Tuesday, September 17, 2019

No Words....Again

September is supposed to be Suicide Prevention Month. The Department is on a big kick, passing out cards, flyers, bracelets, holding seminars, sending out e-mails.

And then this:
  • An off-duty Chicago police officer died Monday night in what is being investigated as a possible suicide at a forest preserve on the Northwest Side, according to police.

    The officer’s identity was not immediately released, but the death was an apparent suicide and happened while the officer was off-duty...
Prayers only here.

Hiring Freeze? What Hiring Freeze?

  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s choice to be director of violence prevention is a longtime anti-violence worker in Chicago, her administration announced.

    Norman Livingston Kerr will start in the $130,000-per-year role Monday, officials said.

    Originally from Jamaica, Kerr is a Chicago Public Schools graduate and former director of CeaseFire. He also worked at UCAN, a group that works with “15,000 at-risk children, youth and families across Illinois,” according to the organization.

    At UCAN, Kerr led the organization’s community violence intervention efforts, the mayor’s office said.
Anyone have the casualty counts for the past few years that this guy was helping run CeaseFire? Maybe he can account for that million dollars or so that what's-his-name never told anyone where it went or how it was spent? And now without a single job cut, Groot has created a six-figure spot for someone who's failed - badly - at preventing violence.

What's the phrase we're remembering?
  • Past performance is not indicative of future results...
Groot better hope not.

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Remember, Chicago is Broke

  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s plan to go easier on scofflaws and stop suspending driver’s licenses for non-moving violations will cost cash-strapped Chicago $15 million in annual revenue, aldermen were told Monday.

    Over time, top mayoral aides hope losses tied to the plan advanced by the City Council’s Finance Committee will disappear and the plan will become “revenue-neutral” as more and more motorists sign up for payment plans they can afford.

    But at least initially, a city that is already struggling to close an $838 million shortfall will cost itself $15 million in annual revenue.
Groot really ought to fire whoever is in charge of her messaging - because it sucks. Inconsistent. Contradictory. And plain old incompetency rules the day.


Another Bad Idea

  • Chicago and the State of Illinois must find billions of additional dollars to fund pensions and pay bills.

    There’s no getting around it.

    The only honest question is, who’s going to pay?

    Should we hit up, say, a middle-class truck driver who earns $50,000 a year? Should he or she pay more in state income taxes?

    Or should we first hit up a retired corporate lawyer whose income in retirement tops $1 million a year. Right now, that lawyer doesn’t pay a dime on any pension he might have.

    We’re on the side of the truck driver, and we bet you are, too.
Sure, advocate class warfare. So guess who can afford to shelter his income via various means? Live off capital gains? Afford to move out of Illinois or maintain a primary residence somewhere else and some BS condo here, if it isn't just a PO Box? And when all those that can afford to leave, who becomes the new top tier taxpayer?

How about cutting out lard? Streamlining services? Fix crooked contracting? Eliminate gold braid pensions (and outrageous pensions that outstrip actual salaries) that are based solely on political appointments?


Monday, September 16, 2019

What Bullshit is This?

From a regular source of ours (click for larger versions):

COPA is preparing Search Warrants?

For Officers' homes? Over administrative matters?

And presenting the to the State? And judges?

This is beyond the pale for an administrative agency to even be thinking is legal.

Someone is going to get badly hurt by this - and it'll probably be the taxpayers to start.


Fake News

We all know this couldn't possibly happen because the CTA has those "no guns allowed" signs posted all over the place:
  • A 21-year-old man is in police custody after he accidentally shot himself Sunday on a Red Line train near the Garfield station in Englewood.

    The man was riding a southbound train about 9:30 a.m. when his gun went off as the train pulled into the Garfield station, 220 W. Garfield Blvd., Chicago police said.
One day the media will be held to account for the lies they constantly tell in furtherance of the lib-tarded agenda.

Guns on the CTA....what are they going to try to tell us next?


Not So Quiet Any More

Even in the "nicer" neighborhoods:
  • A 35-year-old man was shot and critically wounded Sunday morning in the Lincoln Park neighborhood on the North Side.

    About 2 a.m., he was standing on the sidewalk in the 400 block of West Fullerton Parkway when a gunman in a red SUV fired at him, striking him throughout the body, according to Chicago police.

    The 35-year-old was driven to the Fullerton Red Line station and then transported to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where he was in critical condition, police said.
"throughout the body"? Sounds targeted, right?

And the weekend totals were sitting at seven dead, twenty wounded early Sunday. HeyJackass should have the final totals up in a bit. Non-accountability Tuesday is right around the corner....or coroner. Depends how sarcastic you're feeling.

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Cities Shrinking

Another of those articles we occasionally run across that deserve far larger exposure than we can possibly give it. Be sure to spread the info among your circle of friends:
  • Over at The Atlantic, Derek Thompson mulls over whether we're seeing a "great metropolitan exodus" because America's top cities have recently begun losing population. Chicago has been losing people for years now, but Los Angeles and New York City have also found themselves on the decline. Both cities had been seeing domestic outmigration (people moving out of the city to other parts of the country) for several years, but foreign immigration into the two cities have long made up for it.

    But new census data show that Los Angeles County is seeing a net loss of about 13,000 folks, and New York's Bronx, Kings, and Queens counties (all containing parts of New York City) have seen a combined net loss of about 40,000 people, based on census data released back in April.

    Thompson hits some of the big issues affecting these cities (housing problems in Los Angeles, crime and racism in Chicago), but he does so in a vague "maybe this is a contributor?" fashion. It's partly understandable; because the trend is new (except in Chicago) the full nature of this population drain isn't entirely clear, and it's too soon to give firm answers without falling into confirmation biases, even if they do have statistical support.

    Still, each of these cities is facing some severe problems in the way they're managed, their uncertain financial situations, and a general disregard for the welfare and liberty of the citizens who live there.
Go read it all.


