Monday, October 29, 2007

Crap Reporting - Again

The headline reads "Wrongly Accused"

The subtitle says "Think Illegals are More Likely to be Involved in Crime? Think Again"

The opening paragraphs:
  • Some say undocumented immigrants -- illegal aliens, as they're often called -- spread crime when they come to the U.S. Others say that is a myth.

    Reliable statistics on crime by undocumented immigrants are hard to come by. But the Chicago Sun-Times has learned that less than 4 percent of the adults in Illinois prisons have been identified as illegal immigrants. And as of mid-July, less than 3 percent of the inmates in Cook County Jail were illegals.

    Those incarceration figures nearly mirror the undocumented immigrant population.

Damn. We guess we've been wrong about illegals committing crime. We better open up the borders first thing tomorrow, disband the border patrol, and strew the paths into this country with rose petals to welcome in our new law abiding neighbors.

Then we read the rest of the article:
  • Those numbers are, as of now, the best snapshot available.

    But they could be incomplete.

    That's because the figures are based on "detainer warrants" -- and not every illegal immigrant in jail or prison has one. What's more, immigrants tend to under-report crime in their communities out of fear of the police, Weitzer said.

    The Cook County Jail figures also could be misleading, since not everyone in custody can be considered a criminal -- some have been charged with crimes but not convicted.

So the writer is admitting that his entire premise for writing the article could be bullshit? Why have that title and subtitle up top then hinting at how wrong all of the conservative racist xenophobes have been in demanding a secure border before we allow legal and documented immigrants to enter the country?

One would think the media had an agenda.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a joke.

10/29/2007 11:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least 75% of my west side arrests are illegal immigrants, granted the majority are midemeanors, so no Cook County time, no stats. 90% of my TVB's are illegals, the majority show up for court but they pay a fine and off they go. If we were able to ascertain their status I can promise the numbers would blow everyone's mind. It is bullshit that we can't determine status and then send their asses back to their home country.

10/29/2007 11:50:00 AM  
Anonymous said...

His slanted story to pander to the Hispanic readership is why media is so screwed up today. Nothing to do with the truth but headlines to sell a paper.

He forgot to mention all those open arrest warrants for 1st Degree Murder and down for people who have fled this country, many to Mexico.

The stats didn't include all the "legal citizens" who are anchor babies of Illegal Aliens that wouldn't be here if their parent(s) didn't come here illegally.

The stats didn't include all the illegal aliens out on bond awaiting their trials.

The story was total BS. 100 Percent pandering for the push to accept those who come to country and drain our benefits.

Don't mention the millions of anchor babies or illegal alien adults receiving welfare and free medical. The millions of dollars spent on illegal alien gangbangers who are injured or shot by other gangbangers.

Let us not forget all the U.S. citizens killed by illegal alien drivers who have no drivers license or car insurance. One of these persons killed was an on duty Chicago police officer not to long ago.

As the old story goes, you can make stats go what ever way you want.

10/29/2007 12:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can we have "reliable statistics" on this when we in the city, county and state law enforcement community are barred from asking about a criminals legal status???? Where did we get the figures from?

10/29/2007 12:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too could not believe the bullshit article in the scum-times. Hum, now answer me this question, since law enforcement can no longer ask if the offender in a crime is illegal or not, how is the government keeping track of who is and who is not illegal? Oh, sure we have never been on the scene of an accident and the striking vehicle has no insurance and no license and they just happened to be illegal.
And the poor hardworking stiff on his way to work is screwed due to the actions of a jag-mo that laughs once you issue a ticket because they know dam well that they are never going to court or be held accountable for their actions.

Sure, why not open the flood gates, no one cares any more. Oh, and thanks Senator Kennedy watering down the immigration bill. But, why should you give a shit; you sure know what it's like to "water" something down.

10/29/2007 12:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It should read:

Some say illegal aliens-or as they're often called, undocumented immigrants are responsible for an increase in crime!

I like how the media changes the order of these words to soften the I put them back how they should go. No more bullshit P.C.!

10/29/2007 01:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Illegal is Illegal Why are we not as the CPD enforcing the LAW? Why is the city and county strapped for cash? Why do we pay for those who pay very little tax in relation to the benefits they recieve? Why has this mayor made Chicago a safe haven for illegals? Why Why Why? Im tired of paying or making American citizens pay via parking tickets or movers for those that just take take take. Remember this the next time your pay your property tax!! Lets enforce the law

10/29/2007 01:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off Topic....

