Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Years Eve Preparations

  • With crowds expected to gather downtown for two planned fireworks displays, the Chicago Police Department plans to deploy about 1,300 additional officers across the city on New Years Eve.

    The majority of the extra officers will be in uniform to increase visibility, Fred Waller, CPD’s chief of the bureau of patrol, said Monday at a news conference.

    “We will also have plainclothes officers at events mingling within the crowds in a discreet manner to watch for public gatherings,” Waller said.

    “Many of these officers have had their days off canceled to work on this important night,” Waller added. “Officers from every district and every division will be pitching in this year.”
We will be protecting assorted viaducts across the city right around the stroke of midnight...after all, we wouldn't want those things to fall on New Years Eve revelers.


Irving Park Road Again

Someone really ought to run some missions or start some foot patrol or something for this obviously dangerous street:
  • An employee was shot and wounded Monday morning during an attempted robbery at a 7-Eleven convenience store in Dunning on the Northwest Side.

    A gunman walked into the business about 7:25 a.m. in the 7500 block of West Irving Park Road and demanded money from the front register, Chicago police said. A law enforcement source said it was a 7-Eleven.

    He shot an employee in his torso and left without taking any money, police said. The gunman wore a hooded sweatshirt with “space” written on the front.
It's still a shame that technology doesn't allow the Department to give the media descriptions of the offender that might possibly protect other members of the public. Maybe someday soon?


Protecting Weed

So the police are being used to provide "free" security to a private enterprise?
  • Chicago police officers will be maintaining a “heightened awareness” of the city’s pot shops when the drug is legalized Wednesday , but they won’t be looking to ticket revelers for getting high outside.

    [...] Though the state legalization law prohibits individuals from sparking up in public, Chicago police officers have been directed to simply inform offenders of the new rules when they take effect instead of taking punitive actions. [Goggle-me] noted that officers are instead “interested in violence.”

    Beat cops and narcotics officers will be on the lookout for individuals looking to rob dispensary patrons braving long lines to get their first taste of legal pot. Those customers make “attractive street robbery targets” because they’ll likely be carrying large amounts of weed and money near the largely cash-only businesses....
And once the weed shops are secure, guess who will feel the wrath of the government? If you guessed "the competition," give yourself a pat on the back:
  • In the upcoming weeks and months, [Google-deez-nuts] said, enforcement will shift to street-level dealers and gangs aiming to undercut the hefty dispensary prices. An eighth of an ounce of medical marijuana, subject to a 1% state pharmaceutical tax, typically costs around $60 at Illinois dispensaries. That price will be substantially higher for recreational users, who will soon face state taxes between 10% and 25% for pot products.

    Chicagoans can currently find an eighth of high-quality cannabis for as cheap as $30 on the street, according to Budzu, a website that aggregates weed prices.

    “Gangs are a business, they’re on top of these types of things,” [Gargle-deez] said, adding that the push to offer the most competitive pot prices could potentially lead to a “turf battle.” “It’s a supply and demand thing.”
Government hates competition.


Illinois Shrinking Again

  • Illinois’ population decreased in 2019 by an estimated 51,250 people, or 0.4%, marking the sixth consecutive year the state has lost residents, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.


    Population losses in Illinois have been compounding since 2014, when the state began a steady, though not precipitous, decline. Illinois is the sixth-most-populous state in the nation, after California, Texas, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania, which passed Illinois in 2017. Ohio is seventh, followed by Georgia and North Carolina.

    As Illinois’ population has eroded, potentially weakening its political and economic power, the trend has become a frequent topic of political discussion.
But for some reason, our taxes keep rising, even with less people needing government services.

In a few years, you'll be adding a couple of our writers to those totals.


Monday, December 30, 2019

Policy With a Body Count

  • Too many families in two of America’s most dangerous cities — Baltimore and Chicago — will spend this holiday season in hospitals and funeral homes. Last weekend, the two cities saw more than 50 people shot and eight killed.

    The violence included two “mass shootings,” defined as a single incident in which more than four people are shot. In Chicago, 13 people were wounded early Sunday morning at a party in the South Side neighborhood of Englewood. Soon after, seven were shot outside a downtown hookah lounge in Baltimore.

    Blame the cities’ softness on crime.

    Baltimore is the more violent of the two. While Chicago’s violence level remains elevated, with 508 murders through Dec. 22, both homicides and shootings have declined since a 2016 spike. In Baltimore, however, elevated levels of violent crime have continued virtually unabated.
And the connection? Non-existent/failed prosecutions and a dwindling prison population. Go read it all.



This idea has been gaining traction in the "progressive" areas of the nation:
  • The latest call to action from some criminal-justice activists: “Abolish the police.” From the streets of Chicago to the city council of Seattle, and in the pages of academic journals ranging from the Cardozo Law Review to the Harvard Law Review and of mainstream publications from the Boston Review to Rolling Stone, advocates and activists are building a case not just to reform policing—viewed as an oppressive, violent, and racist institution—but to do away with it altogether.

    When I first heard this slogan, I assumed that it was a figure of speech, used to legitimize more expansive criminal-justice reform. But after reading the academic and activist literature, I realized that “abolish the police” is a concrete policy goal. The abolitionists want to dismantle municipal police departments and see “police officers disappearing from the streets.”
An interesting read to see what the other side is planning. But if hiring difficulties keep cropping up, they won't even have to worry about abolition - big city policing will die out on its own.


Coming Soon to Illinois

  • Under New York’s " justice reforms," criminals must be provided with the names and contact information of victims and witnesses involved in the case against them.

    Effective January 1, 2020, prosecutors will have just 15 days from the time of arraignment to hand over all evidence pertaining to a case – including victim and witness information, WSTM reported. Cases can be dismissed if prosecutors fail to meat [sic] the deadline, Albany County District Attorney David Soares told the news outlet.

    “’By the way, I have to provide your cell phone number to his lawyer in a few weeks,’” Soares used as an example of what he will be forced to tell crime victims. “I don’t know how I’m going to have these conversations with a victim.”

    Under the law change, the court can also require crime scenes to remain unchanged so that defendants can be allowed to visit them, the New York Daily News reported.
COPA already tries to do a lighter version of this, and anyone who has been to a deposition knows these types of questions get asked all the time. Corp Counsel "objects" but you still have to answer and it's still in the record.

Pretty soon, the public is going to insist on their own version of being "fetal" and there won't even be a report generated.

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Full Speed Ahead!

  • Twenty-seven people have been shot — five of them fatally — in gun violence across Chicago so far this weekend.
HeyJackass.com has an extra shooting victim in there - five and twenty-three - outpacing two of the last five years in shootings and four of the last five in homicides.

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Ghool Pool

From a couple years back (click for larger printable version):

Gather your players, collect toothpicks, number cards, one thru twenty-two, draw, and wait.

You can shade in three squares to reflect the decreased number of districts, or for more fun, get 25 players and when you draw the Districts, add three VOID cards and you have three instant losing spaces.

For more fun, you can make a smaller grid and conduct a "Homicide By Beat" contest within your own single District. If you work in 020 though, you'd be due a refund at the end of the year.

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Yes, We've Seen the Poster

If you haven't, here it is (click for larger version of dumbassery):

Yes, we saw the date of January 2019, but the Day Off groups he lists line up with January 2020. We also have most of his social media page thanks to many dozens of emails. What a fucking goofball. You know who else has the info? Gang bangers trolling his page who have their own accounts saying how they're going to crash the party. How does everyone think that is going to go, remembering we're under a Consent Decree microscope.

Two hundred arrests? In 022? Some helpful souls ran the actual numbers and he's in Box #1 for maybe twenty arrests total, the other one-hundred-eighty being as an "assist" unit. We've known wagon crews who rack up almost three-hundred "arrests" an "assist" unit, transporting Tact teams.

Back to softball though. Talk about your narcissistic generation. Here's a bit of advice kid - act like you've been there before. And cancel this stupidity before someone sets you up for a giant fall.