Sunday, September 15, 2019

Better Aim

  • Six people are dead and at least 11 others have been injured in shootings across the city of Chicago so far this weekend, according to Chicago police.
The only question now is will the weekend totals top thirty?

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Trial Balloon?

Anyone old people (like us) remember the apocryphal Vietnam Era quote, "We had to destroy the village in order to save it"? It probably wasn't actually said, but it made sense in a twisted sort of way to the left and their anti-war efforts.

Someone is suggesting that Groot has an obligation to declare bankruptcy in order to "save" Chicago:
  • “Bankruptcy” is a dirty word that connotes failure, an ending — the antithesis of opportunity. For many, it’s unthinkable “to go there,” as if it were a dark place, replete with shame. And indeed bankruptcy was once all of that. Those unable to pay their debts were thrown into dark jails to rot until relatives came up with money to pay off their debts.

    Chicagoans should know that this barbaric treatment of debtors hasn’t been our law for hundreds of years. In a great innovation that unleashed capitalism, the law turned the tables on creditors and set debtors free. Bankruptcy erases burdensome debt, requiring those who finance and facilitate failure to bear the losses associated with that failure. Bankruptcy means freedom, a new beginning and fresh opportunities. Bankruptcy is a painful process, but it’s pain with gain: a future free of excessive debt.

    Mayor Lori Lightfoot revealed that the City of Chicago faces a deficit of nearly $1 billion, driven by debt, including bonds, unfunded pension and retiree health obligations and tort judgments. So far, she’s only talking about increasing taxes on, or cutting services to, Chicagoans, but there’s no upside to that strategy: It offers Chicagoans nothing but more pain. Instead, she should be talking about strategies for restructuring and reducing the city’s debts now, including bankruptcy, before things get even worse.
It's a disturbing article, cold and calculating. Go read it all - it helps to know what all sides are thinking.

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The Birth of a Conservative?

It's amazing when they finally realize the system is failing them, this time in Flint, Michigan:
  • A Southwestern High School teacher says her car was stolen from the school parking lot by a student and is accusing the school district and police of not doing anything.

    [Special Education teacher Mary] Toth says on August 13th the student was supposed to be helping her clean her classroom. She says she left her purse in the classroom when she stepped out. She says when she returned, she later discovered that money and keys were stolen from her purse.

    She says the student then stole her 2015 Chevy Malibu from the back parking lot. She says minutes after her car was stolen, she looked at surveillance video with four other administrators and they all identified the student. But nearly one month later, her car has yet to be returned and she says charges have not been filed. She says days after this happened the student was also back in school.
Not only is the kid back in school, he still has the car! And she's still paying for the car!!!
  • “I’m outraged by the fact that I’ve made $700 worth of payments on my car and a thief is driving my car,” she says.
And just when you think it couldn't get any better, the thief is using the car....in crimes!
  • Toth says it was spotted on surveillance video tied to a shoplifting incident at a Flint Save-A-Lot. We reached out to the store to get the surveillance video. An employee confirmed the incident but says Flint Police have to release the security video.
Anyone want to bet on her previous voting habits? And whether or not they might change? We're going out on a limb here and guessing, "No." The disconnect in people is an amazing thing.

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Second Guessing (UPDATE)

We're getting a couple e-mails about coppers being summoned down to COPA for "interviews" about an open CR number and the officers are then being sandbagged with "observations" that COPA investigators made of other officer's videos [correction - without presenting any allegation paperwork or signed complaints by anyone] in direct violation of the Signed Affidavit Bill.

Anyone know the truth?

[UPDATE] Apologies. we misread part of the e-mail. The COPA-cabana boys are refusing to even show officers a signed affidavit before, curing or after questioning, which is the foundation of every CR number that we've been a part of.


Alderassmunches Have Ethics?

  • Chicago aldermen who also work as attorneys can’t handle criminal cases involving the city’s Police Department, a local ethics panel concluded in a decision made public Friday.

    The ruling from the Chicago Board of Ethics has a limited effect on the City Council’s few practicing attorneys, but it adds a new level of nuance to how the city will enforce an ethics ordinance Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration overhauled in one of the biggest early actions of her first term.

    It means aldermen who are attorneys cannot personally represent — or derive anything of value from representing — people in traffic or criminal cases where the Chicago Police Department is involved.

    It doesn’t matter which law enforcement agency brings charges, the board concluded. If CPD personnel make an arrest, execute a search warrant, investigate a case, serve as witnesses or hold onto evidence — aldermen can’t participate in the case as attorneys.
This would seem obvious to any sane person - you can't represent someone who is also suing your other employer - in this case, the City of Chicago and its taxpayers.

But evidently, Brookins was doing it on a regular basis.

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Something Missing Here

So Groot is talking all this stuff about transparency and accountability and the alderassmunchers want sunlight shined in every crevice that isn't their own corrupt practices. Everyone is talking up training, too.
  • Anyone seen an Ethics Test yet this year? It's September. It's supposed to be done prior to 31 October in past years.
Without a yearly reminder to not take gifts, money and white wine spritzers from the Keesing Bandit, we're going to end up taking our cues from Burke, Austin, Solis and other "leaders" of the City.

We might even accidentally end up taking traffic money again or cashing Social Security checks from our dear departed Mother.


Boo Hoo Hoo

  • (Virginia) Public defender’s offices have long struggled with high turnover. But lately, one time-consuming part of the job is driving lawyers out even faster.

    Attorneys are quitting at least partly because they’re swamped by the amount of video footage they have to review from police body-worn cameras.

    And in localities without public defender’s offices, court-appointed attorneys are struggling to maintain their own law practices and keep up with the body camera footage.

