Thursday, December 13, 2018

You Have to Ask?

We weren't going to say anything. We don't get paid by the visits, so we didn't care, but you'd think someone would have caught this long before now:
  • Off the subject. Why did CPD block SCC from the police phones ??????
Because someone screwed up, left it on the screen, didn't clear their search history, talked to someone who wanted to suck up to some boss. there are a hundred reasons why it got blocked. In any event, when Cline blocked it on all Department computers, our readership went from a a few hundred a day to many thousands within a week, tens of thousands within a month.

We warned everyone when cell phones started getting issued - EVERYTHING is discoverable. And on a city owned phone?


Nice Investigator Tommy

The media isn't covering this. Seems small time...and you'd think someone making $106K might avoid shoplifting entanglements:
  • JOLIET, IL - A 47-year-old Cook County Corrections investigator who lives in Romeoville spent a good portion of his weekend behind bars at Will County's Jail after Joliet Police busted him for a series of retail thefts at the Kohl's on Route 59, according to police. Amarildo Ponce was arrested on charges of felony retail theft and Ponce's alleged partner his crime, Decebeth Heatley, 48, of Romeoville, was also arrested on charges of retail theft.

    According to Joliet Police reports, the arrests of the Cook County investigator and Heatley occurred around 1:40 p.m. on Saturday in the 2500 block of Route 59.

    Joliet Police were notified of a retail theft in progress at the business and 911 dispatchers relayed that Ponce fled in a green Honda Civic, reports show.
We're also told that this is one of Tommy Dart's "media hires," meaning he's related to someone in the media. Tommy has made a habit of hiring those types so that he gets positive coverage, or at least less negative coverage than would be the norm.

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Tactically Unsound

  • Police officers in San Francisco may no longer demand that suspects sit on the ground or sidewalk at a crime scene, the city’s police chief writes in a department memo; regardless of their custodial status—handcuffed or not.

    The practice is viewed as “demeaning” to suspects, city police Chief William Scott has determined, according to the Bay Area’s FOX 2.

    The change is “aligned with 21st century policing, our department values and our commitment to providing safety with respect to everyone whom our officers encounter,” a police department spokesman told FOX 2.
"demeaning"? You know what's demeaning is not taking into consideration that for decades, Hell, since the beginning of time, the high ground has always been the tactically superior position. It has nothing to do with "demeaning" and everything to do with giving yourself (or your officers) that edge in case something goes wrong.

Of course, this is San Francisco. The city probably didn't have to search far to find this idiot. He can still go fuck himself though.

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FOP, Start Educating the Public (UPDATE)

Rahm is pushing to open a Constitutional Convention. Madigroin will support it. JaBba the Pritzker is likely to start pushing as soon as he gets in. And Rahm is already prepping the battlefield.

Can someone from FOP start countering his arguments about the COLA that isn't available to anyone born after 1966? That the Police and Fire Funds are so poorly funded because First Responders can't strike to make the City meet its obligations? That other unions get 80% of their salaries upon retirement with all sorts of "sweeteners"? That teachers still only pay something like 2% instead of the nearly 11% first responders do?

And how about that "gold braid" pension - once that went into place, CPD went from 6 [deputy] chiefs to 18 (corrected), captains came back and the number of commanders citywide almost doubled? The rank-and-file aren't the problem, but the massive financial abuse might be.

UPDATE: This is a start....a tiny tiny start (click for larger version):

Yay. A press release. many press outlets published it? We'll give you a's a number LESS than ONE.

We saw Rahm's statements about the COLA and him subtly hinting it involved the police/fire pensions on two TV stations, heard it on the radio twice an hour, and on every single local news link we carry on the right hand side of the blog. Versus a single half-page press release that no one carried.

FOP, we hate to say this, but you've already lost the battlefield to Rahm - make sure you don't lose the fucking pensions.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

So Who's the Deadbeat?

Remember - Earned not Given, (Even if You're so Incompetent, You Can't Stay Afloat Financially:)
  • Did anyone see the AMC that came out revising the requirements for captain promotion THE DAY THE APPLICATIONS WERE DUE!?