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Here's a Bright Idea

  • A federal court has ruled that prisons in the state of Illinois must provide access to hormone therapy for transgender inmates and must let inmates choose which facility they go to based on their gender identity.

    In a 39-page court order dated earlier this month, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois ruled that the Illinois Department of Corrections make multiple sweeping changes in how it deals with transgender inmates, which includes a mandate to "ensure timely hormone therapy is provided when necessary and perform routine monitoring of hormone levels," and a prohibition on "mechanically assigning housing based on genitalia and/or physical size or appearance."
They tried this in another lib-tarded shithole state and lo and behold, guess who decided he suddenly wasn't a female when he got a little horny, resulting in a few multi-million dollar judgements against the Department of Corrections?


Saturday, December 28, 2019


When you have connected friends:

Did no one file the appropriate paperwork? Isn't this exactly why "Red Flag" laws are the progressives' Holy Grail?


Officers Injured

  • A Chicago police vehicle was involved in a crash Friday in Humboldt Park on the West Side. Officers were on their way to assist with a call about 4:45 p.m. in the 800 block of North Sacramento Boulevard with their lights and sirens activated, Chicago police said. Their SUV was struck by a Jeep that was westbound on Grand Avenue.

    Two officers, men ages 48 and 28, were taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries, police and Chicago Fire Department officials said. The 30-year-old woman driving the Jeep was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, also with non-life threatening injuries, authorities said.

    Police said the officers had the green light and the woman ignored a red light. No citations have been issued at this time, police said.
Get well soon Officers.

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Search....and Search Again

  • A Michigan man arrested on drug- and weapon-related charges allegedly hid a loaded revolver inside his underwear while he was being booked at Cook County Jail on Christmas Eve.

    Authorities discovered the five-inch, .22-caliber revolver with six live rounds when Jaetuan Poplar stepped into a body-scanning machine at the jail, Cook County prosecutors said Friday.

    While Poplar was being scanned, a sheriff’s officer noticed “within the crotch area of body scan what appeared to be the handle to a handgun,” according to an incident report. Poplar, of Kalamazoo, Michigan, was then strip searched, but nothing else was found, the report said.

    The Cook County Sheriff’s Department is conducting an investigation into how Poplar managed to get and conceal the weapon — especially since the 25-year-old was taken into custody by Berwyn police two days before the gun was discovered and had attended a bond hearing on other charges related to that matter on Tuesday.
Two days? He had this in his ass for two days? And how many pizzas did he get from Dart?

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Friday, December 27, 2019

Another "Merit" Supervisor

  • A former Chicago police supervisor is facing a federal lawsuit for alleged sexual misconduct while on duty, a filing that accuses him of threatening to arrest a transgender woman if she did not perform a sex act on him.

    The lawsuit was the second this year accusing the former officer of on-duty sexual misconduct. He retired from the department as a sergeant in April after being relieved of his police powers during an internal review of the latest claim.

    The allegation also is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation, police said. It is the third time in recent years the same officer has been sued for misconduct. The two prior cases were settled by the city.
As has been previously reported, the sergeant in question was:
  • on the same team as the disgraced Escamerit
  • during the same time Escamerit was taken out of the 011 District in handcuffs
  • and was actually recommended for promotion by the same exempt member as Escamerit.
Sounds like something that needs a lot more looking into, doesn't it?

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Jedidiah's Got a Gun

This asshole posted a selfie on his Facebook account (thanks to everyone who sent it in):

We aren't sure about his felony record (we've gotten mixed info), but we do know that he held SWAT at bay for hours on Lake Shore Drive threatening suicide. That would make it pretty much a given that he can't legally own a gun in Illinois.

Crimesha, you reading this? After all, you took money from him and attended fundraisers with him. You even had to recuse yourself from prosecuting him when he committed a battery on CPD.


SWAT is Fetal, too?

  • A barricade situation in East Garfield Park has been deemed resolved after a woman who was thought to be a hostage told police officers she was ok.

    Police first responded to reports of a domestic disturbance about 12:50 a.m. Thursday at the home in the 200 block of North California Avenue, Chicago police said. The SWAT team was called after hearing reports that there was an armed man inside who was refusing to let his girlfriend leave.

    The SWAT team left the home about 4 a.m. after officers made contact with the woman through a window, police said. The woman reportedly told them that she was ok and uninjured.
So someone can come to a window, tell SWAT, "I'm fine" and SWAT just goes away?

No idea if this is just half-assed reporting or a new policy being implemented. It would certainly seem to cut down on the flash-bangs, doors destroyed and tear gas expenditures for starters.



  • 2017 Christmas tally: 5 killed, 21 wounded

    2018 Christmas tally: 5 killed, 29 wounded

    2019 Christmas tally: 7 killed, 55 wounded
Groot and Beck (Special Ed being unavailable) will be holding press conferences all week touting the "double digit" decline in homicides, and they might actually be down. Slightly. Englewood proved the proved the other day that that could change in an instant and totally at random. Five-hundred-and-whatever is not a number to be proud of by any stretch and tying yourself to the capriciousness of the south or west side?

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Merry Christmas Little Girl!

  • In the predawn hours of Christmas morning, a burst of gunfire on Chicago’s Southwest Side disrupted a family’s holiday celebration and left a 7-year-old girl fighting for her life.

    The child was watching television in the living room of a multifamily building just after 1:30 a.m. Wednesday in the 3500 block of South Washtenaw Avenue when gunshots rang out, according to Chicago police.

    Outside the dwelling, a 38-year-old man, who police said was the apparent target of the shooting, was hit in leg. An errant bullet flew through a window of the home, tore through a couch and hit the girl in the abdomen.
No word on where the ACLU wants to run the post-shooting mission.


Nice Holdiay

No holiday slowdown - must not be too worried about being on Santa's naughty list:
  • Nine people were shot across Chicago on Christmas Eve, including a man who was killed in Austin on the West Side.
Of course, it being near sixty degrees out probably didn't help matters.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas

As always, be safe if you're working.

Enjoy the holiday if you aren't.

Expect delays for all postings and comments.


Home for Christmas

This Officer has been disabled longer than most careers....longer than probably 25% of the Department has even been alive, and he's in Chicago for the first time in sixteen years:
  • It’s a merry Christmas for Jim Crowley. The former Chicago police officer is home. Now 54, Crowley was 22 in 1987 when a drunk driver hit his squad car, leaving him with traumatic brain injuries. The accident also killed veteran Chicago police officer William Morrison.

    Crowley, who uses a wheelchair and needs help with every aspect of his life, has resided in specialized care facilities at several locations around the country since then, most recently in Texas. His younger sister, Beth Carter, made it a point to visit him every Christmas, but always made the trip a few days early so she could return home to Chicago to be with her young children for the actual day.

    But this year, she made it her mission to bring him home.
Go read it all and keep the Crowley family in your thoughts, today and every day.

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Still Giving Away Money

We have got to find this money tree that all Chicago mayors seem to have access to:
  • Thousands of Chicagoans saved more than $11.5 million by taking advantage of new city sticker amnesty and debt relief programs during the first three months of the initiative, Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office said Tuesday.

    The city launched the debt forgiveness program for sticker scofflaws in October, allowing residents who’d racked up hefty late fees to buy a new city sticker without being hit with the back charges.

    Nearly 9,000 drivers did just that to get into compliance, a ninefold increase over the previous year, according to the mayor’s office. In all, almost 11,400 residents were absolved of more than $11.5 million in outstanding ticket debt.
So there's an $11 million shortfall. Here's the thing - if we understand city finances (and we have a bit of experience here) that money has already been spent. We're serious.

The city bases all sorts of budget figures on "anticipated" revenue and spends as if it's already been collected. Trying doing that at home with your checkbook and see how fast the bank is knocking on your door, calling the sheriff and having you evicted. But here's Groot, canceling $11 million like it was nothing at all.....and in a way, we guess it actually is nothing at all.


