Sunday, June 26, 2005

Answering comments as best as we can

Hello all. We've returned and checked out the comments section. We have heard next to nothing on test results for the latest incarnation of the detectives exam. The only rumors we've heard are regarding the cancellation of the results.

Rumor #1 has the test being thrown out because someone downtown discovered a "souper-seekret" study group in progress during regular working hours. We basically discount this rumor because the person discovering such a group would have to name names for a formal grievance. This would make them decidedly unpopular at 35th Street and besides, it would be easy to buy them off (OK, you caught us, here's a meritorious spot in the first class to drop it.)

Rumor #2 has the test being tossed because the city refused to have a "challenge" session following years and years of having one. As the "challenge" session was explained to us once, you can appear before a test committee and plead your case for a certain answer to be considered correct (or more correct) as opposed to the one they have chosen to be correct. At the most, they agree with you or they toss the question from consideration in the final score. This rumor would seem to have more meat to it as the "challenge" session has been utilized before (precedent.) Also, we don't know if the challenge sessions gave the city a better chance to massage their numbers for minority promotions, but we've learned the city never does anything that benefits the guys and gals who aren't connected, so the fact that they are discontinuing it speaks volumes.

Anyone know anything about this?


Blogger Bustout said...

"souper-seekret" study group as far as i have heard is true and a grievance was filed. It was the chief of det's (at that time)having a study group at 35th. The grievance was that they used a dept. building to hold a study group that wasn't announced to everyone.

6/26/2005 11:56:00 PM  

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