Sunday, June 25, 2017

Well Done Officer

  • A Chicago man is grateful to be alive after collapsing on a basketball court.

    Doctors say he’s only alive because of the actions of a heroic Chicago police officer who says, he’s "always on duty"
Read the whole article for specifics, but very well done Officer. Around 10 full minutes of CPR is exhausting, but it saved this man's life.


Ethics Time!

Once again, it's time for the unfailable test that everyone is required to take, but only aldercreatures can ignore. In fact, there seems to be an entirely new section in the test that allows aldercreatures to accept World Series tickets, free of reporting requirements, should that happy occasion ever arise again.

In honor of the IAD non-cheating scandal, we got this handy study guide from someone identifying themselves as "GWilliams:"
  • I - yes, no, yes, yes, yes, no
  • II - no, yes, yes
  • III - no, yes, yes, yes
  • IV - no, no, yes, yes
Good luck - you'll have no problem scoring 100% with this assistance, just like "lieutenant" Hall.


Not a Chase

  • A woman was killed in a crash early Saturday in the Englewood neighborhood when the driver of an SUV collided with her car while speeding away from a police stop.

    About 1:05 a.m., officers on patrol heard gunshots and stopped a white Kia SUV as it came out of an alley in the 5700 block of South LaSalle, according to Chicago Police.

    A passenger in the SUV, identified as 29-year-old Richard Johnson, was told to get out of the vehicle while the officers investigated, police said. When Johnson stepped out, the male driver of the SUV sped away south and crashed into a Ford Focus in the 5900 block of South LaSalle.

    The driver of the SUV ran off after the crash and has not been located, police said.
Barely enough time to secure the passenger and maybe radio a description out? And then it's over. Blame the criminal this time - please. It would be a welcome change.


Repeat Gun Offender Law

  • Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democrats orchestrated a brief reprieve from their fighting Friday as they touted a new law to crack down on repeat gun offenders.

    Rauner inked his approval to the legislation at a hastily arranged signing ceremony in his Capitol office, a day after his staff accused Democrats of holding onto the bill in order to deny the governor a chance to celebrate the political accomplishment.

    The governor called lawmakers to Springfield for a 10-day special session, during which Democrats have cast the governor as unwilling to negotiate and incapable of completing a political deal.

    The new gun law was long sought by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, whose relationship with the governor also has been strained. Emanuel and Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson pushed the measure as a way to help reduce crime in the city.

    The legislation changes gun sentencing laws so that instead of a range of three to 14 years for some repeat gun crimes, judges would hand out sentences of seven to 14 years. If they want to depart from that guideline, they will have to explain why.
So will Foxxx's people be allowed to ask for the maximums? And will judges actually assign the maximums? We highly doubt it.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Cops Injured in Crash

The west side blew up - Friday night, who would have guessed? And there was a crash:
  • A crash involving a Chicago Police vehicle Friday night on the West Side sent four officers and another person to hospitals.

    About 9:20 p.m., officers turned on their vehicle’s emergency equipment in the East Garfield Park neighborhood when they saw a vehicle in the 3000 block of West Madison that was wanted in connection with an investigation, according to Chicago Police.

    As the officers were traveling south on Sacramento, a black SUV traveling east on Madison struck the police vehicle on the passenger side, police said. The SUV then hit another vehicle that was stopped in traffic.
From this preliminary story, it appears the officers were riding four-deep in the squad, which again goes to show how notoriously short of even the most basic equipment the Department is.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Econ 101 Again

The Cook County Soda Tax is about to take effect, and so will another demonstration of Economics 101 to ignorant politicians.  Toni Prickwrinkle was on the news yesterday talking about how she had surveyed other places that a beverage tax had been implemented and "discovered" soda consumption was down, thereby improving the public's health. The trouble is, consumption wasn't down - people shopped elsewhere where the tax wasn't as onerous, but that doesn't fit her busybody government narrative.

It ties into a question we asked around a week ago - has anyone in the media even tried to research what effect the Gun and Ammo tax had on crime? Or how much was actually collected? Here's a story not getting much coverage:
  • When the City of Seattle passed a tax on all sales of guns and ammunition, the measure was hailed as a way to defray the rising costs of gun violence.

    But since the tax took effect, those costs have only risen as gun violence in the city has surged. And the tax has apparently brought in much less than city leaders projected it would.

    [...] Seattle City Councilman Tim Burgess introduced the tax in 2015. It puts a $25 tax on every firearm sold in the city and up to 5 cents per round of ammunition. The measure easily passed and took effect January 1, 2016. Comparing the first five months of 2017 with the same period before the gun tax went into effect, reports of shots fired are up 13 percent, the number of people injured in shootings climbed 37 percent and gun deaths doubled, according to crime statistics from the Seattle Police Department.
That is almost exactly the same tax scheme Prickwrinkle put into effect - and the crime increases are similar, too. And how much revenue did it produce in Seattle?
  • In selling his gun tax to the public, Burgess predicted it would generate between $300,000 and $500,000 annually. The money would be used to study the root causes of gun violence in hopes of reducing the costs to taxpayers.

