Thursday, July 07, 2016

IPRA "Reform" Stalling

Rahm lurching from the property tax explosion to the police reform debacle:
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel can’t win, no matter what he does when it comes to restoring public trust shattered by his handling of the Laquan McDonald shooting video.

    That became painfully obvious on Wednesday, as the City Council’s Budget and Public Safety Committees kicked off two days of public hearings to solicit input on Emanuel’s plan to abolish the Independent Police Review Authority and replace it with a new, multilayered system of police accountability.
All this tells us is that the "cure" is going to be far worse than the supposed "disease" ever was. People with no knowledge or background in police work dictating rules that will be in contravention of best practices and established law, all at the expense of Officer safety.

Stay fetal indeed.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup,SCC your right, stay fetal .

7/07/2016 12:40:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the mayor is depending on the committee's common sense to make up for their lack of actual law enforcement experience.

7/07/2016 12:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do the bare minimum and collect your paycheck.

7/07/2016 12:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't know they already lynched the officers in the Laquan McDonald case?

Or is he Chitcago's Freddie Gray and Trayvon Martin?

7/07/2016 02:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are being governed by the Best and Brightest!!!

If you don't believe me, just go ask them. They will tell you how much better they are.

7/07/2016 03:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rahm will let these clueless idiots have their say.
When is enough, enough? When will common sense return?

7/07/2016 03:10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out these fucking radicals:

These radicals want the citizens to elect a police accountability board. Each district would vote for one person. Then this board of citizens would decide the fate of each officer. They would also have the right to write general orders and special orders. God help us.

7/07/2016 05:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone please explain to me, How the F*ck this is even being considered? Even considered legal? Why are the laws still being enforced if it will all end up being " why didn't you just de escalate; handle it differently you racist officer. But No One says anything about the criminal activity and conduct of the citizens that results in such interactions

7/07/2016 05:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

after these unqualified "reformers" rule by emotion. It will cost the city millions of dollars when their emotional decisions are overruled by law, reasonableness, and experience. The inmates are truly running the asylum

7/07/2016 06:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will Rahm abolish/rename the sleazy Corporation Counsel's office ?

7/07/2016 06:59:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, that Rahm does is going to change the fact that he participated in a cover-up, to protect his political ass! Rahm and his brother Zeke, could have a news conference tomorrow morning stating that they found the cure for cancer; it will matter not, because Rahm hid the video, until forced to produce it by a judge. He and the soon to be another unemployed "Latina", Ms. Alvarez; then joined forces to put Jason Van Dyke in shackles and a Perp-Walk! Every cop, no matter what their color or gender, needs to carefully realize that what happened to Van Dyke could have happened to YOU. Rahm has no credibility, he is shallow and must be removed from Office. The fact that we have non-stop tax increases, coupled with record breaking violence, SHOULD MAKE IT ABUNDANTLY CLEAR: RAHM IS INCOMPETENT! "Rahm Lied and Black Kids Died! Rahm Lied and Black Kids Died, Rahm Lied and Latino Kids Died! That should be the bumper sticker for Rahm's reelection attempt. Stay Fetal, Baby"G".

7/07/2016 07:34:00 AM  
Blogger Mr. SouthSide said...

I love seeing Rahm getting bitch slapped.

7/07/2016 08:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can retire in four years but was planning on staying longer because 50% of my salary is not going to pay the bills. At this point, I don't care how the bills will get paid, I'm 20 and out. There are better places to live than here.

7/07/2016 08:09:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where the hell does Lori Lightfoot get off???,,,she was the head of OPS when it was a laughing stock of a train wreck---it was inefficient, the investigations were superficial---they always accepted the boiler plate stock to from---identical to other reports submitted for same incident-----but she has seen the light and knows that it needs her citizen status influence to be fixed....this citys upper echelon is full of the biggest fucktards in the world

7/07/2016 09:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up you aggressive police work dumbshits! And then cry and moan when your next TRR is on you tube and you are stripped. You are being followed by these liberal Jagger's with their cameras to try to see what you are gonna do to be the next viral cop under the bus. C'mon already. The jag off with the gun gun in Baton Rouge was recorded on at least two cell phones and security cameras and body cameras. And they are acting the fool cause of this criminal. Or Eddie stripping the guy saving his partner from a deadly choke hold. Wake up already!