    The order was revised to waive the credit check, which means some soon to be captain is a complete bust out, probably a degenerate gambler or is a multiple baby daddy. I'm sure when promotions are made it will be apparent who the rules were changed for.
Sounds like yet another brilliant pick by Special Ed is in the works. Maybe this one won't be caught cashing his dead mother's Social Security checks, or stealing golf outing money, or memorial t-shirt money, or emptying the Unit flower fund money, or any of a hundred smaller instances of graft we could bore you with.

So who's the bustout?

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Good, Good, Very Bad

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday will call for state lawmakers to legalize marijuana, allow a Chicago casino and approve a state constitutional amendment to help the city address a looming pension crisis that will require nearly $1 billion in new annual retirement payments by 2023, according to sources familiar with the mayor’s plans.

    Emanuel is scheduled to give a speech to the City Council outlining the challenges that remain to properly fund the city’s pensions and offering recommendations on how to tackle the problem, even though he won’t be in office beyond next May to do so.

    The mayor will propose that any tax money the city receives from the legalization of recreational marijuana be dedicated entirely to pensions and he’ll do the same for any taxes generated by a long-sought Chicago casino, according to sources familiar with Emanuel’s speech who were not authorized to discuss his plans publicly. The mayor also will move forward with requesting that aldermen consider setting up the structure to issue pension obligation bonds to help reduce the amount of money the city owes the retirement funds in the near term, the sources said.

    [...] Emanuel also will call on lawmakers to amend the state’s constitution to eliminate what’s known as the pension protection clause that says public employee pension benefits are an enforceable contract that “shall not be diminished or impaired.” The Illinois Supreme Court cited that clause when striking down agreements Emanuel made with some labor unions early in his tenure to better fund their pensions in exchange for reduced benefits.
A couple observations:
  • Someone's kid is going to have to smoke a lot more weed to make a dent in those pension obligations;
  • What changed with the casino? It's been promised as a windfall for so long, yet delayed for every manner of reason. If you believe the rumors, McCormick Place has been wired for the electricity to run a casino for almost a decade. Another rumor says Trump built his hotel in Chicago, complete with a secure floor set aside just for high stakes poker tournaments and slot machines.
  • That last paragraph is the worst idea. Unless you grandfather in everyone who has operated under the current law, we would expect any changes.
So what's changed for Rahm to suddenly look like the Pension Fund's best buddy? Do the recent raids of certain aldercreatures' offices have anything to do with the change of heart?


Gas Prices Fall - Raise Taxes!

  • Gas prices dropped 29 cents per gallon in November while the wholesale cost of American goods and services ticked up only slightly in a sign of softening inflation pressures, the Labor Department said Tuesday.

    The producer price index, which measures cost changes of products before they’re sold to the U.S. public, rose just 0.1 percent last month. Overall, wholesale prices have risen 2.5 percent since this time last year. That is the smallest annual increase of 2018.
Which moron was it who said the US couldn't drill it's way to lower gas prices? Oh yeah, Sparklefarts. What a dumbass.

In the meantime, what does a good democrat do when people get to keep more of their hard earned money? Raise taxes!
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a group of suburban leaders on Tuesday called for a 20 to 30 cent per gallon increase in the state’s gas tax to fund a major statewide transportation bill.

    Emanuel spearheaded the push during a City Hall news conference in which he was joined by a handful of suburban mayors and regional planners. The mayor’s office also released a list of 26 suburban mayors and village presidents who supported the tax increase.

    “We are facing a historic moment, and I stand with a group of bipartisan mayors on behalf of a new transportation bill that should happen in Springfield,” Emanuel said alongside the mayors of Park Forest, Hazel Crest, Oswego, Fox River Grove, Joliet, Batavia, Broadview and Ford Heights.
And the exodus out of Illinois gets yet another boost.


Penalize the Whistleblowers

So much for government actually answering to taxpayers (You have to read all the way to the end of hte linked article to get to this one):
  • The county will also seek to plug any leaks of confidential summary reports that come from the county’s Office of the Independent Inspector General. The amendment to the ordinance governing the inspector general’s office will make it so that anyone who releases confidential summary reports — such as the one detailing Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker removing toilets from the mansion next door to his Gold Coast home that the Sun-Times reported on in October — could face fines and jail time.

    The county’s top watchdog, Pat Blanchard, said his office had never experienced a leak of that nature before the release of the Pritzker report.

    [...] Anyone who leaks summary reports may now “be subject to a penalty of up to six months imprisonment and fines up to $5,000.00 per violation” — a “hefty” penalty, according to Blanchard.

