Thursday, August 31, 2017

This Ended Well

  • An off-duty Chicago police officer fatally shot a teenager Tuesday night while he was trying to buy a computer from that teenager in south suburban Hazel Crest.

    At around 9 p.m. in front of a vacant house on Birchwood Drive, the off-duty officer was approached by two men who said they were the online sellers the officer had been communicating with.

    "One of the subjects pulled a gun, and they proceeded to go through his pockets while they had the gun on him and take all of his personal possessions out of his pocket," Hazel Crest Police Chief Mitchell Davis said in a press conference.

    Police said that the officer fired his weapon when the pair tried to take his badge and gun. According to police, one of the suspects was hit and killed, and the other fled the scene.
Special Ed actually came out from under anesthesia just to strip the involved Officer for 30 days.

A job well done Officer - and a lesson well taught to the bad guy.


Watch Yourselves

Rahm is going on and on about "fiscal well being." So why are we getting letters and hearing about these cases?
  • An officer recently returned to duty now has a CL/CR number lodged against him for a bumper sticker on his personal car;
  • three or more officers detailed to callback for social media posts;
While this stupidity was going on, the  Department suffered another officer suicide this week. We don't see a break on the horizon with the COPA roll out coming up shortly. In fact, we see a significant uptick coming that will only reinforce the "fetality" in the Department and that might wake up the thickest of the thick-headed that interacting with the public in any manner aside from an assigned job is a losing proposition.

How is Rahm going to afford these payouts?


One Star Review?

  • Rogers Park resident Fabiany Herrera wasn't home in the early morning hours of Aug. 20, when a drive-by shooting left two people wounded and a man dead just outside his building — but his Airbnb guests were.

    When the visitors awoke to the sound of at least 20 rounds being fired around 4:30 a.m., captured on the unit's security camera, the guests picked up their things and left.

    "I don't blame them," Herrera said.
Well, Airbnb guests tend to lean a little to the left. This is the direct result of leftist policies, leftist strategies, leftist politics, etc. You'd think that they'd embrace being so close to the results of their philosophies.

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CPS Teacher Charged

  • A Chicago Public School Teacher was charged with illegally dealing ammunition and gun accessories on Chicago's South Side, according to a complaint filed Thursday by the U.S. Attorney's Office.

    Prosecutors said Brent Turpin, a teacher at Kershaw Magnet School, supplied a convicted felon who was working with the FBI with a handgun magazine, a laser sight and two boxes of ammunition.

    Turpin, 53, is charged with one count of conspiracy to dispose of a firearm and ammunition to a known felon, and one count of disposing ammunition to a known felon. He was due in court for a detention hearing at 3 p.m.
Karen Lewis was unavailable for comment.


Guess Who?

  • A 24-year-old man on parole for a gun conviction was charged Wednesday with attempted murder in a shooting at a CTA Red Line subway station in the Loop two weeks ago, according to Chicago police.

    Kornell Strenger, of Chicago, is scheduled to appear Thursday at a bond hearing at the Leighton Criminal Court Building for the Aug. 17 shooting that left a man wounded in the ankle and left arm at the Jackson Boulevard station.

    Police have said the gunman targeted the victim when firing into a northbound train about 7:45 p.m., though no motive has been disclosed. The gunfire caused other passengers to panic and scramble for cover.

    At the time of the shooting, Strenger was on parole after serving prison time for a gun conviction, Cook County court records show.
Parole isn't working. And even with a felony conviction, he still managed to get his hands on another gun. Amazing.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

No Spine

  • After insisting for three months that there was no need for a federal judge to oversee reforms at the Chicago Police Department sparked by the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald, Mayor Rahm Emanuel reversed course Tuesday morning.

    While denying that he had experienced a change of heart, Emanuel said he would "partner" with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan who filed suit against the city Tuesday demanding that a federal judge oversee the reform effort.

    The reforms were prompted by a U.S Justice Department finding that Chicago police officers routinely violated the civil rights of residents by using excessive force. It also found that officers were poorly trained and lacked supervision.

Never have so many demanded so much with so little evidence.

In any event, Rahm is proving once again what a fickle and spineless dwarf he truly is. All this "reform" is so much smoke and mirrors, and Lisa pushing this is someone else's agenda - she hasn't found a single instance of Machine corruption in how many years, yet she's pushing a consent decree that, from all reports, the Department of Justice has no intention of funding.

So where is the money for this "outside" overseer coming from? And more importantly, where is all the money going to go? We're betting it's going to be a connected "insider" who will hire all sorts of staff at six-figure salaries and have an open ended mission to railroad any/everyone they can. Remember where you heard it.


MORE Taxes!!!

Remember, you have to contribute to the "fiscal well being" of Chicago. But not these clowns:
  • Beleaguered Chicago property owners face yet another massive hit for teacher pensions, but their aldermen would escape another difficult vote — thanks to the school funding deal on its way to Gov. Bruce Rauner.

    That bill — approved by lawmakers this week — authorizes the Chicago Board of Education to impose a property-tax hike without going to the City Council.
Wasn't there a war fought over something like this? "Taxation without Representation" or something similar?
  • Although Chicago homeowners are still reeling from the $588 million property tax increase he pushed through the City Council for police, fire and teacher pensions, Mayor Rahm Emanuel made no apologies for piling on.

    “I’ve never, ever said that we were not going to also come up with the resources to make sure our schools were well funded, and we were investing in them,” Emanuel said Tuesday.
When is enough actually enough for taxpayers?

And Rahm is going to blame us for wanting a raise to keep up with the substandard schools that can't even graduate 75% of its students to read at an 8th grade level.

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Keep Kicking

  • The city's eighth-graders and high school sophomores will learn this year for the first time about one of the darkest chapters in Chicago Police Department history: when more than 100 African-Americans were tortured while in police custody during a period that stretched nearly two decades.

    Chicago Public Schools officials along with the Police Department's top brass unveiled the curriculum Monday morning, as students prepared to return to classrooms Sept. 5.

    City officials will teach eighth- and 10th-grade students about former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge, who led a group of rogue cops known as the "midnight crew" in torturing suspects to get them to confess to crimes from 1972 to 1991.
None of which was ever proven in court, all of which was organized and shepherded through a crooked system by the People's Law Office. And guess who else is helping it along:
  • Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said the new lessons were especially necessary in the aftermath of the Nazi march in Charlottesville, Va., on Aug. 13 resulting in the death of Heather Heyer, 32, who was killed when a white supremacist drove into a crowd protesting racism.

    What has happened in recent weeks "put on front street" that hatred and bigotry are still an issue in American society, said Johnson, who apologized directly to Cannon and Anthony Holmes, another victim of torture at the hands of Chicago police officers.
Wow Ed - that kidney transplant, along with the "add-some-testicles" operation can't come soon enough. Maybe they can add a brain to the mix, too? A white socialist ran over a white anarchist - who cares? Just the leftist tools who can use this as yet another club with which to attack the institutions of the country.


Houston Death

An officer drowned trying to get to work in order to assist the citizens of his ravaged city:
  • Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner on Tuesday confirmed the death of a police officer Sunday when he was trapped in flooded patrol car.

    The Houston Chronicle has reported that Sgt. Steve Perez, 30, was heading to work Sunday when he became trapped in high water on Interstate 45 in north Harris County and then couldn’t get himself out of his car.
We have no idea the amount of pain and exhaustion that must be the constant companion to not only the first responders, but all he citizens affected by the hurricane. May they remain in everyone's thoughts and prayers.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Fiscal Well-Being???

