Friday, August 31, 2018

Will He or Won't He?

  • [...] Nearly eight years later, Emanuel is approaching that point of no return himself.

    He needs to decide whether to walk away or make the uphill climb toward a third term — and stick to that decision, no matter how difficult the campaign gets.

    If Emanuel waits much longer, he will risk looking like his political future is being dictated by the outcome of the trial of Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke, who is charged with the murder of Laquan McDonald.
This lends a bit of credence to the rumors that we've heard here and elsewhere:
  • Rahm's polling numbers suck
Those "paid for by Rahm" polls are pure speculation. Rahm isn't cracking 50%. He's not even sniffing 40%. He's stuck in the low 30% range and the needle isn't moving. Twelve candidates have chopped up the electorate so badly that it is 99% guaranteed that there's a runoff....and the runoff numbers don't favor Rahm at all.

Rahm isn't running to lose, and with the trial coming up, Rahm is almost certain to be dragged through the mud along with many of his handpicked morons, which will make all sorts of interesting campaign discussion....maybe even a few commercials. And that 30% number will dwindle some more.


More Video Shows....

That the police responded to a call, acted appropriately, and shot an armed subject with a gun in his hand.

Must be a lawsuit:
  • The Civilian Office of Police Accountability on Thursday released body camera video showing officers fatally shooting an armed man running away from officers last month in the West Garfield Park neighborhood.

    The video of the July 3 encounter shows an officer hurdling a fence into a backyard as 33-year-old Terrell Eason picks himself up off the grass with a gun in his right hand and starts to run before he’s shot.
Nothing in the law or policy (or training for that matter) says you have to take fire in order to shoot at an armed subject. The media has now taken it upon itself to publish the names of officers, exposing them and their families to harassment, and worse.

Get off social media and make yourself as small a target as possible boys and girls.


Wilding Wilding Wilding

The Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown blog has been busy the past few days:
 They also include lots of video, lists of charges and a whole bunch of comments from pissed off citizens:
  • “It's been a problem all summer," a Clark Street merchant said this morning. "They’re kids. The cops have told us they aren’t gonna touch them. We can’t touch them. What can we do?”
You can register your displeasure at City Hall. All we're allowed to do now is "herd" them toward CTA stations.

They also have some articles on multiple-convicted felons being released to commit more crimes, gun offenders being released without bail, and all sorts of stories about robberies - things the Trib and Times aren't mentioning for some reason.


No Days Off For You!

Supposedly, Homan Square units have been told that at least one of their days off will be cancelled from now until the end of the end of the year. This might also be upped to both days off as the JVD trial approaches.

We guess the bodies must be stacking up in the basement or something.


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Outside Agencies

Looks like CPD is getting help from unlikely sources:
  • Talked to a buddy who is a copper in a city on the East Coast. Apparently the CPD has put out a request for assistance to other police departments in the nation for help during the JVD trial. My buddy said his agency is sending 12 PO’s, 2 Sergeants and a Lt. to Chicago for the duration of the trial. No word yet on who is paying for this or the logistics of where they will stay, etc. I guess calling in the National Guard would be too intimidating. 
This is from someone pretty high up in the food chain, so they would know things.

What else has anyone heard?


Citywide Call Out

The Department ran its "Incident Control Team" call out drill for the first time in recent memory.

For the newer readers, every District is required to have a couple of cars and a sergeant on call in case of a disaster (or large disturbance) properly equipped and available at a moments notice. Downtown dusted off the orders and called for all teams to report to an address near HQ to see how long it took everyone to gear up and respond.

Word is it wasn't pretty, but at least someone is thinking there might be something big on the horizon and the Department better see what options work.


Memorial Ride

Winter is coming, and bike-able days will be in short supply:

Ride while you can.


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Funeral Firepower

Found in a vehicle leaving Mount Hope Cemetery:

Hopefully, some arrests attached to these guns and perhaps a few leads on some south side shootings?


Ankle Monitor Escapee

Click for a larger version - it isn't a very good picture, but it's all we have:

Basically, an inmate in the juvenile system is allowed to attend classes outside of a secured facility, in this case Malcolm X college, and allowed to roam school grounds unfettered by anything except an ankle monitor - which this asshole immediately cut off and disappeared.

His rap sheet is quite extensive, including a murder conviction at age 14. But we aren't seeing any sort of outrage from the "community." Not sure if that's because they don't care or the media doesn't bother to inform them.

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Every expert - you know, people with actual training, certifications and degrees - is wrong, and the "community," which knows everything about everything (but won't ever snitch about anything) doesn't believe the findings:
  • Family members of Steven Rosenthal said Tuesday that Chicago police have shown them body camera recordings of the 15-year-old boy’s run-in with officers earlier this month in Lawndale, but they still aren’t convinced the boy fatally shot himself in the head as authorities have insisted.
This next paragraph is priceless:
  • “The videos are inconclusive. The family has more questions than they do answers,” attorney Andrew Stroth said during a press conference outside Crane High School, where Rosenthal played guard for the boys basketball team.
This is the lawyer who slandered Chicago Police by claiming the autopsy would show cops killed this altar boy quoting Special Ed's famous "more questions than answers" stupidity. And he has a list of demands:
  • Stroth called on police to reveal what prompted the foot chase, to release the names of the officers involved and to describe the weapon they claim — and which the family rejects — Rosenthal was carrying.

    The attorney also said the family has hired an investigator and a doctor whose “analysis did not indicate suicide.” Stroth claims the bullet entered the left side of Rosenthal’s head and exited on the right, which he said raises questions about how the right-handed teen could have turned a gun on himself.

    “We’re not sure exactly what happened,” Stroth said. “But there are eyewitness reports that strongly contradict the narrative given by police.”
And the eyewitnesses, none of whom actually saw anything, have been made available to investigators? Nope, not a single one. We wonder why that is.


Tax By the Mile

  • Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic challenger J.B. Pritzker have different ideas about how to tax motorists and raise money for road improvements around the state.

    After his appearance at a forum this week in Normal for the Illinois Farm Bureau, Gov. Bruce Rauner told reporters Pritzker has a plan to tax drivers based on how many miles they drive.

    “Pritzker has proposed a mileage tax on cars,” Rauner said. “He has proposed a tax, put a box in your car, measure your miles and pay a tax based on how many miles you drive.”
Here a tax, there a tax, everywhere a tax, tax. The democrats solution to everything. Anyone know how we can register cars out of state?

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No Cash Bail - California

  • Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed sweeping legislation to eliminate cash bail in California. The change, which will take effect in October 2019, goes further than any other state in the country to remove money from pretrial detention.

    “Today, California reforms its bail system so that rich and poor alike are treated fairly,” Brown said in a statement.

    Under Senate Bill 10, California will replace bail with “risk assessments” of individuals and non-monetary conditions of release. Counties will establish local agencies to evaluate any individual arrested on felony charges for their likelihood of returning for court hearings and their chances of re-arrest.

    A person whose risk to public safety and risk of failure to appear is determined to be “low” would be released with the least restrictive non-monetary conditions possible. “Medium-risk” individuals could be released or held depending on local standards. “High-risk” individuals would remain in custody until their arraignment, as would anyone who has committed certain sex crimes or violent felonies, is arrested for driving under the influence for the third time in less than 10 years, is already under supervision by the courts or has violated any conditions of pretrial release in the previous five years.
And after arraignment, they'll be released as soon as they can find a sympathetic judge. We're pretty sure the rules in place already took these factors into consideration. That's why high bails exist - to compel compliance and appearances at court.

