Monday, September 17, 2007

Aldercreature Follies

If anyone questions why there needs to be a blog, this ought to stand as a prime example.

From the Comments:
  • SCC - this needs to be its own thread!

    Supreme Bitch aldercreature Dixon is using her recently-obtained aldermaniac powers to exert improper authority over rank and file district personnel in 010 (and I'm sure soon same in 011)

    She personally called GED Starks woofing about a BLACK 20-year veteran copper (DW) who is a bonafide worker, for not kissing her ass when she snapped her fingers. She DEMANDED that he be removed from the beat he's worked for years and has established a great rep and high levels of cooperation and appreciation from the good citizens of his beat.

    Hibbitty dibbitty Dana (seeing the negative connotations of messing with hard-working cops might have) called High-Yella Charlie W who immediately called DC Cuello in 010 and ordered her to launch DW to the hispanic side of the district. She replaced him with possibly one of the most useless empty uniforms on the job.

    CAPS is supposedly all about building partnerships, establishing rapport with the community and reducing crime. Here is a hard working ex-tac veteran who chooses to step up to do police work, only to be kicked in the teeth by his OWN sworn members at the request of some PMS-ing "it's MY time to be a shot caller" asshole.

    She did not consult with the Beat Facilitators, DAC committee members or anyone who lives on the beat (not the beat Dixon lives on BTW) and exerted possibly illegal influence over his failure to bow and scrape in her royal presence.

    Remember, there has been NO CR#, no allegations of wrongdoing, no actual discipline, just harassment and mistreatment. Step-N-Fetchit Charlie buckled like a house of cards and demanded that Cuello just can him and, I'm sorry to say, she went along with the whole thing. Her credibility has been severly damaged by this.

    Telling Williams to go fuck himself would have meant her going back to Lt. rank and pay but would have been worth millions in respect and admiration from her troops.

    Remember the old cop movies where some guy was getting pinched and yelled "I'll have your badge for this!"? You KNEW it wasn't gonna happen cuz what kind of police department would you have if cops could be so easily harassed or demoted/fired? So now this Mary Mitchell wanabe picks up the phone and gets her hatchetmen to shit all over a working cop for ruffling her feathers. She's not even in office a year and already throws her "authority" around like she was King Richard J. himself.

    Taking negative job action for purely political reasons is ILLEGAL, right??? Fitz, are you listening? How about the citizens of 1014? Why are they deprived of the stellsr service of this officer because of someone who doesn't even live on that beat, alderman or not?

    Morale is at an all-time low from shit like this. I hope he files some kind of lawsuit or grievance or complaint. The 2 pipms who catered to this bimbo's wishes and threw Danny under the bus (oh, yeah.....they're BOTH still candidates for the SUPT spot) should be ashamed and immediately removed from their exempt positions.

    Mike Mette was arrested for throwing a punch to defend himself. Danny doesn't get the ability to even throw a punch, having his career torpedoed by higher-ups to kiss the ass of a freshman alderidiot.

Illegal? Probably not. No officer has a "right" to a car.

Stupid? Oh yeah. On so many levels. Let's list a few:
  • Dixon is rapidly making a royal pain in the ass of herself. We've heard she expects 24-7 protection at her house, which doubles as her office. We've heard she wants coppers to run political errands for her people, which is a violation of we don't know how many rules. We've even heard a number of stories of her throwing her weight around at the 010 District desk, demanding all sorts of crap and favors.
  • Starks stepped out of the way of this freight train and left the dirty work to Charlie Williams, who as has been noted before, has much to answer for himself after mishandling the Jefferson Tap incident among other things
  • Cuello collapsed like the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis. Wow.
The north end of 010 covers what little of North Lawndale that 011 doesn't. It's all the same shit. Anyone who can strike up a functional working relationship with the citizens of North Lawndale, especially considering the recent events all over that gang infested, dope dealing, murder capital of the city ought to be saluted.

Maybe if the VOTERS if beat 1014 made their displeasure known, the aldercreature would be a little more considerate of their wishes.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, the blog knows about this. Does the union? Has a grievance been filed?