Some sharp eyed readers pointed this out in the recent link about highly paid city workers:
  • “We have gotten to a point that I expect our partners in labor to be partners for the fiscal well-being of the city of Chicago,” Emanuel says via Poppe.
And where's that part about the fiscal well being of city workers and families of city workers forced to live in the city? The constantly increasing cost-of-living? Water bills? Grocery bills? City stickers? Gas? Utilities? Garbage fees? Not to mention fines and late fees for anything under the sun. Along with a few billion dollars in tax increases by the city and the substandard schools?

And if you shop outside of Rahm's fiscally responsible city, there's the county taxes eating up as nearly as much, forcing us to travel farther and farther afield to maintain headway against a tide of democrat incompetence that can only be solved by tax-tax-tax-tax-tax. Pretty soon, we'll be running over the border into neighboring states. And all of that on top of eight years of real buying power going down and wage stagnation.

Why is OT going through the roof?
  • City Hall requires police officers, firefighters and emergency communications operators to work nights, weekends and holidays.

    They also might get called in, say, when the Cubs win their first World Series run in over a century. During the team’s run to the historic title, the city paid a total of $18.8 million in overtime, with $17.2 million of that going to police officers, the Sun-Times has reported.
We pointed out how the City could have cut that overtime bill in half by not having everyone work on non-clinching game days......when the Cubs were out of town.

But you and we have to take the city's "fiscal well being" into consideration? When they couldn't be bothered to listen to sound advice and would rather cancel everyone's days off with no regard to our plans or our families? How about no?


No Kidding? Who'd Have Thunk It?

  • Frank Perez operates a small vending machine company, S & P Vending, that serves customers in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. A Schaumburg resident, he used to stock up on soda to service his accounts near home.

    Not anymore. Perez now does his shopping north of Lake Cook Road.

    Perez was one of dozens of people buying soda and other sweet drinks at stores just across the Cook County line in Buffalo Grove and Highland Park last week. Their trips were an effort to avoid paying the Cook County penny-per-ounce sweetened beverage tax that went into effect Aug. 2.

    “I estimate it would cost me upwards of $300 a month and I’m a smaller local business,” Perez said. “I’m coming up here now. I can’t afford to keep buying it in Cook County.”
And here's an example of what we warned about:
  • Stephanie, a Chicago resident who declined to give her last name, said she and a friend were visiting the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe. She saw an opportunity to stock up on soft drinks in Lake County.

    A frequent visitor to the garden, Stephanie said it was her first trip since the tax went into effect and she decided to take advantage. She went to the Highland Park Jewel to secure her savings.

    There was other merchandise in Stephanie’s shopping cart as well. She said as long as she was there, it was time to do the rest of the grocery shopping. She said she does not plan to buy any more sweetened beverages in Cook County.
How big of an impact are people seeing?
  • Mike Morres, a 7-UP representative servicing the Jewel near downtown Highland Park, said sales for his products at stores north of Lake Cook Road have increased between 82 and 90 percent. He said the decrease in Cook County is around 48 percent.
And the Dr. Pepper/Snapple group isn't one of the Big Two soft drink manufacturers. Anyone know what Coke and Pepsi are seeing in terms of sales in Cook County?

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Picking up the Trash

Newly issued to CAPS officers around the city:

We've often heard people describe themselves as well paid garbage collectors taking out the trash. Looks like the Vanecko Plastic Receptacle Company has a new over-paid contract to fill.


The Last Word

Just some cop humor from a reader passing through New Buffalo (click for larger version):

Looks like an amusing duo.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Have Some Pride

These pictures popped up in our e-mail along with some humorous commentary:

Now, we realize when you volunteer for the CAPS office, you become the Department's bitch. You might need the hours for family, you might need a better shot at promotion, you might be sleeping with someone connected. In the rarest of instances, you might actually believe in the CAPS philosophy, despite years and mountains of evidence of it being nothing but a money grab for inflated salaries, steering contracts to certain individuals, a stepping stone for the connected and a harem for those with a taste for get the picture.

But we're pretty sure that raking and sweeping alleys is a function of Streets and Sanitation.

And if Streets and San isn't doing it, maybe one of Dart's SWAP details where the "non violent" criminals can clean up the neighborhoods they help ruin.

And, horror of horrors, how about the fucking neighborhood denizens pick up a broom, rake, or shovel and stop relying on government to do the job an actual community is supposed to do for itself?

This is just another example of the police being used as social workers, to make up for (and be blamed for) the failings of a political philosophy and its adherents. We do our raking and alley maintenance on our own time in our own alleys. If you're being paid to be the police, you shouldn't be handling a broom at $90,000 per year.

How soon until Streets and San files a labor grievance for CAPS outsourcing their job?


Clearance Rate Plummets

  • Chicago Police detectives have solved fewer than one in five murders committed this year, the lowest rate of closing murder cases since at least 2006 — and likely a historic low, police statistics show.

    Seven months into 2017, the city’s police department had “cleared” fewer than 20 percent of murder investigations involving homicides that had taken place since Jan. 1, adding to a recent dip amid a decades-long trend of unsolved homicides in the city, according to the police data studied by crime analyst Jeff Asher.

    Last year, the city tallied 781 murders and only 204 arrests, a 25 percent clearance rate by Asher’s calculations
The article discusses how the numbers are "inflated" by counting previous year's murders instead of changing the totals from years past - a slightly dishonest method in our opinion - but embraced by the FBI.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Best Job - Money-wise

  • More than one of every three Chicago city workers made $100,000 or more last year — including 36 who topped Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s $216,210 salary, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis has found.

    The number of city workers making more than Emanuel was up from 26 in a similar review by the Sun-Times in 2015. And the percentage of city employees topping the $100,000 mark is up slightly since then.

    Topping the city’s six-figure-pay club was Aviation Commissioner Ginger Evans at $400,000.
You can read the list, but evidently, the best job in the city nowadays is "undercover police sergeant" with three of the top ten spots being occupied by that title.

Rahm's overtime budget is already well over last year and shows no signs of slowing down.

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A Few Broken Eggs....

  • In recent years, Baltimore's homicide rate has spiked dramatically, up 50% from just six years ago. The primary reason the city is suffering the alarming increase in crime is on full display in an interview published by the Baltimore Sun this week.

    In a rather remarkable admission, Baltimore's progressive law enforcement leaders, State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby (of Freddie Gray trial infamy) and Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, admitted to the paper that the skyrocketing homicide rate — averaging over 300 murders a year, up from less than 200 murders in 2011 — was directly linked to disavowing the more stringent policing policies of the past. While those more "heavy-handed" policies have clearly proven to work, Mosby and Davis made clear in the interview that they will not let proven success get in the way of their perceived "progress."

Progress? Here it is in their own words:
  • Baltimore’s top law enforcement leaders say they are working closely together to fight crime — but the community should not expect a turnaround soon. State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby and Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, in an exclusive joint interview with The Baltimore Sun, say they are overseeing crime-fighting in a different climate than six years ago, when the city experienced fewer than 200 homicides for the first time in decades. Both officials claimed those past gains were achieved using heavy-handed tactics that have been disavowed.


    “There was a price to pay for” the drop below 200 homicides, a price “that manifested itself in April and May of 2015,” Davis said, referring to the uprising following the death of Freddie Gray. “I think the long view is that doing it the right way is doing it the hard way, and I think most Baltimoreans realize that the way forward is not always going to be easy.” Mosby agreed. “People want to look for an overnight solution, but a lot of what has gotten us to this place didn’t happen overnight.”
So the road to Hell is paved with dead minorities, for the greater good you know.


Gauntlet of Gunfire

  • A single gunshot was fired on a South Side expressway ramp Friday afternoon, but no one was shot, according to Illinois State Police.