    Seattle officials refuse to say how much the tax brought in the first year, only giving the number “under $200,000.” Gun rights groups have sued to get the exact amount.
So Prickwrinkle probably has a hole in her budget from over-estimating the "violence" tax and is about to have another one from the soda tax. Shortshanks did the same thing with his bottled water tax - sales plummeted in the city and skyrocketed in the suburbs, costing the city probable millions at a dime per.

And once again, the media isn't doing any sort of follow-up.

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2017 Ties 2016

  • A cool and wet May helped tamp down the stupidity a bit which was good enough for “at least it’s not as bad as last year”. Now a warmer and therefore more violent June has been running up the score and as of this post, 2017 has now once again tied 2016. Of course this is “unacceptable” and we’ll be on the lookout for new strategies, including but not limited to further depletion of police manpower from the non-warzone parts of town and accelerated development of a supervillan weather control device. 
June will have to finish with a bang (haha) to maintain the pace of last year, but we've noticed the usual cries of "crime is down" from the HQ IP addresses have been mysteriously silent this month.

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Nice Neighborhood Headed South

  • Two off-duty Chicago police officers were involved in a fight with three male strangers as they left a club in the city's River North neighborhood early Friday morning.

    The two officers, ages 32 and 25, and a woman were leaving the club in the 400-block of North LaSalle Drive around 2 a.m. when the argument began. It turned physical and the older officer sustained injuries to his face, police said.

    The 32-year-old officer was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he was treated and released. The 25-year-old officer was not visibly hurt in the fight and refused medical treatment, police said.

    The woman, who was not involved in the fight, fainted at the scene and was also transported to Northwestern, where police said her condition stabilized.
Luckily the injuries weren't serious. But even cops looking for a night of relaxation with friends run the risk of becoming victims in Rahm's Chicago.


Any Truth to This?

The 3-year-old beaten to death in Little Village - the rumor has surfaced that the murderer was ::gasp:: an illegal alien who had a previous INS Detainer lodged against him for a Domestic Violence arrest, but which Sheriff Dart refused to honor.

Is this another one of those "Chicago values" Rahm is spouting off about? Beating children to death?

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Rahm Pandering to Whom?

  • Cook County in 2016 again recorded the largest black population of any county in the U.S., but it carries that title with less conviction than previous years as more African-Americans move to outlying suburbs or warmer states in the South and West, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.

    Between 2015 and 2016, more than 12,000 black residents left Cook County, an increase from the previous year when about 9,000 residents left. The greater Chicago area, which for the census includes parts of Indiana and Wisconsin, has lost nearly 46,000 black residents since 2010. That exodus is larger than in any other metropolitan area in the country.
This might explain why Rahm is pandering to the Hispanic community as hard as he is. But then this might make those voters take a hard look at what Rahm is all about:
  • Gunfire interrupted three Little League baseball games on the West Side on Wednesday night during an event meant to build connections between two neighborhoods that grapple with violence.

    Teams from Little Village and Near West Side were playing at Altgeld Park at Harrison Street and Washtenaw Avenue when at least nine shots were fired around 6:45 p.m. No one was hit, but the fields were cleared.

    [...] The two leagues play each other every Wednesday. DeMateo said it's an opportunity for Latino kids from Little Village to play with black kids from the Near West Side.
Unfortunately, what should be a decent opportunity to find common ground via sports turned into a demonstration of what else ties these troubled communities together.


About that Gang Party

This comment appeared in yesterday's post about that gang party:
  • I don't blame CPD for being disgruntled, if I were a cop I would probably be in jail for killing every asshole that looked at me wrong, but to label everyone in the neighborhood as anti-cop SJW liberals is fucking retarded and even if they were, it shouldn't stop you from your job of keeping the people that live there safe.
 Really? Well then Citizen, perhaps you'd like to tell us how 50 cops (tops) can pacify/disperse a crowd of 1,000 without water cannons, flash-bangs, gas, etc. We're all ears.

Remember when we had citywide units? A few hundred cops that the Department could call out for situations exactly like this? This event isn't a secret - it's been going on for years. Units like the old Task Force morphed into Gangs morphed into Special Operations, Targeted Response or Mobile Strike Force. Three-hundred cops who could have days off canceled at a moment's notice along with District Gang/Tact teams gave the Department a force of 500 or so to deal something like this - a "reunion" that is just an excuse for the old gang bangers to relive the misery they used to bring to a neighborhood that moved on.

Now CPD has 25 cars show up? For a crowd numbering 1,000? A crowd that's been drinking and smoking all night without any interference from authorities? With (we're betting) a few hundred guns? And nothing has been done for years? In a city that has abandoned the rule of law? What exactly are the police supposed to do?

DNAInfo did the only real reporting on this whole incident (again) and the picture they paint isn't pretty at all. They link it all to a particularly violent stretch of the weekend:
  • While the party itself sparked a few fights caught on camera, six people were shot on the Near West Side Sunday. One of the shootings, injuring a 29-year-old man, occurred at 11:10 p.m. on Adams Street, just a block or two west of the park.

