Saturday, August 24, 2019

Consent Decree Dead

  • Days before she’s scheduled to give a speech on Chicago’s massive budget deficit, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has imposed a hiring freeze across all departments and positions in city government, including police.

    The administration announced the move in a memo earlier this week from Budget Director Susie Park to all city commissioners and department heads. In an interview, Park told the Tribune there are about 3,000 vacancies citywide affected by the freeze.
Has anyone here sat down and read the Consent Decree? Has Groot even read it?

Has anyone been at Roll Calls where the Consent Decree people give their little speech outlining all the hiring and promotions that are required to be undertaken by a Department under a Consent Decree? They're talking 300 new sergeants at a minimum to properly supervise, along with 50-to-80 lieutenants. This is the time to be studying for the next test, because the classes are going to be coming quickly in order to meet the Consent Decree requirements - requirements overseen and enforced by a judge.

Unless Groot refuses to hire. Then what?

The last hiring freeze was about 12 years ago and if you remember, it gave rise to all sorts of shortages, promotional lists that stayed up for nine years, Department wide burnout, unmanned cars over all watches, and led directly to the closing of three Districts and two Areas after McCompStat arrived - due to staffing shortages. It impacted training across the board and (in our opinion) led to a breakdown of institutional knowledge. The burnout we observed was worrisome. It was also the subject of countless articles and critiques here.

No manpower means no Consent Decree. The Department would be incapable of meeting many of the "requirements" and cannot properly Patrol, Serve and Protect the citizenry.

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ISP Killed Serving Warrant

  • An Illinois State Police trooper has died from gunshot wounds suffered while executing a search warrant in East St. Louis. Illinois State Police Acting Director Brendan Kelly says 33-year-old Trooper Nicholas Hopkins, a 10-year veteran, died in St. Louis University Hospital.

    Hopkins, of Waterloo, was wounded early Friday during an exchange of gunfire while serving the warrant at an East St. Louis home. After the shooting, police surrounded the home and arrested at least two people. Authorities say efforts to apprehend another suspect continue. Police didn't say if anyone else was shot, nor have they revealed the issues addressed in the search warrant.

    Waterloo Mayor Tom Smith says Hopkins was married and the father of four-year-old twins and an infant daughter.
Deepest condolences to his wife, children, friends and the Illinois State Police family.

Godspeed Trooper.


This Guy Again?

  • He has plumbed the secrets of the Iran-Contra affair and questioned sitting presidents under oath. He has led investigations that have sent cops, judges and city employees to prison in a sprawling corruption case.

    Now, legendary Chicago lawyer Dan Webb will again take up the role of special prosecutor, this time to examine whether a television actor clumsily staged a hate crime attack, then got a sweetheart deal from prosecutors.

    Cook County Judge Michael Toomin on Friday appointed Webb and his powerhouse law firm, Winston & Strawn, to probe State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s controversial handling of criminal charges against Jussie Smollett, duties that could lead to new charges against the “Empire” actor and have considerable impact on Foxx’s bid for a second term.
Webb has quite the reputation to anyone who follows Chicago politics, and Toomin appears to have given him wide leeway in what and who he can investigate, including the ability to level new charges related to the staged crime. But those would be State charges, and that might endanger Prickwrinkle's State's Attorney.

One has to wonder why Smell-it hasn't been indicted on Federal charges for the stunt with the powder through the mail yet.


Friday, August 23, 2019

This Again?

Listen up Brainiacs - if you think you've stumbled across an easy was to make money, trust us - someone has done it long before you "discovered" it.....and someone at IAD has a file on it.
  • A veteran Chicago police officer pleaded guilty Thursday to taking thousands of dollars in bribes from the owner of a west suburban attorney referral service in exchange for exclusive information about crash victims and their insurance carriers.

    Milot Cadichon, 47, pleaded guilty to one count of bribery before U.S. District Judge Robert Dow, admitting in a plea agreement with prosecutors to accepting at least $10,000 in kickbacks dating back to 2015.

    Cadichon faces up to about three years in prison based on preliminary sentencing guidelines, although his attorneys are free to argue for probation. He was stripped of his police powers after he was charged in 2018.
Three years.....for $10,000.....over years. You could have done VRI once a month and you'd still have freedom and a pension.


What's This Scandal?

Gee, another exempt member in hot water?
  • Area North Commander is about to get served with subpoena to be deposed as a witness, soon to be offender, in an investigation involving a subordinate accussed by a high ranking state employee of misconduct. The Commander will have to tell the truth cuz word is the subordinate has proof (video,audio, date, time stamps,names of everyone who "investigated" the alleged misconduct. Turns out the State was already working with this subordinate on a sexual harassment case against the state employee.Looks like she (state employee) is caught dirty in all sorts of ways. Problem is she dragged Area North detectives into her lies. Expect a few Sgts, the retiring Lt, and a few detectives who knew of this to be deposed in the pending lawsuit. DCFS is about to be rocked with a big scandal. Expect shit to roll soon. RC won't survive this unscathed.
Amazing that the unclouted have to pay the price for all these assholes time and time again.

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More Smart Phone Uses

This is just funny:
  • Anonymous said...But wait, there's more. The Samsung smartphone can be used as a Beat Tag, flashlight, ice scraper, Sap, alarm clock, Beat Book substitute, CAPS compensator, overtime calculator, time due applicator, furlough predictor, seniority arbitrator, rumor spreadicator, lunch time congregator, desk run order confirmator, end-of-shift station orbit indicator, after-work stop coordinator..... It just won't recognize a bad guy when it runs in to one. Just like it's papa, Jonathan Lewin! ......woops...did I say that?
Not only that, if you stick it in a sock, it makes one helluva sap.

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California Again

Once again, redefining stupid:
  • Crime-ridden San Francisco has introduced new sanitized language for criminals, getting rid of words such as “offender” and “addict” while changing “convicted felon” to “justice-involved person.”

    The Board of Supervisors adopted the changes last month even as the city reels from one of the highest crime rates in the country and staggering inequality exemplified by pervasive homelessness alongside Silicon Valley wealth.

    The local officials say the new language will help change people’s views about those who commit crimes.
Change people's views? That's what they're concerned about?
  • According to the San Francisco Chronicle, from now on a convicted felon or an offender released from custody will be known as a “formerly incarcerated person,” or a “justice-involved” person or just a “returning resident.”

    A juvenile “delinquent” will now be called a “young person with justice system involvement,” or a “young person impacted by the juvenile justice system.”

    And drug addicts or substance abusers, meanwhile, will become “a person with a history of substance use.”
Wow. Just wow.

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

PDT's On the Way Out?

  • The Chicago Police Department is replacing the bulky, outdated computers that sit in department vehicles with new smartphone technology in one of the city’s most violence-plagued districts, officials announced Wednesday.

    The new technology will be installed by the end of the year in department vehicles in the Harrison Police District on the city’s West Side as part of a pilot program.

    Officers in the district will be able to quickly access data from police surveillance cameras, ShotSpotter technology, which tracks gunfire, intelligence from district data centers, information from license plate readers and other intelligence on a Samsung phone, police officials said. The officers can use the programs on the phone outside of the vehicle, then dock it into a screen with a keyboard installed into the car to be used to file reports and access the technology on a larger screen. They can also dock the phone into desktops at the district and other vehicles.
Granted, the PDT's are large and bulky. But they have a couple things going for them:
  • you can see the screen without glasses
  • you can rest a six-pack on the closed lid
  • you aren't going to damage the whole system by docking and undocking multiple times a shift
Let's face it - coppers aren't gentle with equipment. But we'll have to see.

Let us know.


Police Shooting (UPDATE)

  • An Chicago police officer shot a burglary suspect who possibly fled the scene Wednesday afternoon in the Hyde Park neighborhood, officials said.

    The officer spotted a burglary in process in the 5100 block of South Ingleside Avenue and fired shots at the assailant, head police spokesman Anthony [Google-me] tweeted.

    Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said no paramedics have responded in the area for a gunshot victim.

    A source said the robber fled the scene in a vehicle.
Some great reporting there by the Trib. The Sun Times isn't much better. Is there's some sort of blood trail?

UPDATE: No one hit?


Media Silence

  • Chicago police are questioning a homeowner who shot an intruder outside his West Side home. It happened at about 5 a.m. in the 2900 block of West Walnut.

    Police said the homeowner spotted the man in his backyard and shot him in the thigh. The wounded man was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he's listed in good condition.

    Police said the homeowner, who is a 54-year-old man, has a concealed carry license.
We can hardly wait for soy-beta-cuck Zorn to render a legal opinion on this one.


CHA Sign

  • A dirty and dented historic Chicago Housing Authority sign — possibly one of the last remnants of one of the country’s most infamous public housing projects — was put in storage on Wednesday, with no immediate plans for its restoration or display after years of neglect.

    The sign has sat outside the sole remaining building from the Jane Addams Homes in Little Italy for at least two years, behind a chainlink fence but unprotected from the elements. The CHA donated the building to the National Public Housing Museum in 2008.

    Neither the museum nor the CHA could say how the sign — which was covered in dirt, twigs and rocks — ended up at Jane Addams. Neither have plans to repair it.
It's a sizable chunk of metal:
  • The sign has a diameter of 12 feet and weighs approximately 200 pounds. It features the CHA’s old emblem — a handshake in front of a rising sun above a housing development — with the latin phrase “Ad Meliorem Vitam” (“a better life”) flowing inside a ribbon at the bottom. The year 1937 is listed in large numerals across the top.
Two-hundred pounds of steel scraps out at about $20 for the whole thing. We propose it go directly to the Pension Fund.


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Soy Beta Cuck-Boy Speaks (Post #20,000)

Noted serial liar and slanderer Zorn demonstrates once again what a pussy he actually is:
  • I can put myself in the position of the homeowner in Old Mill Creek, startled at a little past 1 a.m. on Aug. 13 by the sounds of six strangers in his driveway evidently attempting to break into his car.

    He went out onto his porch and brought along a small-caliber revolver.
Last we had heard, the homeowner had a .357. That is anything but a "small" revolver. The recoil alone would probably dislocate Zorn's girlish shoulders and the noise would loosen his bladder instantly.
  • I don’t own a gun, but I probably would if I lived in Old Mill Creek, which isn’t a suburb so much as a lightly populated portion of horse country in Lake County just south of the Illinois-Wisconsin border.
Zorn own a gun? We'll take "Things that Would Never Happen" for $500 Alex.
  • From the safety and literal and emotional distance of my position at the keyboard in my office in the light of day, my conclusion is that he was not justified in using deadly force against people who at the time were some 40 feet away, according to law enforcement officials.
That's why you're a newspaper "writer" and not an actual lawyer Eric, and a terrible arm-chair quarterback (that's a football player who throws a ball.)

Zorn goes on even more about gun owner's responsibilities, never once touching on the criminals responsibility to not touch/damage/take/trespass on shit that isn't theirs, and then he quotes another Soy Beta Cuck-boy from Northwestern University’s Center on Wrongful Convictions - those paragons of virtue who employed a serial fabulist for years.

No links for this asshole.

UPDATE: This post marks our 20,000th effort since May of 2005. Our thanks to everyone who has been here through thick and thin. We couldn't do it without the readers. Stay safe.

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Hypocrite Much Groot?

  • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is enjoying a late summer vacation with her family in Maine. Normally that wouldn’t be newsworthy, except for the fact the mayor previously ordered police brass to cancel summer travel plans, and blasted the department’s No. 2 in command for failing to do so.

    In June, Mayor Lightfoot called it “incredibly disappointing” when she learned Chicago Police First Deputy Supt. Anthony Riccio had failed to follow her directive to command staff to cancel travel plans and remain in Chicago to combat a surge in summer violence. “The exempts have to set the example. And the example of doing something the mayor has directed them not to do is highly problematic,” Lightfoot said in June.

    Lightfoot’s weeklong vacation comes as violence — often fueled by warm weather and school vacations — continues to plague the city. This past weekend, three people were murdered and 22 people were injured in shootings. Before she left town, Lightfoot spoke about her desire for people to know she’s on the job and concerned about crime.
But not so concerned as to stick around and actually attempt to do something about it. No, that's for peons like Riccio (Riccio Riccio Riccio) and Supernintendo "How High Mayor Groot?" Special Ed Johnson.

FOP, you taking notes? Especially with the Time Due restrictions put in place (again!) for the Labor Day weekend.

The tone-deafness here is incredible.


A What Now?

Only in 011 (as far as we can tell):
  • SCC,

    Once again the west side comes through. About a week ago, the second watch got a call of a Disturbance at a gas station. A disturbed individual was waving something around, pointing it at people and threatening to blow the place up. When officers arrived, they found he had an honest-to-god flame thrower. He keep lighting the ignition source and waving it around before cops managed to convince him to put the damn thing down.

    Did you know flame throwers are completely legal to own in all 50 states? Tesla sells them, the same guy who's going to tunnel from downtown to O'Hare one of these days.
We hadn't heard about this, but a quick check of arrests shows there was a guy arrested for Disorderly Conduct and a flame thrower was inventoried. We're going to call the Range tomorrow and see if this falls under "Auxiliary Weapons" and go qualify next week.

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NYPD Demoralized

  • New York City police officers are demoralized after the city’s termination of Daniel Pantaleo, the police officer involved in the 2014 death of Eric Garner, said former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik in a Monday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

    “I’m disappointed in the decision,” stated Kerik. “It’s not the decision I would have made. I’m disturbed, more so, by the commissioner’s comments surrounding his decision. If it was him, and he was in that position, he may have made a similar mistake. He would have told Garner, ‘Don’t do it. Don’t resist arrest.'”

    Kerik added, “This was a lawful arrest. How much backup do you need? You had three or four cops there. You need more than three or four cops to make one arrest? I don’t think so.”

    Kerik rejected characterizations of the maneuver used by Pantaleo on Garner as a “chokehold.”
Someone who claims they "can't breathe" eleven times is by definition, breathing.

And the autopsy said "heart attack."

And simply complying with lawful police orders regarding an infraction that New York City legislators thought was serious enough to pass a law against it, would have prevented all of this.

But Sparklefarts and Holder had to have their war against the police.


Did She Get Her Shots?

  • A University of Chicago student was attacked early Monday by a man who shoved her to the ground and tried to sexually assault her, but she fought back by biting him and he ran off, Chicago and University police said.

    About 12:10 a.m. Monday Chicago police were called to the 5600 block of South Drexel Avenue, said police spokeswoman [...]. A 21-year-old student was walking there “when she was physically grabbed from behind and restrained forcefully,” [...].

    The alert states the student “was approached from behind by an unknown suspect who placed his arm around her torso, pushed her to the ground and attempted to place his hand up her skirt.” As he reached for her, the woman bit the man on the arm and he ran off, north on Drexel.
Good job Miss.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Groot's State of the City

Either someone has a lot of time on their hands or Groot has one Hell of a leak in her administration:
  • Anonymous said...Oh boy, just got the low down on Lightfoots plans for her speech on 28th. The focus of the speech will be the greedy police pensions bankrupting the city and the need for 8-10% property tax increases to offset the unbridled greed of a racist FOP and CPD. 0 accountability against any other city agency, no police contract expected through possibly her whole first term. Expect her to further villify the police even more to insure another term for Kim Foxx. Those around are shocked by her absolute hatred of the police and her lack of a realistic grasp of the actual problem. This Mayor and her speech will be the death of what's left of the middle class and business in Chicago.
  • Anonymous said...Word out of a closed door City Hall meeting is Lightfoot wants no new police contract in her first term. She’s fighting with the bean counters over raising taxes by a whooping 10% which they rightfully insist will cause a tidal wave of middle class homeowners out. Her reply was to, “Tell the FOP to pound sand” and blame them for the pension crisis. It was quit testy and expect more defections soon from her inner circle.
  • Anonymous said...Invest in U Haul stock the Mayor is preparing her final draft of her doomsday speech and it includes a whooping 10% homeowners tax! Her closest allies were shocked and furious and the villain of this, the EVIL racist FOP. Expect the tenuous Patrick Murray City Counsel confrontations to re-emerge on the local news days before the speech, and production of commercials portraying her as a reformist fighting the racist Trump loving FOP are in production as we speak. It’s a sickness and sign of a real racist.
Nine more days until we all see what's what. And if Groot is properly appreciative of all of the massive reductions in crime we keep hearing about.

