Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PPO Exempts? Exempt PPOs?

Something popping up in the comments about Commanders are going to be dressing up in the blue jeans uniform of the day, strapping on the leather gloves and slicking back their hair and working tactical missions?

Whose bright idea is this?

The vast majority of bosses don't even know what handcuffs are for, let alone using them. Lord help the poor PO that's going to have to FTO these people through AIRA, CLEAR, Automated Arrest, the Hot Desk, name checks, contact cards and who knows what else. Make sure each and every boss gets an opportunity to go to Court for PC hearings.

Just make sure no one shows them the shortcuts.


Judge "Really Really" Means It

  • Giving him a mix of encouragement and tough words, a judge sentenced the teenager who masqueraded as a cop to nearly three months in youth custody for violating his home confinement.

    Judge Andrew Berman ordered the 15-year-old boy who famously impersonated a Chicago police officer earlier this year held in the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center until a Dec. 16 hearing to determine whether the youth has made any progress.

    The teen, whom the Tribune is not naming because he is a juvenile, has been held in custody since late August after prosecutors petitioned the court claiming he had violated his home confinement several times this summer.

    At a Sept. 17 hearing, the teen testified that his mother kicked him out of their South Side home for several days following an argument.

Whoops. Back up there. Mom kicked him out? Seems we have parenting issues in addition to the lack of a positive adult role model. We're going to say this stint won't straighten out a thing.

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Real Numbers?

Interesting numbers, crunched by someone who can work a computer:
  • In 2008 there were 7,253 p.o.s assigned to districts 001 thru 025,exactly one year there are now 6,649. That is a loss of 604 officers in one year. How much more can be done to the officers and the department. Remember this when you are looking for backup on a call. Be safe and go home to your families. They have made us expendable.
District manpower is low and getting lower every day. And an interesting take on those numbers by a commentator:
  • How many of those POs work inside? Or how many are assigned to the district but detailed elsewhere? What about the callback dodgers that can't work full duty spots? Or the watch secretaries that are being hidden by the watch commanders?

    My point is there might be 6,600 plus POs in the districts, but there are far less actually working the streets. 5 at the desk, 2 to 3 in male and female lockups a piece, front office, caps, secretaries, traffic missions, coffee car, and any other whim the watch commander might have.
And a pointed observation:
  • Is there any other organization in this country that does not know how many people work for it?
You can bet if IBM or GM wanted to know how many people work in their offices or on their assembly lines, the number is there at the touch of a button. Why is it like pulling teeth here?


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hey J-Fed

We know the mayor and Masters (Masters Masters Masters) are pulling your strings, but here's one more opportunity for you to make a difference and maybe actually raise morale. We expect you to ignore it again, seeing as it's here on the blog, but at least no one can ever say you weren't provided with the opportunities to make significant positive changes - you just ignored them.
Justify Full
You know how you like to turn police officers over to your other federal cronies? How about this one? Your former co-workers are currently in possession of at least one "merit" promoted sergeant, under an agreement to cooperate fully lest he go to prison. If the rumors are to be believed, the feds will currently own another, maybe two more "merit" sergeants and a "merit" lieutenant.

Wouldn't it be interesting to have them testify under oath as to what constituted "merit" for their promotions? What magical qualities do they have in such abundance that they qualify for promotion while dozens, even hundreds of others don't?

We did notice you and your staff still haven't defined "merit" so as to give everyone an opportunity to "earn" a promotion - like your driver. Maybe you could make inroads into eliminating the 30% kick that has doomed this Department to mediocrity in the Command ranks for decades to come. We did notice that a largish number of "merit" picks appear to be represented at callback, in front of the Police Board and in jail. It's probably time to rethink the criteria for nomination.


Shortage Doesn't Affect Safety?

  • There are fewer police officers on the streets of Chicago than normal. The Chicago Police Department is down 500-officers from what it considers "full strength."

    So what does that mean for the city and the safety of Chicago residents?

    CBS 2 [...] reports that Chicago police would not say exactly how many officers the department currently has. They estimated it's around 13,000 and they said the shortage wasn't making the city any less safe. However, the union representing more than 11,000 rank-and-file police officers said it doesn't exactly agree with that.
But with over 400 retirements this year and a mere 40 or so recruits graduating, the shortages are bound to increase. The line is getting thinner all the time and it has become a safety issue on more than one occasion.

And it's going to get worse before it gets better.


Why Indeed?

  • Between a still-existent worldwide recession and nuclear saber-rattling from North Korea and Iran, it's pretty clear that the White House has a lot on its plate in terms of international relations.

    A lot of serious stuff on the menu.

    So, why does President Obama need to add "seconds" to the plate by getting personally involved in the U.S. bid to attract the 2016 Summer Olympics to Chicago? The president is now planning on traveling to Copenhagen this week.
It's the final payoff. Or at least final for now. Obama is a product of the Chicago Machine and the Illinois Combine. Everything is connected by payoffs, contracts and positions (or didn't anyone notice how many ex-CityHall and ex-Springfield flunkies are currently ensconced in Washington). The Olympics is chock-full of all sorts of contracts to be awarded. Obama is lending his star power to Shortshanks in a last minute push for what might potentially be $15-20 billion in contracts and cost overruns.

According to this report, Obama just might be enough to put Chicago over the top:
  • Just five days to go before the 2016 Summer Olympic host city is announced, a report indicates that Brazil's Rio de Janeiro has taken a narrow lead over Chicago.

    The independent Olympic publication Around the Rings compiled the rankings and gave Rio a score of 84, just one point ahead of Chicago's 83.

    Other candidate cities Madrid and Tokyo are tied at 80.

Hang on tight.


Protest Violence....

  • What started out as a makeshift memorial for brutally murdered honors student Derrion Albert took a chaotic turn this afternoon outside Fenger High School.

    About 250 neighbors, Fenger graduates and self-proclaimed community activists angrily shouted at each other during a boiling protest of street violence during the vigil called in response to the Thursday mob beating that took Derrion’s life.

    One neighborhood activist who called herself, “Queen Sister,” chanted through a bull horn and led a group of people to the school’s front door demanding to be let in before being turned away. Some people stood nose-to-nose arguing over whether the gathering should be in memory of Derrion or a protest of the violence that killed him. Chicago police were there to calm the crowd.
How pointedly ironic that the violence the claimed a life breeds more violence that, more likely than not, will claim more lives as it simmers, boils and explodes.


017 Humor

This is funny on a number of levels:
  • Hey Bob Rohrman 017 3rd watch captain.

    We dont care about your numbers. Stop demanding we bring in 5 parkers and a mover a day. Thats a quota. We all have video cell phones! Yea thats right...who knows what can end up on you tube.

    We dont care about being your numbers people. You sold us out as bosses. Where is our contract and raise? Take your new evaluation and stick in in your ear. Can you say LAW SUIT. Can you say EEOC. Can you say HOSTILE WORK ENVIROMENT!

    Stop harrasing us at roll call with your numbers shit. We dont care.

    And another thing....why we are taking a day off with OUR comp time is none of your damn business. You question us as to why we need the day off. Thats getting pathetic...then again???

    You have been warned... The Cr's are just waiting to be lodged!
Funny and sad all at the same time.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Daley Kabuki Theater

At 6:20 this morning, removing all pretense that Obama was not a product of the Chicago Machine, the White House announced that the chosen one will travel to Copenhagen for the Olympic announcement this Friday. While there, he will also walk on water.

Chicago's only hope at this point is that the international community is still pissed at George Bush and the games go to Rio.


Can This Happen?

Someone want to expound on the likelihood of this occurring?
  • The Captains and Lieutenants have negotiated "vouchers" for some equipment items. The voucher provision is contingent on "available money," and we all know how Shortshanks hides cash.
  • These "vouchers" will be negotiated and altered in following contracts with an eye toward eliminating the Uniform Allowances.
Is this the "$2 for health care" all over again that eats up half of our projected raises every single contract? Have the Captains and Lieutenants Unions sown the seeds of destruction for Uniform Allowances?