    Minutes later, two more men were shot standing in the 2500 block of West Jackson Boulevard, a half-mile away from the park, police said.
And while cops were handling the double on Jackson, three more got shot right up the block. All connected? Probably, but you'd be hard pressed to see the media link it all together. And it isn't going to get any better.


Not Chicago

We're sensing a bit of animosity toward Rahm and Chicago for some reason:
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a new plan Tuesday in which 12 cities will receive more federal manpower to combat violence in their communities.

    "Turning back the recent troubling increase of violence crime in our country is a top priority of the Department of Justice and the Trump administration as we work to fulfill the president's promise to make America safe again," Sessions said at the beginning of the Justice Department's two-day summit on crime reduction.

    The first round of cities chosen for the new initiative, the National Public Safety Partnership, are Baton Rouge, La.; Birmingham, Ala.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Cincinnati; Houston; Indianapolis; Jackson, Tenn.; Kansas City, Mo.; Lansing, Mich.; Memphis, Tenn.; Springfield, Ill.; and Toledo, Ohio.
Conspicuous by their absence:
  1. Baltimore
  2. Chicago
There's the promise of more cities being added in the future, but the two cities leading the charge to the bottom aren't getting much. A few dozen extra prosecutors at some point to take some cases federal, but no money. Well played Rahm - you are a master of politics...if you're sucking democrats' asses.


What is the City's Share?

  • Tiger Woods’ design firm on Wednesday released final designs for a multimillion-dollar plan to merge the Jackson Park and South Shore golf courses into PGA-caliber links, a vision met with cautious optimism as city officials presented the idea to South Side residents.

    The city, Chicago Park District, TGR Design and Chicago Golf Alliance showcased the proposed course layout at the South Shore Cultural Center, the first in a series of public hearings to gather community feedback on the “South Lakefront Framework Plan,” a revamp that includes the course and the Obama Presidential Library.

    What remains to be seen is how much the golf course project will cost — and who will foot the bill.
Oh, we have a whole bunch of ideas who will end up footing the bill:
  • The Chicago Golf Alliance has said merging the courses will cost about $30 million, with $24 million coming from private donors.

    But infrastructure improvements around the courses — including two new underpasses, at 67th Street and South Shore Drive, and at 66th Street and Jeffery Boulevard — could at least double that price tag, critics say, and it’s unclear where that money would come from.
Add in the usual Chicago cost "overruns" and certain parties getting their beaks wet, we're betting on yet again, Rahm finding a magical money tree that produces money only for pet projects and none for contractually obligated payments to assorted pension funds.


    Parade Debt

    Is this something?

    If this is correct, the PR Parade Committee owes nearly $40,000 to the City dating back to 2015 and possibly even more for 2016 and 2017. Amazingly, the parade was allowed to go on and produce some fifteen attendees with extra holes in their bodies and a middle-aged guy who won't ever go home again.

    But if you're a minute late with your sticker, water bill or anything involving a city fee, you'll catch a suspension, late fees and garnishment of wages. Perhaps we should all register as "Parade Committees."


    Thursday, June 22, 2017

    Pension Bankruptcy Looms

    • Without a taxpayer bailout, Chicago’s police pension fund won’t have enough money to pay benefits to retirees in 2021, according to a projection by Local Government Information Services (LGIS), which publishes Chicago City Wire.

      At the end of 2020, LGIS estimates that the Policemen’s Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago will have less than $150 million in assets to pay $928 million promised to 14,133 retirees the following year.

      Fund assets will fall from $3.2 billion at the end of 2015 to $1.4 billion at the end of 2018, $751 million at the end of 2019, and $143 million at the end of 2020, according to LGIS.

      LGIS analyzed 12 years of the fund’s mandated financial filings with the Illinois Department of Insurance (DOI), which regulates public pension funds. It found that-- without taxpayer subsidies and the ability to use active employee contributions to pay current retirees, a practice that is illegal in the private sector-- the fund would have already run completely dry, in 2015.
    We have more retirees that ever before and the 55-and-out provision seems almost designed to ruin the pension. Aside from killing off every single retiree (a difficult task given that most are armed and willing to shoot back), a day of reckoning is fast approaching.

    Another article here about Illinois' nearly three years without a budget and Comptroller Susana Mendoza complaining about the unpaid bills (after she gave Herbie a $1,000 and herself and staff new cars).

    Pitchforks and torches time fast approaching.

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    I'll Look Down and Whisper "No."

    Back in the mid-80's, there was a comic book published that ended up on a list of Top 100 novels. The limited series was called, "Watchmen" and we've paraphrased a telling quote from it a couple of times. A few readers caught the reference, but most don't recognize it:
    • This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown.

      The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll look down and whisper "No."
    Unfortunately, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois seems to be right there, staring into the abyss. Here's another symptom of the downfall:
    • A raucous and "very dangerous" gang party that brought 1,000 people to a Near West Side park late Sunday was so out of control, Chicago police struggled to shut it down, one alderman said.

