Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Stop Being Criminals!

  • Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot on Monday convened the first of two days of meetings with city, county and federal law enforcement officials to hammer out details of their joint plan to combat the traditional surge in summer violence.

    The first meeting was scheduled to take place at Chicago Police headquarters at 35th Street and South Michigan Avenue. It includes Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and U.S. Attorney John Lausch.
Whoops! Spotted your problem. Right there in the second paragraph:
  • ....State’s Attorney Kim Foxx....
She's the Weakest Link - too many people not being prosecuted properly means they're out on the street instead of sitting in Dart's jail awaiting transport to prison.

Of course, the other three aren't exactly lighting the world on fire with the jobs they've been doing. Special Ed is (still) covering up corruption, playing politics with promotional processes and pretty much a failure. Dart is Dart and part of the Prickwrinkle Machine. Lausch is making some waves indicting aldercreatures, but is essentially untested at this point.

But including Foxxx in anything crime-related is an invitation to failure.


Updates on Future Changes

You'd think a new mayor was coming in or something with all the moves underway. As predicted though, Special Ed was pissed that the scheduled changes made it here before he got a chance to make them. Sorry (not sorry) about that. Our spies are buried deep in HQ's business and have been for years.
  • Valadez couldn’t pass the vetting so they had to dig deep into the non-existant decimated Hispanic upper ranks to replace Noel Sanchez.
  • Look for one more Commander (Joyce to A/F) and 2 more Captains from the current Captains-in-Training list to be made
  • Saldana dropped his resignation today, so Roman is being shifted from 019 to 014.
Expect more "adjustments" as Special Ed doesn't want his moves protecting/advancing his people to be undone by LightGroot taking over and putting her people in places.

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Springfield Follies

The new socialists continue to propose insanity in the State Capitol. This one is brought to out attention by a regular reader:
  • Please take two minutes to fill out a witness slip OPPOSING HB1115.

    There is a currently a bill in the Illinois Senate that proposes to prevent the Department of Corrections from using Electronic Monitoring (aka house arrest) to monitor felons after they get out of prison or jail on parole. Right now, the Department of Corrections can determine if someone needs to be monitored through the parole board. If passed, the bill would take away the option. The state is trying to offer “freedom and support” to people who have been a constant in the criminal system..... People who get out on early release will not be monitored. Keeping them in prison forever is not always a option, so we need some monitoring to be done to these criminals. Would we rather have EM? Or nothing at all to high profile criminals.

    There is a hearing on the bill on Wednesday in Springfield. Please go to the link below and fill out the witness slip and mark yourself as an OPPONENT of the bill. This will let the Committee know that the community opposes this.

Elected officials are attempting to remove even that tiny little protection at the State level for tracking early release felons.

Use the link provided to make your voice heard.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Another Crimesha Scandal?

  • A jailhouse informant who got a sweetheart deal to testify against a former cellmate charged with killing 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee in an infamous gang revenge shooting isn’t reliable enough to take the witness stand at the trial scheduled for this fall, a Cook County judge ruled Thursday.

    The deal obtained by the informant — a five-year sentence on a reduced aggravated battery charge — led to his release on parole in January, but now he won’t have to testify after all at the trial of Dwright Doty.
Nice deal - reduced sentence for testimony too shady to be given. How the Hell did that happen?
  • The turn of events came after the informant backtracked on a key detail while testifying at a hearing Thursday, prompting Judge Thaddeus Wilson to question his credibility and bar him from testifying for the prosecution at Doty’s trial.

    The informant originally told authorities that Doty confessed to him in graphic detail in 2017 about Tyshawn’s slaying and the separate killing of 19-year-old Brianna Jenkins.

    [...] But when he took the stand at Thursday’s hearing, the informant testified he never actually heard Doty say anything about Jenkins’ murder. When he signed the plea agreement indicating otherwise, the informant said, it “must have been a mistake.”
So this asshole gets a great deal on an Aggravated Battery charge and the case against an even bigger asshole who shot a nine-year-old in the face over a dispute with the dead boy's sperm donor just got that much more difficult to win.

Hey Crimesha? These jagoffs are the ones that you might actually want to keep in prison for maximum sentences.

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Good News

  • A man who fatally shot a would-be carjacker in the Loop has been cleared through investigation and will not be charged with a crime, Chicago police said Sunday morning.

    In a shooting around 3:15 a.m. on Friday, a 41-year-old concealed carry license holder drew his own weapon after being confronted with a gun near the intersection of State Street and Ida B. Wells Drive, police said. He was in his 2015 BMW when he was rear-ended by a 22-year-old man in a 2019 Volkswagen, according to officials.

    When the man in the BMW got out to check the damage to his vehicle, police have said, the other driver pulled a weapon, announced a carjacking, demanded the man’s keys and shoved the man into the BMW, where he was able to retrieve his own gun from an area on the passenger side of the car and fatally shoot the man in the head.
A couple of questions:
  • Did he get his gun back yet?
  • Did someone slip him a round to replace what he expended?
  • When is the parade?
The grateful thanks of many thousands of taxpayers to the involved citizen.


Great Editorial

This is one of the best take-downs of Crimesha's disastrous tenure in office:
  • The Cook County state’s attorney’s office is a mess. In fact, it is the very mess that voters might have anticipated in 2016 when then-candidate Kim Foxx’s credentials and ethics were challenged.

    During the campaign, she inflated her felony trial experience and sidestepped questions about her once-lapsed law license. And since taking office she has not cited conflicts of interest in large personal injury cases brought against the county by the same law firm that paid her consulting fees and whose partners contributed tens of thousands of dollars to her campaign.

    Up to now, the issue of her credentials has been largely dismissed in the face of her rising celebrity. Today, however, it is clear that a discussion of Foxx’s qualifications was important. Her inexperience, poor judgment and misaligned sense of ethics — not her race — have led to the state of mistrust we endure today.

    The core problem is that the state’s attorney’s office is being managed — or mismanaged — by a politician who touts reform but lacks the competence and professional legal judgment to manage a highly complex prosecutor’s office. More alarming, it appears she is unable to balance the scales of justice to ensure that the system serves the community at large.
Go read the entire editorial from a former ASA. The election of Foxxx served to illustrate one thing above all others:
  • the complete abdication of media's responsibility to keep voters informed
That is probably what is driving part of the media's anti-Toni/Crimesha narratives of late. The media chose a side, not unlike what they did at the national level, and lost sight of what made them valuable to the voters/consumers. The dead-tree media is shriveling up and the electronic media is so beholden to corporate interests, they've forgotten how to actually investigate incompetence on the part of politicians, directly affecting the Rise of the Blogs (witness CWB for starters). And the Burke indictment (along with numerous aldercreatures), coming so close to an election, really brought the simmering voter disgust with the process to a boil.

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Scheduled for a week from Wednesday:

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Contract Settled!

Thank goodness. It's been.....what? We're writing a blog here!

::::whisper whisper::::

You have got to be shitting us??
  • For the past seven weeks, the musicians of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra have been on strike over two issues above all: salary and pension.

    The musicians voted unanimously Saturday afternoon to ratify a contract settling those matters, following negotiations Friday with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office. The CSOA board, which manages the institution, was scheduled to vote on the new five-year contract agreement Saturday evening.

    Regarding salary, the contract calls for an increase of 2 percent during the first two years of the contract, 2.5 percent the third year, 3.25 percent the fourth year and 3.5 percent the fifth. The contact would be retroactive to September 2018.
On 30 June, Chicago Police Officers and Detectives will have been without a Contract for two years.

That same day, Sergeants, Lieutenants and Captains will have been without a Contract for three years.

And there's Rahm, helping "settle" a contract in mere days.

