Thursday, November 15, 2018

Crooked Commander

We guess there was something to the rumors when one half of the Wonder Twins "retired" with less than 24 hour notice. If we're reading this correctly, this asshole was crooked for at least 24 of his 32 years on the job - 75% of his career:
  • A former Chicago police commander who earned praise for overseeing big reductions in violence in one of the city’s most historically dangerous districts has been charged with stealing more than $360,000 in Social Security funds in a scheme lasting more than 23 years.

    A one-page criminal information filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court accused Kenneth Johnson of bilking the Social Security Administration out of $363,064 from about June 1994 to November 2017.

    Although the charge does not contain any more details, sources with knowledge of the investigation told the Chicago Tribune that Johnson is accused of stealing benefits intended for his mother. The charge also makes no mention of Johnson’s former role with the Police Department. The 32-year CPD veteran retired in August.

    Johnson, 54, is scheduled to be arraigned next week before U.S. District Judge Manish Shah, court records show.

    Defendants charged by criminal information typically plead guilty.
Interesting last sentence there. Who else is he going to give up? Someone close to him? Someone who knew both him and mom? Someone who shared a womb with him 54 years ago?

Regardless, the combined 007/011 Christmas Party is looking to be short at least one "honoree" this year. And is anyone going to point out that once again, a multiple "merit" promotee is the subject of an indictment?

Time to strip the pension.

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Robber With Gun Shot

  • Chicago police shot and injured a man who they say fired at a woman who tried to stop a robbery on Wednesday afternoon on the West Side.

    The woman was in a vehicle when she saw the man try to rob someone she knew in the 700 block of North Lawndale Avenue in the East Garfield Park neighborhood around 3 p.m., according to Chief of Patrol Fred Waller. At some point, the man fired at her, hitting the vehicle several times, Waller said.

    The woman flagged down police officers, who were already in the area, police said. The officers chased the man for several blocks ending in the 600 block of North Central Park Avenue, where they had an “armed confrontation” with him, Waller said. He did not offer specifics of the confrontation. The officers fired one shot at the man, hitting him in the abdomen.
One officer went to the hospital as a precaution, but that didn't stop Special Ed from stripping him in the ambulance, along with a citizen who happened to be passing through the hood and Waller by accident. After a prolonged discussion, Waller got his gun and star back.

An excellent job Officers - that's a compliment you won't be hearing much from the brass or public in upcoming days.



An astute reader pointed out this elephant in the room:
  • 25 convictions on 47 theft arrests - bond $5
  • millions in heroin - bond $300
  • repeated rape of a mentally infirm woman - bond $400
And when Van Dyke dared to talk to the media?
  • $2,000 on top of an already $1.5 million dollar bond
Prosecutors had demanded revocation and forfeiture of the bond.

Anyone see something odd?


And Once Again....

Even though 100% of the fault lies with the lawbreaker, gotta grab at that brass ring:
  • Two mothers are suing the city of Chicago, contending a “reckless” police chase led to a crash that killed a man, his friend and the friend’s 3-year-old son last month.

    The wrongful death lawsuit was filed by Cynthia Turner and Sharnice McGee, whose sons died when a car fleeing police ran a red light and hit their car. It accuses the unnamed officer in the chase of negligence as well as reckless driving and pursuit “in violation of Chicago Police Department general orders and policies.”

    The accident happened around 7 p.m. Oct. 1 in the 6900 block of South Loomis Boulevard. Chrishawn Turner, 25, and his friend, Antonio Cowan, 24, had decided to go out that evening to catch up. Turner’s two young children, Cabari Turner, 3, and Shamari Turner, 2, were in the back seat.

    Not far away, Chicago police officers in a marked car spotted Christopher Carter speeding erratically east on 69th Street, police said. The officers turned on their lights and sirens and followed, but the department says they turned off the emergency lights and stopped following the car before the crash.
You know what? Even if the officers were parked at their lunch location and were sitting in a restaurant, they'd be accused of negligence for leaving the car where a ne'er-do-well could see it and be subconsciously compelled to accelerate to unsafe speeds, run a red light and launch an unsecured child 100 feet down the street.

It would be damn near impossible to do less in this situation - see a car speeding, turn on the lights, turn off the lights, back off....and you still end up named in a lawsuit. What's the lesson to cops who want to actually stop criminals?


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Crime is Down!

Except, of course, where it's the formerly "quiet" parts of town:
  • While Chicago Police Department leaders continue to insist that “crime is down” citywide, crime may not be down in the places where you live, work, or play, according to an analysis of city data by CWBChicago.

    In fact, crime reports are at five-year highs in Lincoln Park, the Loop, and Near North neighborhoods which includes River North, Streeterville, the Magnificent Mile, and Gold Coast.

    Overall reported crime in the Loop is up 47% over the past five years and 3% compared to last year. The Loop includes Chicago's central business district, Theater District, and Millenium Park, among other popular attractions.
The CWB Site has a bunch of graphs and explanations of how crime, especially violent crimes, are hitting five year highs. They also reveal exactly how Special Ed and his predecessors pretend overall crime is down:
  • On paper, crime is down by about 350 incidents in the Uptown neighborhood. But the reduction is not due to a massive decline in serious crimes. Instead, police have essentially stopped enforcing drug laws on the streets. As a result, there have been about 400 fewer narcotics crimes reported in Uptown this year as five years ago.

    So, yes, crime is down by 350 cases in Uptown. But only because police have made 396 fewer drug arrests—just 44 this year compared to 440 during the same period five years ago.
Welcome to CompStat style statistical counting.....and outright lies to protect the politicians.

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Officer Upgraded

Now in Good Condition.

The house is a loss and there are expenses before insurance payouts.

014 is running a GoFundMe site - link here.

Help if you can.

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He Shot Him Over What?

  • A 49-year-old woman is facing charges after shooting her boyfriend Friday night in the South Side Englewood neighborhood, police said. Rose Breckenridge was charged with four felony counts of unlawful use or possession of a weapon by a felon and a misdemeanor count of domestic battery causing bodily harm, according to Chicago police.