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Beck's "Plans"

An interesting read, but we're pretty sure he isn't doing anything that Groot isn't telling him to do:
  • Anyone planning a trip to Chicago would be wise to avoid coming to town from December through March — undoubtedly the four most unpleasant months of the year, weather-wise. But that’s the timeline interim Chicago Police Supt. Charlie Beck will operate under as he works to grease the skids for whoever becomes the department’s next full-time leader.

    Beck retired as chief of the Los Angeles Police Department in 2018 after nine years at the helm. All told, he spent more than 40 years with the LAPD. Earlier this month, he was thrust to the top of the Chicago Police Department sooner than planned after Mayor Lori Lightfoot fired former Supt. Eddie Johnson amid an investigation by the city’s Office of the Inspector General.

    Beck has said he wouldn’t take the permanent job, even if offered, giving him the freedom to make unpopular decisions without worrying about political blowback. “I think that there’s a number of things that will benefit Chicago and the Chicago Police Department that can get done by an interim that would be a heavier lift for a full-time” superintendent, he said. “I wouldn’t have come here if I didn’t think that this would succeed. I have no interest in anything else. If I didn’t think that we could set things up for a better Chicago Police Department I wouldn’t be here.”
"Merit," ICE, weed, the Consent Decree and the FOP all get a couple of paragraphs, some of it obviously canned, some of it compared to what LAPD experienced. It gives a tiny little glimpse of the possible road ahead, but time will tell.

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Robbery/Homicide Section

Here's the draft order for some of the Detective reorganization currently underway (click for larger versions):

Interesting. This might be a halfway decent idea....depending on how it's executed.


Savini BS

For a guy who drives around drunk with his kids in the car and flees the scene of an accident, you'd think he might be a little contrite about casting stones around. Our friend Florian Sohnke at the ChicagoContrarian blog takes him to the proverbial woodshed:
  • In another piece of anti-police alarmism, CBS 2’s Dave Savini reported on an incident involving a Chicago police officer occurring on the South Side on Thanksgiving Day. A hot news flash fabricated to shake the world, Savini seized on an episode involving Officer Jerald Williams, who is assigned to the Chicago Police Department’s (CPD) Area South Gang Enforcement Unit. Reporting with agog over Williams’ encounter with Bernard Kersh, what began as a story of a man whose brain was pickled on alcohol provoking a police officer ended with Savini treating viewers with yet another fantasy tale of police delighting in barging into homes, harassing innocent residents, and marring a birthday party. Electrified by the affair, Savini focused not on an incident in which Kersh assaulted a police officer, but rather with Williams’ fondness with physical fitness. Williams, you see, is not only in the service of the City of Chicago, but is also a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitor. An issue Savini gazed upon to expose the supposably dark and incurably violent nature of policing, for those who may be overcome with the gnawing suspicion anti-police bias has seeped into Savini’s reporting, you are correct.
Go read it all.


Monday, December 23, 2019

13 Shot; ACLU Silent

Remember, we're stopping "persons of color" at overly high rates when compared to their total of the population of Chicago:
  • Chicago police are questioning a person of interest after 13 people were wounded, four of them critically, during a shooting inside a memorial gathering early Sunday in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side, authorities said.

    More people were wounded in the shooting than at any other in the city since at least 2013, when 13 people were shot in Back of the Yards, according to data gathered by the Tribune.

    The violence began about 12:40 a.m. at a house party in the 5700 block of South May Street commemorating the birthday of a man who died in a previous shooting. Someone at the party opened fire, sending 13 people to area hospitals, according to Chicago police.
This just in:
  • In response to the recent violence in Englewood, the Commander of the 016th District immediately ordered the arrest of a dozen Christmas carolers in front of the station to balance out any racial disparities experienced citywide after the mass shooting in Englewood.
Caught up in the dragnet were five Poles, four Irish, a Korean and a Jewish couple who happened to be looking for directions to Skokie and were not actually singing Christmas tunes....obviously. The ACLU applauded the Department for being so woke.

A few other points:
  • where is the post shooting mission going to be? Because if it's in Englewood, someone with the ACLU is going to whine;
  • why is no one in the media calling this a "mass shooting" and demanding the disarming of the ghetto?
  • why is there a party for a dead guy, who was shot and killed when he attempted to carjack a Concealed Carry Permit holder while he was already in another stolen car?
This is the type of person that is celebrated in Englewood?
  • “It’s so real, that lack of caring for life,” [Terence] Daniely said. “It’s reckless, just reckless. How does it continually happen? When is it going to stop?”
Well, you could stop having parties for dead carjackers - that might be a start.

And a shout out to aldercreature Coleman who actually said on camera that this isn't "representative" of Englewood. We don't know where you've been lately aldercreature, but this is EXACTLY representative of Englewood for our lifetimes, and we're nearing the half-century mark.

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Ed Sure Can Pick 'Em

One of Special Ed's dollies:
  • J[..] is done. DEA is sending her back. Found out about her lost gun then found it was used in homicide through ballistics while missing...only took 10 days for that. Lt JB in 011 lied on report for her. when will they get that turd? .. Meanwhile her brother is a homicide offender.... hmmm...how does she get any sensitive positions????much less still on job?
Anyone want to explain this one to us?  Seems like a lot of connected people ought to be stripped and sitting at Callback for this one.

Lori, you want to hop in on this "merit" choice? This is only one of many many that we've heard of.... and that IAD has sat on for years. Beck, what say you? Have you gotten that tour of the IAD Confidential Section we advised a while back?


All Aboard!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

What Is Ed Hiding From?

Well, it could be this (via a downtown source):
  • [C.D.] (#FatHeadEd’s side, side hustle) has hired a lawyer to sue him personally, the City and Department plus a few other exempts under #MeToo. City Hall was put on notice by her Attorney of their intention to seek compensation and job protections under an EEOC/Whistleblower (no pun intended) complaint in exchange for full disclosure of the last few years (including asking her to destroy the phone and sim/sd card).

    So, let’s get this straight...his wife Nakia Fenner was his side piece during his last marriage. For her troubles, she was eventually made (meritoriously) Sgt then given the Lt’s test and will get part of his pension in the divorce. Then, newly minted task force Sgt [J.H.] was his side piece after his marriage to Nakia only got stripes. Now, [C.D.] (his side, side piece) who was expecting a Sgt’s promotion but will have to settle for a huge bag of dough...jeeez, this guy’s a rolling ATM for these women!”
All of this (and more) will be included in the upcoming lawsuit, and what a lawsuit this one is going to be. Groot, you better find someone who can wade through all the bullshit that's about to be exposed. "Who knew what and when did they know it" is going to be a question that many are going to have to answer, in court and under oath. Stay tuned.



From a frequent reader:
  • I'm not one to ask for handouts. And this one isn't for me anyway. It's for a childhood friend and her husband (CPD) that recently lost their son (sheriff/suicide) and got scammed.

    Read the link [attached] and make your own determination. But getting some publicity hopefully will go a long way to making this family whole again (at least partially, they'll never be 100%).

    They wouldn't be asking for help if they didn't need it. They aren't deadbeats.
It's truly sad when someone takes advantage of your generosity. Every little bit can help ease the hit this family tool


500....and Still Going

And there it is, per HeyJackass.com, the ONLY trusted source for actual crime numbers:
  • 2:20p 6000 S Fairfield, Chicago Lawn, M/41 #500
Brace yourself for the usual end-of-year lies regarding totals - death investigations, expressway murders and parking garage homicides will be ignored, then added into the totals sometime after March.

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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Wrong Questions/Conclusions

  • As police traffic stops continue to spike in Chicago, the American Civil Liberties Union is asking why minorities are still pulled over much more often than whites despite court-ordered reforms as City Hall searches for its fourth police superintendent in 11 years.