9/16/2007 11:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This PO should file a harrassment beef against the 010 District Commander.

Make her answer on why she did what she did and who ordered it.

This dept sucks! No wonder I am looking to the burbs.

Hey Tribune/Sun-Times, wanna print this? Are there no more investigative journalists left in this city?

9/16/2007 11:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The voters? You forgot to mention that Dixon requested to a SGT. That anyone speaking out of turn at any of her meetings, or raising any kinda beef with her should immediately be arrested for disorderly. Don't know how that turned out. As for Cuello, people keep telling me she is/was a good boss, but all I ever see is her folding to the public, whatever they want. Guess that holds true with most bosses though, can't blame just her.

9/16/2007 11:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I woder if she's a democRAT?

9/17/2007 01:27:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Bitch called the 11th district desk a few times complaining about certain blocks and it's "drug" problems being sure to state she is an alderman. I'll take care of business for the everyday citizen caller no problem, but if there's anything that will make a dope call a quick 19P it will be some aldercreature's name attached to that call especially her's.
"Oh my God!It's an alderman calling in a narcotics call!We have to make arrests!"
-lights and sirens-

9/17/2007 01:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this really any surprise? I mean, no wonder no outsider wants the supt. job (the demeaning nature of taking orders from one of the most politically corrupt (historically) administrations in US history; now, add to that, ranking exempts actually listening to and taking directives from alderman and other politicians...CPD upper management is politically corrupt and morally bankrupt, plain and simple, composed of individuals who are devoid of insult to the working men and women, and a disgrace to the citizens and taxpayers...

9/17/2007 01:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does anybody do any police work on this job? Go get'em guys! 20 years of busting your ass to only get kicked in the teeth. Contact cards and bullshit DOPW arrests for me.

9/17/2007 02:52:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can top that, at a recent ward meeting with Ald. Jackson, not to be confused with the other famous Jackson clan, we were told that NO ONE could ask the Alderman a question directly. Her minions would answered the questions. 1 term and out!

9/17/2007 06:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just another day in chicago, the exempts showing they have no balls at all! Oh dixon you scummy bitch we will do whatever you need you alderthieve! Thanks bea great job also, but again you did what you were ordered to do no harm no foul! dana wants to be supt but again he shows NO leadership skills along with hop-a-long williams! 2 years left then bye gimme my pension then fuck this criminal run city!

9/17/2007 07:32:00 AM  
Blogger NorthSide said...

If this account of the political hubris of 24th Ward Alderman Sharon Dixon, Charles Williams, Beatrice Cuello, et al. is substantively correct, I will gleefully contribute some time and money as liaison and advisor (I am NOT an attorney) for the officer formerly assigned to Beat 1014 in retaining counsel for filing a federal lawsuit v. the City of Chicago pursuant to the First Amendment and Section 1983.

I also urge this officer to submit a brief written request to the commander of the 10th District requesting unfettered reassignment to Beat 1014. If denied, submit a second request for the categorical and unequivocal reason(s) for the move.

I suggest that the aggrieved officer take copious notes of any possible retaliation and the identities of witnesses. Meticulously avoid any response that smacks of a possible claim of insubordination while documenting any and all perceived harassment for speaking out on a "matter of public concern" (i.e.: providing the best police service to the citizens of North Lawndale and Beat 1014).

With confidentiality assured, I urge this officer to contact me at:

I also have a friend who is a confidant of Dixon's predecessor, Michael Chandler. I'm certain that there is no love lost between Chandler and Dixon.

9/17/2007 07:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone with good stories of alderman/woman,any of the lawyers responsible for the slander of many good officers names (i.e. loevy, king of free media advertisements),or media types. I know I have a cousin who works for NBC, happy to gather some info and who always has her camera phone...why didn't I think of this earlier? Oh well thanks for the voice southtown and to all the civilians welcome! Get ready for the real stories and stories you would have never heard before, boys I think its time for a reckoning.

