Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Another Tool Gone

And by tool, we don't mean the current crop of exempts. We mean an actual tool that worked occasionally in predicting crime:
  • After 10 years, the Chicago Police Department has decommissioned an enormous database that, ostensibly, used analytics in an effort to predict which people are most likely to be involved in shootings — as either the shooter or the victim.

    The “Strategic Subject List” was quietly put out to pasture in November, according to the Office of the Inspector General, which had raised several issues regarding the program’s efficacy.

    CPD used the list to identify which prior arrestees would be most likely to carry out shootings, or be victims of shootings — referred to as being a “party to violence.”

    The list also was used to target gang members and their associates through information gathering, analysis and social network mapping, according to the office of Inspector General Joe Ferguson.
Not to mention (as we did years ago) that police don't usually single out people/folks for crimes they "might" commit at a later date. Sure, the database pointed out people with a propensity for committing violent crime or being subjected to violent crimes. But any decent street copper with a knowledge of their Beat/District/Area could tell you the exact same thing....and for a lot less money.

But any database that points out certain uncomfortable facts is unwelcome in the new "progressive" Chicago.


What's This BS?

Forced compliance?
  • [Situational Decision Making] is an hour long "training" that the district is making each PO go to during their tour of duty. At the academy, not city/dept required training. It's Univ of Chicago civilians doing it. It is a "shoot-dont shoot" type scenario that you get put in. At the end of it the instructors give the POs a consent form to sign. In order to allow them to use what your decision was in their study. POs have been refusing to sign, and now a Sgt has been coming down to "order" us to sign. This whole thing seems completely wrong , but sadly typical.
How "legit" can this "study" be if (A) you're forced to participate and (B) you're forced to sign off on the results? Is there some federal grant money attached to this with CPD as the guinea pigs?

Anyone know what this is supposed to accomplish, given that the U of Chicago faculty is notoriously "progressive" and decidedly anti law enforcement.


Is it Hot in Here?

So the brand new building at O'Hare doesn't have heat, has sporadic electrical problems and the toilets backed up the first week, lending the scent of raw sewage to the new paint smell. Contrast that to 111th Street, where they can't seem to turn the heat off:

Have they been taking detectives out with heat stroke?

And is Roderick available to fix the pipes?


Monday, January 27, 2020

Get Behind the Vest - New Dates

Looking for a new Bullet-Resistant vest?

These locations are a bit more central than the last one.

Mark your calendars.


Opening the State Constitution?

This is the first we're hearing of this and it needs thorough researching and verification. Opening the State Constitution via a back door method which would end up screwing up all current and future pensioners:
  • When FOP Board Members like Donahue, continue to support their progressive political pets, like Senator Rob Martwick, they are supporting opening the Illinois Constitution. Opening the Illinois Constitution will allow these progressive politicians to change the state’s pension clause.

    The FOP has continually claimed politicians like Martwick and Madigan are fighting to protect or pensions and that’s what makes them “qualified” to be recommended by our Union. Donahue has thrown 10’s of thousands of dollars of our dues, at Martwick and Madigan to “protect our pensions.”

    The interesting part of this is, politicians like Martwick and Madigan have been pushing the Graduated Income Tax or also known as the Progressive Tax , since 2016. If the Graduated Income Tax passes, the Illinois State Constitution will be opened up so the wording can be amended to change the flat tax to a progressive tax. What Donahue isn’t telling the members is that while the Sate Constitution is open, to amend the tax clause, it will also be open to change the state’s pension clause. That piece of paper that states, “Membership in any pension or retirement system of the State, any unit of local government or school district, or any agency or instrumentality thereof, shall be an enforceable contractual relationship, the benefits of which shall not be diminished or impaired,” is all that’s standing in the way of politicians, like Martwick, from completely gutting our pensions.

    Once they get their Graduated Income Tax passed, they can use that as a back door to change our pension clause to diminish or impair our pensions. So Donahue is supporting a politician who is not interested in protecting our pensions, but is pushing to open a door for them to walk right in an take it.
So they can use the Graduated Income Tax as a crowbar to amend the Constitution to comply with the new passed law? If we're understanding this, it would circumvent the Constitutional Convention vote that is required to be held every 20 years and endanger all pensions immediately.

We have stated before, we aren't pension experts. We can't go around to the Board and ask for info, post it and someone puts two-and-two together. Is there someone out there suitably versed in Pension Law who can enlighten the readership.

