Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kedzie and Walnut

Another shooting Monday. Twenty-two year old pregnant woman shot on the west side and no one knows who fired the shot. There were police all around and of course, the media broadcasts the "witness" screaming the loudest about how the police killed her friend. The investigation isn't even over and already, we're taking heat for something that might not have even happened.

First of all, if anyone thinks this Department could cover up an accidental shooting in this day and age, you're nuts. That being said, there isn't anything at this point in time that indicates any police weapons were even fired at the scene. Even Eugene Williams (street deputy?) is on camera stating that no police weapons were fired. That would be a hell of a mistake to have to back track on.

As for the victim, who goes to a neighbor's house with 3 or more "friends" to confront someone about an alleged theft that occurred some time ago? A victim looking for a little revenge of their own is our answer.

These are all early reports - not many links around yet with the story.

UPDATE: Channel 2, Channel 5, Channel 7, Sun Times. Channel 7 continues to quote the friends of the victime as saying "the police shot her." Remember this crap next time you see a Channel 7 News crew.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just watching it on ABC channel 7 news. Does the media ever get tired of the same song and dance? The picture they tried to paint this time: "She was an active member in the community and helped aspiring female musicians, while devoting time and singing for her church." Same shit over, and over and over. If everybody is so fucking good-hearted in da hood, why are there so many murders and other violent crimes there?

Did anyone else see that hoodrat on camera, making a fool of her self, saying, "I sawz the poelease shoot huh fo no reason", all while her bruthas and sistas showed her love in the background?

How low can you be that even when your family member is only 5 minutes in his murder, the first thing on your mind is a lawsuit? The only thing on your mind is your potential chance of striking it rich, hitting that ever famous, "Wess side lottery".

Maybe if she showed some discipline and not tried to be the police, this would not have happen. Or maybe, there's more to it...maybe it's just another day in the hood..

7/10/2006 10:55:00 PM  
Anonymous MR ZULU said...

Was this the plan one?

7/10/2006 10:55:00 PM  
Blogger fillmoregal said...

More than one set of shots fired in 011 tonight. Full moon makes for busy times!

7/10/2006 11:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

East (013) or west (011) of Kedzie?

I really wish the above poster would go away.

7/10/2006 11:23:00 PM  
Anonymous 011 PoPo said...

shots came from 011 person hit in 013 so we get 1/2 homicide tonight.....

7/10/2006 11:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why of course I came on this job to execute young black men! Why, I don't feel the day is complete until I execute some upstanding young black man in the prime of his life. After all, this is America isn't it? If you can't live your dreams of executing the best and brightest of the black community, then what good is it to get up in the morning?

The previous statement is as stupid as those who think coppers are executing people. Get a life and quit smoking that shit.

7/10/2006 11:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

see how guns are so dangerous in the City of Chicago....see...A/2 gun team, SOS unit and TRU units can only do so much. The world needs more priests to emphasize the word of the LORD. Amen.

7/10/2006 11:39:00 PM  
Blogger Kool-Aid said...

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7/10/2006 11:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have Bob Wallace and Peter Karl put a Crimewatch spin on it.

7/10/2006 11:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big Dope Spot. Red..Red...Wine- Stay close to me.

7/10/2006 11:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure hope to hell the police didn't shoot this girl. That's all we need is another lawsuit and my people spewing hatred about the police.

22 years old and the mother of 3? Geez. Do something else with your life beside having babies.

Off topic. Anyone listen to that ass-wipe of a father regarding the kid abandonded at the Taste last week.

He went on and on about how his ex wouldn't give custody of the kid to HIS FAMILY! Uh, what about you, you lazy piece of shit! That's your child, so why don't you step up to the plate like a "real man" and fight for custody of your child instead of pawning him of on your momma?

From what I understand (inside info), the kid has some serious mental/behavior/emotional problems. He was screaming and fighting with the police and that's why they took him to the hospital.

My guess is that Momma got tired of taking care of the little terror and did the only thing she knew (although it was wrong) to do.

At least she didn't leave him on the street corner somewhere.

We're always blaming someone else for our troubles. All this bullshit makes me ashamed to be Black.....

7/11/2006 12:18:00 AM  
Anonymous d/c, 011 said...


7/11/2006 12:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off Topic
The little boy was dumped by momma twice before, momma is screwed up and I lay odd's the child was abused by her in more ways than one. Yet the goof Daley in the media credit's her for her action's of coming forward two week's later. What,
does he know her personally too.

