Thursday, December 03, 2020

Overused and Meaningless

The more you play the "race card," the less it actually means, and this time, it is completely worthless:

  • Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara says Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her top aides are calling the shots at the Chicago Police Department, tying the hands of Supt. David Brown and turning him into kind of a figurehead.

    “Whatever he wants to do is getting cleared through her office first or it’s not getting done. What authority does he really have? His hands are tied,” Catanzara said. “She should stay the hell out of running the police department and let Supt. Brown run it. If he falls on his face, let him fall on his own face.”

    The mayor’s office fired back that “once again, John Catanzara continues to speak without knowledge of the facts.”

    “These remarks are not only racist and blatantly disrespectful to his own boss and fellow officers but also completely irresponsible. We refuse to be a part of a race to the bottom,” said Pat Mullane, a spokesman for the mayor.

Could Mullane point out the racism in the comment? We realize he's just a moronic tool reading from a pre-printed script for a moron mayor, but how is it racist to say:

  • stay in your (political) lane;
  • let Brownie run the Department he was hired to run;
  • any failure due to his policies or missteps are his...he owns them...he actually insulates the mayor from criticism.

It's not disrespectful to point out something that your boss won't or isn't allowed to - that he isn't the one making decisions. He is (truthfully) a figurehead. But in this hyper-political town, if Brownie fails, it looks bad for Groot because she hired him, and EVERYONE knows it.

That's the trouble with micro-managers, and Groot is especially susceptible because she's a midget minority lesbian with an inferiority complex. She can't step out from behind her identity politics because then people will correctly point out that she's an incompetent manager and, as she was at the Federal level, a failure.

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No Casino...

...but Groot is a gambling fool:

  • Two days before the Chicago Teachers Union officially went on strike in 2019, one of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s top aides sent her a note about what he called “The Bet.”

    In the email, Lightfoot senior adviser and legal counsel Michael Frisch laid out a wager and its stakes.

    “The Bet: 3 cigars and a bottle of scotch of the winner’s choosing. Under: Strike ends before next Weds. Over: Strike extends past Weds,” Frisch wrote in the email, which had “confirming our agreement” in the subject line.

    Referencing Lightfoot’s chief of staff, Maurice Classen, who was also on the email, Frisch wrote, “Frisch and Maurice have the Under, MLL has the Over. Now no one can back out ...” using an acronym for Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

    Neither Lightfoot nor Classen responded to the email, according to what Lightfoot’s office released. A Lightfoot spokeswoman said the mayor “does not have any recollection of the email in question” but took the CTU strike “very seriously” and “of course never participated in any bet nor would she.”

We'll say right here that Groot is a liar and her spokespeople are liars. Groot has a long and storied history of gambling and if we felt like outing eight or ten sources, we would have exclusives that would make a zombie-Mike-Royko drool.

We would have actually respected her a tiny little bit if she came out and admitted she gambled on the teachers' strike. We've set the weekend over/under on homicides tens of dozens of times over the years. Of course, being the lead negotiator, she was privy to all sort of info that others didn't have.


Cmdr Down to Capt

So we're hearing that the Commander of CPIC lost his spot and was busted down to Captain.

His only crime (as of this moment) was being out of town and leaving a politically connected lieutenant in charge when Attorney General Barr made it past Chicago Border Security without Groot's spies knowing about it. 

Kind of reminds us of another Commander taking 30 days for being in his own bed, asleep, while Special Ed fell asleep after a drunken knob-job in his District.

It must be Hell being a big boss nowadays.


014 Days

Last week in 014, Groot's own District (click for larger version):

So downtown gets one of the two sergeants working. And the only 10-4 unit besides the wagon.

Early cars are 1411, 1421, 1471 with 1413, 1423 and 1433 down.

Late cars are 1412, 1422, 1432 with 1414, 1424 and 1434 down.

Fifty percent down across the board. What could go wrong?


Don't Try to Survive

Remember, COVID-19 can be especially troublesome to those with pre-existing conditions, the elderly, and the obese / out-of-shape people.

That's the gym at HQ. Goodness forbid you might be trying to shed a few holiday pounds and improve your 99.6% chances of surviving.


Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Crime is Down!

Except know....all those dead bodies.

That's up.

A tiny bit:

  • Chicago gun violence continued to decline with the cooler weather in November, but shootings and murders are still spiking compared with last year.