Martwick has already proven he can't be trusted, appointing "progressive" convicted-felon-supporting candidates who worked for former alderasshole Arena. Martwick is a snake and those in the FOP who supported him need to be made to explain their actions.


Drunk Hits Cops

  • Two Chicago police officers were injured when their squad car was struck by the vehicle of a woman who was reportedly driving under the influence of alcohol, authorities said.

    About 2:40 a.m. Sunday, the officers were on the West Side in a marked squad car with lights and sirens activated, as the officers headed to a call of a fire. As their vehicle entered the intersection of North Pulaski Road and West Erie Street in West Garfield Park, heading south on Pulaski and about to make a left turn onto Erie, the pair’s unit was struck, officials said.

    A black 2012 Volkswagen sedan driven by a woman, 60, hit the Chicago police car, police said. The male officers, whose ages were not released, suffered injuries not considered to be life-threatening, according to authorities. They were treated at an area hospital and both were in good condition Sunday.
Not even looking for a DUI arrests - headed to a fire. Wishing you a speedy recovery Officers.


Bad January

HeyJackass.com has Chicago at 29 homicides so far.

There's also one brain dead in the hospital and at least one "death investigation."

It's the worst January in five years.

Any guesses if the Department holds the monthly "Crime is down!" press conference this week?

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Somewhere, Gus Tero Weeps

What pansy cried about this?
  • The other Johnson in charge of the academy, has ordered that at no time will recruits be placed in front, lean and rest. It’s too hard on them. Also, there’s no incentive at all to keep the new recruits fit. They can stay as fat as when they start and blow the fuck up to the fatasses that are currently floating around the districts! It’s always been like that, but holy fuck! There’s more of them and they look like stuffed sausages much sooner!
Rumor is this is somehow connected to saving the pensions. Recruits start fatter, gain weight quicker, die before age fifty, and :::voila::: Pension savings!

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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Boys and Girls

Some millennial snowflake has infiltrated the comment section, claiming to be triggered when we (or a commentator) uses the term, "boys and girls" when addressing the readers. We don't know to which gender they ascribe to, but we're betting they didn't grow up in Chicago-proper.

"Boys and girls" is a commonly used term when addressing those younger or less experienced in the Department, kind of like, "kid." We still remember one of our first robbery arrests when the detectives showed up and used that time honored classic, "What'd'ya got Kid?"

We probably could have given this old timer a run for his money one-on-one, being thirty years younger than he was, but we didn't have anything like his depth of knowledge and we wanted this to go smoothly. Also, we were taught to respect the older cops who had been around a while, survived numerous riots, maybe a hitch in the service, and god only knows how many bosses and politicians. We called him "Gramps" once or twice, he "motherfucked" us, and we got along fantastically.

We weren't insulted. We weren't triggered. Mainly because we weren't raised to be pussies, but because we took it for granted that one day, we would be that old timer, imparting knowledge of procedure to the younger guys and gals.

Grow some thicker skin asshat.


Lisle Shooting

  • A woman accused of shooting three Illinois State Troopers Friday night, killing one, had attended the same west suburban high school as the slain trooper and had a valid license to carry a concealed gun, according to police.

    The woman, identified as 51-year-old, Lisa V. McMullan, of the 1400 block of East 55th Place in Chicago, opened fire on the three state troopers shortly after 10 p.m. Friday while they were together at the Humidor, a cigar lounge located at 1600 Ogden Ave. in west suburban Lisle, according to Lisle police and the DuPage County coroner’s office.

    Gregory Rieves, a 51-year-old retired state trooper with 22 years of experience, was killed and two other state troopers — one retired and the other off-duty — were wounded before McMullan turned the gun on herself, authorities said.
RIP Troop. And hopefully a speedy and uneventful recovery to the wounded.

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More Cops!!! Please!

  • Hundreds of Albany Park and Irving Park residents packed a Thursday night meeting to demand more police officers be assigned to the area — and found out it’s happening. Thanks to community demands, the Albany Park (17th) Police District will be getting at least 10 new police officers, State Rep. Jaime Andrade, Jr. announced during the meeting at Bateman Elementary, 4220 N. Richmond St.

    The meeting was organized by a new group known as the Northwest Safety Coalition, a “super group” of existing organizations that came together in response to crime in the neighborhood. The group includes The Residents of Irving Park, Horner Park Neighbors, Irving Park East Neighborhood Association, Irving Park Concerned Neighbors Association, Women of the 33rd Ward and Israel’s Gifts of Hope.