    It happened about 4:15 p.m. on the entrance ramp from the northbound Stevenson Expressway to the northbound Dan Ryan Expressway, according to a statement from ISP.

    Witnesses told troopers they heard a single gunshot but no one was injured, police said.
With the amount of gunfire on the expressways, it's amazing more people haven't been hit by accident. It's also amazing that Leo "WHOOOOOO!" Schmitz gets to keep his job.


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Stop Using Tasers (Long Post)

You want to see a completely lib-tarded, social-justice-warrior, left-slanted-media article, take a look at the Tribune's article on Taser's yesterday:
  • The Chicago Police Department plans to own as many as 6,900 Tasers by the end of 2017, a ninefold increase from just two years ago and enough to give every officer on patrol an electric shock weapon that can drop a person in an instant.
Seriously? In the very first paragraph, they set cops up by praising this SUPER WEAPON! that can drop a person in an instant. ::Snap!:: Just like that! How many readers can come up with a story where a Taser didn't work? Just off the top of our heads, we personally can come up with dozens of instances among our writers where the Taser probes (a) missed, (b) bad contacts, (c) merely slowed someone down, and worst case (d) the subject fought through the SUPER WEAPON and had to be re-tasered/mechanically subdued/escaped. The Taser is only a tool - a tool that fails at times.
  • Saying Tasers were part of his plan to "ensure the safety of every resident," Mayor Rahm Emanuel embraced the devices as an alternative to guns after Laquan McDonald's fatal shooting by an officer sparked widespread outrage in late 2015.

    But a Chicago Tribune examination of thousands of pages of city records and data on about 4,700 Taser uses over the last decade has raised questions about the department's reliance on the weapon.
We can hardly wait to see the Tribune examination that will make officers even more hesitant to use any force on any subject lest they become the subject of IPRA/COPA investigations, second-guessing by bosses who have never worked the street, prosecutors looking to make a name for themselves or media witch hunts.
  • Among the findings:

    •Some officers have used Tasers with unusual regularity. Cops who deployed a Taser did so twice on average, but 16 officers each used a Taser 15 or more times over the last decade.
First of all, those using it twice - was that two different occasions or shocking twice with one discharge or using both cartridges? Because the "reporters" never specify. The current Taser has two sets of probes. The previous Taser allowed multiple cycles to be generated with one set of probes. This is a number that means nothing without context.

Fifteen times in ten years? So once every eight months? This is a big deal? What Districts did they work in? What shift? Where's the context? And if it's 16 different officers - we'll do the math out loud as a courtesy to Einstein - 16 individual officers, divided by the supposed strength of 10,000 officers, equals 0.0016. Multiply the result by 100 in order to express it as a percentage and you get 0.16% - sixteen-hundredths-of-one-percent. Again, this is a big deal why? (Hint - it isn't.)
  • •In a department that has historically disregarded red flags suggesting misconduct or excessive force, some of the heaviest Taser users also racked up complaints and shootings. One officer who used a Taser 18 times also fired his gun at people on five separate occasions, wounding three. He also shot and wounded a dog.
Again, context. District? Watch? Assignment? Someone in a unit tasked with apprehending known, wanted felons with a history of carrying guns and exhibiting violent behavior is going to rack up weapon usage. The Tribune says "some" but doesn't note if this single officers is one of the same 16 who use their Taser once every eight months or someone else. And 1 out of 10,000 is 0.01% (one-hundredth-of-one-percent) - a picture of restraint for the rest of the Department.
  • •The city's police disciplinary agency fully investigated few Taser uses, leaving the task largely to a Police Department whose reviews of nonlethal force were criticized by the U.S. Department of Justice in January as cursory. A closer look at about 100 Taser incidents by some of the most frequent users found that command officers held that the use of force complied with department policy in every instance.
Again, context. And what a testament to the training of our Department that the Use of Force is so strictly adhered to. Take THAT Dept. of Justice!
  • •A Tribune review of city Law Department data as well as court records found that the city has paid or agreed to pay at least $23.1 million in lawsuits involving Taser use since 2005.
And did the City fight a single one of these lawsuits in a Court of Law where evidence can be presented, both sides heard and blame assessed by a judge and jury? The Tribune helpfully left all that out in case it interfered with the bias they're attempting to inject into their "reporting."
  • •At least eight people have died since 2005 after Chicago police used Tasers on them. Drug use or other factors were ruled the cause of death in all but one of those cases, however.
Underlying health problems become a lot less underlying when you exert yourself running, climbing, fighting to get away from jail or prison time.

Here's our favorite part though:
  • Nearly three-fourths of those targeted with Tasers were black, though African-Americans comprise about one-third of the city's residents. The racial disparity in Taser use mirrors other forms of police contact with citizens, including street stops, and a department spokesman noted that police activity is heavier in violent neighborhoods, some with large African-American populations. The Tribune, however, found that officers have disproportionately used the weapons against black people even in largely white neighborhoods.
Can we assume that 100% of those "targeted" by Tasers were active resistors or assailants? Because the Tribune makes no allegation of Tasers being used improperly to torture or punish, which would have led the article if they had a single instance at all.

In any event, has the Tribune availed themselves of the fine website known as You'll never guess what the citywide racial breakdown of victims in shootings ends up being. It's 78.5% black. And as we have no media coverage of roving bands of pale-skinned gunmen shooting up the hood, we can safely assume that the assailants are in the same percentage ranges (citywide).

The "reporters" also rely on the fully-debunked liberal trope that crime stats should mirror the population (i.e. since one third of the population is black, one third of the street stops should be black.) This is so much horseshit. Neighborhoods, let along police districts, aren't divided up one-third black, one-third white and one third brown. It isn't reality. And unfortunately, reality is that well over two-thirds of the identified criminals in Chicago are of one race.

And that last sentence - The Tribune, however, found that officers have disproportionately used the weapons against black people even in largely white neighborhoods - has the Tribune availed itself of another fine website? The Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown site? They cover crime in a semi-diverse part of town, where the robbery offenders, rapists, shooters seem to congregate due to the belief that there are large numbers of persons who won't fight back.

Guess who those offenders are, percentage-wise?

The Tribune then goes on about the asshole who died after breaking free of officers, running, being Tasered and falling into a pole (pause for laughter here). We don't see where that is even remotely the fault of police or the Taser for that matter. Everything that occurred was directly attributable to the actions of the criminal. Period. Full stop. End of story.

You can read the rest of the article at the link up top. It repeats and rehashes most of what we covered here, concentrating on supposed "racial disparities" without once citing the racial reality of Chicago. That would cloud the message you know - that police are bad. And the only logical result is further disengagement by the police, leaving the "community" to continue its increasing speed down the slippery slope, aided and abetted by the leftist media. Stay fetal.

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We Need a Laugh Track

  • Some Streeterville residents, along with elected leaders, say they think the number of ambulances traveling through the downtown neighborhood is rising, as is the siren volume — and they want the Fire Department to do something about it.

    "There are some evenings where, and I'm not exaggerating, an ambulance can come by every six minutes," resident Vicki Loevy said at a Thursday night community meeting about emergency sirens in the neighborhood.
This is an actual complaint from people who:
  • live in a dangerous city;
  • vote for politicians who allow danger to flourish;
  • chose to live in an area with multiple hospitals
The CFD mouthpiece points out that the sirens are regulated by Federal and State law:
  • "We're even louder than New York City," Hopkins said before the meeting, adding: "And the question you have to ask is why is that necessary? What do you get from a louder siren?"

    At least one resident voiced that concern during the meeting, but Langford told the group that Fire Department emergency vehicle sirens are at the same volume as those in New York City's Fire Department.