Fox News Censored

  • A local TV station that reported on Chicagoans NOT wanting the Olympics has been told NOT to run the report again, insiders tell the DRUDGE REPORT!

    The Chicago Olympic Committee told FOX Chicago that its broadcast "would harm Chicago's chances" to be awarded the games.

    The station's news director ordered staff to hold fire after the report aired once last Thursday morning, claims a source.
Gee, in a free country, a free press, protected by the greatest document in history, a "committee" of unelected mayoral appointees can approach, intimidate and force a media outlet to not run a story? Thank goodness Drudge can still run these things - until Obama takes over the Internet that is.

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Ten Years Young

A reminder for an organization that does some amazing work at funerals, fundraisers and other police related events:




    3501 S. LARAMIE

Should be a good time.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Proper Headline

Someone writing the headlines over at is on the ball:
  • Police Shoot, Kill Armed Man on South Side
  • Chicago police shot and killed an armed man who pointed a gun at them in the Southwest Side Ashburn neighborhood early this morning, according to police.

    A police officer suffered a non-life-threatening injury to his arm during the incident, which began about 11:55 p.m. Saturday night when police saw a vehicle in the 7900 block of South Kedzie involved in a possible weapons violation in another district next door. According to a release from the Chicago Police Department, police first attempted to pull the vehicle over using lights and sirens, but the driver fled northbound on Kedzie.

    The driver, a male, hit two other vehicles while fleeing, disabling his vehicle, the release said. He exited the vehicle, carrying what police said was a handgun, and attempted to flee on foot. Police also exited their vehicles, and when the offender allegedly turned and pointed the handgun at police after going only a short distance from his vehicle, officers shot and killed him.

Best wishes to the officer injured and the officers involved in the shooting.

We expect the headline writer over at the BreakingNews site will be fired shortly, so buy him a beer if you meet him.


Bears by 2.5

That's the latest line over at ESPN.

We'd like to see a running game materialize to compliment the air attack. Hell, a running game might open up a few 300 yards opportunities for Cutler.



Will the last copper in 003, please turn out the lights?

Thirty-five openings?

Can someone please explain why the Burger Queen is still in charge over there? We understand she's thinking of retirement, but why not force the issue? Make her retire as a Lieutenant or a Captain. There have been thirty openings for at least the last six months at least. And now it's thirty-five?

Sorry, but this is an abject failure of leadership, plain and simple. You don't get and keep thirty-five openings because everyone can't wait to get to work each day. You get thirty-five openings because anyone with time bails out, anyone with a phone call makes it, and anyone who can retire, leaves. You can't even blame promotions because they haven't made any lately and when they have, 003 had been notoriously underrepresented.

Time for a shakeup.


Beating Death on Tape

We'll just link to the FoxNews report.

Here's the truly sad part - we and our readers have been pointing out for some time now that this is just a typical Chicago high school dismissal. It's played out time after time, day after day, across the entire west and south sides. Crane, Marshall, Orr, Bogan, Fenger, etc. Dozens, maybe scores of beat, rapid and tact cars held down at various high schools while regular citizens are being denied police service and backlogs mount.

Imagine if a single news camera was stationed at each of these schools for a week and they just filmed dismissal time? Hundreds of "students" running back and forth, hurling rocks, throwing punches, beating each other with boards and bats, tying up traffic and police resources?

Who are we kidding, it wouldn't change a thing. But the YouTube hits would be astronomical.


Nine Shot in Two Days?

Didn't this cost a commander his job earlier this year? Via e-mail:
  • SCC

    Wild start to the weekend in 011. Four shot Thursday into Friday and four dead Friday into Saturday.

    The Henny Penny countdown has begun.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is it Over Yet?

  • Two more former Chicago police officers pleaded guilty this morning to charges related to illegally searching drug dealers and gang suspects and stealing money from them.

    Ex-Sgt. James McGovern pleaded guilty in Cook County Criminal Court to misdemeanor attempted obstruction of justice and was sentenced to two years probation, and former Officer Frank Villareal pleaded guilty to felony theft and was sentenced to four years probation.

    That brings the number of guilty pleas so far in the probe of the former elite Special Operations Section of the Chicago Police Department to seven.
It's been a busy 10 days or so. And the main event is still to come. It looks like all the pleas are leading up to some supervisor culpability as hinted at in earlier stories this week.

If everyone who's supposed to cooperate does, and some supervisors catch an indictment or two, and all the motion hearings follow the typical schedule, we should be heading to trial just in time for the next contract negotiations. Odd how that works out.


Keeping Bill in Mind

His latest address:
  • William COZZI, #40222-424
    FCI Oakdale
    P.O. Box 5000
    Oakdale, LA 71463

    His inmate number (#40222-424) is critical for delivery.
Paper back books, magazines, notes, cards and letters are acceptable.

He has a hearing coming up mid-October.


Funny Website

The creative spirit runs wild:
They've got all sorts of fun. Countdown clock, count-up deficit meter, match the cost overruns to the Olympic city. It's amusing.

Six days until the announcement.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Where's the Money Going?

To the Olympics of course! Daley is shortchanging basic maintenance at a facility that will be expected to handle millions upon millions of extra tourists should Chicago actually win the games. But this article is chock full of corrupting goodness:
  • Mayor Richard Daley today downplayed safety violations federal officials recently found at O'Hare International Airport, calling them "not very significant."

    The Federal Aviation Administration said it found numerous violations at the airport during routine inspections last month that endanger airplanes at takeoffs and landings. The violations ranged from debris on runways to excessive amounts of tall grass and weeds that create hazards for planes by attracting birds and other wildlife.

    A warning notice from the FAA to the city said the violations show the airport is seriously out of compliance with federal aviation law. The notice also criticized the Department of Aviation for what it called a series of false statements about its self-inspection program.
  • A warning notice from the FAA to Chicago said the inspections show that O'Hare is seriously out of compliance with federal aviation law. The notice, called a "letter of correction," also chastised the Chicago Department of Aviation for what the federal agency called a pattern of false statements in its self-inspection program.
  • FAA inspectors found rocks, garbage and wood survey stakes used during construction on runways and taxiways at O'Hare
  • The problems at O'Hare the FAA cited in its warning notice are considered major violations -- not just housekeeping issues
  • Chicago Aviation Commissioner Rosemarie Andolino was out of town Wednesday and unavailable for comment
  • O'Hare air-traffic controller Craig Burzych said he noticed that in the last week the city has temporarily shut down runways for up to 45 minutes at a time during daylight hours to carry out major inspections for debris.
Pattern of false statements? Major violations? Shut down runways for 45 minutes at a time? These are runways were talking about, revenue generators at something like $1,000 per takeoff and/or landing. And Daley is pissing away $100,000 every time his sweeper crew has to go out and cleanup what should have been done correctly during the nighttime sweep. Not to mention he's obviously skipping the grass cutting that's supposed to keep it under 6" in height, which in turn promotes bugs, which attracts birds, which leads to bird-strikes that can end up covering runways with all sorts of airplane and bird parts which can be sucked into engines necessitating further sweeps and runway shut's a convoluted circle.

And Andolino is "out of town?" How Daley-esque.


Car Troubles

  • It's a perk that is costing Illinois taxpayers billions of dollars: government-owned cars. You see them all over the road. They either have an 'M' or 'U' on their license plates.

    Some lucky government employees even take their cars home or use them for vacation, but as CBS 2 [...] and the Better Government Association uncovered, taxpayers may be the ones being taken for a ride.
If Channel 2 hadn't been lying down on the job for the past 20 years along with the rest of the media, this situation wouldn't have gotten as out-of-control as it's been. Now they can shoot fish in a barrel and claim it's good journalism. Idiots.