Maybe we need the Pipe and Drums to negotiate to get this asshole's attention?

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Fire Rescue

  • Two women were injured, including an 84-year-old who suffered burns to more than 70 percent of her body, when a fire broke out Saturday afternoon at a Lakeview East neighborhood high-rise.

    Also among the injured and first to the scene were two Chicago police officers who rushed into the smoke-filled building at 3318 N. Lake Shore Drive, banged on doors and helped the women get out, said 19th District police Cmdr. Marc Buslik.

    The blaze started about noon in the elderly woman’s fifth-floor apartment.
They also alerted other residents to self evacuate. A valiant effort under trying circumstances. Well done Officers.


Crimesha Subpoenaed

Prickwrinkle, are you paying attention? Your handpicked States Attorney is dragging your Machine down:
  • Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has been subpoenaed to appear in court as a lawyer seeks the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Foxx’s handling of the Jussie Smollett case.

    Retired appellate judge Sheila O’Brien, who filed the petition for a special prosecutor, also filed a subpoena for Foxx’s top deputy, Joseph Magats, and another document requesting Jussie Smollett appear at the hearing.

    O’Brien requested Foxx, Magats and Smollett produce the original documents in the “Empire” actor’s criminal case to “assure” the public “that they have not been altered or destroyed and will not be destroyed throughout this case,” court documents show.
Sneed also has a piece about how Smell-it's past "charity work" is nothing but a scam. It's amusing that she's piling on the "bash Crimesha/Smell-it" bandwagon and using Dart's spokespeople to undermine Prickwrinkle's Machine.

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No Bail?

  • A 25-year-old man previously convicted of battering a police officer has been denied bail on charges he fired a gun multiple times at an unoccupied police cruise earlier this week in Montclare.

    Joshua Carrasquillo faces felony counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer, unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and reckless discharge of a firearm in the incident, which Cook County prosecutors said happened across the street from the oil change station where he works when he appeared for a hearing Saturday at the Leighton Criminal Court Building.
He surrendered peacefully, right?
  • When officers showed an hour later up at Carrasquillo’s home in the 2700 block of North Neva they found him still wearing the uniform, prosecutors said. Carrasquillo “became belligerent” when the officers tried to take him into custody and kicked one officer twice in the groin and spit on him. Carrasquillo kicked another in the face and twisted a third officer’s arm. He was taken into custody after the scuffle, and a gun was found in his back pocket, prosecutors said.

    Later, Carrasquillo bit a fourth officer in the thigh as he was being moved into a cell at the Grand Central District police station at 5555 W. Grand, authorities said.

    Prosecutors noted that Carrasquillo has a pair of felony convictions, including a 2015 conviction for aggravated battery to a peace officer for which he was sentenced to three years in prison.
Gee, a felon with a gun in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.

Must be a day ending with a "y."


Hey Investigative Reporters?

Since you seem to have found your testicles, here's another freebie:
  • Speaking of the county and it’s “budget”, a few of us had Juvy court today and the washrooms there are absolutely disgusting. They haven’t been cleaned in months. How do I know . . . because the same hershey squirts were on the floor that were there a month and a half ago when we were there for the same case and the fungus in the urinals has grown even bigger. They reek of piss and the yellow “wet floor” sign that’s stuck to the floor isn’t there because they recently mopped it but because of the copious amounts of urine on every surface! I’m betting the judge’s restrooms sparkle.
These are public areas. You can sneak a camera in and get some undercover pictures, you know, like real reporters.

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Big Shakeups

All sorts of rumors erupting out of HQ:
  • Mel Roman to 19
    Jill Stevens captain of 18
    Street Deputy Kennedy
    Tirado Area central dep Chief
    Street Deputy Chung
    Nieves to Intelligence
    Rubino to 24
    Chief of OCD Valadez
    Chief of IA Alexander
    Randall Darlin to xo Area CENTRAL
    Don Jerome is getting 9
    Karen Konow Deputy Chief IA
    Commander of 6 now Dep Chief of OCD
    A/S Det Lt.Muhammad to commander of 6
    Chris Poppanio to 12 Dist”

    Additionally, Noel Sanchez, former chief organize crime, asked to leave
    Sue Moss asked to leave
There will also be nine lieutenants sent to Captain training - including Eric Carter's wife and a few former pin cushions of assorted exempts getting ready to leave.

We haven't seen these moves on paper yet, but someone did - it's all over HQ and by making it here, might have short circuited some moves.


Carjacker Killed (Hooray!!!)

  • A man with a concealed carry permit told police he shot and killed another man who ran into the back of his BMW in the Loop and then demanded the keys to the car at gunpoint early Friday, authorities said.

    The owner of the 2015 BMW said his car was rear-ended by a Volkswagen near Ida B. Wells Drive and State Street around 4:30 a.m. The man said he got out to look at the damage and then went back to the BMW to get his cellphone.

    The driver of the Volkswagen walked up with a gun and demanded the keys, pushing the other man into the BMW, police said. Both were inside the BMW when the owner grabbed his own gun and shot the other man, 22, in the head. The wounded man was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
The VW the offender was driving was stolen, so he was looking for an upgrade. Unfortunately for him, he got downgraded about six feet.

He was also out on bond.

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This is Legal?

If you have less than fifteen years, your seniority just went down by one:
  • Remember the [recruit] in the academy in 2017 with the cane? She broke her ankle in the academy in 03, sat on payroll for 14 years because she “fell thru the cracks”. Was told in 2017 to come back or she’s gone. She came back, but zero PT because she’s allegedly “disabled.”

    They fired her. She sued.

    Guess who won their suit and is supposed to be in the next class? Along with her 15 years seniority? And yes, she’s still supposedly disabled.
So now we're going to hire a fourteen-year medical abuser, who can't/won't do physical training, give them permission to carry a gun that will never see street time?

Oh, and she's five years from a pension. Brilliant.


Friday, April 26, 2019

Double Standard Exposed

  • 21-year-old Candace Clark of Hoffman Estates says she’s the victim of a Kim Foxx double standard, and a Cook County Judge agrees. On April 11, Clark appeared in the Rolling Meadows courtroom of Cook County Judge Marc Martin, facing a single felony count of making a false police report.

    Clark is accused of giving an acquaintance access to her bank account and then telling police money had been stolen, something she denies. According to a transcript obtained by FOX 32, Judge Martin hammered prosecutors, asking, “I’d like to know why Ms. Clark is being treated differently than Jussie Smollett. It’s a disorderly conduct case. A lot less egregious than Mr. Smollett’s case. I have a problem with it.”

    Prosecutors were demanding that Clark make full restitution of $2,800 and serve deferred prosecution, something not required of Smollett.

    “Ms. Clark is not a movie star, she doesn’t have a high-priced lawyer,” said Judge Martin. “And this smells big time. Your office created this mess. There’s no publicity on this case. Press gets ahold of this; it’ll be the newspaper."
And speaking of the CWB blog, they came up with this handy little cheat sheet to show exactly how badly Crimesha's office is "screwing" everyone except Smell-it:

Everyone else had to accept a guilty plea of some sort indicating responsibility and therefore, negating the possibility of some lawsuit claiming.... oh we don't know .... that they were framed by the evil police or something.

UPDATE: Yes, we know everyone else isn't getting "screwed" except in the sense that Smell-it got off while they have criminal records. In this case, Crimesha screwed the taxpayers.

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Untouchable One, Not the Other?

  • A state oversight board concluded that Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke did not violate judicial conduct rules when a political fundraiser was held at her home for Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.

    The Judicial Inquiry Board completed its review into Burke’s conduct related to the January 2018 fundraiser and “determined to close the matter,” according to a letter it sent this week to political consultant Jeffrey Orr, who had called on the board to investigate.