    Some neighbors have been asking for more cops in the Albany Park Police District since October, when there were a series of shootings. Joanna Read, one of the neighbors who helped organize Thursday’s meeting, said the local police district has lost nearly 20 officers over the past two years. She and other members of the coalition used information from the city’s data portals to document the decline.
So even if they get those ten cops, they're still down ten from two years ago. And of those ten, even if they're divided evenly among the watches, that's three per watch, and one of those is RDO at any given time.

So 017 gains one squad car per shift...on average. And who knows, maybe that car makes all the difference, especially on Irving Park Road. But maybe it doesn't, and the years of draining "quiet" districts comes back to bite the citizens in the butt who (if we're reading this electoral map correctly) voted for Rahm and Groot and Crimesha.


Weed by the Forklift-full

  • A months-long undercover investigation led to the arrest of a Homer Glen man accused of trafficking a large amount of marijuana.

    Abdulaziz Abouelkheir, 34, was arrested Thursday in River North and charged with a felony count of cannabis trafficking over 5kg and a felony count of cannabis manufacture/delivery between 10 and 30 grams, Chicago police said.

    Officers seized 64 pounds of cannabis and THC edibles, as well as a Land Rover and a forklift, police said.
Must not have had a tax stamp. JB the Hutt has to get his cut.


Oh Yeah

That new law to let eligible high school students leave school for two hours to vote? We have the smartest readers in the world:
  • Every single one of them could note by mail;
  • Just about every high school is a polling place. Develop a way they could vote their precinct from their high school and they never have to leave the building.
Goodness forbid they get high, get robbed or get killed when they're supposed to be voting. Someone will be looking for some sort of payout.


Saturday, January 25, 2020

As Predicted Here and Elsewhere

Those "Weed Amnesty" boxes at the airports? Not very secure at all:
  • Marijuana has only been legal in Illinois for 23 days, so in the minds of some, the crime that occurred Wednesday at Chicago's Midway Airport was only a matter of time.

    Chicago Police confirm that a traveler arriving in Chicago grabbed the pot inside Midway's so-called "amnesty box", a storage unit near security where passengers can surrender their newly-legal marijuana before traveling.

    A source told NBC5 the marijuana in question had been discovered on a traveler early Wednesday, and that person was escorted to the amnesty box where they were allowed to deposit their weed without penalty.

    When police went to empty the box around 8pm, the marijuana was gone. A check of airport surveillance cameras showed a man grabbing the pot and hurrying away, around 6 p.m.
Um...so what? A traveler, in order to avoid running afoul of Federal Law, voluntarily deposits a completely legal (in Illinois) substance into an "amnesty" box. An observant citizen accesses and removes said substance that is completely legal (in Illinois) and voluntarily surrendered.

It's like rifling through someone's garbage can in the alley - there's no expectation of privacy or possession when you toss it out in a publicly accessible area. There's no crime here that we can see. What say the readers?

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Leadfoot Demoted - One to Go? (UPDATE)

Pride goeth before destruction:
  • The Wod demoted to Lt today...heading to Patrol
The Wod has spent the last few months telling everyone that he was headed back to his spot. We must have had a dozen e-mails and three times that many comments all relating he was going to beat this thanks to clout and some fast talking. Sounds like he hit some spike-strips on the straightaway.

But once again, our deeply placed source who predicted one exempt from each of the major food groups (white, black, brown) was going to be demoted to send a message that the old ways were over and the old guard was on notice, stood by their info:
  • Escamerit (brown)
  • Wodnicki (white)
Who will the unlucky black guy be?

We don't think Special Ed counts as he was actually shitcanned and the prediction / info was made long after Ed had announced his impending departure. The Johnson's Johnson Scandal merely accelerated a known departure.

UPDATE: Doss. We had forgotten about him after the Lolla scandal. We'll have to check the calendar and see where his demotion fell, but that could be the last of the Rainbow Demotions.


Spitter Back in Custody

Remember the Thanksgiving asshole? He went back out to steal some more booze for Mom:
  • Hey Scc, does the name Bernard KERSH JR. ring a bell? Well he was the offender who spit in the officers face a few months back and taken to the ground and placed under arrest. And guess what, he’s currently sitting in central detention charged with a Strong Arm Robbery after he stole a bottle of tequila and some flowers from the Jewels in 001 and proceeded to strike the female security guard in the chest as she attempted to stop him from leaving the parking lot. He was arrested blocks away without incident but he apparently gave the processing officers a lot of lip. 
Remember, he was charged with Aggravated Battery to the police, and here he is committing battery against another protected employee, shoplifting, and just generally being a drain on society, thanks to Crimesha.