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Changes on Tap?

These seem very specific, even if they don't have names attached yet:
  • Soon to come:

    Chief of Admin to First Deputy
    Chief of Det to to Chief of Admin
    Chief of OCD to Chief of IAD
    Area North D/C to Chief of OCD
    004 D/C to Narcotics
    Narcotics to D/c of OCD
    OCD D/C to D/c of Patrol
    022nd D/C to Area Central Det.
    Captain to 022
We'd plug in the names, but we're away from the Intranet at the moment.


CCSPD Officer Killed

  • An off-duty Cook County sheriff’s police officer was killed in a crash while helping a driver who got stuck on a bridge Sunday in Morris, about 25 miles southwest of Joliet.

    Officer Ronald Prohaska pulled over about 4 p.m. to help a motorist whose vehicle had stalled on the southbound incline of the Division Street Bridge over the Illinois River in Morris, according to a statement from Morris police.

    A third southbound vehicle hit the stalled vehicle while Prohaska was working on the engine compartment, police said. All three vehicles “sustained major crash and fire damage.”

    Multiple people were taken from the scene to Morris Hospital, according to police. Prohaska was airlifted to Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, where he died from his injuries.
Deepest condolences to his family and co-workers.


Area West Rumors

So is there finally going to be an Area West again?
  • Rumor is, many more Detectives being made to staff an Area to handle the west side again. And to relieve Area South of the burden. Mayor little foot is behind this.

    Exempt and Supervisors are lining up for the highly favored assignments. Because Areas don't have biddable Supervisors. EVER! Lots of patronage spots to be given away here
And a possible twist?
  • Civilian Director as a "experiment"?
Sounds great!

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Bill Conway for CCSA

Even though the regular democrats endorsed Crimesha, there's still a primary opponent:
  • SCC, Bill Conway has announced he’s running for CCSA. He has our backs and is not a machine politician. Former ASA, and Lt in the US Navy. Need to get all unions to back him and get the word out!
  • Bill Conway is a solid guy. As solid as they get but I’m sure some laptop warriors here will find some knit picky thing to get hung up on and bitch. No candidate is perfect but Conway comes pretty close. Don’t let what you here in the campaign sway you. Every politician has to say certain things, especially in crook county. But look deeper and see the things he has done and the choices he made. That tells you tons more about a person than speeches and political advertising.
There's still no copyright paperwork securing the "I'm Not Kim Foxx" slogan.

It's a winning issue for sure, no matter who runs on it.

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Support for Philly Shooter?

  • Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross wasn't happy about a protest planned for Friday night in support of a man accused of shooting six cops earlier this week — but told KYW-TV that police will be present.
    Ditch the fake news

    "Sadly, we do have to be there," Ross added to the station. "I don't understand it. There's certain marches I do understand; this is definitely not one of them."

    Organizers told the station they expect between 200 and 300 people to attend the North Philadelphia protest on behalf of Maurice Hill, who finally surrendered to police after nearly a seven-hour standoff Wednesday in the city's Nicetown-Tioga section.

    All six officers who were shot sustained injuries that weren't life threatening and were released from the hospital the same day, KYW reported.
But if some "community" member lights up a barbecue, wings grandma, three cousins and kills an eight-year-old, you can bet there isn't going to be shit done about it.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Another 30 Casualty Weekend

One short as of the Air and Water Show, but we're sure someone got popped afterwards somewhere:
  • 8:00p Stupidity Tally: 5 killed, 24 wounded
    2018 weekend tally: 9 killed, 52 wounded
    2017 weekend tally: 9 killed, 55 wounded
    2016 weekend tally: 9 killed, 49 wounded
    2015 weekend tally: 7 killed, 35 wounded
    2014 weekend tally: 8 killed, 44 wounded
Crime IS down a bit, not that thirty shot is anything to celebrate.

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Blowing it - Sports Book

  • Thousands of Bears fans will make their way to Soldier Field Sept. 5 to witness the team’s latest grudge match against the Green Bay Packers.

    But instead of trying to score tickets or plunking down on the couch to watch on TV, it’s a safe bet that scores of additional die-hards will trek a mile across the Indiana border to the Horseshoe Hammond Casino, where they’ll be able to put down the Chicago area’s first-ever legal wagers on the nearly century-old rivalry.

    While the Illinois Gaming Board scrambles to draft regulations on sports betting — not to mention a mountain of additional legal wrangling sprung from the state’s mammoth gambling expansion — executives at the Indiana casino that’s just a 25-minute drive from the Loop plan to announce Monday their new sports book will launch Sept. 4, a day ahead of the NFL kickoff.
Hell, if we're in Indiana betting on any sports, we might as well stick around and gamble at their casino, too.


Blowing It - Casino

  • Despite issuing a dismal financial forecast that has put a potential Chicago casino on standby, a state-hired consultant determined slot machines at O’Hare and Midway airports could take off for city coffers.

    In a brief analysis tucked at the bottom of its highly anticipated 50-page feasibility report on the prospects of a city gambling house, Union Gaming Analytics estimated that installing 500 slots at Chicago’s busy transit hubs could pull in nearly $37 million from globetrotting gamblers each year. That would out-earn the notorious slots located in terminals in Las Vegas and Reno, the only airports in the United States where travelers currently can take a spin, according to the study released Tuesday.

    But potential airport winnings will be moot if Mayor Lori Lightfoot and state lawmakers don’t alter the casino’s 72% effective tax rate under Illinois’ sweeping gambling expansion, a levy the consulting firm deemed too “onerous” to draw any developers to the table. Slots placed at the airport would be run by the operator of the Chicago mega-casino and count against the 4,000 gaming positions allotted to them.
These people could fuck up a one car funeral.


Sunday, August 18, 2019

No Bulletproof Glass

How much could it possibly cost to equip police stations with Lexan or something similar?
  • No one was hurt Friday after a bullet pierced a window of a police station in the Austin neighborhood when multiple people in a dispute fired shots at each other.

    Two males were in custody after their group of four argued with a concealed carry license holder and one of them fired shots, CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

    The concealed carry holder took out their own gun and returned fire, he said.

    The shooting happened about 7:45 p.m. near the Austin 15th District police station in the 5700 block of West Madison Street, police said. A bullet had pierced a window of the station but did not strike anyone.
Of course, supplying police stations with anything that might make them more resistant to attacks....or stray rounds, is too much to ask. Kind of like how all the new stations were built with glass enclosed lobbies that will be abattoirs should someone ever set off a IED nearby.


The Machine Endorsed Whom?

  • The Cook County Democratic Party is standing behind State's Attorney Kim Foxx in the lead up to the 2020 primary, despite the firestorm of criticism she's received after dropping charges against Jussie Smollett.

    The Smollett case will certainly be a campaign issue, and Foxx had to answer questions about her decision on Friday. But the current state's attorney secured her party's endorsement heading into next year's primary.
So competency isn't an issue for the slating committee.

There's already at least one democratic candidate attempting to pr3imary her and a bunch of Republicans seeking support. They can come close to winning with the slogan, "I'm not Kim Foxx." A halfway decent push and they could unseat her.

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Dindu Nuffin

  • Tyiesha Annan sounded tired, but mostly angry, as she talked about her 14-year-old son and the questions she has for the homeowner in Lake County who shot and killed him, telling police he fired his gun to scare the boy and five other teens off his property.