    Siren volumes on fire department ambulances and emergency vehicles are locked by the manufacturer — meaning that drivers can only turn them on and off — and meet federal regulations, Langford said. Lowering the volume, as some requested, is not a legal option, he told the group.

    "We cannot modify that siren," said Langford, adding that he has researched the topic for several years. "If we modify that siren, we are open to liability. Now we're in violation of state law and federal law."
And the city certainly doesn't need any more liability.

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Quotas Again?

We could swear that we've seen this disavowed by all sorts of bosses - in person, in print - but it keeps on popping up:
  • CMDR Cindy ShAMe mass transit demanding activity or partners will be split up and assigned spots will be changed. Sgt G "okay" R, says you'll ain't on point. We got quotas now?
Hey Special Ed, take care of this before the surgery, would you? Thanks.


Friday, August 25, 2017

So Two Surgeries?

Special Ed is getting a kidney finally:
  • Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson may be getting a kidney.

    But he’s also getting a wife.

    • Translation: By the time Johnson heads back to work following surgery for a chronic kidney disorder for the past 30 years, he tells Sneed, he will have made 9th District Lt. Nakia Fenner his bride.
So they're adding a set of balls, too?

The miracles of modern medicine never cease to amaze.


Is Crime Down? An Update

We posted this graphic the other day, showing how carjackings are up (click for larger versions):

We used it as a sort of "microcosm" of crime being up in the face of repeated denials from the powers-that-be.

Here's a small update to the graphic - note the bottom of the graphic:

30 arrests in 181 carjacking in 2015 - 16.66%

27 arrests in 506 carjackings in 2017 - 5.33%

We'd say that something drastic happened between those two years that emboldened the criminal element to the point that they can increase carjackings by over 180% while arrests percentages dropped by double digits.

What could it possibly be?


Ginger Pissing Off Aldercreatures

  • Aldermen held a hearing for people living near Midway Airport who say the sound-dampening windows the city installed are stinking up their homes.

    Something was missing: Chicago Aviation Commissioner Ginger Evans.

    Evans was missing Wednesday, despite a summons issued by the Chicago City Council’s Finance Committee. That infuriated some aldermen and homeowners who have been complaining about the toxic-smelling windows.

    Aldermen and dozens of residents were hoping to get answers from Evans. She failed to show up, sending a deputy, Aaron Framme, instead.
Of course, an aldercreature actual walking upright as if they possessed a spine would be a miracle. So they'll posture and make appropriate noises to the persons who live in the shadow of Midway Airport....and do nothing.


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Social Media Riot

Eight coppers hurt based on nothing but social media rumors....and 8 years of portraying the police as the enemy:
  • The two women, mothers of young men, cried and shouted as they stood near the Discount Mega Mall in Little Village on Tuesday night. Both heard their sons had been shot.

    People around them spoke of a dead boy lying somewhere at the mall on 26th and Whipple streets, killed by police. Someone said four people had been shot. Others drove off to check hospitals.

    Finally, an officer yelled to the growing crowd: "Nobody was shot. You can all go home. Nobody was shot."
And then the complete breakdown of order:
  • But the yelling and confusion continued into the night, fueled by rumors that drew more and more angry people to the streets. Scattered skirmishes broke out with police as Facebook posts titled "Rest in Peace" named two neighborhood men supposedly shot by officers.

    When things calmed down two hours later, eight officers had been sent to hospitals with injuries ranging from a broken hand to cuts on the face.

    Eleven people, including three 14-year-olds and a 15-year-old, were arrested and charged with counts ranging from aggravated battery to a police officer to resisting arrest and reckless conduct, according to police.
And these comforting words spoken by the Accidental Superintendent:
  • "It just shows you the mentality of folks in some of our neighborhoods," police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Wednesday as he once again denied police shot anyone. "The majority of the people that live in these neighborhoods are really good people. And they’re sick and tired of seeing that kind of crap."
So, um....where was that "majority" Special Ed? Any reason they weren't out on the streets dragging their 14-and-15-year-old assailants back inside and off the dangerous streets? Where were they as the gang bangers were chanting their "CPDK" crap and throwing bottles? Special Ed doth protest too much wethinks.

And how did this asshole get away with inciting a riot?
  • As more people showed up, a young man known to neighborhood residents as "TMZ" told people police killed a small boy in the mall parking lot. He said he trying to call the TV stations. As news crews from the stations showed up, after most of the commotion was over, he promised to send them videos.

    In one — shared more than 400 times on Facebook and viewed more than 37,000 times as of Wednesday morning — he claims the video shows several things it does not:

    • "Elderly women, look at this. The police hitting women now." (The video does not show that.)

    • "(Expletive) M-16s here pointing them at people." (Police don't carry M-16s, and the video does not show them being shouldered or aimed.)

    • "Over there, by Albany. Shot and killed someone over there." (Police have repeatedly denied that, and the video doesn't show that.)

    • "I'm leaning on my car." (The person who shot the video got to the scene on a moped.)

    The man said Wednesday morning he did not want to comment.
So Little Village has pretty much become a "no-go" zone from what we can see. Well done Rahm and Eddie.

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Social Media Riot II

  • Eight officers were injured when a post-funeral gathering turned violent in Little Village on Tuesday night, police and prosecutors said.

    A short video posted to Facebook shows part of the incident. In the video, officers can be seen standing behind a yellow barrier while a crowd of people stand on the other side. A person appears to throw something at an officer across the barrier.

    At that point, officers push through the barrier and go into the crowd.
The linked video shows the copper getting hit with a glass bottle in the face that required 6-to-8 stitches.

We're not noticing any apologies coming from the "community." Or the politicians who have fostered and abetted this type of behavior in recent years.

The left has raised and released a monster....and they can't control it. You see it here, you see it nationally.

(Comments closed here - comment in the above post.


What About the Health Spending?

  • After claiming more than 1,000 jobs would be lost, if the sweetened beverage tax was not implemented, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle negotiated a generous new deal with one of the county’s unions. In the end, Teamsters Union Local 700, which represents 3,500 guards and other security personnel, ended up with a slew of new perks including: payment for attending roll call, eliminating the cap on the use of personal time, a $1,200-per-person signing bonus, no increase in health care premiums, and 4 percent in additional salary increases, according to Crain’s Chicago Business.

    This contract agreement comes only weeks after the implementation of Cook County’s sweetened beverage tax, commonly called the “soda tax.” Cook County expects to receive $67.5 million in soda tax revenue for the remainder of 2017 and another $200 million in 2018. The county has claimed 1,100 government workers would be laid off if the tax was not implemented. While some workers were laid off, the county managed to rescind other layoffs.
According to what we've heard, Toni isn't going to get $30 million for this year and that $200 million is a crack-pipe fantasy that isn't going to garner even $80 million. That doesn't even take into consideration the sales tax falloff as people realize shopping outside of Cook County yields savings they didn't know existed. Figure a few tens of millions more.

And then there's the seats that Prickwrinkle is going to cost the Machine. All for a lie.

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Exuberant Youth

  • A mob of young offenders, some believed to be only 8-years-old, has been wreaking havoc around Boystown and Wrigleyville since Friday evening. They’ve torn up restaurants, threatened retailers, and even tried to rob a woman.

    Two of the punks were detained last night, but perhaps as many as six others remain at large.

    The boys also targeted Belmont Army at 855 West Belmont Monday. Monday night’s mayhem began around 7:30 p.m. in the 800 block of West Belmont when a group of four boys, all under 15-years-old entered two retail shops. They stole merchandise from one store and threatened the staff at the other.

    Forty-five minutes later, about six miscreants struck again at shops near Clark and Halsted. Then, just before 9 p.m., a string of restaurants along Clark Street called 911 to report that a pack of teens had “destroyed” their businesses by throwing tables, chairs, candles, drinks, and other materials before running away.