7/11/2006 12:36:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be fuck#d up parent in Chicago and the Mayor credit's you on the new's. Oh I forgot Bush did say Daley was doing a great job.

7/11/2006 12:39:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

011 Dist Copper.

I was at the shooting of the F/1/22 that was shot in the neck/homicide. Let me just say this, there was more 011 Dist coppers there then 013 Dist coppers. It seems like when shit hit's the fan we dont run and hide. It also seems like 010 dist is the same way, I have responded to a few 10-1's in 010 in the last few weeks, and when I look around all I see 011 Coppers. I have never seen a 013 or a 011 car come back up any 011 dist copper on any job. This makes me sick! Where all on the same team, so lets act like it! T/S

7/11/2006 02:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Filmore Ranger II said...

I was at St rogers assylum when all the hood rats were gettin their 5 minuites of fame....there were dozens of shitheads all huggin on eachother....from what I saw and heard...the offender shot the victim...NOT the police....if you look at the event...no big brass notified...no Sup, No First Dep., No OPS, and there were no swarm of dicks at St rogers assylum...so my conclusion is that the police did NOT shoot the woman....but they WILL take the brunt of KONG's idiocy...as usual....they are simply the cancer of the world...nothing less...they feed off the host ...er hosts....State of Illinois and the working man....

7/11/2006 03:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cops from 013 or 010 don't show up because they've been reading on here for months that they're not the real police. They are afraid to enter the territory of the 11th District barrel chested crime fighter. I worked in 011 years ago and I've been a dick in A/4 for the last 8 years. You guys from 011 should really shut up with your bullshit. Guys from 010 are constantly in the Area with stick-up men, burglars, shooters. I see 011 when they're looking for Battery to P.O. THere's more to police work than guns and dope. As for poor old 013. They're lost in Phil's plans. Nobody at 35th Street has given a shit about that district for years. 12 cars on 3rd watch and half of them are 99. What do you expect from them? Go back to puffing to your chest 011 boy. Driving at 90mph with your gloves on and your "in the shit with the grunts" stare doesn't make you the police. See ya never.

7/11/2006 07:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe 013 doesn't come to help in 011 because they are on a different zone? I'm not from 013, just a curious observation.

7/11/2006 07:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NBC just said woman was killed after offender and police started shooting at each other. They claim victim called the police and the shootout started after Police responded. Laying the groundwork for a lawsuit no doubt.

7/11/2006 08:35:00 AM  
Anonymous westside21 said...

10:55 - You are SO Right!!
The News media always finds the loudest, and crudest west-sider to interview. A pregnant 22 y.o. (unemployed) mother of 3?! The only thing on her resume is that she sings in church? No employer or college mentioned. The sad part is that now we will all foot the bill to pay for her babies.

7/11/2006 08:59:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe 013 doesn't come to help in 011 because they are on a different zone? I'm not from 013, just a curious observation.

7/11/2006 07:46:34 AM

That's nonsense. 013 should have the crime fighting powers of 011. They should sense crime and respond. Superman was based on the famous Filmo Ranger, Cpt. Mickey "leave it in an envelope" O'Bannion. Mickey's red nose was often used to light the district during night time rampages. A Filmo Ranger spins through the front door of 011 with his cape on and flys high above the criminals and miscreants of the west side. Singling out the most dangerous felons for justice, he swoops into action. I have no explanation for how this murder offender made good his escape last night. Maybe all the capes were at the dry cleaners?

7/11/2006 09:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would bet that 99% of all the posts about being a bad ass 011, 025, 007, etc copper are from people who are not from those districts.

Of the one percent that are you can be happy to know that they are the ones with the hand cuffs on the mirror, hat bands around their head reast, and every other police type of nonsense all over their personal cars. Not to menttion that they are also the less than 2 year wonders who bitch and compplain about beat work and suck ass to make iot to the tacts teams and then birth when they get back there.

It is funny that they bitch too beacues they are saddled with doind DOPW and SUB arrest. Oh wait, that is actually more work then they did to get back there.

7/11/2006 10:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice, really nice. These dogs burglarize their own family and then go back for a second time? Such family love. Such pride.

And, to top it off, now you shoot your own cousin and run and hide like a little beeotch!

One question crossed my mind, though. What the hell did the victim have in her house that made these dogs want to go back a second time? Hmm.....