    Nearly 3,800 people were shot in Chicago this year through the end of November, compared with about 2,400 shooting victims in the same period last year — a 58% increase.

    Meanwhile, police reported 716 murders through the end of November, a 54% increase from the 464 murders during the same time last year.

Don't forget carjackings. Those are up a little bit, too. 

And these:

That's only a 290% increase.


Liability at Last?

Things that make you go "Hmmmmm:"

  • A judge has ordered Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s office to pay $16,000 in legal fees to the family of a slain taxi driver who sued to get case documents.

    Taxi driver Anis Tungekar died in 2018 after he was kicked in the head by an Uber driver during a traffic dispute. The Uber driver left the country before he was charged with murder three months later.

    Tungekar’s family believed internal case documents could explain the delay despite a police recommendation that murder charges be filed. The family sued Foxx’s office, alleging the documents were being kept from them in violation of Illinois open records law.

    Cook County Judge Neil Cohen sided with the family and ordered most of the documents be released last fall. On Nov. 20, the same judge ordered the state’s attorney’s office to reimburse the family for their legal costs.

Qualified Immunity has limits...and here's one of them for failing to do her job.

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Free Spit!

And for the price of the cup, they'll write insults for your chosen vocation:

  • In response to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases and to recognize the significant efforts of the front-line responder and health care community, Starbucks announced today that it will offer a free tall brewed coffee (hot or iced) to front-line responders at participating U.S. Starbucks stores throughout the month of December to show appreciation for those keeping our communities safe during COVID-19.
They're still financing antifa and defunding police efforts, so fuck their pandering.


232 Tows

That's the official number:

  • The city towed 232 cars early Tuesday on the first day of the winter parking ban.

    Although the drivers face at least $235 in fines, fewer drivers were caught unaware than last year, when 248 cars were towed on the same night, according the Department of Streets and Sanitation...
So that's $54,000-plus in fines and fees, which covers about 900 hours of overtime costs. Considering that the last figure we saw was over $200 million, Groot's going to need a lot more tows.


Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Who is the Problem?

So Groot got her budget passed the other day. Some sharp eyed readers pointed this out:

  • Groot shaved $34 million from the CPD budget - a soft defunding by closing out 618 vacancies she had no intention of filling.

One of the readers remember this from October 2020:

  • Chicago Public Schools enrollment plummeted by 15,000 students this fall compared to last year, the largest single-year drop in more than two decades, according to records released by the school system Friday.

    Officials called the decrease from 355,000 students to 340,000 — a 4% drop — a “crisis” that was largely driven by a significant decline in new families enrolling in preschool programs and elementary schools.

Anyone want to guess how much the CPS budget went up this fiscal year?

  • $67 million

Figure that one out.


Of Course They Did

They always do:

  • The city of Chicago dismissed the majority of tickets issued to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s security detail by red-light and speed cameras, including some that were recorded at times when the mayor was scheduled to be attending non-city events, records show.

    Since Lightfoot became mayor in May 2019, the police security detail assigned to her protection has received 13 tickets for speed and red-light camera violations, and 10 of those have been dismissed, records show.

    Though city officials did not address specific questions about her whereabouts at the time each ticket was issued, listings in her official calendar show some were given at times when her calendar suggests she was on the way home from a personal event or en route to a “non-city breakfast.”

And of course, Reason #1 for dismissing the tickets:

  • As a candidate, Lightfoot promised to reform the city’s fines and fees program, saying it was regressive and focused on generating revenue, not safety.

    “The red-light camera program was sold to Chicagoans as a public safety solution, but it’s really been about revenue — and those fines fall disproportionately on people of color,” Lightfoot said at the time.

If you can't live up to at least ONE campaign promise, what good are you?


Coming Soon to Cities Everywhere

Seattle has been defunding the police for a while now. This happened:

  • A man stabbed a social worker to death on Monday at the site where the worker provides services to homeless clients.

    Hans Dewey Van-Belkum was arrested and facing first degree murder charges after allegedly stabbing Kristin Benson, who provided services to Seattle's chronically homeless as a full-time housing case manager.

    [...] This tragedy was the second stabbing in Seattle in a day and the third in four days. It was also the grim milestone of the 54th homicide in Seattle in 2020, which has more than doubled all the 28 homicides in all of 2019. Seattle Interim Police Chief Adrian Diaz recently said that he does not believe that the city is safe.

