Saturday, July 09, 2016

Rock Bottom

  • To a veteran South Side police officer, work has become a "thankless job." Morale among officers, he said, is "complete garbage."

    A sergeant with about two decades on the force who patrols all across the city said he feels as though "everybody wants to pile on us."

    Another ranking officer said the shootings of African-Americans by officers, as well as growing criticism of police, has created a "perfect storm" that makes attacks on police more likely.

    All three said they expect it will get only worse.
"....expect it will only get worse"? We'll guarantee it. In fact, it is right now:
  • Police officers in three different states have been ambushed around the time-frame of the Dallas shooting that left five officers dead and many others injured. Officers were shot in what authorities described as “ambushes” in Missouri, Tennessee and Georgia Friday.

    A Ballwin, Missouri, police officer is clinging to life on Friday after being shot during a traffic stop. The officer stopped a speeding car at about 11 a.m., the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. As the officer was walking back to his car, the suspect exited his vehicle and walked briskly towards the officer. He then fired three shots at the officer.

    [...] A Valdosta (Georgia) police officer was shot on Friday morning while responding to a call of damage to an apartment complex, NBC11 reported. The suspect reportedly called police reporting his vehicle had been broken into. When Officer Randall Hancock responded Hancock allegedly exited his vehicle with a handgun and fired on the Valdosta officer. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Officer Beck was shot in the abdomen, beneath his protective vest. He returned fire striking the suspected gunman.

    [...] A Bristol, Tennessee, police officer was shot by a man who allegedly killed one other person and injured two others. Preliminary findings by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) indicate the suspect, 37,year-old Lakeem Keon Scott may have been targeting people and officers because he was “troubled by recent events involving African-Americans and law enforcement officers in other parts of the country.”
  • "We will learn more about their twisted motivations," Obama said of the suspects. "Let's be clear: There is no possible justification."
Really? Funny how just 24 hours earlier, he was judging all the facts not in evidence regarding two police shootings, but now it's "We will learn more..." He consistently defends the indefensible with "Let's not rush to judgement" when terrorists slaughter gays in Florida, office workers in San Bernadino, soldiers at Fort Hood, and now a BLM supporter in Dallas.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess that those who maintain this blog have never worked in the projects when they were still up. Ambushes? We experienced plenty of them in public housing. This is nothing new. Be careful, request backup when needed, leave as a group when confronted by hostile crowds, allowing them to 'work it out' among themselves. It all comes around in cycles. We will survive this, we always have. The suggestions about fortifying the stations should be heeded.
I can recall when a certain south side district had a visitor with a loaded revolver. This distraught subject was wounded by a desk officer. A certain Deputy Supt. of Patrol asked the C/O what was needed to make the lobby of that station safer. A list was provided to that D/S. Eventually, the C/O called the D/S when he received no further correspondence concerning the issue. The D/S said to the C/O, "There's no money in the budget for any of that shit you recommended; you're creative, rig something up." If the bosses didn't care about what could be done to protect the desk crew from an active shooter then, what makes you think they will care about this now? Desk people should be alert, take station security seriously, wear full duty sized sidearms on their persons, have extra ammo/magazines, and be vigilant. Remember, it's not about if, it's when, and where it's going to happen here.

7/09/2016 12:40:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Head racist-in-chief. January 20, 2017 can't get here soon enough. Ol' Cankles Hill is no better, but at least this 8yr debacle will be over.

7/09/2016 12:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SCC, I believe you are right. It will get much worse before it gets better. The leftest politicians and their fellow travelers will see to it.

7/09/2016 12:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck 0bama

7/09/2016 12:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how the obama administration has been blaming "gun control" and the "gun show loophole" for prior incidents..
However, the dallas situation is due to "racial problems" that the brown and black people are suffering at the hands of the big bad police.
What happend to blaming the gun?

7/09/2016 01:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only way the Obamas, the Clintons, the Rahms, the Daleys, etc of the world will do anything to stop the violence instead of covertly promoting it through race baiters and code words is when it touches their lives. Until then they just pay lip service.

Will Obama be attending the funerals of the fallen cops? Will Obama send Biden or Lynch or Comey to the funerals? Oh that's right this gov only attends funerals of thugs.

7/09/2016 01:11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't understand why coppers still actively police these shit holes districts.
Fuck all these shitheads and BLM assholes. They consider all of us as the enemy.
Stop patrolling, do nothing and go home to your families.

7/09/2016 01:30:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God, I hope the families refuse to accept Obama or anyone from the regime at the funerals.

7/09/2016 04:59:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Obama. He's nothing but a race baiting community organizer. It started with the beer summit. And has only escalated to what we had in Dallas. What's next?

Oh, and Fuck Clinton too!


7/09/2016 06:34:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walked into 35th Street from the east side. Sgt. standing in the circle desk was watching and answering questions from people on the west side. I was there for at least 45 seconds and had to call out to get his attention. I had subpoenas for the fire dept., And I asked him, why the fuck are you left out here like a sitting duck!?

His answer, bosses don't give a fuck !