      Despite calling for police and politicians to address notoriously loud and sometimes violent gang parties for years, neighbors living near Touhy-Herbert Park report that this weekend's massive all-night party that spilled over into the streets was worse than ever.

      The footage of the post-Father's Day party, captured in photos and on video just two blocks west of the United Center, shows hundreds of people crowding the streets, drinking, smoking and at times, fighting. As music is blasted over car stereos, women illuminated with floodlights dance on the hood of cars, and the blue lights of police squad cars flash in the background.

      One area neighbor called the out-of-control party "Armageddon."
    We're pretty sure Armageddon will be much bloodier, but for people not accustomed to seeing what cops have seen, this is a shocking wake-up call to just how far the city and this Department has fallen.

    DNAInfo pulls no punches - a rarity in the media:
    • The neighbor said he personally called 911 and met with about eight officers in his alley about 3:30 a.m. Monday as the mayhem continued.

      "They proceeded to tell me every reason they couldn't do their job, from not having enough resources to not visually seeing illegal activity to not wanting to escalate a situation," he said. "There are laws being broken all the time, and they are not being enforced."

      After the party went on for hours Sunday, one officer who arrived on the scene did take action to clear the streets, according to a neighbor who has lived in the area for two years.

      "One of the cops finally took out his rifle and said, 'C'mon, we've gotta clear out these streets,'" she remembered.
      But the group of more than 1,000 people was defiant, the neighbor said.

      "They know the cops aren't going to shoot them, especially with all the cellphone videos," she said. "The crowd just stands there knowing that they can't do anything. They just stand there, mocking them."
    This however, is pure fantasy:
    • Burnett said neighbors need to be able to rely on police to quell violence and illegal activity on the Near West Side. The alternative is frightening.

      "They're going to force people in the communities to be vigilantes to protect themselves," Burnett said. "We need to be able to rely on the police."
    Reliance is a two way street there Wally. Where is our backup? Where is our support? Where is our pension money? Where are our defenders?
    • .....all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll look down and whisper "No."
    Get used to it.


    No Cheating, but.....

    • Chicago's top watchdog has found no evidence that several well-connected police command officers — including Superintendent Eddie Johnson's fiancee — cheated on a promotion exam, but he also recommended that the department tighten its testing procedures.
    And what exactly did he recommend be "tightened?"
    • Inspector General Joseph Ferguson said in a report released Wednesday that investigators found no proof to support allegations that a former top-ranking officer who helped develop the 2015 lieutenants exam had leaked elements of the test in advance and coached cops to higher scores.

      Ferguson, however, criticized the department's testing procedures. He suggested that the department hire an outside company or person to finalize tests to eliminate the possibility that parts of exams will be leaked. He also suggested that officials who develop tests should be required to disclose any personal relationships with those taking the test.

    So, the exact allegations of cheating are the things that Ferguson recommends be "tightened." Are you fucking kidding us?

    We know for a fact via IAD sources that the allegations of cheating were well founded. An investigator went to the specific locations and found secret study groups on more than half-a-dozen occasions. The "study group" thought they were being sneaky by switching rooms and the investigator found them every single time - because they were using Department e-mails to communicate. But Ferguson can't find a single e-mail?

    And "Subject Matter Experts" should disclose personal relationships? Gee, you think? Husband/wife teams scored exactly the same, SME's married to people scoring in the top 25, people who work in the offices of SME's scoring high enough for first class seniority, the list is near endless.

    Ferguson was bought and paid for, and we end up working for multiple-"merit"-morons.

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    Carry a Taser? Or Don't?

    • The city of Chicago has agreed to pay $9.5 million to settle a federal lawsuit filed by a man who was severely injured when a police officer jolted him with a Taser and he fell and hit his head on the pavement, court records show.
    So what did the Officer do?
    • Jose Lopez was injured in July 2011, as officers were aiding paramedics who had been called to the Little Village neighborhood, where Lopez was experiencing chest pains. Lopez repeatedly refused medical treatment and officers alleged that he took a swing at them before Officer [...] tased him, according to court records.
    The officer was cleared by the Department - no discipline whatsoever - because he acted in accordance with training, using a tool supplied by the city, using the level of force appropriate for the situation. And a group of jurors bought the story sold by the plaintiff attorney that an assailant is somehow deserving of money because of the Law of Gravity.

    How about you don't do drugs, and don't attack paramedics/police? Why bother taking a taser out? If you use it, you get sued anyway.

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    Great Job Maldonado

    It was a brilliant idea to not only allow beer and wine at the PR fest, but also distilled spirits this year. What could possibly go wrong?
    • Thousands of revelers descended on Humboldt Park for this weekend's Puerto Rican Festival and Parade — but the weekend also saw an uptick in shootings, including one that left a 33-year-old man dead.