Now this is happening:

  • [Chicago] City officials have revised their plans for a new citywide response on emergency mental health calls to include non-police responder teams, an idea pushed hard for several months by activists and community leaders.

    The plan for the so-called mobile crisis teams of clinicians and paramedics — without police — will now be part of a $1.7 million alternate response pilot to launch next year under the newly approved city of Chicago budget, city officials told the Tribune.

    Activists, however, expressed immediate skepticism about how well thought out the plan is, and how committed officials really are to removing police from crisis response in the city.

Remember, this program is supposed to operate WITHOUT police - 24/7/365 in twenty-two Districts across the city.

On a budget of $1.7 million.

We've been saying it for months now, this "program" is going to come with a body count.


Guess What Night it Is?

Do you know where your car is? Are you sure?

  • Can you park there? It’s the time of year when you need to think twice about claiming that open spot on the street.

    The city’s winter overnight parking ban begins Tuesday, Dec. 1, prohibiting parking on 107 miles of main streets from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. — regardless of snow — until April 1, 2021. Another 500 miles of streets prohibit parking after two inches of snow or more falls, no matter the time of day or the date.

So does Groot's ban of Parking Restrictions mean this year isn't going to be enforced? We'd usually bet on 100-to-120 tows overnight, but now we aren't so sure.

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Monday, November 30, 2020

Failure Theater

More summer-like November:

  • 8:00p Peaceful Tally: 11 killed, 27 wounded
    2019 Thanksgiving weekend: 4 killed, 28 wounded
    2018 Thanksgiving weekend: 4 killed, 20 wounded
    2017 Thanksgiving weekend: 8 killed, 37 wounded
    2016 Thanksgiving weekend: 11 killed, 64 wounded
    2015 Thanksgiving weekend: 9 killed, 22 wounded
    2014 Thanksgiving weekend: 5 killed, 23 wounded
    2013 Thanksgiving weekend: 4 killed, 12 wounded

The 2020 numbers are subject to updates, but the number dead has equaled the 2016 bloodbath - and Chicago is only fifteen killings away from surpassing that entire year. 

Guess which District is leading the carnage for a seventh year in a row?

  • To get a measure of just how bad crime is on Chicago’s West Side this year, one good place to start is about 350 miles away — Minneapolis.

    Minneapolis has struggled with violence since May when a police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck and he died, setting off protests, looting and rioting that spread across the country, including in Chicago.

    Floyd’s killing shattered the friendly, stoic image of that city of 425,000, which is dealing with a growing murder problem. Through mid-November, Minneapolis has had almost 75 killings — stunning for a city with fewer than 50 killings in all of 2019.

    But the violence alone in Chicago’s 11th police district, also known as the Harrison District, is worse.

Just for comparison purposes, 011 has more homicides than all of Nashville (62), all of Minneapolis (75), more than riot-torn Seattle (59), even all of San Francisco (50). 

011 started the weekend at ninety homicides. As of 2000 hours Sunday, the number was at ninety-three, tying their totals from 2016 and according to one of our archivists, the highest total since 1996 when they topped one-hundred. 

Groot sure knows how to pick a command staff.

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Nice Bail and Charging Procedures

Did your cell phone Amber Alert feature go off this weekend? CWB tells us all why and guess who's to blame (again)?

  • A suspected double-murderer who sparked an Amber Alert across Chicagoland on Friday evening is on bail for allegedly killing a woman while fleeing police and for two separate Class X felony armed habitual criminal gun crimes.

    Clarence Hebron, 32, had been held without bail on those cases for over a year until a Cook County judge agreed to release him on just $15,000 bond in July.

    Hebron has not been charged with Friday’s murder of 26-year-old Jessica Beal and her brother in Riverdale, but police identified him as the suspect in an Amber Alert after Beal’s 1-year-old boy went missing following the homicides. The boy has since been located. know what's coming: 

  • Incredibly, Hebron was also on bail for the two armed habitual criminal cases when he allegedly killed a woman while fleeing police in April last year.

    Hebron is awaiting trial for two separate major gun cases in which he is charged with a total of two counts of Class X armed habitual criminal, five counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and four counts of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, according to the Cook County sheriff’s office.