    At 9:36 p.m., Breckenridge and her 47-year-old boyfriend were arguing inside a home in the 6700 block of South Winchester when she opened fire, police said. The man was struck in his shoulder and taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where his condition was stabilized, police said.
Completely understandable.....well, not completely, but common enough that we can overlook the pathology behind it.

This, not so much:
  • An Oak Park man was denied bail Monday on charges that he shot a 27-year-old man Sunday afternoon in Lawndale following an argument over a parking space, authorities said. Officers responded to the shooting shortly before 1 p.m. in the 2700 block of West Lexington and found the wounded man suffering from a gunshot to his leg, according to Chicago police.

    During a hearing Monday at the Leighton Criminal Court Building, Cook County prosecutors said 46-year-old Reginald McClendon argued with the 27-year-old after telling him to move his car. The younger man did move his vehicle, but McClendon was unhappy with where he moved it, telling the man the parking spaces were assigned, prosecutors said. During the argument, McClendon pulled out a gun and fired it multiple times at the man, striking him.
We have no idea why a guy from Oak Park cares about where someone parks in 011. The only place with more vacant lots and available parking than 011 is 007 last time we looked.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What's This? And Why?

  • A rejected House bill that would have extended new pension perks to select Chicago aldermen could see another day.

    State lawmakers will reconvene Nov. 13 for veto session, during which they will have the opportunity to override Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto on any bill from the regular session.

    One of those bills will be House Bill 5342, a proposal sponsored by state Rep. Robert Martwick, D-Chicago, that would provide an exclusive pension boost to Chicago aldermen who formerly worked for the Chicago Fire Department. The bill would amend the Illinois Pension Code by redefining “active fireman” under the Chicago Firefighter Article to include former firemen currently serving on the Chicago City Council.
How many former firefighters are actually on the City Council right now? Two? Four? So Martwick is going to rewrite the law to benefit a tiny sliver of an already limited club. Why?

Who was running against Martwick last week? A CPD sergeant? And the State FOP Lodge endorsed Martwick so he could introduce a bill to benefit less than half-a-dozen former firefighters?


Rahm Looking for Work

  • Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel may finally get paid for a job he’s been doing for free for years: offering opinions on national politics.

    Emanuel announced in September that he wouldn’t seek reelection as mayor and has since been largely mum about his post-mayoral plans. But he has attended meetings in New York with top executives at MSNBC and CNN in recent weeks, and discussed a potential future as a cable news pundit, according to several sources familiar with the conversations.

    In recent months, the outgoing Democratic mayor has been represented by agents with William Morris Endeavor, the talent agency and entertainment behemoth where his brother Ari Emanuel is the co-CEO.
Since he's been pushing lies about manpower, murder and crime statistics in general, he'd fit right in with CNN and MCNBC.


Off Duty Injured in Fire

  • An off-duty Chicago police officer is in the hospital after a fire in Portage Park.

    The blaze broke out at a home near Mason Avenue and Irving Park Road around 4:10 p.m. Monday afternoon.

    The police officer, 54, was taken to Lutheran General Hospital from the 4000 block of North Mason Avenue with smoke inhalation in critical condition, according to police.

    The cause of the fire has not been determined.
Prayers for the Officer.


Monday, November 12, 2018

Bond Was How Much?

  • Why did a judge let an alleged rapist out on bond for $400 cash? [...] How did Burnell Johnson get a $400 cash bond?

    “Again, that’s just an accusation,” Johnson said.

    Not just accusations, Johnson faces criminal charges, including seven counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault of a handicapped person. His alleged victim, only known by her initials in police reports, is in her 30’s, but functions as a 6-year-old, with an IQ of 47.
We're imagining, no, not very much.

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Another Low Bond

We thought $300 for a heroin dealer was proportionally cheap, but this is also pretty damn low (click for a larger version):

That's a $50 D-Bond, meaning the offender has to post 10% ($5) to walk out.

Five bucks.

Oh, did we mention that he has forty-seven other arrests, twenty-five of which resulted in a conviction?

Who's the problem again?


Sunday, November 11, 2018

How Low Can You Go?

Good thing the election is over because this dumbass judge would have attracted a lot of attention:
  • A 70-year-old man is facing charges of selling a kilogram of heroin to undercover officers — and of possessing over $1 million of the drug — in the Portage Park neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

    Manuel Mejia Rojas, who lives in the Little Village neighborhood, was charged with class X felonies of delivering and possessing a controlled substance, according to Cook County states attorneys. He was held on $300 bail.
$300 bail?

For over $1 million in heroin. A drug that's been called a "humanitarian" crisis andis tearing apart not only the inner cities, but the suburbs and rural parts of America as well.

Surely that's a misprint and the reporter meant $300,000, right?
  • “That’s a lot of drugs, son,” Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. said at a bail hearing Saturday in the Leighton Criminal Courthouse on the Southwest Side.

    Judge Lyke asked what bail he could afford to pay, and Rojas replied $300. Lyke set his bail to $300 and order him to be placed on electronic monitoring.
Oh. Well. Electronic Monitoring. That's a relief. No chance he'll manage to do bad things while he's on Dart's World Famous Electronic Monitoring Program. A program renowned far and wide for it's ability to tell EXACTLY where every prisoner is at all times.

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Nice Train Rahm

  • Two men were hospitalized after an argument turned bloody early Saturday on the Red Line heading south from the Loop, Chicago police said.

    The confrontation between the men turned physical as the 24-year-old pulled out a gun and shot the 38-year-old in the stomach around 12:15 a.m. as the train sped toward the CTA’s Cermak-Chinatown station, police said.

    In return, police said, the 38-year-old grabbed the gun from the younger man who just shot him and began beating him with it.

    As other passengers fled from the train car as it pulled into the platform in the 100 block of West Cermak Road, police officers found the two men — one shot, the other battered — still in the Red Line car.
Still no word on how someone snuck a gun onto the CTA in violation of all those signs Rahm ordered to be put up. You'd think it was damn near impossible to be armed on a Chicago train nowadays.


