Sunday, April 22, 2018

Eight Mile Crime Spree

  • Police are looking for armed robbery suspects who carjacked at least two people, hit a pedestrian in Lincoln Park and led police on a chase through several city neighborhoods that ended with a crash near Humboldt Park on Saturday morning.
Who did it?
  • Police have recovered two of the cars that were taken in the attacks and are trying to find the third, which is a green 2000 Honda Accord with damaged Wisconsin plates of 218SPG, said Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson on Saturday afternoon at an unrelated news conference in the Loop.

    Police have some “good leads” on the identities of the suspects, who are possibly juveniles, Johnson said.
Great - who were they?
  • It started Saturday morning with a pair of attempted carjackings by the gunmen, who were behind the wheel of a stolen silver or gray Chrysler van on the Near North Side, police said.
  • In the first, the victim did not make out a police report and nothing was taken, but about 9:30 a.m., the two robbers pulled up to another person in the 1400 block of North Dayton Avenue, according to police. They tried to carjack the victim but only grabbed cash before driving away in the van.

    The suspects then drove 3 miles north to the Lakeview neighborhood, where they stole a Volkswagen at gunpoint in the 1300 block of West Waveland Avenue and left the van.
For god's sake, who the fuck are we looking for?
  • A short time later, a tow truck driver flagged down a patrol officer after spotting the stolen Volkswagen, and police gave chase. The pursuit continued about 2 miles south to Fullerton Avenue and Halsted Street in Lincoln Park, where the Volkswagen hit and seriously injured a 23-year-old pedestrian, police said.

    Chicago police ended the chase, and the victim, a man who suffered a broken arm, a broken shoulder and a concussion, was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where his condition had stabilized.
For the love of.....
  • No arrests have been made, and police did not immediately have a description of the robbers.
Riiiight. Not a single description from anyone involved, robbed, maimed. Does anyone believe this bullshit any more?

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So the Police Board member who drew upon her vast experiences in the field of police work voted with Rahm's preferred recommendations 54% of the time.

The other 46% of the time, she didn't even show up to vote. Great work if you can get it.

Here's her People's Gas profile.

And speaking of interesting, there's a parking spot in the back of COPA labeled "COPA Supervisor/Director." This car was parked in it:

It seems COPA Supervisors are so well paid for their "work" they have to drive for Uber to make ends meet.


Nice School Cleaners Rahm

  • Chicago Public Schools officials have agreed to give $259 million in additional work to a company that couldn’t keep city schools clean, records obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times show.

    Aramark will be handed control of all facilities work at most of Chicago’s schools on July 1, according to its contract, which CPS officials tried to keep under wraps.

    The company, based in Philadelphia, is being given all oversight for cleaning the schools, pest control, landscaping and other tasks that in the past typically have been overseen by a school’s engineer — what CPS calls an integrated facilities-management model.

    Since 2014, it has managed the cleaning of hundreds of Chicago schools — including all 125 that CPS inspected from December to February and found rife with problems. Just 34 of the schools passed those cleanliness examinations, the Sun-Times reported last month, prompting Mayor Rahm Emanuel to say he was “beyond outraged.”
But not outraged enough to stop a contract worth over a quarter of a billion dollars.

And just who is doing the cleaning? (click for larger version)

No Durg Test - that's a plus.


Saturday, April 21, 2018


  • Weeks after Mike Beedle was stabbed to death outside a River North bar, the slain software entrepreneur’s fiancee on Thursday made an impassioned call for changes to a criminal justice system that let his accused murderer roam the streets of Chicago despite a history of arrests and mental health issues spanning more than three decades.

    “Our babies lost their father, and I think someone has blood on their hands,” Barbara Misiur said during a press conference with their toddler Urszula on her lap. “To know that this could have been prevented makes me so angry,” she said.

    Gino Bassett, 56, is charged with first-degree murder. Cook County prosecutors say he suffers from schizophrenia and takes numerous medications for mental illness. Bassett stalked Beedle as he stood outside the bar early on March 23 in the 400 block of North State, then shoved him into an alley, stabbed him in the neck with a 5-inch knife and took off with Beedle’s cash and credit cards, authorities said. Bassett’s arrest after the slaying was his 99th on a lengthy rap sheet, according to community activist Andrew Holmes.
If someone gets arrested 99 times, the police are doing their jobs. Someone else isn't.

Someone like Kim Foxxx and her predcessor. Someone like Dart and Prickwrinkle. Someone like those who report to Tim Evans. And someone who closed how many mental health facilities like Rahm.

Actually, there's no "like" about it - those are exactly the people to blame. But no one is listening.


Qualified How?

So can anyone explain what actual qualifications Eva-Dina Delgado has for judging police work? How many agencies she's worked for, how many arrests and court proceedings she might have participated in? What papers she's published or commissions she's served on?

How about evidence interpretation? Ballistics? Crime scene processing? Simple physics?


And why aren't the FOP and PBPA making a bit more noise over this extraordinary lack of qualifications for judging an incident that went down in something measured in mere seconds?


Failed Carjacking

  • Carjackers targeted a black BMW in the Ashburn neighborhood Friday morning, but what they didn’t know was the driver of the SUV was an armed off-duty Chicago police officer.

    The officer exchanged gunfire with the suspects, but they got away.

    Witnesses said the off-duty officer was stopping at his regular barbershop at 79th and Hamlin to get a haircut, but before he could get out of his car, three suspects jumped in.
No one hit as of last report, but stay aware ladies and gentlemen - it's everywhere.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Decision Shortly (UPDATE)

  • A single, randomly-selected Police Board member has decided the fate of Chicago Police Officer Robert Rialmo and the decision will be announced at Thursday night’s Police Board meeting.

    “An announcement of the reviewing Board member’s decision regarding the disciplinary recommendation relating to the shooting of Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones is planned for this evening’s Police Board public meeting, which is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. at Chicago Public Safety Headquarters, 3510 South Michigan Avenue,” the announcement states.
Is the Department mobilizing Tact teams? Incident teams? Gas teams? If none of this is happening right this very minute, you can probably assume the fix is in and Rahm's personal-9.5-fingered-pick has telegraphed the decision to City Hall.

And then you can officially bury the corpse and coffin of police work.

UPDATE: And the railroad job continues:
  • A Chicago Police Board member has ruled that Officer Robert Rialmo will face potential firing by the full board for the fatal 2015 shooting of a teenager carrying a baseball bat and an innocent bystander.

    The decision by Eva-Dina Delgado comes after police Superintendent Eddie Johnson disagreed with the finding by the city’s police disciplinary agency, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, that the shooting was unjustified and that Rialmo should be fired.