7/09/2016 07:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another non police reader: The handwriting is on the wall and it is obvious. You saw it first, we see it now. Be very judicious in what you involve yourselves in. Two people fighting on the street is something they can solve themselves. Keep on driving. If one kills the other, good. Problem solved. No witnesses are going to help you so the hell with it. In fact if you do stop and get involved YOU will be the problem. Let the ghettos go. Work only in areas where there is at least some support.

Oh, BLM? Bullshit. 300+ dead so far in our culturally enriched city and most were BLM.

7/09/2016 07:28:00 AM  
Blogger Mr. SouthSide said...

The real losers are the decent black people that live in the fast districts. They need the help to protect themselves from the thugs.

7/09/2016 07:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess 025 on afternoons will have to add more to the desk crew. The eight they already have is not enough.

7/09/2016 07:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama is such a scum bag

7/09/2016 08:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone still voting Democrat ..or Spineless Kirk in November

7/09/2016 09:13:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dallas Police Chief adopted Obama's style of policing LOL .. Which is why 5 % of Dallas Force left so far this year

7/09/2016 09:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. President, a potential war on police, a potential race war may be starting in your country but yet its not important enough to leave your workation in EU

7/09/2016 09:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to Sundance (the only one doing true investigative journalism) at the Conservative Treehouse, The Minnesotan shot by police fit the description of an armed robbery suspect on a B.O.L.O. Other interesting facts have been dug up here as well.

7/09/2016 10:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First and foremost, Obama is an asshole, as is Hillary, Loretta, Bernie and the BLM.
The democrats encourage and are now responsible for all of the attacks on police as of late.
Its all politics now, to garner support from the black community to elect another Democrat President, not gun control, not equality, not social justice.
VP Biden once said "they want to keep y'all in chains", I believe he really meant that...of his own Democratic Party.

There is always some bit of compassion and satisfaction in every human being when it come to helping someone in need.
Police are unique in that respect. It's extremely hard for some of us to ignore the call for help. We set ourselves up for trouble, even when we help, there will always be someone in the group that see us as the enemy.

In these times, I don't think that there is any normal justification to actively seek the criminal element.
The few that still run job to job, call to call, blue lights and backwards baseball caps, your future is bleak.
The impression and determination may seem honorable but it's time you reassess that future.

20 years is a long time to survive in shitsville and it only takes a geeked up maniac with a knife to wash away all that hot shot honor.

7/09/2016 11:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This country is beyond repair

7/09/2016 11:18:00 AM  
Anonymous CrookCountyJustice said...

Will Obama be attending the funerals of the fallen cops? Will Obama send Biden or Lynch or Comey to the funerals? Oh that's right this gov only attends funerals of thugs.

7/09/2016 01:11:00 AM

None of those anti police scumbags would be attending were it my funeral. You might as well invite the shooter, they are pretty much just as accountable.

7/09/2016 12:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excerpts from hillarys statement above:

Hillary Clinton used a CNN interview on Friday to completely embrace the Democrats’ claim that white people and cops must change to help reduce the number of African-Americans killed in tense exchanges with cops.

“I will call for white people, like myself, to put ourselves in the shoes of those African-American families who fear every time their children go somewhere, who have to have ‘The Talk,’ about, you now, how to really protect themselves [from police], when they’re the ones who should be expecting protection from encounters with police,” Clinton told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

“I’m going to be talking to white people, we’re the ones who have to start listening to the legitimate cries coming from our African-American fellow citizens,” she said.

“We’ve got to figure out what is happening when routine traffic stops, when routine arrests, escalate into killings … Clearly, there seems to be a terrible disconnect between many police departments and officers and the people they have sworn to protect,” she said.

Federal policing guidelines are needed because “we have 18,000 police departments… [some of which need more training to] go after systemic racism, which is a reality, and to go after systemic bias,” she said.

“We’ve got to start once again respecting and treating each other with the dignity that every person deserves,” she said.

The statement echoed a tweet from Friday morning.

White Americans need to do a better job of listening when African Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) July 8, 2016

To win in November, Clinton need a high turnout of African-American voters.

Neither Blitzer nor Clinton suggested that African-American communities have a role in reducing police-encounter deaths, which usually occur in tense engagements between a few cops and a few suspects with extensive criminal histories.

In general, young African-American men are far more likely to commit crimes than young white men, young Asian men or young Latino men. A November 2011 report by the Justice Department showed that young African-American men are just 1 percent of the population, yet are responsible for a disproportionate percentage of murders in the nation.

Clinton suggested that people who disagree with her agenda are racists. “There is so much more to be done… we can’t be engaging in hateful rhetoric or incitement of violence, we need to be bringing people together … we need more love and kindness.”

7/09/2016 12:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how you can still stand to listen to what Obama says. And Obama and Hillary are birds of a feather.
If they're speaking, it's a lie. Ben Franklin said something to the effect that a revolution every 200 years is good for the country because governments grow stale and tyrannical. Did he know how true those words were?

My heart breaks for the families of fallen Officers, and my blood boils with anger at criminals and politicians.
More so at politicians. They seem to encourage, or at least turn a blind eye to the criminals. They release criminals back upon the public.