Good Samaritan Learns Lesson

Not that we wish ill upon anyone (except Shanks, Rahm, Durbin...okay, we wish a lot of ill sometimes), but some people are just dumb:
  • A 32-year-old homeless man allegedly stabbed a man and tried to steal his van during an incident that ended in a crash and chase in the River North neighborhood Saturday morning.

    It happened about 8 a.m. in the 200 block of East Hubbard Street as a 39-year-old good Samaritan offered to take the 32-year-old man to his home for a shower and to clean up, Chicago police said.

    After they got into a van, the 32-year-old pulled a knife and began trying to stab the older man while he was driving, police said.

    The 39-year-old jumped out of his van but grabbed onto its side door as the homeless man tried to drive away with it, crashing instead.
How long are they going to stick with this "good Samaritan" routine? Anyone know if there's a "stroll" over on East Hubbard?

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

A Better Question

So here are some of Englewood guy's tickets from the last decade:

And here's one of his other five cars:

And as our data mining guy points out, he's been issued numerous Notices of Seizure and Final Determinations since 2009.

So maybe the the question should be, "Why did it take ten years to boot all this guy's cars?" Or, "Why are certain communities exempt from prompt and near-immediate booting when they get two unpaid tickets?"

Or would that make CBS uncomfortable?

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Sessions Parting Shot

The Attorney General tosses one final wrench on the all-too-frequently abused Consent Decree law:
  • Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in one of his final acts as the nation’s top cop, curtailed the ability of law enforcement officials to use court-enforced agreements to create change within local police departments accused of civil rights violations.

    Consent decrees are often used to enforce an agreement between the Justice Department and a local police department to address a violation of law. They were used more frequently under the Obama administration to resolve civil rights violations by police departments and more broadly modify police practices across the country.

    The memorandum, which Sessions signed shortly before President Trump effectively fired him, “provides guidance on the limited circumstances in which such a consent decree may be appropriate” and “limits the terms for consent decrees and settlement agreements with state and local governmental entities, including terms requiring the use of monitors; and amends the process for the approval of these mechanisms in cases in which they are permissible.”
The on-tap Consent Decree is slated to cost the city hundreds of millions of dollars - hundreds of millions that the City doesn't have and has no intention of spending, not least of all on improving the police department. We're beginning to think much of this "Decree" won't ever be implemented (by either side) and is merely being used as theater.


FOP Cuts Ties with Herbert

  • Just over a month after Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke was convicted of second-degree murder, leaders of the union that represents most of the department’s rank-and-file officers apparently are unhappy with his lawyer.

    The board of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 has voted to no longer refer cases to Daniel Herbert, a former CPD officer and prosecutor who once worked as an FOP staff attorney. Herbert, who headed a team of attorneys representing Van Dyke, has built his private practice largely on representing police officers in labor disputes, as well as handling civil and criminal cases involving officers.


    In a statement, Herbert said Van Dyke wants to keep him on as his lawyer, and that the FOP board members who voted in favor of not sending further union business his way were “entitled to their opinion.” He noted that they had not attended the “majority” of the proceedings in Van Dyke’s case and had not watched all of the trial, which was broadcast live. FOP President Kevin Graham and Vice President Martin Preib both attended numerous pre-trial hearings and much of the three-week trial.
So there wasn't a meeting of the full Board?


Deadline? What Deadline?

What is it with the police labor organizations and deadlines? Here's another one missed:
  • SCC, the Sergeants Union messes up big time. So the Sergeants filed a grievance under the “Me-Too” clause regarding wages. This is what was sent to all the Sergeants earlier this week:

    This afternoon I received the Arbitrator award from our attorney regarding our grievance and arbitration award for the the Me-Too Wage Increase. The Arbitrator award reads as such, "Grievance is barred by the Perkovich award. None of the grievances was timely filed. All are procedurally inarbitrable and dismissed on that basis." The arbitrator dismissed the grievances of the Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants as they were all argued in the same arbitration. The arbitrator further stated "Given the obvious desire of all parties to maintain wage parity, I expect the matter will be addressed in the apparently ongoing contract negotiations."

    To say that this award is disappointing would be a major understatement. This arbitrator failed to follow past practice of applying one award granted to all unions. I cannot express to you my displeasure at this time. Like all of you I had expected that we would prevail in this arbitration. This award allows the city breathing room for issuing wage increases which will now have to be done retroactively at the conclusion of contract negotiations. I do apologize for the outcome of this matter. Please, rest assured we will continue to fight for our contractual rights. The battle is not yet over. Thank you for all that you do, be safe, and remember, take care of each other.

    So they lost because they didn’t file in time. What great leadership... Rumor is that next weeks meeting will be well attended and a resignation demand will be motioned. If they refuse to resign members have enough signatures to go forward with impeachment procedures. Stay tuned!!!
Anyone know what this grievance was about? And how filing deadlines are missed? Is Shields running the PBPA now?


Friday, November 09, 2018

Petition Drive

Regarding the death of an off-duty officer who was killed by a reckless driver on the expressway:
  • Hello SCC,

    Thank you so much for sharing the news link and story about fallen Officer Tito Rodriguez’s failed case and plea deal Kim Foxx’s office was offering the shit head. The FOP has created this petition for the judge to overturn the plea deal and bring this case to trial. Can you please share the letter from the FOP and the signature sheet with your readers? Any and all signature sheets will help out as his family and FOP are looking to get 6,000 signatures to present to the judge on December 4th as this is the final court date. I will be presenting it to my District Commander today in hopes that it can be presented in roll call for the next few days. I ask that any signature sheets be turned into the FOP. Signatures are not limited to officers as the general public can sign this petition as well. Although, I believe their may be an Illinois residency requirement. Thanks again for all that you do and keeping our members and your readers up to date with what’s going on.

We don't know if Unit Reps are circulating this or what, but here's a version you should be able to print out and have at the desk. Completed sheets can be mailed to the FOP via Department Mail (click for larger versions):

Get them in before the end of the month.


Darn You Evil Police!

  • An Englewood driver booted five times this week alone has racked up nearly $8,000 in parking ticket debt with the City of Chicago, and he says he can’t pay the tab.

