Friday, July 15, 2005

Good news, Bad news

Good news - Cops in 010 rescue 15 people from a burning building.
A feel good story

Good news - Cops shoot bad guy, hooray!
Sources in Area 4 report the interrogation at the hospital before surgery went something like this:

subject - "I'm with the FBI."
detectives - "Where do you work?"
subject - "Downtown."
detectives - "Where downtown?"
subject - "I don't know. One of those buildings downtown."

The subject was then taken to surgery.

Bad news - Unknown Sergeant accused of acting the fool.
We're passing no judgments on this one as we've worked too many nights as a 99 car and run across this many times. We also know much that never gets reported about the Rev. Meeks. It wouldn't surprise us to hear Meeks took advantage of this situation and twisted it, but you'll never see it published. The media always portrays the cops as the racist ignorant party without ever investigating the whole incident and the mayor jumping all over it early is bad, so look for this sergeant to pay a hefty price. See how the "Slum-Times" brought up the racial profiling angles? Mark this well people, look for some major league roll call training films soon.

Bad news - Cop arrested on 1st Degree murder charge
Crap like this irritates us on one hand and tickles our darker sense of humor on the other. How many of us have been going through half a dozen assholes and picked out the ones we thought we oughta buy life insurance on and make the payments ourselves because we knew they were headed for a bad end? Too many to count. Then some knucklehead copper actually goes and does it? And hires a couple of small time street hoods who were caught? And flipped on him? Do you think he might have thought this through a little better? Innocent until proven guilty, we know, but thanks alot Leak.


Blogger sharky said...

Again, under my other post concerning the CTA, someone opened up the line of talk about this incident. Meeks threw out the racial talk late in the game on this one. If everything is as he says, there is no proof of racial profiling. These allegations seem to be brought up for 2 reasons:
1. His driver and bodyguard is a Chicago Police officer who got ticketed. Normally, you show discretion to another officer, and that might have been the case here. However, when someone gets out of the car coming at you, you don't know what kind of a threat they pose to you. I don't care who they say they are, you absolutely have the right to tell them to get back in the car. Could Rev Meeks have played this up because he is not used to people telling him what to do? Could it be a suggestion by the driver to play this up so the driver gets out of tickets? Could it be a situation that was exxagerated by Rev. Meeks to gain political points for his political patron, Jesse Jackson Jr.? All or part of the above? MAyor Daley's reaction is disturbing, although predictable. He cannot be seen as not caring about the concerns of the African American community. While a valid concern, this scenario has too many angles that appear to have been played for political and/or personal reasons.

7/15/2005 07:41:00 PM  
Blogger sharky said...

Another thought: Racial profiling requires that it be shown that a pattern of conduct exists based on race. Rev Meeks and his family only observed one traffic stop, namely their own. By definition, there is no profiling. Could there be misconduct of another sort, namely verbal abuse and/or unnecessary display of a weapon? That is something for an impartial investigation to determine.
If Rev Meeks believes that racial profiling exists simply because of the races of the officers as opposed to him and his family, he is not up on the law as much as a state representative should be. Disappointing, because I actually thought pretty highly of the man until I heard this story being played out.

7/15/2005 07:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson Junior, Danny Davis and Bobby Rush were at a press conference lauding the mayor for his quick condemnation of the incident. Davis said he was yelled at two weeks ago by a female officer when he got out of his car during a traffic stop. He never mentioned the race of the officer.

How come the mayor wasn't as quick when his buddies were being indicted by the feds?

Remember the first few times? "AAAHHH, aaahhhh, I have all kinds of friends, alot of people say there're my friends." He's running scared of JJ II and this proves it.

Rev. Meeks says this incident shall be the subject of his sermon on Sunday. Bet every single TV station will cover it too.

On a lighter note, during his show on Friday, Steve Dahl (and newsman Buzz Kilman) took Rev. Meeks to task for getting out of the car. Each stated it's known you never got out of a car during a stop. They really went after Meeks when they discovered he wasn't the driver.

7/16/2005 03:30:00 AM  
Anonymous commie said...

Mayor Dumb Dumb really showed his class with that statement, the sarge never got the benefit of the doubt. Another example how were supported here on the southside.

The rev should have shut up, but you watch old boy Cline and Dana know nothing will be up on the alter podium with the Reverend Meeks. All will be foregiven.

When JJ was on the tube stating we could be planning a funeral, he was just using the incident for another opportunity for a Jackson Shakedown.

If the Segeant is at fault blame him for being Civil Service he was not one of the white boy no time on the job patronage click that has taken over the department since Phat Phil took over. Were is the US attorney. Were is Dollars Donahue and the Sgts. Association?

7/16/2005 03:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect that if anyone should be criticized in the incident it should be the Reverend Meeks. First, he should have known to stay in the vehicle rather than get out and try and throw his weight around. He, admittedly, steadfastly, refused the Sgt's order to get back in his vehicle; 2) Meeks has engaged in his own version of racial profiling by claiming that the officer only acted as he alleges, out of some kind of racial animus, afterall since the officer was white he must be presumed to hate all black people (something of which Meeks is apparently certain), and 3) Meeks has taken a private dispute public rather than allow his complaint to wend its way through the department's review process.

If anyone needs lessons in racial sensitivity and racial profiling, I suggest that the Rev. Meeks should stand in line.

7/16/2005 10:34:00 PM  

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