How about we unite for one month. We call in and call off going to court. This is our way of saying
F***K YOU to the court system for what they let happen to PO Mike Mette. Maybe then they would help this poor guy out.

Its a very easy thing and nobody could get in trouble. Just call in your emergency and dont go to court until the 1st of December.

It would surely jam up the system and cause much uneeded grief just Like Mette is getting. Hell ya never know we might make sticking together a regular thing???


10/29/2007 01:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Sergeants exam legit in 1904?? said...

The Chicago Police Sergeant's exam in 1904 . . Do you think it was fixed back then?

Check out this GREAT picture of the coppers in 1904 taking the Sgts test:

(Notice the bottle of booze on the proctor's desk? CLASSIC!!)

10/29/2007 01:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off, Isn't being here illegally a crime in the first place?? They are all criminals if they are here illegally, hence the name "illegal."

All that this guy needs to do is ride up and down 26th street on a weekend and see all the DUI's rolling out of the rodeo show. This guy also forgot that an illegal with, of course, no DL, insurance killed Mike Gordon too.

Side note: Can someone tell me why drunk latino men like to pick up transvestite hookers??

This statement is such bullsh*t just like the certain community that like to say they run from the police because they are scared of them:

What's more, immigrants tend to under-report crime in their communities out of fear of the police, Weitzer said.

If they are "living in such fear", they can go back to their county and feel safe again. I don't want to cause anyone undo stress and anxitey because "It takes a village." GFY Hillary.

10/29/2007 01:57:00 PM  
Anonymous dwlawson said...

How about the line:

Immigrants, Rumbaut told the Sun-Times, "don't have time to mess around. But their U.S.-born children have time to pick up a lot of bad habits of American society."

I's those evil Americans again...

10/29/2007 03:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wowwy,wow,wow. I wonder what Cold Type will have to say about this.
Who would have guessed? I would love to know the statistics on how many are
1) driving
2) obviously, no insurance
3) how many DUI's they rack up?

10/29/2007 03:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those low statistics are BS. Anyone counted in a jail or prison as an "official" illegal has been determined to be so by the federal government. But the federal government does not classify every illegal. It depends on the crime and whether or not the government wants to deport them. Just like the feds don't prosecute every gun or drug case in federal court, which they actually could. And who gives a shit if it's say only 0.5% of the prison population. That's people we have paid to prosecute, defend, and incarcerate that have no business being here.

10/29/2007 03:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off Topic: SCC ,just had to share this ......CTA Pres Huberman called 911 to report "Holding Offender" ...he was on his way to a meeting, using public trans...when the "alleged" offender offered "bogus cta transit card"! Does he get credit for the arrest? Is he still the POLICE? OEMC wants to know!

10/29/2007 03:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politicians gave this country away and keep trying to pass the amnesty bill for illegals? Give me a break. Democrat Dick Head Durbin always votes their way. I was told that he was contacted about Officer Mette to see if he could do something, his answer was that he didn't want to get involved. Very sad that he would get involved for illegals and not bother about a citizen of this country who was railroaded, shame on Durbin.

10/29/2007 03:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We deal with these liberal freaks in the suburbs too, especially those of us in or near Oak Park. Just check out and and look at what these bloggers allow to be posted.

10/29/2007 04:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I currently work in a district with a substantial illegal immigrant population, and I can tell you that they are more likely to be the victims of a crime than the offenders. That is, unless we are talking about traffic related incidents.

10/29/2007 05:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The writers for the Times need to go to journalism schools.

Once they entered the country unlawfully, they committed a crime...Hello?

Oh, and is the jail in the article the only jail in the state? I realize that the appeal for "sanctuary" and the hard-core truth do not necessarily co-exist, but small municipalities are unable to deal with the illegal criminals in their midst. Let's face it, they are not equipped to handle Columbian, Equadorian and Mexican cartels. So wanting to be PC and not embarassed, they keep quiet.

Shhh, the sheeple are sleeping.

10/29/2007 05:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Jay said...

I don't know how it is in Chicago, but our cops here aren't allowed to ask immigration status. So if Pedro doesn't volunteer that he's illegal, they won't know.

10/29/2007 05:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its the children of the illegals. Their Parents are afraid of their own kids rating them out and sending them back to Mexico. The kids run around doing whatever they want and end up gang banging and in the prision system.