    Police departments across Virginia have fitted officers with thousands of body cameras in the past few years, largely without considering the attorneys who are ethically bound to review the thousands of hours of video they produce. Both defense lawyers and prosecutors need to see if there’s anything in the footage that helps their cases, and prosecutors are legally required to turn over any evidence that’s favorable to the defense.
You made our job too hard! We were just supposed to Monday morning quarterback you into a quick settlement, not actually have to defend our clients based on facts recorded by you evil police!

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School Consent Decree?

  • In what federal officials called a historic enforcement action to protect students from sexual violence, Chicago Public Schools has entered into a legally binding agreement with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights and pledged extensive reforms in its handling of abuse and assault cases.

    “This is one of the deepest dives that we have done" of a major urban public school district, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Kenneth Marcus said of his office’s yearslong investigation.

    “This is an extraordinary and appalling case,” Marcus added. “It is one of the worst that we have seen in the elementary, secondary school context.”
Unlike the CPD consent decree, this one doesn't rely almost completely on made-up stories and falsified evidence. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 legitimate complaints of Criminal Sexual Abuse and Assault in a 10-year time span completely dwarf the suspect numbers cited by Sparklefarts' DoJ minions who long had axes to grind.

So, when are the teachers, principals and janitors going to be wearing body cameras? After all, it really is for the children this time.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Wait a Minute.....

  • Following a meeting with Police Department brass Tuesday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said it was too soon to definitively say whether a pregnant woman gunned down Sunday in Back of the Yards was killed because she testified in a murder trial earlier this summer.

    “I don’t want to leap to conclusions, obviously that would be a very, very serious issue,” Lightfoot said of the potential murder of a state’s witness. She added that the city would “not spare any expense” finding the person who pulled the trigger.
So now overtime is okay? We're confused.


So Kenny Johnson Got.....?

We can't find a single story (as of this evening) saying what disgraced former skinny commander and currently convicted felon was sentenced to. We did recall this story from May:
  • Preliminary guidelines call for Johnson to be sentenced to up to about two years in prison for the felony conviction on one count of theft of government funds. U.S. District Judge Manish Shah set sentencing for Sept. 11.
That was yesterday.



Harold Washington defined hubris as "arrogance gone wild."

He wasn't wrong:
  • Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke will become the next chief justice of the state’s highest court.

    Burke, the wife of indicted 14th Ward Ald. Ed Burke, has served on the court since 2006 and was selected by the other justices to serve as the leading justice. The position rotates among the justices based on seniority and Burke will begin her three-year term as chief justice on Oct. 26.

    In a statement, Justice Burke said she’s “humbled and honored that my colleagues have chosen me to be the next Chief Justice.”
And if anyone here read Robert Cooley's book, "When Corruption Was King" you know that Ed and Anne were wired into some pretty hinky shit....hinky as in Outfit business along with the more recent fundraising complaints, frequent recusals of both Burkes from conflicts of interest situations and Ed's ongoing legal issues.

The optics on this are just bad.


NY Times Pinheads

You want some insight into exactly what the left is attempting to accomplish?

So, the airplanes went rogue and flew themselves into buildings?

Blame the tool used and not the evil intent of the hijackers.

Seems very familiar to everyone blaming guns for crimes.

Intentional or not, it also attempts to mitigate the 2,977 murders that took place that day.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Eighteen Years

New York

Washington DC


Everything changed in an instant and too many people have already forgotten what was lost.


Groot to Take on CFD

Which may be a hard sell - people generally like firefighters and respect them as professionals who know their jobs, unlike politicians:
  • Runaway overtime at the Chicago Police Department isn’t the only item in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s cost-cutting crosshairs.

    She also hopes to hammer out a new firefighters’ contract that eliminates treasured union perks and outdated staffing requirements that cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

    “She doesn’t want to have a confrontation, but she’s a tough cookie, and there are some things in the firefighters’ contract that don’t make a lot of sense and should be changed,” a mayoral confidant said Tuesday on condition of anonymity.

    “Fires are way down. Emergency medical calls are way up. Yet, this is still a fire suppression department firmly planted in the 1950s and ’60s. Changing that kind of encrusted tradition is extremely hard. But she’s taking a hard look and trying to come up with a plan.”

    Sources said Lightfoot delivered her cost-cutting message in a recent face-to-face meeting with Jim Tracy, president of Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2.

    The mayor asked for help and cooperation from a union that gave her a pivotal endorsement during the runoff campaign against Toni Preckwinkle.

    Sources said the answer was no, setting the stage for contentious negotiations.
Generally speaking, we like firefighters. Heck, even specifically, we like them. If they say they need five guys on a truck (two 2-man teams and someone to watch/operate the apparatus) then they need five guys on a rig. They're the ones going into burning buildings.

We certainly recognize that more ambulances are needed as the population ages, medical emergencies become more prevalent and serious discussions ought to be undertaken. But not at the expense of firefighter and citizen safety. We're betting there's plenty of waste at the top, just as in our own department, that could be trimmed without affecting manning issues.

Groot however, doesn't believe in actual negotiation, as demonstrated with the police.


Witness Slaughtered

  • Three years ago, Treja A. Kelley was walking near her South Side home with her cousin when a man opened fire from a passing car, fatally striking her cousin.

    This past June, Kelley, then 18, testified at the trial of her cousin’s accused killer, helping Cook County prosecutors secure a conviction.

    On Sunday night, Kelley was just around the corner from the 2016 slaying — again walking to her home in the Back of the Yards neighborhood — when a gunman stepped from an alley and opened fire, striking her three times in the head and several times in the torso.

    Kelley, who was pregnant, was pronounced dead at the University of Chicago Medical Center.
The lawlessness fostered by Crimesha and Prickwrinkle have real world consequences, along with the drumbeat to distrust the authorities. And the self-perpetuating cycle of circling the drain will continue.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

OT Cuts Coming

  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the city of Chicago “can’t afford” police overtime expenses at the current level and called on Superintendent Eddie Johnson to develop a cost-cutting plan.