    Delgado, who works in government and community relations for Peoples Gas and was appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to the Police Board in 2016, could have sided with Johnson and ended the disciplinary case against Rialmo.

    Her decision means that the Police Board — a nine-member panel that includes eight Emanuel appointees — will take on a divisive case that has stirred strong emotions among both police reform advocates and the department’s rank-and-file.
It's all an act - theater - and Rahm is the puppetmaster.

UPDATE: Post moved from 1631 hours yesterday to the top of today's menu due to importance.

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There She Goes

  • In 2007, Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown explained her landslide loss to then-Mayor Richard M. Daley by saying voters did not “understand the magnitude of the crime and corruption” that had occurred on Daley’s watch.

    With Brown poised to enter her second race for mayor, black elected officials and political pundits are making similar claims about her.

    They can’t understand why she’s running for mayor instead of running for cover four years into a federal grand jury investigation into alleged job- and promotion-selling in her office that has already bagged two targets.
It sure looks like she's been promised something, though what we have no idea.

Now we just need an Hispanic to complete the charade. Who is Chewy pushing? Is Gutierrez coming out of the closet woodwork?


Whack Job

  • Community activist Ja'mal Green launched his campaign for mayor of Chicago Wednesday, but not without some controversy.

    The 22-year-old's announcement was temporarily halted when administrators at Roosevelt University cut his mic.

    They said they thought Green was only speaking on the legacy of Harold Washington and didn't endorse his announcement.
So Rahm has someone running for the following categories:
  • the "fired outsider" for the angry ethnic white city workers;
  • the "returning reformer" for the not as angry city workers of all stripes;
  • the "nutty uncle" for black voters not to enthralled with either McCarthy or Vallas;
  • the "crazy whack job" to sew up the angry-black-guy vote.
If only there was a reasonably well-spoken black woman who many un-informed people recall as a supposedly capable member of the Machine, but somehow completely miss the stink of continuing Federal investigations running in and out of her office on a near daily basis to split the black vote three ways......

UPDATE: See post above.


Rahm Ain't Afraid!

  • Mayoral challengers Willie Wilson, Garry McCarthy and Paul Vallas have forged a mutual nonaggression pact. They’ve agreed to lay off each other, attack Rahm Emanuel and unite behind whoever forces the mayor into a runoff.

    If Emanuel is feeling ganged up on, he’s not about to say. He’s too busy executing his Rose Garden strategy of ignoring his opponents to avoid putting them on equal footing with the two-term incumbent mayor of Chicago.
Of course, if he wasn't really afraid, he wouldn't be paying everyone and their illegitimate children to run in the open election.


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Those Pesky Bail Jumpers

  • Two of the four adults charged with beating and stealing money from a man in River North on April 6th have already gone AWOL by skipping court dates, according to Cook County court records. And they are just the tip of the iceberg. Of the 232 on-going criminal cases being monitored by CWBChicago editors, 36 defendants were AWOL as of Friday afternoon.

    Other recipients of “affordable bails” who are in the wind include a man charged with receiving a $66,000 methamphetamine delivery; a man charged with 10 burglaries in Lakeview; and a man accused of having a sawed-off shotgun in a car.
The only real Investigative Journalism is being done by far too few bloggers, mostly for free, and mostly unseen. Imagine if an actually well-funded group got behind this effort.

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Second Coldest April

  • Chicago area residents may wake up to snow on the ground Thursday, the latest reminder that winter weather’s grip is delaying so many spring rites of passage, from Major League Baseball games to bridge-lifting season on the Chicago River downtown – the parade of boats heading for slips offering the surest sign of warm weather ahead.

    And if those early morning walks to the bus or train stop weren’t convincing enough, forecasters say this is the second-coldest start to April across Chicago in 130 years.
As McCompStat told everyone, weather has nothing to do with decreased crime stats - it's all the fantastic fancy computers, shot-spotters, reduced police districts and detective areas.


Another GREAT Description

  • One of four people suspected to be involved in the bump-and-run Saturday afternoon carjacking of an Oak Park woman has been arrested, Oak Park police said Tuesday.

    Police said Tuesday that the stolen vehicle was spotted at about 5 p.m. Monday by North Riverside police near North Riverside Park Mall. Police said the car was pursued to the 4700 block of Gladys Avenue in Chicago. There were four people in the stolen car, and all four then got out and ran, police said.
The description which appeared in the paper was as follows:
  • Two males with black hair.
That was it - black hair - and even that description disappeared before the day was over.

What pillars of the community the media must feel like, providing that extensive description to the public at large in order to keep everyone informed and aware of the dangers of people (or folks) with "black hair."

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Old Tricks Aren't Working

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s latest attempt to get Chicago cops and firefighters to spread out into the city’s struggling neighborhoods has yet to draw much interest.

    Six months after the mayor dangled a monetary carrot to try to get them to purchase homes in high-crime parts of the South and West sides, just two police officers have taken advantage, according to the city Department of Planning and Development. And both closed on houses in the South Side Chatham neighborhood that’s already known as a favorite landing spot for first responders and other city workers.

    Emanuel’s program offers $30,000 loans to police officers and firefighters to buy a home in certain more violent areas of the city. If they stay for at least 10 years, they don’t have to pay the city back. It’s an idea employed by former Mayor Richard M. Daley in previous decades that Emanuel restarted last year.
It's almost like cops don't want to live in the shitholes they patrol. Or maybe the young coppers aren't going to be sticking around long enough to raise a family or something. If the northsiders stick around long enough and alderasshole Arena gets his way, Jefferson Park will be on the list of shitholes eligible for the loan.

Maybe Rahm can take the $3 million set aside and use it to fund pensions? Medical coverage for retirees?


Escamerit Sucking Up

Anywhere there's a camera....and a mayor....and a billionaire:

The Ghost of the 025 Gallows lives on:



That Time of Year Again

  • Chicago police are looking for a team of smash-and-grab thieves who rammed a stolen vehicle though the entrance of a GameStop store.

    The incident happened at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday in the 1500 block of North Cicero in the city's North Austin neighborhood.

    Burglars drove their car through the front of the store, and stole cash and merchandise. The suspects then fled the scene, leaving the stolen car behind.
Remember, crime is down! (in the midst of the coldest April in a century.)


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Parking Scandal Again?

  • A high-ranking Chicago Police officer and a lieutenant working under that deputy chief were accused Monday of providing a “preferential treatment scheme to reserve and provide free-parking at the United Center” for off-duty cops, their family and friends.

    Last year, Inspector General Joe Ferguson unmasked a similar preferential parking scheme at Bulls and Blackhawks games executed by eight supervisors and traffic control aides working at the city’s 911 emergency center.

