Monday, November 22, 2010

Start Growing Your Hair

Last year, there were a few people who wanted to participate in the St. Baldrick's hair trimming, but they didn't know about it in time to actually grow their hair. That won't be a problem this year:
  • It’s time to let your barber or beautician know that you’re getting your last haircut for awhile. Mark your calendar and start letting your hair grow, CPD will again be participating with St. Baldrick’s the organization that raises money for childhood cancer research by having volunteers shave their heads in solidarity with the kids who lose their hair to chemotherapy.

    Last year the combined CPD events had 301 participants that raised $129,985 dollars to be used to fund research for a cure for childhood cancer. There were also many CPD members who participated at events at other locations throughout the city and suburbs. To everyone who signed up, helped out, or made a contribution last year, thank you very much, especially Anne Zamzow and Bill Murphy who put together the north and south side events.. Also, a special thanks to the many brave women who shaved their heads, and never looked more beautiful!

    Chicago area hospitals are direct recipients of grants from St. Baldrick’s including Children’s Memorial, University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, Rush, and Stroger. Just three days ago, The St. Baldrick’s Foundation announced its latest round of grants in the Chicago area with $160,700 going to fund research at the University of Illinois at Chicago/Rush/Stroger Hospitals.

    The CPD events will be held on Friday, March 11, 2011 and more details will follow as the plans are finalized. Keep watching here, in the daily bulletin and in your e-mail if you are a past participant for details as they become available. If you have any questions you can contact me at
We'll post a reminder closer to the date.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have time to really let my mullet grow out....

11/22/2010 08:39:00 AM  
Anonymous Bob Weisskopf said...

The Chicago Police Lieutenants Association will be joining once again and we challenge all the other police unions like last year to see who can raise the most.

11/22/2010 09:07:00 AM  
Blogger Ray said...

God Bless the children. Do it my friends. The hair will grow back. And the smiles you give these kids will last forever.

11/22/2010 12:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Deputy Supt. Peterson said...

I'd like to participate....what do ya's want me to do?

11/22/2010 02:53:00 PM  
Anonymous A/2 SVU said...

Go blonde McLovin!

11/22/2010 10:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I may ask a favor of all participants. Please don't wait until the last minute to get sponsors. Last year I was overwhelmed by people who had waited until the last minute. I gave to as many as I could, but it's hard all at once. Just give a heads up if you are going to do it and I can plan ahead money-wise.

11/23/2010 01:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of the staff of Chicago FOP Lodge 7 is be growing their hair longer to participate in this fine event.

11/23/2010 08:53:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very good time and a very good cause. Going for my 7th time. Good way of getting rid of the gray for a while.

11/24/2010 03:34:00 PM  

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