10/29/2007 05:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

scc , once again you have scooped the media. channel 7 and chuckie cheese goudie just reported that chromium has agreed to give up their liquor liscence. Also reported that the liquor liscence holder was indeed married to someone who could not legally hold a liquor liscence. nice work. you talked about this a week or so ago.

10/29/2007 06:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10/29/2007 06:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only are illegals responsible for a sizable chunk of crime in Chicago, but also, due to NO screening, have brought numerous diseases here to Chicago as well. It is ironic that Daley, the guy who is always is hounding everyone in the CPD to get the crime rate down, is one of the prime contributors to the Crime rate in Chicago, by allowing Crookcago to be a Sanctuary City for Illegals. All I can say about our mayor is, hank God He's not the President.

10/29/2007 07:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Golly Gee, SCC, why the criticism for a disclaimer or two? Aren't you the same outfit that published the super silly "Blockbuster SOS News?" about how the entire Federal case against Jerry Finnegan was bullshit and was moments away from being dismissed? Did you not later call that same story a "rumor?" Are you now prepared to admit that it was complete bullshit? Has your source apologized? No retraction? Given these events, why are you criticizing an author for trying to relay as much data to the reader as possible? You are weird and angry.

10/29/2007 07:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

off topic but why no reports about mike mette reporting to jail iin iowa?? you just gonna let thatfly under the radar with no fanfare? bs scc. you ought to be ashamed

10/29/2007 07:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the dozens of "undocumented" hispanics I've arrested for everything from DUI to Possession to UUW. If they can bond out, do you think they actually come to court? No way. And if they don't come to court, then they can't be considered a criminal right????

10/29/2007 07:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be careful people...

Note that they link to this blog.

10/29/2007 07:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh, drug trafficking,gang involved children, dui...and not to mention the inability to take down the damn icicle lights, whats up with that?
when we were kids my dad would say when the christmas lights stay up, the home values go down.

10/29/2007 08:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crap Reporting? Are you talking about the case reports that I have to approve? Most of you don't know how to write a complete sentence. These are the veterans and the hair gel police. Maybe they should have a basic grammar class at the academy. For the recruits and the old timers.

10/29/2007 08:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read this site:

There is not one benefit that outweighs the cost of one US citizen's life to have illegals in this country and fight to keep them here. If all the illegals were caught and sent back or imprisoned quite possibly none of the victims on the site would have died. But social progressive liberals don't see it that way. Someday they will when the person that entered this country illegally kills one of their own. I don't care if the illegals are red, black, white, green, brown, or purple, whether they are Irish, German, Russian, Mexican, etc. If the first law they break is to get into this country, which they so much want to because their home country is shit, where does it stop? And the nerve to protest are laws as being unfair, when in their own country they would be afraid to protest, and you know that if we did the same thing overseas what they do here we would be deported or put in jail and laughed at for trying to protest that nation's laws.

10/29/2007 09:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Channel 7 is doing a bit on Mike Mette tonight on 10:00 news. Mike needs all the air time we can get. Hopefully it will be sympathetic and garner more public (local) support. You will remain in my prayers, Mike. Stay strong.

10/29/2007 09:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work in Area 4, which covers 10th district, which is mostly hispanic and I'm sure many are "ILLEGAL aliens" as we call them. However I have a lot more respect for those so called illegals , most of whom come here for jobs and a better life, than for the M/1's in the north end of 10th and all of 011th district. I have never been to a 10-1 or have bottles thrown at me or any P.O. south of Cermak Rd. Most of the residents there go to work, send their kids to school and try to take care of their families as better as they can. which is more than I can say for the "residents" north of Cermak. Seems like every foot chase in 11 or north end of 10 whether is for a gun, dope or anything else we "put" on them the residents have no idea what the hell is going on but still come out and protest and riot and hate us. Most residents in little village and Pilsen (also part of area 4) are happy to see the police. Isn't it a wonder how the ones complaining and bitching about the police in the hispanic areas of our districts are the gang bangers, most of whom are 2nd or 3rd generation Americans. Most of today's prisons are full of 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations "legal" immigrants and slave descendants. We have a bad relationship with the black community, and those of us who work those district know that their priorities in life are out of order at best. Clothes, gym shoes, 22" rims and sound systems are not the most important things in life. Isn't it ironic that the main reason for those illegal immigrants to come here is for a better life and to find a job, something most black residents could have but for different reasons decide to go the other route.

10/29/2007 09:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

off topic but why no reports about mike mette reporting to jail iin iowa?? you just gonna let thatfly under the radar with no fanfare? bs scc. you ought to be ashamed

10/29/2007 07:27:00 PM

Are you ignorant? Or just stupid?

