Saturday, January 19, 2019

Eighty-One Months

  • A Cook County judge on Friday sentenced ex-Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke to more than six years in prison for the murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in 2014.

    Judge Vincent Gaughan sentenced Van Dyke to 81 months in prison, only on the charge of second-degree murder. Gaughan chose not to sentence Van Dyke on the aggravated battery charges, which carried more serious time and cut Van Dyke a serious break.

    With good behavior, Van Dyke would serve about half his prison sentence.
And right on cue, the usual suspects are up in arms, demonstrating promptly and thoroughly their complete ignorance where the law is concerned.
  • Activist Will Calloway, who played a role in bringing the now infamous video of the shooting to light, said: “It’s a slap in the face to say black lives don’t matter in this criminal courthouse.”

    “We want to heal . . . We want to be able to create better relationships between law enforcement and the black community,” Calloway said.
No you don't. Stop lying. No one cared about this kid until there was the possibility of a payday - which Rahm gave up to the tune of $5 million. Politicians across Chicago flocked to offer their carefully crafted opinions that they believed would garner them the most votes from the perpetually aggrieved. He was a Ward of the State because no one in the family or community could be bothered to step up - one of thousands currently bouncing through the system. How many times did McDonald overnight at his uncle's church? How many times did Calloway offer him a bed? Mom didn't even bother to show up in court.

Van Dyke was sentenced no better and no worse than a few hundred individuals who were convicted of similar charges. But he'll be used as often and as pathetically as Burge was - a constant boogieman used to frighten children and maintain the chasm of mistrust sought after by innumerable activists and politicians for their own financial and power-grasping ends.

That being said, be very very aware and vigilant over the next few days, weeks, even months. There are going to be incidents and provocations. We'd suggest extra special attention up north where the spree killer struck twice executing pedestrians on the street. Being fetal doesn't mean being ignorant of your surroundings.


RIP Trooper Lambert

  • Scores of uniformed police officers and hundreds of mourners packed the chapel at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington on Friday morning to say farewell to Illinois State Trooper Christopher Lambert, who died after being struck by a car last week while helping victims of a crash.

    Lambert, 34, had just finished his shift and was on his way home to Highland Park on Saturday when he stopped during a snowstorm to help at a scene of a three-vehicle crash on northbound Interstate 294 near Northbrook.

    “He saw danger coming, and yet he pulled over, put his vehicle into position and did what the troopers do,” Illinois State Police Director Leo Schmitz said. “He knowingly, willingly and intentionally put himself in harm’s way.”
RIP Trooper Lambert and condolences to your family, co-workers and friends.


Stay Fetal

Officers are supposed to do their jobs in the face of this crap? Why would we put our families in jeopardy at all?

Unfortunately, this attitude in the "community" isn't unique or rare at all. It is the prevailing mindset across vast swaths of the west and south sides.

Anyone want to take a guess if this individual will be held accountable for anything? Or ever has been held to task for anything? Ever?


Friday, January 18, 2019

Judge Gets it Correct

  • In a stunning decision, a Cook County judge on Thursday acquitted three Chicago police officers of all charges alleging they lied in police reports and conspired to cover up the controversial 2014 police shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

    The case has been seen as a referendum on a so-called code of silence within the Chicago Police Department designed to protect fellow officers from accountability for wrongdoing.

    In her hourlong ruling, Associate Judge Domenica Stephenson blasted the evidence presented by prosecutors as weak, speculative and totally lacking proof of any crime.
Detectives document what they are told by witnesses. Witnesses - especially in a dynamic, fast moving, widespread scene - have different perspectives (they weren't all standing behind the same camera), and documenting those different perspectives is neither a conspiracy nor a code of anything.
  • Attorney Todd Pugh, who also represented Walsh, slammed the prosecution evidence.

    “They say a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich, and that’s what happened in this case,” he said.

    “This case is about perspective,” Pugh said. “It wasn’t about a video that was shot and reviewed hundreds and hundreds of times days later. It was about what people saw on the scene at that moment, and no video captured the perspective of the police officers in this case.”
Somewhere between five and ten exempt members reviewed all of the same evidence this judge did and ruled the shooting justified...before political pressure turned it into a football.


Spectacular Move Ed

  • Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson is explaining why he suspended and did not fire a senior police official for having officers regularly pick up the commander's child from school and returned to the police station.

    The city’s Inspector General recommended the high-ranking police official be fired for having officers pick up his child from school on most Wednesdays for several months and have the child brought to the police station. The school was also outside that police district.

    Supt. Eddie Johnson gave the official a 7-day suspension because the official is the single parent of a special needs child. He said he looked at the totality of the incident.
Is Special Ed unaware of exactly why Escamerit is a single parent? Would Special Ed like to review our archives as to a tiny hint? Of course, when you have a significant portion of your exempt staff trolling the Academy for impressionable female recruits and partying with them at no-tell motels on the south end of 012, we suppose banging the CAPS girl in the 025 office is small potatoes.
  • "Is what he did wrong? Yeah. But, I will say this too. He’s a single parent having to care for a special needs child," Johnson said.

    Supt. Johnson said he was once a single parent and also has had personal experience with a special needs child.
Would Mr. Fenner like a list of single parents currently on the job making countless sacrifices for their kids while NOT pulling down over $160K?

But remember, Ed was a "great guy" back in the day.


Suzie Suzie Suzie

First, she releases a poll that purportedly shows Prickwrinkle taking a big hit from the Burke scandal:
  • Toni Preckwinkle has seen a “significant drop in favorability and a clear drop in vote share” since being dragged into the federal corruption scandal that threatens to bring down Ald. Edward Burke (14th) — and Susana Mendoza is the chief beneficiary.

    That’s the bottom line of a new poll of 600 likely Chicago voters conducted during a five-day period that ended Tuesday. The poll, by the Global Strategy Group, Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s pollster, was taken for Mendoza’s campaign.

    It shows Preckwinkle’s “net favorability has dropped by 26 points” over the last month and that she is “now underwater at minus 10,” according to a memo of “key findings” prepared by Mendoza’s pollster and released by the state comptroller’s mayoral campaign.
But then she goes into full pander mode, tossing the police under the bus once again:
  • [Mendoza Facebook Page] While today’s verdicts are disappointing and heartbreaking, they’re not surprising. This is something we’ve seen happen time and again throughout our country. It’s another tragic reminder of the broken culture within the police department and the work we have to do to fix it. To keep our neighborhoods safe, we must end the code of silence that for too long has allowed police officers to escape accountability, no matter the evidence at hand. To truly rebuild the trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve, we must make clear that nobody is above the law. While today’s verdict is a major setback, I am committed to working with every community throughout Chicago to move our city forward from Laquan McDonald’s senseless murder and build a true system of justice that works for all of our families
Nothing about Crimesha running with a half-assed political case that the judge tore to shreds - the evidence was made up procedural crap that the judge agreed was paper thin. The supposed "lack of accountability" is a lie seeing as how there's a sentencing date set for today. And it certainly isn't the police killing an average of 500-plus black and brown people every year. And speaking of a "lack of accountability," what's Suzie's position on assorted exempt members using and abusing their positions for personal gain over the years?


Thursday, January 17, 2019

Citywide Day Care On Tap

This is a fantastic program and we're wondering why we didn't hear about it earlier:
  • Chicago’s government watchdog recommended that a high-ranking Chicago police official face possible firing for directing officers under his supervision for nearly a year to drive his child from school to his Northwest Side police station in a squad car and babysit the kid on the city’s dime.