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Another "Merit" Scandal?

  • Harvey police Chief Eddie Winters told CBS 2 Thursday night that the mayor placed him on administrative leave.

    Winters said Mayor Christopher Clark informed him of the move by personal email. He called the move “totally unexpected,” and said does not want to reveal reasons the mayor gave for it.

    Harvey Ald. Dominique Randle-EL said the mayor plans to discuss the reason for placing Winters on leave at a Monday Harvey City Council meeting.
Winters was a multiple "merit" here in Chicago before leaving a year or so after his car was shot up in 012 while he was headed home from a still unrevealed rendezvous, and now he might be out of another job.


Friday, January 24, 2020

The Final Nail in the Coffin

Get a clue boys and girls - your continued employment is at stake:
  • A long-stalled ordinance paving the way for civilian police oversight will pass the City Council in February or March — before Mayor Lori Lightfoot chooses a permanent replacement for fired CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson, an influential alderman predicted Thursday.

    Ald. Chris Taliaferro (29th), chairman of the City Council’s Committee on Public Safety, said negotiators for the Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability and the mayor’s office are closing in on an agreement that includes at least a partially-elected board with policy-making authority shared with the Chicago Police Department.

    “I see movement on this. I’m hopeful that we’ll bring in February or March a final version that can be voted on by this committee,” said Taliaferro, a former Chicago Police officer.

    Taliaferro spoke Thursday after the latest in a seemingly-endless string of “subject matter hearings” on the vexing issue of civilian police review.
Guess who's going to be elected? Assholes like Lemonhead or Jamal.

And guess what attitudes they're going to bring with them?

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Hey Dummies

  • Illinois students don’t have to play hookie or worry about rushing to the polls after school anymore thanks to a new law that allows students to be excused from class to cast their ballots.

    Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed legislation this week giving Illinois students two hours away from school to vote in a primary, general, special or any other public election.

    “With this new law, our voting-eligible young people will have the freedom to fit voting into their school day without fear of repercussion for engaging in the very civic education we should all be proud to encourage,” Pritzker said in a statement. “The young people who advocated for this legislation recognized how important it is not only to vote, but to make the act of voting as accessible for all who can vote.”
Um...the polls open at 6:00 AM. They close at 7:00 PM.

Last we checked, school didn't start until 8:45 AM and was out at 3:45 PM. That's already two hours before school and three hours after school. Tens of thousands of people with actual jobs working eight hours a day manage to get to the polls and vote. J.B. the Hutt thinks kids in the one of the worst scoring school districts in the world need to miss two hours of class time to vote?

Makes perfect sense.

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  • Shortly after his stunning decision not to seek a third-term, Rahm Emanuel asked Chicagoans who might be afraid to share their personal information to take a leap of faith — by creating a “safety profile” with a new system he called, “Smart911.”

    The $300,000-a-year system allowed victims of domestic violence to share images, descriptions of abusers and orders of protection. It included medical histories like allergies, diabetes and epilepsy as well as medications, mental and behavioral health conditions.

    Giving first-responders as much information as possible before they arrive on the scene had great potential to save lives and de-escalate dangerous situations. But it would only be as good as the information Chicagoans volunteered to provide.

    Now, City Hall is acknowledging only 15,550 residents have enrolled in Smart911 in the 16 months since Emanuel announced it with great fanfare.
It's good to see the inherent distrust of government still runs deep, even in a democrat shithole like Chicago. Illegals aren't going to participate, nor are those who live outside of the law or have had experience within the justice system. Neither are the scammers who might be collecting extra monies via fraud (like dead Mom's Social Security checks.) Then there are the people who remember city employees are notorious for harvesting and selling information to gangs, lawyers and bill collectors.

Any guesses where the 15,500 participants are clustered?


You're Welcome Rod

Guess what got fixed this week?

And we're sure that Rod will try to take the credit for the quick repairs. Not the potential embarrassment that Facilities Management might suffer, the OSHA complaints, and a weeks worth of pictures that we would have been happy to publish of all the Port-o-Shitters parked outside of the 007 District.


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Seriously Roderick?

