Saturday, September 30, 2006

Intelligent Debate

It appears that we've actually provoked some decent debate with our "Problems facing the Department" posts. We have another three that we're working on for next week and there are a couple more suggestions we might address after reading the comments.

Are we going to change anything? Of course not. Does it help to have some level of discussion about it? Maybe. Who knows where the next big idea might be stolen from? We hope it's from here.

Light weekend posting. Bears play Sunday night, so don't expect anything during game time. Be careful out there.

BASE Jumping - Chicago Style

  • Chicago police today were questioning an individual after two parachutists jumped from a skyscraper construction crane in the city's Streeterville neighborhood - the second such stunt in just over a week.

    Security cameras captured the two people as they floated down in Cityfront Plaza just east of Tribune Tower, one block off Michigan Avenue, around 4:30 a.m. The cameras show the jumpers getting into a gray Porsche SUV and driving off.
You know what? Make them buy permits and sign waivers. The city could use the money. The Darwinism factor alone would be worth the price of admission. It's only a matter of time before one of these goofs jumps with a mispacked chute or gets hung up a street lamp or some other architectural gem and fails to beat the odds.

Coyote Sightings

No, not the hockey team. Real coyotes making even more inroads into the suburbs. From Channel 7 News:
  • A coyote attacked a pet in the western suburbs last week. The dog had to be euthanized because of the mauling. Officials say coyote sightings in that area are on the rise. The dog was attacked in the backyard of the family's home in suburban Glen Ellyn.
  • Police are exploring all options in trying to control the animals, including trapping them and taking them out to the forest. But wildlife experts say, even in the suburbs and parts of the city, coyotes are here to stay.
  • If you see a coyote, police say you should call 9-1-1. Never approach the animals or try to feed them and keep your pet food inside. Coyote attacks on humans are extremely rare, but you still have to be careful. They look approachable but these are wild animals.
These sightings are becoming more and more common throughout the city. Up north, there was a coyote running around a local high school. The Marine Unit was chasing a number of coyotes around the water filtration plant a year or two ago. And we've met cops who swear they've seen coyotes trotting down Michigan Avenue from the Metra electric tracks that come up from Indiana.

Tiny little bit of news for the earthy crunchy crowd that thinks we just need to find some way to co-exist with the coyotes so everything turns out all right - hahahahahaha. You want to control coyotes? You kill them - plain and simple. Same thing with mountain lions, wolves, and most other large predators who sit atop the food pyramid. You don't co-exist with them. It isn't possible.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Another Black Eye

Numerous commentators, e-mails and such are telling us about a PO who was standing lineups at Area 4 in FULL UNIFORM after allegedly being caught trying to cash a forged check at the Patrolmen's Credit Union.

What the F#$%?

Are we completely populated by morons? We're in the middle of the biggest scandal since Broken Star and we have some softball trying to cash a check for a million bucks? Who in their right mind tries to steal a million on bad paper? You want a million dollars, you do what Henry Hill, Jimmy Burke and the boys did knocking over a currency transfer at Lufthansa or something similar. You don't try to pass a badly forged check at a credit union.

NEWSFLASH: We doubt there are 10 local banks outside of the Federal Reserve Bank that would even dream of keeping a million on hand.

UPDATE: The Sun Times article

Missed Prediction

We should have addressed this three days ago, but we didn't really care. Back on 01 January, we predicted the following:
  • Sports - Bears will fall short. Bulls will make the playoffs, but fall short. Cubs will tread water, the Blackhawks will sink and the Sox better live up to the potential of a World Series Champ (Repeat? We say yes.)
Guess we were caught wrong on the White Sox one. We nailed all four of the others though. That's an 80% success rate in the sporting prognostication category.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Metra Officer Killed

Channel 2, Channel 5 and Channel 7 coverage.

Initial reports appear to show an ambush/execution type slaying.

Problem #2 - The FTO Program

Second in a series of writings about some problems we see facing the Department.

Where to start with this one? We actually remember "Patrol Specialists" so we have some insight into the changes that the Department has gone through.

Put simply, the FTO program sucks. The City and the Department have managed to make it just about the least desirable job on the entire Department and that's saying something. There are probably more volunteers to work lockup than to take on FTO duties

Not long ago, they lied to the people taking the test, promising them they'd stay on certain watches in certain districts and then sprung it on them when the assignments came down that they were being shifted all across the city. Needless to say, countless potential FTO's dropped out of the program. Another great one was when they told the FTO's they'd have to be restricted to certain "training districts" or surrender their FTO stripes - many more resigned then. And we'd need an entirely separate blog to document the horror stories we've heard about certain politically connected coppers failing most, if not all, of their training cycles, yet still managing to make it out of probation, roaming the streets with guns and no idea what they're doing until they can land a spot away from everything else.

The program is in shambles - and that's being kind. The number of "acting" FTO's would be funny if it didn't point to the underlying problem of not being able to attract capable persons to teach PPO's. Many successful coppers belong to teams or have steady partners and why would they want to mess would a good thing? A PPO means disruption to the team dynamic, messes up schedules and makes at least two people unhappy when a car gets broken up.

How to fix it? Firstly, give the FTO's real power - the power to fail people. Nowadays, the PPO that doesn't belong on the street is passed along to other FTO's who aren't allowed to fail them either. They are squirreled away in hidden spots or "less dangerous" places (don't make us name names). We've heard of efforts to have FTO's be able to "re-tread" people, but have yet to see it. You'd think that with all the testing done at the Academy, someone would notice some of the red flags that could label the less capable PPO's as such. It seems that relying on the FTO's to catch the Academy shortcomings is completely useless if the FTO can't do what they have to do.

More suggestions? We're not even sure where to go with this disaster.

Madigan Plays Dirty - Again

Got to wonder about a guy who goes for the throat - every single time. Especially as he wants his daughter to be the first female governor in Illinois history. Get this one:
  • Lobbing another political hand grenade, the state Democratic Party chairman and Illinois House speaker said Tuesday he is withholding his support for Democratic treasurer nominee Alexi Giannoulias until he answers "those allegations of connections to the mob."

    "I want some answers," Madigan said. "The allegations are there."

  • The bombshell from Madigan recalls his cryptic comments in 2002 about never-explained "indiscretions" of then-Democratic gubernatorial nominee Rod Blagojevich.
Gee Mike. How about asking our fine mayor about all of his connections to the mob? Like his brother's in-laws? The Duffs? The people he rides around with in golf carts at charity outings? The people who show up at his former patronage chief's fundraisers.

And those are just the obvious ones.

When in Doubt - MORE Training!

As if coppers don't have enough on their plates already, what with:
  • the undermanned Districts,
  • Beat Plans/Meetings/Team Meetings, etc,
  • D.O.C. Hot Spots/Missions (primary and secondary),
  • Foot Patrols, Seatbelt Missions, Outdoor Roll Calls, etc,
  • Marriage Counselor, Referee, Problem Solver, Babysitter,
  • whatever else they can dream up down at HQ ...
Now we might have to worry about being part time psychiatrists. No one knows what may be expected at this time, but we're sure it will involve something that will allow to the City to say that they trained up all the street guys with basic working knowledge of half a million psychological ailments. This will enable the City to deny you indemnification for not following policy and allowing plaintiff's lawyers to sue you into oblivion.

Or such is the rumor we are starting.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Problem #1 - Hiring

First in a series of writings about some problems we see facing the Department.

As every copper knows, everyone who gets hired after him or her is an asshole. Not specifically, but in a general sort of way. Most of it has to do with seniority being the biggest determining factor of where you fall in Department hierarchy. Old timers get the best furlough picks, most desirable watches, are automatically higher on promotional lists in the case of ties. And this is how it should be. It's a simple, time tested technique that works for the Department.