    The new scheme accuses a deputy chief and a lieutenant, neither of whom were identified by name, of engaging in and supervising a similar system of playing parking favorites.
Well, there are only eighteen Deputy Chiefs and the stadiums fall under the purview of only two or three of them, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out which politically connected asshole figured they were above the rules again, even after being explicitly banned from doing exactly this.

And once again, that third layer of "connected discipline" comes into public view.

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Blago to Rot

  • The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday morning decided NOT to hear the appeal of defrocked Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's corruption case. The court's refusal to hear Blagojevich's appeal effectively puts an end to his conventional legal options.

    "Rod, Amy, Annie and I could not be more disappointed in the decision today by the U.S. Supreme Court" said Blagojevich's Patti in a written statement released late Monday morning. "From the beginning we've had faith in the system and have felt the court would bring Rod back to us. Now, with the judiciary no longer an option, we'll have to put our faith elsewhere and find another way."
Political corruption deserves harsh sentences as it undermined the very foundations of government, so we can't say we're displeased with the Supreme Court decision. However, we are still of the opinion that Blago was sentenced solely for going against the Machine that spawned Sparklefarts.

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Family Connection

Some law firm in Park Ridge decided to fly the flag upside down the other day:

Normally, we would just write this off as a mistake or a misguided protest, but it was interesting to see who worked there:

That's alderasshole Arena's brother, and that makes us wonder.


Monday, April 16, 2018

Serial Stabber?

  • Chicago police have released video footage of a man parking his SUV before grabbing a woman and stabbing her as she walked to the Fullerton Red Line station Tuesday night in the Sheffield Neighbors community.

    The 21-year-old woman was walking east around 10:50 p.m. in the 1200 block of West Webster Avenue when the man grabbed her neck and put her in a choke hold, Chicago police said in a community alert.

    After the man stabbed her several times in the upper body, video shows her attacker fleeing west to Wayne Avenue and leaving heading north in a dark colored Cadillac SRX, police said. Earlier surveillance video shows the man parking the SUV.
So he drives into the neighborhood, finds a likely victim, strikes, then flees the neighborhood?

From what we've read about serial killers, they work their way up to killing via different paths. Assaults, rapes, animal torture, etc., often near home but oftentimes just somewhere they're "comfortable," i.e. where there isn't much danger of being stopped, i.e. Chicago.

This sounds like a serial killer working up the nerve to do some real damage. And unlike in previous decades, everyone can watch the progression unfold via surveillance cameras - after the fact.


Bats? Again?

  • Robbers armed with a handgun or baseball bat have robbed people at least three times in recent days on the Northwest Side, Chicago police said.

    The first robbery happened Wednesday around 9:45 p.m. in the 5000 block of West Windsor Avenue in the Jefferson Park neighborhood, police said in a community alert.

    A second followed Thursday around 8:55 p.m. in the 5000 block of West Grace Street in the Portage Park neighborhood, the alert said.

    Also in Portage Park, a third robbery happened around 9:30 a.m. Friday in the 6000 block of West Grace Street.
A gun we can understand. But as the mayor's ass-kissers have been telling everyone for over a year now, bats are not dangerous. At all. And if you confront someone who is misusing a bat, you better be prepared to feel the full brunt of the mayor's anger.


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Dart Wins in Landslide (UPDATE)

Is this the only guy running against Dart?
  • Off topic but important. Dominic IZZO who is running for Cook County Sheriff needs to go! Now we are in a real bad spot here. We have to two canidates for Sheriff, Dominic IZZO and Little Tommy Dart. I think we all know how we feel about DART but let me tell you a story about IZZO that has been making its way through the grapevine lately.

    So I guess its Confirmed that IZZO got a CR number recently on a CPD officers. The officer, a female got into a facebook disagreement with him and she then called him a... well, to keep it PG she called him another word for the female genitalia that starts with P and ends in Y. Ok, so a disagreement about politics gets heated and words fly.

    So IZZO gets butt hurt, calls COPA... Yes, COPA, and gets a CR number on her and provides the facebook argument to COPA. Just the other day, the officer got called down to COPA to give the official statement. IZZO also signed the affidavit for it. So here he have IZZO, cant take any criticism and gets CR numbers after he posts about how corrupt COPA is yet he runs to copa with his thumb in his mouth because a little girl insulted him.

    Don't be fooled by this idiot.
Is this guy taking lessons from Alderasshole Arena?

Cook County is doomed.

UPDATE: You'll have to search for it on his Facebook page. We aren't connected, we aren't going to link to it or post the paragraphs where he names the officer more than a few times. We do find it amusing that if you put yourself out there as a "public figure" that you're surprised when you get criticized and then complain about it, especially in a profession that is judgemental in the extreme.


Texas Exports Crime?

  • Five days after inexplicably leaving their Fort Worth home, Cook County prosecutors said a Texas man fatally shot his girlfriend in the neck on the city’s West Side.

    Kendrick Owens, who was briefly hospitalized after his arrest, wasn’t present at Saturday’s hearing at the Leighton Criminal Court Building, where a judge denied bail for the Thursday morning shooting death of Tiwaconda Williams, 36.

    Owens, 38, faces first-degree murder charges and is expected to make an appearance in court next week.
He won't be facing a death penalty here.


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Off Duty Shot At

  • A person opened fire on an off-duty police officer Friday morning on the city’s Northwest Side.

    The officer was dropping someone off in an alley near Keeler and Roscoe.

    A driver behind him got angry over having to wait.

    The officer tried to calm him down, but as he returned to his car he heard gunfire.

    The car was hit four or five times, but the officer wasn’t hurt.

    No one has been arrested.
Let's call it what it was - attempted murder. Don't downplay it.


Arm Teachers With....

  • A Pennsylvania school district is arming its teachers with baseball bats to defend themselves and students against potential gunmen in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

    Officials from the Millcreek School District in Erie, Pennsylvania distributed 16-inch baseball bats to its 500 teachers as a "last resort," district Superintendent William Hall, told Erie News Now.

    Teachers received the bats, which cost the district about $1,800 to buy, after they attended a training day on how to respond to school shootings.
So a few weeks ago, it was a bucket of "river rocks" that school administrators were expecting first-graders to be able to hurl at gunmen with unerring accuracy while under fire.

Now it's baseball bats - not even real bats, but 16" souvenir bats - which (as every one in Chicago knows) aren't even real deadly weapons, even if they're full sized and wielded by mentally ill individuals intent on mayhem.


Here's What Gets You Shot

This is one thing:

This, too, when you make a habit of it:

Not the bullshit that the Slum Times is claiming. Perhaps if you acted like civilized human beings, you wouldn't have half the problems you manage to bring upon yourself.