    Suffredin is also leading the charge on the changes to the inspector general’s ordinance, which was introduced last year. He says it “undermines the ability” of the inspector general to do deep-dive investigations if the preliminary findings are immediately made public.

    [...] “The balance that our office is always kind of engaged in is protecting the confidentiality of witnesses and sources, but transparency is also an issue,” Blanchard said. “What this will do is make clear to recipients and secondary recipients of reports that they can’t release them for political purpose.”
It also undermines the ability of voters to see just how corrupt Cook County, Chicago and Illinois politicians truly are. It's amusing how they demand "transparency" for everyone....except where they do their dirty business.

And who do they think they're fooling? They've released all manner of reports for political purposes. We remember way back in 2004, the Tribune was directed to sue for the sealed divorce records of one Jack Ryan, who was running for the US Senate against some unknown Machine creation named Obama.

In Illinois politics, everything would seem to be fair game - it was just used against a democrat this time.


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

This is Interesting

  • Shortly before FBI agents raided the offices of Ald. Edward M. Burke, they knocked on the door of the alderman’s top political aide, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

    The FBI showed up at Peter Andrews Jr.’s home in Mount Greenwood around 7 a.m. on Nov. 29.

    That was about 90 minutes before they seized control of Burke’s City Hall suite of offices, dismissed his staff and covered the windows with brown butcher paper. The agents also raided the alderman’s political headquarters, the 14th Ward office at 2650 W. 51st St., where Andrews helps run Burke’s political operation.

    Nearly two weeks after federal agents raided Burke’s offices, it’s unclear why they took such a public action, removing boxes of documents and at least one computer.
We can only think of two reasons why the feds would visit someone ninety minutes before a planned raid:
  1. someone messed up synchronizing their watches, or
  2. someone is talking or wired up
Burke is slippery as Hell as any reader of Cooley's book knows. But with someone cooperating?


Exempt Countdown(s)

Who's leaving and when?

Gotta be packed and gone before being demoted in February.

Rumors of a lot of heads getting ready to roll.


How Many?

Anyone have the attendance totals for the Entrance Exam this past weekend? Did all those text messages and Barb West phone calls work?

Because we heard they didn't and the total number is the lowest ever for an exam that used to be held at the (in various years) the United Center, the Merchandise Mart, and (?) McCormick Place.

Theother strong rumor is the Academy is going to go into hibernation mode - not because Rahm filled the "thousand" he promised, but because there isn't any interest in the job. All you kids who just got hired, get used to being the bottom in seniority for a while.


Monday, December 10, 2018

Breaking News

Numerous e-mails telling us that Deputy Chief Johnson, brother of the indicted Commander Johnson (retired under investigation), has been removed from the Training Academy and is detailed to HQ to await whatever tales his twin is currently spinning for the Feds.

More popcorn!

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What the....!?

Just when you think Camel Rider was as goofy as the exempt ranks could get, someone has to top her:

That's the commander of 020 dressed up as the "Elf on the Shelf," a whimsical invention of the past few years. We aren't going to bore you with the details - you can Google it - but "Wow" doesn't begin to cover what's running through our heads:

Kind of amusing for the community we suppose. This seems kind of awkward though:

All in good fun? Someone had to follow the boss around and boost him up onto places, then photograph him and send it around. Fox Chicago did a piece on it, so somebody was looking for some publicity. Or is this just damn weird?



So this (allegedly) happened at HQ regarding all those phone calls, texts and emails to attend the police exam:
  • So... Barb West wanted the commanders to make those telethon calls for the job applicants. Seems most said Nope. Maybe a bit of a mutiny brewing?
Be careful - they might still hang mutineers. Still, it's obvious everyone with something to lose is sitting in their holding pattern until after the election.


8-4-025 Repealed?

A couple of comments saying that the Aggressive Panhandling Ordinance has been repealed in recent weeks.

Others saying that no, it's not repealed, it's just being ordered to be ignored because Crimesha refuses to prosecute it.

What is the over/under on a Concealed Carry individual being accosted and lighting up a particularly aggressive panhandler in the coming days, weeks or months?

And what are the odds they stick around to answer a bunch of dumb questions?


Sunday, December 09, 2018

Ride the CTA Fred

Remember when Jane Byrne moved into Cabrini Green? Yeah, it was a stunt and she had plenty of protection, but it made her look "connected" to the people (or was it folks?) in Cabrini.

