Thursday, August 11, 2005

Disappearing comments

Blogger (the hosting company we use) appears to have a feature when you log in that notifies the blogging community of when there are updates on various blogs. It seems to be an automated feature, so when we update posts or post new, it will show "Second City Cop" as a recently updated entry and we get strangers wandering in. Some visitors appear to be automated programs that simply post a "Great Blog, visit me at" type posts. We shall be deleting those when we run across them.

Also, if you are interested in bringing an article to our attention or our readers attention, post a link, NOT the entire article. Firstly, the article may be copyrighted, so posting it is improper and may be illegal. We don't want that kind of attention. Secondly, by posting the link, we generate publicity for someone else's endeavors and steer our readers to their efforts. This is a nice thing to do as the entire "blogosphere" operates best on a referral basis.

Thank you for your patience.


Anonymous leftisthebest said...

M, does this mean I cannot request you post the link to People's Weekly World, the official newspaper for the USCPA (Communist Party of the United States)?

8/11/2005 05:00:00 PM  
Blogger SCC said...

Post "links" leftisthebest. Not copyrighted articles

8/11/2005 11:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Adolph said...

TO leftisthebest:

The fatherland will recover, will you be giving hand outs at the Buddy Biliken parade?

Your not with the Jessie White Tumblers are you.

No you will be with Daley and Blago, the give it to me people.

More propaganda for the have nots.

If we had won the great conflict there would be no parade for the unemployed, what is the graduation rate for high school among the attendees. Had we won the great war education would have been mandatory. Those not learning abled would not reproduce. Therefore your services would not be needed on the CPD. Generation after generation of IR #s would not be produced.

You will not respond to this because you are in morning for that great pretender ELVIS. Ure friend has been sentenced by the Tribunal.

You looked very sad standing with Quarters Boyle at the Federalist Building.

The Reich shall return, the oppresive commies will fall to the superior nation.

8/12/2005 11:38:00 AM  
Anonymous leftisthebest said...

Listen, Adolph. Last time I checked the history books your namesake went down in flames because, in a large part, he made the same mistake as Napoleon. He tried to take on The Motherland and lost!!

Perhaps I shall be at Biliken Day, only you would condemn a parade to celebrate school.

I shall not be there to cheer the mayor or governor. Both are Republicans in Democratic clothing. No, I shall be in attendance to distribute copies of the weekly newspaper, People's Weekly World. I know you will not he there.Give me your unit # and I'll send off a free copy.

And by Elvis,do you mean Elvis Costello? The other Elvis was a Nixon man.

8/12/2005 12:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone who's ever worked bud biliken, knows this is not a "parade" or "picnic". this is the biggest clusterf@#k of all the city's events. it's a day to let the ghetto thugs act like the animals they are. why are there hundreds of "lost" kids every year??? because they now have a free babysitter so momma can party and not be disturbed by her welfare baby! i take furlo every year at his time so i don't have to work that thug fiasco!

8/12/2005 01:20:00 PM  
Blogger jtskier50 said...

what about the off duty incident in 006 where the po got her ass beat and the sgt let everyone go

8/12/2005 01:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could it be worse than the off-duty copper from 012 drinking congac with her buddies in the green who bit an on-duty copper from 018?

8/12/2005 04:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bud Biliken celebrates nothing its a pretense..check out Washington Park what a fucked up place....had to open the field house for the lost how lost could 200 plus children be? Good luck to all the coppers that get to take care of this fiasco...I hope it rains like hell..........

8/13/2005 08:31:00 AM  

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