    “Drivers of color continue to be stopped at higher percentages than their estimated local driving population,” the ACLU noted after statistics from 2018 were released. "And they are asked to consent to searches more frequently, with less contraband found, than white drivers.”

    There were roughly 490,000 traffic stops on Chicago streets last year, more than 200,000 than the previous year, according to data from the Illinois Department of Transportation. It was the third consecutive year of sharp increases.

    About 86% (421,000) involved minority motorists. Of those, 300,000 were black. That’s 61% of the total number of people stopped in Chicago in 2018, even though African Americans are about 31% of the city’s 2.7 million population. Nearly 68,000 of the stops involved white motorists.
Every time we see the ACLU start to spout this nonsense, we always ask:
  • Why are 80-to-85% of the homicides committed by black offenders?
After all, if we're only supposed to stop black people based on their population, then it only follows that crime numbers should be exactly proportional, too. Right? But they aren't. Imagine that.

And you have a dozen black aldercreatures DEMANDING increased police presence where 85% of the homicides and shootings are happening. What are the cops supposed to do? You get angry when CPD stops people (and folks), you get angry when we tell everyone to stay fetal.

Ten thousand guns "recovered." How many offenders charged? Does the ACLU have a racial breakdown for Crimesha's office?

And shouldn't the ACLU be asking why one-third of the Department manpower isn't allotted to white Districts? Oh wait, that part is racist.

The Slum Times does their part in piling on, closing with this bullshit:
  • A spokesman told reporters that CPD “shares the concerns” of the ACLU and continues to seek new ways — in hiring practices, officer training and supervision — to treat all residents of Chicago equally.

    Justice demands nothing less, nor does the pursuit of more effective policing.
That would be ideal...if crime was equally distributed across the racial spectrum. When you see gangs of Asians doing wholesale looting of stores, you let us know. Until then, keep beating the police with worthless statistics that do nothing except increase the desire to have nothing to do with the public at all.



....and counting.


Keep Being a Dickhead John

And remember northsiders who voted for Groot - she appointed him to a spot in her administration:
  • Vanquished former Ald. John Arena (45th) was accused Friday of using his $129,996-a-year job in the city’s Department of Planning and Development as a platform to continue fighting the man who beat him.

    Ald. Jim Gardiner (45th) said Arena showed up at a community meeting this week on the proposed $200 million development on the old Sears site at Six Corners and distributed literature and gathered signatures for Ellen Hill, who is running against Gardiner for Democratic committeeman.

    According to Gardiner and other community leaders who contacted the Sun-Times, Arena was also distributing scripted comments to help area residents hold Gardiner’s feet to the fire on the issue of affordable housing.

    Gardiner accused Arena of adding insult to injury by going inside the meeting, sitting in one of the front rows and giving him the finger.
Too bad no one had a body camera available to record this asshole.

The usual coverup began:
  • Planning and Development spokesman Peter Strazzabosco issued a brief statement that said, “The allegations, which the former alderman denies, are unacceptable for a professional civil servant. The Department of Planning and Development has addressed this matter internally.”
Strazzabosco is full of shit but he probably didn't have a hand in hiring this dickhead. When a cop gets disciplined, every nuance of the punishment is demanded by and released to the media. In fact, the former alderasshole / current asshole attempted to get upwards of thirty cops and firefighters brought up on Department charges for off-duty opinions. But political bureaucrats are a law unto themselves it seems.

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Where's Ed?

A whole bunch of comments and e-mail wondering where's Special Ed.

The consensus seems to be a non-extradition emirate in the Middle East, namely Dubai. So either Ed has fled the jurisdiction to avoid providing information to some investigative body looking into sex-for-promotions, uniform-items-for-kickbacks or process-servers-for-divorce-papers.

Or a whole bunch of people have nothing better to do for the holiday season. It's entertaining to say the least and this is an entertainment based blog. Carry on.


Friday, December 20, 2019

Life Plus Thirty-five

  • A man convicted of killing off-duty Chicago Police Officer Michael Bailey in a botched car-jacking attempt nearly a decade ago was sentenced Thursday to life in prison.

    Before handing down the sentence for [a worthless piece of shit we won't mention here], Cook County Judge Stanley Sacks pointed to multiple carjackings [this P-o-Shit] committed in the weeks before and after he shot Bailey, and to the fact [P-o-shit] was caught twice with metal shanks inside the Cook County Jail while awaiting trial. The judge also tacked on an additional 35-year sentence for one of those carjackings.
True justice would be this worthless turd being shanked to death in prison. We'll be keeping an ear out.


Crimesha on the Hot Seat

Someone noticed the massive uptick in shoplifting, especially downtown and at Mag Mile shops, but generally citywide:
  • Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx is facing criticism for the way her office is handling shoplifting crimes, and it comes at the height of the holiday shopping season.

    Thieves have been brazen and bold, scooping up merchandise and walking out of stores. Chicago Police report one of the latest cases happened Friday, Dec. 13, when four thieves entered a retail store in the 1800-block of West Fullerton, and walked away with more than 20 coats in their arms. There are also concerns in Chicago's Loop.

    "It's not like when I grew up," said Michael Edwards, president and CEO of the Chicago Loop Alliance, an organization that represents more than 200 stores on State Street. "People are coming in and grabbing armloads of merchandise and walking out of the store."

    Edwards said retailers are concerned about Foxx's retail theft policy. After taking office, Foxx raised the felony threshold for theft from $300 to $1,000. Thirty states have set their threshold at $1,000 or more, according to the Pew Research Center.
Channel 7 doesn't even mention the CrimeInBoystown blog that led the way on this story and posted the video that showed the brazenness of these thieves.

Crimesha says that she's shifting focus to gun crimes, which is a laugher, seeing as how CPD has (supposedly) taken 10,000 guns "off the street" and Chicago still is perched on the cusp of five-hundred dead and another twenty-seven-hundred maimed.

By the way, she set that "$1,000 threshold" policy in violation of State Law. There is no provision that we are aware of where a States Attorney gets to write law. They are supposed to follow the law as passed by the Legislature. You want to change it, go to Springfield and do it there. We're pretty sure her office will supply her with a car and/or airfare.

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Failure to Prosecute Again

So while Crimesha is taking a bit of heat about the nearly non-existent prosecutions of shoplifting offenders, this is where she ought to be taking a lot more flak from voters:
  • A 25-year-old man was denied bail Wednesday on charges he sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl who was studying at a public library while her mother was at a nearby laundromat in Morgan Park.

    Damond Hampton, who had been banned from the library after “bothering” women there several times since May, faced three counts of predatory criminal sexual assault when he appeared for the hearing at the Leighton Criminal Court Building.
Banned? Banned how? Was he asked not to return? To a public building? That isn't a "ban" by any stretch of the imagination. The way you ban someone is you have them arrested, prosecuted and then an actual Judge makes it a condition of bail and/or sentencing to "stay away" from a certain location.

How many times did that happened here?
  • A police spokeswoman said Hampton had been banned from the branch prior to the assault due to “his inappropriate behavior with female library patrons.” Prosecutors said Hampton had been accused of “staring at and bothering women” at least seven times since May.
Again, even the police spokesweasel won't say there was an actual legal or judicial order in place "banning" this child rapist from the building, mostly likely because Crimesha and her office would never, under any circumstances, actually prosecute a trespassing charge to a library. Who's going to sign the complaint? A city of Chicago employee? Not likely.

So thanks to a culture of not prosecuting a completely winnable trespassing charge (you were asked to leave, didn't, and the library head signs a complaint and follows up), a child will probably have to undergo years of therapy and bear the mental scars of "progressive justice."


COPA Clears Slandered Cops

The Arena/Perkins accusations are found to be unfounded on their face, which really ought to lead to more than a few lawsuits against the assholes making the charges:
  • At least 13 Chicago police officers have been cleared of wrongdoing in connection with allegations made by former 45th Ward alderman John Arena that the officers made "racially charged" comments on social media about a mixed-income housing development at 5150 N. Northwest Hwy.

