Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bears Still Alive

The Bears don't play until Monday night, but their playoff hopes got a tiny little boost Saturday night. For the Bears to be completely eliminated by Monday Night kickoff, the following had to happen:
  1. Dallas had to beat the Ravens Saturday night;
  2. Bucs beat the Chargers Sunday;
  3. Eagles beat the Redskins;
  4. Vikings beat the Falcons.
Dallas lost, so the Bears wild card hopes remain alive. Doctors aren't optimistic, but they are alive. If the Bears had just won one more game, chances would be much better, but you can't usually make the playoffs relying on other teams to lose. You have to take care of your own business.

In any event, we'll be watching a couple of the games with a bit more interest than usual. But none of it means a thing unless the Bears win Monday.

Did anyone notice the Blackhawks won their SEVENTH game in a row Saturday? We did. And they have a bit of a rest before taking on Katey's Flyers on Friday.

UPDATE: Bucs lost, so the Bears chances are getting better, They're probably up around 20% now.

UPDATE: Redskins held off the Eagles on an amazing last play at the goal line.

UPDATE: Ok, this just isn't fair. Now the Vikings lost. Each and every game that had to go one way, went the other way to the Bears advantage. So much for our previous statement about not having to rely on the other teams to lose. Now it's all up to the Bears on Monday Night Football to keep it alive for one more week. Unbelievable.



Anonymous orville tessier said...

I am a Huge Hawks fan, but cautious. Look at the last seven games and tell me how many were real solid teams. I would say that 4 out of seven were gimmes

12/21/2008 09:09:00 AM  
Anonymous Abe Gibron said...

The Bears will end up 10-6 as to go lower in the draft, which isn't a bad thing. Angelo would waste the pick anyway.

Poor, GM, poor coaches, old offensive line, aging middle linebacker.
It's time to rebuild from the top down.

As Lombardi said, ...there's only one place and that's first place.

12/21/2008 09:33:00 AM  
Blogger kateykakes said...


I'm looking forward to this match between the Flyers and Blackhawks. It's going to be a good one. I'm hoping to see some fisticuffs flying too! ;)

12/21/2008 11:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed SCC, the Hawks look great and are a pleasure to watch. When they were down last night I did not worry, I knew they would come back.

12/21/2008 11:46:00 AM  
Anonymous HEAR THE ROAR said...


Many of you were not even born in 1981, or certainly weren't serious fans yet, but there is a magic going on over on West Madison that hasn't been seen in years.

It's rooted in the return of Blackhawk Ambassadors, Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Tony Esposito and Dennis Savard, Hall of Famers all!

It's rooted in the inspiration of Savard that the players have "got to commit to the Indian";

It's rooted in the talented, boyish faces in the locker room; Kids, unaffected by the big city, the bright lights or the big money! Anchored by a team Captain PLAYING IN ONLY HIS SECOND SEASON OF NHL HOCKEY!!!

How awesome for the Chicago Blackhawks to be able to watch such obvious signs of maturation and success in the rebirth of their franchise, so long in hibernation under Bill Wirtz!

How awesome for the true Blackhawk hockey fans, who waited and waited for the team to outlast Bill Wirtz' ownership, (may he RIP). How absolutely uplifting to see how quickly Rocky Wirtz is putting his stamp on this team by hiring professional executives, signing quality free agents, drafting and developing such outstanding young players and leaders AND discovering that wacky new medium...TELEVISION!!!

Hopefully, this will be an awesome ride for years to come and I'm looking forward to watching it all unfold in front of me on my 65" flatscreen!

Note: I've reused some of my original post as anonymous said from:
12/08/2008 02:13:00 AM

12/21/2008 12:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad I started becoming a Hockey fan... Okay, not really, more of a Hawks fan. It's been great watching them lately. I'm so glad they're on TV.

The Bears have already acceded my expectations. I predicted 6-10

12/21/2008 02:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Did anyone notice the Blackhawks won their SEVENTH game in a row Saturday?"


12/21/2008 03:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dalla Lost
Tampa Lost
Minnesota Losing
Philly Losing

Wholly shit

12/21/2008 05:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

look out for the flyers in the near future.. remember they still have the second overall pick in the minors big James Van Reimsdyke (sp?) who they chose 2nd overall. They say he is as good if not better than Kane. Plus he/they- the Flyers were smart, they chose to have him mature first in the minors before making the jump to the NHL caliber. Unlike Phoenix who has Kyle Turris- 3rd overall, making the jump to the NHL right away like Kane- obviously first overall, but Turris is clearly not ready with something like 5 goals and 6 assists compared to Kane's stats. Turris should of done at least one more year in the minors but Phoenix was hurting, plus Gretzky has a big ego.

12/21/2008 05:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe it, but it appears that all FOUR of those things didn't happen!!

12/21/2008 06:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way too much complaining on this blog. We all know that this dept, city, county, state and now the country are run by these scheming Cook County Democratic machine bastards. We need more funny stuff on this blog. I'm not saying all b&^%*ing is inappropriate but let's not be so damn serious. We got a lot of funny guys on this job. I laugh every day at work in spite of all the BS thrown at us, and yes I do work in a district, first watch, over 20 years on and not inside. The post about the orange FOP books in an earlier topic was hilarious and most comments posted in response to it showed that those commenting are berift of a sense of humor

12/21/2008 06:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Mike McCaskey said...