The number of dead bodies directly attributable to Crimesha's refusal to prosecute, Timmy insane bail procedures and Tommy's quick release policies is staggering. And they all belong to the Prickwrinkle Machine.

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Killing Illinois

Why is Putzker borrowing more money (see 12:01 AM post below)? 

Because the Illinois economy has disappeared:

  • After Black Friday comes Small Business Saturday, when Americans are encouraged to support their local retailers. But there will be over 11,200 fewer Illinoisans running retail stores on Nov. 28, thanks to COVID-19 and state-mandated lockdowns.

    And when it is time to take a shopping break to eat and drink, there will be nearly 17,600 fewer Illinois bar and restaurant owners to serve you.

That's almost 29,000 fewer small stores, bars and restaurants. We don't know what these businesses would have generated in Sales Taxes, but think about this:

  • each of these places carries some sort of License to Operate - state or county or local - or a combination of all three;
  • casino gaming machines at a bunch of these bars are licensed individually;
  • Chicago requires separate licenses for food, liquor, tobacco, signage, etc

29,000 businesses are not generating tens of millions in these fees alone, and that translates into hundreds of millions in sales taxes, not to mention associated businesses, parking, hotels across the entire state.

Go read it all.

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More Debt via Putzker

He isn't just destroying the Illinois economy. He's vaporizing it:

  • Illinois has announced $2 billion more in additional borrowing from the Federal Reserve Bank’s Municipal Liquidity Facility (MLF). Gov. J.B. Pritzker has informed the Fed of the state’s intention to borrow the funds before the facility expires at the end of December. The facility was put in place by the CARES act as a backstop for governments hit by financial market disruptions due to COVID.

    While the presence of the Fed facility is credited with bringing stability to the municipal markets, the reality is only one state or city in the entire country has borrowed from the facility since its inception: the state of Illinois. All others have successfully raised billions from the traditional markets during the pandemic (New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority is the only other government [entity] in the country to borrow from the MLF.)

    Illinois’ increased reliance on borrowing follows the public’s rejection of a $3.1 billion tax hike referendum on Nov. 3. More debt, in the absence of major spending reforms, means a junk rating is increasingly likely for Illinois. No state in modern history has ever been rated junk.

We're still waiting for those "painful cuts to government" that he promised. Borrowing more money isn't a cut by any means, and we seriously have to question the sanity of lending more money to any state government that (A)can't make cuts and (B) can't control its spending.

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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Heavy Heavy Metal

An amusing arrest:

  • A Chicago man is facing felony theft charges after police allegedly found him hauling $14,263 worth of stolen sewer lids in the back of his pickup truck Thanksgiving morning on the West Side.

    Lashawn Powell, 52, admitted that his friend pays him to collect the sewer lids from city streets so he can sell them to scrapyards, prosecutors said.

    Cops responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle carrying stolen sewer lids in the Garfield Park neighborhood around 4:55 a.m. Thursday. It wasn’t long before they spotted Powell allegedly driving around with 31 manhole covers in his truck bed.

    In case you’re wondering, sewer lids weigh about 249 pounds each, according to Wikipedia. So, 31 lids would weigh about 7,700 pounds. The city values them at $460 each, prosecutors said during Powell’s bond court hearing Friday.

Sounds like a dangerous pasttime - people might fall into one, and a vehicle hitting a hole that size will result in massive damage to the car and occupant(s). So what happens in Timmy and Crimesha's "justice system"?

  • After reviewing the allegations against Powell, Judge Susana Ortiz rattled off several factors she considered while settling on his bail amount.“Most importantly,” she said, is “the danger that it creates, removing sewer covers from the street. Heaven forbid someone should fall into an open sewer.”

    She then released him on his own recognizance with electronic monitoring.

An I-Bond? Good thing he wasn't a hardened criminal!

  • Powell has eight felony convictions, including thefts, burglaries, and a robbery dating back to 1990.
Oh. Well, so much for that theory.


Where's Wal....Brownie

Comment appearing a couple places:

  • Brownie MIA the entire week - seven days and counting

We certainly hope he isn't traveling in violation of mayoral and gubernatorial directives.

Although the rumor is he went to Texas, from this pic, it looks like he's in New York:

 He's flexible for a middle-aged guy.