    On Jan. 11, 2018, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability launched an investigation into 32 police officers following complaints filed by the former alderman’s staff member.

    In response to a recent Freedom of Information Act request, COPA released a document showing that the allegations against 13 of the officers were "unfounded." COPA did not respond to inquiries from Nadig Newspapers as to the status for the other 19 officers.

    The recent FOIA requests were made by one of the officers whose allegation of "verbal abuse" was unfounded by COPA. The accountability office released hundreds of pages of documents and e-mails, but the vast majority was redacted, the officer said.
This would be part of the post we did a few nights ago where COPA is refusing to fulfill FOIA requests and refusing the name the "confidential informants" who are almost certainly Dickhead Arena and his Lackey Perkins.

This is how badly sourced some of these accusations were:
  • The provided documents included a digital recording of COPA investigators interviewing a Chicago detective who in the recording said that he never posted the comments on Facebook which he was accused of. "That’s not my post, nor is it my account," the detective said.

    The investigators abruptly stop the interview after the detective tells them that the holder of the Facebook account is a relative who is not a police officer and that he does not have access to it.
That detective should have a slam dunk slander case against the accuser - which is EXACTLY why the Sworn Affidavit was written into law in the first place.


Thursday, December 19, 2019

Be Careful Overnights

The holiday season is upon us and with Christmas and New Years being in the middle of the week, a lot of amateurs are going to be out there, drinking and driving.

First, don't be one of them. You will be crucified.

Second, if you're working, watch out ones like this:
  • A Chicago police SUV was involved in a crash Wednesday morning.

    According to officials, the incident took place in Jefferson Park around 12:30 a.m. when the driver of a red Kia went through a red light.

    Two officers were taken to local hospitals.

    Officials said a DUI investigation is underway for the 38-year-old driver of the Kia.
We didn't get a screenshot of the story, but the offending vehicle is almost on top of the squad car and it could have been much worse when this ass blew the light. Officer Gordon was killed some fifteen years ago by a drunk at an intersection in 011.


500 Fast Approaching

HeyJackass.com, the only place SCC trusts for realistic numbers, has Chicago at 494 homicides, with a dozen days to go.

Barring someone finding a boxcar full of bodies, 011 has what can only be described as a lock on their SIXTH homicide title in a row. Why does anyone even stay there, citizens or cops?

And we're looking at a weather report that says a string of 40 degree days are on tap for the weekend.


Broadcasting Crime

The CrimeInBoystown blog has an entertaining video up:
And the article:
  • Video posted to Facebook this weekend shows four adult shoplifters casually strolling out of a Lincoln Park store with as many coats as each one can carry. Meanwhile, a stunned store worker trails behind, seemingly helpless to do anything about it.

    Marshall’s “just got they dumb ass got” Facebook user Binky GZ wrote in her Dec. 13 post. “They walked out this bitch with hella coats.” No doubt about that.

    Video is rolling as the men walk past the check-out lines one-by-one with piles of winterwear.

    The second thief has so many coats in his arms, he can barely see over the top of the stack as he walks.

    But the third man has more style, preferring to keep his haul of about 10 coats neatly arranged on their hangers as he hot-foots it toward the door.
They video and broadcast their blatant thefts. If the police showed up, the store would refuse to sign complaints anyway. But why bother since Crimesha would refuse to prosecute in any event? You'd only be exposing yourself (and taxpayers) to liability. Better that everyone should pay an extra ten percent (or more) so that this type of thievery can occur on a daily basis.

Anyone know what the lame-stream media won't pick up this video and broadcast it? It can't be that hard to find.


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

We Hate to Say It

But we told you so - as did about one-hundred of our readers:
  • Chicago Police officers pointed their guns at people 246 times during the month of November and the first day of December 2019, according to new data obtained by CBS 2.

    The data were released as part of an order called a consent decree, in which a federal court stepped in to oversee reforms at the Chicago Police Department (CPD). The consent decree went into effect earlier this year; November was the first month CPD was required to collect data on times officers point their weapons at people under the agreement.

    Under the rules, the CPD must notify the Office of Emergency Management and Communication whenever an officer points a gun at someone.

    Most of the incidents occurred on the city’s South and West sides — places predominantly populated by people of color, and which see the highest levels of gun violence, according to city data.
And guess where it's happening a lot?
  • In Chicago’s Harrison (11th) police district, the area with the most reported incidents, CPD officers pointed guns at people 23 times in November, data analysis by CBS 2 shows. The 11th district includes Chicago’s West Garfield Park neighborhood, as well as parts of East Garfield Park and Humboldt Park.

    In the Englewood (7th) police district, which covers the Englewood and West Englewood neighborhoods, officers pointed guns at people 22 times.
These are the places where crime is the highest, 011 just celebrating the 70th homicide of the year, nearly twenty more than the closest competitor. These are also shitholes where the citizens routinely shoot at each other in broad daylight, around schoolchildren and with careless disregard for any passersby.

But See-BS doesn't mention any of that. They also don't mention that during all of those incidents, only one person was shot, and that jagoff was pointing a gun at the police when he got his scrotum blown off.


Hey Look

  • The Chicago Police Department announced Tuesday the number of detective areas in the city is expanding from three back to five in order to improve response times, particularly on the West Side.

    Former Mayor Rahm Emanuel shuttered two of the original five.

    Mayor Lori Lightfoot mentioned the plan in October, and a report from the Police Executive Research Forum recommended the expansion, saying it was challenging to effectively police large areas and respond in a timely manner.
01 April is the target date (not an April Fool's joke) and rumors of a class (or classes) of one-hundred-fifty detectives to back-fill the expected amount of movement have begun making the rounds.


This Sounds Soooooo Familiar

  • A Chicago mob figure convicted in the landmark Operation Family Secrets investigation more than a decade ago was arrested Tuesday on new federal charges alleging he stole from Social Security.

    Michael “Mickey” Marcello, the half-brother of former Outfit boss James Marcello, was indicted on a charge he stole more than $44,000 in Social Security funds between September 2017 and May 2019.

    Marcello, 68, of west suburban Wood Dale, pleaded not guilty to the one count of theft in a brief hearing in U.S. District Court and was later released on his own recognizance.

    His attorney, Catharine O’Daniel, said Marcello will fight the charge.
Fight the charge? Why bother? You can plea multiple felony charges down to a few months home confinement and pinky-promise to pay all the money back at no-interest, just like a certain police commander. Goose, Gander, equality before the law and all that, right?

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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Hilarious! Truly Hilarious

Guess who got shot yesterday in 017?

No, not Rahm.

Herbie, the "herb dilla," car thief, part-time gang artist and general all around scumbag.

Rahm, you and your media lackeys can send us your apologies via our regular e-mail.


New Area Set-Up

So we had this sent to us, and we found it lying around the station earlier yesterday (click for larger version):

Going to need some more detectives shortly.

Discuss. More detectives shortly?


Merry Christmas!

Break yo'self!
  • A group of teenagers ran wild Saturday evening in the Loop, attacking people who were enjoying a night of holiday fun. One woman said the teens hit her in the face with a bottle for no reason. And an EMS crew took a man to the hospital for treatment after eight youths battered and robbed him on the street. It all played out in about 20 minutes, witnesses said. No arrests have been made.

    [...] Three victims told that officer that the teens had jumped them without warning outside a nearby Panera Bread.

    The brawling group broke into smaller parts and fled through the Loop, with a large contingent running northbound toward the Chicago River. About ten minutes later, a group of eight teenage offenders attacked a 39-year-old man as he walked with his wife on the first block of East Lake Street, CPD spokesperson [...] said.

    The teens pushed the man down, then hit and kicked him before they robbed him of personal belongings and fled westbound toward State Street, police said. The victim was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital with cuts to his face and knees....

