Monday, July 11, 2005

Jailing Reporters

We're waving a red flag in front of our Lefty reader, but we're kind of glad to see that reporters are finally getting jailed in this country for defying Court orders. Before you start screaming "Freedom of the press!" and other such nonsense, remember this - if you go to a lawyer and tell him that you are planning on robbing banks, he is obliged to report you to the authorities (no lawyer/client privilege); there are numerous examples where doctor/patient privilege, minister/parishioners and even husband/wife privilege may be pierced. There is no right that permits a reporter to protect or conceal an alleged felony when ordered to reveal it in a court of law. The bad thing here is Judith Miller is going to be made a martyr for a non existent crime and probably make millions of dollars giving speeches in the next few years.


Anonymous leftisthebest said...

I am glad that I am able to make the right (er wrong thinking) police get the other side of the political spectrum.

Freedom of the press is nonsense you say. Boy, Mr. Moderator,I'm glad you were not around for the writing of the Constitution or that right would have been skipped over.

Me thinks if this had been a reporter, whom was a supporter of Bush the Dictator, she would have been made a hero of the Rushites.

While here,I'd like to say I always laugh when I hear the supporters of Rush kiss his butt. It is quite funny.

7/13/2005 02:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Bush boy said...

There is nothing wrong with the freedom of the press. That being said, reporters are citizens with citizens' responsibilities. No one has the right to conceal a felony. And I think you are quite mistaken that Bush suppporters would cover a reporters butt. Firstly, the media constantly sh$%s all over republicans, so we wouldn't trust them. Second, we actually support the war and the troops, unlike the left, and we realize undercutting the war effort is illegal. Third, have you seen Ed Klein's book about the Hilde-beast? Even FOX News won't schedule interviews with the author it as it's a piece of garbage. Contrast that to the 3-part expose on ABC or NBC and the endless press tours on MSNBC Kitty Kelley got for her book about the Bush family during a freakin election year. The trouble with the left is their selective outrage when they catch a republican misbehaving as opposed to their own business as usual. How about that "travel scandal" that was supposed to bring down DeLay? Pelosi and company inadvertantly blew the whistle on more democrats than republicans with that one which is why you don't hear anymore about that.

7/13/2005 07:24:00 AM  

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