    “Why would you just come out shooting?” Annan asked. “Two things are for certain. He shot him in the head. You knew what you were doing when you shot my baby in the head.”
And what's the second thing? We guess counting isn't momma's strong suit.
  • “He was a lovable child. I only had two kids, he was my youngest,’’ Annan said. “I’m the type of mother. ... I’m overprotective. I don’t let him go nowhere."
Except for that time he went to Lake County, right?
  • But about a week ago she allowed Ja’quan to stay with his cousins near Washington Park on the South Side even though they have had run-ins with the law. “My nephews, they steal cars sometimes,” she said. “Yes, they were wrong for being in a stolen car, but he was wrong for pulling the trigger."
So you know your nephews steal cars, and you let sonny hang out with them? And what about the knife? You let sonny hand out with armed felons? Armed felons with assorted felony charges in their backgrounds that you just admitted you knew about?
  • Annan said she has talked to her sister, the mother of some of the teens, and was told the last thing Ja’quan said was “I loved you." Annan added, "He loved his cousins.”
"I love you for taking me miles outside of Chicago, in a hot car, attempting to steal another car at knife point and getting me killed over a car we had no right to possess." Is that what he meant?

And this is just the topper:
  • "How are they taking the man’s car when they were already in a stolen car?” Annan asked.
And the Tribune gives this "mother" a platform to spout her bullshit ghetto logic. We're over here just wishing the homeowner had gotten a few more of them.

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Saturday, August 17, 2019


Great job by the prosecution making sure the jurors understood EXACTLY what this asshole was being charged and tried for:
  • A Cook County jury on Friday evening convicted a homeless man who’d defended himself against first-degree murder and aggravated battery charges in the slaying of an off-duty Chicago police officer.

    Prosecutors alleged that Jovan Battle, 32, pointed the gunman to a car on March 23, leading him to open fire and fatally shooting Officer John Rivera and wounding one of three friends with him.

    “But for this guy, this wouldn’t happen,” Assistant State’s Attorney Patrick Morley told jurors earlier Friday in closing arguments. “ … He’s the glue that made it all happen.”

    Jurors took little more than two hours before finding Battle guilty on all counts: first-degree murder, aggravated battery, and three counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm. He faces a sentence of up to 150 years in prison.
And he better be serving all 150 years.

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Low Bails - Again

Kass is taking a page out of the CWB blog and questioning low bails for particularly violent crimes:
  • Even in a city numbed by never-ending murders and shootings, every so often a crime story breaks through and grabs your attention. Like what happened the other night in the far north suburbs, the old man with a gun, a 14-year-old shot dead, a high-speed chase and now five other teens charged with murder.

    But there are many other crimes that don’t break through. Like the young teacher who was stalked and robbed in Lincoln Park last week at one o’clock in the afternoon as she walked to school. She was almost dragged into an alley but fought her robber off, then was slammed violently to the ground. Her alleged attacker reportedly told police he’d hoped to steal her phone and make $100.

    And, as Chicago political irony would have it, that’s all he had to put up to walk free on bond on a robbery charge. One hundred bucks, cheap at the price.
This story repeats itself dozens of times a week and could benefit from the attention that Kass could bring to it. Look at this article from the CWB blog about assorted gun offenders (we'll sample a bit - go read it all at the link):
  • A North Side man posted just $500 to get out of jail after police allegedly found five six firearms, explosive bullets, a silencer, and anabolic steroids during a raid last week.

    [...] Judge Arthur Willis set bail at $5,000 and Mather went free by posting a 10% deposit bond of $500.
  • A man who was charged with six felony gun counts in connection with an incident outside a River North nightclub last autumn has reached a sweet plea deal.

    [...] Sam Jimenez Jr approached a group of people outside a nightclub on the 300 block of West Huron and struck a man in the face with a handgun on Halloween night. During a struggle for control of the gun, Jimenez “discharged the weapon several times,” the CPD statement said. [...]

    [...] But prosecutors this month reached a plea agreement with the 22-year-old in which he pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of reckless conduct. Prosecutors dropped all of the weapons charges, and Judge Earl Hoffenberg sentenced Jimenez to a year of court supervision.
  • An Elgin man who was charged with bringing a loaded handgun to North Avenue Beach on Memorial Day weekend last year has also reached a favorable plea agreement with prosecutors.

    [William] Cage was charged with two felony counts of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. But prosecutors agreed to drop both felony counts and allowed him to plead guilty to one misdemeanor charge of carrying a firearm. Judge Mary Margaret Brosnahan approved the deal and sentenced Cage to a year of misdemeanor probation and 30 hours of community service.
It certainly pays to be a gun offender in Cook County at the mercy of bought-and-paid for Crimesha Foxxx.

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Nice Family There Toni

  • The condominium complex at Hyde Park and Cornell is older than some neighboring buildings, but “when the sun sets and casts a glow across the warm red brick and the wind rustles the ivy leaves, this is a place of old-world luxury and charm,” according to promotional materials that boldly assert:

    “This is the place to live.”

    Apparently not for much longer, though, for Kyle Preckwinkle, son of Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, who has been residing there with his wife and their kids in a unit owned by his politician-mother. He’s supposed to be on his way out after more run-ins with police at the building, including over gunshots allegedly fired from his balcony, and a lawsuit to evict the family.
Guns? But Toni hates guns. Or is this one of those "Guns for me (and mine) but not for thee" deals?
  • Kyle Preckwinkle, 38, since has been charged with misdemeanor assault for a May 3 incident involving another confrontation with the same neighbor. According to court records, while the neighbor was walking up the stairs to his third-floor unit, Kyle Preckwinkle stopped him to complain about “banging noises” and asked “who was in his apartment.”

    The neighbor said, “That is none of your business,” and continued to his condo, according to the records, which say Kyle Preckwinkle soon began banging on his door and yelling, “Open the door mother-----,” and approaching the neighbor “in an aggressive manner” when he did.

    The neighbor was “in fear of receiving a battery,” so Kyle Preckwinkle was charged, records show.
If we recall, that one disappeared after a short while.
  • Two days after that incident, the police again were called to the building, this time over a report of possible gunshots coming from Kyle Preckwinkle’s front balcony, according to records and witnesses.

    Officers swarmed the area, combing the outside of the building for shell casings but not finding any, according to witnesses.

    A neighbor says he heard Kyle Preckwinkle yell to his wife at one point after the police arrived, “Get the camera, they’ve got guns on me,” and, “Do you know who I am?”
We know one thing for sure Kyle - you're an entitled asshole.

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ISP Shot, Wounded

  • An Illinois State Police officer was shot by a person now in custody after the officer tried to serve a search warrant for a home in Wheeling, officials said.

    The shots were fired during the execution of an arrest and search warrant in a home near East Manchester Drive and Park Avenue around 6:30 p.m., authorities said.

    The officer, 32, is a five-year veteran and was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries, police said.

    A suspect is in custody, they said, and was wanted for forcible detention, aggravated assault to a police officer and aggravated unlawful restraint stemming from a state police traffic stop on I-294 around 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning.
Best wishes to the Trooper on a speedy recovery.


Friday, August 16, 2019

Well Said

Bravo Sir:
  • Statement by United States Attorney William M. McSwain on the Shooting of Six Philadelphia Police Officers

    What I witnessed last night was true heroism by the Philadelphia police. But the crisis was precipitated by a stunning disrespect for law enforcement --a disrespect so flagrant and so reckless that the suspect immediately opened fire on every single officer within shooting distance. Only by the grace of God did they survive.

    Where does such disrespect come from?

    There is a new culture of disrespect for law enforcement in this City that is promoted and championed by District Attorney Larry Krasner -- and I am fed up with it.

    It started with chants at the DA's victory party -- chants of "F*** the police" and "No good cops in a racist system."