We had no idea that the command staff doubled as plumbers:
  • Commander of 007 Rowdy Roderick was furious pictures of the urinals were up. He came in to roll calls screaming about the “bullshit blog” and how he doesn’t give a fuck. He told officers he’s going to make sure the urinals take longer to fix now. “If we make him look stupid, we’re going to pay a heavy price,” starting with lunches. He also mentioned he’s “federally trained” now and we better watch out because he has access to specific technology that can be used to trace blog posts.
Um, dude? This wasn't a slap at you. Up until this moment in time, we assumed that Facilities Management and Building Engineers were in charge of plumbing and heating and electricity in the buildings. We had no idea you were in the trades, that you were responsible for all the crappy (no pun intended) plumbing across Districts and that you would be so petty as to deny the men of the 007th District access to clean, sanitary bathroom areas in which to vent their bladders.

But now that we know this, be prepared for a huge list of complaints.

And Supoerintendent Beck, we aren't sure, but using government technology to intimidate off duty personnel from exercising their First Amendment Rights.....you might want to have a little sit down with this particular plumber. He sounds like he's suffering from some form of a clogged large intestine.

You know, he's full of shit.


Groot to Break the Law

One of our white shirt readers sends along this interesting bit of news from the PBPA unions - Groot is pushing hard to violate State Law and will be throwing a tantrum if she doesn't get her way:
  • You're going to love this one. We got a letter from the union the other day and it says:

    Mayor Lightfoot actually appeared and testified on behalf of the city during one meeting. [...] The city is still stressing that the contract allow for the taking of anonymous [complaints] and also doing away with the signed affidavit. She also mentioned that if the contract does not include allowing anonymous [complaints] she will urge the city council to vote down the arbitrator's contract proposal.

    [...] It is continuously brought up that it is Illinois state law to have a signed affidavit for police complaints and a labor contract could not supersede state law.
So Groot wants the white shirts to sign off on surrendering what was one of the greatest discipline reforms in history. The PBPA would be morons to even consider it and we'd be surprised if they did. The FOP isn't going to budge and the entire mess would end up in Court in short order with Groot on the losing end. It's black letter law and you'd think a lawyer would know that.


"Progressive" Body Count

One of the NYPD police unions is putting the blame for particular murders right where it belongs - on the mayor's doorstep:
  • The New York City Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), a police union representing the city’s active and retired sergeants, blamed Mayor Bill de Blasio for the death of a 92-year-old woman.

    A 92-year-old woman, Maria Fuentes, was sexually assaulted and murdered on the streets of NYC earlier in January. The man suspected of killing her, Reeaz Khan, is an illegal alien who had been arrested by the New York Police Department in November 2019, but was released and never handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) because of the city’s strict sanctuary policy.

    The SBA on Sunday said Fuentes would still be alive if the city’s police force had been allowed to comply with ICE’s immigration detainer request, and declared that her death was on de Blasio.
And seeing as how Cook County is one of the top three counties to ignore/disregard ICE detainer requests, it's only a matter of time before something similar, or worse, happens here. We have the same "progressive" assholes in charge ignoring Federal law.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Shots Fired at Police

  • A police chase on the North Side stemmed from a shooting in Logan Square and ended in a crash in Ravenswood.

    A 43-year-old man was shot by someone in a passing car about 8:35 p.m. in the 3300 block of West Armitage Avenue, Chicago police said. The suspects sped off and fired shots at police during a pursuit.

    The chase ended in a crash in the 4400 block of North Western Avenue, police said. The totaled car could be seen outside the Albany Bank and Trust at the corner of Western and Montrose avenues Thursday evening.

    The people inside the vehicle were taken into custody, and a handgun was recovered.
PEhaps more info as the day progresses, but as far as we can tell, no officers injured by crashes or gunfire. Be careful out there boys and girls.

Lawsuit Over CR Files

  • A bonfire of critical police misconduct records – critics fear that is what could happen if Chicago’s police union wins its fight to destroy the files.

    CBS 2 [...] has uncovered it is a fight the Fraternal Order of Police is waging in court, and behind the scenes at the bargaining table.

    In cases of police misconduct, emotions run high and the damage runs deep. And until five years ago, the struggle of victims of police misconduct and their families was made even more difficult – because police misconduct records were still secret.
There wasn't anything hidden. It was part a negotiated Contract and passed by the City Council years ago. The agreement (if we recall correctly) was all "Unfounded," "Not Sustained" and "Exonerated" files would be destroyed after a period of five or seven years. The only thing that would be kept were "Sustained" findings and there may have been something about only the finding itself would be maintained in the Officer's Personnel File, the point being that an Officer's entire career shouldn't be stained by what (in most cases) was a mistake. If there was malice or law breaking, Officers would be fired.