The trouble comes with the quality of people hired lately. This job is a hard sell. We've written a few times in the past about departments nationwide unable to fill spots because of numerous hurdles (salary, hours, etc). And we have only to point at the 1980's and 90's when upwards of 30,000 people would apply to take the police exam. Nowadays, they have to give it 3 and 4 times a year while barely breaking the 3,000 mark.

Part of it is the job requirements. Recently, the City wanted you to be over 22 years old and have two years of college (60 hours) before you could even take the test. A full time student would have racked up 60 hours by the age of 20 and still had to wait two more years to get hired. So why not finish college, get a degree and hire on in the private sector where you can make more money with better benefits and less headaches? That's exactly what happened and the number of applicants plummeted. This in turn led to a very narrow slice of qualified applicants - some years, the Department was taking under 1,000 or so new hires off of a test given every two years that had 4,000 names. The failure rate for the preliminary drug test skyrocketed and no shows for the power test increased. Meanwhile, the Vietnam era vets were retiring at a good clip and manpower tanked. We have something in the neighborhood of 7 to 8 THOUSAND retirees today and barely 10,000 Patrolmen, counting the recruits.

We seem to have hit the era of the "college copper." We have nothing against education, but in the words of a boss far wiser than we, many of these kids are "too much college, not enough high school." In other words, you can't teach in the Academy a lot of what makes good coppers. Street smarts. Fighting ability. How to lie to suspects with a straight face. How to compartmentalize some of the horrors we witness on a daily basis. How to truly laugh, long and hard, at some of the insanity society inflicts upon itself.

Many of our readers have been there. Some, not so much. The City realized part of their error and reinstated some of the military preferences, but the problem still remains of the "entitlement" generation. They don't seem to realize how political and patriarchal this job has always been. Or if they do, they want daddy or mommy to promote them, get them better assignments, remove any and all obstructions to them advancing faster and farther than old timers with 20+ years who have been shouldering the brunt of the work for a generation.

And yes, we're probably part of the problem in this case - we think many people with less time than us are less able to cope, to handle the job, to be the police, just like so many people with more time tell us that we don't know what it was like "back in the day" and we'd have trouble wiping our own noses if we ever came across a situation like they handled back in the Stone Ages. There are a few exceptions and we'd name them if we didn't think it'd swell their heads. We've met people with just a few years on who are excellent coppers and will be bosses one day - if they don't get caught up in the daily crap that weighs down so much of this Department.

Quick Hits

Bunch of small stories we just had to publish:
  • The City's first Wal-Mart opens Wednesday in Austin. Watch the media trumpet that every single store that ends up closing is because of Wal-Mart's low prices. Amazing how everyone on the left wants to tell you how to spend your money, isn't it? Now shut up and watch capitalism work it's magic on the West side.
  • The slave "reparations" lawsuit gets another hearing Wednesday. With luck, it'll be tossed out on it's lack of merit and standing once again. As we've stated before, reparations are paid to the survivors, not the descendents. If you can find us someone who can prove that they were a slave, we'll kick in to the pot. But punishing citizens corporations for a practice that was legal at the time it was undertaken is insane. WARNING: we will not publish any comments on this story should they not meet a very high standard of cognizant thought processes.
  • Burglar caught with the loot beats the rap - don't even mind the fact that he had 7 previous burglary convictions. And a padlock in his pocket that was from the victims apartment. Just more proof that the Illinois Appellate Court is staffed with morons.
  • Evidently, the city has found a simple way to diversify the Fire Department. And it looks like they took a page out of the Lieutenants exam handbook - make it simple enough so that EVERYONE passes. Then lie through your teeth, throw everyone into a "well qualified" pool and claim the hiring process is blind. Aldercreature Rugai worries that the CFD won't get the "best" qualified candidates. We're afraid she's making sense.

Blame the Police

  • A California woman displayed bizarre behavior in a South Side police lockup in May, refusing to be fingerprinted, screaming all night for help and smearing bodily fluids on the walls, sources said.

    But a hierarchy of Chicago Police officials allegedly failed to heed her symptoms of mental illness or act on her mother's statement to an officer that her daughter suffered from bipolar disorder.

  • A police internal investigation is expected to lead to discipline against officers -- possibly including a watch commander -- for violating the department's rules on handling mentally ill detainees and displaying a lack of concern about her condition, sources said.
Not having access to any of the reports regarding this woman's incarceration, we can't really make judgments about how this whole incident went down. We wouldn't be surprised to learn that the entire Sun Times timeline is pieced together from plaintiff's reports and investigations in order to leverage a larger settlement out of the City. The whole lawsuit smacks of crass opportunism following a series of bad lifestyle choices by the victim and poor decisions by her caretakers in California.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What the Hell is This?

  • Chicago Police began getting reports Saturday morning about multiple overdoses in the vicinity of Garfield Park. Four people overdosed at 8:55 a.m. Saturday near Pulaski and Wilcox, and within the hour, another two overdosed about two blocks away at Washington and Pulaski, said Officer Laura Kubiak of Police News Affairs.

    Witnesses reported two men in their 20s were distributing free bags of heroin Saturday morning at Wilcox and Pulaski, Kubiak said. The drug "samples" do not appear to be connected to the fentanyl-laced heroin that has caused a rash of deaths, Kubiak said.

What? "do not appear to be connected"? First of all, how would anyone know that without some kind of chemical test on the dope these jackasses have been snorting and shooting? That statement is going to land someone in News Affairs in a world of shit if it turns out that it was fentanyl. Four overdoses on Wilcox and two more two blocks away within the hour? Plus a couple of dead people turning up right afterwards, all within yards of North Lawndale? What else does anyone think it's going to be - magic pixie dust?

Hey News Affairs? Here's a couple little phrases you can use next time:
  • "The investigation continues."
  • "We haven't ruled anything out."
  • "No comment at this time."
  • "We are awaiting toxicology reports."
Notice that "do not appear to be connected" isn't one of the recommended ones. Way to paint yourself into an unrecoverable corner. Hope the boss is happy with that statement.

Business as Usual

Campaign flyer season! And the flyer from State Rep Michael Madigan and Aldercreature Frank Olivo (13th) are replete with photographs of Chicago Police Officers in full uniform. Wasn't there some rule about this? Rule #42 maybe?

Being photographed in the performance of duty isn't in and of itself a violation - we are in the public eye after all. But isn't it amusing that politicians can use your image to promote themselves as "law and order" types when all they do is lie, steal and cheat the public trust by steering contracts, rewarding cronies and promoting their own hereditary line of successors?

Piling on Stroger

In Sunday's Sun Times, Mark Brown writes that:
  • Have you had enough, yet? That's Tony Peraica's campaign slogan. He says he has been using it for a year and a half now. I probably didn't pay much attention for the first year because I never would have expected to be in his corner. But you know what?

    I've decided I have had enough. I'm voting for Peraica.

    It's not an easy fit. He's a conservative Republican. I consider myself a liberal Democrat.

    We're on opposite sides of the hot-button social issues.

    But we seem to have one important belief in common: the idea that Cook County government needs to be turned upside down and given a good shaking.

  • It's the county version of Chicago's political spoils system. Progressives now face a choice for Cook County Board president. They can ill serve the poor by fundamentally continuing the system under the direction of Democrat Todd Stroger, the Chicago alderman who is himself a progeny of the system. Or they can better serve the most needy by supporting suburban Republican Tony Peraica.
Might we be on the verge of a quasi-revolution? Any change at all would be good change in Cook County government.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Story Links

Just a notice to everyone - the Sun Times has revamped their entire website and changed the link addresses of everything. Any Sun Times articles linked prior to today's date probably isn't going to be functional anymore and we aren't in any shape to be going back over and re-linking everything written before today.

Comments closed for this post.