    But in the end, the Police Department gave the undisclosed official — identified by sources as Grand Central District Cmdr. Anthony Escamilla — only a seven-day suspension despite his claims that it was all part of a “test case” for a new community policing study, according to a report released Wednesday by the watchdog.

    The report by the city’s Office of Inspector General said that “the Supervisor’s continued attempts to justify the conduct in question raised serious questions about the Supervisor’s judgment and ability to serve in a supervisory position.
People in the know had way more "questions than answers" when Tony made it past patrolman without spending any time in prison. You can read the IG report here - page 10 is where it starts and covers almost two full pages.

So it's not a citywide pilot program? Escamerit lied to attempt to cover his own misconduct? Isn't that some sort of Rule a Rule numbered as "14"? Was this testimony to the Inspector General's office under oath? Are there not annual Ethics Tests with this idiot's electronic signature all over them?

Of course, ethical people wouldn't be using officers as chauffeurs and babysitters and another officer as a pin cushion in the 025 District. Ethical people wouldn't have been taken out of a District by IAD when un-inventoried gun(s) were located in his locker. Ethical people wouldn't be bragging about how he put one over on Deputy Chief EW, snaring a "merit" spot in spite of his shadier-than-shady career track. Stupidity should be painful, and this ass ought to be fired.

But Special Ed will pretend the seven day suspension is punishment enough and so much for "building trust" with either the community or the rank-and-file. The political optics outweigh the effort to have an actually competent, capable and clean supervisory staff.

Sun Times coverage here.
  • While the inspector general’s office says the supervisor admitted to ordering officers to care for the child, the supervisor “disingenuously and implausibly” claimed it was all part of a community policing study.

    There was no evidence of a secret study, the report says.

    In suspending the supervisor for seven days, CPD agreed only that some department rules were broken but disputed other possible violations, according to the report.

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Beware Gallows Crew

A warning from a reader:
  • Heads up. He’s contacted FSS [Field Services Section - SCC] to see what can be done to lift prints from any copies found in the building. You folks WILL be seeing copies of that inventoried as well as blanket CR #s coming down the pipe. Once it’s narrowed down and a few sacrificial lamb are identified, you will see them get hammered. This directly from someone at IAD. You have been warned. That said, keep the good work, just be smart about it. The Gallows are the bomb.
So if you see a copy lying around, make sure you handle it so you can add your name to the list of, "Yeah, I saw it. I thought it was a lost piece of paper and I picked it up."

Is this really a good use of Department resources....and taxpayer dollars? It's satirical and sarcastic in the extreme. Do taxpayers want to have to payout more money because another over-promoted dumbass thinks they're above criticism?

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Stand in the Corner!

Are things really this out of hand in 014?
  • Lt. S McD and KS recently made a PPO stand in the corner, facing the wall, over some imagined error in procedure
Having been subjected to the disciplinary process on a fair number of occasions, we're pretty sure this punishment doesn't fall in the SPAR matrix anywhere, nor the CL/CR process. In fact, actually subjecting a member (regardless of status) to this type of unofficial made-up punishment is grounds for an EEOC lawsuit and a CR of their very own.

The number of comments regarding these two psycho lieutenants we end up weeding out is pretty extensive, but it looks like we'll be letting more through.

UPDATE: Shit like this:
  • Lieutenants talking to PPOs and well as POs like dogshit.

    The always drunk female Sarah McD (who is supposed to make captain?!?) Locked a PPO in a processing room after screaming at her. Hopefully she'll get fired for it however she will probably get promoted.

    On one occasion, she tried taking out 3 PPOs in a squad car while she was stinking drunk one morning. Luckily, a desk officer stopped her and told her she was too "fucked up". She then went to the watch commander's office and locked herself in WC's bathroom and went to sleep on the bathroom floor for about 5 hours.
Back in the day, the officers in 012 (we think) got Lt. Olson stripped by the on-duty Street Deputy for destroying evidence and attempting to release a police impersonator on midnights because "he promised her he wouldn't do it again."


Really John?

Alderasshole Arena must be worried:

Streets and Sanitation are among the most politically connected of jobs. They do what they're told, double as ward heelers, work polls on election day, etc. If they're taking down signs, they've been told to.


Undercharging Again?

Question from a suburban copper:
  • Are city officers being told by ASA to initially only charge 1 felony, with other felony charges added when offender shows up to court? This is going on now in the 4th dist, Maywood Courthouse. We are guessing its so the offender wont seem that bad in bond court and get a lower bond if any at all.

    Suburban Cop

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Gallows 2.0

The situation has gotten so out of hand in 025 that officers have resurrected an old favorite:

Somewhere the ghost of Joe Curtain is seething.

And anyone trying to make something out of their choice of logos, it's a stick figure chosen by disgruntled cops of all stripes to vent their disgust with the current pathetic leadership. Why is this bozo still in command of anything?
  • ...on the 11th of January Escamerit was subpoenaed to an arbitration at 30 N lasalle on the 2nd floor at 10 AM. Basically the commander was defending his actions for once again trampling on the rights of a PO after failing to get an accurate story from sgt S. M. of area north whose about as arrogant and unrespected as they come. I was told he was in there for almost an hour and each question he was asked became more and more embarrassing for him. The stresses of lies, deceit, and failure are chipping away at him little by little. If you want a good read maybe someone can FOIA the transcripts because as it was told to me a court reporter was present.
Escamerit is about to cost taxpayers a bunch of money and still, he remains in a position he isn't remotely qualified for and has only used to abuse, harass and demean officers.


Parental Guidance? Hahahaha

  • The new “parental guidance required” policy at Water Tower Place has been so smoothly implemented and so successful in eliminating “disruptive behavior,” it should be expanded to seven-days-a-week during summer months, the local alderman said Monday.

    Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) said the proposed summer expansion would go a long way toward discouraging what has become a perennial problem when school is out: marauding groups of young people harassing, intimidating, robbing and attacking Michigan Avenue shoppers. The new policy took effect Jan. 4.
So why stop with teens? Why not require everyone to have an "escort" to go shopping at Water Tower? Supplied by Water Tower Place of course if you can't afford your own.


Take it All!

  • Chicago Teachers Union members lodged their first demands for a new contract Tuesday — including pay hikes and a host of topics state law bars the labor group from striking over — months before negotiations will likely accelerate with a new administration.

    [...] “Where will the money come from? Rich people,” CTU Vice President Stacy Davis Gates said Tuesday, as she repeated the union’s call for Illinois to tax its wealthiest residents at higher rates and pointed to revenue-generating ideas that need support from Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

    “We have a governor who has committed to legalizing recreational marijuana and putting a tax on it, we can take that as well,” Davis Gates said. “They are also talking about sports betting. We can take that. They’re talking about opening a new casino here in the city of Chicago. We can take that.”
Notice everything that the teachers union says they can "take." Nothing about reducing costs, making classrooms more efficient, cutting out bloated management, maybe contributing what every other civil servant contributes to the dwindling pension funds. No, just "take, take, take."

Rich people have an out though - they're rich enough to move, declare a different primary residence, shift money overseas, create tax shelters, remove all the toilets from their houses, etc. The exodus of millionaires from Illinois will dwarf that from other high tax states.

And that will leave you-know-who holding the bag. Again.



A sergeant was followed home the other day and a note left on his car in 022 (in 014? Someone to verify):

Be aware of what's going on during your ride home. Vary it up, circle a block somewhere away from your abode before heading home.


