Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tuesday night open posting

Here is an open thread for people to post on. If a subject has enough interest, we'll give it its own thread. In the meantime, we have to go stuff envelopes for the latest mailing to our right wing cadre. AND we still haven't set up our phone tree! PLUS we have to attend to the US Supreme Court nomination sometime tonight (we're hoping for Brown, but we'll settle for Owens. Such is the busy busy life of a member of the VRWC (vast right wing conspiracy)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's talk about the Eddie Leak situation. Does anybody really believe that IAD was really looking for the victim about his allegations that Leak was going to have him murdered? There was a warrant out for the guy, people in the neighborhood knew him, he attended church at 63rd & Dorchester and his car was licensed to his home address. Just how hard was it to find him? If Leak could find him just by running a license check, how come IAD and the detectives couldn't find him? How did Leak manage to support a life style where his car payments were more than both his combined salary without attracting attention? Inquiring minds want to know?????

7/19/2005 06:23:00 PM  

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