Friday, September 09, 2005

A few cosmetic changes

You may have noticed a couple changes to the blog this week. Let us just point out a few of our features and comment on them:
  • The SCC Flag graphic - Pretty cool, eh? We (and we mean WE) spent quite a bit of time on it, playing with different design styles and graphics and such. And we (again WE) spent a bit of time deciding how and where to put it up on the site and stuff like that. And we (WE) also have made this the cornerstone of a new publicity campaign rolling out soon to a location near you! Look for it.
  • E-mail link - At the bottom of each post, there is a small envelope icon. Click on it and your browser SHOULD open up an e-mail form with a link already embedded into it. You just address it and send it to whomever you wish. It's a nifty little publicity generator for us, and a convenient way for you to send a post you find particularly interesting to your friends ... or to IAD ... or Frank, Fran, Mr. Shakman, or any of our other celebrity readers.
We recently received a request from a reader asking if there was a way to invert the comments section (i.e. newest at the top) so they didn't have to page through 100 posts to find the new ones since their last visit. We looked into it and, unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be how blogs work. We surf dozens of blogs a day (sometimes a lot more) and every bit of blogging software out there seems to archive comments the same way. We understand that it might be easier to read for frequent visitors, and we actually liked the old SCCN version where every response generated an indented reply, but we work with what we have. Sorry. If we ever upgrade, we'll keep it in mind.

About this time next week, we ought to have passed 20,000 visits and 100,000 page views. Thank you. Remember, YOU THE READER and YOU THE COMMENTATOR are what makes this site work. Otherwise, we're just burning up electrons in the great internet void. Thanks again.


Anonymous leftisthebest said...

Hooray for M!

Thanks for the e-mail link. Now I can send things more quickly to my pals from the Socialist Workers Party.

Probably isn't said enough here, but you do a great job! I hope when you get that meritorious sergeant's promotion in the coming weeks to IAD you won't forget your buddies here. On second thought...

9/09/2005 11:27:00 AM  
Anonymous s.c.c. has lost his huevos said...

Screw this so-called "COP" "site"... half your crap is just blind ass-sniffing, excuse making for the BUSH Leaguers- even the so-called sock puppets leftisbnest, bushboy sweetbabyray kiss your butt constantly; it's gotta be a tool you use just to stir up activity here- stop playing kissy-foot across your imaginary 35th street cubicles- drop the wanna-be RUSH/FOX News wet dreams, give up the obvious wet-dream millions in "blog-ads" you envision earning sucking Repugnantcon tail-pipe fumes; you ain't nobody but a boy-in-blue just like us- THAT should be enough! STICK TO THE CHICAGO BLACK & BLUE TOPICS- we can go get brainwashed any of a jillion righty "blogs" leagues more vituperatively capable than yours (you just end up recycling their propaganda here anyway- nobody really cares!) You've become even too big a wuss to let my posts stand- have the courage of your convictions and do what you were doing best, or if you can't stand the heat get out of the CPD Blog Kitchen and join the lying Maglalang-Malkin failed journalists of the world on the "REAL" Righty SPIN Blogs... you sound like you're a another JEFF GANNON- R.N.C. Spunk Swallower for Hire- stop whoring yourself so cheaply and narrow the focus here to US!

9/09/2005 12:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear eggs,

Sounds like you need a nap and a new site.


The people united will never be defeated!!!

Whose streets?, Our streets!

Meat is murder!

Ect. Ect. Ect...

They have been waiting for you.


Someone concerned about you

9/09/2005 12:59:00 PM  
Blogger SweetBabyRay said...

I partly agree with "s.c.c. has lost his huevos" poster.

This site is getting too political. Though it's mainly due to "clear thinking minds" having to respond to lefty's bullshit.

This was a much better site when it was more local. So I'll do my part and refrain from responding to Lefty's bullshit. Unless it's local.

9/09/2005 01:17:00 PM  
Blogger SCC said...

Oh no! Someone doesn't like us! Listen up goof, we wear our political leanings on our sleeve, big deal. We stated as much when we started this site. So does lefty and bush and sweet. It makes for good conversation. At least they aren't constantly linking to bizarro websites via their signatures.