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Earned, Not Given (Bullshit)

(posted 2101 hours, 14 January - will be moved to 0005 hours, 15 January )

Fifty sergeants made and we're speechless (click for larger versions):

First of all, how is Kenny (the skinny one) Johnson, currently under Federal indictment and singing to the feds allowed to nominate anyone? And someone who didn't even work for him (according to numerous e-mailers)?

Second of all, Barb "Pillow" West nominates (and promotes) someone who is currently living with indicted former Commander Kenny (the Skinny one) Johnson.

Are you fucking kidding us?

Is anyone as fucking disgusted with the current "leadership" as we happen to be? We can';t believe that Rahm, being the micromanaging control freak that he is, is actually allowing this bullshit to tarnish his already disastrous legacy.

If this doesn't show you exactly what the DoJ report was all about, we don't know what would. The Machine is alive and well and ignoring any real effort at "reform" by putting morons and idiots in charge, nominated by thieves and corrupt-a-crats.

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ACLU Unhappy Again

In other news, water is wet, fire is hot. Did anyone not see this coming? Anyone? Bueller?
  • Pedestrian stops by Chicago police officers plummeted in number beginning in 2016 after a new state law and an agreement between the ACLU and the Police Department required officers to more thoroughly document and justify the encounters to ease concerns about racial profiling and constitutional violations.

    Some even believe the impact contributed to homicides hitting levels in 2016 that had been unseen in two decades.

    But a new report from the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois says that at the same time pedestrian stops fell so sharply, Chicago police dramatically increased how often they pulled over motorists.
We don't have a copy of what a TSSSSSSS Blue Card looks like handy, but this is the version of the ISR we made fun of two years ago (click for larger picture):

The Traffic Stop Statistical Study card (aka the Obama Card) is smaller than a 3" x 5" index card, and the bosses love it because they can count it and apply it to CompStat bullshit.

What would you rather fill out? And the ACLU isn't happy about it, so they lie through their teeth:
  • The latest report also found that Chicago police stopped African-American motorists at a disproportionately higher rate than whites, Hispanics and Asians.

    The findings have raised alarms for civil libertarians at a time when the Police Department is attempting to improve trust with minority communities as it nears a federal court agreement meant to ensure widespread reforms are carried out.

    “The problem has been consistent, but now it’s, yet again, a point of data that shows how desperately we need holistic reform of the Police Department,” said Karen Sheley, director of the police practices project for the ACLU of Illinois.
Perhaps the morons over at the ACLU could tell us exactly how the police "racially profile" an automobile? Cops see vehicle violations and pull over violators. Why doesn't the ACLU wonder why certain "communities" are incapable of properly maintaining and licensing their vehicles, thereby attracting the attention of cops? Or is that too obvious?


Great Idea Toni

  • Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle says she’ll halt plans to build a new police academy, dismantle the city’s contentious gang database and create an office of criminal justice as part of her plan to create a safer Chicago if elected.

    The plan to freeze the proposed construction of a new $95 million police and fire academy “until further review” would allow the department to focus on overhauling police training because “our highest priority is curriculum and content, not buildings and amenities.”
So we need tons of training and all sorts of reform.....but we're going to continue to use a building that is so outdated, it's incapable of meeting the needs of a 21st century police department. Hell, it barely met the needs of a 20th century department, and that was when it opened in 1976.

Prickwrinkle is determined to deny the Department even the ability to improve - it's too convenient a whipping boy.

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Which is the Higher Charge

  • A catastrophic U-turn on Lower Wacker Drive left a baby girl dead and two adults fighting for their lives early Friday. At 1:09 a.m., a Mazda 3 was heading west in the first block of West Lower Wacker Drive and made a U-turn at an intersection, according to Chicago police. It struck an Acura MDX driving east on a green light and then careened into a wall.

    Amaria Glenn, a 1-year-old baby, was ejected from the Mazda, according to police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office. She was taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital in critical condition before dying within the hour.
Mom was high, driving like an asshole without a license and without insurance, and didn't bother to secure the child in a car seat. Charges?
  • A woman has been charged with causing a Friday crash on Lower Wacker Drive that ejected and killed her 1-year-old passenger.

    Adreannia Donaldson, 29, was charged with felony aggravated DUI and several misdemeanors following the early morning crash when she failed to yield to traffic while making a U-turn on Lower Wacker at Garvey Court, Chicago police said.
Maybe a couple of higher charge?

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One Way to Downgrade Crime

  • NBC New York described a January 9, 2019, alleged home invasion suspect whom a resident had to shoot as an “unwanted house visitor.

    Breitbart News reported that the home invasion suspect was allegedly armed when he attempted to enter the home and the resident wrestled away his gun and shot him with it. The suspect, 29-year-old Terrence Coulanges, died after being transported to a hospital.
It was only a matter of time:
  • illegal alien = undocumented worker
  • drug dealer = unlicensed pharmacist
  • bank robbery = improper withdrawal
Add your own in the comments!

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Whose Bright Idea is This?

We've seen some dumb shit before. And this has already been proven not to work in at least two districts over the course of our careers:
  • Basically 025 will be split into “Dispatch Coordination Areas”. 5 in all consisting if 3 beats each. Each area will have a District coordination officer (Sgt). And get this, now the entire district won’t go down on a rap, just the affected DCA. So theoretically 025 could have 5 raps in place.
We used to have something like this - they were called "Sectors."  And there was someone covering these all the time - they were called "Rapid Response Cars" or "Sector Response Cars."

And it worked fine - when we were at an actual manpower strength of nearly 12,500 during the glory years of the Clinton Administration when Bill was shoveling money at the cities for neighborhood policing initiatives.

But those days passed and Rahm cut some 1,200 spots from the manpower numbers at declared the CPD "at strength" with the new normal. Now calls go unanswered constantly or answered in hours instead of minutes, and some jokers decide it's time to rehash an idea that never worked with the lower numbers of personnel.

Escamerit must really need that Deputy spot for the upcoming alimony/child support/day care expenses, and this time, he can't trick Washington into giving him the bump.

UPDATE: A couple days in and it's already off the rails:
  • I was told by numerous LT’s that there are to be no missions with this new strategy. This was brought up several times during the staff meeting in 025. Escamerit is still running missions and the kicker is that the missions are taking cars out of their assigned areas. Some cars were even told to stay off the radio with the missions and just get activity in a certain area.

    Escamerit is not following the instructions that came from 35th street. He’s more concerned about his numbers and doing what HE wants. And he still has the wagon sitting at North and Luna it’s been going on for 2.5 years now. Even the dispatcher said the first day of this pilot program “Why isn’t the wagon taking jobs”!!

    A Sgt has to get on the air and tell the dispatcher they don’t leave North and Luna. The dispatcher replied “That’s not what we were told, we were instructed everyone takes jobs”
Watch the PAR forms start flying out of 025 again. The old Indian Burial Ground curse raises once again.

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What's This?

Someone is putting this on personal cars in a District somewhere:

So who is doing this and where? What makes some inside house mouse suck ass deserving of a certain parking spot rather than the people doing actual work at the position they were hired for? Asking for a friend.


Ban Fists!

  • A 49-year-old man from Alabama was beaten to death Friday night in the South Loop.

    Jack D. Richardson was in an “altercation” with a man at 9:50 p.m. in the first block of Ida B. Wells Drive, formerly Congress Parkway, when he was struck multiple times, Chicago police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office said.

    Richardson was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he died, authorities said.

    An autopsy released Saturday said he died from multiple blunt force injuries during an assault. The medical examiner’s office ruled his death a homicide.
So is Rahm banning fists now? After all, more people are beaten to death with fists and blunt objects in a single year than rifles, which Rahm and Jaybee the Hutt have their eyes on.