More Hidden Bodies

In addition to the CST and CIRT teams (and summer, autumn, winter mobile details) shorting District law enforcement actual bodies, we're told another hidey-hole is overstaffed:

  • If you think that’s bad, someone should ask why there are over 240 officers and 41 sergeants assigned to the training division, yes you read that correctly, when there is hardly anyone at the academy and training is limited due to Covid. 240 officers and 41 sergeants!!! Are you fucking kidding me?!?!? When districts are running bare bones with multiple downed beat cars and 1 sergeant working the street in the entire district!!!

One sergeant? See Friday's CWB post and there are districts operating with ZERO Sergeants on the street. That's ridiculous.

According to the Consent Decree, supervision is supposed to be 1-to-10. 

Those numbers are close to 1-to-6. 

And if you only have one class of 26 recruits, there ought to be a staff reduction in the offing as the other classes move out. Additionally, the remote classes we've attended were either taught by civilians in close quarters or remotely by computer.


Saturday, November 28, 2020

CWB Homerun on Manpower

Building on the manpower shortage that we've been mentioning for months now, the only actual investigative reporters in Chicago put together this bombshell of a report:

  • Sunday evening, officers in one of Chicago’s largest police districts worked their entire shift without having a single sergeant on the streets to supervise them.

    And cops who worked the next shift in the same district also patrolled without any sergeants supervising.

    The lack of oversight was not a scheduling snafu, according to two sources. The district simply doesn’t have enough sergeants to cover all of the shifts, they said.

    After hearing about that — and confirming the situation by reviewing schedules from the station house — CWBChicago took a look at CPD’s staffing numbers. We found something incredible.

What they discovered is that every single police district in Chicago - except 016 - is down double-digit percentages, in some cases 20% and more. 016 is only down 6% - so all 22 Districts are down.

So where did they all go?

  • In total, there are 1,376 fewer officers assigned to districts now than in April. Where have the cops gone?

    According to OIG, the department lost 354 of them to retirements and other separations. CPD’s five detective divisions have gained about 79 investigators.

    But most of the rest appear to have gone to citywide teams that Brown created when he redesigned the department in July.

These are the CST and CIRT teams we've been pointing out that are stripping manpower from what Brownie called "the backbone of the Department." Brownie probably ought to be referencing a body part about six inches lower than the spine. 

CWB has tables and links to all sorts of information that any media source (or citizen) could FOIA and see how Groot, the Department and even aldercreatures are either lying or being lied to. Remember that aldercreature who traded a vote for a property tax hike in exchange for cops? He was lied to:

  • In 2015, Lakeview Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) voted in favor of a major property tax increase after he said he received assurances that the Town Hall Police District would receive 35 more police officers, to a total of at least 366 cops.

    Tunney began sending copies of the district’s monthly staffing numbers to his constituents in a weekly email. The last time he did that was on June 19, when Town Hall had 391 officers.

    Since then, the district’s manpower has fallen every month to its current strength of 329 officers, according to OIG. That’s far below the 366-cop minimum that Tunney said he was promised in exchange for his property tax vote five years ago. [a 10% reduction - SCC]

This post by the CWB blog is everything an investigative report ought to be - in depth, focused, citing numerous sources, and holding government to account. Anyone calling themselves "reporters" ought to study this post and attempt to emulate it. Go click on the link up top and give them some eyeballs.

Interesting Development

Finally, another branch of government stepping up to the plate:

  • This fall, Cook County prosecutors reversed course on two men accused in a decades-old double murder. The cases against Wayne Antusas and Nicholas Morfin were on shaky ground, they said. The judges should throw out their convictions, and in turn prosecutors would drop the charges and the men would be freed.

    It is a common enough story for a state’s attorney’s office that boasts a progressive record reversing wrongful convictions. It usually ends with the inmate’s joyful release from custody, and later, a lucrative lawsuit.

    But instead, the judges presiding over Antusas’ and Morfin’s cases made an almost unheard-of move. They disagreed with the reversal plan.

    It is ultimately judges’ responsibility — not prosecutors’ — to decide if convictions should stand, they said. "I do not think it is good practice for a judge to rubber-stamp an agreement the parties have entered into on something the court, not the parties, have province over,” Judge Timothy Joyce said in court.