    Some might believe that if you follow the law and adhere to the penalties if you break it, you won’t get into hot water with the city, but that’s not the case for everyone.

    Joe Nathaniel says he can’t pay his parking ticket debt, which totals $7,921. Records show he’s racked up 38 violations since 2006, forcing him to file for bankruptcy. His five booted vehicles include two Mercedes, all booted on the same street on the same day.
Check out that underlined paragraph again:
  • Some might believe that if you follow the law and adhere to the penalties if you break it, you won’t get into hot water with the city, but that’s not the case for everyone.
If you get 38 violations since 2006, you obviously aren't following the law. In fact, you might be accused of actively flouting the law. And he owns five vehicles, two of which are Benz'z? All properly licensed and registered? He couldn't sell one to cover all the debts?

We smell bullshit here.


Glenn Sues Everyone

  • A Cook County Circuit Court lawsuit claiming top officials at the city’s former police oversight agency conspired to frame a Chicago police commander on criminal charges has been amended to include a public radio station and a reporter who wrote about the story.

    The amended complaint brought by attorneys for former Chicago Police Commander Glenn Evans now names as defendants the public radio station WBEZ and reporter Chip Mitchell, claiming that Mitchell and WBEZ conspired with officials at the city’s former civil oversight agency, IPRA, and “knowingly and recklessly published false information about Commander Evans. . . .”

    The lawsuit—which also names IPRA officials and investigators Martrice Campbell, Sharon Fairley, Scott Ando, Andrea Stoutenborough, Anthony Finnell, Vincent Jones, James Lukas, and the City of Chicago—claims the defendants ginned up false allegations against Evans based upon a 2013 arrest Evans made in an abandoned building after Evans observed an offender with a gun and gave chase.
Many descriptions we've heard of Evans is a generally good cop....with the personality of sandpaper. He was particularly abrasive with political hacks and aldercreatures, which puts him a couple of notches above most of the exempt staff currently in charge.

The people he names and the internal politics he's already exposed as corrupt to the core put him light years ahead of Special Ed in terms of backing the rank-and-file. This is especially pertinent as outlined in this article where IPRA and then COPA have been leaking confidential information to the media, plaintiff lawyers and various anti-police bad actors for years.


No Weekend Garages

Don't get a flat tire on the weekends anymore:
  • In the latest of a series of dumb moves that compromise the safety of cops and citizens, the Department is closing all maintenance garages on weekends. So if you get a flat tire or crack a windshield, the vehicle will remain un-serviceable and unrepaired for the entire weekend. In fact, if you wreck a car, you won't even be able to get a pool car, leaving the District down a vehicle.
Not even a skeleton crew to give you a tire. Amazing.


Thursday, November 08, 2018

NYPD Work is Dead

  • NYPD officers are now required to share their full names and ranks with people who they stop on the street, due to a new law that took effect Friday. Officers will hand out business cards as part of the "Right to Know" act.

    The cards have information on the back about how to file a complaint against an officer and even obtain body camera video. Officers must also inform people of their right to refuse some searches.

    The City Council passed the law in January after four years of battling back and forth with the NYPD. The police union says the law will discourage officers from addressing crime.
With all the information available out on the internet, it'll be a cold day in Hell before we hand out a business card to some asshole on the street and basically invite them to our neighborhood.

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Well This is Bullshit

  • The Chicago Police Department filed several charges against officer Robert Rialmo Wednesday, recommending the embattled officer be fired from the CPD for his role in the fatal shooting of Bettie Jones and Quintonio LeGrier in December 2015.

    The charges against Rialmo allege these violations: action or conduct impeding department efforts to achieve its policy and goals or bringing discredit upon the department; disobeying an order or directive; inattention to duty; incompetency or inefficiency in the performance of duty; and unlawful or unnecessary use or display of a weapon.
How does that jibe with this?
  • The Civilian Office of Police Accountability found that the shooting of Jones and LeGrier was not within CPD policy and recommended that Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson refer Rialmo, 29, for termination.

    Johnson, however, disagreed with COPA and said Rialmo’s actions were “justified and within department policy.”
So Special Ed declared the shooting "justified" before he was told it was "unjustified." Let's look at a bit of Rahm's Mr. Fenner's reasoning:
  • “....without justification, used force likely to cause death or great bodily harm without a reasonable belief that such force was necessary when he fired his weapon one or more times in the direction of Bettie Jones, hitting Ms. Jones and causing her death,” Johnson wrote.
Um, he was being charged at with a fucking baseball bat. The only people disputing that are the untrained COPA investigators who have been deemed unqualified to be lead investigators on police involved shootings. And once again, Mrs. Jones death was a tragic accident. The officer didn't go there intending to kill anyone, least of all, Mrs. Jones. The city compensated the family for the actions of their employee and he should be subject to retraining.
  • The department also cited Rialmo for “inattention to duty” and “incompetency or inefficiency in the performance of duty” for not being certified to carry a stun gun for nearly two years before the shooting.
This a crap charge and a poor excuse for the incompetency in training procedures. There were years when there weren't enough Taser cartridges to qualify individuals so officers were sent away from the Ranges being told, "We'll call you back for training later" and then never called. Not to mention that numerous experts testified a Taser wouldn't have been appropriate and the Use of Force Model, then and now, required Deadly Force (a bat) to be met with Deadly Force (a gun).

We already addressed the "inefficiency" being a training issue over an accidental death and as far as it being "unnecessary," perhaps Special Ed could dispatch some of his stellar exempt staff - or maybe his Wheezie - to ride along on every mental disturbance call and coach officers as to the exact moment a gun should be drawn from the holster in time to protect one's life from a bat attack?

If it weren't for double standards, Special Ed wouldn't have any standards at.....oh wait. Resign already you incompetent over-promoted "merit" hack. We didn't think you could sink any lower, but here you are, digging a basement.