Sunday, January 13, 2019

ISP Trooper Killed

  • An Illinois state trooper who was heading home for the night in his squad car but pulled over to help at an accident scene was struck and killed by a vehicle Saturday afternoon in the north suburbs, police said.

    Trooper Christopher Lambert, 34, stopped to help at a three-car crash in the northbound lanes on I-294 near Willow Road in Glenview, Illinois State Police Director Leo P. Schmitz said at a news conference.

    Lambert, a five-year veteran, positioned his car in the lefthand lanes to protect the people involved but he was struck by a passing vehicle at 4:43 p.m., Schmitz said.

    Lambert was given CPR by an off-duty nurse at the scene and was taken to Glenbrook Hospital in Glenview where he died at 7:24 p.m., Schmitz said.
Other media coverage here.

RIP Trooper Lambert.


Participating Restaurants

From a helpful soul (click for larger version):


Further Clarification

To the "No More Mugshots?" post from the crew over at CWB Blog:
  • Hi SCC -

    CPD is NOT in compliance regarding mugshots and state law. They are REQUIRED to release mugshots on all offenders within 72 hours of arrest.

    The only change in state law is that police agencies are barred from distributing mugshots for misdemeanor offenders ON SOCIAL MEDIA, not on their official sites.

    See email below from lawyers for Illinois Press Association that was sent early in the new year.

    All the best -
So once again, the brilliant minds at HQ (probably Legal Affairs) have misinterpreted the law in such a way as to protect criminals rather than inform the citizenry.

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Help on the Way

Let's hope this doesn't fall by the wayside and officers avail themselves of the help being offered:
  • Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced Tuesday that CPD would be adding more counselors for officers after a difficult year that saw four officers killed in the line of duty and four officers who died by suicide.

    [...] Officers seem to be following Johnson's lead in recent weeks with more reaching out for help from EAP counselors and the six CPD chaplains. CPD plans to add six more EAP counselors and other forms of support in light of increased demand.
The number of counselors available to a Department of some 10,000 was atrociously bad and the subject of an entire section of the DoJ report. This help was a long time coming.


No More Mugshots? (UPDATE)

  • Since the Southwest Chicago Post was founded in early 2012, we have brought news of crime--large and small--to the people of the Southwest Side.

    That's important, we know you agree, because folks want to know what's going on. Where the garage break-ins are occurring. Where the home and business burglaries are happening. Details about robberies, batteries and assaults.

    Folks also want to know about people charged with crimes--who they are, where they're from and what they look like. That last bit of detail--what they look like--requires a mugshot.
Guess what they aren't finding any more?
  • You see, the Chicago Police Department has decided to no longer post mugshots of people they arrest for misdemeanor crimes--in other words, for the vast majority of arrests they make. And when we say "misdemeanor," please don't think we're talking about a guy who steals a pack of gum from a store.

    These days, "misdemeanor" often includes burglary, robbery, assault, battery and domestic battery, weapons violations, you name it. People often charged with violent crimes.
The Department has (through spokesweasels) refused to provide the media with a satisfactory answer as to why information is not being disseminated. We know that the Department regularly distributes full descriptions of suspects to the media....who then refuse to publish the actual facts. Perhaps the Department is merely bowing to the prevailing leftist group-think and no one is actually committing crimes - property just goes missing, bullets just fall out of the sky, and two-year-old children just chop themselves into pieces and throw themselves into lagoons.

UPDATE: Comments are saying this is a change in State Law. Because a misdemeanor theft offender has never turned into a home invader. Or an opportunistic rapist. Or a murderer.

So while police are forced to be "more transparent," the justice system becomes more opaque and the sheeple are kept in the dark.

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Bad Start to the Year

  • Police have released the name of the Shreveport, Louisiana, officer who was fatally shot as she was heading to work ahead of the start of her shift Wednesday night.

    Chateri Payne was shot multiple times while in her uniform and died within hours of being transported to a local hospital, Shreveport police chief Ben Raymond announced this morning.
Twenty-two years old and not even on the street two months. And that was only one of two rookies killed this week:
  • Natalie Corona was a rising star in her police department with a sparkling smile and a huge heart who had followed in her father’s footsteps and became an officer, fulfilling a lifelong dream just a few months ago when her dad pinned the badge on her uniform.

    On Friday, her father and a stunned community mourned the 22-year-old who was shot and killed on duty while responding to a multi-vehicle crash in the small college town of Davis, California.
Another twenty-two year a traffic accident. Two of five officers killed already this year.

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Friday, January 11, 2019

Another Chapter of Incompetency

  • The family of a two-year-old boy who was killed and dismembered in 2015 says they have been told the charges against the man accused of the murder might be reduced.

    The family of Kyrian Knox says they were contacted by the state’s attorney’s office ahead of a court proceeding Wednesday to be notified the charges could be reduced.
    kyrian knox Family Outraged At Possible Change In Charges For Man Accused Of Killing, Dismembering Toddler

    Kyrian Knox (Source: Facebook)

    Kyrian was killed in Rockford, dismembered and found in a Chicago lagoon in 2015. The Rockford boy’s severed head, hands, and feet were found in the Garfield Park lagoon on Labor Day weekend, but the body parts were not identified until two months later, after a DNA match was made.
This was one of the most intense and thorough investigations the Department ever conducted. The city even drained a body of water covering several acres to recover the victim and detectives spent literally thousands of hours making the case against this asshole.

You seat the jury and you present that best case possible and trust that even in Chicago, there are twelve jurors with some humanity left in them that they would convict this waste-of-humanity within an afternoon.

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"Merit" Packages Out

For Detective this time.

This usually means a class within 60 days.

The mayoral election is only 50-odd days away, which could gum up the process.

Supposedly, the "merit" board met Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday to go over captain resumes. Got to get the hacks in before Special Ed is shown the door.

And sergeants before the end of the month? All sorts of activity on the calendar.



Prickwrinkle taking all sorts of credit for something she had pretty much nothing to do with:
  • Toni Preckwinkle was bombarded Thursday for allegedly inflating her role in exposing the deadly police shooting of Laquan McDonald to distract attention from the $10,000 campaign contribution that Ald. Edward M. Burke (14th) muscled for her from a Burger King franchise owner.

    Fired Chicago Police Superintendent-turned-mayoral candidate Garry McCarthy got the ball rolling by attacking the chest-pounding claims that Preckwinkle makes in her first campaign commercial about the behind-the-scenes role she played.

    “Instead of Toni Preckwinkle manning up and saying, ‘Maybe I made a mistake’ or doing something about it, she’s trying to distract away from her troubles,” McCarthy told the Chicago Sun-Times.
Hahaha. "...manning up...." Garry is a funny guy sometimes.

Panderers gotta pander and Prickwrinkle is a one-trick race card pony.


Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thanks Crimesha

  • Laavion Goings Jr. was out of jail only two months when the 19-year-old walked up to a bus stop about a block from his home, pulled out a gun and tried to rob a woman on the Far South Side.

    But the woman had a gun too and fired first, hitting Goings in the chest, according to Chicago police. The teen ran back to his home and made it as far as a stairwell in the foyer of a building before collapsing in the 400 block of West 103rd Street.

    That's where officers found him shortly before 6 a.m. Tuesday, just minutes after the shooting. He died within an hour at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.
Note that the Tribune has started with the "teen" description again instead of "armed offender" or something similar. And they don't mention the woman's gun was legally obtained, registered, and she had undergone training until paragraphs later. This wasn't the offender's first run in with wrong choices though:
  • The teen had a record of arrests, mostly for drug charges. But last June, he was charged with attacking a sergeant and a police officer after he and his father were arrested during a narcotics raid in Englewood where the father lived, according to court records.