    Moments after that, a woman reported that a teenage boy hit her in the face with a bottle as she walked with a group of friends near Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive.

    Also around 8 p.m., a woman in her 50’s told police that a group of teenagers who appeared 16- or 17-years-old attacked her near the McDonald’s at 119 North Wabash.
No descriptions were given, and this was - once again - covered by the CWB blog.


And Once Again...

  • Two grade school-aged boys armed with baseball bats robbed a man in Lakeview on Sunday afternoon. They then battered a CPD sergeant who tried to take them into custody at the Belmont Red Line station minutes later, according to Chicago police.

    Both juveniles, ages 12 and 13, are facing multiple felony and misdemeanor charges.

    A 25-year-old man told police that the boys approached him around 4:40 p.m. as he looked at his phone on the 800 block of West Belmont outside a Target store. The boys took the man’s phone, and one of them tried to strike the victim with a bat before both juveniles ran away toward the nearby CTA train station.

    After a witness called 911, officers who monitor the Town Hall Police District’s surveillance camera system spotted the offenders standing on the southbound train platform. CTA briefly halted inbound service at the station to keep the boys from escaping by train. The boys then resisted arrest and battered a police sergeant who tried to take them into custody on the platform, police said. The sergeant declared a “10-1” police emergency to draw immediate help to the scene.

    Both boys threw their bats from the platform and fled from the scene. Back-up officers captured both of them after brief foot chases, according to a CPD spokesperson.
And were they housed at the Audy Home? They probably didn't even miss a meal at home and will most likely be out roaming Boystown looking for more easy prey this weekend. Pity they didn't get shot a few times, because a bat is a deadly weapon against everyone....except the police.

(we only saw this story on the CWB blog - anyone else?)


Monday, December 16, 2019

You've Got to be Kidding

You want to lose the City of Chicago? Because this is how you lose the City of Chicago::
  • Foul language dangerous to Recruits!

    This week at the Academy, a veteran police officer with a distinguished career, well respected amongst peers and past recruits alike, was relieved of his position on the gym staff and relocated elsewhere because he was deemed ‘a danger’ to recruit training!

    As it turns out, the foul language and sarcastic comments he uttered during recruit punishment for tardiness - hurt these snowflakes feelings so irreparably - that their homeroom instructor (another veteran officer and marine !!!?? ) had to come to their rescue. This brave homeroom Veteran, cast Vicariously as both Villain and Victim, was vivified at the viciousness of the verbose gym veteran’s villainy, and vowed to seek a vendetta, not in vain, but to vanguard the victims virginity.

    A CR was initiated against this barbaric officer as recruits hands were held as they recorded their hurt feelings and the spoken bad words in to/from subject reports.

    While the ending of this story is still unfolding, you can sleep safely at night knowing that while future PPOs might not have the same physical skills acquired by prior recruits, nor be as well prepared for violent encounters, or be fortified with mental toughness to withstand personal insults and ethnic slurs, they will be well trained on documenting bad words and hurtful language used by officers and offenders alike!

    Stay safe friends, because the city won’t.
Because the denizens of the west and south sides are going to be oh-so-gentle with their words and actions once these snowflakes hit the streets. This used to be an actual City of Big Shoulders, rough sports, and rougher politicians. Mayors Thompson and Cermak were well-known brawlers back last century and even old man Daley ran with the Homburgs, a "social" group of young men who campaigned for Bridgeport politicos very....enthusiastically. What happens when the antifa pansies show up?

Somewhere, Carl Sandburg is spinning in his grave while Marsh and Tero grind their teeth. Gun up citizens.


COPA has Confidential Informants?

And their trolling your social media, copying inordinate amounts of files and failing to sign affidavits in violation of state law:
  • During a recent FOIA request, COPA informed a requestor that there is information that could not be released due to it compromising the identity of their confidential source. So apparently COPA gets to now have “CI’s” and run covert investigations.

    One minute they’re getting Search Warrants for Officers property, the next they’re working with Confidential Informants.

    This same FOIA request also revealed that the same “confidential source” went back as far as 2013 to report a social media post that was made by an Officers family member. Yes, they are now not only spying on us, but our family members, as well and have every intention of holding us accountable for what others post to social media.
Here's the relevant portion of the reply to the FOIA request (click for larger version):

Sounds like former alderasshole Arena's little helper Leslie Perkins was busy downloading a lot of social media postings. By the way, those 12 CD's would hold roughly 8.4 GIGAbytes of information - about 4.2 million pages of printed material, which works out to 840 boxes of paper (10 paper reams of 500, 5000 pages per box). That a lot of information for a so-called "oversight" agency. It certainly sounds like a lot of government overreach, too.


"Do Not Call Police" List

Mayor Lightfoot, you really ought to look at this as a cost-saving proposition:
  • Last week a unit responded to a H-and-M store in the South Loop when an employee, who saw a regular [shoplifting] crew in the store again stealing anything they could, called 911. Once on scene the officers observed the manager scolding the employee for calling the police as they were told by the store’s corporate headquarters that “H-and-M will no longer prosecute shoplifters because of prior incidents in the stores”.

    Asked to repeat it, the store manager supposedly once again stated that H-and-M will not prosecute for retail theft and it’s documented on the officers BWCs. Any bets on how long H-and-M stays in business?
So if the police are called, what are they supposed to do? Escort the thieves from the building? Block traffic so they can get away cleaner? No complainant, no crime, even in the presence of officers.

We already know that even if H-and-M signed a complaint (which they have stated they won't) Crimesha won't prosecute. So why respond at all? Responding opens up officers and taxpayers to ungodly payouts due to accidents, excessive force allegations, property damage claims.

If OEMC had a list of addresses and businesses that will not prosecute, then it's better if CPD doesn't respond at all. And this is the good part - announce it loudly and publicly at a press conference. Taxpayers like to know when politicians are saving them money - in fact, a lot of them like to vote for politicians who save them money. You can use it to fund all sorts of things, like pensions.

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How Drunk?

  • Humor can often be the most disarming thing and put people in a position where they're questioning things that they might not have otherwise," said Matt McLoughlin, a lanky man with a thick handlebar mustache and a tiny ponytail, as he and a few acquaintances settled at a table in the center of Ceres Cafe in the Board of Trade building. On the night of Wednesday, October 16, Ceres became ground zero (or perhaps one of several ground zeros) for an evening of drinking and alleged romantic indiscretions by Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson. He was fired by Mayor Lori Lightfoot on December 2 for allegedly lying about what he did that night.

    After the mayor's announcement McLoughlin didn't hesitate to call on the city to gather at Ceres and mark the occasion by getting "Eddie Johnson drunk." The Facebook event he created started trending immediately; more than 2,300 people ultimately responded they were "interested" and more than 700 said they were going.
We wish we have heard about this earlier - we would have given it some decent play.

But it truly isn't "Eddie Johnson Drunk" unless it ends with.....well, you know.


Sunday, December 15, 2019

Starbucks Again

So earlier this month, Starbucks allegedly fired an employee in Oklahoma who put the word "pig" on an officer's order, an order the officer was picking up as a Thank You to his dispatchers.

Then late last week, two Riverside California deputies were blatantly ignored for at least five minutes waiting to place an order at another Starbucks. The company insists this a was simply a customer service oversight and the deputies weren't deliberately ignored, but rather the employees were "inattentive." If you think that sounds like bullshit, you'd be correct as video shows others customers being served promptly.

One would be hard pressed to not think that Starbucks was run by assholes, employing assholes. Then you have yesterday's Sergeant test at McCormick Place, where there happens to be a Starbucks on the premises:
  • So after [my fellow officer] got home from taking the Sergeant test at McCormick place...... She went on to tell me that the Starbucks in McCormick place refused to allow any officers in the shop because another event was being held by a group that “wasn’t comfortable around guns”!!!! I myself am tired of this shit!!! Starbucks has proven time after time they are not supportive of our officers.
Why anyone would ever go into a Starbucks unless it was for a call is beyond us. The coffee is substandard and the corporate structure is supportive of openly discriminating against the police. They closed down every shop earlier this year, supposedly to teach their staff not to be "biased" against freeloaders sitting in their shops, stealing their wifi, without purchasing a single item, but cops with money are openly disdained, mocked or refused service by Starbucks, even in a building owned by the City of Chicago.