We Care About Officers (not really) Part II

A bunch of people misinterpreted yesterday's post about the FOID card restrictions, claiming that we want mentally ill people to keep guns (wrong) and that cops should be subject to the same rules as anyone else (sure, with conditions). So here's a clarification of our position for the slower ones:
  • If you have an FOID card (a condition of employment in Chicago) and you came on the job, passing all tests and psych/mental evaluations, and then due to stresses unique to the job, develop a mental illness, you should be permitted by law, statute, ordinance and policy to attempt to cure the job-related illness in order to properly and safely serve as a police officer.
Keep in mind this would have to be somehow connected to the job, otherwise you get Klinger from M*A*S*H trying to Section 8 his way out, and there would be plenty trying to get some sort of disability pension. A vigorous screening process should (theoretically) be able to weed out those unsuited to become the police, but that isn't likely to happen in as corrupt a town as Chicago.

We haven't practiced psychiatry since Lucy van Pelt took down her cardboard box, but anyone could pick out a dozen people who never should have made it past Step One. And we can name more than a few people who were definitely and genuinely mentally affected from something job related. The longer you stay, the greater the chance of you seeing something mentally devastating. CPD shouldn't be depriving them of their livelihood if they are truly attempting to get better.

Discuss. Politely.


Fund Rasing Continues

Some girls are going to be missing half of their parents for a considerable stretch of time. Swing by this GoFundMe link or drop a check at the Credit Union to help alleviate a trying time.


Self Inflicted Wound

  • Chicago is one of the few big cities without a police SWAT team that responds to emergencies around-the-clock. Now, WGN Investigates has reviewed a draft memo from CPD’s SWAT team commander announcing the team will be staffed 24/7.

    The change comes after WGN Investigates reported gaps in staffing that lead to long response times. In one case cited in a union safety complaint, a suspect was able to break through a perimeter and take his own life before SWAT fully deployed. The department relies on overtime to cover some overnight shifts as well as calling-in SWAT team members who are off-duty. In protest, some SWAT operators have been refusing to answer calls during their off-hours.

    A Chicago police spokesperson confirmed the department is moving to 24/7 SWAT coverage but said details are still being worked out. The draft memo said changes would take effect Nov. 11 and stated SWAT operators who are on-call should not consume alcoholic beverages and must be able to respond within one hour. The Fraternal Order of Police has argued “on-call” time should be paid. A CPD spokesperson said other units in the department are not compensated for being on-call, only if they are requested to respond to an incident.
So the comments about Carter not having the balls to pull the trigger on this re-vamp may have been mistaken. We guess there might be economic (and personnel) considerations as well.

We'll be just as surprised if Special Ed finds the testicular fortitude to sign the final paperwork.


Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Area West on Tap

Supposedly, Special Ed is finally moving forward on correcting the biggest error of the McCompStat era - closing two detective Areas. Welcome to Area West:
  • 011 and 015 are driving just about all of the west side violence, so Area West will be created out of the remnants of Area North encompassing 011, 014, 015, and 025. The meeting 08 November will give people the option to stay or leave.
Interesting rumor. It's been going around the D unit for nearly two years that Area Four will reopen as West. Looks like it might finally happen. Lord knows we need another two or three exempt spots to fill and drain the pension fund.

UPDATE: It's a RUMOR people. It's subject to change, especially the list of Districts. Stop commenting like this is written in stone - we can see a couple of issues that need to be ironed out already, like why not make 010, 011 and 015 all part of the same Area since all of the gang conflicts in North Lawndale, Austin and Garfield intersect anyway?

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Ethics Violation?

Interesting rumor:
  • Hey SCC,

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet on here,  but the Commander in charge Cato, has gathered up several small business  owners in the 15th district and somehow got them to pay for any officer  to attend this years Christmas party. Isn't the average Christmas party  ticket like $50-$65, sounds like some sort of ethical issue to me?  
Didn't everyone take the Ethics test this year? And wasn't there a question about how city employees cannot accept any gifts with a value of $50 or more? And wouldn't a $50 Christmas Party ticket provided by arm twisting small businesses run contrary to the Ethics rules?


We Care About Officers! (not really)

  • When a new state law took effect in August, supporters believed it would finally remove an obstacle for police officers seeking mental health treatment and maybe help lower a high suicide rate. Turns out it was not that simple.

    The law prohibits police departments from firing officers whose firearm owner’s identification cards have been revoked after an inpatient stay at a mental health facility. Many departments, including the Chicago Police Department, require officers to have FOID cards.

    After the law was passed, Chicago and some other departments said they would still require FOID cards for officers who work the streets. Those who lost their cards would be placed on desk duty.

    Advocates say this leaves in place a major hurdle as officers contemplate whether to seek treatment for post-traumatic stress and other job-related problems: They’ll keep their paycheck, but they’ll be sidelined as an officer.
You'd think the astronomically high suicide rate among officers would make someone in authority take a look at making it easier for officers to seek help. You'd be mistaken. Badly.


Illinois Doomed

Pritzker spent $160 million for a job that pays under $200K to run a state over $100 billion in the hole.

This is what happens when idiots vote.


Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Watch Out for That Wall

  • A fifteen-time convicted felon who’s on parole is now charged with mugging a man in Rogers Park less than 100 yards from the location where he robbed another man in 2016.

    Prosecutors said a police sergeant was on patrol in the 1700 block of West Greenleaf at 10:30 p.m. on October 27th when he saw two men having a dispute. That’s when the sergeant saw 49-year-old career felon Dewitt Brown begin to take valuables from the other man’s pockets.

    When the sergeant intervened in the robbery, Brown allegedly said: “I ain’t going down like this!” Brown then turned around, ran a few steps, collided with a wall and fell to the ground, the sergeant reported.
Is there any camera footage of this, because it has to be hilarious.


Shades of Wenger

  • Chicago police detectives are investigating after a woman was found dead in the Far Northwest Side home of a former Chicago police officer that was the scene of a 12-hour standoff last year.

    The woman, 28, of northwest suburban Mount Prospect, was found unresponsive around 6 p.m. Saturday in a residence in the 6500 block of North Onarga Avenue in the Edison Park neighborhood, police said.

    The Cook County medical examiner’s office has not ruled on the cause or manner of the woman’s death pending further review. Detectives are conducting a death investigation.