    [...] As police escorted the younger Goings downstairs, he became “very irate, stiffened up’’ and “pushed”’ and “grabbed’’ a sergeant, the report said. Another officer got him under control and into a police car.
Was he charged?
  • Goings was charged with six counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer...
Six felonies? That's fantastic. He should be in jail for .....wait a minute:
  • ....but they were dropped in October after the teen pleaded guilty to a drug charge. He was given probation and released from jail in early November, just days before his 19th birthday.
Great job there Crimesha. Six felonies pled down to "dead in a justified bus stop shooting because no punishment equals no feeling of consequences."

More please.


Another Dreary Prediction

Zero Hedge is doom and gloom a lot. This hits close to home:
  • While the federal government is slowly careening toward permanent, fiscal disaster, many state governments (which don’t have the power of the printing press) are already staring into the abyss…

    Take Illinois, for example. It’s the most broke state in the US with nearly $250 billion in debt. And it only brings in enough in taxes each year to cover 92% of its expenses… so the problem is getting worse.

    Good thing Rahm “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste” Emmanuel is the current Mayor of Chicago. You may remember, the above quote was from Rahm’s days as Obama’s Chief of Staff, as told to the Wall Street Journalduring the depths of the Great Financial Crisis…

    What followed was the greatest monetary experiment known to man.
The "experiment" is outlined in the linked article with all sorts of references and sub-links to stuff. It's not a pretty picture.


Culver's Steps Up

This coming Monday (click for larger version):

The address on this poster is for the Franklin Park location but hopefully, it's all of them.

A quick search shows a bunch of locations in nearby suburbs surrounding the city.


Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Ed's Hail Mary

Probably not going to pull it off, but you never know until you try:
  • Eddie Johnson hopes to remain city’s top cop after mayoral election

    Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson on Tuesday said he learned early on in his three-decade career as a cop that it’s best to not worry about things beyond his control.

    Taking questions from reporters after he addressed the City Club of Chicago, Johnson was asked if he’d like to stay at the helm of the CPD after the upcoming mayoral election.

    “I took this job because I love this city. I want to see this city safe,” Johnson said. “The political part of it, that’s out of my control. One thing that cops recognize early on, we don’t worry about things that we can’t control.”
Ed, you didn't even apply for the job, and you've lurched from one crisis to another without any sort of direction that wasn't given to you by the sawed-off dwarf at City Hall. The things you did deal with involved covering up for the incompetency of your predecessors and their "study group" that your girlfriend benefited from.

Hopefully, we're somewhere under sixty days of your reign.


Nice Shot Lady

  • A man was shot to death Tuesday morning while attempting to rob a woman in the Fernwood neighborhood on the Far South Side, police said.

    About 5:45 a.m., the man, 19, approached the woman, 25, in the 400 block of West 103rd Street, displayed a weapon and tried to rob her, Chicago police said.

    The woman, who was a concealed carry holder, took out her own weapon and fired one shot, striking him in the neck, police said.

    The man left the scene and was found a block away, police said. He was taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where he died, police said.
Notice how the Slum Times calls the offender "...the man, 19,..."? We're thinking there's a not-so-hidden agenda at work here. We also notice that they're specifically avoiding the term "victim" as an armed offender is anything but.

If we're counting correctly, the CCL body count is up to three (one dead, two wounded) and the cops killing the "just-turning-their-life-around" crowd

In the meantime, perhaps a GoFundMe site for buying Concealed Carriers some replacement ammo? And perhaps the FOP could pitch in with a gift certificate to one of the finer local gun ranges?


More Missing the Point

The media just loves play with shiny objects that Rahm waves in front of them:
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday announced the rollout of the first of 200 new “license plate reader” police cars that will be able to quickly identify and recover stolen cars and maybe reduce carjackings.

    The technology will allow police to match license plates against the list of stolen vehicles so officers can quickly respond.

    The city already has 40 vehicles equipped with license plate reading technology. With the additional vehicles, each of Chicago’s 25 police districts “will get roughly six cars for continuous patrols,” Chicago police spokesman Anthony [Google-me] said Tuesday on Twitter.

    “The cars build on the city’s larger strategy that has resulted in an 18 percent reduction in incidents of carjacking, and a 31 percent increase in arrests compared to last year,” the mayor’s office said in a news release.
We guess we're back to 25 Districts again. Must be part of the Rahm hiring wave that "filled" the ranks. As for the reductions that Rahm is hoping for:
  • part of that "decrease" was reclassifying carjackings and car thefts, like when the car was left running - which we actually agreed with.
  • the plate readers can only compare/match plates that are actually listed as "hot." So if you get jacked, (A) the crime has already occurred and a plate reader didn't prevent shit and (B) if you don't know your plate, it might be hours before it gets into the system, during which your car can travel past all two hundred plate readers and not a single "ding" will alert officers to it.
You know what would really deter/reduce carjackings?
  • apprehending carjackers
  • extensive prison time
But given the current Chase Policy:

and the fact that Crimesha refuses to prosecute carjackers until their twenty-sevens conviction, we imagine plate readers will only be good for recovering cars that have already been used for shootings or other robberies.


Dean Cleared

  • Former Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President Dean Angelo, Sr. was cleared Tuesday on charges brought against him by the union he once lead, sources said. FOP 2nd Vice President Martin Preib filed a charge against Angelo on Oct. 5 — the same day Jason Van Dyke’s guilty verdict was announced — alleging Angelo was out of line when he spoke to reporters at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse during the high-profile trial.

    Angelo could not be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon, but sources close to him and the FOP told the Sun-Times that he was cleared of wrongdoing. In December, a three-member panel of the FOP recommended that Angelo — who is still a voting member of the FOP board — not be disciplined, an FOP source said.

    Tuesday, the full board — aside from FOP President Kevin Graham, who abstained from voting — cleared Angelo of wrongdoing, though the vote “wasn’t unanimous by any means,” according to the FOP source.
Lots of fractures in the current Board.


Tuesday, January 08, 2019

This Sounds Familiar

  • Given all the graft and corruption over the years, mayoral candidate Bill Daley says it’s time for Chicago to overhaul its government, starting with reducing the number of aldermen from 50 to 15.

    There is, of course, some irony in Daley, the brother and son of two former mayors who held the office for a combined 43 years, saying it’s time to restructure City Hall. After all, the Daley machine grew from a fiefdom in the heavily Irish 11th Ward in Bridgeport to, under Richard J. Daley, a political power structure of national significance.

    Bill Daley, however, argues that times have changed and the days of “50 mini mayors” running the wards no longer exist. He argues the city’s neighborhoods are better connected these days through technology and a more centralized City Hall and that many of the powers aldermen used to enjoy have dissipated. Those that do remain — such as veto power over zoning and permits in their wards — often lead to corruption, Daley argued.
We seem to recall a number of blog posts and a petition drive by....wait a minute. This was an idea by our readers! And the blog assisted in gathering around 11,000 signatures if we recall correctly. It was tens of thousands of signatures short of even getting near a referendum (and the Board of Elections would have killed it anyway), but it would seem that the Tribune is hitching its wagon to the Daley Machine once again.


Rifle Again

  • A man was killed in a shooting Monday afternoon in the West Englewood neighborhood, police said.