We're betting on a lot more no-shows in California, and soon, even more in Cook County. But don't worry - we'll catch them the second time.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Another Candidate?

  • A son and namesake of one of Chicago’s most calculating political operatives is preparing to gather signatures to join the crowded race for mayor against incumbent Rahm Emanuel.

    Jeremiah Joyce Jr., a Yale-educated lawyer and former Cook County assistant state’s attorney, has told associates that his decision to explore a bid for mayor has nothing to do with a lucrative O’Hare Airport concessions contract that Emanuel stripped away from his father.

    Privately, Joyce Jr. simply claims he has “run the numbers” and concluded that Emanuel can’t win, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times. In a fractured field where it’s all about getting into the runoff, Joyce Jr. firmly believes he has as good a chance as anybody to put together a multiracial coalition of supporters given his family’s political network.

    If he ends up in the crowded mayoral field, Joyce Jr. plans to sell himself as the “law-and-order” candidate in a field that also includes fired Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy, sources said.
It's possible the 19th Ward got a look at the internal numbers from Rahm's paid poll showing him with an insurmountable lead, and they're thinking these pollsters are as trustworthy as the people who said Hillary was going to win. Regardless, this is trouble for Rahm - yet another white guy and this one from within the Machine. We'll see in short order if he's there to
  •  push Rahm out or 
  • steal votes from Vallas and McCarthy or
  • being pushed by the Prickwrinkle crew to  give Lightfoot a chance.
So much intrigue.


"Leave Us Alone"

  • After a spike in gun violence earlier this month, police sent 600 additional police officers to the South and West Sides — and ordered a crackdown on “unsanctioned” outdoor parties that officials said had led to some of the violence.

    But while some aldermen and residents asked the city to keep the police in their neighborhoods longterm, at least one well-known anti-violence group had a different response: no thanks.

    Not only did Tamar Manasseh, founder of Mothers/Men Against Senseless Killings, sound an alarm over the extra police officers from around the city flooding Englewood, she also feared the crackdown on street parties directly threatened the frequent gatherings her group hosts for residents. Those gatherings by her group — which has been dubbed the “Army of Moms” — have gotten national attention and have been credited with helping reduce violence in the area.
No mention of block parties (permitted and unauthorized) being target rich environments for shooters looking to settle old scores. She wrote a completely nonsensical editorial for the New York Times this past week claiming to have witnessed all sorts of depredations by police upon "community" members intent only on fun.

Once again though, protestors challenge Special Ed, this time over his "crackdown" on unsanctioned block parties and demonstrate the emptiness of Special Ed's threats. Way to go Mr. Fenner.


What Happened to #metoo?

  • Chicago police Lt. Gerald Breimon has been accused of fondling a woman he told he needed to frisk for weapons during a traffic stop, demanding sex from another woman — a cop — and threatening to ruin the officer’s career if she didn’t comply.

    Facing an internal investigation and a lawsuit, Breimon remains on the job.

    While under investigation, the Chicago Police Department promoted him in May, moving him up from sergeant to lieutenant, with a significant pay raise, and giving him a plum assignment helping to oversee the South Chicago District.
This guy should have been fired half-a-dozen times, and actually was indicted for Criminal Sexual Assault. Official Misconduct was the least of his problems at that point, but some out-of-court "settlement" actions made it fade away.

When your mommy is Assistant Deputy Superintendent Jan Pestka, who had her own history and who currently works for Rick Simon (the connected Garry McCarthy supporter), you can't be surprised that the #metoo movement never really got hold of this.

You can get away with a lot of things if you're connected enough - departmentally and politically.

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Whoever keeps using "emojis" or whatever they're called, please stop. It's messing up the comment section margins, most of them appear as little "x-ed" out boxes, it's sadly juvenile and we're just going to delete them as they appear.

You've been warned.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Number Games?

An interesting article along with a whole bunch of charts, graphs and statistical interpretation that leaves the lib-tarded narrative screaming for mercy:
  • A year after Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan sued the city of Chicago to prevent the city’s police department from engaging in a “pattern of using excessive force” and racial bias against discriminatory misconduct African-American and Latino residents, her office is wrapping up the process of foisting a consent decree on the Chicago Police Department (CPD). Doing so, I argue, undermines public safety — especially for communities of color. Today is the last day the public can add their input. The basis for bringing this $10-million-a-year consent decree is founded almost entirely on a 2016 city report and 2017 federal report on Chicago policing that sparked international headlines from The New York Times to The Guardian.

    However, the police data used within those reports focused on stops and use of force, but omitted arrest, offender and victim data. This is essential context intentionally ripped out of these documents that are a combined 182 pages. The media followed suit, painting Chicago’s police force as one of the most violent and racist in the nation, reflective of their historical reputation. They wrote the CPD regularly uses force that is “unjustified, disproportionate and otherwise excessive” and the department is “plagued by systemic racism.” Utilizing the statistics that have been publicly available this past year — as well as during the review process by U.S. Justice Department and mayor-appointed officials — some clear facts come to light that have yet to be mentioned:
We won't spoil it all, but here's the chart that everyone ought to see:

If these numbers hold up to scrutiny, Chicago Police actually use less force than the national averages.

How does the old saying go? "Lies, damn lies and statistics"?


Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Fenner

So this happened last week:
  • Anonymous said...

    A recruit just got fired for cheating on the state exam. I guess he wasn't married to the Sup or a Chief, he would have been triple promoted.
Not that we advocate cheating to get on the job, but it amusing that so many high ranking positions are filled by people who couldn't pass a promotional exam without cheating.

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Gauge the Outrage (UPDATE)

  • A gunman opened fire Sunday at an online video game tournament as it was being livestreamed from a Florida mall, killing two people and then fatally shooting himself in an attack that sent several others to hospitals, authorities said.
So two dead (plus the gunman) and none wounded.

What do we call that around here? Friday night.

We're already seeing the blame game being played by the usual bad actors, libtards and media mouth-breathers.

Compare that to the non-existent national coverage of another bloody Chicago weekend. We guess it's only news when middle class people shoot unarmed people in a "gun free" zone.

UPDATE: Talk about your ironic twists:
  • Early reports say the shooting began at the Good Luck Have Fun Video game room inside Chicago Pizza, according to WJXT News4Jax.
Who would have ever associated the name "Chicago" with unrestrained violence??


Sunday, August 26, 2018

Hypocritical Tribune

(As an aside to newer readers who have been confused, we offer the following directory to SCC nicknames:
  • Moperah - Mary Mitchell (slum times);
  • Doperah - Dawn Trice Turner (tribune);
  • MoperahLite - Dahleen Glanton (tribune);
On with the story.)

What a bunch of assholes are working over at the Tribune. A few days ago, we pointed out that MoperahLite had taken an open field shot at the CPD for doing great police work and making Kimesha Foxxx look good with a double conviction in the Pendleton murder by invoking the specter of "Burge!"

Then two days later, they point out the single arrest after 75 people (and folks) got shot earlier in August (see our post directly under this one) and then post this editorial bullshit:
  • Chicago desperately needs to end the plague of gun violence that shatters lives and destroys neighborhoods. To stop the bloodletting, and restore sanity to areas of the South and West sides, would require building up broken families and neutering gangs. A complex task.