    The former police officer called 911 after he discovered the woman lying on the floor, police said.
This isn't going to end well.


Stat Maps

So you want to know where the carjackings are happening?

Be sure you read the dates at the bottom to see what's covered and how it compares to just three years ago.

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Monday, November 05, 2018

Great Clearance Rates Ed

Our Stat Guy has been busy data-mining various Department databases. We'll just leave these here and wonder why Special Ed (and his staff) still has a job:

Anyone know what a trend line is?

Yeah, 2019 isn't looking any better without a wholesale shakeup in the political order that is keeping crime from being solved and prosecuted.

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Mendoza Leaked Video

  • There’s never been much doubt that Susana Mendoza would jump into the crowded race to replace Mayor Rahm Emanuel as soon as she was safely re-elected as state comptroller.

    But what little doubt there was disappeared on Friday.

    WBEZ-FM Radio got a hold of a video of Mendoza declaring her candidacy for mayor.

    Reporter Dan Mihalopoulos tweeted a short clip of the video where Mendoza, dressed in a grayish-green cable sweater, is saying, “I’m Susana Mendoza and I’m running for mayor of Chicago. And I ask you to join me on this journey together.”

    The premature release comes at a difficult time for Mendoza. It gives her Republican opponent for state comptroller Darlene Senger more ammunition to say Mendoza has one foot out the door.
The Hispanic coalition has been very quiet as the election approached. One political arm or another bought off Chewy with Gutierrez's spot so he wouldn't fracture the Hispanic vote the way the black vote has been splintered.

The obvious goal here is to get Mendoza into the runoff and then cobble together a coalition of Hispanic and liberal white voters to roll over the Prickwrinkle machine. Someone suggested that the biggest loser here is Prickwrinkle herself and now she has to back out gracefully. We're of the opinion that this might just derail the Vallas campaign and cripple McCarthy. We're also wondering if Prickwrinkle jumped in to drive out lesser funded black candidates and stop Vallas from peeling off black parents who remember the schools ran (semi-)smoothly when he was in charge.


States Attorneys Looking for Rule 14s?

So there was some roll call training the other day and some interesting information was imparted by the speaker:
  • When you call Felony Review to seek charges, everyone already knows that they will refuse charges if you don't have every single piece of information that the ASA thinks they need. This includes names, birthdays, IR numbers, criminal history, Social Security numbers, half-a-dozen witnesses, affidavits from Mom, etc etc.

    But in addition to all of this, Felony Review is treating a phone call as an "official report" and the ASA is taking notes that become part of the file. This file has been deemed discoverable and is being used to impeach officers even though no one is under oath. In fact, on a number of occasions, the intake attorney has been subpoenaed to court, gets sworn in, and testifies to the content of the call-in.
We can only think of one reason that this is being done and it involves a Rule 14 being brought against the Department member.


Big Meeting

Mandatory attendance for those assigned to certain Units/teams:
  • OT...Special Ed is bringing all A/N Gang, Gun, Sat, and Tact teams down to HQ this week Thursday to meet with him. Rumors are flying but no one has any clue as to what's going on. Disbanding the units? Reopening an old area? Gangs back to OCD? Lots of freaking out going on. Adjusting everyone’s hours to make sure they attend?
Some last minute consolidations? A push for year end numbers? Perhaps a new beginning of Mobile Strike Force? Remember those guys? After months of lies about not being disbanded, they were disbanded and sent to all the south side districts where they remained for almost two years as the Department refused to open up District bids.

Word to the wise - if they start to cancel everyone's details to form up a new unit, watch your asses. You have no bid rights to a District closer to home and are subject to the whims of the Department upon disbandment. We speak from vast experience here.


Sunday, November 04, 2018

We Don't Need SWAT

So the ugly truth behind how incapable Chicago is of countering a terror attack is laid bare:
  • Terrorist incidents. Hostage situations. Dangerous suspects. The Chicago Police Department’s SWAT team responds to some of the city’s most volatile situations. Chicago, unlike most big cities, doesn’t staff its SWAT team around the clock. Instead it relies on members to respond during their off-hours. Now WGN Investigates has learned some members of the SWAT team are refusing to respond to those calls to protest the department’s practices.
So the CPD basic plan is "pray nothing happens" and then runs with it. This operating on the cheap has been a problem for years, but Special Ed's response to it is truly eye opening:
  • "We don't need SWAT to keep us safe."
That seems like a directive to "Stay Fetal" right from the top.

So a cranky client takes a dozen hostages at a downtown law firm on the 10th floor? Maybe some madman decides to shoot up a synagogue? A gunman holed up in a school? First Responders are outside, safe, away from the gunfire. It isn't good news for the teachers and kids, but hey, Special Ed says, "We don't need SWAT to keep us safe."

In case anyone missed the sarcasm, we aren't saying don't go in - we know most cops would be in the door, SWAT or not, attempting to save lives. But going into a hot scene without the proper equipment and firepower is going to end with a body count....including cops.

Time to resign Ed.

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No Amazon?

Looking like another great job there by Rahm - a deal maker to end all deal makers:
  • Amazon has held advanced discussions about the possibility of opening its highly sought-after second headquarters in the Crystal City area of Arlington, Virginia, including how quickly it would move employees there, which buildings it would occupy and how an announcement about the move would be made to the public, according to people close to the process.

    The discussions were more detailed than those the company has had regarding other locations in northern Virginia and some other cities nationally, adding to speculation that the site in Arlington County is a front-runner to land the online retail giant's second North American headquarters and its 50,000 jobs.

    The company is so close to making its choice that Crystal City's top real estate developer, JBG Smith, has pulled some of its buildings off the leasing market and officials in the area have discussed how to make an announcement to the public this month, following the midterm elections, according to public and private-sector officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because Amazon has asked that the selection process remain confidential. The company may be having similar discussions with other finalists.
Who needed 50,000 jobs anyway?


There's 500

And Chicago is blowing past that milestone in style:
  • Year to Date
    Shot & Killed: 430
    Shot & Wounded: 2168
    Total Shot: 2598
    Total Homicides: 503
Already five dead this weekend with an extra hour to go.