    Two males walked up to the 23-year-old about 4:35 p.m. in the 2000 block of West 63rd Street and fired at him, according to Chicago police. He was struck in the chest and taken to University of Chicago Medical Center, where he died.

    The Cook County medical examiner’s office has not confirmed the death.

    Investigators found cartridge casings for a handgun and rifle at the scene, but no weapons have been recovered, police said.
Anyone know if one of those AR-pistol platforms? We'd think that even in Englewood, someone would notice a walking around with a full size carbine.


005 Changes?

A Rule 14 scandal about to break?

The clouted must be protected!


Towing Scam

  • According to a WBEZ analysis of thousands of towing records and invoices, the city regularly pulls residents into a nexus of ticket-related debt and car seizures that is stunning in its scope.

    In 2017 alone, Chicago booted more than 67,000 vehicles for unpaid tickets. In about a third of those cases, the driver couldn’t afford to remove the boot, and the vehicle was later towed to a city impound lot.

    Of those 20,000 impounded cars, more than 8,000 ended up like Botello’s: They were sold off, with the owners receiving none of the sale proceeds. Instead, the city and its towing contractor pocketed millions of dollars, while residents were left with ticket debt.

    All told, there have been nearly 50,000 of these sales since 2011.
So the only people making money were the connected towing companies....who then made the appropriate political donations to Chicago pols. Sure, you can avoid tickets by driving safely and parking properly, but this is mildly ridiculous.


Monday, January 07, 2019

Rule 14

The Rules and Regulations of the Chicago Police Department state in part:
  • In addition to the positive requirements of all the foregoing sections, the following rules
    of conduct set forth expressly prohibited acts.

    Rule 14: Making a false report, written or oral.
Now don't get us wrong. We are far from pure as the driven snow. We lie occasionally. Most people do...little lies that don't really mean anything in the great scheme of things. We even stretch the truth on the street with criminals and media types.

But if you're the head of a major metropolitan police department, struggling to "rebuild the trust" that so many libtarded politicians insist is "shattered" and the cause of all sorts of problems, don't you think you'd try to refrain from lying so blatantly that even the jaded media sits up and takes notice and steals stories from alternative media?
  • The Chicago Police Department tonight stood by its claim that an allegedly illegal handgun that was confiscated during an arrest at 11:28 p.m. on Dec. 31st was the first gun to be confiscated on the streets of Chicago in 2019.

    A police spokesman said the police report number for the case, JC100002—literally the second police case of the new year—was generated at 12:02 a.m. on New Year’s Day “making it the first police report generated for a gun arrest of 2019.”

    However, during a quickly-called press conference one hour after the report number was generated, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson repeatedly said the gun was recovered, and the related arrest was made, after midnight on New Year’s Day.

    “And two minutes after the new year comes in…there you go, our first illegal weapon,” he said.

    “Tactical team 363 got the first illegal weapon off the streets of Chicago at 12:02,” Johnson said another time. “Two minutes after midnight.”
Note the spin that Google-me and media affairs puts on this turd in an effort to protect Special Ed from the stupidity of Commander Bangles. Now imagine if you or we attempted this.

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Quick Hits

So Mrs. Munoz, seeing her husband's reduced political status and perhaps the reduced income that comes with being shunted aside for a younger model, suddenly remembers what we here have said for years:
  • In a petition seeking an order of protection, the wife of Ald. Ricardo Munoz (22nd) claims she feared not only physical abuse at the hands of her husband but threats from gang members connected to him.

    “Ricardo has connections (with) local gangs (and) individuals with criminal pasts who … have threatened my family in the past,” Betty Torres-Munoz wrote on the form she filled out Wednesday, seeking a court order barring the Munoz from having contact with her, the couple’s 16-year-old dog, or visiting the Little Village home they shared.
Munoz was always a bitch for the gangs.


The Water Tower new anti-teen policy is working as well as expected:
  • Though officials said the policy would be “strictly enforced throughout the shopping center property, including exterior entrances,” the new approach could be tough to implement at a shopping center with multiple entrances, a theater and underground parking lot.

    A walk through the eight-level mall Friday evening showed just as much, as groups of unsupervised teens strolled from store to store.
We heard some morons describing the new policy as "racist," as if being a teenager was now somehow based solely on race instead of behavior. The accusation carries as much weight as those claiming police stop traffic violators based anything except the traffic violation itself.


A little birdie whispers that disgraced Skinny Johnson is now surrendering names of fellow lawbreakers in a bid to reduce the sizable prison sentence he's facing. Anyone know what the going rate (years reduced) is per name? Is it by rank? Is it contingent on future convictions?


Charles "Cholie" Williams for Superintendent? Please let this be true. We'll have enough material for another twelve years of blogging if that asshole gets into the big office.


Arena Freezes Out Competition

Pay-to-Play is alive and well up north:
  • The owners of Hops and Barley set up a First Responder fundraiser for 45th Ward aldermanic candidate Jim Gardiner. They let him promote the event, then decided they want to stay "politically neutral" and cancelled.

    Sadly it's no surprise as they are long time donors and friends of alderman john arena. Are they forced to “donate” to Arena to get permits? Sounds like Arena found out about the fundraiser and made them pull the plug. These same Aldermen call for yet another layer of police oversight, while they voted to have ZERO for themselves.
The alderasshole must be feeling some sort of heat if he's resorting to strong arming bars to stop hosting events for his competition. Just so everyone up north knows, we're told the owners of Hops and Barley also own Nite Caps (corrected) on Irving Park Road, so you might want to be careful where you spend your money - it ends up in Arena's pocket one way somehow.

Anyone know if the feds wired Arena's office or cell phone?

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Sunday, January 06, 2019

He's Baaaaaaaaack!

Go on a leave of absence for how many years, wreck a county car full of political campaign material (in violation of numerous ethics rules), flee the scene of said wreck, get fired by Prickwrinkle herself for fucking up on a near constant basis...

....and return to work at the Chicago Police Department:
  • Well well well, guess who is back on the Chicago Police Department payroll. Yep, Delwin Gadlen. Assigned to the 003rd District on 2nd watch but detailed to 045 for retread training. Fuck up at County, commit multiple violations, lie to investigators but hey come on back to the police department. And if Prepwinckle wins you can be assured at the very least he will be a merit sergeant. Not to even mention the fact that he has been carried as being on a leave of absence for how many years??? Does everyone get to do that??
This should open the door to a lot of people who got suspended or fired for far lesser violations.

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No "Malice"

  • In court, prosecutors said the incident happened Dec. 28, after she logged into her workstation and computer. Two witnesses saw her send the email, which indicated a male co-worker had a gun and was going to bring it to the office and was planning a “mass shooting.’’

    Someone called 911, prompting police, SWAT and tactical officers to swarm the building and evacuate it. They later learned the worker had no gun and “had no such plan,’’ prosecutors said.

    The IP address came right back to her workstation. Investigators made contact with her, and she admitted sending the email and that she never saw the worker with the gun, according to prosecutors.

    The email was sent out of an “abundance of caution,’’ her attorney Robert Pervan told the judge. “It wasn’t done with any malicious intent.’’

    Later, outside the courtroom, Pervan said she sent to email after she had a conversation with the co-worker and believed he did have a gun, which are not allowed in COPA offices, and a plot.
One has to wonder - her lawyer says she "believed" the man had a gun and a plot.

So will police officers be afforded that same defense? An officer believes his/her life is in danger? He/She believed a subject to be armed? An officer believes an arrestee had a "plot" to escape once the arrestee began resisting/flailing/battering everyone within reach?

The hypocrisy here is nausea inducing.