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Friday, April 13, 2018

The Future of Policing

  • In my April 6 column here on PJ Media, I mentioned the legislative effort in California to address police shootings and change the legal standard by which they are judged. Assembly Bill 931, bearing the Orwellian title of Police Accountability and Community Protection Act, would make it unlawful for a police officer to use deadly force unless it was “necessary.” It sounds reasonable, of course. After all, don’t we want police to refrain from shooting people unless it’s necessary?

    But the question then arises: Necessary to whom? At their April 3 press conference introducing the legislation, the bill’s authors and other speakers made it clear. If a police officer’s use of deadly force is deemed to be unnecessary to them and to people who share their beliefs, that officer can expect to be prosecuted and, if not imprisoned, run through a years-long ordeal that will ruin him physically, emotionally, and financially. And this, they promise, will protect the community.

    It will not.
Jack Dunphy (LAPD) outlines how "progressives" are drafting this legislation with absolutely ZERO input from the law enforcement professionals, circumventing US Supreme Court decisions along with settled law, and discarding nationally recognized standards in order to fire, jail and/or bankrupt officers based on the political winds of the day.

Go read it all.



Sure - because picking someone out of a group, all of whom were handpicked by the mayor - is the epitome of "fair:"
  • A randomly chosen member of the Chicago Police Board will decide if an officer will face potential firing for a controversial 2015 shooting that killed a teenager who carried a baseball bat and an innocent bystander.
Any bets on how this portion plays out? Choo choo! All aboard!


Knives Again

It's almost like if people are determined to injure or kill, they'll find a way regardless:
  • A woman was walking to the Fullerton Red Line station Tuesday night when a man grabbed her from behind and stabbed her repeatedly, Chicago police said.

    The 21-year-old woman was walking east around 10:50 p.m. in the 1200 block of West Webster Avenue in the Sheffield Neighbors neighborhood when the man grabbed her neck and put her in a choke hold, police said in a community alert.

    He stabbed her several times in the upper body, police said.

    The woman was stabilized at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.
And once again, the description of the offender is sorely lacking.


Thursday, April 12, 2018


In 012 District:
  • A person was shot after an altercation with police, according to officials.

    An offender was shot on the 2000 block of West Washington Boulevard Wednesday evening around 8 p.m., according to police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi.

    No police officers were injured.
Best wishes to the involved officer.


Special Ed Says What?

Anyone know what planet Special Ed is living on?
  • Anonymous said...

    Superintendent says recruits are working "One on One" with field training officers. What a lie, working two or three deep in 022 or throwing them on the desk for weeks at a time.
If PPO's were actually getting one-on-one training, there wouldn't be a class of "acting" FTO's starting next Monday at the Academy. Where we're at, they wouldn't be riding two deep with the existing FTO's...or three when someone wants a day off. They wouldn't be assigned to the Desk for a week or riding with the sergeants.

One-on-one is a fantasy and remains a fantasy for the foreseeable future.


193 New Graduates

  • After welcoming 193 new Chicago police recruits, Superintendent Eddie Johnson spoke at the City Club about new reforms for the police department.

    During a speech, Johnson revealed that later this year the department will launch an early warning program to identify officers struggling with issues at home or on the job.

    "This early detection and intervention will not only protect the emotional and physical health of our officers, it will also protect the community to ensure their officers are acting professionally in their capacity on the street," Johnson said.
Well, seeing as how everyone and their brother has a new agency to second-guess coppers months, even years after the fact, it's little wonder the stress levels have gone up around the Department.

It's also leading to record levels of "disengagement" from the "community."


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sgt Class Coming

"Merit" letters are in and the theater has begun. The only question remaining is how big is the class going to be? 

We've heard 50 to 60, we've heard up to 115.

We've also been told the sergeant manpower is only down a few dozen, unless you go by Rahm's imaginary "I hired 1,000 cops" and then he'd need the higher supervisor numbers.

The unnaturally high number of "merit" picks solicited from each exempt leads ups to believe this new "merit list" might be around for a while and might hint at a larger than normal class.

Use this post for your rumors and "what I've heard posts."

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Jail Camp Out!

We wonder if there will be s'mores?

$40? Is this one of the closed wings?

Or is there a "realistic" night at the jail with pizza and shower sex? Maybe a riot or a shanking, too?

UPDATE: It says "Chisago" right at the top and the star/shield are from Minnesota. Here's the article about it (we neglected to include it thinking everyone would have a laugh.) It was a throwaway article hoping people would think Toni and Tommy were raising money in a closed jail wing....hey, that's not a bad idea!

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Disgusting Article

We aren't going to quote it, but the link is here. Chicago Magazine spends way too much time attempting to explain the actions of a career criminal who ended up murdering Commander Bauer. The authors attempt to soften it up by interspersing information about Bauer, but then they attempt to draw parallels between Bauer and his killer. Why the fuck would anyone do that?

We don't really give a rat's ass about his difficult upbringing. Plenty of people had it worse (or better) and most of them didn't end up with extensive felony records, prison careers and being a net drain on society for their existences - oxygen thieves to be mildly polite. Pretty much no one is going to miss this piece of shit when he shuffles off into oblivion.

This quote...:
  • We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions. - Ronald Reagan
...ought to be studied by more than a few "journalists" and their editors.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

South Side Trauma Center

  • U. of C. Medicine is set to launch the first adult trauma center on the South Side in decades next month after gaining approval from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

    The Level 1 adult trauma center will fill the hole left in trauma care since Michael Reese Hospital closed its center in 1991.

    U. of C. stopped offering adult trauma care in 1988, and underserved South Side residents have long advocated for the opening of such a center.

    The center will provide specialized care for traumatic injuries, including gunshot wounds, and will also include services such as outpatient psychiatry to help patients transition back into the community.
About damn time.


Shotspotter Success

  • This de Blasio administration official set one heckuva bad example for the teens she was hired to keep out of jail.

    Reagan Stevens, a deputy director in the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, and two young men were arrested for illegal weapons possession while sitting in a double-parked car near the scene of a Saturday night shooting in Queens, cops said.

    A loaded, 9mm semi-automatic pistol with its serial number defaced was hidden in the car’s glovebox, and there was a spent shell casing on the floor near Stevens’ feet in the rear of the 2002 dark red Infiniti SUV, law enforcement sources said.

    The trio’s arrest followed a burst of five gunshots that activated an NYPD “ShotSpotter” device in Jamaica at 9:42 p.m. Saturday, sources said.
And she's the daughter and step-daughter of a pair of judges. Amazing how the politically connected leftists expect everyone else to follow the law while they run around smoking weed and firing guns.

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Knife Control

With stabbings out of control, Londonistan makes the obvious move:
  • London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a crackdown on knives Sunday in response to the rising levels of violence in London, which recently surpassed New York City’s homicide rate for the first time.

