Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CPD Shoots a Few More

  • An armed suspect who a detective shot in the legs following a reported gang-related shooting late Monday in the West Side's Humbolt Park neighborhood was in custody early Tuesday.
  • "He [the detective] got out of the car and identified himself as a police officer and tells the offender to drop the gun," Camden said. "The offender turns and points his gun at the detective and the detective opens fire."
  • In one incident that began late Monday night, South Chicago District undercover police officers saw three people standing on a corner near 78th Street and Burnham Avenue, said police spokesman Pat Camden. As the officers approached, the three began running. Police officers chased them and caught a teenage girl by the arm, Camden said.

    "She puts a gun to his chest and pulls the trigger," he said. "The weapon didn't fire."

    Camden said the officer knocked her to the ground and drew his gun. As she got up, she again pointed the weapon at him, he said.
This second incident especially could have been a very bad situation. According to this report and others, the offender's pistol made contact with the officer's vest. If this offender had actually chambered a round, the blunt trauma alone from a hit that close could have killed the officer even if the vest stopped the round.

The lessons learned here are numerous.
  • Everyone on scene needs to be safely detained. The runners (or rabbits) are often just speedsters meant to draw off coppers from the people holding the actual work or, in this case, weapons
  • We always hear about females being used to hold weapons or contraband. Welcome to reality
  • We also hear from more and more coppers that females are much more likely to fight than not and we've observed the same thing. They are also more likely to be carrying an edged weapon of some sort and very much more likely to use it. Introduce some guns? In this case, the subjects unfamiliarity with the weapon probably saved a copper a world a hurt.
In any case, an excellent job by all parties involved. Watch yourselves.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its just good that the sh*theads like those high quality raven arms, jennings, highpoints, lorcin arms and other top notch weapons. (Also Ruger is a top crap gun in the nation)

5/16/2007 06:52:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank GOD the coppers are ok and the round table was in favor of us! It will be a long hot summer boys and girls please be careful back each other up but don't overdue the job take it SLOW! They don't pay you extra or promote you due to hard work ever!

5/16/2007 06:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, your life is far too valuable to hesitate, doubt or question lethal force. If someone tries to challenge your ability to remain on this Earth, you neutralize that threat with extreme prejudice.

It's them or you, which one makes sense? Rule #1 on this job is to go home at the end of your tour. If a derranged individual is hellbent on making you violate that most important of rules you simply provide them the opportunity to die for their cause. Never break the rules!!!

Be safe and aim true.


5/16/2007 11:26:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job by our side, the problem is when it gets to court and you get 1 asshole on the jury and it ends up hung. The system is flawed and we and the citizens are paying the price.

5/16/2007 03:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God that officer is still alive! St Michael must have been his back up.

5/16/2007 07:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can remember when CAPS meant that CPD was poppin a few rounds [Caps] at some hoodlums. Things were much better back then.

5/17/2007 02:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the "round table" is a violation of an officers rights. He or she is innocent until proven guilty, and should not have to make ANY statements at all, and should be allowed to exercise their full constitutional rights without fear of being fired. This city is Socialist.

5/17/2007 02:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Someone in the know said...

FYI secondcity, the weapon in question was a revolver, therefore no round needed to be chambered. Secondly, the F/offender attempted to fire a second time, thankfully without success.

5/17/2007 06:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

back in the day when i grew up if we ran from the police for drinking beer in the park and got caught they would beat my ass. and when my dad came to get me he would beat my ass even more. these motherf*&^&*$ have absolutly no respect for the police. NONE. and the liberal pukes that keep defending them should be beaten as well. its the breakdown of a civilized society by these knuckleheads. she should of been shot. but then the media would come up with this bio of her being an honor student never doing any wrong and what not.then the lawsuit and we get screwed. ladies and gents it will only get worse. be careful.

5/17/2007 09:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cordero and Landano handled the police shooting with the detective from Area 3. FYI they got the offender charged with attempt murder, not aggravated discharge. And like they always do they did a great job at the Round Table.

5/18/2007 08:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One person killed and two injured by a rock attack in a Cook County Preserve. How long before we ban semi automatic rocks or a ten rock limit? No more guns laws, just enforce what is out there already.

5/18/2007 09:26:00 PM  

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