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Remember This Idiot?

He was hired by the principal of Wildwood Elementary - a CPS elementary school in the Edgebrook community - to tell the children (many dozens of whom were from police and fire families) that cops were bad, evil, killed minorities and were responsible for starvation across the globe?

Guess where he was today?
  • Mr “Ethan Ethos” who gave the fuck 12 speech at the CPS elementary school with the permission of the principal, is currently in custody. Shoved, kicked, spit on a CFD Paramedic.  Felony charges approved.  Currently incapacitated and intubated at CCH.
The principal ended up resigning, blaming the backlash against her poor decision making skills and making vague references to the safety of her new granddaughters. Seems like the cops and firefighters were correct and she was just another liberal snowflake "social justice warrior" asshole.


Saturday, January 05, 2019

Fundraising Tickets

We heard that there are fundraising tickets available to help defray the lawyers expenses for Ed Burke. Please see the Business Liaison Sergeant in 018.

The line is expected to be long, so arrive early. Brown envelopes of non-sequential low denomination bills are preferred (nothing bigger than a $20 please.)


More Popcorn!

Suddenly, the media finds a set of testicles. This escaped notice for how many years?
  • Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s administration hired powerful Ald. Edward Burke’s son to a nearly $100,000-a-year county job in 2014, newly released records show.

    Personnel records released by the county in response to a Tribune public records request show Preckwinkle’s administration hired Edward Burke Jr. as training and exercise manager for the county’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department.
  • As the owner of a law firm that seeks to reduce property taxes for big business clients including companies that work for City Hall, it’s important for Chicago Ald. Edward M. Burke to have a good working relationship with the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.

    When Kim Foxx was running for state’s attorney, Burke hosted a fund-raiser at his home in the Southwest Side’s 14th Ward to help elect her.

    [...] In August, nine months after she took office, her staff struck a deal with Burke’s firm: It settled three lawsuits, agreeing that various local governments Foxx’s office was representing would refund nearly $2 million in property taxes that AT&T had paid between 2013 and 2015 on a 105-acre campus in Hoffman Estates that now sits vacant.
  • The Preckwinkle campaign has a response, and it's dragging another mayoral hopeful into the Burke mess: Gery Chico, a longtime Burke friend who once used to work for his finance committee.


    Chico is out with a response, and he’s using a 4-letter word: liar.

    From a statement, "In typical fashion, Toni Preckwinkle is being dishonest about her role outlined in a criminal complaint and deflecting responsibility. She personally called me and solicited a donation and requested that I help her raise money. I, along with dozens of others, was present at the event . . . (but) I have no knowledge whatsoever about the $5,600 contribution that she accepted and is referred to in the criminal complaint."
Every Machine politician has a Burke skeleton in the closet. How many will be revealed is going to be entertaining.


Twenty-Three Guns?

So aldercreature Burke was required to surrender all of his firearms after being charged in Federal Court as a condition of bail. Numerous readers note that twenty-three firearms from his office alone were turned in. No word on the ones at home. A number of readers have asked:
  • Will these count toward the yearly total that Rahm and Special Ed tout? Probably not - they were surrendered via a Federal Court order, so we doubt they end up on the media table for photographs.
  • Why does Burke, who sponsored or was a part of many dozens of anti-gun ordinances passed over the years, have a single gun let alone twenty-three? Seems kind of hypocritical, doesn't it?
We guess there is one set of rules for the "rulers" and another set for the "ruled." Now go back to your dangerous neighborhoods without your armed security escorts peasants! 


Curious...Very Curious (UPDATE)

So no one in the media seems to have the name of the COPA investigator who was recently charged with a felony. We know the Department releases names and booking photos for every single arrestee once they're charged with a felony, particularly government employees.

Is there some "code of silence" going on here regarding COPA? Rahm, you want to comment on this, you being the "expert" on "codes of silence" and all.

UPDATE: The Slum Times posted an article at 10:08 AM this morning. Fox 32 beat them to the punch at 06:33 AM. Both published on a Saturday morning when readership is at its lowest so the political fallout would be lessened.


Friday, January 04, 2019

002 Wins?

  • Two people were killed and eight others wounded in 24 hours of citywide gun violence Thursday.

    The double homicide happened shortly before 1 p.m. in the Bronzeville neighborhood on the South Side. Someone fired multiple shots at a gray Dodge Avenger in the 5000 block of South Indiana, according to Chicago police. The driver was shot in the chest while the front-seat passenger was shot in the face.
Special Ed showed up for this "first homicide" press conference and said we're still down five homicides from last year.

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A Two-fer?

  • Ald. Edward M. Burke allegedly tried to leverage Burger King executives to give his law firm business to clear the way for a remodeling project at one of their fast-food restaurants in his ward, federal prosecutors charged in a complaint made public Thursday.

    The charges revolve around the Burger King location at 4060 S. Pulaski, the Sun-Times has confirmed. That location was thrust into the headlines after Laquan McDonald was fatally shot nearby 16 times by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke in 2014.

    The company sought support from Burke for the remodeling project, and he aggressively tried to land Burger King as a client for his firm to do property tax work across the Chicago area and suburban counties, prosecutors allege.
We surveyed about 124 people and not a single one has any idea why the media had to identify the Burger King as being near the location where the Laquan shooting took place. We guess they're just assholes.

And Burke might have entangled a bonus politician in his web of corruption:
  • Federal charges of attempted corruption against Ald. Edward Burke, 14th, have seeped into the race for mayor, with candidate Lori Lightfoot charging that rival Toni Preckwinkle “apparently” is unnamed pol referenced in the charges as receiving an extorted $10,000 campaign donation via Burke.

    In a statement and a later interview, Lightfoot underlined that she is a former federal prosecutor and said that Burke was well known to have been raising money for Preckwinkle’s re-election as Cook County Board president around the time Burke allegedly was demanding financial favors from a fast-food restaurant chain.

    “Based on what I know, it would appear the politician referenced is her,” Lightfoot said. “She needs to confirm or deny.”
Quite frankly, this is great news and could blow a giant hole in Prickwrinkle's campaign. It's certainly ammunition for every other candidate to slap her around with.

So now, does Burke - facing 20 years - make a deal for a few other heads? He's 75 and any Federal time is pretty much a death sentence.

Second of all, did Special Ed strip him of his retirement star and is he going to sit at callback instead of the City Council chambers?



Did anyone report wife-beater Munoz to the Illinois State Police to begin revocation paperwork for domestic violence?

Of course, if his dad is still around, he can have a few counterfeit cards printed up at Foto Estudio Munoz.

Just like old times, eh Ricardo?


Crime is Down?

  • After years of reeling from violent crime and homicide epidemic in Chicago, murders in the Windy City fell by about 100 in 2018, but the figure still remains higher than the number of homicides in Los Angeles and New York combined.

    According to preliminary police numbers, in Chicago, the third largest city in the U.S., there were 561 homicides between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2018. That’s a decline of about 100 murders compared to 2017.

    Meanwhile, as of about mid-December, New York reported 278 murders and Los Angeles had 243.
New York and LA have a combined population of 12.6 million.

Chicago is 2.7 million on a good day.

Rahm and Special Ed must be so proud.

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COPA Threats

  • A threatening email sent last week to the Chicago Police Department’s oversight agency came from an agency employee.

    The Civilian Office of Police Accountability issued a statement Wednesday saying it had asked for felony charges to be filed against its employee.

    That came after a CPD investigation of what COPA called “a false threat of workplace violence at its West Town office” in the 1600 block of West Chicago Avenue. The email was sent Dec. 28.