Numerous people have suggested that maybe Fred Waller and all the other exempts ought to give up their company cars for a month or two and ride the buses and rails to show everyone how safe it truly is.

Maybe they could do it in uniform. Sure, it'd be a stunt, but they're (supposedly) the police, and it might reinstall confidence that crime isn't out of control on the platforms and tunnels.

We suggest Fred starts with the Red runs right by HQ.


Hey Google-Me?

Police spokesweasel Anthony Google-me has been spouting off about how all these top-of-the-line CTA supoer-dooper Hi-Def cameras caught every second of the recent shooting in the tunnels and tracked the perpetrator to....somewhere.

So where are the pictures?

The media could use some help with the description. With the Super-Dooper Hi-Def cameras, surely there's a decent shot of the skin area surrounding the surgical mask. A flash of skin around the neck, across the bridge of hte nose, maybe forehead or hand holding the gun.

Or is Google-me just spouting bullshit like he usually does?


Ten Years vs No Years

  • A divided Illinois Appellate Court panel has upheld a 10-year prison sentence that a Cook County judge gave a homeless drug addict convicted of the 2015 robbery of a Family Dollar Store on the West Side in which he got away with $33 of T-shirts and underwear.

    Appellate Judge Terrence Lavin, writing for himself and Appellate Judge Mary Anne Mason, said it isn’t the job of the appeals court to substitute its judgment for that of the trial judge, Cook County Circuit Judge Mary Margaret Brosnahan. She imposed the harsh sentence on David Lundy, who had 10 prior convictions, most on theft and drug charges.
 It's amazing, isn't it?

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Saturday, December 08, 2018

Solution? More Signs!

  • Chicago police are looking into the possibility that illicit drug-dealing may have led to a shooting in a tunnel between two busy Loop subway stations during Thursday’s evening rush hour.

    The 27-year-old man who was shot in the hip has been arrested many times and has felony convictions for narcotics and weapons-related offenses, according to court records.
We need some "No Drugs" signs like the "No Guns" signs that keep the CTA tunnels, platforms and trains so safe.

And touching on what media-demoted "Deputy" Chief Fred said yesterday:
  • “This area is probably one of the safest areas of the city,” Deputy Chief of Patrol Fred Waller told reporters Thursday at the scene. “This is a targeted incident that the riders should not feel any type of discomfort or any type of hesitation in riding the CTA.”
You know what else was a targeted incident Fred? Let's start with Hadiya Pendleton and work our way (backward or forward - your choice) from there. That was a "targeted incident," too. Except they got the wrong person. And you saying no one needs to worry is the height of tone-deafness from a police executive....or the the depths that a multiple merit appointee will sink to.


Leading the Way to the Bottom

  • Boston, MA – When Suffolk County’s district attorney-elect Rachel Rollins takes over the prosecutor’s office in January, criminals will no longer need to worry about being held accountable for many offenses – including resisting arrest.

    “It’s a recipe for disaster,” veteran Boston defense attorney, Robert Griffin, told the Boston Globe.

    “The problem is the message that you’re sending,” Griffin stressed. “You’re encouraging bad behavior. You’re telling people that we’re not going to do anything about this.”
So no Resisting charges in Boston. Great fucking idea. And there's a list of fourteen other charges this progressive democrat will not prosecute, including:
  • offenses of shoplifting,
  • trespass, 
  • threats, 
  • and larceny under $250m
  • disturbing the peace, 
  • disorderly conduct, and 
  • “minor driving offenses,”
Sounds exactly like Crimesha's list. But how about this one?
  • Breaking and entering will not be prosecuted, as long as the perpetrator makes sure the property is vacant.

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On the Horizon

You can tell it's going to be bad because they use all the "progressive" keywords:
  • Today, Governor-elect JB Pritzker announced the formation and members of the transition’s Restorative Justice and Safe Communities Committee at Safer Foundation, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit organizations that provides employment, educational, and supportive services for individuals with criminal records.

    The committee is the eighth of several working groups of the transition made up of subject-matter experts who will advise and guide the incoming Pritzker-Stratton administration. The Restorative Justice and Safe Communities Committee will be chaired by Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, State Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth, and Congresswoman Robin Kelly and consist of 42 members.
It's only a matter of time now.