    The simpler imperative is solving crimes when they occur, but Chicago falls woefully short on this obligation too. Last year, the Chicago Police Department solved only about 17 percent of the homicides committed. The clearance rate, as it’s called, for nonfatal shootings was an abysmal 5 percent.

    [...] To prevent and solve crimes, CPD needs to be seen as a trustworthy community presence and partners. This has not been the reality in Chicago, where many minority residents fear the police because of the department’s troubling record of tolerating excess force and abusive behavior. One grim result of the disconnect is Chicago’s long roster of shooting victims, most of them minorities. Ending the pattern starts with City Hall completing its agreement to give a federal judge oversight of reforms to supervision, training and accountability.
Wait - didn't you morons just allow MoperahLite to obliquely slander the CPD Detectives because one happened to be among maybe 400 detectives who worked at the same time "Burge!" did? How does that help build any sort of trust? Or is that what is actually eroding trust?

"Burge!" was fired in 1993. Something like three-fifths of the current Department wasn't even on the job when "Burge!" was fired. Around one-fourth weren't even born. How are they supposed to bear any responsibility for "Burge!"? Does the absence of reporting these facts somehow erode trust?

As for the editorial board claiming, "Chicago’s long roster of shooting victims, most of them minorities," we're already had our stat people show those numbers to be (A) vastly perpetrated by other minorities and (B) barely 1.3% shot by the police. And that 1.29% that the police shot, the Tribune offers no numbers to show how many were (A) armed, (B) shooting at the police or (C) in the act of shooting/maiming someone else. Is that eroding trust, too?

How about being part of the solution instead of perpetuating the problem? Of course, that might involve putting a muzzle on the "po' po' pitiful me" chorus from these no-talent racist hacks who write for your rags.


One Arrest

In our defense, we aren't seeing a lot of cooperation from the "community." Not much at all:
  • An hour after allegedly opening fire and wounding a man at a bustling West Side intersection earlier this month, a one-time reputed shooter for one of the city’s more dangerous street gangs was in custody.

    It was Saturday, Aug. 4 — the midway point of the most violent weekend this year in Chicago.

    It was impressive, lightning-fast police work that led to gun charges against 27-year-old Rick Franklin.

    But nearly three weeks later, Franklin remains the only alleged shooter charged in connection with the carnage from a weekend during which 75 people were shot, a dozen of those fatally. So far, department officials have reported progress on about five shootings that weekend — ranging from Franklin’s arrest to investigative alerts issued for people they want to interview.
And once again, who's to blame?
  • Scores of other victims or their family members still await justice. The damage done by Chicago police’s failure to solve the cases ripples beyond those left bandaged, recovering in hospitals or grieving lost loved ones. Residents and crime experts alike say that consistently failing to hold those who commit violence accountable casts a shadow on the entire city.
Not a peep about the "code of silence" that exists across the ghetto. Nope, just the police department's failure to solve cases after taking away every decent investigatory tool at our disposal, electing the most anti-police politicians in existence and the constant drumbeat of "Abuse Abuse Abuse!!!" at the remaining nationally accepted investigatory norms:
  • .... all the [media] whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll look down and whisper "No."
Enjoy the world you've created.

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Starting With a Bang

  • A series of shootings Friday left three people dead and 11 others wounded in Chicago, including a 27-year-old woman who was shot to death as she sat in a vehicle.

    Multiple people approached the woman about 11:30 p.m. as she sat in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, Chicago police said. They pulled out weapons and opened fire.

    She was shot in her back and was taken to Stroger Hospital, where she was pronounced dead, police said.
Has there even been a weekend this summer that didn't hit double digits? And within hours usually. You'd think that someone downtown might notice the time all these shooting occur and perhaps deploy the "extra" 600 coppers around two hours before shooting season opens.

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Saturday, August 25, 2018

When It Rains.... pours. Rahm's handshake buddy from yesterday has quite the collection of pictures on his social media page:

Rifles, pistols, loads of cash, women.

How many votes can he deliver though?


Must be a "Progressive" Thing

  • Mayor Bill de Blasio and the rest of our city’s political establishment say they’re shocked and disgusted by the recent videos of abuse directed at police officers.

    That leaves most police officers wondering: What, exactly, were they expecting?

    What did they think would happen when they campaigned on the promise of “reining in” the police, when they legitimized and then ceded the streets to the most extreme voices, the ones who proclaim “all cops are bad”?

    What did they think would happen when they enacted policies that all but erased prohibitions on disorderly and anti-social behavior, reducing the quality-of-life standards in our neighborhoods to the lowest common denominator?

    What did they think would happen when they saddled police officers with layer after layer of scrutiny and second-guessing, removed critical enforcement tools from police officers, invited and entertained baseless allegations of misconduct with the potential to derail police officers’ careers and sacrificed individual cops at the altar of political expediency?

    Did they think that any of this would foster respect for the law — or the women and men who enforce it?
Sounds like Rahm and de Blasio are reading from the same playbook actually.


Predatory Funeral Homes

If Illinois is looking to save money, here's a place to start cutting:
  • Predatory funeral homes have been accused of cashing in on Chicago’s relentless crime wave by taking advantage of a taxpayer-funded scheme that pays $7,500 in funeral expenses for homicide victims’ families.

    Advocates have accused some funeral directors of inflating prices or charging families for services they never received.

    “Every funeral home in the state knows that victims get $7,500 for a funeral and it’s their goal to charge the entire amount because it’s easy money,” Susan Johnson, executive director of Chicago Survivors, told Fox News.

    Johnson, whose organization helps people who have lost loved ones to homicide, claims some zero in on people receiving money from the Illinois Crime Victim’s Compensation fund.
Whatever happened to a plywood box and the Potters' Field?

And where can the media find a list of funeral homes that make political contributions to elected officials?


Friday, August 24, 2018

Who's This Guy?

Anyone know these people (or folks)?

You might think that an experienced political operator like Rahm would know not to be caught like this with an arthritic "community" member. You'd be wrong.



  • Chicago’s chief financial officer will sound out aldermen Thursday on the possibility of issuing $10 billion in pension obligation bonds amid widespread skepticism from municipal finance experts about Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan.

    Mayoral challenger Paul Vallas has urged the City Council to stop that train from leaving the station to avoid putting Chicago taxpayers in a “financial straightjacket” — though CFO Carole Brown has insisted no final decision has been made.

    Richard Ciccarone, president of Chicago-based Merritt Research Services LLC, shares Vallas’ skeptical view.

    He called the plan to minimize the need for another punishing round of post-election tax increases “not the solution I wanted to see” from Chicago. Not even after dedicated funding sources have now identified for all four city employee pension funds.
Here's the thing though - the aldercreatures know that if these bonds get created, connected bankers and money-men will make all sorts of political contributions to their reelection campaigns and reduce the need for aldercreatures to actually have to, you know, shake hands with filthy voters and attend yet another fundraising dinner with crappy food and watered down drinks. points out the obvious:
  • John Maynard Keynes would be thrilled to hear about the brilliant solution Chicago has come up with to help solve its pension deficit: issue a $10 billion bond and take on more debt.