Criminals are criminals. The Police know who they are and know how to put them away. Until politicians turn them loose again.
Stand with the Police, or face these killers alone.


7/09/2016 01:10:00 PM  
Blogger Michael Mathes said...

Let the white liberals live in Englewood or some of the ghetto hood without security and see what happens.

7/09/2016 02:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A must read, New York Post speaks the truth. I wonder if Fibune, Scumtime editors can do a cut and paste and treat their readers to some real journalism...

7/09/2016 04:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The D/S said to the C/O, "There's no money in the budget for any of that shit you recommended; you're creative, rig something up." If the bosses didn't care about what could be done to protect the desk crew from an active shooter then, what makes you think they will care about this now?

That about sums up the sentiments this whole department and city has for us. That's the bottom line for anything here - how much are we worth to these people? The answer is not very fucking much. They have money for parks, they have money for bike lanes, for pretty planter boxes in the middle of the streets, for new bus stops, for free school lunches/snacks/ipads, ugly wooden sculptures along the lakefront, and of course all the numerous subsidies that feed the democratic voting base. What they don't have is money to ensure the proper and safe equipment/facilities are provided to the very people they rely on to keep order and peace. A very young DC, whose bloodlines are no doubt ensuring him a promising career in this department, came to roll call to deliver an extensive pep talk. The monologue included many interesting points; the new safety protocol of 10-4 units, his professed love for the job and how much it has given him, the realization of the ultimate sacrifice we may face upon taking our oath, his assurance that he'd put himself in harms way for anyone who wore the badge, understanding the public's animosity towards us, and finally a request to post pictures of the things (family/friends) that matter to us on some cork board in the hallway. It may be cynicism, or just the fact that I've exhausted my capacity for excuses and lies, but either way I couldn't shake the obvious contradictions in this speech. Just a week ago, the very same lieutenant in the presence of the DC during this roll call threatened to split people up and force them to work 99 just to prove a nonsensical point, yet now they are concerned with our safety. The promotional scandals, the clout, nepotism, and questionable exam integrity that all contribute to those who are now leading the department. The idea of someone "taking a bullet" for anyone while sitting behind a desk. The idea that we should sacrifice ourselves, yet the city and department have never acted in good faith or displayed any real financial or moral support for us. The idea that we need to understand public belligerence towards us, yet every week supervisors come to roll calls with tales of the commander's meeting at compstat and how we need "more activity" which equates to more stopping, more contacting, more citing, creating more of the very same "angry" public that we are now supposed to empathize with. And finally, the idea that we should display pictures and tokens of those people that matter most to us while consistently being denied the time to spend with them, or that same time being used as a bargaining chip to procure more "activity". I couldn't help but wonder if anyone else was thinking the same thing, just too tired to care, or maybe walked away with some sense of optimism. I wished I could say I did.

7/09/2016 04:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The war is coming "Americans urged get a gun get training"

Wish this was a joke but it's reality watched the black lies matter pos thugs by the taste today about 50 showed up it was laughable like a street theatres play people watching and laughing thanks punks for bringing the circus to town!

7/09/2016 06:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every officer needs to come out and vote for Trump in November! Hillary will just continue to support the BLM terrorist organization ! Get out and VOTE!

7/09/2016 07:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic: the City of Chicago makes a huge sum of money from the sale of its overpriced vehicle stickers. The sticker price has been increased and the grace period for displaying the current sticker has been eliminated. The fine for not having a current sticker is $200.00.

So Rahm, who is going to be issuing tickets if there are no traffic stops permitted any longer??? This is Obama's America after all and traffic stops are forbidden!

7/09/2016 08:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As for the motorist shot dead in Minnesota, how do the police see this license plate and not make a traffic stop? Over sixty citations and forty convictions related to this individual. How was he permitted to continue driving a car? How did a man with his arrest record get a gun?

7/09/2016 08:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a law abiding citizen who has a CCW, always carries their firearm, and is very well trained I will say this. If I see any of our police being shot at or in a situation where their death might occur, I will respond to help that officer, and use actions to help the officer up to and including lethal force if necessary. What is happening across our United States is out of control and good people will stand with our officers. You are wrong in threatening our police, don't take it so far that you end up dead wrong.

7/10/2016 02:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

7/09/2016 07:36:00 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Slightly off topic: the City of Chicago makes a huge sum of money from the sale of its overpriced vehicle stickers. The sticker price has been increased and the grace period for displaying the current sticker has been eliminated. The fine for not having a current sticker is $200.00.

So Rahm, who is going to be issuing tickets if there are no traffic stops permitted any longer??? This is Obama's America after all and traffic stops are forbidden!

7/09/2016 08:42:00 PM
That would be Susie's idea, you know the girl who helped herbie! Might want to ask her hello media why she dumped 2 white employees from the clerks office on archer and Laramie because they "don't speaka panish" the lawsuit is coming don't worry though taxpayers will pay again! Why do we even have an overpaid do nothing city clerk anyway they duplicate what revenue department does! Cut that office save millions, dump 40 alderman budget solved police pension flush!

7/10/2016 05:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The president and his BLM attitude against police officers has caused all of this.

7/13/2016 09:49:00 AM  

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