      Ald. Roberto Maldonado (26th) did not respond to requests for comment on the violence, but said in a statement that he'd spoken to Kevin Navarro, the first deputy superintendent for Chicago Police, "to express my deep concern about the recent increase" in crime in the area.

      Maldonado said he told Navarro police staffing had dropped in the area, and that there was a "clear need" for more police.
    Shootings nearly doubled. The number shot tripled.

    The first rule about "manpower" is that you don't mention "manpower." Ever.

    Second, are you dense? You've been approving the budget for how long? You've seen the closing of how many police stations? The disbanding of how many units? The cutting of over 1,200 budgeted police positions? And suddenly you see a "clear need"?

    Tell us, what was your first clue? Was it this?

    Because that was all weekend from what we heard, even if the lame-stream media didn't cover it. DNAInfo did, and they're the only ones doing any real reporting lately.

    Maybe they'll pick up on your desire to drive over crime scenes soon?


    That's $50 Kass

    • Illinois is like Venezuela now, a fiscally broken state that has lost its will to live, although for the moment, we still have enough toilet paper. But before we run out of the essentials, let's finally admit that after decade upon decade of taxing and spending and borrowing, Illinois has finally run out of other people's money. Those "other people" include taxpayers who've abandoned the state. And now Illinois faces doomsday.

      So as the politicians meet in Springfield this week for another round of posturing and gesturing and blaming, we need a plan. And here it is:

      Dissolve Illinois. Decommission the state, tear up the charter, whatever the legal mumbo-jumbo, just end the whole dang thing. We just disappear. With no pain. That's right. You heard me.
    We like the "Venezuela of the Midwest" thing, it's a great visual. So we'll knock the SCC finder's fee/Chaplain donation down by half - $25 to the CPD Sky Pilots.


    Imagine That

    • Police suspect the 17-year-old reputed gang member who investigators believe sprayed an unmarked police van with bullets from an assault rifle last month – hitting two cops – has fled to Mexico.

      “He has family in Mexico,” a law enforcement source said Wednesday. It’s the job of the U.S. Marshals office to work with law enforcement from Mexico to collar the teen, the source said.

      “It’s on ongoing investigation, so I can’t comment,” U.S. Marshals spokeswoman Belkis Sandoval said Wednesday. “But I can say this case is a priority. And we investigate all leads, even if there in other countries.”
    In this case, we'd like to defer to Mexican justice....if it was guaranteed. It might certainly be a bit more than anything Foxxx may dish out.


    Wednesday, June 21, 2017

    With What Manpower?

    • Downtown Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd) has made an “urgent request” for more overnight police patrols on the Lakefront Trail, the downtown Riverwalk and in Streeterville after a 25-year-old Lawndale woman was shot and killed in his ward early Sunday.

      Reilly has also requested more surveillance cameras, better lighting and the overnight shutdown during warm weather months of an underpass at Ohio and Lake Shore Drive used to access the beach, the Lakefront Trail and Navy Pier.

      It was near that underpass in the 500 block of East Ohio that 25-year-old Raven Lemons was shot in the head and killed around 2 a.m. Sunday. It was the first downtown homicide reported this year, but violent crime has been on the rise, along with the temperatures.
    Has Brendan not been paying attention? We're short - have been for years. Rahm's promises don't amount to a hill of beans anyway.

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    No, we mean literally. How old is the 001 District building?

    Rat traps - not in the alley, not in the garage. In the building. The men's room to be exact. Rats walking around, bold as brass, like they own the place. 

    We heard that some watches have started naming the rats. Then they had to start numbering them because the rats were all named Rahm.


    Car Jumper Death

    Play stupid games....
    • A man fell off the top of a vehicle and died Sunday afternoon in the West Side Austin neighborhood.

      About 3:30 p.m., the 26-year-old jumped onto a vehicle in traffic in the 5100 block of West Chicago Avenue, according to Chicago Police.

      The driver accelerated out of fear and struck the man, police said.
    Excuse us for a moment.....
    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Does anyone know if he was doing this? (video from Atlanta)

    Someone jumps on our car like that, squad or personal, well, who knows what they're up to?


    Tuesday, June 20, 2017

    Congratulations Chicago!

    • Chicago recorded its 300th homicide over the Father's Day weekend, just like it did last year.

      The somber milestone was reached around 2:30 a.m. Monday when a 33-year-old man was gunned down during a burst of violence that saw four people killed and 13 others wounded over just five hours Sunday evening through early Monday, according to data kept by the Tribune.

      At one point, officers working a double-shooting on the Near West Side late Sunday night had to duck for cover when shots were fired blocks away.
    According to, the final tally was 13 dead and 56 wounded for 2017. Last year it was 13 dead and 46 wounded, so the maimings are picking up the pace.

    That double shooting described in the last paragraph that ended with officers taking cover? It was a triple shooting just up the block, so you know that the shooters just don't give a shit if officers are even down the block.

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    FOIA Request Anyone?