    Lightfoot said she’s “angry and frustrated” with the department’s overtime expenses, which totaled $67.6 million in the first six months of the year, according to a Sun-Times report.

    Asked who’s to blame for the overspending, Lightfoot said, “Every department head has to take responsibility for what goes on.”

    “I’ve talked to Superintendent Johnson about it. We’re going to challenge him to come up with a very specific proposal. When you’ve got 13,000 sworn members, there should be no reason why they blow their budget,” Lightfoot said. “We’ve already started a conversation about what we’re going to do next year to make sure that doesn’t happen. We can’t afford it. The truth is, we can’t afford it.”
Time to look at cutting the fat Groot.
  • How many Chiefs do we have? Six? You need three, tops, one for Patrol, one for Investigations, one for Admin bullshit.
  • How many Deputy Chiefs? Nineteen? You need maybe six like we had 20 years ago. One for each Patrol Area, One for each Detective Area. Maybe one spare for furlough relief.
  • How many Captains? Forty? Redundant - eliminate them all and put their cars back in the vehicle pool .
  • How many officers are there compiling statistics to make pretty charts for you? It numbers on the hundreds, but it should be zero. And those are the people who shouldn't be getting Duty Availability - they aren't available for diddly shit.
And stop canceling everyone's holidays off. That costs you a couple of million every major holiday. Knock it off.

Look at that - we just saved you about eight million.

Chime in with your suggestions.


Weekend Ends With a Bang Bang Bang

The Sun Times jumped the gun with a count of 1 and 26.

HeyJackass clarified it with 3 and 24 early Sunday.

Everyone got restless with the upcoming warm weather:
  • Final Stupidity Tally: 7 killed, 28 wounded
That includes an extra body tossed in on Monday.

Will we finally see some accountability today?

No, of course not.

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The Return of Ric Flair

  • Sneed has learned former Illinois State Police Chief Leo Schmitz, former commander of the Englewood Police 7th District, has just been hired as the new chief of public safety for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

    Word has been circulating in the police chat rooms Schmitz might have been under consideration for Chicago’s top job.
This might prove entertaining.


Soccer Hooligans?

On top of all the other crap we have to deal with, hooliganism is making an appearance at Soldier Field?
  • Sure could have used the mounted unit @ the soccer game tonight. Total shit show! Activated city wide tact teams for support. Very unruly drunken crowd! 
  • Soldier Field soccer crowds up for grabs tonight! Crowd throwing projectiles and smoke bombs. Climbing the Bears statues.
What the heck happened? And where were the citywide units? Oh wait, they don't exist any more.


Monday, September 09, 2019

Shots Fired at Police

  • A 30-year-old man is charged with attempted murder after he allegedly shot a man and then fired shots at police officers Friday in Garfield Park.

    Milo Brown faces felony charges of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated discharge of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, aggravated fleeing and disregarding two traffic control devices, according to Chicago police.

    About 6:38 p.m. on Sept. 6, officers in a marked squad car allegedly saw Brown and another male get out of a gray Dodge Caravan in the 3800 block of West Adams Street and fire at a group of people standing on the street, Chicago police said.

    The shooters then turned their gunfire towards the officers before driving off in the Dodge, police said. The officers did not return fire and were not struck in the shooting.
From initial reports, the officers literally happened to drive up on a hit gone wrong and attracted the attention of the shooters, who thankfully missed. Someone was definitely watching out for them. Nice job apprehending the jagoffs.

Be careful out there. There is no fear of consequences if they're shooting at marked squads.


Inflating Numbers

  • Like an unusually early spring robin, the headlines have appeared every January for most of the past decade:

    “Chicago sets new tourism record with nearly 58 million visitors in 2018.”

    “Record-breaking number of tourists visit Chicago in 2017.”

    “Chicago welcomed a record number of tourists in 2016.”

    According to figures from Choose Chicago, the city’s convention and tourism office, the number of visitors — including business and pleasure travelers — has been rising steadily since the 2010 post-recession low.

    “We didn’t just ride the national wave; we’re ahead of it,” outgoing Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in January when the latest figures were released. “No city has seen that kind of exponential growth, from 39 million to more than 57 million.”

    OK, so tourism in Chicago is on the rise. But is it really increasing faster than everywhere else? Probably not.

Our readers pointed out (and we agreed) that Rahm was lying through his teeth about the numbers, probably trying to include day trippers and people staying at BnB's or relatives homes and he was most certainly downplaying the impact shootings and downtown wildings had during his second term.


Waukegan Getting it Done

  • Helipads and posh villas. Italianate fountains and dine-in movie theaters. Saltwater pools and cavernous concert halls.

    And lots of slots.

    They’re all included in a slate of packages being offered by a handful of developers vying for the opportunity to run a newly authorized casino in Waukegan, according to documents released by the city last week.

    The north suburb received six formal proposals, though two of those bids are tied together. That means city officials are mulling five competing development plans for a gambling den, all at the site of the shuttered Fountain Square shopping center at Lakehurst Road and Northpoint Boulevard.
More and more missed opportunities. Turn the McCormick Place venue into something temporary and start working on a lakefront casino and port for boats to sail in to gamble.


Another 30+ Weekend?

  • One person is dead and at least 26 others have been wounded in shootings across the city of Chicago this weekend.
Then we guess they hope you won't go back and check the actual totals at a site like HeyJackass.com, where the running totals are slightly higher:
  • 4:00p Stupidity Tally: 3 killed, 24 wounded
And that's with eight hours left in the day and Special Ed still keeping his job along with all of his appointees.