Friday, December 07, 2018

Nice Blue Line Rahm

  • CTA platform
  • mid-rush hour
  • amidst dozens and dozens of families waiting for the Christmas Train
And the media, as usual, comes up with a brilliant description:
  • The shooter wore a surgical mask across his mouth, police said. He ran west through the tunnel and either exited the subway or got on a train.
Well that's so very fucking helpful. But don't worry - Fred Waller is one the case!
  • “This area is probably one of the safest areas of the city,” Deputy Chief of Patrol Fred Waller told reporters at the scene. “This is a targeted incident that the riders should not feel any type of discomfort or any type of hesitation in riding the CTA.”
Except for the bullets that might travel through bodies, bounce off concrete, hitting families downtown for the Christmas Train....sure it's perfectly safe. There are all sorts of high definition cameras, so it must be safe.....but no cops.


Where Did the Money Go?

An extensive report by Novak in the Sun Times about where all the pension money went:
  • If there ever was any hope that five Chicago city workers pension funds would make any money by investing $68 million with then-Mayor Richard M. Daley’s nephew and one of his key political supporters, it didn’t last long. Only months after the deals were made a dozen years ago, problems began to emerge.

    The nephew, Robert G. Vanecko, and his business partner Allison S. Davis, a developer who gave campaign money to Daley and was appointed by the mayor to head the Chicago Plan Commission, started investing in a series of property deals that, by the time the last of them are unwound by the end of December, will have cost the city workers pension funds 80 percent of the $68 million they put in — $54 million in all.

    Vanecko and Davis set up a company, DV Urban Realty Partners, and bought an apartment building that was riddled with code violations.

    They invested in a vacant building that once housed the Chicago Defender, even as City Hall inspectors threatened to tear it down unless repairs were made.

    They put city employees’ pension money into an old warehouse that sat on land so poisoned with arsenic and lead that the pension funds had to help pay $2.6 million for cleanup just to be able to unload it at a huge loss.

    They lent millions of dollars to developers who personally guaranteed to repay the money but never did, costing the pension funds more than $5.6 million.

    DV Urban broke a contract to buy a building in the South Loop, a decision that cost the pension funds another $4 million.

    And somehow they even lost money — more than $11 million on the deal that built a busy Mariano’s supermarket in the North Side neighborhood of East Lake View, a location that has 90,000 people living within a one-mile radius.
But you can bet these assholes took their commission up front.


Good Lord Bill - Shut Up

  • Former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s 22-year aversion to raising property taxes kept them unrealistically low compared to surrounding suburbs and laid the groundwork for Chicago’s $28 billion pension crisis.

    Now, the former mayor’s brother is promising more of the same, at least for one year, maybe more, even with a looming, $1 billion spike in pension payments.

    The pledge to freeze property taxes is the cornerstone of Bill Daley’s first television commercial of the mayoral campaign.
So one of the cornerstones of his campaign is "kick the can even further down the road" on the face of every single actuarial report saying there is nothing short of extensive property tax hikes....or bankruptcy.

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Thursday, December 06, 2018

Extortion - Unit 701

This crap pops up every year:
  • Lt on second watch in unit 701 strong arming po s to buy tickets to xmas party and pay $20 for a gift for commander!!! Threatening no time due if you dont pay!! 
Document the date and time, have a witness and grieve any denials. Look into an EEOC beef, too. You might be able to retire if you prevail.


Butthurt Aldercreature

  • Baseball and cold beer were distant dreams on a recent icy afternoon as Ald. Tom Tunney hustled past Wrigley Field, pointing out the several restaurants and bars in the new hotel and office building the Ricketts family, which owns the Chicago Cubs, put up around the stadium’s west side.

    Workers on cherry pickers rose up along the facade of the ballpark itself, carrying out the latest renovations in a yearslong modernization.

    “When they say I’m standing in their way, all I can say is ‘Are you kidding?’ ” Tunney asked, raising his arms to take in the new construction.

    Since the billionaire owners bought the team in 2009, they set out to spend about $1 billion on the Friendly Confines and developments around the park, Ricketts family spokesman Dennis Culloton says. Through it all, Culloton says, Tunney’s stood in the team’s way.

