Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sun Times Headline

Is anyone really shocked to see City workers indicted? Even for selling heroin? You put a bunch of political payrollers in no-show jobs, clocking in for one another, you can bet your bottom dollar that they're going to find something else to occupy their time and make money at it. This is Clout in action. Big Time Clout. People who don't even care that the whole sheebang is in the middle of a Federal investigation. Or just a bunch of dumb mo-fos.

I'm more disheartened at the lack of outrage from the taxpayers. We (and yes, I include myself in this category) have become too damn complacent in what we do and don't expect from local government. Hired Trucks ($40 million pissed away)? ::yawn:: No-Show jobs at the Water Department (and they sell heroin)? ::snore:: Union leaders 20 year old children drawing paychecks as qualified Building Inspectors? ::mmff - are the Bears on yet?:: And, looking away from the City for a nanosecond, Stroger and his people spending $2,000 per head to go to Hawaii to "convince" other County heads from the entire country to attend the next meeting in Chicago in 2006. Chicago has already been approved as the site of the next convention by resolution, so I think attendence is guaranteed. Hey John? What about that $120 million dollar hole in your budget?? Besides Chicago, has anyone seen a BIGGER money waster than the Cook County government (include the Forest Preserve District here also)? I mean, even their golf courses lose money, and that's hard to do for anyone.

You can bet that if the mayor and his people ran again tomorrow, they'd probably still win. Hell, if the republicans can't even field a primary candidate to run UNOPPOSED, all Daley has to do is win a primary.


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