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Sunday, September 08, 2019

Jamal Again? (UPDATE)

Can anyone confirm?
  • Is anyone covering Ja'Mal and his band of SJWs as they close down TWO Vietnamese Nail Shops?
    In the latest case they BROKE OUT ALL THE WINDOWS OF THE BUSINESS.
    No coverage. No outrage about his racist statements and actions.
    You can see it all unfold on his Facebook and Instagram feeds.
Wait - someone is shutting down an actual business in the ghetto via threats, intimidation and property damage...kind of like some other socialists did in Germany during the 1930s...and no one takes any notice?

Are we going to be hearing about a "Nail Shop Deserts" now?

UPDATE: So it wasn't Jamal himself:
  • A community activist was arrested after vandalizing a South Side nail salon. The activist claimed the salon’s owner has disrespected black women.


    Tyrone Muhammad, a community activist, responded the next day by throwing bricks at the salon’s windows. He was immediately arrested and charged with misdemeanor criminal damage to property. He posted video of the incident on his Facebook page.

    Thursday, Muhammad defended his action and said he’s met with the owner before to address issues at the shop, but nothing has changed. “If you see the tape, you’ll see me going in warning the sisters to clear this area,” he said. “We’re pretty much at this point commandeering this place and any neighborhood store that disrespect our women and children.”
So "Disrespect" now equals "Property Damage."

Makes sense....in a ghetto sort of way.

Jamal immediately disassociated himself from this pair of pants activist:
  • "Those aren't my pants!" he declared loudly and repeatedly.
    Activists have been staging a boycott and protests following a series of incidents in recent months at the nail salon. Ja’Mal Green shared videos that showed a worker repeatedly putting his hands on female customers. One video shows the owner grabbing a wallet from a customer. The owner was taken into custody, but he says that case was thrown out.

    Green said he had nothing to do with Muhammad’s response to the situation, but wants to continue to put the focus on how black women are being treated at businesses where they spend their money.
It's a two-way street moron. Pretty soon it'll be necessary to travel a few extra miles, AND pay in advance. Then we'll see the "racist" card played again.

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Kass to Pay Chaplains

Kass must be trolling our archives for story ideas and he picked a big one this weekend:
  • Why can’t Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle just get along and end their feud?


    The conflict between them is rooted in Preckwinkle’s good intentions paving a road to hell: low bonds for alleged offenders, including some charged with gun crimes, and a broken home electronic monitoring system. The low bonds and EM programs pushed by Preckwinkle and her protege, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, and, to some extent, by Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans, have reduced the population of Cook County Jail, saving an estimated $160 million a year.


    [...] it’s only a matter of time until there’s a catastrophe, and some violent offender out on low bond, or placed on the broken electric monitoring system, will light up a neighborhood. And Chicagoans will witness the shrieks of the survivors in endless news video loops. We already see that kind of thing all too often. And only Lightfoot and the police are held to account. That’s unfair.

    But eventually, a shooting by someone on home monitoring for another gun charge will involve multiple victims. It will again focus national attention on Chicago’s river of violence.
At last report, Dart can't find nearly 500 inmates currently out on bond. That number may or may not have changed slightly in the intervening months, but the fact is that multiple times a week, a convicted felon is released on either an I-Bond or EM and multiple other times a week, that felon is arrested again, occasionally for another felony.

Any arrest is a violation of Bail Bond and requires an appearance before a judge, but then the judges just tack on another I-Bond.

We've been pointing this out for years, so a quick hundred bucks to the Chaplains from Kass is only fair. MAybe he can get some traction where we couldn't since all the heavy lifting is done.

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Judge Jails Witnesses?

  • With a few days to go before the expected start of the trial for two purported gang members accused of killing 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee, a Cook County judge has locked up three witnesses whose testimony is crucial to prosecutors.

    And the judge has issued an arrest warrant out for a fourth, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

    Judge Thaddeus Wilson ordered all four witnesses into custody in late August, after they failed to respond to subpoenas from prosecutors preparing for the trial of Dwright Boone-Doty and Corey Morgan.

    Wilson in recent months has repeatedly bemoaned the slow pace of the case, which landed on his docket more than three years ago. At a hearing Wednesday, one of the witnesses, a 20-year-old woman, sobbed as she was led out of the courtroom after Wilson ordered her held in Cook County Jail without bond.
At least there's plenty of room in the jail since Dart has been letting everyone else go.

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Saturday, September 07, 2019


Sneed is such a tease sometimes, asking the questions that everyone else knows the answers to:
  • Is the city’s police blotter in the process of soaking up new ink?

    Sneed keeps hearing rumbles Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s minions have been quietly trolling for a new top cop for Chicago.

    Well, maybe not officially yet.

    Lightfoot may not be aggressively searching for a new police superintendent, but the meeting next month in Chicago of the world’s largest professional association of police leaders is raising eyebrows.

    “It’s a perfect place to not only check out the who’s who of law enforcement throughout the country, but conduct interviews,” said a top police source.

    Lightfoot, who respects Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson (who is hoping to keep his job), is frustrated with the city’s alarming summer shooting stats and an uptick in violence.

    It’s been rumored the mayor may begin to look for a new police chief when fall hits.
Of course she's looking. Every mayor is always looking if they have half a brain. Even Groot, who might only have a quarter of a brain.

But now there's an uptick? We wish Groot would make up her mind about crime being down or up. There are delicate Contract negotiations underway and if crime is down, then police deserve a pretty big raise, especially with the economy booming for the past few years. But if there's an uptick, then Special Ed is on the chopping block (as every supernintendo is), subject to the political winds of the day. And you know Groot wants some progressive moron in charge to put the final nails in the CPD coffin.


Memorial Ride

A little over a week away (click for larger version):

Always a good time.

(comments closed here)


Hey Groot - Want a Few Million?