    The panel offered no explanation, stating that it was prohibited “from disclosing specifics regarding its decision, findings or information about its deliberations on any matter.”
A Machine politician being held accountable? Or the Board investigating Anne giving taxpayers an explanation? Not in this corrupt shithole.

But can the Feds make one stick on the other Burke?
  • Federal prosecutors want more time to seek an indictment against Ald. Ed Burke (14th) in the corruption case that earlier this year rocked City Hall in the middle of campaign season.

    Facing a May 3 deadline to seek what is generally expected to be a wider indictment from a grand jury against Burke, prosecutors asked a judge Thursday for 35 additional days. If the judge grants their request, their new deadline would be June 7.

    That means the indictment likely wouldn’t arrive until five months after Burke was first charged with attempted extortion in a criminal complaint. The longtime alderman managed to win re-election in the meantime.
A extension plays both ways. Either the feds are looking to fine tune the indictment or the web has suddenly gotten a bit bigger due to other malfeasance uncovered during the initial investigation.


Chase Refresher Course

  • The family of a 37-year-old woman who was killed by a stolen van being pursued by Chicago police during a high-speed chase through Englewood in 2015 will receive more than $21 million from the city of Chicago, attorneys for the family announced Wednesday.

    Late Tuesday afternoon, a jury reached their verdict, awarding $21.3 million in the civil case before Judge Joan E. Powell at the Daley Center.

    The trial lasted three weeks, said Andrew Touhy, a spokesman for the law firm Romanucci & Blandin, which represented the family of Maria Carrion Adame. It took the jury all day Tuesday to come to a decision, according to Touhy.
Until they come up with a car disabling laser of some sort or a standard "kill switch" it is not worth it to chase for pretty much anything.


Liberal Eyes Opening

Once it starts to impact the bottom line, everyone becomes a Law and Order type:
  • Business owners say since the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office stopped prosecuting lower-level retail theft, things have gotten worse. They’re hoping to see that change, and are also calling for more police presence along Michigan Avenue.

    “The more police activity and presence on these corners does help, without question,” said Clayton Sussman, a jewelry store owner.

    In the past week, police have arrested more than 50 people in connection with the groups.
Ya think?



Are the paybacks are beginning before LightGroot takes over?
  • OCD Chief Noel Sanchez has been demoted back to Captain.

    FatHeadEd getting his retribution before Rham leaves.

    D. Alexander named acting Chief of OCD. Sounds like Kennedy to take Dep Chief OCD
And yet, Escamerit remains.


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Judge Reddick, Squash This Quick

  • An attorney for a four-time felon charged in the killing of Chicago police Cmdr. Paul Bauer said in court Wednesday that he is exploring an argument that Bauer was shot in self-defense — a tactic that would surely prove controversial in the high-profile case.

    Attorney Scott Kamin, representing Shomari Legghette, requested access to Bauer’s disciplinary and training records in preparing his defense.

    Cook County Judge Erica Reddick said she would review the records in private before deciding if they would be relevant to the defense.

    In raising the need for the records, Kamin noted that Bauer and Legghette were alone together at the bottom of a stairwell outside the Thompson Center at the time of the shooting, so “there is a question of self-defense,” he said.
Except there is no provision for "self-defense" where an arrest is concerned.

Persons are REQUIRED BY LAW to submit to an arrest and then seek redress via the civil process should said arrest be determined to unlawful. Otherwise, everyone will be resisting on the street for even petty offenses and the law of the jungle will apply - with a lot more people getting shot.

Officers at court registered their disgust with this line of defense:
  • The comment earned murmurs of disdain from police officers and civilians who routinely pack the courtroom for hearings for Legghette at the Leighton Criminal Court Building. The group remains standing for the duration of each hearing as a show of support for the slain commander.
This better get squashed quickly, unless you want a wholesale fetal movement to take hold across the State.

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Gallows Issue #2

For your reading pleasure (click for larger version):

Escamerit is in for a long summer. Maybe if LightGroot demoted a few of the more egregious assholes, she could rally some support from the rank-and-file.


Another Governor to Prison?

  • Democratic Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker, his wife and his brother-in-law are under federal criminal investigation for a dubious residential property tax appeal that dogged him during his gubernatorial campaign last year, WBEZ has learned.

    A law-enforcement source familiar with the investigation confirmed to WBEZ that the probe, which has not been revealed publicly until now, began last October and remains active. There are no signs that criminal charges are imminent.

    WBEZ has also confirmed that Illinois First Lady MK Pritzker’s personal assistant who was involved in the property tax appeal, Christine Lovely, is being represented by one of Chicago’s most high-powered lawyers. Her attorney, Reid Schar, is a former federal prosecutor who helped convict ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on corruption charges.

    The developments demonstrate that the billionaire governor and his wife may face a serious legal threat arising from their controversial pursuit of a property tax break on a 126-year-old mansion they purchased next to their Gold Coast home.
Unfortunately, we think there might be a tiny little double-standard where rich people are concerned. So while Jaybee "the Hutt" is most certainly a typical rich scamming Illinois politico, this is more likely to end in a fine than jail time.


Bunny Arrested

  • The costumed star of a viral video of the "Easter Bunny" throwing punches in defense of a woman on a sidewalk in downtown Orlando, Florida, on Sunday night has been identified — and, according to law enforcement, he's got a lengthy criminal record that includes multiple armed robberies and a warrant out for his arrest in New Jersey.
It was fun while it lasted.


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Quality Control Oops

  • Two people have died and at least 14 others have been hospitalized in a series of drug overdoses Tuesday on the West and Northwest sides.

    A 50-year-old man was found dead of an apparent overdose at 6:28 a.m. in the 600 block of North Homan Avenue, according to Chicago police. [...].

    About 9:40 a.m., multiple overdoses were reported in the area around Chicago and Homan avenues, police said. About the same time, multiple callers also reported a silver-colored SUV driving around the area selling drugs.

    At least 14 people have been hospitalized at Mount Sinai Hospital, Norwegian American Hospital, Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center and West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park, police said. A Chicago police officer used Narcan, an opiate overdose antidote, on two of the people who were taken to hospitals.
We have an e-mail that says 011 actually ran out of Narcan last week. Hopefully, they get some more just in case a cop comes into contact with this garbage.

We guess you can't expect the best quality control from west side dope dealers.


Transparency? Accountability?

Not for Crimeisha! (sorry about the continual Crimesha posts, but she's the one in the news):
  • State’s Attorney Kim Foxx will not meet with the Cook County Board to discuss her office’s handling of the Jussie Smollett case, according to a letter from Foxx obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

    In her letter to the board, Foxx cites her recent decision to refrain from publicly commenting on the matter during the ongoing investigation by the county’s Office of the Independent Inspector General.

    “Until the conclusion of this ongoing review, I do not feel that it is appropriate for me to comment publicly on the Jussie Smollett matter,” the top Cook County prosecutor said in the letter.

    Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison, R-Palos Park, last month, had asked for Foxx to appear before the board to explain her office’s abrupt decision to drop 16 charges of disorderly conduct against Smollett for allegedly staging a fake hate crime attack.

    “I’m aware we can’t compel her to speak to us, but the Cook County Board does control her budget, but this transcends beyond that,” Morrison said at the time.
Every decision Crimeisha has been making (or been told to make) has been exactly the wrong one. She demands transparency across the board... but provides none of her own. Everyone is accountable...except her and her office. This arrogance is not playing well in the city, the burbs or the sticks. In fact, seeing as how Toni just got pasted by almost 75% to 25%, every reminder out there that Crimesha is part-and-parcel of the Prickwrinkle Machine is cutting into their support.

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An Actual Recusal?