7/07/2016 09:03:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gotta remember, Rahm is a CON MAN

He's played the voters into giving him another 4 years to steal. He's playing the community right now-- allowing for talks to continue-- so he can steal as much money as he can. He could care less whether IPRA dies or not, so long as the "community" loses steam and leaves him alone to spend the TIF money

7/07/2016 09:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dart needs to consider cutting some costs. The food at the jail is awful. With more money coming in he can bring infamous chefs to cook gigantic feasts for the prisoners. (Staff, bring a lunch-see below). In order to obtain this, the prisoners will be asked to sign a pledge. They will promise to be good and self police themselves between 4pm and 8am each day. This will allow Dart to layoff all jail personnel during that time and save mucho bucks.

7/07/2016 09:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you noticed, the few "hearings" that they had were all set to avoid the tax paying NW and SW sides. I guess the middle class tax payers do not count.

7/07/2016 10:00:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"People with no knowledge or background in police work dictating rules..." -- SCC

Don't you mean "Actively hostile people with no knowledge or background in police work dictating rules...?"

Enter the meeting room stage left doing the "HANDS UP! DON"T SHOOT!" routine, take their seats, and the hearings will proceed from there...

7/07/2016 11:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new superintendent along with an anticipated new IPRA will certainly bring down something.
So far it's working for me.

Fetal and lovin' it.

7/07/2016 11:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rule of law or rule of the jungle? Due process or mob justice? None of our political leaders seems to have the guts to tell the "community" about rule of law and due process. But then again, the rule of law and due process has never interfered with the liberal progressive agenda.

7/07/2016 01:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FLY ON THE WALL IS BACK: Be careful what you asked for. To all the PO's that constantly stated IPRA was inept and out to get you well you got what you asked for. The current Chief Administrator for IPRA at a meeting told the Investigators that she does not believe any Police Officers statements are truthful. She also has instructed Investigator's to "GET" police officer on any complaints. In other words, if the complaint is investigated and is found that the accused Officer's action were justified find any reason to sustain any type of violation. Example: A citizen complains that a Officer(s) used excessive force in making a arrest. The investigation reveals that the accused Officer(s) action were justified. However, when making the arrest the Officer(s) used offensive language(put your "FUCKING HANDS UP" the original complaint of excessive force is justified BUT the Officer(s) language will be consider, CONDUCT UNBECOMING, and disciplinary action will be handed out not for excessive force but for the language used. Also, the current Chief Administrator has hired several attorneys as supervisors. Here is another problem, they have no idea of BASIC STREET POLICE WORK. Here is an example of what actually happened recently regarding a complaint: A Citizen reports a crime that was just committed. The victim of the crime gives out a physical and clothing description of the offender. The zone operator while dispatching a beat car gives out a All Call Message on the zone and City Wide that a crime was committed and gives out a description of the offender. Several minutes later a City Wide Unit spots someone fitting the description several blocks away. They make a street stop and learns that they have the wrong person. The City Wide unit MAKES OUT THE PROPER FORM and lets this person go. This person now makes a complaint stating he was stopped for Racial Profiling. The Investigator investigated this complaint and found that the Officers actions were justified. The supervisor kicked the findings back stating that the Officers did not have PROBABLY CAUSE TO STOP THIS INDIVISUAL . The Investigator tried to explain the Officers Action citing the TERRY VS OHIO Supreme Court Ruling and Department Policy. This Supervisor kick the Investigation back and made the Investigator re-investigate the complaint. The Supervisor reason was that the Police Officers had no probable cause to stop this person because the stop took place several blocks away and more than several minutes after the crime took place. As of this date the case is still being investigated. As the FLY has stated, members have complained about the ineptness of IPRA but look at it's SUSTAINED NUMBAERS. Out of 410 Police involved shootings IPRA only found 2 improper! If IPRA was out to get the Police do you think that they would have found more shootings Improper? The fact that they only found that 2 shooting was improper is proof they investigated the shootings fairly. IPRA Sustained approximately 7% of the cases it investigated. If you take away Domestic Violence, Off Duty Complaints about being Drunk, Accidental discharges of weapons, and disputes with Neighbors. How many complaints WERE SUSTAINED. You might get 2 to 2 1/2 % of complaints sustained out of 1,000's complaints made. Again, if they were out to get the Police don't you think that the On Duty Complaints would be higher than the 2%. I'll take those numbers ANYTIME. Have there been cases were PO's got railroaded, Yes. However, when one reviews the total history of IPRA I will take the percentage of Sustained Cases anytime. Look at what happened at today's (7 July 16) City Counsel's Meeting with COMMUNITY ORGANIZORS. God help the Men and Woman of the CPD if the Community and some members of the City Counsel get their way.

