Sunday, July 17, 2005

Playing the fool

If we happened to be the type of person who only got their news through the Chicago dailies or one of the local networks,we'd assume that all cops are racist, over reacting, foul mouthed, gun slinging fools with no sense of proportional reaction or weapon discipline. If we were that type of person, we'd be a reactionary, narrow minded fool. Fortunately, we aren't that type of person.

Rev. Meeks, Jesse Jr, and the mayor are not fools either, but they're acting like it. John Kass points out the hypocrisy of the mayor in the Sunday Trib. We're sure Daley has dozens of people that can tell him, and probably have told him, that a 10-99 traffic stop is one of the most dangerous situations ever. Hell, as a former State's Attorney, he knows it. But the political realities being what they are, the mayor needs to sacrifice someone on the altar of political correctness to divert attention from his overly corrupt administration and preserve his minority votes. The lakefront liberals have already proven they'll vote for a black guy and the city workers who've been without contracts for over 2 years aren't happy. He needs minority votes, so this sergeant will pay, probably with his job.

Jesse Jr learned at the foot of (insert sarcastic comment here) the city has ever known. His demanding the police keep guns in their holsters on "routine" traffic stops is nothing short of complete ignorance of the job police do day in and day out. His speech at the VFW hall in the heavily republican 41st ward Friday night is being played as a dry run for city hall. Daley is wounded, badly, and Jr smells opportunity. But it looks like he's going to do it without police votes if he continues with this fiasco.

And Meeks. We stated before that we wouldn't be surprised if he twisted this to his own ends, and he hasn't disappointed. A press release? Wow. Looks like he was just waiting for this opportunity to take his pound of flesh, but he could have just realized a golden opportunity dropping into his lap and running with it. He's now comparing himself with Oprah and her little "to-do" in Paris, a "Crash" moment if you will.

Maybe we shouldn't worry though. We're sure OPS or IAD or whoever is handling this immediately isolated the witnesses for interviews/statements so they don't have a chance to coordinate their stories (hahahahahaha!!)(oops, sorry about that)(::snort::guffaw::). Will the off duty (CPD?) security that was with Meeks corroborate the sergeant's version or the reverend's? Sarge better hope he never did this guy or any of his friends a bad turn. And for the comments about "what is FOP doing?" We've asked the same question, but the reality is most sergeants aren't part of FOP. We don't even know if the press has sought out a comment from FOP and even if FOP issued a press release, the media isn't obliged to report it. The Sergeant's Association HAS issued a press release in support of this guy, but is it enough to slow down the 30-pending train?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps I heard wrong, but I was told the CPD officer with him was in fact on-duty and assigned by the city as a bodyguard. Anybody know for sure?

7/17/2005 05:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

paragraph #3 - insert comment here - how about "race baiting pseudo politician" or "never held a job in his life jackass"?

7/18/2005 07:17:00 AM  

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