We seem to remember a fake "recusal" just a few weeks ago. Is this one for real?
  • The case of a man accused of scuffling with Chicago cops will be handled by a special prosecutor after officers involved in the incident cited links between State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and the defendant.

    Eight Chicago police officers filed a petition last week asking for the special prosecutor in part because Foxx appeared at a news conference April 6 at Rainbow/PUSH headquarters and later posed for photos with Jedidiah Brown, who has been charged with battery against police officers.

    On Tuesday, Foxx’s office filed a recusal request with Circuit Judge Leroy K. Martin Jr. and Martin granted the recusal. A hearing for the appointment of a special prosecutor was set for May 9.
This is the case referenced here and elsewhere a week or two ago where gadfly and mouthy pussy Jedidiah Brown committed a Battery to the Police....and Crimesha passed on actually prosecuting a case where video proves the charge. The FOP and eight plaintiffs filed suit to remove Crimesha and reinstate the case.

Hey Prickwrinkle? Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

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  • Two bodybuilding brothers say their reputations were trashed by lawyers for Jussie Smollett, but proving the actor’s celebrity attorneys owe them damages may mean proving the same case against the “Empire” actor that Cook County prosecutors dropped last month.

    Brothers Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Smollett’s lawyers, Tina Glandian and Mark Geragos, claiming the two lawyers smeared them on national television and in podcast interviews after Cook County prosecutors abruptly dropped charges against Smollett a month ago. But defamation lawsuits often hinge on one issue: whether the alleged harmful statements were true.
We're imagining that this is a play for a payoff, but it may have the unintended consequence of validating the police investigation as portions (or all) of the sealed records become public - including cell and text messages from some politically heavy players being forced into the light.

That probably won't be allowed to happen, so expect some sort of settlement (i.e. a bribe) to drop the lawsuit shortly.

Looks like Crimesha will be left behind to deal with the fallout.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Seriously Crimesha?

  • Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has received a series of threats against her life and safety in the wake of her office’s decision earlier this month to abruptly drop criminal charges against “Empire” star Jussie Smollett, according to a high-ranking staffer and a political ally.

    Jennifer Ballard Croft, Foxx’s chief of staff, confirmed Monday that Foxx’s “physical safety” has been threatened in the wake of the Smollett case.
So a case that started with fake threats via the US Mail is ending on a similar note. According to the article, Crimesha has hired "private security." Why not sheriffs? After all, she works for Cook County. Oh wait, that would mean she would have to show actual threats had taken place, not vaguely worded mail that was probably mailed by the same person who sent Smell-it his "threats."

Don't worry Crimesha - you can always drop the charges against yourself.

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We need some of this here:

Apologies, but it was too funny not to post.


Monday, April 22, 2019

Great Job 003

  • As Johnny Stokes was driving on 71st Street, he knew his pregnant daughter, Kaliyah, would not make it to Comer Children’s Hospital in time to give birth to his grandchild. So when he got to Cottage Grove Avenue and saw the District 3 police station, Stokes pulled over onto the sidewalk and asked Chicago police officers for help.

    Stokes’ daughter, who was in the passenger seat of his 2006 Black Chevy Tahoe, was in active labor during the car ride to the hospital. Stokes said his daughter’s due date was last week and she had been experiencing contractions, about 12 to 13 minutes apart. Her water had broken that morning.

    “I guess she was ready today,” Stokes said at a press conference Sunday morning.

    The baby girl, Ava, was delivered by police officers early Easter Sunday morning. The mother and baby were transported to Comer Children’s Hospital and are reported healthy and safe.
Very well done Officers.


Another "Merit" Embarrassment?

So there was a homicide in 001 early yesterday - a rare enough occurrence. And someone had to interject themselves into the situation in full view of the media:
  • An off-duty Chicago police sergeant is being investigated by internal affairs for his potential interference at the crime scene of a fatal shooting Sunday in the Loop.

    A 24-year-old man was driving in the 500 block of East Lower Wacker Drive about 3:03 a.m. when someone in a dark-colored SUV fired shots, killing him, Chicago police said.

    According to police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, the off-duty sergeant was in the area at the time of the shooting and “made contact” with officers investigating the crime scene. The off-duty sergeant then attempted to enter the crime scene, at which point he “got into an altercation” with the 1st District officers who were on duty.
The Tribune had it, too - both papers - so it had to be blindingly obvious what a tool this idiot was.

We don't care who you are - the on duty personnel are always in charge and always correct. They are answering to the on duty supervisors and their primary purpose is the preservation of the scene, the evidence and victim/witnesses. They shouldn't be wasting time with someone who should know better....or someone who should have known better if they had actually been the police at some point.

Guess how the off-duty sergeant was described?
  • Slurring his words, the sergeant told officers he had performed CPR on the victim and punched one of the suspects, the photographer said. After the sergeant was removed, officers took two other men who were with him to an area away from the scene to talk to them.

    The sergeant was taken to the district office for an internal affairs interview, Guglielmi said. He did not name the sergeant, saying that “no charges have been filed, and this is an administrative investigation.”

    There is no record of the sergeant attempting to perform CPR or any other crime scene assistance, Guglielmi said. Alcohol may have also been a factor.
Don't worry though - the sergeant (who we are told is yet another "merit" pick) has promised to sue the on-duty cops. If true, that would be a crying shame. We would certainly hope his name and unit don't make it to the blog so everyone could know exactly who he is, how he behaves and who his "merit" sponsor was. Thanks sarge, we really needed you to be a completely unprofessional asshat at a downtown homicide scene.


Sad Ending

  • As 32-year-old Mark Miller chatted on the phone with his 64-year-old father, rescheduling their plans to see “Alita: Battle Angel,” he suddenly heard several loud pops.

    Then, his father’s voice: “Mark, I’ve been shot.’’

    The 64-year-old, who was checking on plumbing repairs at his son’s property, and a man recently released from state prison on parole fatally shot each other Thursday morning during what Chicago police said appeared to be an armed robbery gone wrong.
Quick question for the Tribune reporters:
  • How does an armed robbery "go right"? Think about it.
The victim is described as follows:
  • The elder Miller’s brother, 59-year-old Larry Miller, said he was not surprised to hear his brother defended himself during the shooting, using his own gun. “Yes, it sounded like him,’’ said Larry Miller, adding his brother grew up in the Stateway Gardens housing development. “He was very tough,’’

    [...] “He was the type of person that could take control of a situation but, you know, not make it about himself. “He always thought that he should protect himself and protect his home.’’
Which is the entire point of having a CCL.

How was the offender described?
  • Court records show the suspected robber had an extensive criminal background with numerous arrests and felony convictions for gun and theft charges. The man was released from the Pinckneyville Correctional Center on stolen vehicle and gun convictions exactly a month to the day he was killed, state records show.
Our condolences to the family of Mr. Miller.


Sunday, April 21, 2019

OT Doors Swing Wide

Rumors are the Lightgroot phoned in her displeasure the other day following the 500 over-exuberant youth further destroying Chicago's reputation as a tourist destination. That was why there was a sudden "overtime initiative" practically begging for anyone and everyone to work their RDO today.

Units had to reach out to everyone who was off and get a list together within hours so downtown could put together a list of personnel who would be available. Amusingly, HQ told everyone they'd be working in their Districts of Assignment....at first, but you could potentially (almost 100% certainly) be deployed elsewhere (meaning downtown) should wilding break out.

You can expect this sort of short-term "solution" all summer long. And then someone in the media will bitch about overtime expenditures going through the roof again. Make it while you can.


While You're Awake

017 is just about as bad off as 016:

Nine officers, no wagon, and a single 10-4 unit.

How about some south side sheets?


Saturday, April 20, 2019

Aldercreature Says What??!?

