Sunday, July 24, 2005

The end of the AFL-CIO?

Read this Sun Times post

It is our considered opinion, that the day of the union has passed. Organizations that once protected workers rights, standardized salaries and safety rules, began apprentice programs to train new workers, pioneered insurance coverage and disability pay, and gave the workers a fighting chance against illegal job actions are on their last legs. The unions inability to adapt to the changing world scene and refusal to listen to the changing political climate has doomed them to obsolescence and driven away members at an increasingly higher rate. Union membership is at an all time low and this fracture of the AFL-CIO with the Teamsters and the SEIU pulling out (along with 5 other unions over the past three years) will cost them another third of their membership. And no, it isn't the republican's fault. It is their own fault. The warning signs were there for years. They just refused to look at them.


Anonymous leftisthebest said...

No unions Mr.Moderator?

Who then to protect workers' rights? Without our fraternal organization (even with all its faults) we wouldn't have it as good.

Heck yes, it goes to bat for folks that in some cases don't deserve the help. So what about those of use who "do the right thing" (a great movie by the by, I am sure most here hated it, but I digress).

As I have pointed out here, you cannot take all the benefits of FOP and then comdemn unions. If you hate unions so much, Mr. Moderator (and probably my pal, Bush Boy) then resign and get in Fair Share.

Look at Walgreen's, they are going to bust that union. Yea, yea,I know, those guys make 100 grand a year, but there's a point here. Without the union the workers will be crushed. The rich survive, they always do.

Thank you forallowing this ramble.

7/25/2005 08:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unions are not as strong as they once were . Look at Walgreens , has the strike hurt them ?? Pharmacists are crossing the line to work , has anyone seen a Walgreens close down ?? Hasn't there been a hotel workers strike for at least a year at the Congress hotel ??, but the hotel is still open for business. Our "union " gets us a raise but then we have given back so much such as health insurance (dental and vision ) coverage has declined . A few years ago we gave up the imdemnity clause. Not to forget there is now 30 % merit promotions instead of 20 % , the union should have fought for less merit promotions .

7/25/2005 11:45:00 AM  
Blogger sharky said...

The unions are an absolute necessity. Could you imagine Mayor Daley bargaining with Police Officers if there was no union? Look what he did with a union. Part of our problem now is that few people recognize when you can criticize the department as a whole and not be subject to discipline. You do have First Amendment Rights of Free Speech. You cross the line when you criticize specific members of the department to such a degree that you impede or prevent their ability to perform their job function. While the department may try disciplinary proceedings against someone, that is a very high standard to meet, and the courts have continually ruled in favor of the officers, with rare exceptions where there was obvious problems with personal animosity.

7/25/2005 05:43:00 PM  

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