Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Any Scapegoat in a Pinch

From the Mad Max Car thread comments section:
  • So much for keeping to the subject! Hey SCC, can't you moderate this thing to the subject at hand? 30 somethin' posts about Isreal and other Bullcrap, not much about a useful subject like the squads we spend 8 hours a day in! [sic]
Well, not like we have anything better to do than check this blog 24 hours a day. We just spent 20 minutes going through the thread and deleting about 34 various comments, mostly about the Middle East, Israel in particular. We make ONE freaking sarcastic comment about nuking Iran and creating a vast wasteland to drive our new "Road Warrior" mobiles around, and the nazis come out of the woodwork.

Listen up people - Jews do not control the media. Jews do not control the US Government. Jews did not invent AIDS and give it to the CIA. It is not the Jews fault you have a small penis (unless there was an unfortunate accident at the bris). Jews do not - oh fuck this - you goofs sound like Farrakhan for chrissake. Any scapegoat in a pinch, eh? 99.9999% of the time that something gets screwed up, or someone gets promoted, or a building falls down or a war starts in the Middle East or you fail at something, IT WASN'T THE JEWS! Guess what else? IT PROBABLY WASN'T THE BLACKS EITHER! Probably (hell LIKELY) you didn't plan or you failed to anticipate something or you made an error in judgment. YOU! YOU!!!

Grow up - get out of the cult of victimhood - and TRY TO STAY ON TOPIC DAMNIT!
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