Our stat guy has put into a simple chart what many readers have proposed over the years:

Chicago is over-governed to say the least. The trick here is getting enough aldercreatures to vote to eliminate over half of their jobs. That's going to mean a referendum of some sort and we've all seen how Burke and his fellow assholes crowd actual issues off the ballot with questions about plastic straws and other such bullshit.


Friday, September 06, 2019


FOP has a statement:
  • The Lodge has received many calls and questions about the proposed Time and Attendance Swiping Program. We have received a Draft Order which outlines the program.

    There are several issues within this policy which the Lodge believes are mandatory subjects of collective bargaining. Our attorneys have put the Department on notice by demanding to meet in order to negotiate those issues.

    If need be, we will explore any other legal options that may be available to us.
Which means pretty much dick. They're going to let the City steamroll them again and not even bother to file a suit that every other FOP Lodge has won in terms of being paid for the hours and required duties that make up a complete tour. And we're pretty sure that HQ and assorted special units won't be doing anything that resembles swiping in any way, shape or form.


OT "Surges"

  • The Chicago Police Department spent $67.6 million on overtime through the first six months of this year despite a ten-year high in manpower and an all-time high in technology.

    With 13,350 sworn officers, strategic deployment centers in every district and area and shootings and homicides dropping, there appears to be no reason why police overtime can’t return to the $46 million-a-year that it was in 2011.

    That’s when then-Mayor Rahm Emanuel eliminated 1,400 police vacancies and started relying on runaway overtime to mask his shrinking police department.

    But records released to the Chicago Sun-Times in response to a Freedom of Information request show just the opposite.
The thing about OT is it isn't all Chicago money. There are state grants and federal grants that have to spent a certain way on certain personnel in certain areas. But we also warned the bean counters - beware of what you wish for.

Coppers are a generous lot. They volunteer. They donate time, money, sweat to all sorts of causes. And much of the time they did it for the promise of a late lunch or a courtesy duck here and there.

Was there abuse? Of course there was. There are human beings in the process, there is going to be some waste. But what was gained far outstripped the cost.

Then came swiping. Bean counters. Accountants. And what was once done for free, isn't any more.


New Site

  • Commentary on Chicago politics, law and order, and media.
You may recognize the author via a couple of links we're thrown up on the main page and appearing a number of comments. He's back-filling with previously published articles and is certainly worth a moment of your time.


Thursday, September 05, 2019

Wow. Just Wow

  • This is it.

    Jussie Smollett is smokin’.

We'll just leave that one to the Keesing Bandit. Continuing on:
  • “My client from the beginning has maintained his innocence and disputed the city’s allegations,” said William J. Quinlan, of The Quinlan Law Firm, who filed the motion. He noted that “it’s going to be very difficult for the city to prevail in making a case my client should pay for overtime for a case ultimately dismissed by the state’s attorney.

    “It’s ridiculous and a stretch to require him to do so.”

    But the latest court filing contends even if Smollett did make a false report, there is no way the city can assert he would have known the city would investigate — and investigate it to the extent cops did.
They are actually claiming that the CPD shouldn't have investigated so thoroughly. And they're going to go in front of a judge and argue this.

Can you imagine the outrage if the Department did that with - oh let's just go out on a limb here - child abuse? Rapes? Murders (or at least murders where actual innocent bystanders got murdered)? The outrage would be palpable. Charges of racism flying around everywhere. Claims of preferential treatment for certain people (or folks) based on connections.

Oh, who are we kidding? That happens already. Still, to base a legal argument on this is pretty arrogant.


The Rise of the Vigilante?

We joke - with good reason - that all CPD policy originates in New York. And where they can't make it work, CPD really fucks it up beyond any semblance of functioning policy.

AceofSpades blog spots a trend we could get behind:
  • I keep saying this, but if the police cannot or will not protect the citizenry, the citizenry will resort to the means of maintaining order that persisted for 10,000 years before the advent of bobbies: self-help and vigilantism.
  • An enraged driver took the law into his own hands in Brooklyn Monday when he fatally mowed down a cyclist after the pedal-pusher tried to break into his car and then slashed the motorist’s girlfriend, police sources said.

    Korey Johnson was leaving Woodhull Hospital with his girlfriend at around 6 a.m. Monday morning when he spotted Donald Robert allegedly trying to break into several vehicles parked on Marcus Garvey Boulevard — including Johnson’s Jeep Grand Cherokee, according to a high-ranking law-enforcement source.

    Johnson, 41, confronted the would-be burglar and Robert answered by slashing his girlfriend on the arm with a screwdriver, the police source said. Robert, 47, then hopped on a bicycle and sped off — at which point Johnson got into his Jeep and zoomed the wrong way down the boulevard in pursuit of Robert.

    The chase spilled onto Broadway, and Johnson caught up to Robert near Ellery Street, where the Jeep hit three parked cars and rammed into the cyclist, the sources said.
The suspect car burglar had quite the record - nearly forty arrests, and the initial victim seems to know that any justice meted out wouldn't be by the system. So he went around the system.

Amusingly, the initial victim, now offender, himself had forty arrests. So it's what we'd call "asshole on asshole crime" and two mopes off the street - one dead, one arrested. But we don't think anyone is going to be very surprised at people taking the law into their own hands if they think (or know) that the police can't/won't/refuse/are reluctant to take action.


Nervous Pols?

  • When Jeffrey Sallet took over as boss of the Chicago FBI in late 2017, one of the biggest political corruption investigations in the city’s history was quietly simmering.

    A year later, it boiled over with the FBI’s public raid on the City Hall offices of powerful Ald. Edward Burke, touching off a seemingly never-ending series of bombshell developments, from a sweeping indictment against Burke to the revelation that his longtime colleague, Ald. Daniel Solis, had been secretly wearing a wire.