    [We’ve] now endured over a year and a half of the worst kinds of slander against law enforcement -- the DA routinely calls police and prosecutors corrupt and racist, even "war criminals" that he compares to Nazis.

    This vile rhetoric puts our police in danger. It disgraces the Office of the District Attorney. And it harms the good people in the City of Philadelphia and rewards the wicked.

    The alleged shooter last night, Maurice Hill, is a previously convicted felon with a long rap sheet. We have plenty of criminal laws in this City -- but what we don't have is robust enforcement by the District Attorney. Instead, among other things, we have diversionary programs for gun offenses, the routine downgrading of charges for violent crime, and entire sections of the criminal code that are ignored.

    The criminal laws in this City -- and especially the existing gun laws and drug laws -- should be aggressively enforced in order to protect the public and the police. My Office is doing all that we can. We have prosecuted 70% more violent crime cases this year than we did last year, in response to the District Attorney's lawlessness. But it is now time for the District Attorney and his enablers to stop making excuses for criminals. It is time for accountability. It is time to support law enforcement and to put the good people of this City first.

    The U.S. Attorney's Office, in conjunction with the Philadelphia police and our federal partners, is investigating the horrible events of last night and we are considering all options at our disposal. We will do everything that we can to support our brothers and sisters in the Philadelphia Police Department and ensure justice is done.

    To the officers involved last night -- those who were wounded and those who rushed to defend them--– and to their families, I say thank you. The whole City thanks you. We owe you more than we can ever repay.
The District Attorney he directly criticizes is Larry Krasner, another George Soros plants. Like Crimesha Foxxx. And it's about time someone started calling out these "progressive" lawyers who are nothing but plants, put in place to dismantle the Criminal Justice system from within and endanger not only police lives, but the lives of all decent citizens stuck in these democrat-run shitholes.


Wheels Coming Off the Groot Train?

  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s communications director has resigned less than three months into the administration, making her the first high-ranking City Hall departure of Lightfoot’s term. After Lightfoot won the April 2 election, she chose Marielle Sainvilus to be her transition team’s communications director.

    A former Chicago Public Schools spokeswoman under Mayor Rahm Emanuel and University of Chicago director of public affairs, Sainvilus kept the communications director role at City Hall.

    [...] The administration’s press team has been criticized by some local media outlets for not being quick enough in responding to reporters’ inquiries.
That's because there is no coherent message. Groot was a shallow candidate, which we thought was an asset, because a weak mayor / strong city council would be a good dynamic after years of strong(er) mayors.

But then the federal indictments started dropping, aldercreatures were wearing wires or getting caught on wires, resigning and snitching at an unprecedented rate, and suddenly, a weak mayor with no message and a city council hunkered in their bunkers was in play.

It hasn't ended, not by any stretch.



  • A man was taken into custody after multiple cars were damaged in Chicago's Loop just blocks from the parking garages where dozens of vehicles were also vandalized this week, Chicago police said.

    According to authorities, a man who witnesses reported was throwing rocks in the 0-100 block of South Wells was taken into custody for questioning Thursday morning.

    The man was described by police as a "person of interest," but authorities said it was "too preliminary" to determine if he was connected to the similar vandalisms at area parking garages.

    Witnesses reported the man at the scene Thursday appeared to be the same man seen in surveillance images released by police in connection with the parking garage incidents.
Nothing was ever taken from the over fifty cars damaged over the course of the past week. Nothing at all. Just some asshole wandering around heaving concrete chunks into windows.

Who does this? Let's just say no one should be surprised. Any guesses what he might have done if he had run into a car owner and he had a pocket full of concrete chunks?

Anyone know if Eric Holder is in town to have that discussion he was so eager to have back during the Sparklefarts days? And how long until Crimesha cuts him loose?


Thursday, August 15, 2019

More Felony Murder Charges

  • Teens from Chicago charged with murder after a 14-year-old was shot and killed by a homeowner with a gun told investigators they were in Lake County to commit burglaries and had stolen vehicles in the past, law enforcement officials said Wednesday.

    Five Chicago teens, including four juveniles charged as adults, face charges after the fatal shooting at the home of a 75-year-old licensed gun owner who heard people on his property after 1 a.m. Tuesday and thought they were trying to steal his Audi, according to authorities.

    Illinois law allows for authorities to charge suspects with murder if someone dies during the commission of another serious crime.
The contrast between this and Crimesha's and Toni's "restorative justice" couldn't be more plain and we have to say, we like what we see. Sadly, the media, even in Lake County is already agitating for a change in the Felony Murder rule because these poor scamps, who had already stolen the car they arrived in, which (by the way) was filled with the proceeds from an unknown number of other burglaries, were just about to turn their lives around, were probably altar boys at Sabina's, and were actually on their way to patent a cure for cancer they had just discovered.

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Great thinking on the fly:

Since the city doesn't supply crime scene markers, might as well use the neighborhood detritus until the ET's show up.

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Trial Continues

  • Jovan Battle rose Tuesday from an otherwise empty defense table, rubbed his hands together briskly and fixed a determined gaze on the 12 jurors who will decide his fate.

    “I, as a human being, am on trial for first-degree murder,” he announced before gesturing toward the four prosecutors across the courtroom with carts full of documents and papers piled high on their table. “What you’ll come to find out in the stacks of paper that these soulless individuals gave me (is) that I’ve been falsely prosecuted.”

    So began Battle’s opening volley in a likely challenging effort to represent himself without a lawyer in the slaying of off-duty Chicago police Officer John Rivera, 23, and the wounding of the officer’s friend while they enjoyed a night out in the River North entertainment area.


    After a court-ordered mental health examination found him fit to stand trial, Battle insisted on not only defending himself but also demanding a speedy trial, leaving prosecutors scrambling in recent weeks to prepare for a trial that normally wouldn’t take place for many months, if not years.
Officer Rivera was killed in one of the worst cases of mistaken identity in Chicago history and this mutt is the one who directed the killers to Rivera. We just hope that his questionable mental status doesn't merit an appeal later.


Good Riddance

  • Dorothy Brown, the longtime clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, has decided not to seek re-election next year as she continues to be dogged by controversy and a growing number of challengers.

    Brown’s decision not to run closes an almost 20-year chapter for the clerk who assumed office in December 2000.

    Brown, 65, said Wednesday her decision to serve out her current term and retire from politics at the end of 2020 has nothing at all to do with the four Democratic challengers who have lined up against her.
And that there are any number of federal investigations into her office along with the recent seizure of her cell phone...that has nothing to do with it either.



Bad evening in Philly, but it could have been much worse:
  • At least one gunman opened fire on police Wednesday as they were serving a warrant in a Philadelphia neighborhood, wounding six officers and triggering a standoff that extended into the evening, authorities said.

    None of the officers' injuries were considered life-threatening, Philadelphia police Sgt. Eric Gripp said. They were being treated at hospitals.

    The shooting began around 4:30 p.m. as officers went to a home in Nicetown, a north Philadelphia neighborhood of brick and stone rowhomes. Shots were still being fired three hours later, police said.
Reports say it was a Search Warrant gone very badly. Thankfully, at last report, no officers were killed.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Retiring Stars

  • The police stars of three Chicago officers — one who was killed trying to thwart a shooting at Mercy Hospital last year, and two others who were struck by a train weeks later while investigating a report of gunfire — were retired Tuesday.

    “These men were all fathers, these men were all CPD,” Supt. Eddie Johnson said at the ceremony at Chicago Police headquarters at 35th Street and Michigan Avenue, where their police stars were added to the “Honored Star Case.”
Always Remembered.


Gasp! A Parolee?

  • A man on parole has been charged with turning a gun on two Chicago police officers as they responded to a shooting early Sunday at an Englewood gas station.

    Jose Reynolds was charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder of a police officer in connection with the shooting and ordered held without bail Tuesday during a hearing at the Leighton Criminal Court Building.

    Reynolds was released on parole in December while serving a two-year sentence for a felony theft conviction, according to state records.