Rush/FOX wet dreams? Wet dream millions in "blog ads" Firstly, point us to an ad on this site. Even one? No, we couldn't find any either. It's a free site, so we have no overhead. We haven't even enabled ad capable software. Frankly, if we were advertisers, we'd be kind of scared off by some of the language and low traffic numbers - 400 hits a day ain't gonna attract revenue. And so we watch FOX, so what? They've buried CNN lately. We've NEVER listened to Rush and we've read his website twice. He's pompous. And we've even stated that we can only hope to be a fraction as talented as the right leaning blogs listed in our sidebar. But that's a couple eyeballs a day that might check them out and expand their own horizons. You got someplace to direct them? You can obviously write html code, go start a site.

As to being a wuss for deleting some of your posts, you're awfully brave with someone elses bandwidth. Pardon our laughter, but it isn't your ass out there if someone ever decides to hack the site - its ours. Our site, our rules. We've deleted 10 posts total in almost 5 months, most of it obviously yours. You hop into 4 threads and post the same garbage in the hopes of provoking some controversy. Then you probably run off to IAD or the slum-times and say "look at the racist police!" We drew the line, we police the line. You step over it, we delete it. A smart person could have figured that out already.

Leave. We won't miss your four or six visits a day. Go start a site, send out some flyers and compete with us. You can even get some ads and run a professional site. This is a hobby for us, a distraction, and it doesn't cost us (or make us) a cent. And if coppers get some enjoyment out of ranting or reading or commenting, then good for them, glad we could help.

Responding to "sweetbabyray," sorry if we've strayed away from the local angle. Daley has to be thanking his lucky stars that Katrina drove his problems off of the front page, otherwise we'd be pointing people that direction. We're trying to mix the local with the national and national happens to be HUGE right now. We've got a couple local stories in the oven for this evening and weekend.

We're always open to suggestions. What else do you readers want to see here? Suggest away and if it rings a bell with enough people, we'll give it its own thread.

9/09/2005 02:01:00 PM  
Anonymous rants in my pants/etc... said...

Good reply- but off target on several points: I've got no problem with you being so far right you're left- you've been clear about that- great for you.

But when you delete posts, with out even a warning or explanation, post NOT off-topic or offensive, just basically criticizing Bush - that's crappy! If I'm overlong (which I amost always am admittedly) let know like you did in the past and I'll reign it in as best I can. I WAS NOT the moron multiple posting on several different threads a while back (mostly basically race-baiting...) -just the opposite- I helped you take that schmuck to task for it, vehemently! My biggest gripe is your un-noted censorship- it's weak, plain and simple!

And as for irreverent links to wacky post names- that's humor, do you remember that before this whole blog savior for the oppressed right winger copper role this went to your head? Humor is ENTERTAINMENT, which might draw MORE people to youre blog, not LESS!

The blog-ads was an allusion to what I feel you MIGHT be angling toward, not currently doing, so if you're not, GREAT- MY BAD !

And not including you, I have one person partially agreeing with my admitted hyperbole, and one constant critic doing what they do best- so that's a 50/50 split- not so bad so far...


A peeved SHADY (aka a zillion nom de plumes and a ZILLION HITS and CONSTANTLY OPEN TABBED WINDOWS supporting your Site Meter no matter WHAT I POST!!!!

C'monnnn!!!! ;-)

9/09/2005 02:17:00 PM  
Blogger SCC said...

We don't recall deleting any "anti-bush" comments. We've left up dozens. Perhaps our finger was a bit twitchy and we inadvertantly canned an overly long post by mistake. As you can write html code in your postings, why not highlight a short sentence or paragraph and link to the BIG articles. We've seen you do it. It saves everyone a lot of scrolling.

Apologies for associating you with the race baiter. We read too much into your complaint and assumed you were them.