    The tape is out there, but will the media even ask to see it?
    • Alder-scum Maldonado is at it again. He's the one that was written a ticket and claimed the police were racist. He tried to drive through a shooting crime scene to get home and when he was stopped pulled out his cell phone camera and started taunting the Sargent [sic]. He demanded to be allowed to drive (while obviously impaired) through shell casings so he could get his kids home. Now he is demanding a meeting with the Commander or else. Stay tuned to see him run to the media with this one too. Only difference is this time his antics were caught on dash cam and body cam.
    There's video of Bobby Rush being a dick at a traffic stop, making allegations of wrong doing that weren't supported by anything but Bobby's overactive imagination. In fact, the video shows officers being completely polite, professional and cutting Bobby a break - and he still slandered the officers.

    Rush should have been sued over that one. Sounds like Maldonado should be sued, too.


    No Herbie Designs

    It seems that Herbie "ain't in no gang" Pulgar is currently in prison:

      Admission Date: 05/09/2017
      Projected Parole Date: 02/08/2018
      Last Paroled Date:
      Projected Discharge Date: 02/08/2020
    Five years for PSMV and Burglary, served concurrently. Look at those "Projected Parole" and "Projected Discharge" dates - nine months in prison, two years parole. Amazing.

    We've got $100 says he violates parole within 6 months of release.


    Fire Brass Resignations

    • Thirty-two members of the Chicago Fire Department’s brass resigned their exempt positions Monday and returned to rank-and-file status in a fight over pay and benefits that will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.
      The bosses will return to their career service ranks of battalion chief and, in one case, paramedic field chief, but will continue to “act up” in their exempt positions.

      That means the 32 will now be eligible for overtime, holiday pay, duty availability, hazmat and other forms of supplemental and specialty pay afforded to members of the rank-and-file.

      They resigned en masse at 8 a.m. Monday. They represent more than half of the brass on the fire suppression side of the Chicago Fire Department but just one of roughly a dozen bosses overseeing emergency medical services.
    What's the solution? Bankrupt another pension system:
    • ...the state pension code doesn’t allow exempt fire officers to earn pension benefits based on their current salary. Instead, their pension benefits are based on the lower salary of their most recent union-covered job.

      All of that can result in a loss of thousands of dollars in pay each year for exempts — sometimes $20,000 or $25,000, sources say.

      Pending state legislation known as a “brass bill” would allow exempt fire employees to earn a pension based on the pay for their current jobs.
    We all see where the CPD brass is draining the pension at a massive rate due to political promotions - they did nothing to earn an exempt pension except exploit the right connections, sleep with the correct person, or be part of the lucky sperm club. Now CFD brass want the same thing - a pension based on political considerations rather than earned.

    We were actually hoping that the CFD system would be forced on the CPD brass.

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    Dart Follies

    From a regular contact and e-mailer:
    • Information we have obtained from numerous sources is that the current administration of the Cook County Sheriff's Department cannot account for over 300 subjects (various reports place this number as high as 500) who have been released on electronic monitoring.

      These subjects include highly violent repeat offenders, which the admin of the CCSD does not have knowledge of their whereabouts.

      Furthermore, information obtained is that the officers in the electronic monitoring unit are so severely understaffed that they have a near 9 month backlog of work to complete.

      Sheriff Tom Dart has not hired a Deputy 11 years despite his budget expanding nearly 200 million in that same period. The court deputy division is down over 700 officers since 2006... Dart however, found funding for 244 'Shakman Exempt' political hires
    So somewhere between 300 and 500 subjects, many arrested for violent crimes but released as part of the "empty jail" initiative, running around without any sort of tracking. Fucking brilliant. But he hires media spouses, siblings, progeny, etc., so they don't write bad stories about him.


    Monday, June 19, 2017

    More Number Fudging

    Quite the spread among the media outlets:
    • Tribune - Three people were fatally shot and 22 others were wounded across the city during 18 hours from Saturday to Sunday, according to police. Of those shot, eight were wounded in two separate quadruple shootings on the West Side. 
    • Sun Times - A woman who was shot to death in the Gold Coast neighborhood was among eight people shot early Sunday. In total, 3 people have been killed and 36 others have been wounded in gun violence across Chicago since Friday evening.
    And the only numbers that count -
    • 9 dead, 44 wounded (numbers may change - at least two on life support at last report)
    The Tribune helpfully includes a previously under-reported category, no doubt part of Rahm's anti-gun agenda - rifle shootings.

    This makes us wonder if there might be something to the suggestion in the comment section about an armored bus tour of some of Chicago's more exciting neighborhoods. Bullet-resistant vests and Kevlar helmets for the tourists, steel plated bus with reactive armor, run-flat tires and Lexan window ports. You'd probably still have to use a closed circuit television system as the bus would automatically become a target and losing a tourist might ruin business.

    Anyone want to run with this business opportunity?

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    Nothing to See Here

    • A West Side woman was fatally shot while standing on the street near Ohio Street Beach early Sunday, police said.

      About 5 a.m., the woman was standing with an acquaintance in the 500 block of East Ohio Street when someone shot her in the head, police said.