  • A Chicago alderman believes “soft on crime” policies by Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx helped embolden hundreds of teens who took part in a massive "wilding" in downtown Chicago Wednesday night.

    Chicago police say more than 30 teens were arrested, and it has merchants on the Mag Mile jittery.

    Police estimate about 500 teens, spurred on by social media, flooded into the downtown area, many intending to create havoc.

    Tourists scrambled as a huge brawl broke out in Millennium Park and police say the teens snatched purses and cellphones, and flooded into stores to smash and grab merchandise.
And who is this brave soul?
  • "If there's no consequences to criminal acts you're going to see an increase in criminal acts,” said Alderman Brian Hopkins.

    Hopkins, whose second ward includes part of North Michigan Avenue, says it's clear looking at social media that the teens flooding downtown last night are emboldened by new policies by Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, who has declined to prosecute many low level crimes like shoplifting and theft.

    "You don't even get a slap on the wrist anymore. You get a ride home. So that's happening in increasing numbers and it's disturbing and it has implications for the downtown area, where retailers are seeing their shrinkage rates from theft increase dramatically,” Hopkins said.
Welcome to the party pal. Only what we've been saying here since....2006? But now that downtown merchants are starting to bitch about crime impacting the bottom line does this milquetoast step up and point out the obvious.

Hey Brian? Start calling for Crimesha's resignation and we'll make you an honorary blog-reader.

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Weed Smokers to "Rally"

If they can remember how to get downtown that is.

20 April is sort of a pothead national holiday.

And some of our rambunctious youth are looking for a confrontation:

Remember to have your sergeants fill out the Exposure Reports if they breathe smoke on you.

Maybe keep a bag of Twinkies on standby.

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Lawsuit for Special Prosecutor

  • On Thursday, eight Chicago police officers formally asked for a special prosecutor in the case of Jedidiah Brown, an activist who allegedly assaulted them. Brown appeared with Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx at a press conference regarding her handling of the Jussie Smollett case, and reportedly worked for her political campaign in 2015, yet Foxx's office is still overseeing the case against him. The officers are demanding a special prosecutor take over the case instead.
Go read it all. There are links to numerous other sites reporting on Crimesha's misconduct and near the bottom of the main page is a link to the motion to have a Special Prosecutor to reinstate, investigate and charge Brown appropriately.

Meanwhile, Crimesha's office is roiled by another resignation:
  • Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s chief spokeswoman has left her post amid the fallout over the office’s abrupt dismissal of all charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett.

    The sudden departure comes as a document dump earlier this week revealed that the office was largely caught flat-footed by the massive negative response to the stunning reversal to let Smollett walk despite allegedly staging an attack on himself.
That would be the third (known) resignation, though we're told there are more that haven't seen daylight yet.

Guess who doesn't want a Special Prosecutor?
  • Attorneys for Jussie Smollett don’t want a special prosecutor to investigate how the Cook County State’s attorney’s office handled the “Empire” actor’s criminal case.

    Smollett’s Los Angeles-based lawyers on Thursday filed a motion opposing former state Appellate Court Judge Sheila O’Brien’s request for a court-appointed special prosecutor to probe the abrupt dismissal last month of criminal charges against the actor for allegedly staging a fake hate crime attack near his Streeterville apartment.
The Smell-it case has nothing to do with the Jedidian Brown case, but it shows that Crimesha's office is in a free-fall.

How long will Prickwrinkle let it go on? Because Crimesha is now an anchor on all sorts of democratic office seekers and incumbents next year. She could bring down a large portion of the ticket.

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While You're Sleeping

This is what's protecting you up north:

Fourteen total cops. No wagon (unless a beat car doubles as 1671). Only two 10-4 units, so help is a long way off. Be safe.

Anyone know what 008 or 022 look like?


Hey Golfers

Save the date:

(comments closed here)


Friday, April 19, 2019

Car 100 is an Asshat

Wednesday night was goofy. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 teens running amok and guess who pulls a Positive Community Interaction number over the air?
  • My favorite moment last night was Commander Piggott telling everyone to slow it down at Millennium Park, nothing is happening, just a large group of children outside on a nice day. Then he pulls an event number for a PCI?! Then, not more than 20 seconds later, all of Millennium Park goes up and he’s screaming for cars and they’re fighting and pepper spraying each other! You sure have earned those 4 ribbons you’ve got on your dress Uniform Boss.
Everyone, and we mean everyone, knew this was going to go off. There were flyers on line for god's sake telling people (and folks) to come downtown. Someone in command had nearly two-hundred cops on standby, but hey, Car 100 is telling everyone it's just a normal night, nothing going on, and then he's in the middle of a shitstorm he refused to see coming?


Groundwork for an ACLU Lawsuit

  • Social media, a warm night and spring break for Chicago Public Schools all combined to draw hundreds of teenagers downtown for the evening Wednesday.

    Some just spent time with friends like thousands of others who enjoy the city in summer. Others got into fights and tense confrontations with police.

    It’s a perennial issue in Chicago as summer comes: Teens connect with hundreds of others within seconds online and congregate in the Loop and along the Magnificent Mile, sometimes resulting in chaotic encounters with officers trying to contain the crowds.

    Officers in the downtown and Near North Side districts over the years have used a variety of tactics, including directing the teenagers onto trains and buses that carry them out of the area.

    But such strategies have raised concerns about the rights of teenagers who aren’t causing problems, especially when most sent away from downtown are black and from the South and West sides.
You can see the field of battle being prepped already. Make sure you have direct orders (and a few officers as witnesses) before you end up on the receiving end of a lawsuit - because Car 100 or Car 1800 aren't going to be at the defense table with you - they'll be allowed to retire and collect inflated pensions while you try to explain how you were able to line up CTA buses to send altar boys and prom queens back to the west and south sides.


Nice Shooting There Tex

  • A 9-year-old boy was critically injured after being attacked by a dog and a second child suffered a graze wound after the dog was shot Wednesday night, Chicago police said.

    Police said the boy was at a relative's house in the 9800-block of South Indiana Avenue at about 8:11 p.m. The boy was attacked by the family dog and then a relative fired a handgun and killed the dog. A second child was grazed by the gunfire.

    The 9-year-old boy injured by the dog was transported to Comer Children's Hospital in critical condition. The second child who suffered the graze wound was also transported to Comer Children's Hospital, where the child's condition stabilized.
Expect another series of anti-gun laws to be proposed shortly.


Another Crimesha Resignation

  • Two deputies of embattled Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, including the ethics officer who wrote a memo announcing Foxx had recused herself from the Jussie Smollett prosecution, will leave the office in coming weeks, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

    Both April Perry, whom Foxx appointed two years ago as the first chief ethics officer, and Mark Rotert, a veteran prosecutor and civil attorney who revamped the review process the office used to review wrongful conviction claims, will leave Foxx’s staff on May 3, according to letters obtained through a public records request.

    Perry submitted her resignation Wednesday, and an email sent to staff states she is taking a job as general counsel for a tech start-up. Rotert filed a resignation letter on March 27, coincidentally, the day before the office dropped 16 counts of disorderly conduct charged against the “Empire” actor, Rotert told The Chicago Sun-Times.

    “(Smollett’s case) had absolutely zero percent to do with my decision,” Rotert said in a phone interview.
Right - just one of those coincidences that always seem to crop up in politics.

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Not Only Chicago Shrinking

  • The Chicago area’s population declined for the fourth year in a row in 2018, according to the latest Census Bureau estimates.


    Chicago is suffering the demographic realities—an aging population that’s retiring and dying faster than it can be replenished by births or immigration—that come with being a large, aging city at a time when growth is happening in the Sun Belt and the oil patch. Changes in immigration, driven by both politics and economics, also have had a big impact.