    As Sallet prepares to depart later this month for an executive position at FBI headquarters in Washington, he says there is still a lot more still to be revealed about the ongoing corruption probe. And while he won’t be here to see it, Sallet said he’s proud to have helped send a message to politicians "that it is not business as usual.”

    “Our corruption program is extremely busy,” Sallet said in an interview Tuesday from the FBI offices on the West Side. “While there have been plenty of overt actions that have occurred, the city of Chicago should expect more to come.”
The feebs should be doing a lot more public corruption cases, and here in the Windy City, it's like fish in a barrel. They ought to be in the Courts as well - Greylord was shut down far too early because the FBI completely underestimated the extent of the corruption in Cook County. They could have tripled their conviction totals without even stretching.

And there is absolutely no reason that 15 aldercreatures shouldn't be in prison right this very moment.


Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Whose Fault Again?

Groot is blaming.....republicans? In a city that hasn't had a republican mayor since 1931, and hasn't had more than one republican aldercreature in almost as long? Evidently, she's been hitting her own private stash of weed before full legalization:
  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot stepped into the national spotlight in a Twitter exchange with U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, ripping him and “coward Republicans” for not passing new gun laws in response to nationwide violence and telling the Texas Republican to “keep our name out of your mouth” after he criticized Chicago’s firearm laws.

    Late Monday, the mayor responded to a Cruz tweet that said, “Gun control doesn’t work. Look at Chicago. Disarming law-abiding citizens isn’t the answer. Stopping violent criminals — prosecuting & getting them off the street — BEFORE they commit more violent crimes is the most effective way to reduce murder rates. Let’s protect our citizens.”
If Crimesha would keep shooters in Dart's jail, armed violence would drop by about 25% overnight. If she'd support an Operation Exile type of sentencing, crime would drop by 40% almost instantly, as evidenced in Richmond, Virginia and a few other democrat run shitholes. You want the State to raise children, then the State is going to have to be the "mean Dad" in some cases, and that means putting bad children in prison for armed crimes against persons.

But Groot is spouting the party line, that guns are bad, that "common sense" reforms (none of which she will put to paper and debate the merits of) and banning of scary looking weapons will lead to some sort of democrat run Utopia and tax money will blossom into pension, road and TIF funding.

Anyone think she's running for Durbin's seat all of the sudden?


That Was Close (UPDATE)

The official weekend stats are in and we actually surprised our self:
  • from 1700 hours Friday until the end of the day Monday - seventy-nine hours - we predicted eight dead and thirty-seven wounded.
  • per the HeyJackass.com website, we counted eight dead (seven shot, one stabbed) and thirty-five wounded.
And the tiebreaker, though we aren't sure if anyone ended up tied with our prediction, was two mass shootings - and there were exactly two mass shootings, using the lib-turded standard of four individuals shot in a single incident, one at 71st and Pauline, one at 62nd and King.

If they open a sports book on this, we are going to clean up enough to finally retire.

UPDATE: Someone got unplugged and the dead count moved up by one.

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Bad News for Crimesha

  • The crowd of candidates formally seeking to oust Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx grew Tuesday, with both a Republican and a Democrat joining the field.

    Former Cook County Circuit Judge Pat O’Brien announced Tuesday he’s formally in the race as a Republican. That’s a change in party for the former judge, who ran for his circuit court spot as a Democrat.

    [...] O’Brien’s formal entry into the race makes him the second Republican to seek the spot; Christopher Pfannkuche, who ran against Foxx in 2016, is the other.

    [...] Donna More, a Democrat who also ran for the seat in 2016, also formally announced her bid for the office Tuesday. The Chicago Sun-Times reported Saturday she was in the race. More and former prosecutor Bill Conway are the two Democratic hopefuls officially in the race for the office.
Prickwrinkle can't afford to have Crimesha lose, especially to a republican, so every dime spent defending this incompetent is a dollar that can't be spent elsewhere.

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Great Idea

  • Moped crime in London has more than halved since tough measures were introduced to allow police to ram suspects from their bikes, figures reveal.

    The Metropolitan Police said the number of moped crimes had fallen by 53.7% in the year since they were given the new powers.

    The force said there were 20,973 moped crimes between July 2017 and June 2018, but that fell to 9,723 between July 2018 and June 2019.

    Police were given powers to knock suspected criminals off their mopeds in November 2018.
"Powers" meaning "ramming motorcycles."

We'd like to see this instituted for not just motorcycles, but Divvy bikes and those fucking scooters, too.


Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Accountability Tuesday!

Pending last minutes updates/unpluggings, the Labor Day weekend tally currently sits at nine dead (eight by our timeframe rules) and thirty-three wounded. We predicted eight and thirty-seven, and a lot of people were in that range.

Now we see if Groot is serious about "accountability" (a characteristic that hasn't been part of CPD vocabulary in quite a long time) or just another Machine politician full of hot air.

The rumor mill has ground to life again and supposedly, the First Deputy is on the chopping block, because as everyone knows, the First is supposed in charge of day-to-day operations while the Supernintendo is a figurehead, a toy, a plaything for the 5th Floor to blame when things go wrong.

Someone else had a rumor that Groot is looking at an actual restructuring - a miracle if true - that would involve cutting some of the top-heavy positions, especially Deputy Chief, which for some reason ballooned from six in the 1990's to almost twenty under the last few regimes, none of which has had any demonstrable effect on crime. We shall see.

In the meantime, will we see even a single actual demotion after this weekend?

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Dunphy Grand Slam

For those who don't know, Jack Dunphy is the pseudonym of an southern California cop who writes for a couple of conservative publications. He's been around the block and has a vocabulary that rivals our own. He's also a reader of this blog and his latest article is a thing of beauty:
  • Seldom does one see the folly of timidity demonstrated so quickly or with such clarity. Would that police managers across the nation heed the lesson provided this week in Baltimore.