    “COPA takes all violations of law seriously. The waste of City resources in response to a false threat, the unnecessary alarm to our staff, other building occupants and larger Chicago community was egregious,” COPA Chief Administrator Sydney Roberts said in the statement. “COPA staff members are held accountable for their actions and we appreciate CPD’s prompt and professional work in assessing and investigating the anonymous threat.”

    The employee has been placed on leave, according to COPA. Their identity was not revealed, and the exact content of the message remains unclear.
So, since this involves an investigatory agency, does every investigation with this asshole's name on it get thrown out of the process? You know, like the State tosses every single case with recently charged officers on it just in case there's a whiff of impropriety sticking to every case? After all, who knows what false allegations, statements and evidence may have been manufactured by this crooked individual?


Ooooo - Scary!

  • The mall used to be one of the few places teens were free to hang out far from prying parental eyes. That’s no longer the case at Water Tower Place on the Magnificent Mile, the latest mall to ban unsupervised teens on Friday and Saturday evenings in an attempt to crack down on disruptive incidents.

    From 4 p.m. until the mall closes at 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, trained public safety officers will card visitors at the Magnificent Mile shopping center’s entrances, mall owner Brookfield Properties said Thursday.

    Anyone without a valid photo ID confirming they are at least 18 years old won’t be allowed into the mall unless they are accompanied by a parent or other adult who is at least 21 years old, Brookfield said in a news release.
These are armed security guards? Empowered to physically restrain and arrest? And the mall is willing to sign complaints? Follow up in court? Press charges to the fullest extent of the law?

And Crimesha Foxxx....she's willing to prosecute these juveniles? Have CPD detectives process them through the system? House them at the [Audy] Home?

Yeah, we didn't think so.


Thursday, January 03, 2019

Timestamps Anyone?

Do none of the idiots in charge realize that even a brand new defense lawyer is going to rip this case to shreds? And a Civil Court is going to find for the plaintiff, saddling the officers with sizable punitive damages? And the Rule 14 findings are going to haunt them for whatever is left of their careers:
  • New Year’s Eve Farce?

    So the Superintendent sends out to patrol that he will be visiting the District of the first UUW of 2019. Low and behold the Third District magically has a UUW at 1201. One minute into the new year. That’s great. Except it’s a lie.

    The arresting officers were told to hold the arrest until 1201 to ensure Eddie’s visit. Who would tell these officers to lie? It was Commander Hanna and Lieutenant Ward. These two were looking for selfish recognition at the expense of false reports, and both were former IAD. What a joke.

    So Johnson goes and does a press conference and knowingly and intentionally lies about the time of this arrest with Hanna and Ward at his side. For what? Nothing but trouble for these officers who are now concerned about the upcoming court proceedings.

    This can be confirmed through BWC, SDSC video, and the officers going over the air around 2330. This is the type of leadership that needs to be exposed.
The radio tapes and body camera timestamps are going to fuck everyone with a signature on this paper. Does anyone think that (cheating lieutenant) Ward, Hanna or Special Ed are going to be anywhere near the defense table?

The only reasonably intelligent bosses who refused to approve falsified documents were the First watch DSS and WOL....and they'll be called as Plaintiff Witnesses #1 and #2.


Not Surprising

This is our "not surprised" face:

  • Ald. Ricardo Munoz was arrested without incident at his 22nd Ward office Wednesday morning after striking his wife on New Year’s Eve, Chicago police said.

    Police spokesman Anthony [Google-me] said Munoz pushed and struck his wife during an argument at their home on the evening of Dec. 31.

    Munoz fled the residence after his wife called police immediately, according to [Google-me]. The wife suffered injuries but declined to seek medical attention, he said.

    The veteran alderman was taken into custody Wednesday morning at his ward office in the city’s Little Village neighborhood, [Google-me] said. No one answered the phone there early Wednesday afternoon.
He was always a punk bitch, even when he was holding guns for the kings. Not surprising at all that he turns out to be a wife beater.

Where's all the #metoo people?


No Voice

  • The Fraternal Order of Police has again been denied in its attempts to formally join the lawsuit that could soon lead to a consent decree governing reform at the Chicago Police Department.

    The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday upheld U.S. District Judge Robert Dow’s decision, reached last summer, that barred the police union from intervening in the lawsuit between City Hall and Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

    In doing so, the appellate court noted the FOP waited “for nearly a year” to try to intervene, despite realizing the consent decree might affect its interests. The court also described as “largely speculative” the FOP’s fear that the consent decree will violate its collective bargaining agreement, or CBA.
Unforced errors, and the FOP is going onto 19 months without even a whisper of a Contract.


Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Good Trend

  • A 29-year-old man sidelined a New Year’s Eve robbery in Logan Square by shooting the two suspects he said tried to rob him, Chicago police said.

    Around 9:40 p.m. in the 2900 block of West Cortland Street, two male suspects with handguns got out of a silver Nissan and told the man they were robbing him, police said. The man, who is a concealed carry license and firearm owner’s identification card holder, shot both suspects, police said. They were taken to local hospitals and stabilized.

    Further information was not released.
We have a feeling it's going to start happening even closer to downtown in short order, and it's going to cost Crimesha and Prickwrinkle voters.


Not a Good Trend

Yet another suicide, this time up north.

Worked in 007, but detailed out to 35th and Michigan.

Whatever the Department is doing to combat cops killing themselves, isn't working.


The Usual Mayhem

  • At least four people were shot, none fatally, since the new year began at midnight Tuesday.
And first up?
  • In 2019’s first reported shooting, a 12-year-old boy was shot inside a home in the South Side Englewood neighborhood. At 12:12 a.m., he was looking out a second floor window in the 6500 block of South Union Avenue when a bullet whizzed in and struck him in the left hand, police said. He was taken to St. Bernard Hospital and later released.
Prickwrinkle really should outlaw whizzing bullets.


Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy New Year

Stay safe tonight.

Find a viaduct and wait it out.


And the Winner is.....

It seems they ought to retire the trophy - or at least name it "The Fillmo":
  • For the FIFTH year in a row
  • the NINTH year out of the past twelve
  • the THIRTEENTH year of the 21th Century, 011 has recorded the most homicides (and Aggravated Batteries, Criminal Sexual Assaults and just about every other violent crime category)
And can you believe that the last three commanders covering this span have all gone on to Deputy Chief or higher? They can't be getting promoted on their fantastic crime fighting ability, that's for sure.

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Libtarded Thinking

This always amazes us:
  • This morning while at Children Lurie Hospital with my daughter who is 4 years old and recovering from a bursted appendix, a close friend of mine who is a P.O. came to visit us and was in full CPD uniform and on duty was denied to visit unless he checked in his weapon. Hospital security asked him if he was on official business such as a call and he informed them no and explain his visit and he was asked again to check in his weapon. This is a hospital that does not have armed guards nor a hospital that searches visitors etc. I am beyond pissed right now.
First up, the hospital doesn't even have armed security. Nor metal detectors. They are essentially the softest of "soft targets." A madman could run loose for minutes without a single person being able to effectively counter a rampage. 

Having a cop around for a quick visit is like free armed security. He or she has a radio and hopefully, the wherewithal to step in if someone intent on mayhem enters. In fact, as recent history shows, someone shooting inside a hospital provokes an immediate and massive police response, something the hospital administration and "security" seems to have forgotten in the wake of Officer Jimenez's sacrifice.

Patients and staff aren't in any danger from the police and are in fact, safer, so policies like this are pretty much a slap at everything we do.


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