    Now, Tunney says the Ricketts family is looking to help finance somebody’s election campaign to take him out. Culloton acknowledges the family is thinking about backing a challenger.
Businesses always attempt a balancing act with aldercreatures - hiring connected companies (who kick up to the aldercreature), making the maximum allowable political "donations," hiring relatives, etc. But sometimes, the demands get a little bit out of hand and it becomes cheaper to look for a new aldercreature face who isn't always there with his/her hand out. If a politician doesn't stay bought, what good are they?


Recruitment Telethon?

This is pretty sad:

The Department is having a phone bank to call applicants to remind them to show up for an exam that they signed up for. Did anyone tell the Department that there are automated services for this? Someone knows - they're sending out automated texts:

How about hiring a bunch of the people that Tracy Ladner disqualified?


Factory Leaves Illinois

We're afraid this is the beginning of a bad trend:
  • An Illinois steel company has finalized plans to move its operations to northwestern Indiana .

    The state of Indiana announced Wednesday that Alliance Steel plans to invest $19.7 million in Gary, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from its plant in Bedford Park, Illinois. The company is beginning renovations in Gary in early 2019 and could be operational there by January 2020.

    Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb says it's "an exciting step forward" for northwestern Indiana.

    Alliance Steel's CEO Andy Gross says the region is "making all the right moves to recreate a very promising industrial area."
As opposed to BJ Pritzker, who most likely won't be making Illinois anywhere near as welcoming.


Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Be the Change!

We'll just leave this here:


Fuck Crimesha Foxxx

Once again, cops cannot ever be the victim:
  • December 3rd, 2018 in room 207 at the criminal courts building case #17CR11014 was being adjudicated and heard. A 007th district Sergeant was working in an undercover capacity when the defendant pulled up next to the UCV and brandished a handgun. Furthermore, this defendant, a 58 year old radiology tech from a Chicago hospital, and FOID/CCL holder, while driving under the influence menaced the UCO by feigning to rack the gun and then tap on his (defendant's) driver window to menace and intimidate the UCO.

    Defendant was charged in 2017 with Aggravated UUW and DUI for the incident. The defendant gave several admissions including, "I was busy listening to rap music and out of impulse pulled the gun out and I brandished it, I flashed it like a new pair of shoes." However, the court would never hear this evidence because despite a jury trial set to begin on this day, Cook County ASAs assigned to room 207 deliberately went against the victim's wishes. The sergeant would not agree to have this defendant's case plead down to a misdemeanor.

    Unconcerned with the wishes of the victim sergeant, the state did just that. The defendant was plead down to two class A misdemeanors. When the sergeant requested to speak on record to oppose the agreement, he was denied and silenced. With the victim sergeant in the court room, the defendant apologized to the court but not the sergeant. Judge Byrne appearing shocked at the agreement after the ASA read into record the facts of the case, and still throughout it all, no acknowledgment was made to the victim sergeant and was clearly wished away by all court personnel, including the Cook County Sheriff who rudely and with disdain cut the sergeant off before he could finish asking his question in regards to speaking to the judge about this miscarriage of justice and having his voice heard.

    The victim sergeant, a 23 year veteran, was treated with disrespect and scorn. The ASAs in providing an explanation for the decision, clearly held the victim sergeant in contempt for his sincere frustration and then exasperated it when they attempted to validate their position with arguments more commonly used by the Public defender’s office. And in the end even the defendant's private counsel knew something was afoul as they could hardly mask their disbelief and yes, shame as they walked past the decorated victim sergeant, knowing that they pulled one off and got their client an early Christmas gift.
Nice job Cook County States Attorneys. You are truly assholes among a county office full of assholes.


And the Corruption Continues

Information pops up in the oddest places - places an enterprising reporter once may have thought to look:
  • So, my real estate developer buddy attended a meeting with sterling bay. They’re developing the old north and throop and property. The developer wants $800 million in tif money. They’re also building a huge concert property for live nation. It turns out Jb pritzker owns 50% of that and Rahms brother Ari owns a good chunk as well. Business as usual here in Chicago. Carry on...
$800 million that could have gone to shore up pensions or even cover retiree health care, instead, moved around to a connected party who happens to be connected to Rahm and BJ.

"Carry on" indeed."


Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Promotions Solve Shootings?

This is a new one on us - taking cops and detectives off the streets and making them sergeants will suddenly solve crime?
  • Under pressure over the department’s abysmally low rate of solving shootings, Chicago police announced plans Monday to add 50 more sergeants next year to improve its supervision of detectives investigating violent crime.

