Sunday, August 28, 2005

Quick Hits Road Trip!

For Sunday:
  • We're looking for anyone interested in a quick trip to New Orleans. Meet in front of our house by 1400 hours and we'll see if we can't get there in about 12 hours to watch Katrina come ashore. It's gonna be a bad one people. We hear that "leftisthebest" thinks this is another plot by Karl Rove to distract from the war.
  • "Look! Fran actually writes about scandal!" should be this headline. Of course, Fran takes great pains to point out its all the fault of the former Inspector General Vroustouris, not the corrupt political culture that infects everything this city does.
  • Meanwhile, back in the real reporting world, the Federal corruption squad here is now the biggest in the nation. We're number 1! We're number 1! We're number 1! Hooray!
  • And short coverage of the Memorial Fund Raising Event last night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if this third corruption squad has enough work to do without having to look for it, how long will it be for a fourth, fifth, and even sixth squad to be named. Somebody call the Guinness Book people, we may have a new record here. It feels so good to be numero uno.

8/28/2005 09:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do to the current man-power shortage the following rules will be in effect.

No more lunches... we will be an eat as you go company.

No personals unless you can prove that you actually deposited something in the toilet bowl to a supervisor before you flush.

Female officers working civilian dress will no longer be able to wear high heels, a ton of jewelry and their fingernails can no longer be 4 inches long, just in case the shit hits the fan so bad we would actually have to make you work.

All "ghost payrollers" will be able to actually report for duty till further notice.

Sex with married exempt members must have to wait till your off duty ladies. Sorry no more 4 hr nap at the hotel with 4 hrs C.U. on the end.

Exempt members will no longer be able to have totaly free 4 hour meals at downtown fancy dancy places.

All members assigned to CAPS related bullshit jobs will actually have to do police work again.

Station desk personnel can no longer call in beat units to do reports that they can do themselves at the desk.

Station runs for free sodas, coffees and free Burger King and McDonalds will immediately come to a halt. Those station run cars are ordered to leave those cardboard boxes behind the desk they carry everything in.

No more getting your hair weaved, relaxed, extensions and nails done while working.

All those super specialized units will have to show up for work.

Thank you for your cooperation till this shortage everyone saw coming except for the stupid ones in highly paid positions.

8/28/2005 10:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is reversed and the shortage is corrected.

8/28/2005 10:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Keyboard Kop said...

*Also prohibited due to said manpower crisis-

ALL BLOGGING and non-CPD Web surfing activities...

(The "Banaschewitz/"BOOGER-shevitz" rules are back in FULL-EFFECT! Batten down the fiber-optic-phat-pipe hatches!)

- That is all -

Semper PIE!

Philoprogenitive Phil

8/28/2005 11:30:00 AM  
Anonymous leftisthebest said...

Boy, oh boy,
I don't post for a few days and folks get worried (see earlier posts). Well, thanks for the concern, although I think if I were gone there'd be no one to kick around any more.

Actually I journeyed to Texas to speak with Cindy. I told her, forget meeting with the President, he doesn't care about you anyway. Attempted to get a flight this morning into New Orleans my dear M, but they were cancelled.

No, this natural disaster is not a GOP plot. The man-made plot of higher and higher gas prices is however a plot of the bourgeouis and that's a fact. And yes, some Democrats are part of it.

The President runs and hides when he is confronted about this nonsense in Iraq. Just like he ran and hid when he was to report for National Guard duty. They carried him working, just like they carry some people in this department when they fail to show for duty.

8/28/2005 01:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Bush boy said...

Bush met ALL of his requirements for an honnorable discharge from the TANG. John Kerry had to cover up his less than honorable discharge by waiting for Carter to pardon him and all his fellow travelers.

And Bush already met with the sheehan goof. She PRAISED him up and down for meeting with her over a year ago. It's just since she's abandoned the state of sanity and embraced the loony tunes from the left that Bush has refused to meet her. Screw her and her sanctimonious bullshit.

8/28/2005 03:22:00 PM  
Blogger SweetBabyRay said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8/28/2005 04:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Adolph said...


Sheehans' kid voluntered for the service after 911, no one forced him to join the military. God forbid if you got killed in the line of duty, would your kin set up at city hall and blame Daley and the CPD? No way. You went on the job voluntarily as her son did.

THe President has met with the bitch once all ready, what more do you expect the man to do. Who is this bitch anyway. In my society she would get into an accident or would injest something that would shut her up. The war is on I am against war, but I support the President and the administration and the painful decisions that have to be made. That bitch undermines this great country. She is a propaganda agent for the Tailaban and them scum bags "W" should analate with a nuclear weapon. Remember Lefty we are amoung you we have learned from the mistakes of the Reich.

8/29/2005 12:35:00 PM  
Blogger SweetBabyRay said...

Well said Adolph!!

8/30/2005 07:52:00 AM  

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