7/11/2006 11:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The local media vendetta against CPD that began after the 1968 Democratic Convention continues in full swing. Nowhere is it more
vicious than in all of Channel 7's
coverage. It has become a Cult Thing. To be a reporter, one must fervently believe that the Police are EVIL. To remain a reporter, they must go out every day and make it look so by their slanted coverage. No reporter that has given the Police fair coverage has lasted longer than 6 months at Channel 7 for decades. But the idiots on this job keep talking to them, feeding them information which they then twist and use against us every time.

7/11/2006 02:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somehow the "cousins" are always involved.....

7/11/2006 03:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cousins were lookin' for DOPE!!
What else...that's all these animals know in life!!

7/11/2006 04:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

22 years old and the mother of 3? Geez. Do something else with your life beside having babies.


Hey, it's US the TAXPAYERS that pay for them, why wouldn't she?? Free housing, free, school.... free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free

7/11/2006 04:54:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He went on and on about how his ex wouldn't give custody of the kid to HIS FAMILY! Uh, what about you, you lazy piece of shit! That's your child, so why don't you step up to the plate like a "real man" and fight for custody of your child instead of pawning him of on your momma?


It Takes A Village.... A Village. AND some goddamn taxpayers!

7/11/2006 04:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

according to Ch 5 clip they be lettin the po-lease off the hook. Turns out it be the dead baby's relative....some kin ah cousin

7/11/2006 05:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there area 4 "Dick" why don't go back to detective school because last time I checked, you guys can't even clear a case of the shits even though the pepto-bismol is sitting in front of you.(Wow I'm impressed 8 years in area 4. what are you, the coffe mess detetective)
You should know by know with all your years of experience that only two year wonders from any district are the ones who brag about how bad ass mofo's they are.
We have good coppers in 11, 10 etc as well as bad ones. Now let me explain this.... the only way you can be a bad cop is if you don't come to the aid of a fellow cop in need of a hand regardless of where he works. As far as trying to clean up the west side by getting the bad guys..... WHO CARES!!! I'm not here to make a a better place for them. And I'm not trying to clean it up so yuppies can move in da hood and these shitheads are displaced and moved into our neighborhods. Yes, I am the police and I go to any 10-1 wherever it might be. However I lock the fool up for my own gratification and to fill my court key ( hey if they can get welfare, I can get court time). To finish this up all districts have good and bad police for the good ones I run into all the time in 011, 15, 13, and 25 during times of need thanks guys and gals keep up the good work. it's people like us who need to stick together to make the brotherhodd of blue get strong and remain strong. We only have eachother. the fucking world is out to get us we need to stay strong!!! Hey, area 4 "DICK". you are right there is more than guns and dope in police work. However in 011 that is all we can do with out you guys screwing shit up. I don't have enough fingers to count the times where we have brought burglars, robbers, with good witneses and guns recovered etc, etc, (sherlock holmes would have been proud) and you guys let the assholes walkout the door "released without charging"!!!!!!!!!! And if you were in 011 I guess you forgot how things used to be, and still are. For my fellow 011 dist coppers whom are tooting there own horn of how good a cop you are....shut the fuck up... a good cop does not have to tell anybody else how good they are and fucked up the other districts are. Lead by example and shut up about it, others will notice.

7/11/2006 05:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7/11/2006 05:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have enough fingers to count the times where we have brought burglars, robbers, with GOOD WITNESSES and guns recovered etc, etc, (sherlock holmes would have been proud)


7/11/2006 07:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Detectives don't "Let People walk out the door Pinhead !!! Cases are reviewed by CCSAO Felony Review on your "big arrests" and they, unlike YOU, pretty much know what charges will fly in Felony Court. So keep your mouth shut Newby, until you get enough time on the job to
learn YOUR job before you become an "Expert" on who should be charged and for what, and what State Attorneys and Detectives don't know.

7/12/2006 01:47:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah unless you get the lazy-ass det that talk the victim out of pressing charges by telling him how many times he may have to appear in court etc etc and how long it will take until charges are approved because as you well know, they solve no crime till it's overtime...

Joke, and it happens all the time, it's easier to ex clear it bar pros than actually go to court...pathetic

7/12/2006 03:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just watching Channel 9 news where the dead woman family has already filed a lawsuit against the police for killing her daughter.


7/12/2006 09:42:00 PM  

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