    Finally, the crew approached a woman in the 900 block of West Cornelia and tried to rob her of her phone around 9:15 p.m., police said. Six or seven boys, one as young as eight-years-old, swarmed and battered the victim near her home. They fled empty-handed, but the woman was left rattled.
Amazingly, a description was given, but this isn't the mainstream media, so it's actually accurate, You can read about it at the link up top, but we have to wonder what community (or parent) would permit their 8-year-old child to rob, beat, trash and steal at will.


Equal Rights for Women

  • A female victim died Wednesday after she was chased and shot several times on Chicago's Northwest Side, police said.

    Neighbors found the victim unresponsive around 10:30 a.m. in the 3200-block of West Cortland Street. She was transported in "grave condition" to Stroger Hospital, where she was pronounced dead, police said. Her identity has not yet been released.

    A witness told investigators she was near North Spaulding Avenue and Cortland when a black Dodge Charger with tinted windows pulled up. The shooter allegedly got out of the vehicle, chased her on foot and fired several shots at her. She was struck 12 times.
Dope? Money? Love? Shot a dozen times at 10:30 in the morning? Must be an interesting back story.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What Did They Expect? (Long Post)

First up, Fran owes the Chaplains $50.

Second, get a load of the bullshit in this article:
  • Chicago Police officers made 85,493 arrests in 2016, a 24 percent drop from the year before and roughly half the number of arrests they made the year before Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office.

    The steady and precipitous decline in arrests coincided with the mayor’s decision to rely on overtime — to the tune of $143 million last year, and even more during in the first quarter of this year — to mask a severe manpower shortage before abruptly reversing course and embarking on a two-year hiring blitz.
Just so you know (and so Fran can steal another un-credited story from the blog), our spies in Finance tell us that the City has already spent $140 million on police overtime this year....with a full quarter to go. Remember where you heard it first.
  • The decline also underscored how important it is for Emanuel to bolster police morale and coax police officers out of their defensive crouch.
"defensive crouch" isn't what Rahm called it before - he called it "fetal." National Police Organizations call it "self preservation." The criminals think it's Christmas. We call it common sense. Graham said this and he isn't wrong:
  • Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham said the “steady and striking” decline in police arrests cannot be explained away by the fear police officers have of being captured on the next YouTube video.

    “One problem is that our members are being excessively punished for minor or insignificant infractions. More importantly, there is a growing body of evidence that our officers are unfairly vilified, even when they conduct themselves ethically and according to the law and city policy,” Graham wrote in an emailed statement.

    “The vilification of the police has been raised to a kind of hysteria, bolstered by the media, which, to this day, refuses to acknowledge the evidence of corruption in the anti-police movement,” he wrote. “Instead, the media prefer to rely on tired and false clichés about ‘a code of silence’ among our members, rather than reasonably following and weighing the evidence.”
And here comes aldercreature Beale, vilifying as he goes:
  • Ald. Anthony Beale (9th), former longtime chairman of the City Council’s Police Committee, accused Chicago Police officers of abandoning pro-active policing.

    “I can ride around and show you things police tolerate in our community that they don’t tolerate in other communities. They just drive right past. Quality of life issues are not being enforced in communities of color,” Beale said.

    “Guys hanging out on the corner shooting crap. A group of guys on the corner drinking. People having parties that get out of hand,” he said. “A lot of your drive-by shootings are people hanging out on corners. That’s an opportunity. If we police quality of life issues, we take away the opportunity.”
Hey Beale - fuck you. We used to do all that - stop the drinker, interrupt the pisser, grab the gamblers, pick out the car with the loud music and marijuana smoke pouring out the windows. But we were told we were singling out people based on skin color instead of their obviously illegal and anti-social behavior. We were told we were being "culturally unaware," as if breaking the law was some sort of achievement. We had to hear the endless refrain of so-called "leaders" who embraced the "Police is always wrong" and "He didn't have no gun" mentality and watch multi-million dollar lawsuits paid without a single objection being raised in an actual Court of Law. Weed was legalized along with everything else Foxxx declined to prosecute. Shooters got low bail, no bail or electronic monitoring and were out on the street within days. Gov. Quinn and the IDOC released thousands before they had even served half of already low sentences.

In essence, the Police were told that all of their efforts take action, to put life-and-limb at risk to enforce the law meant nothing, and if you were found wanting days, weeks, years later by assorted armchair quarterbacks, the you would lose your job, your money and possibly your freedom. In that case, the risk/reward paradigm shifted entirely in one direction and we ask again - what did they expect?

The ACLU has their own uniquely wrong take:
  • ACLU spokesman Ed Yohnka maintained on Monday that the drop in police arrests could be a simple reflection of “giving a lower priority to making arrests for small amounts of marijuana.”

    “It is not how many arrests are being made, it is that the right arrests are being made for the right reasons are being made,” Yohnka wrote in an email. “As for the argument of a Ferguson effect, we reject that notion [as has the former Attorney General Eric Holder and former President Barack Obama.] Good policing — keeping communities free of gun fire and open air drug markets — and community policing are not inconsistent.”
This as shootings spiked at over 4,400 and nearly 800 dead. Great reasoning there ACLU! 700+ black and brown families thank you for your support. And this asshole still didn't get it:
  • On Monday, Yohnka noted that the Sun-Times has reported extensively on “what happens when police operate in an uncontrolled fashion: we end up with arrests where the charges are not sustained. We need smart policing that serves the entire community, not simply larger numbers on a spreadsheet.”
No, this is what happens when you elect soft-on-crime democrats who embrace the criminal and absolve them of any responsibility for their actions, then further corrupt an already-corrupt court system with low bail, low sentences, and no Federal gun prosecutions for eight years.


New Schedule?

We got a couple of emails about a new schedule floating around - but when you search the Directives on the Department Intranet, it doesn't exist. Here's what we got (click for larger versions):

We don't recall a single mention from the FOP about schedule alterations. What we think happened is that someone accidentally (or on purpose) let this leak out in the active system and then put it back into "draft" status.

Forty-five minute roll call? Gym time? We don't think any of this is based in reality. What has anyone heard?


Mark Your Calendars

  • ANTIFA wasn’t very smart since they are openly planning for anarchy on November the 4th, 2017, and President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be fully prepared to investigate. Maybe even prepare all out raids in four major American cities. Share this list because ANTIFA stupidly put out this list on their website
Guess what city is listed? Besides New York, LA, Austin and San Francisco?
  • Chicago, Illinois
    10:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Trinity Episcopal Church 125 E. 26th Street Chicago
Gee, if a so-called "church" is being used as a base of operations for a political movement, doesn't that violate some sort of "separation" the lefties are always screaming about? Should Rahm's building inspectors be all over this location looking for violations and short-circuiting this planned riot?

Or is Rahm busy looking the other way to further the leftist, communist, anarchist movement by giving protestors "room to destroy" in a city that went how big for Shrillary?


Oversight Lawsuit

If Hillary had won, you can bet Rahm would have welcomed Federal/DOJ oversight of the Police Department. All of those Federal grants - so much money to steal and steer to connected democratic donors.

But Trump won and Sessions has shown a decided dis-inclination toward interfering in local affairs. Rahm keeps claiming Chicago is broke, so he isn't about to spend a dime he doesn't have to and is suing to keep from spending those imaginary dimes:
  • City attorneys have fired back against a class-action lawsuit seeking a federal court consent decree over Chicago Police Department reform, claiming federal oversight is unnecessary because the city has made its own “substantial and ongoing reforms.”