There was no reason to keep the first three types of files, for the same reason you cannot use an offender's previous arrests against them in Court - it's prejudicial. Officers were cleared or the evidence presented was insufficient to merit any sort of discipline. The seven years was to spot any emerging patterns, i.e. numerous brutality complaints, repeated money beefs, complaints involving sexual perversions. In other words, something that might merit a closer look.

Funnily enough, we used the word "merit," and guess who had quite a few repeated complaints involving brutality, money or sexual harassment? Yup - "merit" picks. And the complaints only seem to materialize after a particularly bad scandal, which is why we suggested Beck spend some time going over the files at the Confidential Section at IAD. Beck actually made some sense in the article:
  • Beck said he has mixed thoughts on whether all misconduct records should remain public.

    “I think that everybody understands that police officers are often subject to unfounded complaints, and do the full details of those need to be revealed? I think that’s a different question,” Beck said. “Sustained complaints I don’t have such an issue with.”
Which is why the five (or seven) year rule was negotiated into the Contract.

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Crisis of the City's Making

Anyone get the feeling that City Hall is attempting to paint the First Responders in a bad light during Contract negotiations?
  • Chicago taxpayers spent nearly $210 million on police and fire overtime last year — and another $33.7 million on lump-sum payments to departing employees, most of them police officers, records show.

    One retiring officer walked out the door with $276,053 for stockpiled compensatory time and another $9,236 for unused vacation days. Records released to the Chicago Sun-Times in response to a Freedom of Information Act request show scores of other six-figure checks and hundreds of payments that topped $20,000.

    In private industry, employees are routinely required to use comp time within a defined period of time. They are not allowed to accumulate a career’s worth of comp time and cash it out when they leave.

    City tradespeople and members of AFSCME get cash only for overtime. Their most recent contracts do not allow for comp time. Chicago police officers are exceptions to that rule.
Well Boo Hoo Hoo. These are NEGOTIATED benefits. If the City wants to change it, then they have to NEGOTIATE it. We're sorry the other unions weren't as far sighted as the FOP and PBPA were.

And this is money OWED to employees. We worked those hours and we did the City a favor by putting off the money, banking the time against family events, vacation extensions, maybe a sick child or us not hitting the Medical. If we were lucky, we didn't get sick or the kid's birthday lined up with a day off. We didn't use the hours, but we are still owed them at some point. They don't just get washed away like in the bad old days.

Here's a free suggestion for Groot - start allowing Officers to sell back hours, maybe start at fifty hours a year. We'll bet almost 80% of the Department jumps at the chance - we're talking somewhere near half-a-million hours off the books every year. You're reducing the amount of money the City is on the hook for and you're paying it out at the current rate, not the rate ten or twenty years down the road.

But that might involve actual planning by the brass and political administration instead of cancelling days off willy-nilly on holidays and ending up paying MORE overtime.....that we won't be allowed to use.


Ambulance Crew Injured

  • A Chicago Fire Department paramedic was wounded in a hit-and-run after a car crashed into an ambulance Tuesday in Lawndale on the West Side.

    The ambulance was southbound about 1:15 p.m. in the 700 block of South California Avenue when it was struck by a Toyota that was westbound on Flournoy Street, Chicago police said.

    The Toyota drove off after the crash, police said.
"wounded"? That's a bit of hyperbolic exaggeration by the Sun Times. We mean, it's not like it was a cropped photo to conceal 11-and12-year-old flashing gang signs, but "wounded"? We don't think so.

At least it wasn't the 011th District hair-gels flipping the ambulance over this time.


Retroactive Crime Increase

We always ask this one and we always get a multitude of answers - what year does this one go under?
  • A 41-year-old man died last week nearly 10 years after being wounded in a West Humboldt Park shooting.

    Just before 10 a.m. Oct. 12, 2010, Marco Rainge was shot in the 1200 block of North Kildare Avenue, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

    Rainge was pronounced dead about 1:45 a.m. Jan. 14, the medical examiner’s office reported. An autopsy Sunday said he died of complications from multiple gunshot wounds, and ruled his death a homicide.
We need a definitive answer so that the crew over at HeyJackass.com puts it into the correct year lest the bean counters attempt to hide yet another homicide.

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Affecting the 006 District:
  • The Lodge is happy to announce that the Illinois Appellate Court ruled today that the City must arbitrate with the Lodge on the city's attempt to change start times city-wide and eliminate day-off groups in the 6th District.