    Here’s what happened: At 1:16 a.m. Tuesday morning, a police officer was on a traffic stop in West Baltimore. Without apparent provocation, a man passing by in a silver SUV tried to run over the officer. The officer escaped injury and broadcast a description of the car, which another officer spotted about a mile away. When that officer made a traffic stop, the driver exited the SUV and began firing at the officer with a handgun. The officer was not hit and a car chase ensued, with the SUV leading police on city streets until reaching Interstate 295, at which time a police major ordered the pursuit terminated over “safety concerns.”

    The officers involved in the pursuit, indeed officers everywhere, were flabbergasted. Here they had a suspect who had attempted to kill two police officers, and yet he was allowed to escape because some desk-bound major was afraid of what might happen if the chase had continued.
You should hop over and read the whole thing, but to summarize it, after the Baltimore police major terminated the pursuit, the felon who attempted to murder two officers resurfaced later and managed to wound both a police officer and an innocent female bystander. Dunphy describes the police as follows:
  • Real Cops, 
  • Slugs, 
  • and Climbers
We'd call them Good Cops, Dogs, and Suckasses (you may have variations). Guess what this police major is? His entire purpose is to remove himself from the "chain of accountability" and hang the Real Cops out to dry. That another cop was injured by gunfire and an innocent woman caught lead isn't his concern at all - which is a sad state of affairs, but what too many departments have been driven to nowadays.



  • A West Side man who was charged with murdering 25-year-old Kevin O’Malley during a botched robbery in Lakeview went on trial this week. And many people are not happy with the outcome.

    Jurors declined to convict Kristopher Pitts of first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of O’Malley under the Red Line tracks on Oakdale Avenue early on May 30, 2015. Jurors also declined to convict him of second-degree murder. Instead, they found Pitts guilty of three counts of involuntary manslaughter, charges that carry prison sentences of just two to five years each.

    Before the trial commenced on Monday, prosecutors dropped 14 felony counts that had been approved by a grand jury.

    Honing allegations before trial is not unusual. But prosecutors put all of their eggs in the murder case. Tossed were five felony gun charges, three felony armed robbery charges, and six additional murder counts. So, jurors never had an opportunity to consider the gun and robbery aspects of the alleged crime. Only three remaining murder counts were on the table.
So shooting someone - point blank in the chest - twice!! - is now involuntary. A-fucking-mazing.

Oh, and guess who was out on bail for another felony charge when he killed this guy?

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Monday, September 02, 2019

Butcher's Bill So Far

Chicago blew past the thirty-casualty mark in short order:
  • Sunday 6:00p Stupidity Tally: 9 killed, 24 wounded [corrected]
And after tonight, well past forty we're sure (weather permitting).

UPDATE: Forty on the nose - 9 and 31 - with all of Monday to go.

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Fenner - The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Remember, "Earned, not Given:"
  • Well, Thurman,Eric ir#2365931 broke in to three p.o. cars in the 009th district parking garage last night. Charged with burglary. [...] Lie-tenant Fenner says no parking lot security is needed. She said it is up to us to monitor the parking garage as we come and go. Laughable. Is this a safety issue F.O.P.?
We're going to go out on a limb and say it's a little more than a safety issue.


Brag Brag Brag....Whoops

  • Forty-five minutes into the month of September, Chicago police released month-end crime statistics for August, touting “the lowest number of August murders and shootings since 2011.”

    An hour and a half later, a 15-year-old who should’ve started high school Tuesday was shot dead outside his home.

    By 6 a.m. Sunday, four people had been killed and five more had been shot, according to police and Tribune data. At least two other people had been shot by Sunday afternoon, bringing the total number of people shot Labor Day weekend in Chicago to at least 25, seven of them fatally.
How about just holding a year-end recap of the year and brag about the numbers then? It'll be cold enough to put a stop to the karmic feedback that seems to accompany a lot of these pressers.


Sunday, September 01, 2019

Weekend Mass Shooting

Some wise guy predicted (as a tie breaker) two mass shootings this weekend. We don't know who it was, but they're way smarter than we are:

We're going to have to add that into future endeavors.

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Dumb Idea

We know the commander of 007 is in over his head, but this is extremely not smart:
  • You wont believe what the bright headed commander of 7 is forcing officers to do. Take out personal vehicles on fixed posts. there arent enough cars and radios so hes telling the LTs to tell the first line of defense to take out their own cars and post them up on posts in the 7th district. so whose paying for gas or damages if one of these shitheads throw a brick at our windows? what happens if theres a 10-1 and we need to ride? none of this makes sense. did 35th st or uncle lori not figure any of this out? is there nothing we can do to fix this or stir a beef up? I cant imagine area south doesnt have pool cars for us to take. this is horseshit. time and time again, the white shirts dont mind abusing their backbone of the districts. Whats worse is this POs are actually taking their personal vehicles out. i refused too.
Aren't there rental vans? Aren't there CTA buses? If the boss wants you on post by a certain time, it better be via city transportation, insured and indemnified by the city. Anyone taking a personal car to a fixed post needs to be reminded exactly what's what by the FOP rep and FOP.


Trib Attempts to Absolve Who?

  • There was a moment when it appeared 11-year-old Robert “Yummy” Sandifer might escape with his life.

    Standing just 4-foot-6 and weighing only 68 pounds, he was an unlikely triggerman for the Black Disciples street gang and was on the run after killing his 14-year-old neighbor Shavon Dean days earlier. On this hot last night of August in 1994, Yummy spotted a police car rolling through his Roseland neighborhood and ducked out of sight.

    He finally ended up at the home of a neighbor and said he wanted to reach his grandmother, one of the few people he trusted to be with him when he surrendered to police — a troubling prospect for the leaders of his Black Disciples gang, police theorized.
How about the people this budding psychopath shot or killed? They get a passing mention, but the bulk of the article is spent making excuses.


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