    The 32-page motion to dismiss filed on Monday would seem to indicate that Mayor Rahm Emanuel has no intentions of bowing to pressure to accept federal court oversight.

    “[P]laintiffs’ injunctive relief claims are moot because the policies and practices that they seek to enjoin are no longer in place in light of CPD’s extensive, ongoing reform efforts,” the motion says.

    Black Lives Matter Chicago and six additional community groups filed suit in June along with six individuals, on behalf of people who “have been, or in the future will be, subjected to use of force by the CPD.” The NAACP has also joined as a plaintiff in the suit.
The NAACP has no standing as far as we can tell, but they do have deep pockets.

A humble suggestion - have the plaintiffs offer to pay the full cost of Federal oversight. If the reforms are so inadequate and the stakes so high, they should be glad to pick up the costs. It shouldn't be more than a few hundred million dollars at most. Certainly no more than a billion.


Bad Info

Incomplete info popping up in the comments:
  • OT: shots fired at the police in 003. Tac car struck twice. Tac Sgt terminated chase almost immediately. P.O. went over the air and said the car they were chasing shot at them and Sgt asked if anyone was hit. When the p.o. said no, Sgt terminated again. Un fucking real.
  • A Chicago Police Department vehicle was fired upon during a traffic stop Monday night. It happened in the Park Manor neighborhood on the city's South Side.

    Officers conducted a traffic stop in the 6700-block of South Rhodes Avenue around 8:25 p.m. when someone on foot fired shots in their direction. The person then ran away, police said.
We haven't heard that the unknown shooter had any connection to the traffic stop or if it was just a target of "opportunity" to take a shot at Officers doing something else. It looks like the car fled the stop, but again, it may have been a self-preservation technique and have nothing to do with the shooter. Too many unknowns at the moment.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

By the Numbers

Someone sent us this mathematical formula. We updated it with the latest numbers from
  • Out of the 2,437 people (and folks), shot/killed this year, the police are responsible for 0.007796 of the total.
Percentage wise, that's just over three-quarters of 1%.

We don't know about you, but this pretty much proves that police are the problem.

Let's go tear down a statue or something.

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CFD Shooting

  • An off-duty Chicago Fire Department lieutenant fatally shot a teenage boy who tried to steal his car Monday morning in the West Side Austin neighborhood.

    About 9:30 a.m., the 45-year-old lieutenant left his vehicle running in the 1400 block of North Lockwood, when a 17-year-old boy got inside and tried to drive off, according to Chicago Police and Fire department officials.

    The lieutenant fired his weapon at the teen, who was trying to run him over with the vehicle, authorities said.

Concealed Carry prevents another crime? In Chicago?

So does he get 30 days off the street now?

We kid! We kid! Nice shooting there Lieutenant.

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  • A man was shot by a Chicago police officer Saturday night in the city's Gage Park neighborhood on the Southwest Side.

    The 32-year-old victim sustained a graze wound to the head and was transported to a hospital, police said.

    At about 9 p.m., officers from the 8th District saw individuals drinking in a park near West 56th Street and South Artesian Avenue. They saw one man with a gun and during a confrontation with the man, an officer fired.

    A weapon was recovered from the scene, police said. The officer involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative duties for 30 days.
No cops injured. That's a win nowadays.

UPDATE: To Channel 7 reporter Will Jones, the shot guy is the "offender." You see, if he had a gun and brandished it, waved it, pointed it at anyone (except in defense of self or others), that's kind of illegal under Illinois Law. Stop being a tool of Rahm and at least get the reporting right.


These Might Be Nice

Not that we'd ever expect them from this city:
  • Bulletproof Police Ford Interceptor

    The armored Police Ford Inteceptor from International Armoring Corporation. We are providing solutions to local law enforcement across the United States to withstand various threats they are facing.

    International Armoring's proprietary ARMORMAX® material is about saving weight and increasing performance whiling maintaining protection. Designed to fit vehicle versus vehicle being modified to fit armor, the IAC ARMORMAX® armored vehicle maintains the original appearance and performance.
And now, back to our regularly scheduled hoopty:


Monday, August 21, 2017

Is Crime Down?

  • At least 33 people were wounded, 6 fatally, within 13 hours from Saturday to Sunday across the city in separate shootings, which includes an attack in the West Pullman neighborhood that left one man dead and wounded six other people.

    In the West Pullman neighborhood on the city's Far South Side, a man was killed and six other people were wounded in a single attack about 2:30 a.m. Sunday in the parking lot of a banquet hall used as a nightclub, police said.
But, as we've pointed out, it was going to be near-impossible to match 2016's torrid 98 homicides. Expect Special Ed to be on the news shows for a few days straight, touting the "drop" in August this year over last year and start with the "crime is down" story line again.

But is crime actually trending downward? That answer would be "No."

"But how do you know SCC? Surely you don't doubt the brilliant minds that run this Department and city?!?!?!?"

Well, let's try a little experiment.
  • pretend 2016 didn't exist
Special Ed and the Department brass and the politicians are about to start with the "crime is down compared to last year" bullshit. So let's just pretend that last year didn't exist. In so many ways, it was a complete aberration. We've said so a dozen times. Take car jackings - 2015 versus 2017:
Only one District has seen a reduction in car jackings and another has exactly the same number. That means twenty Districts have seen an uptick.

"Oh SCC, that's only car jackings. Who cares about car jackings? It's just a property crime"

Okay - explain this then:

Look at the top section - there isn't a single category where crime has gone down, 2015 versus 2017. 2016 might have been an out-of-control dumpster fire where homicides were concerned, but crime was trending upwards across the board and there's the proof.

Look at the second section - a bunch of reductions there, right? Look where the biggest reductions are. We'd call those "police initiated contacts." Narcotics arrests are down nearly 60% alone. Prostitution down another 40%.

The totals are a big indicator - violent crime up 14%. To drive the "total crime" down to a more palatable 0.6%, the bean-counters had to add in all those other categories. But look at the arrest totals:
  • 2015 - 44,300 arrests
  • 2017 - 30,881 arrests
A 30% decrease. That's "fetal-ity" kicking into full gear. And all of the indicators are that crime is on an upswing while what we used to call "policing" is on a downward slope.

But what do we know? We're just cops with a few decades of experience....writing an "insignificant" blog.

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Political Time Bomb

How many people know this was wending it's way through the courts?

Probably no one, since the Chicago media is too busy sucking Rahm's ass:
  • Judicial Watch announced a hearing will be held on August 21, 2017, regarding an Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Office of the Mayor seeking “all records of communications” concerning the police dash cam videos of the October 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald.

    The court hearing is scheduled for:
    Date: Monday, August 21
    Time: 10 am CT/ 11 am ET
    Location: Courtroom 2502
    Circuit Court of Cook County, Chancery Division
    Richard J. Daley Center
    Chicago, IL

    The Judicial Watch lawsuit was filed after Emanuel’s office failed to respond to a December 2, 2015, FOIA request seeking the following:

    [A]ll records of communications of officials within the Office of the Mayor – including, but not limited to, Mayor Rahm Emanuel – concerning the police dash camera recordings of the October 20, 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald. The request also specified that such communication would include discussions about the release of any such video recording to the public and that the time frame of the request is from October 20, 2014 until the date of the request.

    The Mayor’s office eventually responded to Judicial Watch’s FOIA request in January 2016 and attempted to have the case dismissed. Judicial Watch argued the case should not be dismissed because the Mayor’s Office had not conducted a thorough search for records. The court agreed. During a September 2016 hearing, the court concluded that the Mayor’s Office’s search was insufficient and ordered the Mayor’s Office to work with Judicial Watch in defining search terms and to subsequently search for additional records.