The Ravens beat Dallas;
The Chargers beat the Bucs;
The Redskins beat the Eagles;
The Falcons beat the Vikings;

Wow! The Bears are going to Disney World!!!


12/21/2008 06:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Pappa Bear said...


"Dave Wannstedt rolls over in his mustache!"

12/21/2008 06:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Wolves are in 1st place. Go support a quality team. They just beat the Hawks minor league team again. Not much in the Hawks farm system.

12/21/2008 06:48:00 PM  
Blogger CJN said...

Orville, what are you talking about? Last three were road games up in western Canada.

12/21/2008 07:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bought 2 tickets to the winter classic. Set me back more than 4 bills for supposedly "partial view seats". I didn't know they were shit seats until after I paid, but what the hell? Should be a great game. Happy new year!!

12/21/2008 08:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Can't believe these fuckers are able to pull the trigger in -30 degree weather and blowing snow!

12/21/2008 09:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kateykakes , the pin up girls are super. Merry Christmas

12/21/2008 10:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the Cubbie syndrome.

Keep you hoping, dangle the possibility in front of your nose, then, when you've bought in solid, hope soaring in your heart, they crush you, with or without the insult of playing like shit in that last, crucial game.

Da Bears.

Da bookies' next 'magic' team.

Bookie Joe says, "It's beginnin' ta look a lot like Christmas.....".

12/21/2008 10:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bears SUCK!!!!!!

12/21/2008 11:29:00 PM  
Anonymous dilligaf said...

The Broad Street Bullies cannot even catch up to our kids. I see a 4-1 game with Asham getting a beat down....

Just remember, growing up in the 70's in certain parts of Chicago, Dave Schultz was also known as the boogey man. And Bobby Clarke was wuss.....

12/22/2008 12:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bears Blow!

12/22/2008 12:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CJN said...
Orville, what are you talking about? Last three were road games up in western Canada.

12/21/2008 07:42:00 PM

What does Canada have to do with the fact that 3 teams of the last 7 are crap

12/22/2008 07:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Orville Tessier said...

Hey CJN,
Not to say that i am not excited...I am, but cautious. I have confidence in the HAWKS but looking at the last 7 victories they included, Edmonton (last Pl) Pheonix (Crap), and Colorado. (Mediocre at best). The others were solid, but those 3 are week. I'll take the victories but let's not thnink of the hawks as the 85 Oilers now. To early.

12/22/2008 08:13:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

unfortunately it all means nothing unless the bears win their next 2.

12/22/2008 08:20:00 AM  
Blogger kateykakes said...

Philly Losing

No surprise here. The Eagles are the masters of choke.

Kateykakes , the pin up girls are super. Merry Christmas

Glad you like them. I'm probably going to stick with one pretty soon though.

Merry Christmas to you too. :)

dilligaf said...

The Broad Street Bullies cannot even catch up to our kids. I see a 4-1 game with Asham getting a beat down....

Just remember, growing up in the 70's in certain parts of Chicago, Dave Schultz was also known as the boogey man. And Bobby Clarke was wuss.....

Hey, watch it, buddy! That's my team you're dissing! :p

The Flyers are going to have a tough time against the Hawks. I'm thinking they'll be struggling tomorrow against the Sens too.

They're bruised and battered and have a long list of players out with injuries.

I'm not sure what's up w/ Upshall, but he was out of the game yesterday after a very big hit. Lower body injury is the last I heard.

Asham plays with all heart. He can't fight for shit, but he tries. Cote's still got stiches from the beating Brashear gave him the other day I don't think he'll be in any hurry to throw the fists around. Gratton, however, will be.

And Dave (The Hammer)Schultz and Bobby Clarke are hockey gods. ;)

12/22/2008 08:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit who the Hawks are playing. For years they couldnt beat a fricking junior team from the Edge. The fact is they are winning again (in exciting fashion) and at the rate they are going they will eventually start kicking everybodys ass.Including those suckass Redwings....I'm loving the shit out of this!!!!!

GO BLACKHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/22/2008 09:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the packers will destroy the BEars and end all of this nonsense... smoke and mirrors!!!

12/22/2008 09:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still think they're an 8-8 team, even if they wind up going 10-6 or 9-7.

They're best chance right now is for them to win the division outright with two more wins and two Viking losses.

12/22/2008 02:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great fuckin' game! Bears 20-17 (OT).

12/22/2008 10:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are unreal. Just unreal!! But they're gonna give me a heart attack before they're through.

12/22/2008 11:04:00 PM  
Anonymous dilligaf said...

@ KK: " And Dave (The Hammer)Schultz and Bobby Clarke are hockey gods. ;)"

When I grew up in the 70's + 80's that was when hockey was hockey. The Norris division was where it was at for absolute physical play. If the Great One played in the Norris, we would not speak of him with the awe & reverence he deserves....

Love how Bettman promotes Sid the Sissy, but stays away from Kaner.

12/23/2008 12:18:00 AM  

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