9/17/2007 08:40:00 AM  
Anonymous 1st and 16th said...

Anonymous said...

Why does anybody do any police work on this job? Go get'em guys! 20 years of busting your ass to only get kicked in the teeth. Contact cards and bullshit DOPW arrests for me.

9/17/2007 02:52:00 AM

Why even make arrests??? Its a humper with 2 event number and that all this city is getting from me. I wont ever do a dam thing again for this city. I will ride in the beat car blowing off jobs for the next 10 years. People think this job is legit?????? Hahahahaha just give me my extra checks and I will continue to be a dog, Woof Woof Woof.

9/17/2007 08:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9/17/2007 09:10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With one bad, yet quite predictable, decision, Cmdr. Cuello lost the respect of her entire district and just about any other person who reads about her.

With such a show of craven political ass kissing, she should rise right to the top on this job.

In the eyes of her troops, she went from a pretty decent Cmdr., to just another political hack

9/17/2007 09:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Contact cards and bullshit DOPW arrests for me.

9/17/2007 02:52:00 AM


Perfect. Sounds like you are ready to go to tact.

9/17/2007 09:58:00 AM  
Anonymous ex-cop/attorney said...

The 10th District officer should forward his complaint of harassment and political retaliation directly to the (Interim) Superintendent of Police via CERTIFIED MAIL - RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED.

Additional copies should be routed by standard U.S. mail to:

(1) District Commander, 010
(2) Deputy Chief of Patrol, Area 4
(3) Chief of Patrol
(4) Noelle Brennan, the Federal Monitor
(5) Atty. Michael Shakman
(6) U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald
(7) Ald. Sharon Dixon, 24th Ward

9/17/2007 10:09:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The excellent letter that this post is based on should be fowarded to all the newspapers, radio, and TV stations. The whores in the media here would love a story of their 2 favorites to bash. That being the Police and scumbags(politicians).

9/17/2007 10:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing that these arrogant mother fuckers understand is a lawsuit.

Sue 'em, Danny!

9/17/2007 10:17:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most sergeants and Lt's aren't going to rock the boat. The mindset becomes "I've got more to lose!" So they CYA at all costs.

That's why those in blue need to just do the just enough so the whiteshirts leave you alone. "Don't bother me..and I won't bother you."

One of the best Sgt's I ever had, used to say that.

"Now it makes sense!"

9/17/2007 11:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also am amused that some of these aldercreatures can get elected to their positions, but probably couldn't survive the interview/employment process to get hired as a clerk at Jewel/Osco.

Look at any ghetto neighborhoods..they will vote these mopes in and then spend the rest of their lives trying to get within 10 feet of the elected person, it's like the ghetto version of "a brush with greatness" they can tell all their family members "I got to meet aldermen Dixon, she shook my hand..I'm never washing it again!"

9/17/2007 11:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember working third watch in 010 when DW was dumped from the tact team (lets face it, he was too black for the then tact lt.). He could see what was going on at distances where others needed binoculars just to make out shadowy figures. He has been practically SuperCop. And he even still gives a shit about the people he watches over.

On her best day, Alderman Dixon doesn't come within a prayer and a miracle of deserving the assistance of such an officer as DW. That he even cares after all his undeserved fucking over is remarkable.

You think 010 and 011 are bad NOW?! Wait 'til you see how bad it will get after Dixon's taken over! King Richie, it is time to reign this woman in, and tell Dana and the rest of the minions that she is to be ignored. Further, if she creates a disturbance, she is to be locked up.

This cannot stand.

9/17/2007 11:09:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One way to handle her BS is to let the good citizens know. That is, if you lock some fool up on one of the streets she is beefing about, be sure to let it slip that the alderslime is making the complaints.

9/17/2007 11:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The commander needs a strong doze of the Blue flue. Every one should hit the medical in the middle of the friggin weak. What are they going to do? Mobilize and cover the district with a plan. who cares.