Fentanyl Task Force Disbanded?

Unnoticed in all the news about the wild weather and a continuing drop in crime statistics touted by the political masters of the Department was the disbanding of the Fentanyl Task Force this past Sunday. Operations were slated to cease as of 0001 hours on Sunday 24 September.

We have been most vocal opponents of any sort of extra manpower and paperwork devoted to stopping people who are voluntarily ingesting poison into their bodies and passing into the great beyond (should there in fact be a great beyond and not just an empty void). But the political winds being what they are and the liberal bent of this town resulted in the creation of a "task force" that took credit for arresting maybe 3 people selling "bad" heroin and generating publicity when the feds aided Mexican Federales in shutting down an alleged fentanyl plant (haven't heard much about that lately, have you?).

Today, we got an e-mail telling us of EIGHT overdoses in the 011th District this weekend resulting in at least one death. But only the Tribune mentions six of the overdoses at the beginning of a longer article about weekend crime. And we couldn't find any mention of the Task Force being disbanded the day after 8 OD's.

Perhaps they are finally listening to us? Stop Wasting Manpower. Of course, we wouldn't be surprised if the Task Force suddenly got a new lease on life.

Where are the Results?

There is a potential scandal out there of immense proportions if only someone in the so-called "main stream media" would do a little digging, ask a few pointed questions and maybe try to do a little research. In January of this year, an entrance exam was given for the Police Department. Currently, the Department is taking applications for a new test, but the results of the January test have STILL not been mailed to those who took the test?

Reasons? We've heard a few:
  • The testing company lost at least a box of tests or the test results. We've heard this one a couple of times. As the rumor appeared around the time of the most recent Sergeant's exam, some people started spreading the rumor that it was a box of Sergeants test results that had gone walking. That rumor fizzled very quickly, but who's to say there wasn't an element of truth to it?
  • Fraud - certain persons testing from remote locations were not actually the people who had registered to take the test. We heard that some persons living out of state or serving overseas had hoodwinked the testing company by having stand-ins take the test for them.
  • Bad test - computer glitches or human error contributed to numerous different versions of the test being administered.
True? Who knows. We aren't really in a position to find out. But we are in a position to know half a dozen people who took the test and still haven't gotten results and now they're stuck re-applying and re-testing because they can't really afford not to take another entrance exam should the results of this one never turn up.

What about the testing company? Did they still get paid? Are they still running tests? Why would anyone trust them at all with any sort of civil service type entrance exam and ... oh wait, the City That Works. Right. We forgot who we're dealing with. We've been told it costs something in the neighborhood of two to four MILLION dollars to develop and administer a promotion test. Figure there is some sort of standard civil service type entrance exam and we might be talking the neighborhood of $1 million dollars at some point.

Any watchdogs in the press listening?

Upcoming in Blogging

We are tentatively planning a series of articles, written by us and our vast staff, outlining what we see as systemic problems throughout the Department.

These problems are not small ones. Some have been around for years. Some are recent. Many are the result of political pressures put upon the Department. Some are self inflicted. All of them though, deserve some airing out. We know some of what we're planning to write, but welcome suggestions for others.

In any case, we aren't kidding ourselves that we can change the Department. We aren't in any position to do that. But somewhere along the line, maybe someone somewhere will recall what was posted on an anonymous internet blog years ago and adjust their own behaviors to maybe inflict less damage on the Department, their careers and everyone else they come in contact with.

What else can we hope for?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Shhh. Sleeping

This blog is sleeping. It's the weekend. We're devoting a little time to family and football and even though this blog is kind of like the uncle no one ever talks about, it doesn't play football.

Go Bears

UPDATE: Where to begin? Sometimes luck IS enough to win games. Two interceptions, only 51 yards rushing, under 29 minutes on the offensive side of the ball, and they still win. We are still looking for the running game to appear. Grossman looks like he's ready to pop off a couple 300+ yard totals if only the running game would open up a few more opportunities.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Day of Shame for Baseball

Why do they continue to let this cheater make an assault on Hank Aaron's record? Everyone knows that once all the info comes out in the steroid scandal, Bonds is going to be stripped of any "honors" he accumulates over the entire run for the record.

Or at least, that's what any purist hopes will happen.

Auntie Em! Auntie Em! It's a Twister!

Sirens all over the northside. Firehouses trigger their alarm system. Everyone in a panic - we though the cubs had won a game of something, but it just turned out to be some clouds that we're rotating ominously. Scientists are now speculating that it may have been a flock of vultures circling the political carcasses of Stroger, Daley and Blago. We can only hope.

Channel 7 and the Sun Times have coverage.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Boondoggle Gets Bigger

This Olympic bid is just getting goofier. Now the mayor, who so often wants to be known as the "green mayor" is on the path to destroying hundreds of acres of prime park land in an effort to build a 95,000 seat collapsible stadium to host opening and closing ceremonies for the 2016 Games.

Coverage at the Sun Times, Channel 2 and Channel 7.

But when people start asking the hard questions, like "Who's going to pay for this stadium?" then the mayor gets all defensive and starts mumbling about all options being looked at, financing will be found, blah blah blah. Corporate sponsors are already backpedalling away from this one, saying they paid for most of Millennium Park and they don't really feel like getting stuck with another big layout.

Olympics almost always lose money. Lots of money. We really don't need to be bleeding this kind of money when our pension funds are lagging at something like 50% of liabilities. Someone please kill this proposal. Soon.

Finally, Some Action

Now the Feds have targeted Cook County hiring practices. Sun Times, Tribune, Channel 2, Channel 5 and Channel 7 all cover these latest developments.

The big question is has this come early enough to derail the Stroger campaign? Todd has been spinning all day today saying "I'm just a city councilman. I don't know what my father's administration was doing." Which may very well be true. But Todd running as a "reformer" instead of a hereditary prince is hilarious in so very many ways.

Oil Prices Fall

We're sure it's part of some vast Karl Rove engineered Right Wing conspiracy.

Or it could just be supply and demand at work.

In any case, gas prices are falling along with the price per barrel (regularly dipping below $60 a barrel lately) and the Saudi's are said to want it to stabilize around $50 a barrel, which us fine by us. It's still expensive enough to keep alternative energy sources under a steady stream of feasibility studies and experiments, yet low enough that the consumers will actually start to realize that the economy has been booming for three or fours years now and shows no signs of slowing down.

November isn't looking as bleak as it did earlier this year.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Social Security Bill

Via more than a few e-mails and the Lieutenant's Association website:
  • Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D) of Austin, Texas filed a discharge petition (H. Res. 987) to force an immediate vote on the "Social Security Fairness Act," H.R. 147. The petition is a device that would break the House leadership's blockade of H.R. 147 and bring the bill out of subcommittee and onto the House floor for a vote. In order for the discharge petition to be successful and force a vote on this vital legislation, it needs at least 218 signatures.

    The "Social Security Fairness Act" has been bottled up in a subcommittee since it was introduced in January 2005, despite garnering the support of 323 co-sponsors. After 20 years of efforts, we finally have the opportunity to repeal two unjust offsets that drastically cut public safety officers' Social Security benefits.

This bill would restore lost benefits that Rostenkowski screwed Public Employees out of. Someone with an accounting degree is more than welcome to point out the specifics of the legislation to our readers. It can't hurt to be informed.

Detective Familiarization Names

Since no one offered, we did it ourselves. Tell your friends and neighbors - these people made the blog! And not for stepping in shit!