    The department also said it will bring in experts from the Los Angeles Police Department and the U.S. Department of Justice to recommend how investigators here can solve more homicides and shootings.

    The measures come at a time when the Chicago Tribune has been examining the challenges faced by police in solving violent crime from just one weekend in early August when at least 75 people were shot, 13 of them fatally — the most violent weekend in Chicago in years.
And we have to listen to LAPD "experts" to solve crime because 20 years under federal supervision and countless billions in expenditures has made LA a paradise to live in.

So if Special Ed is going to be promoting 50 sergeants, they're all coming from the D Unit and headed right back there to lean on the detectives to work harder? What happened to spending a year in Patrol? Or are they pulling 50 sergeants out of the Districts to ride hard on the detectives?


Time for the "Silly Season"

Where court "challenges" take place and all twenty-one candidates jockey for the inside track by knocking off the weaker candidates or those not approved by the Machine:
  • A lawyer for Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle filed petition challenges Monday against state comptroller Susana Mendoza and four other women candidates for mayor as the process of paring down the field of 21 got underway.

    Preckwinkle election lawyer Keri-Lyn Krafthefer denied the campaign was targeting women for removal from the ballot, even though the only female opponent left unchallenged was Amara Enyia, the community organizer backed by Chance the Rapper.

    Mendoza’s supporters accused Preckwinkle and other mayoral opponents of ganging up on her to keep her out of the race.

    Declaring Mendoza to be the “frontrunner” in the race for mayor, her campaign co-chairs Marty Castro and Kathy Byrne predicted the effort to discredit Mendoza’s nominating petitions will fail.
The Machine has along memory, and the fact that Janie's daughter is working for Mendoza isn't going to win Mendoza any leeway during the challenges. In fact, it'll probably hurt her as the Machine was never happy about Byrne winning.


Business as Usual

People are wondering if the "pay to promote" rumors in the CPD are true. Why wouldn't they be? It's everywhere else:
  • O’Hare International Airport motor truck drivers got overtime, equipment and job assignments in exchange for political work, some performed on city time, and those who refused faced “extreme retaliation,” a new lawsuit contends.

    In a Nov. 17 lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court, drivers Hector Hernandez and Charles Termini accuse Deputy Aviation Commissioner William Helm and airport managers Joseph Alesia and Kevin Martin of carrying out the scheme that violated their constitutional rights and deprived the drivers of tens of thousands of dollars in annual overtime pay.
This is exactly why Royko proposed changing the City motto from "Urbs in Horto" (City in a Garden) to "Ubi est Mea" (Where's Mine?" He wasn't kidding.


Monday, December 03, 2018

Going to Need More Popcorn

And the "not guilty" plea by the skinny Johnson provoked a huge outpouring of stories, rumors, and allegations. We heard of some, knew of others. But this promises to be an interesting comment section:
  • More than 2 sources which I’d trust with my first born have confirmed: every merit pick with KJ’s John Handcock on it will be whistled-in shortly to the Grand Jury. Seems there were going rates for sergeant and detective promotions.

    There’s also been a link discovered between KJ and the stud from 005 who was scamming all the coppers’ tax returns. Word on the skreet is that dude gave up KJ and several other Bossholes and that’s what got KJ on their radar.

  • Rumor is that he is not falling on the sword for his brother who knew (and benefitted) from the 24 years of cashed checks. Watch for KJ to be moved to a “less sensitive” Deputy spot and Saldana from 014 to get his spot. 14 will go to Ozzy Valdez

  • stay tuned. gonna get real juicy. there were price tags he would put on merit promos. some people left deposits only to find out someone else got the nod. selling spots to multiple people. i got you next class gets old quick and people that were promised and paid for spots that didnt get them tend to get pissed off and start talking to authorities outside CPD. which is why the feebs got involved. grand jury convening and theres gonna be alot of puckered assholes. deals being made to return to previous rank not get fired and or jail time and keep pension if they testify against kenny j.
We can only hope a fraction of this is true. It would make the Department 100% better.


Manpower Again

So the sheets we posted from 017, Second Watch  provoked a lot of discussion. Nine officers covering about 10 square miles, no wagon (unless 1724 is pulling double duty) and 1712 is a down car.

