Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Rumors become reality

Lots of changes being leaked out of 35th Street, but nothing on paper that I've been able to locate yet. Some of the changes (none verified yet, some may change - this isn't rocket science, it's rumors!):

Captain Dulay becomes Commander 017
Cmdr Christian (017) promoted to Deputy Chief Area 5
Lt. Lewin promoted to Cmdr of Data Systems
D/C Maher becomes Chief of Detectives
LOTS more movement, but no verification - Tina Skahill, others moved around, not sure where. I'll post it when the fax comes out (tomorrow probably.)

Here's the BIGGEST change of all- Charles Williams, formerly Deputy Chief Area 4, promoted to Deputy Superintendent of the newly created Bureau of Strategic Deployment. Nothing on paper yet, but it looks like this is going to be either a completely NEW Bureau or a renamed Staff Services. Supposedly, Special Operations will be under this new Bureau along with Targeted Response Unit. This will entail stripping them OUT of Special Functions and OUT of Patrol Division.

This appears to be a huge loss for the Patrol Division. TRU was Maurer's baby and a BIG revenue generator. Special Operations is 3% of the Department's manpower recovering 10% of the guns per year. By removing both from Maurer's direct control, is he being shown the door? Could this be the culmination of the mysterious Starks/Maurer battles? Stay tuned.


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