Kyle ERBACHER 002; John DORRIS 008
Raymond McINERNEY 009; Dawn PITROWSKI 011
Jenn BORJA 012; Jon HEIN 013
William BETANCOURT 014; Glenn WHITE 015
Patrick AYLWARD 015; Mark GEORGE 017
Weslene O'DONNELL 018; Margaret MORRISSEY 018
Tim BRIDGES 018; Michael MUSZYNSKY 019
Shannon JASICA 022; Dennis SMITH 022
Thomas BANICH 023; James LAUFER 025
Jack AXIUM 050; Christopher PETTIS 051
Andre PARHAM 116; Leonard FICHT 116
Terrence FORBES Jr 116; Phyore MONTGOMERY 121
Thomas MILLS 121; Alexis SOTO 125
Anita BIELICKI 143; James ROWAN 153
Richard DOWNS 153; Nicholas ZABER 193
Jeffrey SCHAAF 196; Stanley MULLINS 214
Steven ROWLING 253; Thomas FALNAGAN 701

34 names. Not counting detectives. Small class of 50? Certainly no more than 60.

Deceiving Headline

When we heard the news that Michael Jackson got 15 years in prison, we were ecstatic that Los Angeles prosecutors finally got enough on that child molesting piece of plastic garbage to put him away in prison where he could enjoy the deprivations that his ilk get in the joint.

Then we found out it wasn't THAT Michael Jackson. Damnit!

Coverage of the former city employee, cabbie murdering scumbag at Channel 2, Channel 5 and Channel 7. It just seems wrong that this guy is getting 15 years after killing someone and the guys over at Special Operations are facing 30+ years and no one even got grievously wounded.

Is There Anything He Cannot Do?

We've decided the Superintendent is like an alter ego of Superman in disguise. If he isn't kicking in doors on New Years Eve getting guns, now he's witnessing traffic crashes and calling for paramedics:
  • A motorcyclist was critically injured in a crash involving a City of Chicago Streets and Sanitation truck, police said, Wednesday night. Police Supt. Phil Cline saw the accident and called for help.
  • The motorcycle rider was thrown from the bike. Supt. Phil Cline reportedly saw the accident and stopped traffic by turning his vehicle to block the road. He also called 911 and waited on the scene for paramedics.
We're thinking he ought to start wearing a cape.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Heroes Honored

We'll take good news about this Department where ever we can find it. Especially lately. From the Channel 2 website:
  • (CBS) CHICAGO Fifty police officers received one of the department's highest honors Wednesday when they recognized for acts of heroism.

    CBS 2's Jim Williams reports some family members learned for the first time just what these officers had done to receive department commendations.

    "A lot of cops don't talk about what they do when they get home, so it's good for the family to see these officers are out there making a difference, making this a better city," said Chicago Police Supt. Phil Cline.
Congratulations to all the heroes. Hopefully, it can heal a few of the black eyes we've been suffering lately.

All Four Make Bail

Story at Channel 2. That is all.

Why Fly at All?

  • NASA postponed the return of Atlantis for at least a day and examined the shuttle for damage that could prevent it from making the journey home after a mysterious object apparently fell off the ship in orbit Tuesday.

    Space agency officials wanted extra time to establish whether the object was a vital piece of the shuttle - such as the tiles that protect it from the blowtorch heat of re-entry - and whether it harmed the spacecraft when it fell away.

    Officials were not optimistic they would be able to identify the object, since the possibilities were almost endless, ranging from harmless ice to crucial thermal protection tiles. But the leading candidate was a plastic space-filler placed between the thermal tiles.

Didn't we just lose a shuttle over crap like this? How long until someone wises up and figures out a better system than "tiles" that have about a million extraneous parts that might fall off and result in the deaths of numerous people? Can't we invent something just a wee little bit safer?

Non Lethal?

How about "less than lethal"? At least, that's the way it was always described to us by a couple of sticklers for details.

From Channel 7:
  • A northwest suburban man is in critical condition after being shot by police with a beanbag weapon. Authorities in McHenry County say the man was shot after he charged at officers with a knife. Relatives of the man claim excessive force was used.
  • This is the first time the sheriff's deputies have used a bean bag shotgun. It is a regular shotgun that is armed with small bean bags instead of shells. It is supposed to be a non-lethal option. But a man is fighting for his life and his friends and family are demanding answers.
Hey?! Nimrods? HE CHARGED OFFICERS WITH A KNIFE. If we were the on-scene supervisors, we'd be asking why backup didn't kill this dumbass prior to the "beanbag" shotgun operator having to blast him close enough that there's actually a chance the attacker could die. This dumbfuck should have had half a dozen holes in him from 9 millimeters and .45 caliber rounds long before the blunt trauma he's currently suffering. What the hell was backup waiting for? Or was there even backup on scene? In any case, screw these gold diggers. You bring a knife to a gun fight AND you manage to swing it at other people, especially police officers, you need to be killed, plain and simple. Thank goodness no officers were injured.

UPDATE: 21 September 2006 - knucklehead dies.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Police Memorial Dedicated

Finally, at long last, a fitting tribute to the fallen officers of this city.

Coverage at Channel 7 and the Tribune (registration may be required).

Anyone with first hand reports of the event can post here. Anyone who has a couple of decent pictures of the event are welcome to submit them to our e-mail address.


Rumors Abound!

The buzz is official. Numerous persons have received phone calls informing them that a new Sergeant's class will be starting shortly, possibly as soon as next week with an announcement before Wednesday. No word on how big the class might be and whether or not they will be receiving the full 3 months worth of Detective familiarization. We imagine it would make some sense to the bean counters to hold off promoting them until after the New Year. Rumors can be posted here.

Expect a small class of Lieutenants immediately before or after part 2 of the new Lieutenants Exam. We imagine that class will depend on the number of retirements scheduled for the end of the year.

Aaargh Mateys!

Talk like a Pirate Day is upon us.
Feel free to spend your day keelhauling socialists, making liberals walk the plank and looting and/or pillaging across the bounding main. Aarrrgh, me hearties.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Gutierrez is the Challenger

As we observe the political scene, it becomes more and more our opinion that Gutierrez is positioning himself to be the main rival to the current mayor and the Dorothy Brown candidacy is nothing but a farce to draw crucial minority votes away from Gutierrez. You have articles like this... :
  • Rep. Luis Gutierrez is blasting Mayor Daley for vetoing the big-box minimum wage ordinance -- and for framing the debate in racial terms in a divided city once known as "Beirut on the Lake."

    A potential mayoral challenger, Gutierrez said he would have signed the ordinance mandating Wal-Mart and 42 other retailers to pay their employees at least $13 an hour in wages and benefits by 2010.

... which show Gutierrez is bringing up issues that have the potential to embarrass the mayor or making the mayor answer uncomfortable questions, while Dorothy Brown refuses to take a stand on anything and won't even take the mayor to task over issues that will generate headlines and boost her name recognition. Even John Kass notes that Daley has begun sounding like a preacher and a politician at the same time, deftly framing the big box debate in terms of jobs for neglected minority neighborhoods.

Brown is a plant. Potted plant or Machine plant, she brings nothing to the campaign. And what Gutierrez brings isn't going to sell most places. Still, the Sun Times speculates that the mayor may be facing his first ever runoff. We shall see.

Giving it Away

Man, the Sox just keep making it harder on themselves. No joy in Mudville this weekend.

Who's Paying for This?

Oh yeah, we are.
  • A published report said the final tab for the Dan Ryan Expressway reconstruction project could exceed $1 billion, almost twice the original estimate.The Chicago Tribune said rising costs for labor and materials are being blamed for the higher price tag.
Channel 5 and Channel 7 cover this atrocity. TWICE the original estimate? We really need to bring back horsewhippings. Big time.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lieutenant's Test

So how did that work out for everybody? Any glitches? And insight? Is everyone going to pass like last time?

Bears Game

After the silliness spouted by a certain Lions player this week combined with Detroit's only gaining something like 38 yards on the ground last week, does anyone really want to bet that Detroit will even get a sniff of the end zone today?