Disturbing - Times Two

  • A 19-year-old Jordanian citizen was arrested this afternoon as he attempted to destroy an iconic downtown Dallas skyscraper with a car bomb, federal officials said.

    Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, 19, was arrested by FBI agents near the Fountain Place building at 1445 Ross Avenue. The FBI said he placed an inactive car bomb by the location.
  • A Downstate man has been arrested on terrorism-related charges for an alleged scheme this week to blow up the federal courthouse in the state capital, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

    Acting U.S. Attorney Jeffrey B. Lang said that Michael C. Finton, of Downstate Decatur, who also uses the name “Talib Islam,” was arrested on charges of attempted murder of federal employees and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

  • On Wednesday, Finton allegedly drove that vehicle — containing explosives he didn’t know were inactive — and parked it directly in front of the federal building, got out of the van and joined the undercover agent a few blocks away in another vehicle, where Finton attempted to detonate the explosives with a cell phone.
We are still a target. And as yet we haven't had to prove how understaffed and unprepared we are in certain areas. Hopefully, that lucky streak will continue.


A Real Lottery Ticket


From North Carolina. Hi Leo!!!


What Recession?

We heard it was over. Maybe not?
  • Home sales in the city of Chicago were down 7.2 percent in August, with the median home price plunging 22.9 percent from a year ago, a realtors' group reported today.

    The median home price in the city stood at $229,476 versus the year ago's $297,500, according to the Illinois Association of Realtors.

    The news was brighter in the six-county metropolitan Chicago area, where home sales went up in August for the second straight month - up 1.3 percent from a year ago. But median home prices in the metro area continued to sag, down 18.7 percent from a year ago, to $205,000, the association reported.

Sure doesn't feel like it's over.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Contract Ratifications

The Captains voted last week to ratify their contract 40-20.

The Lieutenants voted to ratify their contract 109-101.

Both of these contracts included a zero percent pay raise (with a "me-too" provision if the FOP wins a raise) and, we understand, a clause that lets the City re-open Health Care issues at any point during the duration of the Contract, such as if Obama Care passes and the City can unload everyone into socialized health care options. There are disciplinary issues as well as the 55 and out provision.

The Sergeants are currently voting and their Board had voted 12-1 against passage.

While the PBPA is a separate Bargaining Agent from the FOP, we have no doubt that the City negotiators will be using these voting results during arbitration to say, "See how the supervisors caved to our demands? The FOP should, too." It's amazing how the Captains and Lieutenants sold out their own self interests and all future promotees.

We fully expect that the Lieutenant spots will be 100% SES "merit" picks (just like Captains) within the life of this contract. The City saves $4 million in testing development money and countless millions defending the crooked testing process. Plus, they get to put their people in where they want them.


Vandals Waive Hearing

Once again, an awesome turnout at the hearing. Half-assed reporting though:
  • More than 60 Chicago police officers jammed into a tiny courtroom at Belmont and Western, in defense of what they consider "their turf": the Grant Park memorial dedicated to the city's 540 fallen officers killed in the line of duty.

    The officers are still angry that vandals spray-painted graffiti on the monument on August 26th, and they wanted to show their concern as three of the teenaged suspects appeared in court.
Reports from actual non-media types who can count put the attendance figure at closer to 100.

And it's our "turf"? It's a Memorial to 540 people who gave up their lives for this ungrateful city. A small piece of land in honor of their sacrifice.

In any case, the defendants waived their hearing, opting to go directly to the Chief Judge for assignment to a courtroom to be announced later. By waiving the probable cause hearing, we imagine we'll be seeing guilty pleas shortly. It's the best play for them if they have clean records. Expect probation and maybe community service.

A big thanks to everyone who showed up the past few appearances - On and Off duty PO's, Gold Star Families, Police Supporters, a few Exempts and Rabbi Wolf from the Police Chaplains. If we've forgotten any notables, you can name them in the comment section. Again, thank you all.


Another Guilty Plea

  • A Chicago police officer pleads guilty to charges in connection with the special operations section scandal.

    Margaret Hopkins was sentenced to 60 days in jail and two year probation after pleading guilty to official misconduct and providing a false statement.

    Hopkins is one of seven special operations section officers accused of breaking into homes and shaking down suspects.

    ABC7 has learned that another officer, Frank Villareal, is expected to plead guilty on Friday.

After sitting on this crap for two years, something broke loose and everything is galloping forward at a rapid pace. We suppose it's better to get it all out of the way at once, but it certainly isn't making this a happy place to work. The mood can only be described as "grim."


Off Duty Corrections Officer Shot

Serious condition:
  • An off-duty Cook County correctional officer was shot on the city's Southwest Side.

    Police were still on the scene in the 4600-block of West 82nd Street on Wednesday night.

    Police tell ABC7 the officer was shot in the back during an attempted robbery. He's in serious condition.

    The officer was in uniform and on his way to work at the time.

Prayers for the officer.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Logan Square Shooting

  • Chicago police shot a man tonight in the city's Logan Square neighborhood.

    Details of the incident in the 2400 block of North Harding Avenue remained sketchy, but unconfirmed early reports stating the shooting, which occurred at 7:15 p.m., might have resulted from a hostage-barricade situation were false, said Ilana Rosenzweig of the Independent Police Review Authority.

    A man about 30 years old was taken in critical condition to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, according to fire officials. Rozenzweig said the injured person was not a police officer.

Best wishes to the Officer(s) involved.


Terror Alert

  • Illinois state officials say they're passing on intelligence to local authorities about potential terrorist threats as federal investigators chase a possible bomb plot in Denver and New York.

    But Illinois Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Patti Thompson says it's up to municipalities to decide whether to beef up security and how.

    There weren't obvious signs Tuesday of upgraded security at Chicago subway and train stations.

    A police dog sniffed at bags while passengers waited to board an Amtrak train at Union Station. Several armed police also watched nearby. But it isn't clear if the measures are upgrades or normal procedure.

    Chicago transit and city officials declined comment on specific responses, if any, to federal security bulletins.
Maybe there weren't any security upgrades because...well, there isn't any protocol in place for them? We know we haven't received any TARA refresher training in years now. We haven't even seen anything about the terrorist arrests in Denver and New York in the CO Book that might affect patrol patterns in and around transportation hubs.

Full speed ahead to the Olympic Dream!


No More Obama $$$

  • The over-time Chicago police security detail assigned to guard President Barack Obama's Kenwood mansion since shortly after his election will end as of Oct. 1, department officials said today.

    The end of the detail came after on-going discussion with the U.S. Secret Service about how to adequately secure the home of a sitting president who lives in an urban area, department officials said.

Paying for this detail has been a bone of contention between the USSS and the CPD for a while now. Daley isn't letting any nickels or dimes out of sight lately - all that money is needed for the Olympics you know.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Profiles in Courage

  • On Friday the 18th, the 006th district at the request of soon to be ex alderman crookin Brookings, requested a field roll call at 80 Emerald, to deal with some bs gang drug complaint.

    Weis and company showed up, and got bitched and punked out by one of the local denizens who was'nt impressed with his title or his 310k salary.

    To add insult to injury, eggs began flying out of nowhere, and Weis and members of his imperial high command policy licking got splattered. Wacked. Make MINE sunny side up please.

    Weis' response? Field contact the innocent subjects. Then he jumped in his truck, and he and other members of the imperial high command policy licking group hightailed it out of there before it got too dangerous. Egg dripping off his vehicle and various other locations on high commands posteriors and orifices

    No police service, no police action.

    Thanks Jody and members of the imperial high command policy licking group, for showing us what leadership and courage is all about.I hope they teach that at one of those stupid workshops you're always shoving down our throats.
Oooooo....Contact Cards! That'll show 'em!

Don't worry J-Fed - we got your back.