    On November 3, 2016, Judicial Watch was informed that the searches yielded over 900,000 emails.

    The Mayor’s Office, however, then ignored and continues to ignore the court’s September 2016 ruling. In January 2017, Judicial Watch asked the court to find the Mayor’s Office in contempt.
This has the potential to reveal who saw the tape, when they saw it, and what political machinations took place to hide the tape, ensuring Rahm's reelection. It also has the potential to completely derail the "Rahm 2019" bus and hopefully, roll over his narrow ass at the same time.

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Please Seek Help

Another Officer, this time on Duty Disability, took his own life following a series of personal and professional setbacks.

If you or another copper is experiencing a rough patch - a patch that is aggravated by job/life stresses -  and everything is looking dark, hopeless, endless or insurmountable, there is help available.

This link is to the Police Chaplains Ministry where a few of our favorite sky-pilots assist in many of the programs offered to cops, spouses and family members. We get e-mails from one of them semi-regularly and we get candy from another every time he swings by an event. We've also been witness to some of the extraordinary work they do for officers who need help.

We are also adding the link to the right hand menu under "Police Related Websites" in the hope that anyone who needs the info can find it there.

RIP Officer.

(Condolences only here please)


No....Just No

A number of people pointed out that you are able to access the E-learning modules from remote locations - the library for one. Your home computer for another.

We confess to being unaware as we don't work in 024 and aren't subject to silly orders to complete Department mandated training on our own time.

But seeing as how defense and plaintiff attorneys have been making concerted efforts to get hold of Officers' personal phones, why in Hell would you even give anyone the chance to access your home computer? You'd have to be extra soft in the head to even crack open that door.


Boo F#$%ing Hoo

  • Flanked by four Cook County sheriff’s officers, Corey Morgan didn’t respond to the insults and threats hurled at him by other inmates as he was led through the Cook County Jail.

    “You know you gon’ die in that m———-. You know you gon’ die in there.”

    Morgan — charged with murder in the shooting death of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee on the South Side in November 2015 — hadn’t been in custody long. But already it was clear to him and to Cook County Jail officials he wouldn’t be safe in the sprawling jail complex at 26th and California.

    For Morgan and others charged in high-profile killings of kids in Chicago, being held in jail poses special threats. Other detainees threaten and beat them. They ask for and get protective custody, away from those who’d do them harm. Or they are transferred to jails elsewhere.
Well what did they think was going to happen? Luring a 9-year-old into an alley and then executing him - even the substrata of society has its own pecking order and guess where these assholes landed? damn near the bottom.

And the Slum Times wastes ink on this why? We're supposed to feel what? Sorry for these assholes? We'll bet there aren't a dozen individuals in the whole of Cook County who would shed a actual tear for any of these killers. Oh, there are those family members who would cry and threaten to sue Dart for not protecting their poor little innocent altar boy who was just turning his life around when he was beaten to death in the shower at the jail. But that's an it always is.

We'd give it about as much thought as picking a stray thread off our uniform.

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Very Bad Night

Across the nation Friday night, six officers were shot, two succumbing to their wounds:
  • Six police officers were shot, two fatally, in three separate incidents in Florida and Pennsylvania late Friday, officials said.

    Two officers were shot in Kissimmee around 9:30 p.m., just south of the theme park hub of Orlando, central Florida. They both later died from their wounds.

    In Jacksonville, two officers were critically wounded in a shoot-out, while two state troopers were also shot in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.
On top of other deaths earlier in the month, August is looking particularly grim for the thin blue line.

Prayers for the fallen, their families, friends and co-workers.

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Dumb Advice

The other week, the CPD gave some helpful (if unfortunate) advice:
  • If confronted by an armed felon, better to surrender your car than your life
While we are not particularly fond of that advice, it's helpful for those (A) unarmed and (B) living in an under-policed Chicago. This advice however, is pathetic in the extreme:
  • Chicago Police said they do not believe the two carjackings are related. They encourage everyone to be vigilant, to not sit inside vehicles for too long and to not resist if you find yourself getting robbed.
In Rahm's Chicago, citizens shouldn't sit in their cars too long lest they be confronted by and hijacked by criminals?

That should tell everyone in the media, the city, the world, that Chicago is not even bothering to maintain a police force capable of protecting the citizenry. Combine that with the CPD "no chase" policy and Dart/Foxxx/Prickwrinkle's "no punishment" policy and you have this observation from a citizen:
  • The carjacking marks the second violent incident in the area after Jesus De La O-Jimenez was shot and killed in the same neighborhood last week during the early morning hours when police say he refused to give up his keys during a carjacking.

    “It seems like this day and age there's a lot more crime going around this neighborhood. Never before have I seen it. I've lived here over 20 years.”
It's not your imagination.

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"Fascist" Alert Update

  • I woke up yesterday and sat on the side of the bed for a few moments. I needed to feel the aches and pains that prove I’m still alive and kicking. Once the blood got flowing I made my way to the kitchen and put on my pot of coffee. I’m not human until the coffee kicks in. With a cup of dark roast, I sat at my desk and began my morning computer ritual. I check my email, log in and see how many books I sold over night, check my Facebook page and then I check a blog named Second City Cop.

    I like to check it each morning because like a Marine, once a cop always a cop. It’s much like taking the temperature of the department. It lets me know the current issues with the officer on the street. This morning, the first item on the blog is a poster. It appears to be from a left-wing group. This poster warns the citizens of Boston to be on the lookout for Alt-Right groups bearing certain symbols. There in the middle of the page are two symbols near and dear to me.

    They list the Thin Blue Line and Thin Blue Line Flag as White Nationalist / Neo-Nazi / Alt-Right. I don’t know the other groups so I can’t tell you whether they belong on the page or not.

    I am outraged and insulted. The Thin Blue Line is a tribute to all police officers who have died in the line of duty. The Thin Blue Line flag is a symbol of the thin blue line of police officers protecting the citizens from the criminal element.

    Blue symbolizes more than our uniforms. It’s the idea we’re not black or white or Hispanic or Asian. We’re police officers and we bleed blue. Look at photos of the officers killed or wounded in the line of duty this last year. There’s no racial preference. Every ethnicity wears our uniforms. We’re a cross section of the society we live in. We become the thin blue line holding back the criminals.
But, as representative of law and order, we are once again, the target of those who would have neither.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Court Hit...Again

This is getting to be a bad habit - three times now, people leaving court are shot:
  • The black SUV came barreling toward the Cook County criminal courthouse Friday morning with three bullets in its side.

    It stopped just outside the front steps and a woman dressed in purple got out and screamed for help, witnesses said.

    “She jumped out and started hollering, ‘Help, help, help, he’s dying,’” said Margo Porche, 64.

    Inside the SUV was Kenneth Williams who had been shot twice in the chest, police sources said. Williams was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 2:10 p.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.

    Williams, 28, had just appeared at the courthouse Friday morning and had pleaded not guilty to a charge of driving on a revoked or suspended license, according to police and court records.

    He apparently got into an argument with someone as he left, police said. He and the woman, 26, had gotten as far as 31st and Rockwell streets, about half a mile away, when someone in another car pulled up to their SUV and fired at them around 11:15 a.m., police said.
There ought to be a safety bulletin coming out for persons attending court. Unless....

We speculated before that this may be a way for Dart to keep the jail empty by having potential inmates murdered.

Or Foxxx to save precious dollars by eliminating future court dates. This guy was at 26th Street for Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License? Foxxx isn't prosecuting that one any more, remember? You need like 50 previous convictions before Foxxx's minions will even touch traffic offenses.

Maybe, just maybe, this is Foxxx sending a message to the police to stop doing traffic arrests or she'll just start killing defendants.