9/17/2007 11:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I am proud this officer stood up to the hag...we are not at their beck and call, as much as they would like to think we are. until she earns stripes on her arm, or bars on the collar "she ain't shit" besides officer already knew he works in 010 what else can they do to him send him to 011 015 or 007 its the same shit anyway the only thing that ever changes is the date name and address...

9/17/2007 12:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey 2:52,

Why do anything? I used to work back in the day. Now I drive in squares, respond to my calls, back up POs that need it and collect a check.

I smell the blood of a Tac guy. While you are making your self admitted BS arrest you are ruining the flow of other peoples day, i.e. the Lockup keepers and the wagonmen who have to transport and process and be responsible for the bustouts you arrest. Give the DOPW and Sol. unlawful business charges a rest.

Or how about this----on one of the nights you get an early duck instead of heading to the gin mill or whatever you take over a lockup and give the "peons" a taste of the benifits of making bullshit arrests. You can even wear a CPD t-shirt like you do when you are trying to blend in to the surroundings.

9/17/2007 12:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the guys in 010 need to do is record he giving orders to do political work on company time to P.O.'s then turn her dumb ass in. Don't know how to do it? Ask some of the other officers around you or drive over to Homan Square

9/17/2007 01:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why does this city have 50 aldercreatures
chicago needs 15 at best
la only has 13

9/17/2007 01:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will start this post with my name because I have a great lawyer and if I get dumped I am definitely suing the city and any boss involved in my dumping. I am P.O. Charles U. Farley and I work on the Southside. I recently had a meeting with a certain ADS about possibly being a meritorious Detective. I learned that there are 5 or 6 things you need for this. You need a complimentary letter from a Sgt, Lt, Captain, Commander, Judge etc... plus a list of all your awards, honorable mentions anything good you have done should be written down and proof should be given. While we were talking she showed me a few examples and thats when it all stopped. I read over three others paperwork who are going to be meritorious and I am pissed at how little they have done and yet they are taking a merit spot. 2 of the 3 have no awards and have only 5 or 6 honorable mentions. 1 of the 3 has never worked on the street since her probation 5 years ago. The letters they have from bosses are a joke , they talk about how sensitive and personable these officers are(how does that make you a merit worthy officer?) The letters went on to talk about how more diversity is needed in the city(wow you might as well say these black women should be given this because they black) and how they represent the community which can help in these times. I always thought you had to shoot a criminal or be shot by a criminal in order to be meritorious or at least be a hero in some way. I know lots of cops who have life saving awards and they get nothing in return. Well I don't know ajudge or commander who would write a letter for me so I guess I am out of luck.

9/17/2007 01:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, what a bunch of ball less, pathetic command people! I don't understand how they can sleep at night knowing that they caved in to the demands of some low life who just happened to get voted up to "aldercreature". And as another poster mentioned, the affected officer should go up the chain and request a meeting with the DC so he can hear from her why he was bounced. I'd do that just to see her look me in the eye while making up some bullcrap excuse. Someone better come up with some valid reasons or the stink of this will permeate the entire district and cause morale to sink even lower.

9/17/2007 02:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The officer from 010 should sue the city.

Name Dixon and all ranking officers from sergeant to superintendent who participate in the outrage as defendants.

9/17/2007 02:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This job makes me want to puke. The grammar school kids from Penn School at 16th and Avers look up to Danny as a hero and a role model. All the merchants on 16th St. trust him. We desperately need more police like him.

Then this bitch Dixon comes along. If Cuello had any integrity and character, she would stand up for this fine officer and tell Dixon to shove it where the sun don't shine. Obviously, Cuello, like those above her, is just another spineless suckhole.

As far as I'm concerned, all local Democrats and the coward police bosses can burn in hell. They are absolutely worthless excrement.

An outsider superintendent with no ties to Daley and the city is our only hope. Even then, it would takes at least ten years to bring back some semblance of morale.

9/17/2007 02:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Williams. Fuck Starks. Fuck Cuello and Dixon. This Department is in real trouble if the new boss is either Starks or Williams.....time to watch your asses big time!

9/17/2007 03:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical exempt whores. Just take a good, hard-working honest cop and throw him under the bus.