SCC had that post up since Saturday. It's titled "Mette to Jail Monday" and has generated over 13o comments since then.

10/29/2007 09:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The SLUM-TIMES should be bankrupt or out of business soon. Good riddence, hopefully the Chicago FIBUNE will be next.

10/29/2007 09:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dick Durbin is truely one of the most worthless piece of shit politicians in the united States. No wonder him and Daley are pals, they both have a lot in common..

10/29/2007 10:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Chicago Police Sergeant's exam in 1904 . . Do you think it was fixed back then?"

The names of the Bosses haven't changed much since then...

10/29/2007 10:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have to switch topics here. Why has the Repective Heads of the Fraternal Order of Police, City of Chicago, Cook County and the State of Illinois all been silent in this matter?

Since when has defending yourself from a physical attack become a jailable offense?

If Mike wins his appeal will he be reinstated by the CPD? If he isnt (ground breaking statement to follow)then the powers that be are just a bunch of assholes. George Ryan was allowed to stay out of prison during his appeal, and he is indirectly resonsible for the deaths of that ministers children!

Good Luck Mike.

10/29/2007 10:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many Immigrant's come here for strictly economic reasons.


To live here and do whatever the fuck they wish as if they're still in juarez. Then when they get locked up for not obeying "our" laws they can SUE for monetary damages.

It's amazing how many advertisements I see on bus benches (in spanish) for some law firm or CPA touting "Get the social security benefits YOU deserve!"

It's a joke.

The U.S.A. will be a 3rd world country in another generation, and in 2 generations we'll all be speaking arabic or dead!

Thanks to the Federal governments lack of protecting our borders and sovereignty!


A good example of this greed is on the Tribune web-site.A class action lawsuit was just filed against the officer in 025. Every illegal drunk driver is now crying how "their rights" were trampled and asking for monetary damages.

It's amazing they come here and have more rights and entitlements as a "non-citizen" then they do as a citizen in their own country.

I wish I was a millionaire..I'd buy and island and start my own country!

10/29/2007 10:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank's Channel 7. You did a fair piece on Mike Mette. I cried watching his family hugging him. I could only write another check for his defense fund. Wish we could do more.
Don't be too harsh on the Iowans who will be in Chicago. They would probably fair no better than Mike in that situation.
It's still who you know, not what you know.

10/29/2007 10:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The joke is when you do a tvb w/ an illegal immigrant. U run their name they give you that day particular day and when it comes back no record. Ticket I-bond, off they go. Maybe show up to court maybe not. But next time u pull them over different name or bday. and once again no record. Again and again... I know you can long form them for prints, which I am sure would find a handfull of warrants every day if everyone did that. But whatever... thats not the way it is. I am done ranting.

10/29/2007 10:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... said...


10/29/2007 11:14:00 PM  
Anonymous said...

I guess people who break out of jail to make money for their family so they can eat, should not be arrested? Give me a break.

10/30/2007 12:19:00 AM  
Anonymous SIR DONKEY, ESQ. said...

It does no good to Mike for us to retaliate against the people of IOWA. We (CPD) need to focus on helping Mike, not fucking with IOWA.
One of us will be sitting in jail for 4 years because he defended himself.
As far as I am concerned, we should all show up in IOWA, bust Mike out of jail, and take turns kidnapping Mike (note, he wont prosicuite).
The least we can do is to shut down the northwestern/Iowa game.
They cant arrest us all. The city cant afford to fire us all.
So we take some time, big deal!
I have a place in wisconsin, on a lake. Good fishing, good hunting, big fire pit, well stocked bar. Anyone who gets suspended supporting Mike, the keys are yours, enjoy your vacation. Bring the family.

This entire case screams Politics. Where is the outrage?
Fuck the rules! One of US is fighting for his life to stay alive in prison, or at least not to get raped there. Why, because the drunk kid of a politically connected contractor started beating on one of ours, and lost.

I'll take 30 days, and be proud.
Something big needs to be done!
For GOD's sakes, they put him in jail over CLOUT!!!
When is enough ENOUGH?

10/30/2007 01:03:00 AM  
Anonymous sir donkey, esq. said...

I just watched the channel 7 news (re-broadcast). Hat tip to them, as the information was accurate.
What the hell can be done to fast-track Mikes appeal?
Any lawyers on this blog have any info?"
Where is Mike being held? Anyone Know? PLEASE POST HIS ADDRESS!
At the very least, I have to assume that mail is golden, just like in the military.
If You do nothing else, sent him some mail.