    Only Pittsburgh had a greater population decline than Chicago, in percentage terms, among the U.S. metropolitan areas of more than 1 million people.
  • The nation’s largest city is losing population for the first time in more than a decade, new federal estimates show.

    International migration into New York City’s five boroughs tapered off, as more residents left, shrinking the city’s population in 2017 and 2018, according to U.S. Census Bureau numbers released Thursday.

    New York’s population dropped 0.47% to 8.4 million by July 2018, compared with the previous year. Census officials previously estimated that New York’s population grew by about 7,000 in 2017, but revised figures show it actually dipped by about 38,000, a 0.45% decline from the prior year.
We know what's driving Chicago's population loses. What's up in New York?


Thursday, April 18, 2019

100 Stolen Benzes?

  • The Chicago Police Department released a statement Wednesday afternoon warning of fraud against a rental company that believes scammers are using a mobile app to rent high-end vehicles.

    The rental company, Car2Go, said some of its vehicles, specifically, Mercedes-Benzes, may have been taken through deceptive practices, the statement said.

    A Car2Go spokesman said the company is suspending its service in Chicago for the time being.

    "We are currently working with law enforcement to neutralize a fraud issue," said the spokesman. "No person or confidential member information has been compromised.”

    As many as 22 stolen Mercedes-Benzes were recovered Wednesday by police and about a dozen people were arrested, according to law enforcement sources.
No rental agreements? Just a hackable app? Our sources say thirty cars were recovered on the west side (010, 011) just Wednesday and upwards of twenty persons are in custody. Guess what one of the cars was used for?
  • A 25-year-old man was also seen in a stolen vehicle tied to the fraud shortly before getting into a squabble with a security guard Tuesday afternoon near Madison Street and Homan Avenue in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, law enforcement sources said. The man, who had a gun, was shot in the right ear by the security guard and was pronounced dead at Mount Sinai Hospital.
Crimesha says since it's just a property crime, everyone arrested will be home in time for dinner, and Special Ed says anyone chasing stolen vehicles will be stripped.

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SA Office Slanders Cops, CWB Blog

Anyone doubt that Crimesha's people are at war with the police, law and order, and ordinary citizens [from the CWB blog]?
  • The Cook County state's attorney's office late Tuesday released hundreds of text messages and over 3,000 pages of often-duplicitous emails related to the Jussie Smollett hoax hate crime case.


    Our reporting makes a number of appearances in the produced documents. In one exchange, top staffers in the prosecutor's office appear—uh—disappointed to learn that CWBChicago found that every other person who faced the same charges as Smollett under Kim Foxx was forced to plead guilty to a felony before the state would agree to settlement terms.

    In another text thread, a top Foxx adviser called Chicago police detectives "the worst" as he wrongly blamed those investigators for the "leak" that led to CWBChicago's breaking news that a grand jury had charged Smollett with sixteen felony counts. Another staffer calls CWB "the culprit" responsible for reporting the grand jury's action.
CWB blog has links to all of the material. Interesting reading how Crimesha bad mouths cops, detectives, alternative media, victims, and even Smellit himself - so who exactly is she working for?

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Is This a Thing?

  • PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- Police say an unruly customer at a restaurant in Ohio pulled an iguana from under his shirt, swung it around and threw it at the manager.

    Painesville police were called to the Perkins restaurant around noon Tuesday.

    Police say they apprehended the suspect a few blocks away in the city roughly 30 miles (48 kilometers) northeast of Cleveland. Authorities did not say what provoked the attack.

    The 49-year-old was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and animal cruelty.
The iguana will be fine.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

This Might Be a Problem

You know all those gun laws the democrats keep passing? The ones that criminals don't obey? Some of our readers were paging through the Administrative Fax Massages yesterday and found a curious trend:
  • From 01 April to 15 April, twenty-three non-law enforcement guns have been lost or stolen
This from all causes - burglaries, car break-ins, thefts of all sorts, and a few "discovered" missing under un-described circumstances. This number is higher than anything we had suspected, so we aren't sure if it's an anomaly or something that was always going on. And remember, this is only the number of guns that people bothered to report - it could be twice as many or ten times more.

Let's go investigative reporters! There have to be a dozen articles and FOIA avenues that could make interesting reading.

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Wilding Meetup! (Update: COVERAGE!)

Scheduled for 1600 hours on Wednesday.

Supposed to be all over social media.

Anyone have the scoop?

UPDATE: Look! The media has awoken from it's slumber and actually gave some semblance of coverage to the group of over 500 over-exuberant youths! And all it took was a flyer posted to social media and a front page post by the SCC blog.
Countless batteries, unknown numbers of thefts, shoplifting out the ass (but all under $1,000) and what do we end with?
  • twenty-six juveniles arrested for "disorderly conduct" and released before midnight
Had enough yet Chicago?

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Charges Refused Again

Crimesha is really pissing off the 'burbs (click for larger version):

Goudie? Rogers? Show the kids how it's supposed to be done.

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Felony Murder = Probation

Remember when we used to charge people who were committing crimes and their accomplices got killed?
  • Do you remember the officer involved shooting on thanksgiving morning last year? Attempted armed robbery and car jacking where the officer put 3 rounds into the armed offender who took the room temperature challenge? If so you should remember they caught the second guy who came back to the scene....well he was found guilty of armed robbery only.....and can you guess his harsh punishment?????

    INTENSIVE PROBATION for what should of been a murder charge!!!!!
There's enough free info there for any investigative reporter to make some hay.

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$100 Million Fantasy

  • Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot was urged Monday to find the $100 million a year needed to restore the 55 percent health care subsidy for Chicago’s oldest retirees — a subsidy abolished by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

    That’s a tall order at a time when Lightfoot faces a $1 billion spike in pension payments and a budget shortfall “more dire” than she anticipated.

    But retirees’ attorney Clint Krislov argued that an even more desperate financial crunch is impacting 10,000 retirees who started working for the city prior to April 1, 1986 and, therefore, are not eligible for Medicare.
We'd love to see this happen - promises were made to these people back when they were hired. But as proven time and again, no agreement with the city is sacred unless put to paper. Lightgroot has already said the upcoming budget "shortfall" is more dire than she had been led to believe - which only reinforces everyone's opinion that she isn't quite ready for prime time. After all, if you aren't willing to stick it to the unions and taxpayers, then you're going to have a bit of a rough road ahead.


CWB on Wilding

  • Chicago police faced another round of “large group activity” in the downtown area Saturday. Unlike previous incidents, this weekend’s antics played out south of the river in the Loop and Millennium Park areas, according to police reports.

    Officially, a police spokesperson this morning said, “there are no confirmations yet on how many were arrested.” CWBChicago confirmed through a source that at least two juveniles were taken into custody.

    A group consisting of up to 200 teens was tracked by police officers through the area for a little more than two hours, beginning around 6:30 p.m., according to CPD radio traffic.
CWB even has some footage of lib-turds "protecting" the kids from police:
  • Meanwhile, a couple of blocks away, one small group of teens found themselves encircled by women who wanted to “protect” the youths from the police outside of Macy’s, 111 North State. The women had reportedly participated in a march earlier on Saturday, and they happened to be in the neighborhood to offer their services to the vibrant youngsters as the clock neared 9 p.m.
Remember, police are the problem, not 200 "vibrant youngsters" looting small businesses and throwing objects at the police and passersby. Luckily, none of the "vibrant youngsters" were feeling particularly "frisky" at the time.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

014 Manpower

As predicted:
  • So 014th District has been having issues with manpower for more than a few years now. Now we have Mayor (minor) Lightfoot living in 014th district, 2 cars are detailed (down) every watch covering the front and back of 3400 block of Wrightwood. Only 4 cars are up on midnights, not safe for anyone.
Any word on when there will be openings for 014? We need to study for some upcoming exams.