We aren't really betting persons (disclaimer - we're lying through our teeth here) and even we wouldn't put any money against the Bears being able to pulling off back-to-back shutouts.

Update after the game.

UPDATE: Well, except for one 3rd quarter drive, we looked like Carnac the Magnificent there. Unfortunately, this game also exposed a glaring flaw in the Bears offense - 89 total yards rushing. If opposing teams can shut down the passing game, where are the Bears going to grind it out? Don't get us wrong, the passing game looked very good today and we thought that was going to be the big question mark all season. But a well rounded offense is what's needed to get past Game 1 of the playoffs.

Thanks for Proving his Point

Muslims are upset at the Pope for saying that some of the tenets of their faith espoused by extremists are ... well, we'll let you read it:
  • In his speech, Benedict cited an obscure Medieval text that characterized some of the teachings of Islam's founder as "evil and inhuman," particularly "his command to spread by the sword the faith."
Predictably, the followers of the "religion of pieces" howled in outrage:

Protests world wide ... and of course, the exact actions that the Pope was speaking against:
  • Two churches in the West Bank were hit by firebombs Saturday, and a group claiming responsibility said it was protesting Benedict's words.
Wake up people! islam does not mean "peace" as so many apologists on the left of the political spectrum here and the entire continent of Europe want us to believe. islam means "submission," plain and simple. Don't believe us? How about this statement from "the muslim brotherhood:"
  • "We want a personal apology (from the Pope). We feel that he has committed a grave error against us and that this mistake will only be removed through a personal apology," Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Leader Mohammed Habib told Reuters.
They want the Pope to abase himself and submit to the will of the mob. And the sad thing is they'll probably get it and hold it forth as yet another proof of islamic superiority over classical Western thought and civilization. These backassward goat farmers who can't even raise enough food to feed their own people are on the verge of taking the world back into a Dark Ages not seen in centuries.

UPDATE: Chalk up another "victory" for the nut jobs - Pope apologizes just like we suspected. Europe is so doomed.

UPDATE II: And it just keeps getting worse - now the islamists have shot and killed a nun in Somalia. A nun who was the village nurse, who probably never met the Pope and who dedicated her life to helping the poor and downtrodden of an islamic state:
  • Sister Leonella, 65, was shot in the back four times by pistol-wielding attackers as she left the Austrian-run S.O.S. hospital at lunch time after finishing nursing school for trainee medics. Her bodyguard was also slain.
Us or them. That's what it's coming down to.

Another Victim Fights Back

  • CHICAGO Two robbery victims turned the tables on their attackers early Saturday when they shot one with his own gun, killing him, and subdued another until police arrived.
  • Instead of complying with their demands, one of the victims fought back and began to struggle with the alleged robber’s gun, she said. The gun went off, wounding the attacker, Jon Diego Sylvester, 31, of unidentified home address, who then walked over to a waiting car, Schuler said.
And he then died of his wounds. Too funny.

RIP Oriana Fallaci

"Who?" "What the hell are you talking about SCC?" "Why should we even care?"

Yes, this is a police blog, first and foremost. Yes, we cover local political issues more often than not. But when we started this thing, one of our promotions was titled "A Healthy Interest in the World at Large." This falls under "world at large," so bear with us. We thought Rue St. Michel would cover this, and he still might. In the meantime, here's our take.

Oriana Fallaci was a Leftist we could respect, unlike so many of the visitors to this website and infesting the political landscape at large. She and her family actually fought the fascists in World War II and guided Allied soldiers to safety, always under the threat of torture and execution. She transported messages and explosives for the Italian resistance and became a well known journalist from the 60's thru the 80's. And she was unafraid to stay the course of legitimate Leftist philosophy, even as the left moved into the fever swamps of appeasement, socialism and capitulation. And those on the left never forgave her.

Following the attacks of September 11th, she became a fierce critic of militant islam and was roundly condemned by her former leftist allies across Europe. At the time of her death, she was under charges in the Italian courts for daring to say Europe was turning into "Eurabia" and facing long prison time:
  • Fallaci sees the threat of Islamic fundamentalism as a revival of the Fascism that she and her sisters grew up fighting. She told me, "I am convinced that the situation is politically substantially the same as in 1938, with the pact in Munich, when England and France did not understand a thing. With the Muslims, we have done the same thing."
  • She saw radical Islam--and argued there is no such thing as moderate Islam--as the new brand of Nazi Fascism, "SS and Black Shirts who wave the Koran." In the book that emerged, "The Rage and the Pride," she railed against Islamic terrorists and fundamentalism.
Everyone on the left catch that? A woman who lived through facism and fought against it on the front lines, saw parallels in today's world and saw as clear as day which side was the correct one - and it wasn't the appeasers and leftists and democrats of the world.

Go read The Anchoress and Michelle Malkin. Both have a dozen or more links to other articles about Oriana Fallaci, a true hero of the Real Left and the civilized world. We shall not see the likes of her again.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Link! and Post #1501

Wow. 1,500 posts. Who'd have thunk we could write so much junk in just 15 and a half months?

In the meantime, we added a new link to the right hand toolbar. A Big SCC welcome to the Illinois State Police website called "" Here's the guy running the whole thing:
Anyone recognize him? He must have gone to the same school of blogging that we did.

The latest posting is in regard to the recent endorsement of Governor Blago, even though a report by Channel 7's Chuck Goudie shows that the choice of "No Endorsement" received something like 70% of the ballots cast. "ispeeved" reveals quite a bit of the methodology behind the endorsement and rightly takes the entire process to task. We're thinking that we might have a few questions ourselves, especially as Blago has been balancing his budgets on the backs of way too many pension funds.

Give him a visit.

Update to the "Strangling Nurse" Story

We addressed the story of the nurse who strangled a home intruder in her Portland, Oregon home this past Sunday in a piece titled "THIS is Priceless!"

It just got a whole bunch more priceless - would that make it priceless-less?
  • [...] investigators said they believed the dead man Edward Dalton Haffey was burglarizing Kuhnhausen's home. But after an investigation, police now say the intruder Kuhnhausen strangled was apparently a hit man hired by her estranged husband Michael James Kuhnhausen Sr. to kill her.

    The 58-year-old husband was taken into custody Thursday and charged with conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder. He was ordered held on $500,000 bail.

The "hit man" used to work as a janitor for the ex husband and police found incriminating notes with his name and telephone in the dead man's house. So it would seem the former Mrs. Kuhnhausen scored a "two-fer" - assassin dead and ex husband in jail.


Do You Know Who I Am??

Cook County style! From The Tribune and Sun Times:
  • After being cut off from liquor and refusing to leave a Joliet casino, a high-level Cook County prosecutor was charged with misdemeanor trespassing, police said today.

    As is standard practice in such cases, Assistant State's Atty. Scott Cassidy, 49, has been assigned to desk duty pending resolution of the charge, said John Gorman, spokesman for the Cook County state's attorney's office.
  • Cassidy, the bureau chief of special prosecutions, has been relieved of his courtroom duties and reassigned to desk duty pending the outcome of the case, said John Gorman, a spokesman for the Cook County state's attorney's office.
Nice to know that Cook County nepotism and ASA's too big for their own britches still exist out there.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Here Comes the Fallout

  • Prosecutors are dropping more than two dozen "tainted" drug and gun cases following last week's arrest of four Chicago police officers accused of robbing, kidnapping and intimidating drug dealers.

    At least 27 cases have been dropped so far, including a case against two men who were arrested last fall when police seized $15 million worth of cocaine, Cook County state's attorney spokesman John Gorman said Thursday.

We're likely to see at least double this number of cases get dropped. The final number is going to be close to 100 cases and the number of civil lawsuits filed will top 20 or 30. This second article covers one of the more spectacular cases:
  • Last year, Chicago Police displayed $15 million worth of bundled cocaine seized from a Northwest Side home and proudly proclaimed they'd made a major dent in the area's cocaine-dealing scene.