    Chicago's pension deficit has been a problem that we’ve been covering at length. The stunning funding gap, which comes in at about $28 billion, is an issue that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel campaigned on fixing, along with the rest of the city's finances. "It’ll be a big test for sure,” said Vikram Rai, head of municipal strategy at Citigroup Inc. “But if it works it’ll set a good precedent for the other cities and states that have pension problems."

    It won't work.
And here's a frightening picture at their site (click for larger version):

That doesn't look good at all.

Any mathematicians in the house?


Conviction....and a Media Hit Job

  • A Cook County jury on Thursday found suspected gunman Micheail Ward guilty in the 2013 slaying of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton in a bungled attempt at retaliating against rival gang members.

    The guilty verdict comes a day after a separate jury convicted co-defendant Kenneth Williams, the suspected getaway driver, in the fatal shooting of the honors student and majorette about a week after she performed at President Barack Obama’s second inaugural festivities.
Great news, right? Cops put together a tight case, Foxxx actually gets two convictions for once, everyone should be happy, right?

Not over at the Tribune, where Mope-rahLite has to run with her narrow-minded police hating agenda by claiming legal interrogation techniques are mean and tricky....and bringing up Jon Burge:
  • Rarely does the public get to see what goes on behind closed doors when the police are attempting to get a suspect to talk. The make-believe scenes in “Law & Order” pale in comparison to what happens in real life. The yelling, cursing, intimidation, emotional manipulation and lying that detectives routinely employ is too uncomfortable for most of us to watch.

    I cringed as I watched the video recording in court Tuesday. At the same time, I wondered where we would be if police weren’t given some leeway in getting to the bottom of a crime. In Chicago, where hundreds of people are murdered each year, it isn’t easy to criticize the police for doing whatever it takes to bring justice. Gangbangers lie, and they must be treated like the hardened criminals they are. That does not mean police shouldn’t be held accountable, though.

    There is no excuse for officers like notorious Chicago police Cmdr. Jon Burge, who beat, electrocuted and otherwise tortured more than 100 mostly African-American suspects between 1972 and 1991 in order to gain confessions. One of the officers interrogating Ward was now-retired Detective John Halloran, who once worked under Burge’s supervision. The jury wasn’t informed of that.
Keep in mind there were ZERO allegations of physical abuse, the entire process was videotaped, and the detective was one of hundreds who worked when Burge was employed. As far as we know, he has never been named in a court proceeding involving Burge, who is being used as some sort of boogeyman even while he hasn't been on the job for decades. The mere mention of his name is supposed to free guilty assholes by the truckload.

Glanton completely overlooks the 15-year-old victim, the family of Pendleton, even the elephant in the courtroom - black gangs firing into a crowd of black people in the hopes of picking off other black gangsters - all to get in her jabs at the Chicago Police Department.

How sad it must be to be such a mentally-stunted individual defined by a narrow worldview that doesn't allow you to congratulate professional law enforcement for a job well done in getting justice for a girl who just wanted to grow up.

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A Fool and His Money....

  • Up to 10,000 pairs of free shoes will be given away in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood this weekend in an "Anti-Bait Truck" event.

    Rapper Vic Mensa organized the shoe giveaway in response to an operation conducted by the Norfolk Southern Railway earlier this month. Chicago police worked with the train company on the undercover sting, where "bait trucks" full of valuable shoes were used to arrest suspected thieves in Englewood.

    Three men were arrested for taking some of the shoes, but those charges were later dropped.

    Cell phone video of the covert sting was viewed more than half a million times. South Side activists said the action deepened the divide between police and residents.
So south side "activists" assume that everyone in Englewood is a thief - that's some low expectations right there.

This is an amazingly dumb paragraph though:
  • Vic Mensa and Chance the Rapper blasted the operation, saying it exploited people in need.
Seriously? "People in need"? These were burglars, not members of the community wandering around barefooted. Special Ed and Rahm truly screwed the pooch on this one, letting these idiots dictate the terms of enforcing the law via accepted and legal means.


Nice Campus Rahm

One of the top universities in the world and employer of future president Sparklefarts, scene of a run-of-the-mill homicide:
  • A man was killed early Thursday a shooting and vehicle crash near the University of Chicago campus in the Hyde Park neighborhood on the South Side.

    The 25-year-old was stopped at a red light when another vehicle pulled up and someone fired multiple shots about 12:05 a.m. in the 1200 block of East Midway Plaisance, according to Chicago police.

    He was shot in the head, left shoulder, lower right arm and right thigh. He drove off westbound and crashed his vehicle into a tree near Midway Plaisance Park and South Woodlawn Avenue, according to police and University of Chicago campus security.
No need to worry though!
  • UChicago sent out a security alert about the shooting and said the victim was not affiliated with the university.
Right. He was just driving through the campus. Where the people who might actually cure cancer some day could be walking, learning, sleeping near a window while someone else if firing bullets at a passing car.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Opportunity Knocks

  • Organizers of a planned protest to shutter the Kennedy Expressway on Labor Day unveiled the route on Wednesday.

    Stretching from Cumberland Avenue to East River Road, the roughly milelong march on the expressway aims to cause travel headaches for those heading to and from O’Hare International Airport, the Rev. Gregory Livingston said at a City Hall news conference. The disruption, he says, will shine a light on the protesters’ demands: that Mayor Rahm Emanuel resign and that activists play a role in police officer contracts.

    It remained unclear how many people would join Livingston, though he estimated he needed about 100 people to block lanes in both directions. Still, he said the crowd size shouldn’t matter and pointed to the size of marches the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had in the Chicago area.
Except Dr. King had an actual goal in mind - to make America live up to the ideals expressed in the Founding documents. He wasn't "spreading the pain" and attempting to extort money from people or the government.

But now the Department knows the route and the estimated number of persons that will need to be arrested. One hundred arrests is nothing. A couple of prisoner vans and they're gone within an hour or two.

The ISP knows, too:
  • The Illinois State Police has jurisdiction over the Kennedy, and last week the agency said it would work with community leaders try to find alternative routes for a lawful assembly.

    “It is against the law for pedestrians to enter the expressway, including all on- and off-ramps,” according to a statement released last week from state police. “Protests on the expressway endanger neighboring communities by backing up traffic onto other arterial routes, creating extremely hazardous conditions for motorists, which are likely to cause crashes resulting in serious injury and fatalities.”
There's a trial coming up in September that is going to eat up a lot of resources. It might be a good idea to practice a mass arrest in preparation for what could be a bad riot.

Or is Rahm giving the protestors "room to destroy"? We all see how well that worked out in Baltimore.


Divvy "Profiling"

  • As the operators of Chicago’s Divvy bike-sharing program prepare to enter their third month of battling widespread theft of the system’s taxpayer-owned bicycles, Chicago Police Department and Cook County Criminal Court records are shedding light on just how serious the problem has become.

    Since July 1st, arrests of adults in possession of stolen Divvy bikes have led Chicago police officers to recover 2% of the system’s fleet, according to an analysis of the records by CWBChicago.

    There is no way of tracking the number of additional bikes recovered from juvenile offenders because those records are shielded from public review.
But while progress is being made, you run the risk of this:
  • A black man was arrested on Saturday night for riding what turned out to be a stolen Divvy bike on the sidewalk — and witnesses are questioning how police handled the situation.