To Budding Investigative Reporters

We know you guys and gals have forgotten how to do investigative reporting. Many of you haven't done any actual reporting since graduating (Google doesn't count and neither does reprinting press releases). Phil Rogers and Chuck Goudie are a little rusty, having been kept from doing actual political investigative work for much of the Shortshanks era - where do you think Sparklefarts learned it all?

But here's an opportunity for you to shine, uncovering massive corruption and subverting the Rule of Law, costing taxpayers their safety and the safety of their children. One catch though:
  • you have to report on democrats.
In fact, on one particular democrat. But not to worry. She's wounded. And her political supporters are leaving her unprotected. Here's where you start:
  • In Illinois, when a person in ordered by the court to register as a sex offender and fails to do so, they can be charged with a Class 3 Felony (punishable by 2-5 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections) for a first time offense.
And here's some info to get you started:
  • Sex offenders are required to register annually at their police department headquarters. The police department is required to verify the registration annually, via a house visit. Locally, this task is delegated to the Patrol Division and thousands of home visits are accomplished without incident.
  • But in something like 10% of the cases, no contact is made because sex offenders have died, been imprisoned, or moved without telling anyone. You can't charge a dead sex offender and those in prison are accounted for, but hundreds of sex offenders are unaccounted for and are then the subject of Detective Division Investigative Alerts.
  • In Cook County, these Convicted Felons, when arrested, are not charged with the Class 3 Felony as required by law due to the actions of one person - Kim Foxx. Instead, Sex Offenders are told, "Go register" and released at approximately a 100% rate.
The rap sheets on some of these offenders are stomach churning. The addresses that some have moved to are what may accurately be called "hunting grounds" for their depredations. But Foxx and her "progressive" allies are all to willing to allow predators easy access to victims, including children, for their twisted agenda.

Now Go! Do some good! FOIA the number of sex offender registration violations and compare it to sex offenders doing actual time.

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Saturday Night Mayhem

And once again, zero media coverage:
  • Downtown is out if control. Groups of 40-50 M/1’s wilding. Beating people.

    Cta trains are shut down.

    Throwing bottles and rocks at police
The radio traffic is ridiculous. The lack of arrests shameful.

Smart people are staying out of downtown on weekends, and pretty soon, tourists with money will be missing.

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Rats Bailing?

  • A top aide to Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx who played an important role in the Jussie Smollett case is preparing to leave the office for private practice, according to multiple sources in the county justice system.

    April Perry, Foxx’s Chief Deputy and Chief Ethics Officer, will be joining a former top Foxx aide at a private law firm, the sources said.

    Perry did not respond to emails seeking comment about her plans. A spokesman for the State’s Attorney’s Office said Thursday, “We have not received a resignation letter from Ms. Perry. She is still employed at the Cook County State's Attorney as Chief Deputy and Chief Ethics Officer."

    Nonetheless, three independent sources told CWBChicago that Perry's departure would be coming, but the timing was not known.
Perhaps she's aware of certain misconduct, shady dealings or outright illegal acts being perpetrated on the citizenry?

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Coming up in May:

(informational post only - comments closed here)


Sunday, April 14, 2019

No Vacations for You!

Mayor-elect Lightgroot is making friends all over the Department. Along with numerous exempts preparing to play musical chairs (or jumping ship), Lightgroot has declared that no exempt member will be allowed to take any of their vacation time between Memorial Day and Labor Day....to which we say:
  • Hahahahahahahaha
Any bets on how many exempts will be taking a stand and returning to their previous ranks?
  • Zero
Any bets on how many are now going to be bigger dicks than usual and make sure their underlings don't get to use their own time due? Shit rolls down hill you know:
  • Many
This is going to be an interesting summer.


A Parolee with a Gun?

  • A 28-year-old parolee is facing multiple charges including armed robbery, sexual abuse and attempted carjacking after leading police on a foot chase Friday on the Near West Side, according to Chicago police.

    Deangelo Suggs, 28, of the 2700 block of West Gladys Avenue, was charged with five counts of armed robbery, aggravated criminal sexual abuse and attempted vehicular hijacking.

    Police gave chase on foot when Suggs sprinted away as officers tried to stop him to talk on Friday in the 2400 block of West Gladys Avenue about 2:10 p.m.

    When officers caught up with him, they learned Suggs was wanted on an active warrant for earlier alleged crimes on the Near West Side last month.
You know what will stop this? More restrictive gun laws enforced against law abiding citizens! That's always worked in the past.


Cops Injured Where?

  • A three-vehicle crash on Saturday in Humboldt Park hurt six people — including two police officers who were in an unmarked police vehicle.

    The crash happened about 5 p.m. at Washington Boulevard and Kenton Avenue, Chicago police said.

    The two officers were taken to Stroger Hospital, where their condition wasn’t immediately known, the Chicago Fire Department said. Two others hurt in the crash were taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in serious condition and another two were taken to Loretto Hospital in good condition.
Washington and Kenton is no where near "Humboldt Park." It even falls outside the made-up neighborhood of "West Humboldt Park." It's practically Austin last time we checked. This is what happens when reporters don't go out into the field.

Best wishes to the officers and citizens injured.


Saturday, April 13, 2019

Crimesha Radio Silent

  • It has been a week and a half since NBC 5 Investigates revealed the lengthy traffic and criminal history of Dan Davies, a 44-year-old Calumet City man who police say drove the wrong way down Interstate 294 on March 30 and crashed head-on into Illinois State Trooper Gerald Ellis, killing them both.

    At the time of the crash, Davies was out on bond after being charged with six felony DUIs with no license, the most recent in a decades-long series of charges and convictions for DUI, drugs and scores of traffic violations.

    NBC 5 Investigates Phil Rogers immediately reached out to the Illinois State’s Attorney’s office to try to find out how and why Davies was allowed free on bond when he had a driving record that state officials call one of the worst they’ve seen.
Go read it all. We'll save Phil Rogers the heartbreak of an unresponsive Crimesha Foxxx, who has never had to answer for her incompetency at any point in her craptacular legal career:
  • You will never get an answer as to why a SIX-Felony DUI Conviction asshole was i-bonded mere weeks before murdering a State Trooper with a car.
Hope that clears things up for you. And we certainly hope that you and the NBC investigative staff have finally broken from the self-imposed exile of uncovering government corruption and incompetence. It would be a welcome relief from the past few decades.


And Now, the Cover-Up

  • State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has asked Cook County Inspector General Patrick Blanchard to review her office’s handling of the Jussie Smollett case.

    The request for an investigation by the county’s watchdog agency comes two weeks after Foxx’s office dropped all charges against the “Empire” actor for an alleged hoax hate crime attack, with the actor turning over $10,000 from his bond to the city and making no admission of guilt. The deal, and Foxx, have been blasted by police and prosecutors organizations, and a petitions seeking appointment of a special prosecutor to review Smollett’s case will be heard by Chief Criminal Courts Judge LeRoy K. Martin Jr. next month.

    Foxx has promised “total access” to her office to probe the Smollett case, Blanchard said Friday.
The damage being done to Prickwrinkle's Cook County Machine is unknown at this point, but if you watch closely, you can see them attempting to slap a coat of racial paint all over it.


A Serial Killer?

  • Facing pressure from activists over the unsolved killings of 51 women since 2001, the Chicago Police Department has begun to review those cases to determine if a serial killer was at work.

    A report by the Murder Accountability Project, a Virginia-based nonprofit group that analyzes information about homicides, said the killings of the 51 women — all of whom were strangled or asphyxiated — “have characteristics of serial murder.”

    On Thursday night, Gregg Greer of Freedom First International brought up the report during a Police Board meeting, saying, “We believe that there is a serial killer in Chicago that is on the loose.”