    Wednesday, with a sense of quiet disgust and frustration, Cook County prosecutors dropped the case against the two men charged in the November 2005 drug bust. Based on the quantity of drugs seized -- 118 kilos -- it's the most significant of more than 100 criminal cases that may have to be dropped because they were tainted by alleged dirty cops, a source close to the case said.

Even legit cases are going to be tainted by association and a lot of guilty people will be walking free.

Classic Misdirection

Once again, the City Council does not disappoint in it's insanity:
  • Two powerful aldermen are proposing a gun offender registry that would allow police to track people convicted of weapons violations.
Oh boy! Another useless layer of bureaucracy! Don't we already have something similar to this proposal? Oh yeah! Parole Officers! If the political administration was willing to go a few extra miles and staff the parole board with enough investigators to do their jobs, maybe the aldercreatures wouldn't feel the need to add yet another layer of paperwork. Like this from the same article:
  • Burke and Carothers also introduced an ordinance that would require a police assistant deputy superintendent and a watch commander to approve the release of anyone from a lockup when they are believed to be mentally ill and in need of treatment.
Well, golly. If something isn't working and might cost you some money, there's all the training in the world to help you. Unfortunately, they aren't training the lockup keepers to actually be able to do their jobs and who might be able to make some real effort in identifying someone mentally ill. And finally from the same article:
  • Another proposed ordinance by Ald. Burton Natarus (42nd) would make the sale of air guns illegal, with a fine of $500 to $1,000 per offense. The ordinance comes after police shot and wounded a teenager who allegedly pointed a BB gun at police near the Cabrini-Green housing complex.
We have a counter proposal - arm everyone with BB guns and let's see how fast we can thin out the assholes who like to point guns at police.

Yeah, We Assassinate People

Look at this picture and tell us the Department isn't about the worst shots you can imagine:

During the incident in question (which we did not attend or participate in), an officer was pinned in some manner by a vehicle driven by a subject who had a BAC of something in the neighborhood of .35 - over 4 times the legal limit.

When an officer is pinned under or between cars, other officers are under the obligation to shoot the operator of the vehicle and remove the threat of great bodily harm to their coworker. It's even codified into State Law and Department Directives. The most likely scenario we can imagine is that during the shooting, the subject continued to try to get away, flooring the accelerator. Officers responded to the escape attempts (that coincidently further crushed their coworker) by continuing to fire at the offender. As the offender bled out and expired, gravity compelled his body to continue pressing on the accelerator, leading to possible further firing of weapons into an already dying or dead subject. In fact, the car's engine was still revving at an extremely high rate until officers actually removed the keys from the vehicle.

As the Superintendent stated on TV tonight, we are trained to fire until the threat has been neutralized. A subject continuing to crush an officer, regardless of being dead or not, means the threat is not ended. This shooting seems to be completely justified.

And how about this quote:
  • Lopez's aunt, who he was living with at the time, says her nephew, who had been living as an illegal immigrant in the U.S. for six months, was a hard working young man who was sending money back home to his family in Mexico.
Boo hoo. He was an illegal who was driving drunk (.35) , fleeing the scene of an accident and we'd be willing to place a small wager on this actual driver's license status (probably "none"). And he almost killed a cop. Screw him, his family and his scumbag lawyer. Let him be held up as an example of a boatload of bad choices coming home to roost.

Other coverage at Channel 2

Why be a Legal Immigrant?

  • Cook County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado on Thursday proposed making Cook County a "sanctuary" county for undocumented immigrants.
  • "It will prohibit county employees, and Cook County law enforcement professionals, from engaging themselves in (Immigration and Naturalization Service)-type of activities," he said.
  • At the hearing, several people spoke out in favor of the idea."We're all immigrants," said 13-year-old Richard Cagnetta. "We were born in the United States, but we are all immigrants. The only people who are not immigrants are Native Americans."
This gives us so much hope for an actual return of the Republican party in Illinois at some point in the not too distant future. An entire "sanctuary county." What an amazingly bad idea. Where are the labor unions in this fight? Illegal aliens drive down real wages as so many of them are willing to work for so much less that bloated union salaries. By supporting democrats who want to throw open the borders and create "sanctuary" whatevers, the unions are cutting their own throats. The left's political suicide continues to play out in slow motion.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Todd Stroger Taking Heat

  • A Web site that compares Democratic Ald. Todd Stroger to the nerdy TV character "Urkel" and calls him "Toddler," among other insults, is drawing fire from black leaders who say it's racist and secretly being run by Republican operatives.
Here's the website:
There are a bunch of funny graphics and a bunch of links to articles regarding Cook County nepotism and the machine. The fact that Stroger's machine is lashing out like this speaks volumes about how weak they percieve this candidate to be.

Remember, Vote in November.

No More Logos Shirts or Hats

This is rapidly becoming one giant "No Fun Zone." The Department we mean. How about this story:
  • Chicago Police are investigating whether two plainclothes officers wore baseball hats that read "U.S. Border Patrol" on duty on the Northwest Side last week.
  • Ernesto Cruz, 21, told police the two Albany Park District officers asked him about his immigration status, a question that is generally prohibited by city ordinance and police general orders, police and city officials said.
  • "To us it was clear they were posing as border patrol agents,'' said Jenny Arwade, executive director of the Albany Park Neighborhood Council.
What we absolutely love is the fact that the news media and the City Administration throw this comment out there and the general public just accepts it at face value:
  • ...officers asked him about his immigration status, a question that is generally prohibited by city ordinance and police general orders...
THAT is priceless. What do you think the general public would think if we suddenly stopped enforcing the Burglary statutes? Or the laws covering Armed Robbery? Homicide? But the leftists have completely cowed the public and the law enforcement arm of the City into NOT enforcing the laws regarding immigration, OR EVEN ASKING ABOUT THE STATUS OF ILLEGALS!

You wonder why big cities are awash in illegals? Look no further than this. We are being told not to enforce laws, or even conduct what could be considered a reasonably competent investigation. Would it be a good use of the limited resources we have? Maybe not. But when you are ordered to lose the fight before it's even begun, you're screwed.

And don't even get us started on the "To us it was clear they were posing as border patrol agents,'' spiel. Just because we wear a Blackhawks jersey on occasion doesn't make us think we could even remotely pose as a member of the local NHL franchise, just as a degree in Social Sciences doesn't make this Ms. Arwade character some kind of mind reader in interpreting police intentions at a scene she wasn't even at. Puh-lease.

If We Only Had ...

  • An Aurora man was sentenced to more than five years in prison on Wednesday after pleading guilty to several felony charges, including kicking a police officer in the groin during a traffic stop, according to a release from the Kane County State's Attorney's office.
And it gets better:
  • Pryor later accused an officer of misconduct during the stop, an accusation that, after investigation, was determined to be false and prompted the perjury charge, the release said.
Nice to see someone takes the "Sworn Affidavit" bill seriously and charges the liars with it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This is a Good One

Someone finally suing the Department in the face of a failed investigation.
  • ABC7 news has learned that a prominent Chicago police officer has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that he is being publicly shamed and humiliated by an internal affairs investigation. In this I-Team Intelligence Report: the question of "good cop, bad cop."
We aren't privy to the specifics of the investigation. We aren't going to publish any speculation as the specifics either. But if the Department and IAD screwed up, it's time to move on. Stop messing with this guy and move on. If you're that hell bent on fucking with this guy, put him out there and watch his ass 24/7. That'd be a real efficient use of Department resources, right?

Ethics Testing...

...has been delayed according to the AdminFax out of HQ.