7/07/2016 01:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only that, these progressive liberals want former convicts on some type of police review board. Now I can see how that would work. Pro-active police work is all but dead now. Put these cop hating community leaders on any type of board that judges the actions of police officers and that would put the nail in the coffin of any type of police work. It would end up as nothing more then showing up on a call and taking a report. Come to think of it, it is not far from that now.

7/07/2016 02:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

21 months and I'm gone. I truely don't give a shit

7/07/2016 02:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pushers of these reforms from the far left are getting exactly the results that they have been pursuing since the sixties. The hippies would be proud of what this society is becoming. If we continue at this rate, anarchy will be the end result. The people who have something to lose better wake up and right this ship or they will lose control. We as the police now can only react to what is happening around us. The people in charge have abandoned us (the police). We don't have a choice. We need to protect ourselves which means: do as little as we can get away with so as not to get in trouble with the new powers that be.

7/07/2016 03:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With Rahm's incessant pandering to "the community" it wouldn't shock me if he granted a civilian agency made up of protestors, thugs and play Revruns complete control over the police department.
This department has been run over by the Rahm bus so often I don't know if it could ever bounce back.

7/07/2016 06:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Supervisor reason was that the Police Officers had no probable cause to stop this person because the stop took place several blocks away and more than several minutes after the crime took place."

7/07/2016 01:41:00 PM

Yeah, everybody knows that offenders just stand where they committed the crime, waiting for a squad car to show up, with the physical evidence/proceeds still on them, wearing the same clothing. Never would they duck into an alley, s__t can the red hat and white T-shirt, strip the purse and toss it on the roof, and then go jogging with the money shoved up in a street light base to come get later.

Beyond words.

7/07/2016 09:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"They will promise to be good and self police themselves between 4pm and 8am each day. This will allow Dart to lay off all jail personnel during that time and save mucho bucks."

7/07/2016 09:23:00 AM

"For Us, By Us."

Five lunches for some people and none for others, bunks for some people and cement floor for others, and strip the pathetic paper bags away from the "neutrons" coming from the commissary as "rent," and then gamble all those unwanted potato chips and cookies and stuff away at shouting, screaming, banging table games all night.

Cycle begins again 5 AM tomorrow when the "workers" strip all the sugar packets off all the trays to use to make hooch, and steal all the instant coffee to sell in little bags like 8-balls.

This is really promising.

7/07/2016 09:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many time superintendents recommended officers fired , over ruled by police board
Connected get second chance , just a rumor nothing will change
Look at all the officers hiding inside

7/07/2016 11:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 points to add.

With the property tax increase, are the counties employees getting a raise, to offset the additional cost of living, due to the residency requirement? Play hard ball with 9 1/2.

Father Faker, jesse JACKASS, shape toes, and even the south side scum bag with an army, all have been real quiet. The midget is offering something. I am sure it's even worse than civilians replacing IPRA.

Fuck these jagoff's, this is what they wanted. Support Quinn in his bid to impose term limits. It was very clear that 9 1/2 needed to go after the first term. His idea's have been wrong time and time again. His political career needs to end.

7/08/2016 02:44:00 AM  

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