    The issues must go to arbitration within 30 days of today's ruling.
Somehow, the City keeps violating the Contract and daring the FOP to take them to Court. The FOP seems to prevail most of the time, but we don't have actual numbers. What is this costing the union in legal fees....and just as important, what is it costing taxpayers that the City regularly attempts to screw over the FOP?

So will they have to re-bid all the furloughs, too?

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Shooting Victims Home

So the shooting in 011 the other day, five persons got shot. Two of the kids headed home:
  • Two young brothers wounded in a shooting last week at an East Garfield Park barbershop have been released from the hospital.

    Lorenzo Matthews, 11, and his brother, 12-year-old Michael Smith, were released Saturday from Stroger Hospital, according to family spokeswoman Dawn Valenti.

Hmmm. This photo seems to be cropped. Maybe someone can locate the original picture on social media? You know those young kids love their social media:

Well. That's a little bit different.

And it might explain why they got shot.


Crime is Down!

  • A few hundred concerned citizens huddled in a gymnasium in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood hoping for answers from police about a recent spate of robberies in the downtown area and other parts of the Near North Side.

    Police sought to bring a sense of calm while appealing for help from the standing room-only crowd that overflowed into the lobby of the Lake Shore Park field house.

    “We are having people sitting in their cars targeting people and drive around. You see the same car drive around four or five times. That is something that we need to know,” Chicago police Cmdr. Daniel O’Shea, who heads the Near North patrol district, said in a raised voice. “Please do not hesitate to call 911.”
But what happens when the occupants of said car are....ahem....of a certain persuasion Danny? Are you encouraging citizens to ::gasp!:: profile???? For shame!!!!
  • Robberies have more than doubled in the last five years in this swath of Chicago’s central business district and some of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods, including Gold Coast, Streeterville, Magnificent Mile, River North and several others.

    Last year, robberies totaled 416 in those neighborhoods, just two more than in 2017 but more than double from 204 in 2015, according to city crime data.
And we're willing to bet that the dollar amounts have tripled - at a minimum. Criminals go to (A) where the cops aren't, (B) where the pickings are better and (C) where the consequences are non-existent, i.e. Chicago, Cook County.

Of course, these citizens downtown voted for it, and now they're experiencing the results first hand.



Another Broadside at Crimesha

  • Hours after the clinking glasses, the merriment, and the mad celebrations observing the New Year fell silent, Chicago police officers with the 1st District were summoned by a 28-year-old man who said he had been the victim of an assault while a travelling on a southbound CTA Red Line train. Responding to the victim, police quickly confronted the offender, Tyrese Parris, who re-acted to police commands by assaulting one officer and kicking another. Despite being charged with one count of felony aggravated battery of a peace officer, two counts of resisting arrest, and two counts of battery, Parris was released after posting a measly $100 bond.

    A man who obviously has learned little from previous brushes with the law, Parris’ apprehension on January 1st, was the latest in a series of arrests reaching back to May 2019. An odyssey which began a mere eight months ago, Parris was charged with felony robbery, battery, and three counts of theft of lost or mislaid property in May 8. Appearing in court in September for his May crimes, Parris was sentenced to two years probation under a deal which saw the unpleasant lad enter a guilty plea to a reduced charge of theft. Two-and-a-half months later, in incidents weeks apart in December, Parris was twice delivered into the welcoming arms of Cook County prosecutors, who released him after police nabbed him for drug possession and, in the second incident, charged him with possession of burglary tools and trespassing. Despite his probation from his September charge, Parris was released on his own recognizance.

    A man whose zeal for criminal behavior never receded during intervals between arrests, the ease with which Mr. Parris was returned to the streets unfortunately encapsulates Cook County’s justice system under Chief Judge of the Circuit Court Timothy Evans, Sheriff Tom Dart, and State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. While Dart and Evans play a critical role in the demise of law and order in Chicago, Kim Foxx is more responsible than others for the failures which have occurred. Although a prosecutor is often confronted with a disordered and troublesome county, in the three years since she became Cook County State’s Attorney, Foxx has made the condition of law and order worse, and in some cases, markedly worse. In the course of her term, Foxx has implemented nearly every policy she envisioned as a candidate. As a result, the cumulative effects of her policy failures have been extraordinarily damaging to Cook County.
The campaign commercials should be in post production already and airing every day until the primary.


Relax Detectives

Latest word from 35th Street via City Hall:
  • Although the Department wants a super-bid, they have decided to only bid Area 4 & 5 first to avoid contractual entanglements. Then back fill with a new Detective class (120) coming in February to meet operational needs (as outlined in a previous post) of all Areas.
We're guessing there will be no problem filling the old Areas.