Anyone spending a dime there is enabling the police hating culture. Fuck them. If you can't find an alternate coffee shop or a Mom-and-Pop operation that brews a decent cup of coffee, you aren't trying hard enough.

UPDATE: There are more than one in the building. The one on the testing floor was closed - which is amazing in and of itself. Who doesn't know cops drink coffee, especially midnight cops coming into a test?


Open Post for Test Questions, Answers

Compare and debate and ask questions regarding the Saturday test.

Wherever possible, cite Orders.

Note: This site is monitored sporadically, so if you post something, it might not see the light of day for a few hours (we work the same odd hours you do) and then the replies might be a dozen hours behind that. Be patient.

Off topic stuff will be deleted when we can get to it.

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Liberal Stupidity

The libtards in New York, not happy with rising crime rates, have decided not to jail people who carry weapons or fight the police (yes, you read that correctly):
  • Under the City of New York’s so-called justice reforms, suspects will no longer be held in jail for carrying weapons beginning in January.

    Offenders found in possession of a wide array of weapons – including guns, switchblades, swords, machetes, and stun guns – will instead be issued a “desk appearance ticket” and “set free,” the New York City Police Benevolent Association (PBA) pointed out in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

    Lawmakers also eliminated cash bail for hundreds of other criminal charges.

    “This law starts on Jan. 1st for ALL of New York, not just New York City,” the PBA noted in another post.
  • An 18-year-old Barnard College freshman who was killed in a park near campus fought her teenage attackers in what police called a robbery gone wrong, authorities said Friday.

    At a hearing Friday night for a 13-year-old boy charged in the stabbing death of Tessa Majors, authorities revealed alleged details of her slaying...
If NBC could tell us what a "robbery gone right" is, we'd appreciate the information. When will New Yorkers get sick of this crap?

And speaking of stabbings, two more in the touristy part of Chicago:
  • A 30-year-old man was walking with his girlfriend at 12:07 a.m. in the 300 block of North Michigan Avenue when he got into an argument with a group of people, Chicago police said. The altercation with the four males and two females became physical, and he was stabbed in the chest and back with an unknown object.

    A 23-year-old man passing by tried to intervene, but he was stabbed in the thigh, police said. Both men were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition.
No one in custody and no descriptions available for some odd reason.

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Sergeant Exam Today (UPDATE)

Don't be surprised if stuff is delayed around here.

A few of our people will be otherwise occupied.

Good luck to everyone.

UPDATE: So what did you think?

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Long Vacation for These Five

  • Five women from Chicago are accused in a cross-country shoplifting spree. The women were arrested in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

    Police said the women stole more than $1,500 from a local supermarket. The suspects then fled the scene but were pulled over shortly after during a traffic stop, police said. A search of their vehicle turned up a total of $25,000 worth of stolen beauty products, such as makeup, teeth whitener and hair care products.

    Antoinette Avant, Casha Jackson, Kanissha Price, Elena Rios and Kimberly Coffer are accused of stealing the merchandise from various locations, according to arrest reports.
In their defense, they claimed to have gotten away with waaaaay more shoplifting in Cook County and hadn't yet racked up the necessary ten convictions to elevate the charges to felonies.

Detectives in Kentucky immediately called in narcotics sniffing dogs and a judge ordered blood and hair samples to be taken to find out exactly what these five idiots were smoking/ingesting.


Northside "Kidnapping"

The detectives are having trouble verifying even a single portion of this story:
  • Two men were found handcuffed and duct-taped after telling police they were kidnapped on the Northwest Side Thursday night and police are now questioning their account.

    Chicago Police Spokesman Anthony [Google-me] said, "As you may suspect, we take reports like this extremely seriously. In their preliminary investigation to corroborate information, Detectives have serious concerns about legitimacy of what was reported to police. Our investigation continues."

    The victims, ages 65 and 55, told police they were in a van waiting for the light to change in the 4000-block of North Milwaukee Avenue at about 11:37 p.m. when three suspects got out of a white van.
We just wanted to point out that 4000 North Milwaukee is.....Irving Park Road.

So even if crime isn't legit, it's happening on Irving Park Road. Be careful northsiders!


New Exempt Cars

Please let this be true:

This would make exempt members instantly identifiable when they're driving through Indiana at a high rate of speed.

UPDATE: But not when they're slumped over the wheel getting some from their "merit" interviewees.


Friday, December 13, 2019

Osvaldo, You Ignorant Putz

After three (THREE!) bites at the "merit" apple and more than a few sexual harassment beefs from female officers at every assignment he's been at, this asshole thinks he's entitled to another promotion? And he goes to the press with it?
  • A Chicago Police Department lieutenant filed a lawsuit Wednesday claiming he was passed over for promotions because of his race and because of comments he made about the investigation into former CPD Officer Jason Van Dyke’s fatal 2016 shooting of Laquan McDonald.

    Lt. Osvaldo Valdez filed the suit Wednesday afternoon in Cook County Circuit Court, naming the city, former Mayor Rahm Emanuel and former CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson as defendants.

    In the suit, Valdez claims the city violated the First and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution as well as parts of the Illinois Constitution by denying his promotion to the rank of captain or higher because he is Latino and because of statements he made about the Van Dyke investigation.
Um, there are plenty of other officers of Hispanic extraction in high spots, so that doesn't hold water. And if you can't keep your mouth shut and toe the company line, what makes you think you're entitled to a spot that is completely contingent on.....keeping your mouth shut and toeing the company line?

We haven't seen anyone act this entitled since Special Ed's wife sued for a Captain/Commander spot based solely on the fact she was sleeping with the dude in charge (while he banged everything else that stood still long enough).

Any enterprising reporters want to FOIA the EEOC beefs that pop up wherever this guy works?



Billboard seen south:

Is this anywhere else? Because some areas around downtown and Boystown might be interested in hearing about other options rather than the Machine politician who's making victims out of tens of thousands of taxpayers.

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Quid Pro Quo!!!!

This story was buried at the bottom of an article on a $1.2 million "settlement" to a gang banger who was caught burglarizing a garage, high on cocaine and alcohol, who died in custody (good riddance).

After distracting the readers with yet another article about City Council cowardice in not fighting these completely winnable cases, you find this:
  • Also Wednesday, the Finance Committee signed off on Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s plan to abolish the Irving Park/Elston tax increment financing district.

    Local Ald. Samantha Nugent (39th) withdrew her earlier objections after being assured the city would find the money to install ornamental metal signposts to identify the Old Irving Park neighborhood she represents.
Isn't this exactly what the libtards in Washington DC are complaining about? Is Nugent Ukrainian? Because she bargains like a Ukrainian oligarch. Ornamental metal signposts? Seriously?

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Six Months Suspension

  • The city's police disciplinary panel Thursday night suspended a Chicago police sergeant for six months after he was found to have unjustifiably used deadly force when he shot an unarmed teen with mental disabilities in an off-duty incident two years ago.
The "merit" sergeant, who's been hidden down at "Pillows" West's office for a while now, avoided criminal charges altogether.

Perhaps someone downtown can now explain why a sergeant, who merely approved reports he was ordered to approve so the exempts could go home for a shooting he wasn't even on the scene of, got fired earlier this year.

The disparity is incredible to say the least.

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Welcome to Chicago Charlie

  • Black and Hispanic aldermen unloaded on interim Chicago Police Supt. Charlie Beck on Wednesday for abolishing merit promotions used to bolster the number of minority supervisors in the ranks of the Chicago Police Department.