    “I want to be really clear, people do bike on the sidewalk all the time. They [police] pulled right in front of him and started searching him and putting him in handcuffs,” said Eboni Senai Hawkins, who watched the man get stopped and questioned by police and then taken away in a squad car.

    Senai Hawkins said it took about 10-15 minutes from the time the man was stopped until he was taken away by police.
So a street corner "activist" who obviously knows nothing about Probable Cause, has determined that an adult individual riding a bike on the sidewalk shouldn't be stopped and questioned solely on the basis that he And even more amusingly, the busybodies are attempting to promote a boycott of Divvy bikes until Divvy get their act together to stop bike theft from being so easy.

We imagine they spend their spare time protesting "bait trucks" that entrap burglars into stealing, complaining that nice cars force carjackers into stealing and telling women to stop wearing short skirts so they don't entice men into rape.


Who's Running This Place?

From our e-mail:
  • A few months ago, out of nowhere, the Superintendent came up with a genius plan.  His wife pitched him the idea of having all members wear pink (breast cancer) CPD patches on their uniforms for the month of October similar to what the NFL and other entities do.

    The SUP brought this to his command staff and mandated that they get it done as a CAPS and morale project. This ridiculous idea was immediately rebuffed by the uniform committee, OLA, R and D, Corp Counsel, and several CPD breast cancer survivors. All pointed out that this would require a great deal of effort (to alter uniform policies), would be expensive (due to ridiculous City procurement processes), would be in violation of CPD/Ethics/Police Board rules (as we aren't allowed to sponsor/favor/refer to private organizations), and was a huge distraction/waste of time in light of the crime rate and CPD's reform initiatives.

    However, what Mrs. Fenner wants...Mrs. Fenner gets. This "pink patch" item has stayed on the uniform committees agenda for the past 6 months. Finally, this week, the SUP decided to skip the uniform committee, skip the procurement red-tape, and bypass the obvious ethical/rule violations and purchased 1,000 patches through CAPS using funds which were almost-certainly NOT earmarked for "Lt. Fenner pet-projects."

    There's a mountain of paperwork, email chains, and other records to back up this story.
You aren't going to find a bigger supporter of eliminating cancer than there are here. We've lost too many friends and family members to it. But we do our supporting off-duty and off the taxpayers dime.

Given this regime's constant disregard for the rules, regulations and standards though, does anyone really expect them to actually start following anything now? The taxpayer is meant to be fleeced and exploited for personal gain.


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

House Mouse Numbers Rising

  • At a time when the city is pushing to add more officers to the Chicago Police Department, there are hundreds of sworn officers who are not on the streets fighting crime.

    CBS 2 [...] reports, according to the Inspector General’s office, last year nearly 800 sworn officers were working in units that the Inspector General previously analyzed and told the city the majority of those jobs could be done by civilians, like clerical work and human resources.

    Many of those jobs are based at the Chicago Police Department headquarters.
Don't just stop at Headquarters. There's plenty more:
  • Fully trained Evidence Technicians performing secretarial duties instead of attempting to collect crime scene evidence to solve Chicago's dismal clearance rate - some are even married to high ranking staff - gotta get the extra salary without the danger you know;
  • Detectives off the street sorting and filing case reports - addressed slightly by Paul Vallas' "hire the retiree" push, but probably a pipe dream. Again, a lot of marriages;
  • Specialized units - we won't even go into the connected couples that litter the units, but it would certainly be an interesting undertaking for an ambitious reporter;
  • FTO's, the supposedly most important job in the Department when it comes to training new officers - in offices, at the Academy, tucked away in all sorts of spots, all in violation of their job title (FIELD Training Officers).
There's plenty more in other spots. But this one is hilarious:
  • The number of sworn officers in human resources jumped from 23 to 81. The Inspector General report also noted civilianizing the jobs could save the city between $6.4 million and $16.6 million a year.

    Human Resources wasn’t the only unit to see a dramatic increase in officers The Field Services unit jumped from 37 to 132, and the Alternate Response Section ballooned from 36 to 149.
Human Resources expanded to handle the influx of new hires. No big deal. But the Alternate Response Section is where the Department tucks away those accused of misconduct. And the reasons those numbers are rising are because Special Ed is stripping Officers who legally and lawfully defend themselves or their partners, and hold over officers who were on the periphery of other scandals.There are probably fifty or more officers who could be released for street duty tomorrow if Mr. Fenner would close cases that should have been closed years ago. But that might be politically uncomfortable for some.


Again With Uniform Violations?

No standards to speak of:

As described to us via e-mail:
  • a violation of the hair standards(fake long weeve), 
  • the excess jewelry (10 bracelets), 
  • excess makeup (matching nail polish & glittery lipstick), 
  • Nike gym shoes with white air pockets (hard to see), 
  • and to top it off a Mardi Gras type Wall decoration gracefully hanging around her neck.
Remember, keep these photos handy for when an Inspector tries to gig you.



Yes, we saw the picture. Dozens of you sent it to us.

Yes, we saw the media coverage.

Yes, when we were on midnights, we caught a few winks. Most cops have. Midnights is not a natural state of being and the human body reacts poorly at times. But someone has to mind the radio and keep an eye on things.

It's done. Excuses aside, discipline will be administered, especially if no one has clout. Move along.


Good Doggie

Hope he had all his shots - who knows what diseases the burglar had?
  • An armed robbery in the Back of the Yards neighborhood was stopped when friends of the victim released a pit bull on the attacker, authorities said.

    Dressed in blue hospital scrubs and clutching his bandaged right forearm behind his back, Marshon Hannah, 18, said nothing as Judge David R. Navarro denied bail on an armed robbery charge Sunday.

    Hannah — a high school senior, according to his court-appointed attorney — entered a private, gated property in the 4900 block of South Marshfield Avenue late Friday and attempted to rob the 47-year-old resident with a small black handgun.

    Hannah is accused of demanding the victim’s property and taking a set of keys from the man’s pocket, Assistant State’s Attorney Ben Williams said during a bail hearing Sunday at the Leighton Criminal Court Building.

    The victim took small steps back toward a rear yard where two friends were waiting. The victim’s friends, both 42, appeared, one holding a pit bull between his legs, Williams said. After one of the men urged the pet to attack, Hannah pulled the trigger two or three times, but the weapon misfired, Williams said. The dog then bit the attacker, who again unsuccessfully fired the weapon.

    All three victims told police they saw the man pull the trigger and heard the weapon click but that it didn’t fire, according to Hannah’s arrest report. As the gunman ran from the dog and all three men — one armed with a two-by-four — he threw the small revolver away, the report stated. The men held the gunman and injured him while trying to restrain him until police arrived, authorities said. None of the victims were hurt.
Sounds like he got off lightly.


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Supt. Rocket Scientist

Mr. Fenner does the dance that Rahm taught him - always around the subject and never put a name to it:
  • On the heels of another weekend that saw at least 60 people shot in Chicago, Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said “it doesn’t take a rocket scientist” to figure out why shootings continue to be a problem in Chicago. The city’s top cop said too many criminals aren’t afraid to pull the trigger, because they don’t face significant prison time when they do.
For Fuck's Sake Ed, just come out and say it. You used to have balls:
  • Prickwrinkle said there are too many black and brown people in prison;
  • Kimesha Foxxx ran on a "decriminalization platform" funded by George Soros;
  • Tim Evans is part-and-parcel of this charade abetted by Dart's lib-tarded bail policies;
  • Rahm is acquiescing to this bullshit in an attempt to save his political life;
  • The CPD has been landed and gutted like a Lake Michigan alewife and has fallen back on the only survival mechanism left - de-policing and/or disengagement.
Oh yeah, and since Wheezie and her buddies cheated their way to promotion while Rahm's "Inspector General" covered it up, there's a giant club hanging over your head to keep you in line, so you're as much to blame for the current state of events as any other politician.

