Sunday, June 19, 2005

Racial Profiling in the news

Not too many people read the Saturday Tribune. It's usually a throw away type edition as the Sunday paper is usually published and on the news stands by noon or 2 pm Saturday. But as many old coppers and City Hall hands know, if you want to bury a story, release it around 4pm on Friday. All the politicos are out of the office and don't have to answer any questions until Monday and the secretaries left at 3. That's why I always read it carefully. So it is with the racial profiling numbers report.


not too inflammatory, eh? I'd expect some more bulletins and roll call training about racial profiling shortly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, DUH! Someone should give these...Einsteins...a kick in the a**. Maybe it'll knock their little brains loose.

You work in a white district, you stop white people. You work in a black district, you stop black people (or white people who obviously don't belong there. Hmmm. Wonder if they could create a general profile category for "drug buyer"). And so on.

I thought the report that more white motorists received tickets for movers, and more "minority" motorists received warnings for things like tail lights, was hysterical. More like, if we wrote on everything it was possible to write on for "minority" motorists, we'd be writing for most of our shifts and even possibly going into OT......

6/19/2005 10:38:00 PM  

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