As for our propensity to delete without warning, we've done it 10 times TOPS in 5 months and we owe no one explanations, BUT we've given them. We are keeping abreast of current internet law and precedent and so far it's running about 50-50 in protecting the blogger as opposed to costing him/her their jobs or time off. Some legal opinions say if your don't police the comments, you can argue that you don't bear responsibility. Others say if you do police the comments, you're liable for everything. We're splitting the difference, letting quite a bit go while making judgment calls that things we wouldn't want to see in the newspaper attributed to Chicago Police officers goes bye-bye. It's a fine line and we've got large feet. It's inevitable we'll make make errors and ruffle feathers. We apologize again, but we'll get over it and we're sure coppers understand and appreciate our predicament. After all, the sergeant who previously ran the SCCN board got sued by the chairperson of the Disabled CPD for something he had NOTHING to do with and she tried to compel him to produce a subscriber list (we've got a copy of the filed complaint; freedom of info is a wonderful thing). We'd like to avoid that completely.

9/09/2005 03:43:00 PM  
Anonymous rants in my pants/etc... said...

Understood. A very articulate post and reasoned reply as well. My sincere apologies for my anger, frustration and "zooming" you personally ("flames"), etc (I get over-sensitive when "snipped" - little brother "picked-on" syndrome in me apparently coming out!)

I must admit I really enjoy this "outlet" and would find it difficult to give it up! I am also a "spouse, parent, cop" and just don't have the time, energy and "togetherness" to be able to fully mount a "response" blog to yours (click on my name for my previous "attempts" as a few "souper-sleuths" have recently... duh!)

I'm already being "naughty" with the current amount of face time spent "here". And I admittedly would not be able to hold a candle to your police"reportage", which still really is the ultimate bottom line "raison d'tre" here (although I like the political give and take just as much.)

I will try to make my points with more "concision" and as much (limited) rationality I can muster!

-Thanx/Sorry :->

Shadi the "snip-o-phobic" & his infinite menagerie of "sock puppets"!!! ;-) (overlong as usual... ;-< )

9/09/2005 04:07:00 PM  
Anonymous leftisthebest said...

What's the matter, sweetbabyray? Find out your boss at 35th st. didn't put you in for that meritorious promotion. Maybe you snuck out of work early to have a few cocktails with a partner and got stuck with the bill?

Diversity is good, ray. We can't converse about local or police talk all the time. Come on, bitch about Daley all the time? That gets tiring.

I'll just attribute your small rant against me to a hangover after being out all time or something. Or maybe, just maybe, I'm wearing ya down on the Bush administration not caring for the working man.

Come on over to the left side. See ya at the Peace Fair tomorrow in Oak Park.

9/09/2005 06:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9/09/2005 07:59:00 PM  
Blogger SweetBabyRay said...

Actually I wasn't hungover Lefty, I was still legally intoxicated when I made those posts. And you know my partner well but this time he had his own cash. I'll come over to the left as soon as your leaders start thinking rationally. Right now I'll just stay in the middle.

And why are you in such a good mood today? Did you get off to a good start in fantasy football or something? Oh wait, you probably don't believe in organized sporting events.

By the way. I guess you didn't make it to New Orleans. I bet your probably doing something with your local parish to help those poor souls. Are they gonna take some in? Or just throw a few bucks their way?

9/09/2005 08:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better be careful with the logo design. It's great, but the little team of lawyers on the 5th floor were working on a project for the 1st aimed specifically at CPD logos being used on the internet on items for sale...

Now if we can just get O'Hare airport to stop selling Chicago Police t-shirts and hats with no profit to the CPD.

9/09/2005 09:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got twenty t-shirts in my closet with the 1955 CPD logo used in all sorts of designs, printed by half a dozen outfits. As the city never protected or pursued action on it star design for 50 years, I think the site is safe from annoyances

9/09/2005 09:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could someone tell the FOP whiner how to use the caps key properly. All caps just make him look like an idiot.

O.K. So he is an idiot. Still, it's irritating.

9/10/2005 03:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee and the fop has never allocated funds inapropriately. They will do what ever thay want because we let them. Just as long as they get the OK from our beloved honest mayor himself Dick Daley.

9/10/2005 07:52:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Don't change a thing. The blog is an excellent mix of CPD topics and politics (after all, the two run hand-in-hand, or clash, on a regular basis).

Local politics, I believe, hold more interest than national. But your blog provides a healthy dose of both.

Most importantly, thank you for giving the CPD a forum for rants, ideas, pissin', and moaning. Second City Cop is both informative and entertaining.

Keep-up the good work.


Frequent Visitor

9/11/2005 02:09:00 AM  

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