    About 2:30 a.m. Sunday, the officers were inside a Citgo gas station at 251 W. 63rd St. when they heard gunfire outside, Cook County prosecutors said at the hearing.

    The officers, who were on-duty, uniformed and driving a CPD squad car, which was parked in the lot, saw Reynolds and a co-offender in a red shirt firing black handguns and using a black SUV for cover, prosecutors said. When Reynolds and the person in the red shirt saw the officers, they turned their guns and fired in the officers’ direction.
No Bail? It's a miracle!


Stay on the Reservation Morons

  • Five teenagers have been charged and another was fatally shot after an attempted vehicle theft in Lake County, Ill., which led to a high-speed chase into Chicago Tuesday morning, the Lake County Sheriff's Office said.

    A 16-year-old male, three 17-year-old males, and an 18-year-old woman, identified as Diamond Davis of Chicago, were charged with first degree murder in connection with the incident. They were charged with murder because a 14-year-old boy died of gunshot wounds sustained during the commission of a forcible felony, the sheriff's office said.

    The five appeared in bond court late Tuesday afternoon where a judge set bail at $1 million for each of them. They are due back in court on September 5.
Hey Crimesha? Hey Timmy Evans? This is how you (A) stop crime and (B) properly charge criminals with the Felony Murder statute. We're assuming all the miscreants were all from Chicago.

The 75-year-old homeowner did an immeasurable favor to society by removing one felon and severely hindering the ability of five more felons to commit crimes for some time. Hopefully he gets a medal from the Lake County Sheriffs Office.

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  • Prospects for a Chicago casino took a hit Tuesday after a study found that the state-approved proposal would not be viable because of “very onerous” taxes and that five South and West side sites floated by the city would fail to draw enough tourists because they are seen as unsafe and inconvenient or lack nearby attractions.

    State lawmakers now may be forced to restart negotiations on an issue that had eluded resolution for years until an agreement was reached this spring. The Chicago casino and five others statewide are part of a massive gambling expansion bill Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed into law this summer that was seen as a signature win for the Democrat.

    Because of the way the heavily negotiated law was written, however, a Chicago casino operator’s profit margin “would, in a best-case scenario, equate to a few pennies on the dollar,” according to a report from Las Vegas-based Union Gaming Analytics that was released Tuesday by the Illinois Gaming Board.

    High taxes and other upfront costs would lead to low single-digit profit margins, at best, on any of the five sites suggested as possible locations, the study said.
Can everyone dispense with the bullshit now? There's a two-year window built into the law to open a "temporary" casino while an actual structure is being built. Put a few thousand machines and tables in McCormick Place, a few hundred machines at the airports, higher stakes table games in a few of the downtown hotels. Hell, let the Odyssey become a floating playground with three hour gambling/dinner cruises out into Lake Michigan and start generating some revenue while the professionals get things up and running.


Good Lord

  • For the eighth time this year, a New York City police officer has died by suicide, two police officials confirmed to ABC News.

    The officer, who was not immediately identified, died just before 3 a.m. on Tuesday in Yonkers from a single gunshot wound to the head, the officials said.

    The officer was assigned to the 50th Precinct and was part of the security detail at Yankee Stadium. He had been on the force since July 2012.

    This marks the eighth NYPD suicide this year. Four NYPD officers died from suicide in June, one died in July, and two others took their lives earlier this year.
At this point, there almost certainly cannot be a single officer on the NYPD who hasn't been touched by these tragic events. If you have friends or acquaintances there, it may be a good time to drop them a line, give them a call, check in and let them know they're in your thoughts during this horrible year.


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Unauthorized Pizza Parties?

  • A federal judge on Monday gave the green light to a pair of class-action lawsuits alleging a pattern of “masturbation attacks” allegedly orchestrated by Cook County Jail inmates against female jail workers and public defenders created a hostile work environment that bosses failed to address.
(side note - "masturbation attacks" were pioneered by the Keesing Bandit years ago, long before he discovered his now-famous white wine spritzers)
  • The public defender lawsuit alleged that in June 2016, members of the jail staff threw a group of maximum-security detainees a pizza party to reward them for “going a period of time without perpetrating additional attacks,” Kennelly said in his ruling.

    According to the suit, the pizza reward only encouraged other inmates “to join in the harassment in order to become eligible for such a reward,” Kennelly said.

    Dart’s office has strongly denied the allegation. In his ruling, Kennelly noted the evidence showed the party was unauthorized and neither endorsed nor funded by the sheriff.
Is this a particular pizza party? Because there was a bunch media coverage about Dart's pioneering ways that permitted inmates to pre-order pizza - cooked up in the County kitchens - as some sort of reward for behaving and not rioting or something. Now suddenly, inmates getting pizza is "neither endorsed nor funded"? Sounds shady as Hell.


More Gun Database Drama

  • Bond reform activists Monday spoke out against the Chicago Police Department’s new online database showing bond amounts for people charged with gun crimes — pitting themselves against Mayor Lori Lightfoot and police Supt. Eddie Johnson, who support the Gun Offender Dashboard.

    “The Gun Offender Dashboard claims to list bond court outcomes for people charged with violent gun crimes. But that’s exactly what it doesn’t do,” said Sarah Staudt, a policy analyst at the Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice. “Ninety-nine percent of the people listed on that website are charged with offenses where they are not accused of hurting anyone.”

    Instead, she said, many people are on the database for a “mere possession of a weapon.”
The CPD releases booking photos and lists of charges all the time. This is merely an additional bit of data pointing the finger squarely where it belongs - at the Courts and at Crimesha.

Here's some amusing snowflake reasoning:
  • “We know jailing people pretrial actually increases their risk of re-arrest,” [Sharlyn Grace, the executive director of the Chicago Community Bond Fund] said. “It increases recidivism because putting people in jail destroys any positive things that are going on in their lives. It destroys jobs, stable housing, positive social connections. By jailing so many people in the past, we have created more crime in Chicago.”
No moron, getting caught with a gun again increases recidivism. Making criminal choices destroys opportunities - choices made of their own free will by the way.

If you need examples of low/no bail increasing crime and teaching criminals there are no consequences to their actions, hop over the the CWB Blog. They have so many examples of gun offenders being caught within days carrying more guns that it's embarrassing. And they only cover two neighborhoods that were at one time notoriously crime free.


Groot About to Drop the Ball?

  • With word on the odds of success for potential Chicago casino sites due this week, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Monday she isn’t sure whether a gambling operator can make enough money given the upfront costs they must pay under the current state law.

    Consultants at Union Gaming Analytics are expected to deliver their view of a city casino’s feasibility by Tuesday — and supercharge speculation about where a massive gambling hall could stand, and if it can make enough money to soften the city’s budget burden.
Quick answer - at any of Groot's five locations, it can't generate nearly enough revenue to make it even remotely desirable to any established gaming company. Here's why:
  • Five potential South and West side locations are under review. But Illinois law requires a state board to suggest, based on Union Gaming’s findings, whether lawmakers should reconsider the terms attached to a casino operator license.

    As it stands, state law would send one-third of a Chicago casino’s adjusted gross receipts to the city. Currently, the city casino operator also would have to pay a $250,000 application fee upfront, a $15 million “reconciliation” fee when the license is issued and up to $120 million in gambling position fees — which cost $30,000 each.

    That might not make sense for a casino operator, Lightfoot suggested.
That's not a "suggestion" Groot - it's a guarantee with the losing sites you're currently evaluation. And that's not even mentioning the fact that this casino is about fifteen years too late to be the massive cash cow it could have been.

Put this thing where it will generate revenue, not votes. The votes will come as Chicago fixes it's busted bond rating, mends the pensions, retires debt and expands the economic footprint of the entire region.


Illinois Dropping the Ball

One has to wonder if Illinois politicians are so incompetent, they raise taxes, then blow this opportunity to make some real coin - or is this all some devious plan to get gambling dollars on top of the already raised taxes, thereby being able to have their cake and eat it, too:
  • The race to become the first Midwest hub of legal sports betting is on.