    “No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife,” Khan tweeted. “Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law.”

    There have been more than 50 homicides in London so far in 2018, and much of the violence is tied to gangs.

    Guns are strictly regulated in the United Kingdom and the rising homicide rate in London is directly attributable to a rise in knife-related crimes, with stabbings claiming at least 31 lives to date in 2018. By contrast, New York — which has a population roughly the same size as London — has seen a steady decline in violent crime.
Gee, good thing they outlawed guns. After knives, maybe they can work on acid attacks, then bats.


Monday, April 09, 2018

Robin the Racist

Robin Robinson pretending to earn that exempt "salary" (click for a larger version)

Golly. That list of Districts seems sided? It's almost like they don't want the input of a cross section of Chicago....just a certain side.

And in the meantime
  • if traffic stops aren't exactly one-third, one-third, and one-third
  • and arrests aren't exactly one-third, one-third, and one-third
  • and the jail isn't one-third, one-third, and one-third
Well then you all are just a bunch of racists!

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Not Good Advice

Lie to the police to get them there faster?

If you run the name, you find out that Shelley is a Cook County Public Defender who has actually been attacked by one of her "clients" not too long ago. But here she is giving advice to someone to lie to 9-1-1 to get a faster response.

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Stop Already

Shootings are down, right?

Killings are down, right?

In fact, according to Special Ed, crime is pretty much non-existent - except for those pesky carjackings, endless property crimes, assaults and batteries downtown....but those don't really count.

So why is this still happening?
  • Area North Dep Chief went into a rage at the commanders demanding more activity and ordering them not to grant more then 15% time due on any day. If you are denied , demand the rejected slip back from the WOL and use for grievance and litigation.
Can't everyone just be happy for the moment that it's been cold enough to keep killings at a reasonable pace? It's going to be 70 degrees later this week.

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Slash Transit

  • A Chicago man who allegedly slashed a woman in the face with a knife at a CTA bus stop was ordered held without bail Saturday. Deandre Cavaness, 36, was charged after the stabbing, which happened Thursday about 9 p.m. in the 300 block of North Central Avenue.

    Cavaness approached the woman at a bus stop and slashed her across the left side of the face, prosecutors said in court. The victim, a 54-year-old woman, suffered a deep gash to her left cheek and jaw, and had to be hospitalized, police said.

    It’s not clear what prompted the incident.
And not a single citizen permitted to carry a gun nor a cop in sight


Sunday, April 08, 2018

Nice Bus Mayor McNamara

We guess you could blame Rahm for this if the party buses were driven out of Chicago due to more oversight and expensive fines:
  • Three people were found shot to death on a party bus early Saturday in the Rockford area, authorities said.

    About 3:30 a.m. officers were called to the 400 block of North Springfield Avenue for a report that several people had been shot. Officers from the Rockford Police Department found three people on a private charter bus who had been shot to death, according to a news release from the agency.

    Police said the shooting happened in the area of Auburn Street and Johnston Avenue and the driver kept going as he called police before stopping on Springfield Avenue.

    The party bus had been rented for a Friday night event, police said. The three people who were found dead have not yet been identified by the Winnebago County coroner.
Any word if Chicago addresses are listed for the "victims."

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Firefighters Injured

  • A group of firefighters rushed inside the smoldering bakery when a gust of wind slammed the door closed behind them. Their fellow firefighters frantically tried to open the door, but the minutes ticked by while the acrid smell of the fire fell over the street, said Ruben Cruz, who watched the scene unfold early Saturday from his Southwest Side porch.

    After about five minutes, they yanked open the door, and pulled two firefighters out of the building by their vests. “They took off all their equipment,” Cruz said. “They made sure they were breathing.”

    Three firefighters were burned in a blaze that started before 12:30 a.m. in the 3000 block of West 42nd Street in the Brighton Park neighborhood, according to the Chicago Fire Department. It was struck out later Saturday morning.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Political Games

This might be the most fun election in years:
  • Off topic but there was a secret Pow-Wow between Vallas and McCarthy and Wilson in which they agreed to play nice and run against Rahm not each other. In addition snippets of some ugly “Rahm-versations” were provided by McCarthy that all 3 agreed would be used against Emanuel. Rahm will have to get to McCarthy somehow because these will humiliate and destroy him. McCarthy HATES Rahm and just wants use a scorched earth strategy.
Some men just want to see the world burn - count us in.


Saturday, April 07, 2018

Snowflake Idiocy

  • The University of Chicago community protested Thursday the police shooting of fourth-year student Charles Thomas, who ran toward an officer with a metal bar while seeming to be having a mental health episode.
So a bunch of eggheads, who know exactly dick about police procedure and State Law are experts in police work? That's almost as dumb as letting high school students dictate national gun policy - who'd be that fucking stupid?
  • Kenwood Academy junior Alycia Kamil Moaton, with the anti-violence youth organization GoodKidsMadCity, called attention to the fact that the University has not released the officer’s name. The University did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Moaton said there were multiple officers at the scene, as shown in the body-camera footage released by UCPD, and she said they could have restrained Thomas without shooting him.

    “I’m confused as to why Charles couldn’t have been gently taken down by another officer and why he had to be shot on the scene that night,” she said. “Police need to be held accountable for their wrongdoings; they need to learn how to handle a situation when someone they are chasing down has a mental health issue.”
We will extend our previous offer to this moron also:
  • We will give you a pistol, Taser, baton and handcuffs along with a short course on Illinois law and Use of Force policy;
  • we will arm ourselves with a blunt instrument - probably a metal bar;
  • you will get us into handcuffs by any means possible - but if you resort to stick, Taser or gun, you lose and must commit ritual suicide;
  • by the way, we get to yell, scream, resist passively, then actively and finally, we get the first swing of the blunt instrument for free. Otherwise you lose and have to commit suicide on camera 
Will no one take us up on this offer? Put up or shut up snowflakes.


Stabbing Arrest

  • After plunging a knife into the neck of a software CEO outside a River North bar last month, a South Side man boarded a CTA train and began counting the cash he grabbed from the victim, prosecutors alleged in court on Friday.

    Gino D. Bassett, Sr., 56, appeared before Judge Michael R. Clancy, who denied bond during a hearing at the Leighton Criminal Court Building on Friday afternoon.

    Bassett, of the 6100 block of South Ingleside Avenue, was charged with first-degree murder and two misdemeanor counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, police said.