Imagine that - judges who actually stand behind the system and insist on (in one of these cases) an evidentiary hearing to assist in determining if this is just another attempt by the county prosecutors to side-step their responsibility to prosecute crimes. And (in both of these cases) apply the felony murder rule where everyone involved in the crime is held responsible to the Law.


Great Idea

These look fun:

If these are real vinyl window "clings" someone is going to make a bunch of money.


Friday, November 27, 2020

Mayor Ignoramus

Happy Thanksgiving from Groot:

Anyone who doesn't think this is deliberate is delusional.

Such a small, petty, ignorant, shallow being.


Gun Probation to Attempted Murder

We thought that there were restrictions in place when you got convicted of gun crimes, the first one being "Don't have a gun anymore." Did Crimesha forget the Pinkie Swear part?

  • On March 10, police arrested 21-year-old Kamari Pleasant after allegedly finding a handgun in his car during a traffic stop. On November 2, he pleaded guilty to unlawful use of a weapon in exchange for a sentence of probation from Judge Carol Howard.

    Nineteen days later, on November 21, Pleasant fired 19 rounds from an automatic-firing handgun at cops who were chasing him on the Far South Side, prosecutors said Tuesday. He’s now charged with three counts of attempted murder of a police officer.

    “I’m quite certain Judge Howard will be interested in seeing you,” Judge John Lyke told Pleasant after hearing the latest allegations.

Actually, we're pretty sure Judge Howard won't be interested in seeing this asshole. She wasn't interested enough to give him actual jail time on the other charge - No Punishment, No Deterrent.

The story is from the CWB blog....and is the second in a series of posts they describe thusly:

  • There is never a shortage of stories to tell about people being accused of heinous crimes while free on affordable bail or parole. But Tuesday’s bond court hearings in Chicago produced a cornucopia of examples. Legitimate turkeys of justice. We’ll be telling you about them today. Example one is available here and number three is here.
Just more and more stories about how Crimesha releases violent criminals back onto the street, day after day after day. And voters ask for more of the same, year after year after year.

Mystery Unit

So the Community Safety Teams (CST) have been stealing manpower from the Districts for a few months now. Guess how big this unit has gotten?

  • A current search of A and A’s / assignment roster has their manpower listed at get this:

    799 PO’s
    And 65 Sgts.   

    That’s doesn’t include the 100 or so assigned to recently added CIRT unit either

That's nearly three entire Districts worth of manpower.

Doing what exactly? 

  • 720 dead
  • 3200+ maimed

And get a load of these carjacking numbers (click for larger view):

When is someone (Brownie) going to answer for this mismanagement?


Minneapolis Lawsuit

Interesting, seeing as how Groot just cut 600 spots from the Department with plans to "defund" another 1,000 as retirements continue stacking up:

  • Minneapolis residents have standing to sue the city over an alleged police staffing violation, Hennepin County District Court Judge Jamie Anderson has ruled. Anderson’s order rejected the city of Minneapolis’ attempt to throw out the lawsuit because the city said residents lacked standing to sue.

    Anderson said he didn’t have enough information yet to decide on the outcome sought by plaintiffs.

    Still, Anderson cited McKee v. Likins, in which the Minnesota Supreme Court held that “[t]axpayers are legitimately concerned with the performance by public officers of their public duties. Accordingly … a taxpayer suing as a taxpayer has standing to challenge administrative action which allegedly is rulemaking adopted without compliance with the statutory notice requirements.”

    Eight Minneapolis residents sued the City Council and Mayor Jacob Frey in August, arguing they violated the charter requirement to staff roughly 743 officers for the 425,000-person city. The lawsuit argues that the number of licensed police officers has dropped from 825 at the start of 2020 to about 634.

In this case, the City Charter actually dictates the number of Officers to be utilized to keep order, so the defense cited by municipalities (DeShaney vs. Winnebago and Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales) regarding "No Duty to Protect" does not apply here - Minneapolis has a legislated Duty to Protect into its actual charter. 



Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

As usual, posting and comment moderation may be delayed. 

Use whatever excuse you like:

  • family dinner - but safely masked and no more than 6 people
  • trip to a non-COVID restricted place to do some paddle-boarding
  • day off cancelled and we're deployed with everyone else
Happy Thanksgiving and Stay Safe.


Encrypted Radios?

Coppers have been advocating for this for a long time. SWAT has them, but every other communication is out there in the open.