How can these shameless scumbags look in a mirror?

9/17/2007 03:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that local media monitors this site. They must realize that the (lack of) leadership in the CPD is a totally corrupt trainwreck. Our best officers could confirm that but are justifiably fearful of getting bricked, even losing their jobs. It's understandable that none of us trusts the media.

Dixon, Cuello, Williams, Starks and the rest can take their 6-figure patronage paychecks to Hell.

9/17/2007 04:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, but no thanks. Northside!

9/17/2007 05:39:00 PM  
Blogger Rich Rostrom said...

CPD brass have to defer to some degree to aldermen, but this sort of rolling over is pathetic.

A good leader protects his people. I can see not openly contradicting even a stupid alderman. In that case, "plow all around him". (What Abe Lincoln once did with an irate governor. Listened to him respectfully, said lots of nice things, while carefully not making any definite commitments. "But it took me three mortal hours, and I was afraid every minute he'd see what I was at.")

At worst, concoct some kind of move that looks like compliance but has no real effect.

That's how good leaders handle such attacks. These CPD leaders have failed an important test. What can Dixon do to them, anyway? It's not as though her single vote is needed to pass the Department budget or something.

Just A Civilian

9/17/2007 06:32:00 PM  
Anonymous snethen said...

Dannye Ward is one of the best, if not the best copper on the North end of 010. Worked up there in adjoining cars with him for a long time. They let some countryfied self important jackass like Dixon call downtown without checking Dannye's record and finding out what he's really about and then taking him off that car, what an injustice to the folks in the North end of 010. Just so everyone knows, Ms. Dixon has her alders office at her residence and wanted picketers arrested for picketing there. Dannye told her our hands are tied as long as her office is in her residence. She didn't go to the commander of 010, she went directly to 35th st who in turn ordered his removal. Goes to show ya, you can be fucked with for following the law. Dannye's not a pooch and never has been. Shame on the bosses and the press if they don't take up this issue. Fuck a good copper...shame on all of you.

9/17/2007 07:14:00 PM  
Anonymous snethen said...

Mr. Janssen, you have my address and phone number....feel free.

9/17/2007 07:15:00 PM  
Anonymous snethen said...

And another thing.......this same big teeth big headed collard green eating piece of crap went into 010 with a handfull of papers and told an officer working the desk to make her twenty copies, while this officer was doing reports. Since when are coppers payed to hang up the coats of mayors and secretaries to aldermen? The officer probably would of done it but didn't know who Dixon was. Anyway she got a CR#. Another crock of shit! OK, I vented!

9/17/2007 07:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Cojones" Cuello shows her true colors and feeds Danny Ward to City Hall and the 35th St. rat pack.

Danny is one of the most highly respected coppers working the West Side.

Sharon Dixon is a despicable piece of shit.

What goes around, comes around, you nasty bitch.

9/17/2007 08:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what party does the good alderman belong to?

Why, shes another democRAT!

Imagine that.

9/17/2007 09:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The next time the greasy shitbird Alderman comes in and demands copies just call the mayor's office and ask them to send over 15 or 20 of his police bodyguards, valets, coatholders, pages, butlers and assorted empty holster hacks. It's not like any of those assholes is busy.

9/17/2007 09:36:00 PM  
Anonymous "go for it, dannye!" said...





THE CITY OF CHICAGO, a municipal corporation, SHARON DIXON, DANA V. STARKS, CHARLES WILLIAMS, BEATRICE CUELLO, individually and in their official capacity,



9/17/2007 09:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But should Aunt "Bee" Cuello refuse a direct order?

9/17/2007 10:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just in! Heard the Mayor is going to install another 65 red light cameras throughout the city. This will generate enough revenue to give police and fire raises over the next 4 years at an average of 8.5%. The contract and raises will run until the Olympic bid is secured. After that 4 probably back to 1-3% per year.

9/17/2007 11:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...Ms. Dixon has her alders office at her residence and wanted picketers arrested for picketing there...