    “I told him I was completely against it. It puts the department back 20 years — even further than that,” said Ald. Chris Taliaferro (29th), the former police sergeant now leading the City Council’s Committee on Public Safety.

    “I agree with the superintendent that it probably has been abused. There’s a lack of transparency. But why not fix those problems and the abuse rather than getting rid of the whole system of merit selection?”
Well, see the post up top for starters. A three-time "merit" goof thinks he's entitled to yet another bump in pay and pension without once having mastered or demonstrated any actual ability at his previous three spots. In fact, the City and Department are probably on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars due to his behavior, not to mention the other millions for promoting unqualified persons.

Aldercreature Taliaferro has a workable suggestion for reforming the system?

Oh. He doesn't. He just want to bitch and moan without an actual solution. Of course, he can't mention that he and other aldercreatures feel that minority officers can't succeed on their own. Taliaferro claims he made it without "merit," which may well be true. How did he succeed? What enabled him to pass the test high enough to get promoted to sergeant? Why can't he sponsor some sort of study group that teaches a proven test-taking technique? Wouldn't that be something to strive for?

That would be an actual solution - the best qualified people getting promoted to those posts.


Thursday, December 12, 2019

Shots Fired at CPD

  • Three men are in custody after shots were fired at police Wednesday during a traffic stop in South Shore on the South Side.

    About 12:05 a.m., officers on patrol requested assistance in an attempt to make a traffic stop in the 6900 block of South Merrill Avenue, Chicago police said. An additional CPD squad car went to assist in the stop and while behind the vehicle, a black jeep, man from the jeep allegedly opened fire on the officers.

    No officer was struck or injured, police said. The jeep then attempted to flee and crashed into a parked vehicle in the 2100 block of East 67th Street.

    The passengers of the jeep, three adult males, attempted to run from the crash, but were all taken into custody, police said. Two weapons were found.
This on the heels of an extremely bad December for Law Enforcement nationwide. Stay alert ladies and gents.


Doing What Needs Doing

An Officer was killed in New Jersey yesterday, prior to what turned into an HBT incident spanning something like ten hours. Three others were killed before police managed to kill the two assassins. Two other cops were hurt by rifle fire.

You want to see some heroism:

There's video somewhere, we just can't find it at the moment, but the Sergeant leaves cover, runs over to the downed officer, and is starting to drag him by the back of his vest, before he finally got his legs under him, all while shots are ringing out. We don't know if he's holding his torso or has a busted arm, but he was down on the ground in a lot of pain.

That's one ballsy sergeant, doing what needed to be done. Whatever medals Jersey City has, they aren't nearly enough for what we saw on the video. Maybe she ought to apply to be Superintendent here.

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About that Shooting

In 011 a few nights ago. We know we didn't cover this, and reviewing the media reports, they didn't cover it either:
  • This past week, a Chicago based man who seems to have a history of firearm blunders is now facing some serious charges after an interaction with police had turned into a shooting.

    Charges have been filed against a man who was shot in the leg by Chicago police after he allegedly pulled a gun while trying to elude officers that wanted to question him.


    Less than two months ago on October 15th, he was charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon when he accidentally shot a woman while showing his gun to co-workers at a Wendy’s restaurant in Alsip.
He was out on low bail FOR A GUN CHARGE when he was caught dirty with another gun, pointing it at police, who shot him in the scrotum.

Alsip is in Cook County. So is Chicago. And the States Attorney for Cook County is.....Crimesha! So we guess we have her to thank for this one. Is the FOP making a list of all the criminals she's released of failed to charge that end up committing the same (or worse) crimes? They should be.

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Most Dangerous Street?

You'd think it was in 011 right? The most dangerous beat for a few years now has been 1133 or 1134. The Sun Times did a big story on it a few years back. The District itself sits on 1134's beat, so that would be amusing that even a two-story police station housing four-hundred cops can't deter homicides, but we're wondering if there's an even more dangerous road in Chicago far away from the west side:
  • An Elmwood Park man ambushed a fellow chef in the kitchen of a Portage Park restaurant during the dinner rush Sunday, fatally stabbing him with a 9-inch fillet knife for several minutes as he fended off coworkers trying to stop him with cutting boards and a chair, prosecutors say.

    Jesus Martinez, 37, was charged Wednesday with first-degree murder in the murder of 35-year-old Cory Neill, who both worked as chefs at the Foundation Tavern and Grille, 5007 W. Irving Park Rd., according to Cook County prosecutors.
Irving Park Road seems to be attracting more than its share of homicides this year. Just about every single homicide in 016 has happened on Irving, including the five dead in a mass murder, the bank robbery that ended with a cop shot, another bar fight/homicide in front of a bar.

Someone ought to do something.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Well Well Well

This is something:

  • Interim Chicago Police Supt. Charlie Beck on Tuesday told officers that he will not make any merit promotions during his time leading the department.

    In a Tuesday email to officers, Beck said, “I continue to hear that members have been dissatisfied and discouraged by the merit promotion system.”

    Beck added that he will recommend his successor also not use the much-maligned system and will encourage the department to hold promotional exams every two years in the future.
Mr. Beck, we address you directly now. Hopefully someone points you to this posting as a sort of educational missive - perhaps Mayor Lightfoot can read it, too:
  • "Merit" was put into place to correct imbalances in certain representations. The fact is, not a single piece of paper, directive or order ever delineated what constituted "merit," so everyone correctly assumed it was political in nature. And then, as it continued, you had "merit" people picking "merit" people, people who were owed favors, until now there isn't even a handful of the brass that ever earned a score high enough to get promoted on their own. We're including the cheaters across the years, especially from HQ. The last "merit" board even disregarded it's own rules and voted on their own "merit" picks.
  • As greedy people are wont to do, the 30% for "merit" wasn't nearly enough for the politically connected. Secret study groups were formed where the actual test was taught to certain people, so now, in addition to the 30% "merit," cops had to compete with 20-or-30% more who "made it by score," which was far from the truth. Check out a certain Chief of Patrol - his admin sergeants scored one and two on an exam for lieutenant....and then his next admin sergeant scored number one again. Either he was the best judge of talent in the history of the CPD or the test that he helped write ended up in someone's hands.
  • The most recent lieutenant exam was a doozy. Gene Williams led a secret study group that placed six people, all from IAD and all friends of the then First Deputy's wife, in the top ten -  a statistical impossibility seeing as not a single one of them had gotten promoted to Sergeant on their own! The First Deputy's wife allegedly had a perfect score - again, an impossibility given her previously un-promotable score. Add to that the four or five husband/wife teams that had near matching scores and ranking, and the strange number of sons and daughters (and spouses of same) of a certain Captain (who just happens to be the cousin of the current First Deputy) scoring miraculously high on tests, and one has to wonder if any of it is legit.
  • This means that instead of 70% of the slots being awarded to high scorers and (supposedly) more capable people, we were scrambling for 40% of the slots...40% on a good day. It was probably even less than that.
What did all of this mean? Well, we can say with a high degree of certainty, that upwards of 90% of CPD scandals centered on or were led by a "merit" pick. We hope you don't doubt us. Special Ops, Broken Star, Flagg's crew, pederast "merit" Sgt Elkins, "merit" Sgt Lesner's gun, Johnson's IRS scam, "merit" Sgt Elizondo, the continuing Escamerit follies, Johnson's johnson, the list is near endless and in every case, a "merit" supervisor or someone brought onto a team by a "merit" supervisor, even if the supervisor avoided direct responsibility.

You really want to see what's what? Head over to the Confidential Section of IAD. You're the Superintendent - you own it. Sit down and read those files. Hopefully, you'll be appalled at the "merit" bullshit that gets covered up on a weekly basis. The trouble is we wouldn't know who to tell you to trust to walk you though it all. We used to know a couple dozen cops we'd trust with anything and everything. Sadly, that number has dwindled to about half-a-dozen.

So, does this new policy survive Beck's three months? Or Lightfoot's single term?

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