Reminder for Wednesday

Reprinting the 14 September posting for the Memorial vandals:
  • New court date is 23 September at Branch 42-2 (0900 Call) at Belmont and Western.

    Over 70 cops and CPMF members and concerned friends showed up at Court last week. When the case was called, the defendants nearly shit a brick.

    We're going to need the same or better in just over a week. If you have an appearance scheduled, stick around. If you finish your shift and aren't going to sleep right away, stop by. If you're retired and have a free moment, welcome one and all.
We'd like to see a larger showing than last appearance. And if it gets continued again, an even bigger showing to let the judge know we aren't going away.


Anti Police Tear

The Sun Times must be making up for their Jackie Heard coverage:
No word that the ER dispute is a continuing investigation and the Hanhardt situation is a loophole that was addressed so well by the legislature 50 years ago.

The bias is so overt lately, it can only be coming from City Hall.


Proud Day in Illinois

  • For years, U. S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. stood eagerly in front of microphones, crucifying the Chicago City Council and Mayor Richard Daley over their blase attitude toward corruption.

    "For the last six years, we've read and seen nothing but corruption, greed and malfeasance throughout much of city government," Jackson said in 2006. "A mismanaged affirmative-action program, a Hired Truck scandal, an asphalt kickback scheme and a major Colombian drug connection with dealers selling drugs while on the public payroll."

    He toyed with the idea of running for mayor, saying he was determined to "change the culture of corruption in Chicago, and that will require rooting out waste, fraud and abuse, root and branch."

    How ironic that Jackson (D-2nd) was included on last week's "Most Corrupt Members of Congress" list, compiled annually by the nonpartisan watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. He joins U.S. Sen. Roland Burris, who also made this year's report.

But we'll never see a real challenger take him on in the 2nd District. The corruption is too ingrained. Burris is already toast.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Order Rescinded

As you see, we craftily folded back the corners of the document in case J-Fed's nefarious henchmen numbered the copies of the Fax Message and can track our mole.

The ingenuity of a Chicago Police Officer cannot be underestimated.

And neither can the stupidity coming out of downtown.


Fly on the Wall

Yes, we know we said it was a slow news day.

We even put up an "Open Post" because we were anticipating a slow typing day.

Sure, we're feeling a little under the weather.

But this was too good to pass up:
  • **** RUMOR MILL *******

    Hold onto your coffee this is good!

    Rumor has it that JFED had another closed door meeting but this time it was about the new Commanders that were just assigned. He stated in regards to the new Commander of 18th dist. " Why don't we have more like him? This is a boss that the troops will follow and we need more like him."
    He then stated that the rest of the picks are staying put until he hears otherwise ...... WHAT?... Does this mean that JFED takes orders from a mysterious higher power? Until he hears otherwise ? Hmmmmmm from who ? ( Da Mayor ?)

    Next topic was about how pissed off he was that a copy of the bumper sticker order got on SCC website and he wants to number each order in the corner of the each paper that goes out so he will know whos copy it is next time any appear on that "Stupid site". (Jfed's nickname for SCC website)

    Last but not least our little brain child JFed wants to know why morale is still low?
    One higher up blurted out, as if he was holding back for years, "we are under manned and they still have no contract what do you expect?"

    Jfed glared at him and stated "anything else?"

    Mr. Higher up, aka retiring next year, stated " why don't we have a meeting that focuses on How we can make it easier for the rank and file to do their job?" Instead we have the same meetings every month (now get this) that tell us Exactly what we already know."

    Jfed asked for him to stay after so they can further discuss his suggestions( oooohhhhhh Jfed gonna make you stay after school!!!)

    Last rumor tidbit is priceless!
    Our beloved James Maurer supposedly stated to media off the record after a police memorial fundraiser "Jfed is Milton Bradley and the City of Chicago is the Cubs now something gotta give or go." ( GOD I miss that guy)

    Jfed's little sidekick stated he would look into that suggestion and then asked to see the Hiher Up after the meeting to speak further about it.

    I am trying to figure who the Higher up is but I have a very good idea as do most of you.
We have our doubts, but who knew Maurer could be that witty? And the rest of it, even if exaggerated is pretty good, too.

So who could this mysterious person behind the curtain be who's pulling the strings? It's like the Wizard of Oz.

Or a Masters of the Universe.


It's True

But it's rescinded?

Still, it is indisputable proof of the vast disconnect between the workers in the field and the idiots currently ensconced at HQ.

Non disciplinary? The Department was going to pull cars off the streets to answer this? They were going to bury the sergeants in more paperwork? The reduced administrative staffs were going to keep track of this how?

And we're just positive that the Commander and Deputies and Assistant Superintendents were going to have these stickers affixed to their cars?

A very sad day that this even made it into print, let alone into an actual policy.


Open Post - Slow Day

Have at it.

Keep it clean.

Rumors welcome.


Better Effort

A win against the Super Bowl Champions is always a good one. The first half was mostly luck staying close. The second half was much better. And instead of blowing it in the last 90 seconds, they win it in the last 15 seconds.
Next up, Seattle.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week Two

Second game of the season and possibly the game that will define the rest of the season. 0-2 isn't an impossible hole to climb out of, but it sets a hell of a road for a team with an aging defense, a porous secondary and an offensive line that has to be perfect every single time to protect a cannon-armed QB throwing to a mediocre receiving corps.

Pittsburgh is favored by 3.

By the way, the Blackhawks lost their preseason opener in OT 3-2. Hockey hopes spring anew in the Windy City.


Bid Not Dead Yet

  • Is POTUS (President of the United States) pumped? Sneed hears President Obama told a select coterie Saturday he has decided to go to Copenhagen to personally pitch Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics.

    Word is he had yet to inform Mayor Daley and was planning to make it a surprise.

Yeah, right. Surprise Daley? There isn't one un-orchestrated moment in this mayor's entire political existence. Everything is scripted and everything is planned. And that includes all of the corruption, all of the contracts, and a sizable percentage of what goes on daily at 1600 Pennsylvania.


Welcome New Chicagoan!

From the comments:
  • Does anyone know what the f*ck is going on a HQ? A construction company is redoing the f*ck up by walsh construction when they originally built the building because water would pool by the west entrance. The new company has poured the concrete and has torn it up not once, not twice, but THREE F*CKING TIMES now and it's still not finished. This is insane and exactly why we should not get the olympics. Pitch the concrete towards the street morons.
Evidently, you've never seen a Chicago concrete pour in action. We figure they must save money by not having a surveyor look at the concrete forms after they nail them all together. We have yet to see a curb gutter in the past 28 years drain a street properly after being poured.

We can't recall ever seeing a city project that didn't have major cracking issues with any concrete construction. Remember the concrete columns cracking and flaking in the Monroe Street garage? They had to tear out dozens and wrap hundreds in wire meshing.

And if you truly want to see something amusing, go up to the 5th Floor at HQ and bring a dozen marbles and half as many Hot Wheels cars. Drop then at different points along the corridors and watch them roll! We've heard that Patrol Division has a Pinewood Derby Racing League every other Thursday and they don't even need ramps.


This Might Explain Something

We wonder if Daley or his people have been taking cues from the news lately:
  • New York City is heading toward a record low number of murders this year, and overall crime is also down, the New York Police Department said Friday.

    The NYPD projects about 457 murders this year, the lowest total since the department first started keeping records in 1962.

    And overall crime is down nearly 12 percent from 2008 and 40 percent since 2001, the NYPD said.

    The downward trend is mystifying criminologists who say crime usually rises when times are tough.

Actually, it has got to be Shortshanks' people reading the paper.

But in a twisted way, this supports the theory that less police = less reported crime. If people can't call up and get a report, they'll say "screw it" and chalk it up to life experience.

We think that as a further test of this theory, we should pull all the police out of 007 for forty-eight hours. After the crater stops smoking, we can total up the crimes compared to the same period last year.