I wonder how much rent she is paying herself and where that money is coming from.

9/17/2007 11:20:00 PM  
Anonymous HATER said...

cuellos in william corner.

her hubby clout is gone so she has to earn browny points.

how can you fault her... she has little juice and cant even promote anyone from her district. her staff know she talks out of the side of her mouth.

prieto was a moron but he had the skills to merit promote quite a few people.

dixson just trying to get the district to do her bidding because she has no one to train her how to ask for money from burke.
cmon an office in your house what a dip shit.

9/17/2007 11:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
...Ms. Dixon has her alders office at her residence and wanted picketers arrested for picketing there...

I wonder how much rent she is paying herself and where that money is coming from.

9/17/2007 11:20:00 PM


9/18/2007 06:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The next time the greasy shitbird Alderman comes in and demands copies just call the mayor's office and ask them to send over 15 or 20 of his police bodyguards, valets, coatholders, pages, butlers and assorted empty holster hacks. It's not like any of those assholes is busy.

9/17/2007 09:36:00 PM


9/18/2007 06:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION is in order. She will lose her JOB!! From now on all P.O.'s working near where she stomps start targeting this bitch!! If this Dixon farts the wrong way or breaks the law no matter how minor show her that even she can be charged with a CRIME!! WATCH IT!!! ALDERMAN DIXON!! some of us P.O.'s don't intimidate as easily as you THINK!!!

9/18/2007 12:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like the aldercreature attempted to break federal law when she ordered the copper working the desk to make copies of political nomenclature!since when is it "legal" in "crookcago" to be forced and intimidated by an "ALDERCREATURE" to perform political campaign work while on the city's dime?maybe ask MR.FITZGERALD,MAYBE IT IS TIME FOR HIM TO "ENLIGHTEN" THE TERRORIZING "ALDERCREATURE" FROM 16TH STREET ABOUT INTIMIDATION AND POLITICAL CAMPAIGN LAWS!

9/18/2007 04:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry but i am new what are DOPW's

9/19/2007 02:17:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work in a different City department and am not a cop. I have a lot of respect for the men and women with the CPD.

At least you have a chance to take a test. All of our promotions are done by "merit." And what a coincidence.....the last four promoted were on the "clout" list. Shazam!!

9/19/2007 02:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Click on itemized contributions hmm contractors giving her money, what is she doing in her ward? maybe we should write to all contributors and ask them to stop giving her so much money? just a thought!

9/19/2007 08:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

look at dixons loans received ahh $16.00 etc what a great money manager she will be next trOutman going to jail PLEASE MR. FITZGERALD GET HER!

9/19/2007 08:30:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The arrogance of this alderwoman doesn't suprise me. Some of our duly elected officials forget that they serve the public, not themselves.

It is reprehensible that this officer received an unfavorable re-assignment because he wouldn't kneel to her royal highness.

The officer is in a difficult position. If the CPD is like the department where I work, and from the postings it sounds identical, then the officer can expect the following:

indifference from his Union and
the HR/Law department putting him under a magnifying glass.

He could also expect those who received those, ahem, "merit" promotions to start documenting alleged "deficiencies" in his work as well.

This "cloak and dagger" managerial abuse destroys morale and creates labor problems, yet its application is systemic and City wide.

Our so called leaders, from Mayor Daley on down, need to realize that team work and co-operation flourish in an environment based on trust and respect, not fear and retribution.

9/19/2007 01:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great thing it is for a policman to use his free speech right to fill the outside world in on the inner workings of the Chicag Police Dept. If we were privy to political information in the same way it would really make a difference. Take a hint some smart politician out there. This kind of blog could be your ticket to ride. cashguy1111. Raed my blog and please link me. It's

9/20/2007 11:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Farley, you are a TOOL. You went all the way to an ADS to "see about" being submitted for Merit Detective? You should have been calling an might have a "great lawyer" to back you up, but you don't have a clue as to how this City/Dept. works.
Now, get back in that beat car and remain there...until you retire!

9/21/2007 04:22:00 AM  

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