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Nice Trains Rahm

The criminals aren't even waiting to get to the Happy Hunting Grounds - they're blasting victims on the train itself:
  • All the way home to the Far North Side, Ted Pertzborn couldn't stop thinking: Maybe it’s time to buy a gun.

    A crazy thought, he admitted later, but it had been a crazy evening Thursday.

    Less than an hour earlier, he had been on a Red Line train at Jackson in the Loop when two young men started arguing in front of him. One of them pulled a gun -- "a cannon" -- and shot the other man in the arm and the ankle.

    The shooting was so wild, Pertzborn was surprised he or other passengers weren't hit too.

    “I saw his right arm go up and saw a muzzle flash,’’ said Pertzborn, 44, a graphics designer who works in the Willis Tower. “I heard boom, boom, boom… Boom, boom, boom, boom. About five or six shots. It was a big gun."
Of course, a gun wouldn't have done him much good since guns are banned on CTA trains and platforms...

Hey, wait a minute. If guns are banned, how did this guy get shot on a train? Someone is lying here.


Wrong Turn?

This could have been worse - especially after the recent vehicle deaths overseas:
  • A man was charged Friday after the Chicago Police Department Bomb Squad was called to O'Hare International Airport as a precaution to investigate a semi truck parked outside Terminal 3.

    Alexander Lavrentyev, 35, has been charged with one misdemeanor count of reckless conduct and traffic citations, Chicago police said.

    Officers observed an unattended semi parked in an unauthorized area at about 3:50 a.m. Friday, authorities said. They could not find the driver. There was a heavy police presence in the departure area during the morning rush., but the investigation did not affect airport operations.

    Police had the truck towed to another location. The vehicle was eventually cleared after "no dangerous materials were found," police said.
In this day and age, how is a semi-tractor trailer even allowed near a passenger terminal? Should there be numerous warning signs? Diversion ramps? Police presence? Maybe a low bridge as a final barricade to stop a truck outside of what we'd term a "sensitive" area? It's not like you couldn't fill a truck with ammonium nitrate and fuel oil. Or 20 guys with machetes, vests and weaponry.


Friday, August 18, 2017

"Fascist" Alert

Guess who's a fascist now?

Yep - thin blue line patches, flags, posters and t-shirts now label you as a member of the "alt-right" and according to the so-called "antifa" literature, you can be punched at will because you are a nazi.

If you have any doubt in your mind that the war on police isn't real, lose it. Now.


"De-escalation" Kills

  • The chair of the criminal justice department of Madison College says the research he conducted for his master’s thesis shows de-escalation policies are a valuable tool in an officer’s toolbox, but argues they’re not the best tool.

    De-escalation policies require officers to slow things down and attempt to lessen or avoid force on all calls.

    “The agencies without de-escalation policies, the number of officers killed and assaulted were dramatically lower than the agencies with de-escalation policies in place,” Brian Landers, author of the study tells WISC-TV.

    Landers’ study looked at metropolitan law enforcement agencies around the country; some have de-escalation policies while others do not. It used data from more than 75,000 officers over a five-year period.

    “I’ve had officers tell me that they are forced with decisions out on the street that go against every facet of training and instinct of officer safety from fear they are going to be disciplined because the policy is telling them that they should not use force,” Landers tells WISC-TV.
The numbers are, to be frank, horrendous:
  • “Overall an officer working in a de-escalation agency, by my study, was twice as likely to be killed in the line of duty and 10 times more likely to be injured in the line of duty,” Landers [said].
The article doesn't cover it, but we've got a pretty good guess as to why.
  • When there is a  Police/public encounter of a confrontational or violent nature (which IS NOT a majority of encounters), a positive outcome is reliant on Officers immediately controlling the situation. Sometimes, that means talking loudly, forcefully, directly to get people to do exactly as you say, when you say it and how you direct it.
Which is why liberals, snowflakes and entitled people dislike it so much. And why they're trying to force police departments to use it - because it removes control from the Officers.


The New Kids

  • City officials welcomed 111 new police recruits Tuesday as they start the Chicago Police Department's training academy.

    The recruits bring CPD closer to its goal of adding 1,000 officers.

    CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel spoke to the recruits about helping to solve the city's violence.

    "We're not expecting you to solve all of it on your own," Johnson said. "We're expecting you to be part of the solution. Being part of the solution means helping us hold violent offenders and building trust in the communities you'll serve. Because when we do that as an agency, when we have the communities work with us, we'll make our streets even safer."
You'll have to do it with one hand tied behind your back, hundreds of arm-chair quarterbacks dissecting your every move (which will be recorded), and a dozen or so layers of what we call "supervision" with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Good luck kids.


024 Follies

This crap again?
  • What he is going on in the 24th district? Sergeants telling PO's they cannot go down on an event for e-learning they're being told the e-learning is on their own time!!! And the officers are being messed with over activity. Quotes? Quotes are a violation of law.
We assume the reader meant "Quotas" as they reference activity. We remind everyone of this:

As for e-learning, we're pretty sure e-learning is done on company time since you can't access it elsewhere. If there's a backlog or a shooting, you probably shouldn't be doing it, but if not, when are you supposed to do it? We're pretty sure they aren't going to voluntarily pay you overtime, but if you're there past your work hours, they're going to pay you - via a grievance if necessary.


Take Home Pay

By now, everyone has gotten the most recent check stub. And if you paid attention, you'd notice that your check was a bit lighter than before. That would be the Madigan engineered income tax hike.

Better hope the FOP gets a sizable pay raise to cover it. And if you can, move out of Illinois as fast as you can. Because it isn't even a drop in the bucket - read the entire article, but this portion is near the end:
  • The Illinois economy is still in shambles and residents are still stuck with sending a bigger chunk of change to the capitol.

    If that’s not sad enough, consider the scale of the spending problem that remains in Springfield. The entirety of the $5 billion in tax increases will be eaten up by this year’s pension payment, and that’s still not enough to address the growing liability.
You read that correctly - the ENTIRE $5 BILLION in tax increases is due into assorted (and mismanaged) pension funds. None of them ours.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Body Snatchers Got Mope-rah

This is the second time she's made sense in a year (still no link for her). Get a load of this headline:
  • Blame unruly youth, not organizers, for United Center fiasco
We suspect aliens came down and kidnapped her:
  • It is shameful that a few bad apples ruined a free event at the United Center on Monday night.

    Despite having private security guards, comprised of off-duty police officers, and calling for backup from uniformed Chicago Police officers, organizers were forced to shut down the West Haven Safe Summer Basketball League championship games when multiple fistfights broke out.

    More than 7,000 young people were robbed of an opportunity to enjoy an event in what was supposed to have been a safe environment — all because a bunch of thugs-in-training decided to attack each other inside the arena.
Seriously, Mope-rah preaching personal responsibility? What the hell?

And then to complete the illusion, she quotes someone who obviously knows exactly what the problem is:
  • Gates puts the blame on 12, 13, 14 and 15-year-olds that came to the United Center to settle a Facebook beef.

    “They showed up. They got in free. In years past we could call up the [gang] chiefs and tell them what we were going to be doing and to keep those folks in line,” Gates said.

    “Now [gang members] are in another universe. It doesn’t take much to set them off because they don’t have anything to lose. There is no reason for them to preserve the safe summer legacy.”
You want to know why shootings are occurring thirty and forty a weekend? Why carjackings are through the roof? Why stolen cars flee police ten or twenty times a day?
  • "...they don’t have anything to lose..."
Foxxx isn't prosecuting them, Dart isn't keeping them, IDOC is releasing them as soon they arrive in many cases. There are no penalties, no consequences.

And that is a reward in and of itself.

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