Thursday, June 23, 2005

Response to comments

A quote in the comments section by "theleftisthebest:"

"That's right, moderator, everything GOP is good, and everything Democratic is bad. Aren't you doing the same thing you condemn members of the Democratic Party? Let's face it, politicians in BOTH parties could give a rat's a** about the working man (or woman). Remember, it was the Democratic Party that paved the way for unions, otherwise we'd all still be working for the George Pullmans of the world."

I never said "everything GOP is good, and everything Democratic is bad" and attacks of this sort are tiresome. I have dozens of problems with the republican party. In Illinois, there is no republican party anymore. Dick Daley and George "pardon em all" Ryan have seen to that. You can't tell a republi-crat from a demo-publican nowadays. Every politician got what they wanted in the Illinois First program 4 or 6 years ago and the tax payer got screwed. On the national level, I have huge problems with the federal judiciary and illegal immigration and the pandering to false patriotism with the flag burning amendment and the expansion of government bureaucracy under a republican president and congress.

What I am condemning in the democratic party is an inability to come up with IDEAS. Anyone can say "no" all the time. Ever sat with a room full of 3 years olds? It accomplishes NOTHING, which is exactly what the dems nowadays are doing. Nothing. "Bush bad, Dean good" means nothing. Cutting and running in Iraq does nothing. Name calling in general accomplishes NOTHING.

And yes, I am aware that, in general, members of both parties care little for the working man/woman. But it is my opinion that republican policies IN GENERAL benefit ME more than democratic ones. I like keeping more of my salary. I like strong sentencing guidelines. I enjoy free trade and low prices.

And yes, I am aware of the history of the unions. I am also aware that they have become vast sources of unpaid volunteers and soft money contributions for the democratic party and have long LONG ago ceased to represent the interests of the working man and woman...or haven't you seen where five of the largest unions have voted to pull out of the AFL-CIO to protest (among other things) their unions political activism? When the largest portion of your unionized workforce is government employees rather than the manufacturing sector, you know the time of the union has passed.


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