    Police Supt. Eddie Johnson responded that there’s no evidence to suggest a serial killer is responsible for any of the 51 slayings, but he said his detectives have launched a review.
Far more likely that persons involved in high-risk lifestyles are getting killed due to repeated bad life decisions. These Virginia people are talking about an average of three murders per year in a town that tops 500 regularly.

It would be the perfect environment for a serial killer to operate though.


Another Investigation?

  • A developer had a $750,000 problem with a city project, and he knew exactly the alderman to help him — Edward M. Burke. The redevelopment project was on the Northwest Side — nowhere near Burke’s 14th Ward on the Southwest Side — but the developer, Charles Cui, turned to Burke for help in 2017 after the city rejected his request to reuse a pole sign for a new Binny’s Beverage Depot that was opening as part of the project, federal authorities allege.

    It was a snag for a significant redevelopment project in the Portage Park neighborhood that also included a Culver’s and a Retro Fitness and had already secured $2 million in city government subsidies called tax increment financing, or TIF.

    In an email to his property tax appeals lawyer, Cui candidly explained why he needed to hire Burke: “I have TIF deal going with the City, and he is the Chairman of Finance Committee. He handled [sic] his tax appeal business card to me, and I need his favor for my tif money. In addition, I need his help for my zoning etc for my project. He is a powerful broker in City Hall, and I need him now.”

    That email forms a part of the indictment the feds announced Friday against Cui, 48, of Lake Forest. Cui faces bribery charges after he allegedly used Burke’s law firm for property tax appeal work as he sought the sign permit.
Are the wheels finally falling off the Machine?


Friday, April 12, 2019

Crime is Down....Except....

Just over a week ago, Special Ed was bragging about how crime was down, especially murders.

We don't know why he isn't bragging about this though:
  • Shootings in the first days of April have jumped 57 percent across Chicago compared to the same period last year, with police saying warmer weather may be a contributing factor.
That can't possibly be, because the previous supernintendo told all of us that weather didn't affect crime.
  • At least 88 people have been shot within city limits in the first 10 days of April, according to data kept by the Chicago Sun-Times. Last year, 56 people were shot in the same time period.

    The shootings have also been more deadly — 20 people have been shot to death so far this month, compared to seven during the same period last year.
And you can bet every "merit" supervisor is feeling the push from the incoming administration to either do what they can to stop shootings or lie their asses off about what's causing it.

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Here Comes a Bad Idea

  • Over the decades, Chicago police have labeled at least 134,000 people as gang members using byzantine data collection that had little or no oversight and put many of the people at risk of a severe sentence, high bond, deportation or a lost job.

    These are among the key findings of a report by Chicago’s inspector general released Thursday that gives the most detailed analysis yet of the Police Department’s broken gang classification system.

    The department’s gang database has been widely criticized over the past year — by community groups, lawsuits and the news media — as racially biased and unconstitutional, with African-Americans and Latinos making up the vast majority of those placed on the list.
Remember, this report is from a blind man who couldn't find even a modicum of evidence in the Lie-tenant cheating scandal, despite being given dates, times, lists of attendees and copies of e-mails with attachments of testing material and payments.

And once again, we'll direct everyone over to the HeyJackass.com website where you can see that nearly 95% of the violent crime in Chicago is....surprise!....African-American and Latino. That isn't racist or biased or even unconstitutional. That's fact. Cold, hard fact.

The gang database is a tool, and a tool is only as good as the people running and maintaining it.

Does it need tweaking? Sure, there's very little run by the government that couldn't be improved somehow, some way.

Are there errors in it? Probably. But does anyone remember the old gang slogans and oaths? "Shithead For Life" or "Dumbass Until Death" whatever the name of their particular gang is? You don't just drop out and leave the life behind. It doesn't happen.

Does the database work? You bet it does. And that's why the"progressives" want to get rid of it. But with shootings up 60% in April, we think it will continue to be a valuable tool in apprehending shooters so that Crimesha can let them go without charges again and again and again.


Smellit Lawsuit

  • Outgoing Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration says it has gone to court to try to force Jussie Smollett to pay Chicago back for an alleged hate crime hoax even though Cook County prosecutors dropped all charges against the “Empire” actor.

    The lawsuit, filed late Thursday in Circuit Court, comes after Smollett failed to pony up $130,106 by a deadline imposed by the city to cover the cost of the police overtime hours expended in the investigation into his allegations.

    The upcoming battle in civil court promises in many ways to mirror the criminal charges against Smollett that were abruptly dismissed by prosecutors last month. Both center on the same question: Did Smollett stage a physical assault on himself, claiming his attackers shouted racial and homophobic slurs?

    The suit did not specify the damages that the city will seek, but the city said that more than two dozen Chicago police officers and detectives worked a combined 1,836 hours of overtime over at least two weeks while investigating Smollett’s claims.
Now, will LightGroot's people finish it?

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Oh Slum Times

A mere day after we broke the news that Dnigma Howard had again attacked and hospitalized two additional Chicago Police Officers, and readers revealed the following:
  • How did this not make the news?!?!?! Unreal!! I hear at her new school in 015 she doesn't even attend class most of the time. When she is in class she plays on her phone. Wanders the hall yelling about out how nobody can tell her what to do. How much money shes gonna have. Teachers and administrators are scared to deal with her out of fear of daddy suing them.
The Slum Times manages to find and mis-characterize other video footage from the Marshall High School incident. Not a word about how she has now injured four cops as a one person wrecking crew.

Time to pull cops out of schools Special Ed. Let CPS handle their own turds.


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Same Offender

Remember that darling high school angel who attacked a couple of School Officers at Marshall High School a few weeks back? Dragged one officer down the stairs, attempted to disarm another and kicked him so hard it dislocated his kneecap. Neither Officer has returned to work yet and Crimesha dropped all charges and they were making the usual noises about suing everyone.

Guess who attacked and bit two more Officers?
  • OT: CRAZY HS Girl from 011, Marshall hs, hurts two more Officers. This time in 015. Clarke HS kicks her out, dad then takes her to Hartgrove hospital, where she becomes combative, damaging parked cars, hospital staff doesn’t come out except for some libtard attempting to lure her into the building with the proverbial carrot. As she’s kicking and damaging near by cars officers attempt to restrain her to prevent further damage to property, at which time she BITES two of the officers on scene. Thanks, again, Crime-isha
Hopefully, this might damage the ghetto lottery payoff Rahm/Lori would be trying to give away.

Even more hopefully, it gives ammo to the Officers that are currently facing a disciplinary actions from assorted "merit" supervisors for being human punching bags.

It certainly gives Crimesha's future opponents yet another case to slap her with come elections time.

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Killer Off the Hook? Crimesha Again

We're pretty sure Crimesha and Toni have lost control of the narrative they want to spin:
  • The family of 16-year-old Derrion Albert wants to know why one of the men convicted in his murder is now free. The 16-year-old Fenger High School honors student was on the way home from school when he was caught in the middle of a gang fight and killed in 2009.

    The I-Team has been looking into the Cook County State's Attorney decisions in the wake of the Jussie Smollett case and uncovered that the Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx decided not to pursue a stiff prison sentence for one of the attackers shortly after she took office.

    Cook County prosecutors charged four teens involved in the gang melee that led to Albert's death as adults. Three were convicted of murder at trial. One pleaded guilty. All are serving prison sentences.
And the one who was convicted as a juvenile under the so-called "Extended Jurisdiction Juvenile" prosecution rules has continued to commit felonies with impunity and no returning to prison to serve his 30-year sentence.

The family is (rightfully) demanding answers. Crimesha refuses to meet with them under any circumstances.

Voters ought to be demanding answers, too.

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