    Bassett is accused of stabbing Miguel Beedle, 55, of Park Ridge, on March 23 around 2:30 a.m. after following him into an alley in the 400 block of North State Street on the Near North Side.
Nice job tracking down all sorts of video to retrace the offender's escape, but we maintain our criticism of that the cameras are only there to record you getting assaulted and (in this case) killed. They do nothing to prevent crime and six kids don't have a father now due partly to chronic officer shortages and Rahm's failure to address the situation.

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Safe Passage Arrest

  • This one is definitely originates far from of our usual coverage area. But we’re making an exception because it’s sooooo Chicago.

    Police arrested a 60-year-old Safe Passage worker Tuesday after allegedly seeing her sorting and holding two bags of heroin at her school route post.

    Around 8 a.m., cops in the 11th (Harrison) District were monitoring a pod camera feed from the corner of Gladys and Pulaski in Garfield Park. The area is “known for a high volume of narcotics trafficking,” police would later write in the Safe Passage worker’s arrest report.

    Police said they watched as Betty Brown walked a few feet from her post and hid behind a fence to “manipulate an item consistent with narcotics packaging,” according to court records. A patrol car was sent to investigate.
We're sure the junkies appreciated that they were buying their heroin in a "safe" location.

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Friday, April 06, 2018

005 District Openings

There are about to be a boatload of vacancies that will have to be filled:
  • officer claiming to have a CPA background tells fellow coppers that he'll amend their prior three years tax returns for $500 a year, promising them bigger/additional refunds then they had already received. Sure as shit, coppers start getting 10, 12… even $15,000 checks from Uncle Sam. Supposedly one of the fifth district commanders secretaries netted a total of +/- $47K for her three years' amended returns.

    This copper/CPA abruptly and quietly resigned within the last week, all but disappearing. Didn't show up for his exit interview, phone number out of service, etc.

    Yesterday and/or today, Federal agents accompanied the IRS, internal affairs and the city's law department into the building. [T]here are a TON of clinched assholes and some of the likely suspects are openly panicking and having frequent powwows in the shadows. [...] NORTH OF 100 COPPERS INCLUDING SEVERAL IN SUPERVISORY CAPACITIES - POSSIBLY SOME EXEMPT - ARE INVOLVED. Some of these coppers also turned family and friends onto the scam, charging them more than the $500 for the PO/CPA and pocketing the difference. These people may be part of the +/- 100 people involved, but the vast majority are coppers.

    Mayor Midget is supposedly aware and has insisted on facilitating complete cooperation with federal agents. Licking his chops at being the reformer of police corruption just in time for the election, no doubt.
One-hundred coppers - all up on IRS tax charges - oh wait:
  • ....the "list" of involved officers earlier today and it is now closer to TWO HUNDRED people. They mentioned that since it involves so many coppers the [Department is] scrambling to brainstorm a way to minimize the damage. They're kicking around the idea of a blanket CR and dinging everyone with X amount of days. Only thing wrong with that idea is this scandal falls way outside the realm of department discipline - I don't believe the IRS would be cool with just 15 day suspensions across the board.
Great. Just great.


Swiping Schedule

Here it comes:

This is supposed to be the same system that LAPD instituted...then abandoned after two years because it was impossible to use, amend, or attach to the payroll system. The Department ended up pulling additional officers off the street in order to make corrections to the constant number of errors.


California Insanity

  • California wants to change their legal standard from the “reasonable force” rule to “necessary force,” according to the Associated Press.

    They define "necessary force" as force used when “there were no other reasonable alternatives to the use of deadly force.”

    This initially seems close to the old standard, as they both require reasonableness. However, it does not allow for the officers to use force based on how circumstances appear to them at the time. Instead, it allows the officer to be judged in hindsight if the force was actually necessary.

    For example, if a suspect pulls a pellet gun on an officer, they are not actually presenting a deadly threat. The officer would have no reasonable way to know that the gun isn't a lethal firearm, but under the new law, they could be charged if they shoot that suspect.

    This law would also appear to apply if somebody pulled an unloaded gun on an officer, or drew a malfunctioning gun. In these circumstance, unbeknownst to the officer, the suspect is not actually presenting a deadly threat. If the officer reasonably responds by shooting that person, they could be criminally charged.
Get out while you can.

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Haunted School

  • A 15-year effort to build a school in the city’s Dunning neighborhood is underway with an unusual complication: Construction workers are taking careful steps to avoid disturbing human remains that may lie beneath the soil.

    The $70 million school is to be built on the grounds of a former Cook County Poor House where an estimated 38,000 people were buried in unmarked graves. Among the dead are residents who were too poor to afford funeral costs, unclaimed bodies and patients from the county’s insane asylum.

    “There can be and there have been bodies found all over the place,” said Barry Fleig, a genealogist and cemetery researcher who began investigating the site in 1989. “It’s a spooky, scary place.”

    Workers have until April 27 to excavate and clear the site, remediate the soil and relocate an existing sewer line. The school is scheduled to open in time for the 2019-20 academic year, though a spokesperson for Chicago Public Schools would not say what type of school it will be.
The voting rolls show a HUGE number of Machine votes coming from this burial site, so perhaps Rahm might want to rethink uprooting (pun intended) such a strong voting bloc.


Thursday, April 05, 2018

Special Ed - Human Shield

  • Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson got an earful from community stakeholders Wednesday about his decision to rule that Police Officer Robert Rialmo was “justified and within department policy” when he shot Quintonio LeGrier and bystander neighbor Bettie Jones.

    During an invitation-only meeting at the South Side Community Arts Center, roughly 30 black ministers, elected officials and community leaders confronted Johnson about his decision to contradict the Civilian Office of Police Accountability and COPA’s recommendation that Rialmo be fired.

    “They feel frustrated. They feel angry. They feel like there has not been much difference in what we’re seeing in the past as it pertains to the shooting and killing of unarmed black men and youth and people in the community,” said Chicago Urban League President and CEO Shari Runner.
We wish the media would stop being such whores and including Bettie Jones in the "justified" statement. There hasn't been a single finding that her death was anything except a tragic accident. A bullet passing through the offender's body and striking an unintended person is not criminal by any stretch of the imagination.

We also wish Fran would stop publishing bullshit like this Runner character's statement about "unarmed black men."

LeGrier had a bat, therefore he was armed. We will make the same offer to Runner that we've made to assorted media morons:
  • We will give you a pistol, Taser, baton and handcuffs along with a short course on Illinois law and CPD policy;
  • we will arm ourselves with a blunt instrument - probably a bat;
  • you will get us into handcuffs by any means possible - but if you resort to stick, Taser or gun, you lose and must commit ritual suicide;
  • by the way, we get to yell, scream, resist passively, then actively and finally, we get the first swing of the blunt instrument for free. Otherwise you lose and have to commit suicide on camera
What say you Runner?