No Foot Chases

  • (Wellford, SC)—The Mayor of Wellford is defending her policy which bans police officers in that city from chasing suspects. Sallie Peake says the policy also includes vehicle chases along with pursuits on foot.

    A memo issued on September 2nd from Peake to all Wellford officers reads:

    “As of this date, there are to be no more foot chases when a suspect runs. I do not want anyone chasing after any suspects whatsoever.“

    WSPA first reported the mandate on Wednesday after an anonymous citizen faxed a copy of the memo to our newsroom. Peake was out of town and unavailable for comment. On Friday, reporter Chris Cato caught up with her in her office and questioned her about the origin of the policy. Peake says she issued the mandate because several officers have been injured during chases, driving up insurance costs for the town.

    “The officers are costing us more money on insurance than most citizens here in the city of Wellford are even earning,“ says Peake.
We're sure Daley is taking notes. This is a potential savings of billions more for the Olympic dream!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

How's My Driving?

  • OT: How about the new order coming out about the 'How's my Driving, call......' stickers for the squad cars. Who's brilliant idea was this. Just another way to get the police haters to make another beef on a officer. Time to play fireman and sit in a corner until a call comes in.
If someone actually affixes these to cars, we're going to have a problem. Someone is actually going to call police officers in off the street to drop paper on this nonsense? Without affidavits? Anonymous complaints via a posted phone number?

Someone please tell us this is someone yanking our chain. Because it's too ridiculous to actually be true. Right? Right???

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Save Money

  • Gov. Pat Quinn is planning to release 1,000 inmates from prisons across Illinois the next several months in an effort to save money.

    An Illinois Department of Corrections prisons spokeswoman said only “low-level, non-violent” offenders who are in the last year of their sentence will qualify for early release and will be fitted with electronic monitoring devices.

    Officials with the corrections agency and the Quinn administration declined to provide specifics after announcing the plan late this afternoon. Corrections spokeswoman Januari Smith said the bulk of those to be released and placed on supervised parole will be drug and property crime offenders.
Watch for the spike in "non-violent" property crime numbers to creep up.

Nothing like a democrat trying to save money by releasing 1,000 shitbags who would deprive you of your rightful earned money and property in a heartbeat.


Gee, Your Honor...

...didn't everyone say this asshole would be back in front of a judge within a year?
  • The Chicago teenager who was arrested for impersonating a Chicago police officer was back in custody Friday night for violating his probation.

    The incident occurred at a South Side police station in late January. The teen went out in a patrol car with another officer.

    In May, he was arrested again for possession of a stolen vehicle. He pled guilty to both offenses and was sentenced to three years probation.

    The teen will be back in court October 29 for sentencing.

We're sure that THIS TIME, though, he REALLY REALLY means it when he tells the judge he'll stay out of trouble. And we're sure the judge will REALLY REALLY mean it when she tells him that this is his VERY VERY LAST chance before she REALLY REALLY puts him on TRIPLE SECRET SOOPER DOOPER probation for another felony.

What a freaking joke this system is.

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Patient Catches Fire

  • A southern Illinois woman died after being severely burned in a flash fire while undergoing surgery, a rare but vexing problem in operating rooms.

    Janice McCall, 65, of Energy, Ill., died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn., on Sept. 8, six days after being burned on the operating table at Heartland Regional Medical Center in Marion, Ill., her family's attorney said.

  • Surgical flash fires are most often sparked by electric surgical tools when oxygen builds up under surgical drapes. They occur an estimated 550 to 600 times a year -- a tiny fraction of the millions of surgeries performed in the U.S. annually -- and only kill about one or two people each year...
Granted, you don't want dust and stuff blowing around an operating room with people cut open and their guts hanging out, but you don't want them catching fire either. Jane Doe goes in for a little nip and tuck and comes out needing skin grafts and worse?

Looks like we'll be putting off those retirement knee replacements, rotator cuff and liposuctions for a bit yet.


That Time of Year


Of course, acting the part of a real pirate may get you a sentence in the brig. Or it might get you a spot down at City Hall, the source of all Chicago piracy. Enjoy the stupidity.


Friday, September 18, 2009

J.J.Jr. Feels the Heat

  • Federal authorities have asked a congressional ethics committee to temporarily back off its probe of U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., fearing it would interfere with an ongoing investigation.

    The Office of Congressional Ethics revealed Wednesday it was probing whether Jackson improperly used his congressional staff to wage a political campaign for appointment to the U.S. Senate. At the time, then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich was in charge of naming a successor to President Obama's vacant Senate seat.

By now, it's obvious to everyone, even the media, that J.J.Jr. or his father is on tape making an offer of questionable legality to Blago for the U.S. Senate seat. It still could end up that we owe the disgraced governor a debt of gratitude for taking out one of the larger corrupting influences on Illinois politics in general and Chicago politics specifically.


Rio Takes the Lead

  • International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge seemingly closed the door on any possibility that President Obama would lead a Chicago delegation to Copenhagen next month in a final pitch for the 2016 Summer Games.

  • The White House announced in recent days that first lady Michelle Obama would be leading the Chicago team when they make their final pitch Oct. 2 before the IOC, which will then select a host city.

  • Spain’s King and Brazil’s president are expected to go to Copenhagen, and Tokyo is urging its new prime minister to join the bid.

    Observers believe Tony Blair helped London win the 2012 Games and Vladimir Putin, speaking English for the first time in public, swayed the IOC when it tapped Sochi for the 2014 Games.

Shortshanks is sweating that it's all been for naught.


SOS Publicity

  • Four former Chicago police officers implicated in the Special Operations Section scandal have made deals to plead guilty in exchange for cooperating with the investigation, a sign that the state and federal probes of one of the city's biggest police corruption scandals ever is coming to a head, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the investigation.
Since these four don't seem to have anything to do with the original seven indictments, this would bring the total number of indictments to eleven? "Broken Star" had fewer we believe. The Flagg case had three or four total.

Ugly days ahead.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vigil Tonight

Chicago Police Department Annual Candlelight Vigil Thursday, September 17, 2009 7:30PM Gold Star Families Memorial and Park. All police officers (active and retired), family and friends are invited.

Exit Lake Shore Drive at 18th Street and you will be directed to complimentary parking.

On the wall of the Sacrifice Area at Gold Star Families Memorial and Park there are 540 names
of Chicago Police Officers killed in the line of duty.

Come out and pay tribute to those heroes and their families who have sacrificed so much for the city of Chicago.


Stormy Weather Ahead

Just when you thought it was a bad memory, it resurfaces.

Popping up in various comment sections, numerous officers, resigned and otherwise, we paraded into the 001 District lockup, processed and removed from the building.

The S.O.S. scandal seems to be moving forward all of the sudden.

Batten down the hatches, rough weather approaching.


Gross Incompetence

  • After a second troubling incident, the Daley administration on Tuesday reassigned the dispatcher responsible for the 911 dispatch delay that left an off-duty police officer to fend for himself while being shot at by a carful of alleged gang members.

    The reassignment followed a 911 call last weekend allegedly mishandled by the same dispatcher -- this time about an Illinois State Police officer conducting a foot chase through the Dan Ryan Woods, sources said.

Reading the full story, it seems the dispatcher may have gotten a wave-off from State Police dispatchers, and the basis for the discipline is a misfiling of the ticket as "Info for the Police" rather than a higher priority 1A or "zero" job.

Maybe someone from OEMC can tell us if this is a matter for intensive retraining or a firing offense. Of course, sleeping at the console and leaving the off-duty guy in 010 hanging should trump everything else and this jackass should be an unemployment statistic already. But he's heavy so who knows?


Five at a Time

We don't know if it's true or not, but the number of multiple woundings seems to be largish this year:
  • Five people were shot and wounded, including a teenage girl, in the city's Lawndale neighborhood Tuesday night, police said.

    The shooting occurred in the 3900 block of West 19th Street about 10 p.m., police said.