Monday, January 20, 2020

It's Malinowski

So we were looking for confirmation on this rumor. It's a bit thin, but enough for us to run with and mess with Groot's and Beck's efforts to keep a lid on things:
  • Sup - S. Malinowski (unless his business dealing get in the way);
    1st Deputy - Barb West
    Dep Sup of BIA - Konow
    Dep Sup Patrol - either Turado or Bradley;
    Dep Sup OCD (OCD may be renamed Homeland Security) - either Turado or Bradley;
    Dep Sup of D UNIT -B. Deenahan;
    Dep Sup of Org Development- Cato
    Chief South - Bulnes
    *Chief Area 5 - Nieves
    Chief Central - Piggot
    *Chief Area 3 - open (African American)
    Chief North - open (Hispanic)
Again, this is single sourced into from someone deep in the administration. We don't care about the spelling, so don't comment on it. This might make sense seeing as how Beck is bringing his shadow along to every meeting, getting his face out there and familiar to everyone who will be voting on his appointment and grilling him at the City Council.

You're wondering about the business dealings that might throw up a roadblock to Malinowski's eventual appointment? That would be these business dealings:
  • Malinowski was one of a team of experts who helped the Chicago Police Department on crime issues. Under a $250-an-hour contract, Malinowski earned $223,750 between late 2016 and Feb. 9, 2018, in Chicago, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.
That's quite a bit of coin for a city that's broke, or so they keep telling us. We don't know if would be an impediment to hiring or just too much money to give up for a job that means he has to listen to morons like the City Council grill him on crime stats he probably doesn't really care about.

With those names as Deputy Superintendents reporting directly to him, we'd think twice about that cast of clowns.


Weed is Bad!

This booklet from the 50's or 60-'s told us so:

We can hardly wait until retirement to try some.


Nice Brand New Building

This is what's going on at O'Hare Airport's brand new police station:

  • [...at] the new station at Ohare.

    Just after Lightfoot left for the “opening ceremony” this is what was put out to warm the building as best they can. The heat and air conditioning in this building has not been working properly since day one.

    It is absolutely freezing in the entire building. There is even concern over the pipes freezing and the building flooding again.
How hard is it to build a functional facility? Isn't there a single investigative reporter who can point out the near-constant corruption that wastes taxpayer dollars at such an alarming rate.


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Squadrol Shot At (UPDATE)

  • Breaking news on the West Side tonight, a gunman shot a Chicago police car, as well as a passing car.

    The shooting happened around 4 p.m. at Jackson and Cicero.

    On-duty CPD officers traveling southbound on Cicero in a marked squadrol heard gunshots, and then discovered their vehicle was struck by gunfire coming from the 4800 block of West Van Buren, police said.
We aren't sure if they hit the wagon box or the truck itself. No one hurt thank God.

UPDATE: The bullet hole:

That could have been painful.


Detective Numbers

This is all preliminary, subject to change, part of a rumor, etc:
  • Area 1 - 243 Detectives
    106 Violent, 73 Property, 20 midnight, 27 SVU, +/-17 Misc
  • Area 2 - 198 Detectives
    88 Violent, 51 Property, 18 midnight, 24 SVU, +/-17 Misc
  • Area 3 - 159 Detectives
    51 Violent, 51 Property, 18 midnight, 22 SVU, +/-17 Misc
  • Area 4 - 188 Detectives
    91 Violent, 42 Property, 18 midnight, 20 SVU, +/-17 Misc
  • Area 5 -137 Detectives
    47 Violent, 37 Property, 16 midnight, 20 SVU, +/-17 Misc
No one is sure how the process is going to work. Our comment sections have a bunch of different versions. It'll play out shortly and then the Grievances/Lawsuits can start.

One version has FOP signing off on screwing a few hundred detectives out of assignments, watches and furloughs. That could be the impetus to a wholesale decertification effort.


Director Larry Gavin

Evidently, this is the County goof at the jail who has "revamped" all the intake procedures, costing the CPD hundreds, if not thousands of hours (not to mention tens of thousands of dollars) by telling deputies at the jail to refuse prisoners who have current hospital release papers.

We're also told that none of these changes are in writing. There were some minor policy changes, but prisoners with clearances are supposed to be brought in front of a judge.

And doesn't the jail have it's very own hospital on the grounds? Cermak Hospital.


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