    And Illinois is a lock to lose.

    While Iowa launches its first legal sports books this week and Indiana gambling dens stand ready to start taking wagers next month, money will keep burning holes in the pockets of eager Illinois bettors as football season kicks into gear.

    Even though the state’s massive gaming expansion was signed into law over six weeks ago, the Illinois Gaming Board still has to draft hundreds of rules governing application and oversight procedures that aren’t spelled out in the law. And while state lawmakers initially said they thought sports betting could launch in Illinois in time for the NFL kickoff in September — or at least by the Super Bowl in February — there’s no rollout in sight.
Way to stick it to taxpayers via inaction you idiots.

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Monday, August 12, 2019


Some readers were questioning the statements made by ourselves and commentators that swiping in AND out meant overtime could be pensionable.

Some people were rather mean about it and hurt our feelings. :::boo hoo::: Some people don't know how to do research and fail to remember past history. From May of 2009 in the LA Times:
  • Who knew the badge, the holster and the iconic dark blue threads worn by Los Angeles police officers could make punching the clock so complicated?

    A federal judge ruled this week that Los Angeles Police Department officers should be paid for the time it takes them to put on and take off their uniforms and safety equipment, a decision that could cost the city millions of dollars in back pay and higher salaries.

    In a 39-page ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Gary Feess found that the several minutes it takes an officer to dress for duty is a vital part of the job because “police uniforms convey and legitimize officers’ authority, increase officer safety, and help deter crime.”

    The dress time, which is generally thought to be between five and 15 minutes on each end of a shift, Feess decided, falls under the compensation rules of the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act, a long-standing law that requires employers to pay their employees for all hours worked.
We have no idea if this ruling stood up to any appeals or if it was codified in an LAPD Contract, but it's out there - your swipe time is when your shift begins and preparations for work are covered by FLSA rules. At checkoff, you are required (required!) to be in full uniform. But when you swipe out, you ought to be in your civilian attire - again, FLSA rules.

As to the pension-ability of the overtime, that would be an interesting court battle. Any LAPD readers?

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Another Great Bail....

  • A man who's been free on a recognizance bond since being charged with carrying a firearm illegally in March was arrested at O'Hare International Airport this week after another gun was found in his carry-on bag, according to police records.

    Police said a TSA X-ray operator saw a handgun in a bag while working at the Terminal 3 checkpoint around 11:45 a.m. Wednesday. Chicago police reviewed the screening images and then recovered a loaded 40-caliber handgun from 18-year-old Jaden Goldsberry's carry-on, prosecutors said.

    Upon seeing the gun, Goldsberry allegedly told an officer, “I’ve never seen that."

    Goldsberry, of the Grand Crossing neighborhood, has been charged with felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and felony boarding of an aircraft with a gun. Police said he was booked on an American Airlines flight to Portland.

    Judge John Lyke set bail at $10,000 and ordered Goldsberry to go on electronic monitoring if he can post a 10% bond of $1,000. Lyke also ordered Goldsberry held without bail on a violation of bail bond charge in connection with a pending firearms case.
This story was broken by (who else??) The CWB Blog.

The Tribune did some extra digging and discovered that the offender, who isn't old enough to even own a handgun, is facing....not one....not two....but six UUW charges from the earlier incident. But hey, ten grand and leaving the jurisdiction.

Nothing to see here.

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Another Mass Shooting

  • Five women were seriously injured and a man was in critical condition Sunday following a drive-by shooting in the East Garfield Park neighborhood on the city’s West Side, according to police.

    Around 2:45 a.m. about 100 people were standing on the street in the 3500 block of West Lake Street, according to Chicago police, near the intersection with North St. Louis Avenue and not far from the Garfield Park Conservatory. Officer [...], a police spokeswoman, said it wasn’t immediately clear what they were doing there.

    A light-colored sedan approached and someone from the vehicle began shooting into the crowd, police said. Six people suffered gunshot wounds.
One hundred people standing in the streets?

2:45 AM?

This is the north end of Garfield Park?

Parks close when?

There are laws, right?

Is the media going to ask any of the obvious questions?


Shots Fired at the Police

  • As Chicago officers in a marked squad car approached a stop sign in the Lawndale neighborhood early Sunday, someone from a nearby vehicle started shooting at them, police said.

    About 3:20 a.m. the officers were in the 1800 block of South Kostner Avenue, stopped at a stop sign, when someone from a black Nissan sedan “fired shots in the direction of the officers,” according to an online media notification from police. No one was hit, police said.

    Officers pulled over the black Nissan in the 1700 block of South Kostner Avenue, near West 17th Street, authorities said. A weapon was recovered from the vehicle, and a man and a woman inside were arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault, according to police.
Shooting at marked squad cars. Be very aware boys and girls.


Shots Fired by the Police (UPDATE)

Misses all around (correction!):
  • Chicago police officers witnessed two men shooting into a crowd near a South Side hospital early Sunday morning, according to police. The officers drew their service weapons and shot at the men, police said.

    No one was hit by a bullet in either shooting, according to a news release from the Police Department.

    It started about 2:30 a.m. outside St. Bernard Hospital in in the Englewood neighborhood, police said. The officers saw two gunmen firing at a group standing in the 200 block of West 63rd Street, officials said. “The officers discharged their weapons at the offenders without striking them,” an online media notification stated.

    The two gunmen took off running toward the 6400 block of South Yale Avenue, under the highway where the Dan Ryan Expressway and the Chicago Skyway split, police said. The men got into a black SUV and were able to elude officers.
Comments about range work will be deleted as usual. We post so everyone else is aware, not so all the internet snipers can tell everyone how they would have picked off the gunmen with head shots at fifty yards with not a care about what the backstop was.

UPDATE: Someone turned up at the hospital hours later carrying lead. Detectives were able to conduct interviews and verify the cops hit one. Excellent job all around.


Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Connected Never Learn

  • A former Chicago police officer who sued the city for retaliating against her when she reported misconduct involving a co-worker was awarded nearly $2 million by a Cook County jury this week.

    Laura Kubiak was a veteran officer in the department’s Office of News Affairs in 2012 when she reported to supervisors that a fellow officer, Veejay Zala, had yelled and threatened her at work.

    In retaliation for her complaint, Kubiak was transferred to a midnight shift patrolling in “an unsafe neighborhood,” according to a 2015 lawsuit she filed against the city in Cook County Circuit Court.
First up, boo hoo.

Unsafe neighborhood? That's most of them, you were trained, you have a gun, go do your fucking job.

Second, we have never worked at HQ, don't plan on it, and wouldn't under any circumstances we can think of. That being said, even WE have heard about this ass with the thirty-one CR numbers, many of which were filed by other officers and most involving threats against said officers. Why in god's name was he allowed to (A) remain at HQ and (B) work in close proximity with anyone he had provoked to the point of CR's being filed?

And the supervisors? Good lord. Some of this settlement ought to come out of their checks. Always with the eye on the next gifted job rather than actually being capable at the spot they were in.

Two million dollars wasted.

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Unforced Error

  • A Chicago police officer and his supervisors are facing an internal department investigation after a video was posted to Hulk Hogan’s Facebook page showing the officer giving the former superstar wrestler a ride across the tarmac at O’Hare International Airport.

    The Aug. 2 video, posted under the caption “Thank you Chicago PD much love!!!!!,” shows Hogan in the front passenger seat of a Chicago police squad car, with wrestling manager Jimmy Hart and an unknown cameraman in the back.

    Sirens activated, the squad car traverses the tarmac while Hogan and the other passengers praise the Chicago Police Department. “My Uber’s got a siren . . . Chicago PD for life,” Hogan says at one point, before shouting “Watch that truck!”

    When asked in the video if the officer would get in trouble for driving the trio, the officer says, “Trust me, no. My sergeant, he’s all for it.”
Courtesy is extended to a lot of celebrities - and most of it is undeserved. The reality is trying to control the crowds around a public figure detract from actual law enforcement resources, so it's easier to shuttle them off under the radar. We get it.

