Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It Began Last Night...

  • On another warm night in Chicago, at least six people were shot in four separate incidents on the South, West and North Sides, officials said.

Unfortunately, one of those shootings happened to be in the midst of Lincoln Park, that trendy urban oasis where violence is fairly rare, the nightlife is hopping and tourist dollars flow like water.

And those "wildings" we've been talking about for months now?
  • Four teen boys and two girls -- all 15 years old -- were arrested and charged after allegedly hitting an 18-year-old girl from northwest suburban Barrington in the face near North Avenue Beach Monday night.

  • The second incident occurred about 10 p.m. when two men jogging in an underground tunnel noticed a crowd going through the tunnel, according to a police report.

    When one runner said "on your right," while attempting to pass the crowd, Laverrick Crews, 19, allegedly struck that man in the back of the head with his hand, according to the report.
They're attacking the joggers and the suburban tourists. We fear it's just a matter of time before Chicago ends up with a "Central Park jogger" type scenario.

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