You want a quick solution? Maybe the only solution available to Chicago right now? 
It the meantime, destroying Chicago certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist...just a bunch of bought-and-paid for politicos, their corrupt liberal philosophy and wholesale cowardice on the part of the Department administration.


Early Onset Arthritis

This is the non-depressed, bright future, never-had-no-gun altar boy who certainly didn't kill himself the other night after running from police with a gun:

Anyone have his SSL Score? You'd think that someone (maybe a slandering lawyer) would lock down these social media accounts faster before we or our readers could get to them.

Until There's a Cure.


Rahm Talks Down to "Community" Again

Cue the outrage from Kwame and others...while they stand amidst a pile of bodies at least waist high:
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been accused of “victim shaming” for citing an absence of “values” and “character” in the African-American community after a weekend bloodbath earlier this month that left 12 people dead and 71 others shot.

    But that didn’t stop the mayor from asking what he called “tough questions” after a 13-year-old was charged with aggravated use of a weapon by a person under 21 in connection with a shooting that left a teenager dead and another wounded outside the Garfield Park fieldhouse last Thursday.

    “Police are doing their job . . . I want to also talk about us investing in our kids, investing in after-school [programs], summer jobs. But, we also have to ask some tough questions. Who provides a 13-year-old a gun? Why does a 13-year-old go to a basketball game [with a gun] that’s held in a Park District facility when kids are having fun?” Emanuel said Monday.
Coming on the heels of another 60 people shot, Rahm would probably do better if he just held up a mirror at his next press conference.

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Great Help

  • Raysuan Turner, 16, and Darnelle Flowers, 17, were found dead with gunshot wounds shortly before midnight Sunday near 131st Street and Rhodes Avenue in the Golden Gate neighborhood. Their bodies had started to decompose, a police source said.


    Their families started getting tips stemming from social media: The boys could be found in the grass near “G.” A group of four teens were seen walking into the field and only two walked out, they were told.

    Family members scoured the nearby Golden Gate Park, but said they hadn’t thought to look so deep in the overgrown field across the street.

    First Deputy Superintendent Anthony Riccio said detectives were with the mother of one of the boys when she received an "anonymous message" saying she might find her son in a wooded area at 130th and Rhodes. Detectives went there and found Turner and Flowers dead, Riccio said.
Not contacting the police, no. Social media "tips" and "hints" and "anonymous message[s]" directly to the family so they can locate the decomposing bodies in an overgrown field. Social media stories that say four kids walked into the field, but only two came out.

Someone must have snitched a little bit, because two "persons of interest" are being questioned, but who knows what Foxxx will do? It's kind of odd how there are witnesses crawling out of the woodwork when a mentally distraught shorty kills himself in front of pursuing officers, but pretty much no one when two kids are executed on a summer evening with daylight still around.


Airshow Weekend Numbers

Via - the ONLY numbers accepted by SCC for gaming purposes:

  • As we’ve stated in years past, the lakefront may sound like a war zone this weekend but parts of the South and West sides will continue to behave like war zones.

    Final Shoot-o-Rahm-a Tally: 8 killed, 53 wounded
    2017 weekend tally: 9 killed, 55 wounded
    2016 weekend tally: 9 killed, 49 wounded
    2015 weekend tally: 7 killed, 35 wounded
    2014 weekend tally: 8 killed, 44 wounded
Rahm and Special Ed are running around telling everyone, "At least it isn't 70!"

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Forty-Eight and Counting

Remember, this is supposed to be an example of "success" according to Rahm and Mr. Fenner:
  • 2 dead, 46 wounded
And that total was only until Sunday morning. The total is sure to be higher once all the damage is tallied up.

Oh yeah, and the CPD shot no one, regardless of what those uninformed idiots marching to Mount Sinai are claiming.

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Slam Dunk Defamation Suit

If the FOP isn't consulting with some high priced attorneys right this very second, then they're all morons who need to be voted out of office and someone put in there with some actual testicles.

First, the protests:
  • More than 120 people gathered to protest the death of 15-year-old Steve Rosenthal, who police say fatally shot himself on the back stairwell of his West Side home after he was briefly chased by officers who allegedly saw him holding a handgun.

    Shouting “No justice, no peace,” or “Let us see Steve,” the crowd gathered Sunday at Johnson School of Excellence at 1420 S. Albany Ave. and marched to Mount Sinai Medical Center a few blocks away, shutting down both lanes of Ogden Avenue at times.

    A brief altercation ensued outside the hospital’s emergency room when a large group chanting “Let us see Steve” tried to force their way into the building and scuffled briefly with security officers blocking the doorway. A few people in the crowd wondered why the protesters went to the hospital rather than the Cook County medical examiner’s office, where the teen’s body was taken for an autopsy.
Um, because you're idiots, being led by morons. Next question?

Then the speeches start:
  • “Steven was on the stairwell of his grandmother’s house on the West Side of Chicago when police officers stormed up the stairwell chasing,” the family’s attorney, Andrew Stroth, said at a news conference prior to the march Sunday. “Within moments, these officers, without cause or provocation, shot and killed 15-year old Steven. … Based on several eyewitness accounts, these officers ended the hopes and the dreams of a talented young man with a bright future.”

    Rosenthal’s aunt, the teen’s legal guardian, sobbed as she made a public plea to Mayor Rahm Emanuel to order the release of any body camera recordings of the shooting.

    My 15-year old nephew Steven was shot and killed by the Chicago Police Department,” Terinica Thomas, 28, said, weeping and shaking visibly as she stood before the news media. “I need the attention of Mayor Emanuel. I need to see evidence. Body cams. They need to release the video. My nephew would never commit suicide ever. … If he (Emanuel) even had the smallest compassion for our family, he’d get those videotapes released.”
These are actionable statements, and as soon as the autopsy report is released, the FOP should be (A) suing the attorney, (B) suing auntie and (C) seeking to disbar the attorney.
  • The autopsy will show gunpowder residue on the dead individual;
  • the autopsy will show massive damage to the deceased's mouth from a gun firing inside it;
  • the autopsy will show the bullet exited his skull, upward, from the mouth
A judgement should be sought against auntie, since she's an idiot. The attorney license ought to be framed and mounted on the wall of the FOP Hall where everyone can look and laugh at it. Let's get on this FOP - the info is right there in front of you. We know someone down there has some balls - use them.

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How Many Shot?

Our Stat Guy has been working overtime - for free.

Anyone know the seating capacity of the United Center?

About 23,500 if the floor is used for concerts.

How many people have been shot in Chicago since 2010?

Enough to fill the stadium and have a line around the building four or five times.

Who's getting shot?
That's a pretty consistent set of percentages across the board.

Who's doing the shooting? Not these guys:

That's around 1.299% of all the shootings.