The trouble here is it ended up out where anyone could see it. And now there are questions arising from violations of not only Department protocols, but federal ones.

Call us silly, but we're pretty sure there are going to be two spots open at O'Hare in short order, along with some suspension time handed out. And if you lose a spot like the airport, you aren't getting another one any time soon.


Guns in Cars?

  • Two males were taken into custody in connection with a crash involving a stolen Audi with weapons inside and a Chicago police vehicle Friday night in the South Chicago neighborhood, officials said.

    About 11 p.m., the police squad car was heading west on 81st Street near South Jeffery Boulevard when the male driver of an Audi traveling east swerved into the wrong lane and struck the police car, according to Chicago police.

    The Audi was reported stolen prior to the crash, and multiple weapons were found inside the car. Officers arrested two males in connection to the crash, police said.

    Two male officers inside the police car were hospitalized in good condition, police said.
Nice arrests there - the Public Defender is very angry about this one. It's not like they were firing the guns. Like these:
  • A police pursuit started Friday night after cops saw a man firing at a group in the River North neighborhood and continued onto the Eisenhower Expressway before the chase was terminated, Chicago police said.

    About 2:40 a.m., an officer observed a man firing at a group in the 700 block of North Franklin Street before he fled in a black Chevrolet Impala. A police pursuit ensued onto I-290 but was stopped at Jackson Boulevard and Loomis Street, police said.

    Later, the Impala was found unoccupied in the Logan Square neighborhood in the 2800 block of North Sawyer Avenue, police said.
No guns left in that car though.


Saturday, August 10, 2019

Rumors Rumors Rumors

A flurry of activity at O'Hare this morning.

Some usual activity at a certain house in Ravenswood.

Something afoot?

UPDATE: A balloon alert at Blago's house.

And the O'Hare stuff? See above.


Nickel and Dime Time (UPDATE)

Lunch denied? Late relief?

Even a quarter-of-an-hour per day adds up (click for larger version):

Every single union nationwide has won grievances regarding punching a time clock. Everything past your scheduled quitting time is payable. No "I'll take care of you later" or "I owe you one." And that includes time in the locker room preparing for the shift or putting away equipment after the shift.

If Groot wants this to be a factory job, she's going to pay like factory workers get paid.

UPDATE: And overtime becomes pensionable in many other cases? Sounds fantastic!


Doomsday - 29 August

  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot is poised to lower the boom on beleaguered Chicago taxpayers on Aug. 29 — by disclosing a shortfall that tops $1 billion — during a prime-time speech that she hopes will be carried live by some media outlets.

    Before an audience likely to include civic leaders and community groups, the mayor will deliver a state-of-the-city address that finally comes clean about the size of the shortfall she inherited from Rahm Emanuel and what she intends to do about it.

    So far, the new mayor has only described the deficit as “north of” the $740 million acknowledged by Emanuel’s chief financial officer and said there is “no question” she’ll be forced to raise taxes.

    She has refused to say more until she had potential solutions to present on the revenue and spending sides. That’s why she put off the preliminary budget for a month.

    Now, she’s prepared to deliver the bad news and hope the voters who gave her a 74% mandate are prepared to hear it.
74% mandate? Fran Spielman, have you been in the wine boxes again?? 74% of the one of the lowest turnouts in history - something around one-third of the eligible voters showed up - meaning if she's lucky, 24% of voters even cared enough to vote for her.

How about, instead of raising taxes, suspend the TIF Districts for a few years and direct everything to the general fund to pay off existing debt, retire some high interest bonds, and pay off obligations until the casino is up and running.

Oh, speaking of casinos, get a load of this Tribune article pointing out the pros and cons of each of Groots five proposed locations for a gambling venue. If any of these disasters go forward, Groot is going to squander the single biggest opportunity to right the ship.

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Friday, August 09, 2019

Blago Pardon on Tap?

Rod must feel so loved, what with all the Illinois politicians telling the President to butt out and let the disgraced governor rot in prison for longer than most shooters:
  • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot criticized President Donald Trump’s decision-making process on pardons and commutations, saying “the president is a person who doesn’t respect the rule of law.”
Just like how Groot "respects" Federal immigration law we guess.
  • Lightfoot wouldn’t say whether the former governor’s sentence should be commuted but expressed no sympathy for Blagojevich, who she noted was convicted in a court of law. Both the conviction and sentence have been upheld, Lightfoot said.
Governor JayBee the Gutt, who was on the infamous wiretaps with Blago, was even more direct:
  • “President Trump has some pretty important things that he ought to be dealing with, not the least of which is the mindless killings over the last week and gun safety. I wish he focused on that,” Pritzker told reporters at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield. “Gov. Blagojevich should remain in prison.”
Blago is an uncomfortable reminder of Governor Flounder's verbal miscues regarding "the African-American thing" when Blago was trying to sell the Senate seat vacated by Sparklefarts.

We've mentioned it before (and in light of the political stances by the Machine that pretty much railroaded Blago into fifteen years), any deal for a pardon or commutation ought to include an extensive prison exit interview with Blago naming names of everyone he did business with, starting with his father-in-law and working through mayor's office to the state house. And seeing these quotes from his former "friends" ought to make that decision a simple one.

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How High Mayor Groot?

  • Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson fired a full-throated defense of a controversial city database at the county’s public defender Thursday, saying an online listing of alleged gun offenders offers a legally protected and “good and transparent practice”.

    In a five-page letter, Johnson repurposed language used by public defender Amy Campanelli this week to denounce the Police Department’s use of a web-based “Gun Offender Dashboard” to publicize court files of adults charged with firearms crimes in Cook County.

    Campanelli said she was “deeply troubled” by the department website, which aims to document who is arrested on suspicion of gun crimes, the specific charge and whether they posted a full cash bond, 10% of that amount or were released without posting any money. She called for the website’s immediate removal, describing it as a “red herring” meant to distract the public from the Police Department’s inability to arrest shooters who contribute to city violence.
Obviously, the war between Groot and Prickwrinkle is heating up, and this online database is one of the flashpoints as to which branch of the Machine will control the future (what there is of it) for Chicago and Cook County.

Special Ed is playing his part perfectly - the willing tool to a larger political picture.

(note: yes, we're aware of the unlikeliness of Special Ed writing five pages of anything cognizant.)

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Great Disguise

This isn't a garbage receptacle:

It's Lori's new and improved Policy Generator!


Thursday, August 08, 2019

Irritating the Right People

  • Cook County’s top public defense attorney called for the immediate removal of a new Chicago Police Department website that broadcasts adult gun-related criminal charges, citing what she described as inaccurate data and a “blatant intrusion” of defendants’ privacy.

    “This is another example of police using a list of people who are presumed innocent as a red herring to distract from the real issue of the day: the CPD’s failure to arrest the individuals who are shooters and who continue to wreak havoc in Chicago,” county public defender Amy Campanelli said in a statement on Wednesday.
Actually, it's a pretty accurate list of people who have been arrested. Just because they haven't been convicted yet (or released without charges by Crimesha) doesn't mean they aren't the people doing the shooting.
  • The latest escalation of a political fight between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle centers on how the county’s justice system treats defendants accused of gun crimes.

    Preckwinkle and county Chief Judge Timothy Evans have touted changes to the area’s bond court system that are said to keep poor defendants from languishing in jail on minor charges if they cannot afford bail. But Lightfoot, a former federal prosecutor, has joined Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s public campaign arguing that the criminal justice system allows too many alleged gun offenders to stay out of jail while awaiting trial.
And if Evans and Prickwrinkle ever have a "come to Jesus" moment and realize that people behind bars don't get to commit crimes against (mostly) innocent people, Chicago might see a year without 400+ murders.

In the meantime, it's good to see the Public Defender's office is annoyed with something that makes their job more difficult, seeing as how Crimesha has been making it easier and easier.


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