10/30/2007 01:59:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DemocRATS are hoping that by appearing sympathetic to illegal Mexicans, that they will vote for them. Bob Dornan, a fighter pilot who fought in Viet Nam, and a Republican representative from CA, said that he was the first member of congress to be defeated by illegal aliens. It sounds funny, but it is true. Anyone who was in combat defending this country should ask themselves: Did I fight for the U.S. so that Mexican landscapers and drywall hangers could have a better life by invading my country? Dick Durban "The Turbin" seems more interested in making sure that our avowed enemy, Al-Qaeda, has a Club Gitmo existence, than in defeating these animals. Where did this asshole do his trigger time? (Rhetorical question). You just know that this gutless little wimp never wore the uniform of his country...not even as a clerk, but he has the balls to call our troops Nazis. Most of the DemocRATS are triple A's.(AAA)
Anti-American Americans. One last thought: Just because one of these
illegal bitches calf's in this country, why does their calf automatically become a US citizen?
What's wrong with the theory of the "Fruit of the poison tree?"

10/30/2007 04:35:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10/30/2007 06:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"His slanted story to pander to the Hispanic readership is why media is so screwed up today. Nothing to do with the truth but headlines to sell a paper."

Pander to the Hispanic population? You mean the ones you say can't speak/read English i.e. don't read the Trib.

Anyone can take any stats and make them support any side of any story. If I thought it would help you I would show you by using similar examples based on crimes committed by illegal Polish immigrants - they do exist you know.

- not a cop but an indirect supporter of this site

10/30/2007 08:27:00 AM  
Anonymous Paul M said...

SCC, it is a lousy headline by a lazy copy editor.

10/30/2007 08:39:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that Hitney taking the 1904 test? If so get off her back she's paid her dues for 103 years.

Suffragette City.

10/30/2007 09:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stop traffic violators and long form them. Someone said it will hurt them if they ever pass some sort of Immigration Amnesty in the future. At least this way they will have a record that they can't avoid, and some monetary restitution could be made to the people they hurt behind the wheel, which would prevent some of them from gaining citizenship.

10/30/2007 08:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why isn't it documented? Cause #1 we can't ask their legal status and #2, who really checks on their legal status in county jail???? I was told their status is checked on, (by who I don't know now, is it ICE?), but ask anyone in county and no one knows who actually checks the "legal" status of these "aliens". It's not all Mexicans and South Americans, it's the Russians, Polish, other eastern European folk doing a lot of fraud and vice crimes, too. Let's not forget the middle east arrestees who also fly under the radar. The system sucks.

10/30/2007 09:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Common Sense said...

did anyone take into account that when the illegals bond out they usually either A) flee back to the homeland to avoid being tried and convicted, or B) go get another bogus ID, SS Card, and name from the aldermans family that runs the illegal ID businesses that are most likely still up and running, just in a different spot.

10/31/2007 04:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Common Sense said...
did anyone take into account that when the illegals bond out they usually either A) flee back to the homeland to avoid being tried and convicted, or B) go get another bogus ID, SS Card, and name from the aldermans family that runs the illegal ID businesses that are most likely still up and running, just in a different spot.

10/31/2007 04:23:00 AM

gangbanger ald munoz and family doing the same shit again!

10/31/2007 08:26:00 AM  
Anonymous Traveler said...

I'm so happy every F*ing tax is going up so I can support the hard working *cough *cough people trying to better themselves and their families. They would never think of living in projects for generations, dropping out of school, driving with no insurance or license like an ass blowing stop signs, or commit any violent crime; be it gang related or not, and they never touch dope. They need my tax dollars to support them and their dreams. Fuss my dreams and hard work, they need my help. WHY CAN"T THEY HELP THEMSELVES??? I have no problem helping those who need it, but this bullsh*t of hand outs to people who don;t do sh*t productive. Put them to work like FDR did way back when Lets start another WPA program to give them money. If they don't contribute we don't help PERIOD.

10/31/2007 04:23:00 PM  
Blogger Simeron said...

By being in this country illegally every single illegal alien is, by definition, a criminal.

So 100% of them are criminals right?

Maybe I should write an article detailing how every single man, woman and child that is in this country is a criminal and back it up with that one, simple and true fact.

But problem is, nobody would read it much less buy it....booo...

11/01/2007 09:40:00 AM  

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