      The woman was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead.
    Just another Saturday night/Sunday morning in Chicago.


    017 Manpower

    Don't worry - we're fully staffed:

    20 blocks by 40, almost 12.5 square miles.

    One beat car down, no rapids, no wagon.

    Sixteen cops....if you're lucky.

    Good thing it's slow.


    More Photoshop

    We're sensing a theme here:

    It's a happy theme it would seem.


    Sunday, June 18, 2017

    Quick Work

    • One adult and two teens have been charged in connection with the shooting that wounded two young girls outside an elementary school in the city's Pill Hill neighborhood Friday afternoon, Chicago police said.

      The three suspects have been charged with two felony counts of attempted first degree murders, two felony counts of aggravated battery and one misdemeanor count of criminal trespass to a vehicles.
    We're surprised Foxxx approved multiple felonies without multiple previous convictions - that goes against her entire post-election ethos. These kids were just in high spirits....over-exuberant scoundrels engaging in end-of-school-year shenanigans. Now they're going to miss significant portions of summer vacation prepping for trial.


    Latest Design

    This one incorporates many "Chicago values:"

    The blood, the duct taped mirror, the bullet holes.

    Very Chicago.


    The "Algorithm"

    We make it a habit not to link to the New York Times, but even good habits get bent sometimes. This article goes into the mysterious algorithm that runs much of the Department operations via the SSL - Strategic Subject List - and which is currently the subject of a number of FOIA requests:
    • Gun violence in Chicago has surged since late 2015, and much of the news media attention on how the city plans to address this problem has focused on the Strategic Subject List, or S.S.L.

      The list is made by an algorithm that tries to predict who is most likely to be involved in a shooting, either as perpetrator or victim. The algorithm is not public, but the city has now placed a version of the list — without names — online through its open data portal, making it possible for the first time to see how Chicago evaluates risk.

      We analyzed that information and found that the assigned risk scores — and what characteristics go into them — are sometimes at odds with the Chicago Police Department’s public statements and cut against some common perceptions.

    The article drills down into the working of the violence equations, mostly by working backwards from results and what limited information they derive from Department and City press releases. The FOIA request may reveal more of the methodology, but regardless, it's an OK read from a left-leaning anti-American "progressive" rag.


    Happy Anniversary!

    • In 1812, Chicago was not a city, but rather a frontier settlement occupied mostly by French-Canadian and American traders as well as soldiers and Native Americans. It was the home of Fort Dearborn, the site of the famous battle that would take place that same year.

      But Fort Dearborn’s history was bloodied even before it became known for the battle that bears its name. Just two months earlier — on June 17 — it was the site of Chicago's first documented murder.

      The murderer was John Kinzie. In history, he is sometimes referred to as "Chicago's first citizen," but Haiti-born Jean Baptiste Point du Sable is widely considered to own that title today. (Du Sable built a cabin just north of the Chicago River near Lake Michigan — approximately where the Tribune Tower is today — in 1779, where he established a trading post. That same cabin was later purchased by Kinzie in 1804.)

      The victim was Jean La Lime, a French trader who also served as an interpreter among the settlement's inhabitants and the Native Americans. La Lime first purchased du Sable's cabin and later sold it to Kinzie.
    It's nice to know that even 205 years ago yesterday, Chicago was beginning a tradition that would culminate in tens of thousands of dead in the ensuing decades.


    Saturday, June 17, 2017

    7 and 13 (UPDATE: and 78)

    • Khia Shanks, an eighth-grader who graduated Thursday, was making water balloons for the big water-balloon fight — a normal occurrence at end-of-year school picnics across the country.

      But this end-of-year event at Warren Elementary on the Far South Side ended up being anything but normal.

      Instead of balloons flying, there were bullets.

      “The kids were running around the playground playing with water balloons,” 14-year-old Khia said. “I went outside and saw a black van drive by and someone fired about five shots.
    Special Ed is "sick:"
    • “This makes me sick that kids are having an end-of-the-year picnic and they have to get shot at,” Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said at a press conference outside the school.
    Rahm is angry:
    • Mayor Rahm Emanuel, was meeting the victims’ families at Comer Children’s Hospital, Claypool said.

      “I’ve known the mayor for 30 years and I have never seen him so angry,” Claypool said.
    Why is he angry? It's Rahm's playbook leading to this mayhem. Why doesn't he fire someone? That'll make him happy - someone to blame. We suggest the head of the Department.

    UPDATE: Another one that Rahm can pretend to get angry about:
    • The gunfire sounded like a small firecracker. Shot from a small-caliber handgun pointed out the window of a silver car, the bullet struck 78-year-old Gene Gordon two blocks from his South Side home on a muggy Thursday afternoon.

      Gordon fell to the pavement, bleeding from his head and struggling to move. His right eye swelled. He couldn’t speak. He was dying.

      A 19-year-old man who had been sitting on the curb — and was the shooter's intended target — scampered away unharmed, Chicago police said. The silver car sped north on Hermitage Avenue, from 68th Street toward Marquette Road. No one has been arrested.
    These are innocent people getting shot and/or killed. And the shooters are whom Rahm and Kim and Toni are catering to.