As far as we know, the worksheets are not standardized across the Department. They aren't always standardized across watches either. Each District uses whatever fits its needs and can change on the whim of the Commander, Watch Commander or even secretary.

But we'd like to see them. Especially the ones where manpower is ridiculously low, with down cars and such. Based on the comments and our own reading of crime stats/maps, we'd especially like to see the following District sheets, all three watches:
  • north side - 016, 017, 019, 020, 024
  • south side - 008, 009, 022
We request the following though:
  • black out the names and star numbers
  • highlight stuff everyone should notice - training, detail out of District, "security," down cars, etc
Help us point out what horseshit Rahm (and Daley), Special Ed (and McCompStat) and every aldercreature has been shoveling for the past eight years or more.

(e-mail address in top right link bar)


Don't Enforce the Law?

Does anyone have a copy of the Administrative Fax that told Officers not to enforce the Winter Snow Ban Parking Regulations until notified to do so by the brass? Rumor has it that it went out under (surprise!) the Chief of Patrol's signature, thereby bypassing the legislative wishes of the City Council.

We can all agree that the Ordinance, as written, is nothing but a money grab that makes almost no sense to logical thinking people. But those "logical thinking people" are also among those voting assorted aldermorons into office on a regular basis, so you can say they bring it upon themselves. Plus, there are signs just about everywhere, and flyers this time for Pete's sake.

The Department doesn't (or shouldn't) get to pick and choose which ordinances get enforced. That's Crimesha's wait, that's not right either. Damn, now we're all confused.

So who wrote and towed all those cars if the Department was ordered not to? Streets and San? Revenue? Vanecko and Sons Towing?


Sunday, December 02, 2018

Not Guilty Plea

  • A not-guilty plea was entered in federal court by a former Chicago police commander charged with stealing Social Security funds in a scheme lasting more than 23 years.

    Federal prosecutors allege Kenneth Johnson bilked the Social Security Administration out of $363,064 from about June 1994 to November 2017.

    The 54-year-old Johnson entered the plea during his first appearance in U.S. District Court. The charges were filed in November.

    Details of the scheme were not revealed. It was not immediately determined if Johnson has legal representation.
Is this guy taking advise from indicted aldercreature Willie Cochran? The feds have 23 years of cashed checks. Even Crimesha Foxxx could win this one. And then there's this from last month's article:
  • Defendants charged by criminal information typically plead guilty.
Is he talking? Signs are pointing that way.


Read the Signs!

  • Nearly 300 vehicles have been towed for violations since the city’s winter parking ban took effect 3 a.m. Saturday, according to the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation.

    The ban is enforced regardless of snow on 107 miles of main streets across the city between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. until April 1.

    Flyers were posted on vehicles parked on routes affected by the ban over the weekend in an effort to remind motorists to move their cars, the department said.
Flyers posted on vehicles? We guess they can't say they weren't warned. This seems like a higher than normal number of vehicles.


Saturday, December 01, 2018

Whose Alley is This?

From a reader:

That seems like a bit of overkill. Is this Rahm's alley? Doesn't seem like it. Maybe some Streets and San boss? Possible. Burke's house? The possibilities are amusing. Especially with two days of rain and 40 degree weather coming this weekend.


There Are No Shortages

Unless you live north in a "quiet" neighborhood:

So that's nine officers total patrolling the entirety of the 017 District. Four High Schools have six officers. Five other inside people....and they still managed to send someone to "implicit bias" training. But hey, no bid openings and no plans for any.


Hockey Pucks?

  • To prepare for an active shooter, faculty and students at Oakland University are arming themselves — with hockey pucks. The idea of using the quirky self-defense tool grew out of a training session Police Chief Mark Gordon led in March for faculty members on what they should do if a gunman enters their classroom.

    A participant asked what people could bring to campus to be better prepared in case they need to fight back. The university has a no-weapons policy.

    Gordon's advice? Be ready to throw something — anything — that could distract a shooter, even a hockey puck, as a last resort if fleeing or hiding aren't an option. "It was just kind of a spur-of-the-moment idea that seemed to have some merit to it and it kind of caught on," Gordon said.
A regular schmo can throw a fastball at about 40 to 50 MPH. Inaccurately. And they forgot the most important piece of equipment:

That would make it quicker....and you could use the stick as a weapon afterwards.


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