Continuing Investigation

  • Chicago police said they found a loaded handgun lying in the grass along Recreation Drive near the car where two gangbangers were hanging out late Friday night. But prosecutors refused to file weapons charges in the case because the gun couldn't be tested for fingerprints on the weekend, police said.

    Instead, Alfonso Fierro and two friends are charged with being on park property after hours and other minor offenses.

    Fierro, known as “Little A,” is currently awaiting trial for allegedly possessing a loaded handgun in a car this winter. And one of his other arrestees is a felony gun offender.
What are the chances this wasn't actually his gun? Zero? Next-to-zero? So Kim is using either CPD non-staffing or ISP Crime Lab hours to not charge these goofs.

Wait a minute - where was the ATF NIBIN van? That super van that's supposed to be available weekends to print guns, shell casings, recovered evidence in order to charge gun offenders promptly? Or is that just another reelection ploy that doesn't really mean holding gu offenders accountable?


U of C Shooting

  • A University of Chicago police officer shot and seriously wounded a 21-year-old student who charged an officer with a metal pipe near the South Side campus late Tuesday, authorities said.

    The shooting happened off campus just before 10:15 p.m. in the Hyde Park neighborhood, an area patrolled by both U. of C. and Chicago police officers.

    Three U. of C. police officers responding to a call of a burglary in the 5300 block of South Kimbark Avenue encountered a man — later identified as a student — breaking car and apartment windows with a long metal pipe, university officials said in an email to students.

    The officers ordered the student to drop the pipe, but he refused and charged at the officer in an alley, university President Robert Zimmer and Provost Daniel Diermeier said in the email.

    One of the officers fired his weapon, hitting the student in the shoulder, according to the university. The student was initially taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in serious condition, authorities said.
Officer is fine physically. Can't wait to see how the overly libtarded Hyde Park populace handles this one .... non-CPD protecting them shoots a student assailant.


Credit Union Change (UPDATE)

From the comments:
  • OT but important if you have a CPFCU credit union checking account. They are now charging $4 a month for checking. They snuck this in and call it premium checking but the few little things they give you amount to nothing. Of course they couldn't offer this as an optional upgrade because no one would take it so they are forcing everyone to opt out. If you don't opt out by April 16 they will start taking $4 a month from your account. I don't recall getting anything in the mail about this. The only reason I found out is because I went into the credit union for something else.
It's actually getting more economical to store our money under the mattress again.

UPDATE:From a long time reader:
  • Thank you for the info about CPFCU switching our checking accounts to premium checking without our consent. As I live overseas, I didn’t want to waste time on the phone, so I emailed them.

    I received a response and was sent a form to opt from premium checking and revert back to free checking. I had to fill out the form, scan it, and email back to the credit union. I just checked my account, and my checking has been reverted to standard checking. Just thought the members should know.

    Thanks for keeping me updated on the current Department Situations!
Good to know you can opt out.


Wednesday, April 04, 2018

COPA Investigator Tweets

Do you think COPA Investigator Daniel Kobel might have an agenda?

After Trump won, he sure seems stable:

Wishing death upon a sheriff:

Making fun of a cop getting killed:

Remember, this is the person railroading investigating you. Supposedly there was a shitload more tweets that our source wasn't able to capture regarding anti-police, anti-republican, anti-NRA stuff before he took the account private. Isn't transparency grand?


Save the Date

Got to get all the possible voters eligible as soon as possible:

So who are they going to vote for?


What's This Crap?

True? BS?
  • Is this a first? Recruit class has star ceremony, gets sworn in and receives their starts. Next day, yes, the very next day, IAD comes to the academy and strips the entire class. Something about stealing keys and having a party at the troop street building a few Saturdays ago.

"be the change" indeed.


Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Missing Comments

We seem to be missing a block of comments covering a largish portion of this morning and afternoon. Blogger has been acting funny and hanging up for some reason today. As soon as we get the comments back, they'll be up, but who knows how long it might take - last outage lasted almost a week.

(comments closed here - informational post only)


Crime is.....What Now?

A bunch of the news shows yesterday were quoting the CPD stat people, praising the drop in shootings and homicides across the city. Here's the numbers they quoted for the first quarter:
  • 2018 - 108 killings, which was lower than....
  • 2017 - 140 killings, and even lower than....
  • 2016 - 144 killings
Numbers to be proud of, right? Well sure, if you don't know history:
  • 2015 - 83 expired
  • 2014 - 63 deceased
  • 2013 - 72 gone
  • 2012 - 119 assuming room temperature
  • 2011 - 72 lifeless
  • 2010 - 75 blown away
Heck, let's just cover the entire millennium:
  • 2009 - 67 executed
  • 2008 - 85 dispatched
  • 2007 - 87 eliminated
  • 2006 - 76 butchered
  • 2005 - 79 massacred
  • 2004 - 105 iced
  • 2003 - 120 smoked
  • 2002 - 116 wasted
  • 2001 - 103 slain
  • 2000 - 125 bumped off
Six times the total has been over 108. A dozen times it's been under 108. The average is almost 97 dead a year, so 2018 is above that benchmark and no one is calling Rahm, Special Ed or the stat-spinners on it.

Meanwhile, carjackings are up, robberies are up. Anyone have the stats for property crimes and CSA?

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Nice CTA Rahm

  • A woman on a Chicago Transit Authority bus traveling in the heart of the Magnificent Mile downtown was stabbed in the head by a woman she’d never seen before, officials said Monday.

    About 10:15 p.m. on Easter Sunday, police were called to the 600 block of North Michigan Avenue in the Near North neighborhood for a report that a woman had been stabbed.

    Police quickly learned the 30-year-old woman was seated on toward the rear of the bus and another woman was sitting behind her. In a statement, police said the 30-year-old did not speak with the woman sitting behind her and there was no interaction between the women before the woman behind her stabbed the 30-year-old in the back of the head with an “unknown object inside of a glove,” officials said.
The woman is described as "homeless." That's it. Nothing else.

So there's one homeless guy out there stabbing software execs in the neck and his girlfriend stabbing strangers in the head. What a wonderful city Rahm has here.


Weed Kills!

  • State health officials have now linked two deaths and dozens of illnesses to synthetic marijuana known as K2, while federal prosecutors on Monday said they found a large amount of synthetic pot laced with a toxic substance often used in rat poison being sold at a West Side convenience store.

    Fouad Masoud, owner of King Mini Mart at 1303 S. Kedzie Ave. in Lawndale, and two of his employees, Jamil Abdelrahman Jad Allah and Adil Khan Mohammed, could face 20 years in prison after an undercover officer bought K2 branded with names that included “Blue Giant,” “Crazy Monkey” and “Matrix” from the workers, according to a federal complaint.