Until recently we're told (via email):

  • Have you seen the orders where Supervisors are required to bring a radio with the "EVENT 1" setting programmed in? This is the new P25 encrypted band rolling out in the newer radios. It's something to enable secure communications (finally) while moving the troops to confront antifa and rioters who were always a step ahead of the CPD.

This should have been done nationwide after 9/11, and was done in numerous smaller departments where they didn't need to buy a few thousand radios. NYPD muddled through something like this, but the infrastructure was always the stumbling block. Anyone know if they got it running and CPD is following NYPD (again)?

UPDATE: Digital....but not encrypted? We aren't tech geeks by any stretch, so someone explain please.


The Story That Won't Die

We don't even want to quote it:

Wheezie refused everything but a report and the matter has been closed criminally. There's a Grand Jury somewhere subpoenaing every report in existence though.

And Commander Jerome, who already took a 28-day suspension for the DUI incident (even though he was home in bed) showed up at the scene of this disaster.

Anyone know what City Hall is attempting to distract from this time?


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

FOP Walks Away - Arbitration?

He gave them every opportunity to negotiate:

  • Brothers and Sisters,

    As I previously informed you, the city was told to respond by 3pm today on whether the 11.5% offer was achievable or not and what it would take to make that happen. Clearly they have not been bargaining in good faith. They waited till EXACTLY 3PM to send they reply today. They have rejected that offer as unreasonable. In return, a response was sent to them.

    The city was informed that the 11.5% is now off the table for good and we are reverting to our original counter offer of 17%. Any and all discipline reform talks are also now off the table going forward. Those 2 issues will end up in arbitration at some point. We will continue to negotiate parts of the contract wherever possible. When we a hit wall on all matters, we will then proceed to arbitration on whatever has not been resolved.

    All this after the Mayor twisted enough arms to get her budget passed this afternoon which not only increased property taxes but also cut over 600 CPD sworn job from our budget. That is a quasi defund the police move. 29 Alderman voted for that budget. Their names will be published tomorrow.

    John Catanzara Jr.

This is a good fight to have - we've been working through the "pandemic," having days off canceled and pretty working every holiday.

Teachers got how much and they haven't been in a classroom since March? And they're still only contributing 2% to their pensions.

How about start running more police officers for aldercreature? The "defund" movement is a failure nationwide...even here in Chicago. Los Angeles record ed its 300th homicide after years of declines. Start hammering the issue. Instead of offering endorsements, start running candidates. Even if we're splitting votes, we might be affecting incumbents.

Council of Cowards

Groot's "pandemic budget" passes by the narrowest margin in decades:

  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday savored her hard-fought budget victory, even though her winning margin was the narrowest in decades and could spell trouble when it comes to making the tough decisions ahead.

    The mayor’s plan to raise property taxes by $94 million, followed by annual increases tied to the consumer price index, passed with only two votes to spare. The roll call was 28 to 22.

    The “No” votes were cast by 11 white aldermen, including some of the mayor’s closest allies, along with seven Hispanic and four Black aldermen. They were concentrated in wards that comprised Lightfoot’s political base.

That last paragraph doesn't make sense - if these "No" votes were her "closest allies" AND they represent her "base," who exactly did she get the 28 "Yes" votes from? Her enemies who represent voters who went for Prickwrinkle? 

And somehow, there weren't 3 votes to flip?

By the way, the Vallas post from a few days ago was 100% accurate - future property tax increases are built into this budget so aldercreatures can claim "I didn't vote for a property tax increase" when it's automatically tied to the rate of inflation or the cost-of-living increase. This also means that pretty much every "raise" all of the unions negotiate from this point forward is merely a slowing of salary reductions. 

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Follow the Science

But what if the science says this?

  • A new study published in the journal Nature has found that people who are either asymptomatic or undergoing a secondary illness of COVID-19 are simply not infectious, and don’t give the virus to others.

    In other words, it appears that the only time people can infect others is when they have the virus for the first time, and only when they are symptomatic. Lock downs and the use of masks by the healthy accomplish nothing. All you need to do is quarantine the symptomatic patient, as human societies have been doing for centuries and centuries.

    To once again emphasize this point, wearing masks if you are healthy and not sick protects no one. Social distancing if you are not sick protects no one. Shutting down businesses, such as reducing capacities at restaurants so they can’t make a profit, protects no one. Curfews protect no one.