Here's the thing about the testing that we've heard. It's unfailable. Seriously. It's kind of like the Lieutenants Test of 4 years ago where 800 people took it and 800 people passed, so every sergeant who had taken the test was eligible to get promoted.

The testing is divided up into half a dozen "chapters" or so and there's a quiz attached to each chapter. To move through the test, you have to pass each part in turn or you get booted back to the beginning until you get the questions correct.

And we have to go through this every year for the next couple of decades. Ain't life grand?

What Happened Down South?

We heard from a number of sources that as the mayor was speaking at the "anti Big Box" rally, supporters and opponents of the ordinance got into some sort of altercation and the W/C in scene ended up calling a 10-1 and ended up pulling in teams from all over the Area to maintain order for the mayor's speech. Any takers on this rumor? Any info?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Word From on High

  • Police Supt. Phil Cline has no plans to scrap the Special Operations Section in the wake of felony charges against four of its officers.

    Appearing at a new memorial to officers killed or injured in the line of duty, Cline said the unit is worth keeping, despite the arrests.

    "There's no reason to disband the SOS unit," Cline said.

Well, we're sure that's a relief to everyone over at the old Sears building. But we're also sure that we haven't seen the end of reorganization and policy changes, not just at SOS, but citywide. Orders cut from the Patrol Division state that a Sergeant or above must be on scene and witness any signatures on "Consent to Search" forms. Unmarked cars a disappearing from units other than SOS. Take home cars may soon be restricted to exempts and there are rumors that those will be marked. Who knows what to believe when a scandal rolls into town?

By the way, does anyone else think that we have a couple of reporters reading the blog and their running to the Supe with questions?

How About This Study?

Think FOP ought to take a look at this one and use it in Springfield?
  • Move to the Suburbs, Live Longer
  • Harvard researchers today are reporting huge and growing gaps in life expectancies throughout the United States.
  • And the gaps have been increasing since 1984.
A provable study that city living kills you faster. Seems we ought to be paid more and receive some sort of "urban differential" for being forced to live here in violation of everything American.

Signs of Sanity in Chicago

Not just one example, but TWO!
This wasn't unexpected as even the mayor has passed Econ 101. Now if he can just whip an aldercreature or two into line, this one is dead dead dead.

This next one however, comes as a bit of a surprise:
  • Sarcastic headlines started popping up around the world. Comedians and talk show hosts had a field day. Now, a pair of influential aldermen have had enough. No longer willing to be the butt of jokes, Aldermen Burton F. Natarus (42nd) and Bernard Stone (50th) three weeks ago filed an ordinance with the city clerk to repeal the foie gras ban.
If these guys really want to make a difference, they ought to kill Ed Burke's latest attempt to outlaw transfat or what ever the nanny state of Chicago is attempting to outlaw. Stay the hell out of our food you jackasses.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Where Were You?

Where were you when the Towers fell?

It's been 5 years since the attacks in New York City, Washington DC and a field in Pennsylvania. We've been debating how to remember 9/11. First of all, we ought to be flying a flag.

There's sure to be plenty on the cable channels. We've been watching the Naudet brother's documentary "9/11" every year since the attacks, first on CBS and then the DVD in more recent years. We've never actually pulled out the video we had our spouse tape for us the day it happened. Maybe we'll do that this year.

Is anyone going to actual memorial events? Bike rides? Motorcycle rallies? Commemorations? We'd like to hear what our readers were doing then and what they're doing today. Besides remembering. Check out a couple of the news links and other sites listed in the right hand column. Most, if not all, will have some sort of tributes up today.

The Next Step

The Special Operations Section is currently embroiled in a couple of scandals. The first one involving the recent indictments (and maybe more to come according to published reports) and the second one involving the 015th District blue-on-blue street fight following a verbal altercation between police and citizens. The question posed to us by a couple of e-mailers is "Will/Can/Should the Department permit the Special Operations Section to continue to exist in it's current form or will it be dissolved?" It's been done before for different reasons. It's been done elsewhere for the same reasons (think Rampart-CRASH). Once a Unit becomes a political liability, especially in a contested election year, everything is on the table.

Supposedly, the whole unit is working in uniform and the unmarked cars have been taken away for good. This would appear to make them exactly like the new kids on the block - TRU - but without the mission direction to write movers, parkers and contact cards (thereby one of the nicknames of TRU - Total Revenue Unit).

What's next? Does SOS get rolled into TRU? Is the Unit disbanded and the officers told to bid for Patrol openings? Or maybe just all the supervisors get moved like "Broken Star" in 015? Does the HBT team end up alone and the Canine Unit get passed back to Mass Transit? What about Brownie and his Dog Fighting squad? Do they go to 011, 015, 006 or 007 where dog fighting is heaviest as an Area team?

So many possibilities.

UPDATE PRIOR TO PUBLICATION: A commentator says that the Superintendent appeared at the SOS Friday night roll call and said the Unit will not be disbanded. All well and good, but will it exist in it's present form by the end of these investigations? The political cost might be too high for the mayor to not do anything, regardless of what the Supe says - and we all know who really runs the show in this town.

Ethics for Everyone!

Recently, the Department has been subjected to the insanity of the Aldercreatures, who passed an Ordinance requiring ethics training for all City employees on an annual basis. This is in addition to the "conflict of interest" certification sent out yearly and half a dozen other bits of goofiness that have just about nothing to do with police work.

Think about it - we are keeping 11,000 people off the street for an hour or more so that they can undergo "ethics training." Something that should have been caught somewhere along the line via training, pysch testing, interviews, instructor evaluations, FTO grading and who knows what else. Now we have to sit and take a test to show we know that it's wrong to beat people, take money and accept free stuff.

Who knows how much 11,000 hours are worth? And how could it be better spent?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

THIS is Priceless!

  • PORTLAND, Ore. -- A nurse returning from work discovered an intruder armed with a hammer in her home and strangled him with her bare hands, police said.
  • Susan Kuhnhausen, 51, ran to a neighbor's house after the confrontation Wednesday night. Police found the body of Edward Dalton Haffey, 59, a convicted felon with a long police record.
  • Neighbors said Kuhnhausen's size -- 5-foot-7 and 260 pounds -- may have given her an advantage. Haffey was about 5-foot-9 and 180 pounds

More Pricelessness! Again from the Sun Times:
  • NEW YORK -- Margaret Johnson might have looked like an easy target in her wheelchair.
  • But when a man tried to grab a chain off her neck Friday, the 56-year-old pulled out her .357 pistol, police said.
  • He suffered a bullet wound in the elbow and now faces a robbery charge, police said. Margaret Johnson, of Harlem, has a gun permit and does not face charges, police said.
So instead of being a passive easy victim, a weapon prevented another crime! Take that you bleeding heart liberals! And in Harlem no less.

Da Season Begins!

And everyone knows what it means when the Bears start playing, right?

The Blackhawks are right around the corner! Hope springs eternal for the lonely Blackhawk fan (that'd be us). Preseason starts 19 September and unfortunately, plenty of tickets are still available. Maybe this year, everyone else can play down to the Blackhawk's level and make it interesting. In any case, we still despise Bill Wirtz and pray for the day home games reappear on free TV to generate some interest in the team.

Time to Shut Down the Blog?