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Daylight Savings Time

Fall back.

An extra hour of sleep. Or an extra hour of work.

Or both.

Steve, our bartender, is serving extra drinks.


Saturday, November 03, 2018

Hyde Park Reaps the Whirlwind

  • Roving groups of teenage vandals wreaked havoc across the Hyde Park neighborhood on Halloween night, getting into fistfights, throwing eggs and golf balls and even setting at least two cars on fire, according to Chicago police.

    No injuries were reported during the roughly three-hour spree, which coincided with Halloween events in the area meant to draw young people. Two University of Chicago students reported being beaten by large groups of people, but weren’t seriously injured.

    During the first wave of trouble, police said a large group was seen throwing eggs, golf balls and punches at a Halloween event near Hyde Park’s commercial strip in the 5300 block of South Lake Park Avenue just after 7:15 p.m.

    Police arrested 11 juveniles and an adult and later cited them for public peace violation after they refused orders to disperse, authorities said in a statement.

    About two hours later, a separate large group smashed windshields and jumped on car hoods as they walked along East 54th Street between Kimbark Avenue, Kenwood Avenue and Ridgewood Court. At least two cars had fireworks tossed into them, although a resident was able to extinguish one of the fires, according to a police spokeswoman.
Sounds like the French banlieues where the "non-assimilated" riot with impunity, don't allow the police in and burn roughly 1,000 cars every year. How many feet was this from the Obama house? and from the future Obama Non Library?

And then the liberals really started to whine:
  • "The police followed with the blue lights flashing on the bicycles. There were probably 10 police following them down the block,” Ruth Wernis said. “It was a scary sight.”

    Another resident, Eva, said she's mad at the juveniles who caused the damage and caused fear among residents. She said she can't understand the inaction of police.

    “There should have been some arrests at least because they had been following them and saw what was going on,” she said.

    She said some of the kids came back and taunted the residents and said “obscene things.”
There isn't any law against saying "obscene things." And with eleven arrests, we're hoping that "Eva" might show us exactly how to keep the peace under the new Consent Decree that she probably cheered for. We're sure it will involve cookies, warm milk and feather dusters. Perhaps a prayer circle and some Kumbaya around a burning car?

Welcome to the world of Zero Consequences. We hope you enjoy your stay at Ground Zero.


This Asswipe Again

We mentioned this asshole pederast being covered for just last week.

The list of allegations reported by the Sun Times was enough to turn stomachs and make readers wonder how he (A) made it past screening and (B) kept his job following an out-of-state conviction, not to mention (C)  at least one alleged payoff to a previous victim, especially in light of the monstrous CPS sex scandal.

Now you can add an Aggravated Battery during a bar fight to the list of "How Does He Keep His Job?" questions:
  • Hours after the brutal beating of two men outside an Andersonville neighborhood nightclub, two friends of an off-duty Chicago police sergeant implicated him in the attack under questioning by a Chicago police detective.

    The next day, a friend of the victims picked out Sgt. Eric Elkins “immediately and without hesitation” as the main assailant when detectives showed him a photo array of suspects, police reports show.

    “He’s the drunk guy that was kicking (victims) outside,” a detective’s report quoted the witness as saying as he circled Elkins’ photo.

    More than a month after that identification, though, no charges have been filed against the 19-year police veteran in the attack outside @mosphere, a gay club in the 5300 block of North Clark Street, on Sept. 29.
His ....companion? paramour? .... has already been suspended by Oak Park and is probably going to lose his job as he's still on probation and Oak PArk, for as liberal as it is, frowns upon police breaking peoples legs to the point that they need numerous metal rods, plates and screws to hold it together.

And guess what the lawyer is blaming already:
  • Attorney Timothy Cavanagh, who has filed a personal injury lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against Elkins, blasted the delay in bringing criminal charges despite the positive identification.

    “It’s a code of silence. They protect their own,” Cavanagh said. “They had probable cause to arrest (Elkins) weeks ago. But because it’s a Chicago police sergeant, nothing.”
Thanks again for that bullshit Rahm. You want to tell Special Ed and Crimesha to do their fucking jobs? If not, maybe you could offer Tony Abbate his job back.

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Now They Raise the Bar?

  • Rejected applicants to become Chicago cops are having a harder time winning appeals to be placed on the police eligibility list than in the past, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis has found.

    The city’s Human Resources Board rules on appeals from applicants rejected because of problems in their backgrounds. From 2005 to 2007, the three-member board appointed by then-Mayor Richard M. Daley ruled in favor of one-third of those who filed appeals.

    But the board now seems to be taking a tougher stance. Reviewing decisions that the current board, appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, made in the appeals of the 90 Chicago Police Department candidates rejected this year during the current police-hiring binge, the Sun-Times found that 13 percent of the board’s decisions through September resulted in a candidate being placed on the eligibility list.
But still no explanation about the reign of Ladner where prior military background or police family members seemed to disqualify tens of scores of applicants.


Friday, November 02, 2018

Changes Today?

Anyone seen the order yet? We've got a preview:
  • off topic:

    The order should come out today;

    Capt.Brian McDermott to Cmdr of 008
    Cmdr Ron Pontecore...lateral to 017
    Cmdr Susan Moss....lateral to XO of Area Central
    Cmdr Francis Valadez to Street Deputy (Bay retiring)
    Lt. Maureen Biggane to Cmdr of 016 (Looney retiring)
Interesting - last order was all black exempts - this one is all not black.


COPA: Not Qualified

The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board came up with a blockbuster ruling - COPA investigators are NOT to be lead investigators on police involved shootings:
  • The Executive Director of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB) has asserted in a recent letter that Chicago’s police oversight body is not legally qualified to investigate police-related homicides.