    When you see someone on a hiking trail, it is not necessary to run ten feet off the trail, put a mask on, and bow your head away in fear and terror of that other person. That they are on the trail guarantees they are not sick. They can’t infect you. And that you are there also means you can’t infect them.

    Burn the mask. Smile. Live like a human again. And most of all, stop being afraid all the time.

Anyone know what the unions (and Civil Rights groups/lawyers) are going to do when the government tries to force the vaccine on people?


Great Intel

And a great job keeping the leaders in the loop:

  • A veteran police lieutenant was reassigned last week after a one-day trip to Chicago by Attorney General William Barr caught Chicago Police Department leadership and the mayor’s office by surprise.

    Sources told the Chicago Sun-Times that Lt. Patrick Quinn was pulled from his position in the Crime Prevention and Information Center in police headquarters and sent to the Rogers Park District on the North Side after Mayor Lori Lightfoot and CPD brass learned of Barr’s visit during a conference call Nov. 17 — just a day before Barr, the nation’s top law enforcement officer, was scheduled to arrive in Chicago.

    Quinn could not be reached Tuesday and representatives for the CPD lieutenant’s union did not respond to inquiries. Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office referred questions to the CPD, which declined to comment on Quinn’s move.

    “All personnel decisions are made by the Chicago Police Department Superintendent and his leadership team,” mayoral spokesman Pat Mullane said.

It would only have been funnier if Barr made it in and out of town without CPD even knowing about it.

The report says he didn't meet with any of the local federal prosecutions team, so no one knows what's up....and that makes Groot's people nervous.


Officer Found Deceased

No word on what  happened

  • A Chicago police officer was found dead inside his South Side home Tuesday morning.

    Paramedics found the officer unresponsive in the 9400 block of South Wabash Avenue, according to Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford.

    The man, in his 40s, was pronounced dead at the scene, he said.

    His cause of death has not been determined by the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Prayers for his family and co-workers in 005.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Officer Injured Overnight


  • A male police officer was seriously injured during a traffic stop near the 95th Street Red Line “L” station on Monday evening, according to the Chicago Fire Department and Chicago Police Department.

    Officers pulled over a Chevy Impala in the 9500 block of South Lafayette Avenue in the Princeton Park neighborhood, according to Chicago police. The driver started to drive off with an officer on the driver’s side door, dragging the officer.

    The Impala then hit a concrete pillar, causing the officer to be thrown from the driver’s side door, police said. The officer hit a “fixed object” as he was thrown.

Officer is listed in "Good Condition" at latest report. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Here's a Mystery

This is Groot voting earlier in November:

The thing is, she's voting at Colletti's. We're told it's a well-known Italian bistro type restaurant on the far northwest side - Elston and Central. 

That's no where near 014, no where near Logan Square and very much closer to Sauganash. Groot is far too smart to be committing voter fraud, so we're going to guess she moved north and didn't tell anyone. In fact, Google Maps tells us this is just two miles south of Dick's Sporting Goods that she bought a paddle board at the other day.

We'd hate to think that concerned citizens weren't having their voices heard if they're protesting at an empty house. After all, the essence of the American system is that politicians listen to the citizens, right? 

Who's got a copy of 017's sheets?


Sgt Exam Announcement!

The news is as follows:

  • Keep waiting


That's it. 

This was a Citywide fax sent out.

Maybe something will happen late in the First Quarter next year or it won't. COVID you know. 

Keep studying.


More Taxes

Has anyone seen a single proposal to cut spending? Besides the one where they defund the CPD and everything becomes rainbows and unicorns. Because this is getting seriously dumb:

  • An alderman introduced a plan Monday to tax deliveries by companies, such as Amazon, as the City Council also capped fees third-party delivery services charge pandemic-stricken restaurants and teed up Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s 2020 budget for a Tuesday vote.

    Bridgeport Ald. Patrick Daley Thompson wants to charge an additional $1.25 for packages delivered by ground to addresses in the city that weigh 50 pounds or less, and $2.50 for heavier deliveries. Prescription medicine and food deliveries from restaurants would be exempted from the extra tax under Thompson’s plan.

Ruin businesses across the city, county and state, then raise taxes when everyone is sitting home not working and not getting paid. At least those not working for the government aren't getting paid.

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