    C'mon Downtown!

    • People thought they heard fireworks as they strolled near Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago on a warm evening Thursday.

      But it was gunfire, a man in his 20s shot in the abdomen at Monroe Street and Michigan Avenue. It was the second shooting at that intersection in nine months.

      "This is like something off of 'Law and Order,'" one woman said as she gawked at the scene before crossing Michigan.

      “Welcome to Chicago,” another passerby said.
    If our honor students don't kill you first, the taxes will.

    By the way, the picture accompanying this Tribune article shows a bunch of tourists outside the crime scene tape taking pictures. Does anyone think these were all uploaded to social media within seconds? And shared a few thousand times within hours? And that Chicago tourism is going to take a hit?


    Illinois Bankruptcy?

    • Illinois residents may feel some solidarity with the likes of Puerto Rico and Detroit.

      A financial crunch is spiraling into a serious problem for Illinois lawmakers, prompting some observers to wonder if the state might make history by becoming the first to go bankrupt. At the moment, it's impossible for a state to file for bankruptcy protection, which is only afforded to counties and municipalities like Detroit.

      Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection could be extended to states if Congress took up the issue, although Stanford Law School professor Michael McConnell noted in an article last year that he believed the precedents are iffy for extending the option to states. Nevertheless, Illinois is in a serious financial pickle, which is why radical options such as bankruptcy are being floated as potential solutions.
    An interesting read, becoming more interesting by the day.

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    Friday, June 16, 2017

    Beaches Story Changes

    • A group of bystanders at North Avenue Beach prevented the escape of a man who stabbed someone nine times, then tried to flee Tuesday, prosecutors said Thursday.

      Pablo Sosa, 35, has been charged with aggravated battery and attempted murder. He was ordered held in lieu of $750,000 bond Thursday.

      [..] Other people with the man thought Sosa was acting strangely and told their friend to look out for him, Scaduto said.
    And what was that story that the Department was spreading?
    • Police initially said that Sosa and the man with the bottle were engaged in a mutual fight over a domestic dispute. That account was contradicted by prosecutors’ account Thursday.
    So is anyone from News Affairs getting re-assigned for making the brass look like they have no idea what's going on? Is the alternative lifestyle community going to express their displeasure at being used as scapegoats for what turns out to be a mentally disturbed individual randomly stabbing people on the lakefront?

    Yeah yeah, we know....they were covering up for Rahm's allowing the crime on the beaches to spiral out of any semblance of control.


    Another Design

    Keep sending them:

    This one is leading the pack so far.


    Media Trolls "Discover" Story

    And the Tribune owes the Chaplains another $50 for taking a story from the blog without attribution:
    • Citing a lack of personnel, the Cook County state's attorney's office plans to stop prosecuting certain traffic offenses, a top county official said.

      Under a policy expected to take effect later this year, the state's attorney's office will not prosecute people accused of driving on licenses that have been suspended or revoked for financial reasons — such as failure to pay child support, tolls or parking tickets.

      Instead, individual cities will have the option to prosecute those violations.
    And then the Tribune touches on other items we've covered extensively:
    • The move comes as State's Attorney Kim Foxx, elected in November, has pushed in other ways to change how her office handles low-level, nonviolent cases. In December, she dramatically raised the bar for felony charges related to shoplifting. And this week, she said that prosecutors could recommend that judges to release nonviolent defendants charged with low-level crimes without any cash bail, pending the resolution of their cases.
    All of this without properly going through the State Legislature - the only body authorized to alter criminal penalties, but the Tribune won't point out an elected democrat failing to do the job she was elected to do.

    We're going to call this one an even $100 to the Chaplains.


    Speaking of Taxes

    Is there a reporter anywhere who is investigating Prickwrinkle's last tax hikes that were supposed to prevent "gun violence"?
    • $25.00 per gun
    • $0.05 per center fire round
    • $0.01 per rim fire round
    How much was actually collected as opposed to how much was used in her budget figures? And better yet, how much violence was prevented and how many hospital bills were paid?

    We'll bet there isn't a single investigative reporter combing the public records or their own media archives.

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    Too Risky to Operate in Illinois

    • The popular Powerball lottery and Mega Millions games will drop Illinois at the end of June without a budget agreement, Illinois Lottery officials said Thursday.

      Concern over the state’s fiscal condition prompted the Multi-State Lottery Association to drop Powerball in Illinois, according to internal Illinois Lottery communications obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

      Mega Millions also plans to drop the state unless a budget agreement comes together, state officials confirmed. Without a budget in place, the state isn’t authorized to make payments to Mega Millions or the association.
    The media has run occasional stories about lottery winners not being paid promptly due to Illinois being broke and budget-less. Now with Mega and Powerball leaving, how big an additional hole is that blowing in the state budget? At least we can still drive over the border and get lottery tickets with our gas, soda, and fireworks.

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