    In an October 28 letter, Brent Fischer, Executive Director of the ILETSB, asserted that Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) is, in his opinion, without statutory authority to investigate police-related shootings. Fischer’s position, outlined in his letter to FOP President Kevin Graham, reinforces the identical position taken by the Fraternal Order of Police.
This throws a largish wrench in Rahm's and Lisa Madigan's "consent" decree:
  • The letter also poses grave questions for the proposed consent decree over the Chicago Police Department currently being pursued by the city and AG Madigan. The consent decree would allow COPA to continue with these investigations. Other complicating factors are several scandals currently taking shape in COPA and its predecessor, IPRA.

    Former Chicago Police Commander Glenn Evans claims IPRA investigators ginned up false allegations that led to his criminal indictment. Evans was acquitted of every charge. Another lawsuit from a former IPRA employee claims he was told to change his findings in a police-involved shooting to make the shooting unjustified. In yet another case, FOP discovered that COPA withheld the existence and the findings of outside investigators in an investigation of a police-involved shooting.
It certainly looks like this is going to drag out far past the election.

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Now What Ed?

So yesterday, we noted the CWB article where Special Ed and Intranet-Wonderchild Lewin were bragging about a 14% drop in carjackings....and not mentioning the 100% increase from just five years ago.

Are they going to be making any sort of comment on this?
  • Maira Coronel had just finished trick-or-treating with her twin sister and young nieces Wednesday near Hanson Park on the Northwest Side when a gunman dressed in black jumped into the back seat with the children.

    He told Coronel's sister to drive as he demanded their money. They handed over $40, according to police and relatives.

    He demanded their cellphones, too, but Coronel said no. The robber shot her twice in the head and ran from the car a few blocks away on Belden Avenue just south of Blackhawk Park, police said. Coronel, 21, died on the scene.
Are you going to be bragging about this one?

We sarcastically called carjacking the "ghetto Uber" not too long ago - a gunman jacks a car, uses it to get from Point A to Point B, maybe uses it for a shooting, perhaps even a smash-and-grab driving into a building, then abandons the car somewhere, knowing that if he is ever connected to it, probation is probably the worst thing that might happen to him. We even pointed out years ago that this lack of consequences would inevitably lead to uptick in carjackings.

Is Crimesha Foxxx taking any responsibility for this one? Or is she just leaving Special Ed and Lewin twisting in the wind?


Three Years

  • A decorated military veteran who sold firearms without a license — including the Glock used to kill Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer — was sentenced Thursday to about three years in prison in federal court in Wisconsin.

    Thomas Caldwell, 68, has significant physical and mental health challenges and has ended his obsession with guns, according to his attorney. Still, the feds say he had been warned by authorities to stop selling weapons without a license.

    He refused to fill out an application for a Federal Firearms License because it was “too much paperwork,” prosecutors said.

    “Caldwell did not kill Chicago Police Commander Bauer and he should not (be) held accountable for doing so,” First Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy O’Shea wrote in a memo filed Tuesday with the court in Madison. “The way Caldwell sold firearms, however, made a tragedy almost inevitable.”
The "...almost inevitable" finding should result in massive civil liability. It isn't going to heal any wounds, but it might be a warning to others.


Thursday, November 01, 2018


  • A Chicago police officer shot a man during a foot chase that ended inside an East Chatham apartment building Wednesday night.

    A little after 7 p.m., officers on “proactive patrol” saw a man with a gun standing in a crowd near 79th Street and Drexel, according to Chicago Police Patrol Bureau Chief Fred Waller.

    Three officers tried to stop him, but he ran about a block and forced his way into the third floor of an apartment building at 79th and Ingleside, Waller said.

    A “brief struggle ensued” and one of the officers shot the man once, Waller said. Thought to be in his early 20s, he was listed in serious condition at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Police did not say where on the body he was shot.

    Police said they recovered a handgun with an extended magazine from the suspect, who did not fire the weapon, Waller said. Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted out a photo of the gun recovered.
All's well that ends well we suppose....if it ever really ends. Nice job.


Carjackings Still Extensive

  • A 23-year-old man was carjacked by two offenders Tuesday evening in the Wrigleyville neighborhood, police said.

    The victim had just entered his parked car in the 3800 block of North Kenmore around 7:55 p.m. and he was trying to close the door when two men approached him. Police said the robbers ordered the man out of the vehicle while implying that they were armed with a handgun. The victim complied with the robbers’ demands and both offenders climbed into the man’s vehicle, then sped away southbound on Kenmore.
And the ironic bit:
  • Yesterday, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Deputy Chief Jonathan Lewin boasted that carjackings are down by 14% compared to last year and down 10% since Johnson established an anti-carjacking task force.

    Of course, whenever someone in a white shirt Chicago police uniform cites a statistic, wise listeners dive deeper to learn what was not said.
This is what they were bragging about:

Brag about a "14% drop" from last year, but don't even mention the 100% increase from just 5 years ago. Idiots one and all, playing a BS political game.

(thanks once again to the crew over at CWB - doing the only investigative work in Chicago nowadays.)

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Where's the Coverage?

  • Two teenagers were arrested on Wednesday afternoon as police tried to quell a series of fights and disturbances in the streets near North Avenue and Clybourn. The disturbances reportedly involved students from the nearby CICS ChicagoQuest charter school, which had a pre-planned 12:30 p.m. dismissal time.

    A police source said school leadership contacted the 18th (Near North) Police District around 12:15 p.m. to report that they were expecting fights to break out when school was dismissed for the day. Extra officers were sent to establish a presence at the school, 1443 North Ogden Avenue.

    Around 1:15 p.m., patrol officers reported large groups of students in the streets, building courtyards, and sidewalks with widespread fights breaking out along Halsted, Clybourn and North Avenue.

    The reason for the disruptions was not immediately known.
Gee, were they protesting? Perhaps some real (or imagined) injustice that only the youngsters can bring to the attention of the old and jaded among us?

Oh, and the two arrested?
  • When officers tried to break up one fight, a 14-year-old girl struck an officer in the head and lip. Another 14-year-old girl pushed an officer and resisted arrest while police were trying to handcuff her, police said.

    Both 14-year-old girls were taken into custody. The officers were in good condition, the spokesperson said.
But remember, it's the police who are the problem, not a juvenile delinquent impulse-control challenged future-leech of taxpayer dollars.


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