    Although early reports stated that the victims may have been injured in a drive-by shooting, the victims told police that they were attacked by two men or boys who ran west on 19th Street from Harding Avenue, shooting at people on both sides of the street...

If the city would just pave over parts of Lawndale and Englewood, build stadiums and parking lots, crime would go down and the Olympics could be held here every four years.


Who Didn't See This Coming?

  • Chicago Public Schools students this year posted record attendance figures on the first day of school -- an all-time high of 94.1 percent showed up.

    That surpassed last year's record of 93.7 percent, and continued the upward trend since 2004, when less than 92 percent of students were coming on the first day.

In related news, it was a record setting attendance year for the Taste, the 03 July fireworks, the Air & Water show and any other festival that Shortshanks could put his name on.

Since the Olympics will be awarded on 02 October, the mayor would like to take this opportunity to point out that the following events will also be record setters this year in order to impress the Olympic Committee:
  • The Chicago Marathon will have a record number of participants and fans,
  • the Thanksgiving Day parade will be crowded beyond belief,
  • the Macy's window displays should be spectacular,
  • and the Disney Christmas Parade will be out of this world with record setting numbers of attendees from 78 nations.


The Final List

Thanks to everyone who kept us updated all day:
  • The following promotions are effective 16 September 2009:

    KENNETH ANGARONE is hereby promoted to Commander,
    Bureau of Patrol, District Law Enforcement – 018th District

    RICHARD A. ELMER is hereby promoted to Commander,
    Bureau of Patrol, District Law Enforcement – 021st District

    DAVID M. JARMUSZ is hereby promoted to Commander,
    Bureau of Patrol, District Law Enforcement – 009th District

    DAVID R. MC NAUGHTON is hereby promoted to Commander,
    Bureau of Patrol, District Law Enforcement – 016th District

    MICHAEL A. WICK is hereby promoted to Commander,Bureau of Patrol, District Law Enforcement – 024th District

    ANTHONY RICCIO to Commander, Bureau of Investigative Services - Detective Division, Area 4, Unit 640

    HECTOR RODRIGUEZ to Commander, Bureau of Investigative Services - Organized Crime Division, Vice Control Section, Unit 192

    EUGENE ROY to Commander, Bureau of Investigative Services -Counter Terrorism & Intelligence, Bomb & Arson Section, Unit 603
Much crying and gnashing of teeth in various sectors. This is about the third wave of promotions J-Fed has presided over. We say "presided over" because he seems to have had next to no input in the last two waves and it has become increasingly obvious whose whack is most prevalent.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Memorial Outrage II

We've been in correspondence with the original letter writer. Extensively. He stands by his story and further states that the offending individual was in fact urinating on the memorial grounds, he identified himself as CPD and he mouthed off as stated.

The on-duty officer is a long time fan of the blog and has read the comments put forth by readers. He has taken the comments to heart and will be filing a formal complaint with the Department shortly. We've asked him to update us.

We've taken out quite a few comments these past 24 hours, most of them threatening physical violence and harm upon the offender, some accusing us all sorts of garbage (but that's normal) and some off-topic posts. We will not be posting any accusations of this officer being a "rat" or other attacks upon him. He has agonized over his actions and frankly, we don't envy his position in the least. We have no idea how we would have reacted if faced with this occurrence. On one hand, you want to inflict the maximum amount of punishment possible. On another hand, there are cameras around and should you act on your initial instincts, you might lose your job for a quasi-criminal offense or serve heavy suspension time. All bets are off in the current political climate.

To all who commented, you have been a useful sounding board. While our path might not be the one you would have chosen, we're the ones who have to live with it. At the moment, we aren't losing sleep over it. Our outrage is your outrage, make no mistake. We've buried more than a few names on that wall, too. But acting rashly serves little purpose and could end a few deserving careers along with the undeserving asshole who masquerades as one of us while pissing on our dead.

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Oh, for Chrissake

What the hell?
  • Several investigations are under way into allegations that an off-duty Chicago police officer beat a CTA bus driver aboard his downtown bus Saturday.

    The officer accused the driver of cutting him off in traffic as he rode a bicycle on a Loop street, officials said.

    Officials from the driver's union said they have viewed a videotape from the bus camera that recorded the beating. "This guy, without any provocation that we can see on tape, assaulted our bus driver," said Darrell Jefferson, president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 241, who did not see the tape but was briefed about it. "He punched him several times. Then he got off the bus, came back on the bus and punched him a couple more times."

At least he's already at callback. It won't be a big change of scenery or travel time for him.

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Early Moves?

Rumors popping up. Again.
  • SCC.....changes have been made. 016 CO Riccio to Area 4 head of dicks, McNaughton to 016. More to be announced tomorrow.


Really Shortshanks?

  • Mayor Daley demanded today that Chicago’s embattled parking meter operator synchronize the time on its pay-and-display boxes and void parking tickets tied to time discrepancies.

    “That’s unacceptable. They have to void those tickets,” he said.

    Daley said the latest in a string of operational problems that have marred the transition to private control has prompted him to lose confidence in Chicago Parking Meters LLC.

And voters are rapidly losing confidence in Daley's "god-like" ability to raise the dead to vote democratic, create dollars out of loaves and fishes, and squeezing broke taxpayers until they whine.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Memorial OUTRAGE (Updated Below)

You aren't going to believe this shit (from the comments):
  • Hey, SCC. I'm putting this here because there were other vandals at the Memorial this weekend after the U2 concert. People were using the memorial as their own personal urinal. There was an officer out there that I saw writing tickets. Don't know if there were more, or if he was the only one assigned over there; we couldn't tell. With the number of people pissing over there, he could've used some backup, if he was the only one. It was absolutely disgusting. We commented (loudly) to those doing it and told them to stop, but of course they don't listen.
This isn't nearly the worst of it though. We got an e-mail from a cop who was writing the ANOVs for the public urination charges. The post was undermanned to say the least. And who do you suppose he caught?
  • I work in unit [deleted] and asked to get assigned to Gold Star Park for the show, mainly to make sure people didn't drink alcohol in our park or urinate on our wall. So, the show lets out and here comes the steady stream of drunks taking the shortcut thru the park east to get to the east lot, no problem. Soon the drunks (mostly suburb or out of state) decide the circle (area with our fallens' names) looked like a good place to piss... I wrote 2 of the first 5 I could get to but what happens next made me sick.

    Just finished the 2nd ANOV and I spot another drunk male lining himself up to piss, I head his way and basicly ask him "what the fuck are you doing" as I give him a lecture about what the area is. He replies, "this is my park too" so I'm thinking this is a taxpayer trying to be a smartass and he wants to go to jail. I start to rip into him and he says "save it, I'm a cop too. I got [deleted] years on the job, blah,blah,blah". I'm thinking what suburb did this jagoff come from and I asked him for I.D. He pulls out his CPD I.D. card and I stood there in disbelief. His name is [deleted], assigned to [deleted] and has [deleted] years on. What made me sicker is that claims to have worked with Eric Lee and another officer whose name is on the wall.

    Sitting here typing I regret not tossing an ANOV his way or possibly throwing some cuffs on him. This kid doesn't deserve to wear the badge. The least I can do now is type this out and let others know of the disrespect this "officer" has shown to those that paid with their lives... Its times like these I wish I was off duty too so I could walk up to him and knock his drunk ass out!
Here's the SCC dilemma in a nutshell:

We have this "officer's" name, unit and years of service. We put the word "officer" in quotes because this scumbag is completely undeserving of wearing the badge. Treating the grounds of our memorial as his own public urinal because he happens to wear the same badge and uniform that we do? That our deceased brothers and sisters did? Fuck that. This ass deserves every bit of scorn and crap that should be flung his way. His name should be mud the rest of his career - and he has a ways to go before it's called a career.

