfire, including a 7-year-old girl in Humboldt Park.
How bad is 2020 shaping up?
  • Chicago has recorded 50 murders so far in 2020. Three more people have been fatally shot by CPD officers.

    Interim CPD Supt. Charlie Beck is set to meet with Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday to discuss the weekend violence.
Fifty murders in under six weeks. That's a hell of a pace to keep up.

Well, at least Beck is on the case. He's got something like three weeks left and then he's out the door, right? Why would he give a rat's ass what Groot wants to discuss?

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Nice Catch of Media Bias

Sometimes, it's so obvious it escapes notice. A reader pointed out the Slum Times reporting on the shooting in 019:
  • About 5:15 a.m., officers in the area responded to calls of a disturbance outside of Tai’s Til 4, 3611 N. Ashland Ave., and as officers arrived, an armed male shot a person outside of the bar and attempted to run from the scene, interim CPD Superintendent Charlie Beck said at a press conference.
So they report the offender shot another individual. Pretty factual.

Then this:
  • As officers pursued the armed male, he allegedly fired shots at police and an officer returned fire, fatally striking him, Beck said. The armed male was pronounced dead at the scene, and a gun was recovered.
Now the narrative is "allegedly" because everyone knows the police can't be victims of gun wielding assassins. No, the media has to introduce that element of doubt into the lib-tarded narrative because you never know - it might turn out to be a white cop and a black offender and then you can spin a yarn of racial disparities that don't actually exist.



"Scamps" didn't seem to cover it:
  • Three juveniles are charged after a police chase that ended in a car crash in South Chicago.

    Police said the minors — ages 13, 12 and 10 — were speeding in a Jeep Cherokee around 4:30 p.m. Saturday, when they rear-ended an unmarked police car and drove away. Officers chased the Jeep to the 8700 block of South Chicago Avenue, where it then crashed into nine parked vehicles at a car dealership before flipping over.
Anyone hear from the parents? Are they paying for the damages caused by their spawn?


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