Chew on that number for a second:
  • 1.299%
And we're the ones subject to how much oversight? Investigative bodies? Cameras out the wazoo? A bullshit consent decree that we don't even have a voice in?

We're done. And if you aren't done, you're not thinking straight.


Requiem for the CPD

  • Seventy-one shot, 12 killed. These are the current stats for a weekend in the great City of Chicago. These numbers do not take into account people stabbed, beat, robbed or raped, but the continued effort to punish and disable the police department is in full throttle.

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Superintendent Eddie Johnson continue to throw the police department under the bus with overall focus on votes instead of safety. The new round of attacks come with accommodations to the Decree being forced on the CPD from an activist group led by Black Lives Matter. This amounts to the fox guarding the hen house.
The author does a bit more in-depth than our scraping of the surface of the insane #blm demands that will just about kill proactive police work. It's a quick read and only runs two pages or so.


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Peace March? Peace March??

  • 'This was a peace event. Somehow it went haywire': 3 shot, 1 beaten near Seward Park on Near North Side
We were amazed. And horrified. How could such a thing happen
  • Three men were shot and a fourth was beaten up during what witnesses said was a peace picnic at the Near North Side’s Seward Park on Saturday evening.

    The triple shooting happened shortly after 6 p.m. in the 300 block of West Division Street during what a witness described as a back-to-school “peace picnic.’’

    One to three gunmen between the ages of 15 to 20 opened fire at a group as they stood outside, hitting three men — 28, 43 and 54, police said.
And as usual, the "community" is in shock:
  • “They started shooting, baby,’’ said a woman, who did not want her name used. “At a picnic. With kids here!”
It's truly another one of those mysteries.


Police Blamed for Suicide

  • Neighbors and friends of Steven Rosenthal said Saturday that authorities’ account of the 16-year-old shooting himself while running from police in Lawndale was out of character for the Crane High School basketball player.

    Rosenthal died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in the Friday evening encounter, officials said. According to Chicago police, officers spotted him with a gun and tried to stop him about 6:55 p.m. near his home in the 1500 block of South Keeler.

    Rosenthal ran away, and then “tragically used the weapon on himself,” CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted after the shooting.
The ignorance on display here is amazing, astounding even. How do these people (or folks) remember to breathe on their own? WGN couldn't wait to find someone who wasn't there cast aspersions on the police:
  • But people gathering at the scene disputed the police account Friday night. Friends said just moments before, Rosenthal had been dancing and getting ready for a party.

    “He went through the back of the gangway to get some water,” Rosenthal’s friend, Sherman Baker, said. “They shot him and that’s when they pointed the gun at us and we ran.”
We're told social media is awash with all sorts of bullshit, fiction and outright lies from people who heard someone who heard get the picture.

And what are these assholes (the so-called "witnesses" and the #fakenews media) going to say when the autopsy report shows powder burns in his mouth and the bullet exited the top of his head? We're going to see an entire week worth of retractions and apologies? Maybe a day of coverage? Or probably nothing at all?


The New Normal

Two weeks ago, Rahm and Special Ed were forced to send Fred Waller out in front of the TV cameras to address the 70+ shooting victims over that weekend. Fred proceeded to make a statement about his amazing culinary skills combining shit and syrup being transformed into pancakes. Truly a memorable mopment.

One week ago, Rahm and Special Ed fell all over themselves patting themselves on their manly parts for reducing the number of people shot to around half of that. Ed made noises about re-deployments, day off cancellations, and overtime expenditures. We don't think he or Rahm thanked the cops or their families for having to change and reschedule plans.

This weekend certainly didn't start well:
  • In a span of about 14 hours between Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning, 25 people were shot in Chicago, including a 3-year-old boy who was among seven wounded in a single attack.

    [...] The man was taken to St. Bernard Hospital in critical condition after the shooting in the 7000 block of South Sangamon Street in the Englewood neighborhood, but was later pronounced dead.

    In the seven-victim shooting, six of the people shot were standing on a sidewalk around 8 p.m. in the 1600 block of West 65th Street when they were hit by gunfire, police said. The seventh person shot, a 38-year-old woman, was grazed on the arm while in a backyard. She was treated on scene.
The new normal - 20, 30, even 40 or 50 shot and it's accepted as normal.

And once again, not a single shot fired by the police. It's amazing.

This qualifies as another "mass shooting" weekend, and you can guess exactly where Rahm is going to lay the blame as soon as he returns to town (is any reporter staking out his fake residential address yet?)


Another Great Description

  • A woman was stabbed multiple times early Saturday morning in the Near North neighborhood on the Near North Side, Chicago police said.

    The 38-year-old woman was stabbed in the temple, shoulder, arm and both breasts by someone she argued with around 1:50 a.m. in the 1100 block of North Clark Street, just south of the Clark and Division Red Line stop.

    She was stabilized at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. No one was in custody.
No idea if it was a domestic, a robbery, a bar fight or just something random. And no description of whom to watch out for, maybe a community alert or something?

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Saturday, August 18, 2018

"Talking Down"

Rahm is getting some heat from the community lately. He's being accused of "victim shaming" and of acting morally superior by suggesting that maybe, just maybe, the "community" ought to attempt to follow some sort of morale compass:
  • Democratic attorney general candidate Kwame Raoul on Thursday criticized Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s focus on a lack of morals in African-American communities struggling with gun violence, calling that approach “outright wrong.”

    [...] Emanuel has called for more attention to be paid to the lack of morals behind gangs and continued gun violence on the city’s South and West sides, saying it often makes it difficult to apprehend shooters.

    During Democrat Day at the Illinois State Fair, Raoul was asked if the mayor’s remarks amounted to the mayor “talking down to black people.”

    “I think for the mayor to make a generalization about a community is more than just misspoken, it’s outright wrong,” said Raoul
And like clockwork, this happens in Murder Central:
  • The field house at Garfield Park was packed with young teens for championship games in a local basketball league Thursday night. A fight broke out, then another and soon police started clearing the crowd. That's when the shooting started and everyone ran, according to Chicago police and witnesses.

    Kenwon Parker didn't get far. The 15-year-old student at Marshall High School was shot in the chest and fell to the ground in the West Side park shortly after 9 p.m. His friend Kimmy stopped, knelt down and tried to talk to him. “He got hit,” she said. “He was trying to breathe.”

    Kenwon died at Stroger Hospital, less than two days from his 16th birthday. A 14-year-old boy was taken there in serious condition with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. His family said he was expected to recover.
According to the gang database, the dead 15-year-old had a SSL (Strategic Subject List) score of well over 350, which translates into an extremely high probability of being shot.

Guess who the shooter was?
  • Police arrested another boy, 13, but his role in the shooting was not clear, according to authorities. A source said he was carrying a gun.
Thirteen years old - and Kwame thinks that Rahm is "talking down to black people."

Actually, we don't think Rahm had to say a word at all, but you can bet Kwame is blaming the police someway, somehow. We can smell the hypocrisy from here.

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Where's the Video?

A reader makes a good point:
  • Where the hell are the videos? The internet if full of videos on every damn thing under the sun but rarely of this crap. I don't expect the media to show them but I am surprised they are not showing up elsewhere. We must have 634 videos of "Saint Harish" the barber but nothing on wildings on Chicago's premier shopping area? Unreal
Here's a little secret. Videos exist.