We didn't create this site to out jagoffs though. We created it to take the Department to task over injustices, outrages, stupid policies and boneheaded decisions. Along the way, we've managed to out some jagoffs unintentionally. It happens and it's usually for the better.

So what do we do? Do we publish it all? Do we give this ass a chance to make amends? Why do complete fuck-ups like this "officer" manage to slip through the cracks and create the potential for embarrassment at every turn?

We are sickened. Again.

UPDATE: Comments are running around 100% to name him, draw him, quarter him, etc.

But a few calmer heads made some points that bear careful thought:
  • IAD and J-Fed are going to hammer the copper who didn't take police action. There is not one iota of doubt in our mind. That ANOV or that physical arrest is the only evidence of wrongdoing and it's missing;
  • We aren't going to be taunted into action. To the various posted and unposted comments calling us "coward" or variations of the same, don't you think there's a reason we're still around and SecondCityDick isn't? Or because Shaved went to moderated comments? Or we've outlasted DomeLights in Philly?
  • IAD isn't taking anonymous complaints for public urination. Especially from an anonymous blog;
  • Demanding a financial contribution as restitution would be tantamount to blackmail and extortion. Think about it.
  • To the constant Airport Sergeant defender, you must be in her pants. She MADE herself a public figure. The photo was all over the Channel 7 News. This asshole, by not being cited, isn't.
We have the letter-writer's name, star, unit and e-mail, too. For obvious reasons, we don't communicate using Department computers, e-mail, phones, PAX lines, etc. But at this time we're willing to accept the accusation as 100% truthful.


Maurer Fired

This has been popping up in our comment sections for three or four days now. Shaved had a post up at 2230 hours last night citing the Sun Times article:
  • A former high-ranking Chicago Police officer has been fired as $130,380-a-year security chief at O’Hare and Midway Airports amid his complaints about physical vulnerabilities and manpower shortages.

    Tensions between Jim Maurer and aides to Aviation Commissioner Rosemarie Andolino have been building for nearly seven months. They came to a boil on Friday, the eighth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, sources said.

And what was the source of the tension?
  • That’s when Maurer got into a heated argument with Eileen O’Connor, a top aide to Andolino. O’Connor accused the security chief of “physically attacking” her, sources said. Although Maurer categorically denied the charge, Andolino fired him on the spot.
Maurer may be a lot of things, and although we've never worked directly for him, we have a hard time seeing him physically attacking a woman. That's just too far fetched for words. Andolino, former secretary for Silent Vic Reyes though, well, that's another story.
  • Beneath the personality clash is a lingering dispute over O’Hare security.

    Sources said Maurer has grown increasingly concerned about a shortage of police officers at O’Hare and about vulnerabilities in the airport’s physical plant.

    Since late February, when Andolino was placed in charge of both the Department of Aviation and the O’Hare Modernization Program, the singular focus has been on construction, the sources said.

    “Everything is depleted…Police levels are significantly lower than they used to be,” said a source familiar with Maurer’s version of the dispute.

This we can believe completely. Maurer has been outspoken on more than one occasion. It cost him a shot at the Superintendent's job once. And in light of the mayor's message that everything is all right, we're completely safe and we're getting the Olympics, Maurer's concerns would be considered "rocking the boat." And we all know what happens to people who rock Shortshank's boat.


Graffiti Blasters Missed One

Evidently they've missed a few. Or they just aren't being as meticulous as they have been in years past due to layoffs and pissing off the guys in Streets:

Looks like the tourists can't resist the photo opportunity though. This was sent by a thoughtful reader who was passing under the Soldier Field underpass and caught sight of the defacement. Evidently, the stencil graffiti is popping up in a lot of places - and being missed by the Graffiti Blasters.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Mysterious Suicide

Anyone keeping an eye on Marco Morales? Because the way cooperating Combine politicos seem to die off before testifying, sentencing, or reporting for jail, we'd be worried about his health:
  • A day after Christopher Kelly died in Chicago, a host of questions remained today about the final hours of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich's one-time top adviser, who was about to start serving a prison term.

    Police said this morning they didn't yet know whether Kelly, 51, tried to kill himself by ingesting the drugs found inside the 2007 black Cadillac Escalade registered to his roofing company. But a girlfriend told police Kelly said he wanted to commit suicide in text messages he sent to her.

    After an initial autopsy, the Cook County Medical Examiner's office said further studies are needed before it can determine a cause of death.

And they transferred him to Stroger Hospital? Gee, this is like a conspiracy theorist's playground. When are they going to start mentioning Rezko?


Cars Lost? Not Lost?

Last week a bunch of people lost the take home cars that are costing the City hundreds of thousands, maybe a few million dollars. Now rumors are floating in that the truly favored didn't lose a thing. From the comments:
  • As promised the city/cpd took away a lot of take home cars, the criteria was those without call out responsibilities don't need a take home car. They are probably right in most cases BUT
    As predicted several still have there cars who probably shouldn't, for example.
    A K-9 sgt that lives south and travels everyday to O'Hare and sits in an office and runs the kennels, she doesn't have a dog, what call out responsibilities does she have?
    How do the Lt's at the academy lose their cars but a certain SGT at the academy who is the brother of a certain ADS, formerly commander of 18 still keep his? When is he going to be called out?
    Sure maybe I maybe whining but the department again shows if you know the right people the rules don't apply. I am sure there are other examples that can be presented...
We heard the various civilian directors lost cars. Commanders who don't have call out responsibilities like 35th Street Admin spots and Elton John fans. Commanding Officers of some of the smaller units, too, along with people who use confiscated cars as personal transportation. We certainly hope this is enough to put Shortshank's Olympic dreams over the top with a bit left over to grant everyone a nice raise.


Memorial Vandals Continuance

New court date is 23 September at Branch 42-2 (0900 Call) at Belmont and Western.

Over 70 cops and CPMF members and concerned friends showed up at Court last week. When the case was called, the defendants nearly shit a brick.

We're going to need the same or better in just over a week. If you have an appearance scheduled, stick around. If you finish your shift and aren't going to sleep right away, stop by. If you're retired and have a free moment, welcome one and all.

Last appearance included a couple of exempts. How about someone call the Chaplains to lend a bit of gravitas to the assembly? Maybe a few retired Superintendents who oversaw the burial of more than a few Officers named on the Wall?


Well, That Sucked

Out-passed them, out-rushed them, controlled the clock.

And it came down the four interceptions ESPN predicted would be game breakers.
  • Aaron Rodgers brought the Packers back late in the fourth quarter, heaving a 50-yard touchdown pass to Greg Jennings with 1:11 remaining to give Green Bay a 21-15 victory over the Chicago Bears in the season opener Sunday night.

    Facing third-and-1 at the 50-yard line, Rodgers faked play action and heaved a rainbow of a throw deep to Jennings, who ran in for the go-ahead score. Rodgers found Jennings again for a 2-point conversion.

    Rodgers finished 17 of 28 for 184 yards for the Packers, and his big throw ruined the debut of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who had a career-worst four interceptions.
Ninety-one seconds from victory. So is this an incident of shared blame? Offense not scoring enough due to four interceptions and Defense not stopping the big play when it mattered? Hopefully, it's all just a hiccup and first game jitters.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Football Begins

And the Bears are the last game of the day. The last line we saw had Green Bay favored by 4 points.

ESPN says if Cutler doesn't throw any interceptions, the Bears can pull it off.

We think the Bears have just about zero room for error on both sides of the ball - and that's all season long. This seems to be a thin team with the potential to be very good. But four or five major injuries and who knows how bad it could get?


Assailant Killed by Hero Officer

We're getting damn sick and tired of the bullshit headlines and urban myths perpetrated by the media lately. How about instead of always casting the police in the worst light possible, you media trolls actually study the law, read the law and interpret the law as written? So much claptrap, so little time:
  • An off-duty Chicago Police officer fatally shot a man he witnessed shooting another person Friday afternoon in the South Side Woodlawn neighborhood.