    The investigation leading to the arrests began last week after Illinois State Police gave Chicago police information about someone who had experienced adverse side effects after using synthetic pot purchased at King Mini Mart. An undercover officer was sent into the store and bought synthetic pot.
Rat poison in the fake weed?

What's the problem?


Interesting Site

  • Documents uncovered by Project Six—along with limited and opaque answers from City Hall—raise serious questions over whether political clout allowed a veteran senior-level Chicago city employee to stay in his position for more than two weeks and collect thousands in salary after being terminated for cause.

    The employee, Jonathan Friend, has held multiple positions for both the city and state, but most recently was senior advisor to Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia. Friend is also husband to one of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s top political operatives, Becky Carroll.

    The investigation into the end of Jonathan Friend’s tenure with the city was the result of an anonymous tip to Project Six that alleged Friend was terminated for misconduct. Despite multiple city officials, offices and agencies refusing to answer any questions surrounding this case, communications obtained through Freedom of Information requests between City Clerk’s Office employees and multiple city vendors show how potential conflicts of interest, inappropriate procurements for city contracts worth millions and tax dollar waste was possibly ignored to benefit political insiders with connections to Mayor Emanuel.
Rahm's newest pet, Anna Valencia, is hip deep in this one. How long before she ends up under the Rahm bus?


Monday, April 02, 2018

Fifteen Cars

This would seem to be a big deal:
  • Hey SCC,

    Haven't seen much in the press about Hertz getting ripped off for 15 vehicles in a single incident. The cars have been surfacing on the west side all weekend with 8 or 10 being recovered already. No info if they're being used in shootings, but most have out of state plates.
Haven't heard much about this either, but we found a quick mention in the Tribune:
  • Oak Park police are investigating the overnight theft of 15 cars from a local rental business.

    According to police, an employee at Hertz, 629 Madison St., arrived to work Thursday morning at about 7:30 a.m., and found the front glass window of the front door broken. Inside the business, the employee discovered the key storage box had been forced open and the keys taken, police said.

    The lock to the rear security gate of the parking lot had also been cut, and 15 cars were reportedly missing, the employee told police.
It's so generous of the fine Oak Park businesses to supply Chicago yutes with wheels for school, job interviews, felonious assaults and smash-and-grabs.


COPA Actively Hunting?

An interesting e-mail the other day - true or not we have no idea:
  • An old partner who works at 35th Street sent this to me. Can’t verify but I’ve worked with the man and consider him an excellent cop and a trustworthy friend. Take it for what it is. Just passing it along.

    “FYI, allegedly COPA is employing some street inspectors. They were out there driving around, observed a "tac car" pull someone over, not go over the air, go through them, and then let them go.

    COPA followed up, found no ISR was done, and pulled a CR number.”
COPA is looking to hang anyone they can and this is a slam-dunk. The days of stopping cars off-the-air and tossing it without any sort of documentation are long gone. Don't be the test case for COPA.

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Anti-Violence "Advocate" Arrested

  • Rev. Al Sharpton’s half-brother was charged with murder in a Sunday shooting death in Alabama after participating in Saturday’s anti-gun “March For Our Lives,” according to a report.

    Kenneth Glasgow, 52, was arrested along with another man after Breunia Jennings, 23,was shot in the head in Dothan, Ala. Authorities said Glasgow, an ex-convict, was the driver of the car linked to Jennings death. The passenger of the car Jamie Townes, 26, was also arrested and is reportedly the alleged shooter, the Dothan Eagle reported.
Why is it so many these "civil rights" leaders seem to have relatives with easy access to guns and no compunction about using them in crimes?

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London Slashes Past NY

All those anti-gun libs saying everyone has to be disarmed, and London, which has something like no guns anywhere, passes New York City using only knives:
  • London's monthly murder rate has overtaken that of New York Cityfor the first time, after the worrying surge of stabbings continued across the capital.

    The death of a 20-year-old man in Wandsworth yesterday (Sun) took to 30, the number of people stabbed to death in the London since the start of 2018.

    Soaring levels of knife crime has helped the UK capital outstrip New York in terms of murders for the last two months running.
Perhaps if Garry loses the mayoral election, he can re-apply for the London job and import CompStat.

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Sunday, April 01, 2018

Another Defensive Gun Use?

From a few days ago, but by golly, it sure seems like Chicago is out of control:
  • An armed suburban man with a concealed-carry license intervened in a 3-on-1 beating and robbery in River North yesterday evening, according to a witness and police.

    The victim was in the 700 block of North Clark around 8:30 p.m. when three offenders wearing white surgical masks attacked him and began taking his property, police said.

    A passing motorist who saw the robbery unfold pulled over, unholstered his concealed firearm and intervened in the attack. The three offenders fled westbound on Chicago Avenue as the concealed-carry holder protected the victim, according to a witness.

    The driver, who lives in Mt. Prospect, returned to his vehicle and drove away after stabilizing the situation, a witness reported.

    The victim lost his phone to the robbers who were described as two black men and one black woman wearing surgical masks. One of the offenders wore a red jacket and the others wore dark clothing.
Sorry about including the description - it's the CWB blog and those guys don't know any better.

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Interesting Concept

Seeing as how social media is collecting every bit of information they can on people to sell to various companies and political operations, it's not surprising to see this effort being tested:
  • Police in Raleigh, North Carolina, have presented Google with warrants to obtain data from mobile phones from not just specific suspects who were in a crime scene area, but from the mobile phones of all people in the area, reports Raleigh television affiliate WRAL. The request will trouble Fourth Amendment advocates as it could be seen that police are carrying out unreasonable searches on people who just happened to be in the area at the time the crimes were committed. And the area sizes the police requesting the data on are not small. In one instance, police requested user data from Google for anyone within a 17-acre area. For its part, Google has not revealed whether it has complied with the police request.
Cameras are already everywhere. Can blanket data requests like this be far behind?


Nice Arrest

  • Chicago police said a search of a Skokie man’s house turned up an estimated 423 pounds of marijuana with a street value of more than $3 million.

    In a release, police said David S. Gutierrez, 31, of the 4800 block of North Kirk Street in Skokie, has been charged with manufacturing or delivery of cannabis, a felony, as well as misdemeanor unlawful use of a weapon and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

    Gutierrez appeared before Judge Michael Clancy on Saturday afternoon for a hearing at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse, where he was ordered held on $100,000 bond. He must pay $10,000 to be released.

    Police said tactical officers executing a search warrant at Gutierrez’s home on March 29 found the drugs, four handguns, a shotgun and an unspecified “large amount” of cash.
Too bad he couldn't have waited until weed is legalized across the Midwest. Might have saved himself a stay in County.


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