HUGE POST: We've been getting quite a few complaints lately. Some about how moderated comments have killed the spontaneity of the Board. Some about how unsubstantiated rumors seem to be making their way into the mainstream media as part of the latest scandal. Others, well, here's a few of them with our commentary added in:
  • You "IDIOTS" are embracing SCC as if he did something courageous by monitoring this site. He did it to save his / her own ass. (we weren't aware that our ass needed saving, but thanks for the heads up!)
  • For months SCC allowed unfounded allegations, racism, rumors, and lies to fester and grow. (for months, we let the blog run itself. We explained it numerous times. We had maybe two hours a day to spend here and we let it run free the rest of the time. Our role was to take out the insane stuff after the fact. That didn't work out so well because cops will be cops and idiots will be idiots)
  • If SCC is "The Police" I'm assuming very young on the job, educated, and really without a social life outside of this site. (let's see - wrong, right and wrong again. With a batting average like that, you could make millions in the major leagues - why are you the police?)
  • SCC has to stay anonymous because as many people who like this site, I'd bet there are just as many who wouldn't mind having a face to face "bar room" talk with SCC. (and wouldn't they be surprised to know that we've been sitting next to them in the bar talking about the site? We've never posted anything we were ashamed of. The fact that anonymous other people have and it stayed up until we could get around with our broom shouldn't have any bearing on what we've done.)
  • Also if SCC is the police SCC would be held accountable by CPD rules and regulations. Meaning the department would surely find rule violations on an ongoing basis. (name the Rule violations please. Seriously. The Rules and Regs of this Department were written in what? The 50's? And amended once since then? They are hopelessly out of date and arcane. The Department keeps them around to screw with people. We aren't doing anything on Department time or property. It's satire, protected speech and humor. The only catch-all charge we could ever remotely think of facing would be "obstructing the goals of the Department" and where have we ever posted anything but legitimate criticism of boneheaded policy? We have tons, and we mean tons, of case law backing our right to still be American citizens off duty.)
  • SCC is NOT a hero, but a coward who hides behind "Anonymous" and the lies and racism of others. (ah, the old "coward" charge. And you make from behind, what else? An "Anonymous" posting. We see it as carrying on a proud tradition of the Chicago Police Department. Maybe you aren't old enough to remember the old SCCN bulletin board? Or even further back "The 025 Gallows"? We remember them both very well kid. We don't hide behind an "anonymous" tag. We use a pen name and everything that gets posted under that pen name is ours. We admit it. We also know there would be career repercussions should we ever step out from behind it and we don't want that at this point. As to the lies and racism, we edited it in the limited number of hours we had.)
  • I will always respond to "an officer needs help call" thats how I was raised on this job. I just wouldnt mind seeing SCC bitched slapped as I arrived on the scene. I would assist, kick the bad guys ass,& lockem up. Then maybe SCC could put some more gossip on the site for the young officers to enjoy. (Nice of you to respond to the assist call, but it's difficult to take you seriously when you wish harm on us, even harm as trivial as a "bitched slap" (and it's a 10-1, not "an officer needs help call" kid) We, too, have responded to every 10-1 call ever broadcast on our zone, but we'd never think of letting an offender complete a battery to PO just because we didn't like what that PO had said to us somewhere along the line. We guess we're just better human beings than you are. And better police officers evidently)
  • PS SCC if you want to look up my IP address and keep it between just the two of us, we probably could have a great face to face discussion. (Gee, thanks, we'll keep it in mind. Schmuck.)
Or how about this one?
  • Remember anyone interested in litigation against SCC he now states in print at the top of his page "saved for blog owner approval"...should be interesting if CPD ever gets tired of this site. (Yeah, it'll be real interesting to see a government agency attempt to shut down a privately run entity protected by the greatest document on the face of the planet. It'll be real interesting counting all the money we'd have after a few years in Federal court.)
Or this:
  • Dear SCC, it has been a fun ride but I think it is now time to end this blog. On Fox32 news the reporter stated that an unnamed source has implicated the four officers in a murder. I think this reporter's unnamed source was some idiot on this blog. (I remember seeing an anonymous post like that a while ago.) (actually, it was probably our post taking the rumor monger to the woodshed and beating the living tar out of him for even suggesting such bullshit. We'd love to see Fox32 having to backtrack on that little story when it comes out that it was from someone who was most likely posting drunk on the Internet.)
  • This site was good when it was coppers beefing about the job, but now reporters and others (IAD, Bosses, Defense Attys, et al...) are using rumors from this site as a legitimate information source. I know that you are going to say that it is their problem and that they could get in trouble for using rumors as fact. (You're right - it's their problem and it's their look out. They want to destroy any modicum of credibility they might have, that's their problem. We remember half a dozen rumors that sprouted up on this board a year ago and 35th Street went into a tailspin trying to track them down. It was hilarious and sad all at the same time. That's what the get for believing everything they read, especially here.)
  • Unfortunately, it is time to end it. This is my last post. I hope you heed this request. The idiots (CPD and non-CPD) have made all of us hardworking coppers look bad long enough. Even with your diligent moderation this site is now hurting us. (Sorry to see you go. You seem to at least attempt to make sense. Thanks for the compliment on the "diligent moderation." We think it's making a difference.)
So what does everyone think? Should we shut it down? We think we've done pretty well keeping up with the comment posting a few times a day and keeping most names that deserve to be kept out of print off the site. Errors will still happen and we continue to invite people to drop us a line when they find something objectionable and needing to be censored in the comments section (our e-mail is in the profile page).

Sarcasm and silliness will still happen, too. And it will probably still happen here.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Seatbelt Missions Work!

  • Police are unsure Saturday morning why the 27-year-old offender ran after being pulled over for a traffic stop for a routine seatbelt check near Birchwood and Damen Avenues about 11 p.m., according to Rogers Park District Capt. Howard Denk.

    The offender ran from police and forced his way into a third floor apartment on the 7400 block of N. Sealy Ave., where he fell out of the window, Denk said.

Fell out the window trying to escape a seatbelt mission. Priceless.

Fugitive Surrenders

  • A fugitive suspected of fatally shooting a New York state trooper and wounding two others while on the run for more than five months surrendered to police who had cornered him in a field just over the Pennsylvania border Friday night.
Five months on the run, one dead cop and two critically injured. New York reinstated the death penalty for capital murder a few years back, didn't they?

UPDATE: Comments are open here. Mistake when publishing had closed them. Apologies to our readers.

Look! We're Famous Again

From the comments sections, someone pointed out that one of our previous title holders of "The World's Stupidest Human Being" has written a new article, this time taking our website to task. She cherry picks certain comments and attributes them to Police Officers and even consults a clinical professor of law to offer a diagnosis on one particularly disturbed comment without offering any context at all (another typical leftist ploy to attack opinions they disagree with). The newest article of hers can be located here.

In our own defense, we didn't start moderating comments until a couple of months ago. This site was quite a bit more free wheeling than one would see nowadays. We still can't prove that every visitor here is a cop, let alone a Chicago Police Officer. We get hits from as far away as Australia on a regular basis. Europe and Asia provide us the occasional readers also. We're worldwide baby!

But we'll stand by our description of her. She is amazingly naive and full of guilt about maybe possibly running over a kid who would have gladly slit her throat for an automobile. And now she is trying to use this website as proof that cops are disturbed, cops revel in pointless death, cops peddle vitriol and racism. She attempts to cover her hit job by saying things like she would never "paint all cops with one broad brush" but then she offers up comments she can't even prove originated in this hemisphere as coming from Police and she even manages to mention Jon Burge along with us. We're flattered.

An open letter to Susy: You made a big mistake once upon a time and were lucky to escape with your life. By all rights, you should be maimed or dead. We won't go into the liberal insanity of assuming the best in every human being and being completely isolated from reality. Your feeble attempt to slander and smear CPD Officers by quoting anonymous postings on a free, open and public website that has readers on four continents is sad beyond measure. You are coming to battle completely unarmed and even worse, deliberately blindfolded. Thanks for the free publicity though. We owe you a dinner or something. As soon as we sell a few ads, we'll actually have money for a gift certificate. Tell Bill Dwyer we said "hi," and we look forward to appearing in his column one of these days. Did you see we made "The Reader" last week? Can you maybe mention us to a few "right" leaning publications? Karl Rove seems to have dropped the ball on that front. Thanks.
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