    The off-duty officer saw a man shooting someone at 69th Street and South King Drive about 3:30 p.m., according to police News Affairs Officer Michael Fitzpatrick.

    When the officer announced his presence, the offender ran away and the officer gave chase, Fitzpatrick said. The chase continued to the 6800 block of South Eberhart Avenue at which point the offender, who had already refused to drop his weapon, pointed his gun at the officer.

  • The original victim shot in the King Drive shooting was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in "stable" condition, according to Fire Media Affairs Director Larry Langford. He said the second shooting victim was dead on the scene at 68th and Eberhart.

    Police recovered a gun at the scene, Fitzpatrick said. The officer was not injured.

Hey Langford, you asshole, the second person is the OFFENDER. Get it straight you dumbfuck.

So we have an original victim with a bullet hole in him and a gun recovered. Has the victim identified the dead shooter as the OFFENDER? His initial descriptions match:
  • The source said the victim of the shooting on 69th and King, who was recovering at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, provided a description of his assailant that matched that of Harris.

    The source said the victim knew Harris, and the two had been feuding during the last few days.

Family members even admit the victim and OFFENDER were feuding previously?! We can hardly wait for the GSR tests. This just gets better and better.

But the topper is this video from FoxNews Chicago. Go watch it quickly before it disappears down the memory hole.

That quote at the 2:00 minute mark? Classic ghetto uneducated bullshit. "Off duty police officers...they... they don't supposed to shoot to kill." FoxNews ought to be castigated and run out of town for even broadcasting that crap. Have any of these idiots even read State Law? Obviously not, but evidently, according to auntie, we can only shoot to maim, cripple and frighten, and we're sure she has some sort of law degree that makes her the most brilliant legal mind since King Solomon.

Let's call this what it was - an aggravated battery offender and mediocre basketball player settling a street fight with a pistol who got caught red-handed by a heroic off-duty Officer who then chased the offender at great risk to the Officer's own life as demonstrated by the offender's reckless disregard of lawful and legal orders to stop, along with the offender pointing the weapon at the off-duty Officer in violation of numerous statutes, and finally the Officer lawfully and justifiably killing the Offender for his previous and continued offenses resulting in much celebration by the actual taxpaying public and Officers who don't have to mourn a fallen comrade.

Try writing that story once, media asshats.


Great Job Officer

  • A Chicago police officer from the mounted unit and some passersby rescued a 70-year-old man from France who almost drowned in the lake, authorities said today.

    On Friday about 2:15 p.m. Mounted Unit Officer Chris Andersen was riding along the lakefront bike path near Monroe Drive when a citizen said an older man had fallen into Monroe Harbor and was struggling in the water, according to Police News Affairs.

    The man apparently had lost his balance and fell into the lake while trying to attach his boat to the harbor wall.

    Andersen dismounted and handed his reins to the witness before rushing to the water's edge, police said. He laid down on the bank and reached into the water, where the struggling man had slipped beneath the surface.

A very good job by the officer and the citizens.


Daley = Stroger?

  • Mayor Richard Daley often talks about how Chicagoans want a decisive, visionary leader who can get things done without "endless politics," and that promise of iron control has become key to the city's bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

    But with the pivotal Olympics decision three weeks away, Daley finds himself in one of the most troubled periods of his long reign. Daley's decision to lease the city parking meter system left motorists furious over skyrocketing rates and balky machines. Then he fumbled in explaining his promise that taxpayers would cover potential losses from the Olympics.

    For the first time since he became mayor two decades ago, Daley's critics outnumber his fans, a Tribune/WGN poll found. The mayor's approval rating is at an all-time low of 35 percent in Tribune polls, according to the new survey.
But is it low enough for voters to abandon the "better the thief you know" method of voting and vote for someone who isn't quite as big a thief as Shortshanks? Daley is vulnerable to a real challenge. The Machine is vulnerable to a real referendum on term limits, ward boundaries and maybe even a major reduction in the actual amount of aldercreatures. It's about time.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Unacceptable Delay

We reported this on 28 August.

The media picked it up after charges were filed on 31 August.

Now it's being addressed by J-Fed?
  • Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis on Friday denounced as “reprehensible” — and demanded severe punishment against those responsible for — a 911 dispatch delay that left an off-duty police officer to fend for himself while being shot at by a car filled with alleged gang members.

    “This incident is just reprehensible. We had an officer [who] needed assistance and he didn’t get it…on the street….He was pretty much on his own for quite a few minutes…He had to go to [a police] station and that’s where he received assistance,” Weis said.

And the head of OEMC?
  • Ray Orozco, executive director of the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications, agreed that a message must be sent to the dispatcher and supervisors who allegedly bungled the 911 call.

    “This is a very serious allegation and we take it seriously. This is officer safety…If the allegations are sustained, the discipline will be appropriate with the violation,” he said.

    But, Orozco stressed that his investigation was not triggered by police complaints.

Sure it wasn't Ray. The dispatcher was working the console 99 and he was sleeping. Plain and simple. And we don't really care who he's related to, he needs to be fired.


All Safe - No Worries

  • Chicago is as prepared for a terrorist attack as any big city can possibly be, Mayor Daley maintained today. Then he showcased the technology to prove it on the eighth anniversary of 9/11.
We are remembering the Mobile Communications Van that Shortshanks rolled out to great fanfare a few years back. It was pretty much an empty shell that parked behind OEMC and was unlicensed to operate any of the millions of dollars of equipment supposedly installed. We don't even think it was hardened against EMP while it was parked behind on of the largest targets in Chicago. They had to spend hundreds of thousands to ship it back to Virginia or somewhere for modifications. Does anyone know if it ever came back?
  • At O’Hare Airport, the city is testing a high-resolution camera capable of detecting debris on the airfield that may be invisible to the naked eye.

    “This is able to pick up screws, metal objects, other objects that may cause or could impact damage in aircraft. It allows for a cleaner airfield using technology on top of human inspection,” said Aviation Commissioner Rosemarie Andolino.

You know, we are forcibly reminded of a story we read regarding the Space Race of the 1960's. When NASA found out pens wouldn't work reliably in outer space, they spent a few million dollars inventing a "space pen" that used pressurized gases to ensure a steady flow of ink in zero gravity. The pen was rolled out to enormous fanfare. It could write in outer space, under water, upside-down. It was truly a marvel of engineering and American know how.

The USSR sent their cosmonauts into orbit with pencils.

So "silent" Vic's partner is spending millions on a camera system to detect debris on runways? Debris that will still have to be picked up by human hands? How about we just attach a few magnets to the street sweepers already clearing the runways daily? Or improve the brushes to clean a bit more efficiently? Too easy?
  • And thanks to an “exciting partnership” with Columbia College, the city is developing “virtual reality software that simulates a high-rise fire.”

    “It’s an interactive learning tool that…will train you and educate you as far as what needs to be done if there’s an evacuation of your building,” said Ray Orozco, executive director of the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

We used to have something like this back in grade was called a "fire drill," and the Fire Department would come by, sound the buzzers and the nuns would line everyone up and evacuate the building. God help you if you talked in line, too. What is an "exciting partnership" with a "virtual reality" simulation going to teach us that Sister Mary Margaret didn't?
  • Find the exits, find the stairwells, find an alternate or two and get the hell out if the shit hits the fan.
The last time the City held a "drill," it was on a Friday afternoon, maybe 10 or 20 buildings participated, the employees all got to go home early and the building engineers were propping doors open and handing out bottled water to "evacuees." When it happens for real, it's going to be mass chaos. And unfortunately, quite a few shortcomings are going to be exposed in the worst way and at the worst time possible.

UPDATE: Yes, we know, urban legend. But the point of the story remains the same. Shortshanks and his crew are spending millions of dollars trying to invent a space pen when a simple solution exists.


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