Thursday, July 21, 2005

More bombs?

London police are evacuating at least 3 underground stations after citizens hearing "gunshots." Also, witness on a bus relate that a man carrying a backpack had something inside the bag "explode" and blow the top off of it. The witnesses report the man them swore as everyone evacuated the bus. SkyNews is speculating that the bus and "gunshot" incidents may have been detonator caps going off, but not the main explosive packages. FOX is showing a deserted bus taped off in the street in London, leading to more speculation of a live device. Check here and the links on the right of the page for updates.
UPDATE: Witnesses are reporting the smell of acetone (nail polish remover), which is a highly flammable, but a common trigger for homemade bombs. Unfortunately for the bombers and bombmakers, this stuff is also highly unstable. It's looking like they got the mix wrong and at least two people, possibly the bombers, are in custody. One of the bombs recovered is reported to be a "nail bomb," a silly euphemism for an anti personnel device. These people are among the lowest of the low, lower than...well...whale shit we suppose. What possible justification could there be for attacking civilians with this type of shrapnel?


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