In fact, there are tens of thousands of videos that exist, totaling hundreds of hours, all filed and categorized - body cameras, blue light cameras, private security cameras, all showing not only wildings, but gun handoffs, street shootings, more than a couple gang executions, all sorts of stuff.

But the public will never see it. Neither will most cops...unless you happen to work in one of the many SDSC rooms or downtown at records, and even then, access is restricted.

Can anyone guess why the videos will never been seen? The media copuld probably get quite a few filing FOIA requests, but they won't ever ask to see it - no doubt Rahm has ordered them not to....and it runs counter to their slanted world view.


Nice Downtown Rahm

  • A man was critically wounded in the Loop near the Chicago River in the second downtown shooting overnight.

    The shooting happened about 12:40 a.m. in the first block of East Waker [sic] Drive, according to Chicago police.

    A 34-year-old man was struck in his abdomen and took himself to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition, police said.

    The shooting happened minutes after a man was shot in a Streeterville parking garage. He was taken to the same hospital in critical condition.
Pretty soon, downtown is going to be racking up numbers like Englewood does.


Incompetent Judge

  • Thirty-four times in the past six years, the Illinois Appellate Court has upended decisions by Cook County Circuit Judge Maura Slattery Boyle based on her errors, overturning her decisions at a pace far higher than that of other judges.

    Slattery Boyle is one of the six Cook County criminal court judges who will be on the ballot in November, seeking retention. The other five have had their verdicts reversed or cases sent back for new hearings a combined total of 38 times during the same period.
Those other five judges have been reversed a total of 38 times - Slattery Boyle has been reversed 34 times all on her own. So what exactly qualified her for judgeship? Here's a clue:
  • Slattery Boyle grew up in Bridgeport, two blocks from the home of the late Mayor Richard J. Daley. She graduated from John Marshall Law School in 1993 and went to work for the state’s attorney’s office.

    In 2000, at 33, she ran for judge with the backing of Cook County Commissioner John Daley, Mayor Richard M. Daley’s brother. “I’ve known her all my life,” he said at the time. “She has a very good background.”
Nice recommendation. And her family history?
  • The alliance of bar associations that rates Cook County judicial candidates has an agreement that it will not rate any candidate favorably who has fewer than 10 years of court experience. Slattery Boyle, who did not seek the endorsement, was given negative ratings.

    She won anyway. Six years later, as she was running for retention, Patrick Slattery, her brother, was convicted of fraud for giving city jobs to former campaign workers for then-Mayor Richard M. Daley.
Again, we remind readers, you're better off voting "No" on all judicial retentions.


Friday, August 17, 2018

Wildings Again

Channel 2 finally gets around to covering some wildings from a few days ago:
  • A brawl involving dozens of teenagers broke out near Chicago’s Water Tower Place Tuesday night, prompting a flurry of 911 calls as the mob spread to Chicago Avenue and State Street.

    The disturbance grew so large at one point that some businesses in Chicago’s busiest tourist district were forced to shut down, CBS 2 [...] reports.

    “The group is running westbound on Chicago,” one 911 caller is heard saying.

    One person who witnessed the fight asked to stay anonymous, but told CBS that a group of about seven teenagers jumped a person walking down Chicago Avenue between Wabash Avenue and Rush Street.

    Witnesses reported seeing teenagers and adults fighting at Chicago Avenue and State Street, prompting McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A to lock up.
So merchants in Chicago actually have to lock their doors, effectively closing down their businesses, due to the misbehavior of people (or folks) who couldn't find their guns to add to the daily carnage totals. Can the protests be far behind that these racist businesses denied some poor youths the ability to spend our hard earned tax dollars?

Ed once again, mischaracterised the violations of Civil Rights to create mayhem:
  • In an attempt to control the mob, police barricaded the area with police cruisers and bikes before ushering people toward the trains.

    [...] Police say there have been at least four large disturbances in this popular area this summer. Right after Memorial Day, Superintendent Eddie Johnson explained why officers moved kids toward the Red Line.

    “We didn’t force anyone to go anywhere — we directed them,” Johnson said. “You choose to stay here, then that was your choice. But if you choose to leave then we gave you a safe way to leave.”
Yeah, okay.

Water Tower Place decided to fight back. Not against the wrong-doers - oh no no no - against the reporting by the Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown blog:
  • The night before, we published a report that detailed several recent gun arrests on the North Side, including one that took place on the sidewalk at 835 North Michigan Avenue outside of Water Tower Place. Our story was accompanied by an image of the arrested man’s mugshot overlayed on a photo of the mall’s exterior.

    Then, on Tuesday evening, we got an email.

    “Please edit your blog post to remove the photo of Water Tower Place,” we were told. “Thank you very much.”

    The email came from Lindsay Kahn, senior manager of public relations for GGP, the Fortune 500 real estate entity that operates Water Tower Place.
The CWB Blog helpfully included the email and business contact information of Ms. Kahn in case anyone wants to point out that Water Tower Place exterior is a building on the public way in full view of the public and accessible to the public at large.

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Cops Denied Voice

Anyone with half-a-brain has stopped proactive police work. This message is to everyone else, so if you know someone who doesn't read the blog semi-regularly, let them know:
  • Stop doing proactive police work or you are going to lose your job, be indicted or go to prison.
  • Promising he will give the Fraternal Order of Police — “and indeed all Chicago police officers” — a chance to be heard, a federal judge Thursday nevertheless denied an attempt by the police union to formally intervene in a lawsuit expected to lead to a consent decree governing reform efforts at CPD.

    In a 25-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Robert Dow said the FOP waited too long to try to intervene in the federal lawsuit brought by Attorney General Lisa Madigan against the city of Chicago, “despite its clear recognition” through public comments that the case could significantly affect policing in Chicago.

    The judge said the state offered to let the FOP enter into a memorandum of agreement — along with a coalition of community groups — giving it the right to raise objections and give input toward the consent decree. But citing state attorneys, the judge said the FOP refused the offer — a decision the FOP doesn’t deny.

    Therefore, Dow said the FOP’s decision to publicly oppose the consent decree but limit its own role in negotiations “appears to have been strategic, and it must live with the consequences of that decision as it relates to this belated attempt to intervene as a party in this lawsuit.”
Parties are added and subtracted from federal proceedings all the time - years after the fact even. The FOP taking its time and assessing all of its options over the course of a few months shouldn't be a big deal. In act, the FOP seems to be the only party actually telling everyone to slow down, take a breath and let cooler heads prevail (kind of like de-escalating if you think about it) instead of rushing around like there's an election around the corner.

Oh wait...

Don't say you weren't warned that the lib-tards involved are going to crucify you the first chance they get.


Once Again....

  • Cook County prosecutors on Thursday dropped criminal charges against the brother of a man shot and killed by Chicago police during a confrontation that led to racially charged protests in the city’s Mount Greenwood neighborhood in late 2016.

    Michael Beal, 30, faced numerous felonies including aggravated battery to a police officer, attempted disarm and unlawful restraint following a melee that touched off outside a firehouse near 111th and Troy streets that ended with his brother Joshua’s death. But officials with the Cook County state’s attorney’s office dropped all charges against the Indianapolis man during a hearing before Judge Carol M. Howard at the Leighton Criminal Court Building.

    A state’s attorney representative wasn’t immediately available to comment.
Add these felonies to the list of crimes that the "community" doesn't have to obey.

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