Sunday, June 19, 2005

Special Employment Question

Hello anonymous commentator! Although I don't have a real answer for your Special Employment question (I'll post my guess at the bottom), I'll just post this for everyone's information. A "blog" or "web-log"isn't like a the previous Second City bulletin board where anyone can start a topic and comment on it. Only the blog owner can start a new thread, the most recent one at the top. However, I leave the comments open for everyone to comment on. I think if enough people comment or question a certain topic, I'll give it it's own thread. As yours was the first question posed, it will have its own thread.

My guess is everything is leaning "numbers oriented." Right now, the District Commanders meet up and submit a list of "Deployment" areas and the DOC assigns them priorities based on calls for service, shootings, complaints, alder-weasels phone calls. Special Operations and TRU are assigned these DOC areas as primary missions. Operation Closed Market also works these as high visibility patrols. I think that the more activity they can show in a DOC area (Special Employment numbers), the more the Department can claim to their political masters that the "do more with less" philosophy is working (as we are down 1,000 coppers right now). And the politicians can go back to the people and brag about how many more officers are working their neighborhoods. Anyone else have a guess? Comments are always open and always anonymous.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every time an officer checks an "el" station on special employment they are required to get an event number. This is not required for bus rides.

My guess is the departmetn will use these event numbers to say we are responding to calls for service.

There are at least 21 station checks, depending on those who show up at special, per watch. That's, at least, 63 event numbers a day, multiplied by 364 days (no special on Christmas) and that's a lot of numbers.

6/23/2005 09:13:00 AM  

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