Sunday, August 28, 2011

Casper Lauer Ride

Coming up soon (18 September 2011):
  • “Casper Lauer” Police Memorial Motorcycle Run

    “The Largest Police Motorcycle Run in the Midwest”

    500+ Riders showing support for Police Officers

    Named in honor of “Casper Lauer” one of the first Chicago Police Officer to be “killed in the line of duty” and dedicated to all Police Officers in the nation killed serving their communities.

    All Police and Civilian motorcyclist of any manufacture and all non motorcyclists, are welcome to be our guests, as we remember and celebrate the lives of Police Officers through out the Nation, “killed in the line of duty” and support their survivors.

  • Benefiting Police Charities & Gold Star Families Police Survivors

    Motorcycle Motorcade, Leaving @ 11 am
    Leaving from AKMC Clubhouse
    5049 W. Lake St, Chicago, IL

    Memorial Service, 12 pm
    Gold Star Memorial Park
    18th & Solidarity
    (Behind Soldier Field)

    Party, 1 pm
    AKMC Clubhouse
    5049 W. Lake St, Chicago, IL

    Ticket information: Tickets $20
More details at this link here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always a great time for a great cause!

8/28/2011 02:59:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad. I see you have fallen for Eddie Burke's bullshit that Lauer was not the First CPD officer killed in the line of duty. You refer to Lauer as being "one of the first" He was the first! Despite what the self serving weasel Burke and his DEA pal pinhead Barrett say to the contrary.

Burke and his nitwit pal Barret want that changed, so this being chicago, it was changed.

8/28/2011 09:39:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SCC, can you please post think link on your blog for every officer and civilian to view. Its very fitting for this subject and a very nice video made in honor of fallen officers.

8/28/2011 11:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya, always treated well and have a great time. Plus its only $20.

8/28/2011 12:01:00 PM  
Blogger RedWine/BlackPowder said...

The guy Burke has been tauting wasn't CPD, he was a town constable. By those standards we can count half of Capt. Heald's Company, 1st US History as the first, since the Fort Dearborn garrison were basically a constabulary.

8/28/2011 07:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry but the area 4 ride to remember is much larger.

8/28/2011 09:40:00 PM  
Blogger Dorsai said...

RedWine/BlackPowder, James Quinn was a Police Constable, not "Town Constable." In May, 1853, the Chicago Common Council passed an ordinance “Creating and Regulating the Police Department.” (PDF at,%201853%20Ordinance.pdf)

The ordinance stated: “That there be and hereby is established a Police Department, to consist of the Marshal, Police Constables, Policemen and Watchmen of the city, who shall be known as Police Officers."

Constable of not, James Quinn was also a Chicago Police Officer when he was killed in December of 1853, ten months before Casper Lauer was stabbed. No one at the time disputed that fact. Mayor Boone's later reorganization of the Police to exclude Irishmen like Quinn doesn't change that fact.

8/29/2011 03:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Rick Barrett said...

I stumbled upon the story of James Quinn and naively believed that CPD historians would welcome home this Lost Sheep. Turns out, nothing could have been further from the truth.

I relied on original city documents (from 1853 and 1854) to make the case for Quinn. These records were reviewed by 7 professional historians at the Chicago History Museum who concluded “Quinn died as a result of injuries sustained in the line of duty as an officer of the city.”

In 2009, CPD Awards Committee reviewed the evidence and found that Quinn was a LODD. Accordingly, his star was retired in the Star Case in 2010.

During the research on Quinn, I found several additional CPD Officers who had made the ultimate sacrifice yet were forgotten by history. They have since been enshrined in the Gold Star Families Memorial and Park:

1. Neils Hansen, EOW: 18-FEB-1871
2. Spencer Wellington McArthur, EOW: 29-JUN-1877
3. Gilbert Reynolds,EOW:05-DEC-1877
4. William F. Ellfeldt, EOW:12-MAY-1890
5. John Dempsey, EOW:14-JUL-1894
6. William Feely, EOW: 31-JUL-1894
7. Bartholomew Cavanaugh, EOW:15-DEC-1898
8. Fred Heilman, EOW: 18-JAN-1903
9. Austin Woolsey, EOW: 13-FEB-1906
10. James Harrington, EOW: 03-DEC-1921
11. Raymond E. Walsh, EOW: 08-MAR-1925
12. Frank A. Sedlach, EOW: 31-AUG-1929
13. Emmet Laughlin, EOW: 25-AUG-1939
14. Dennis F. Collins, EOW: 03-JUL-1953
15. Edward H. Breen, EOW: 11-JUL-1954
16. Dennis J. Laughlin, EOW: 09-MAR-1960

Finally, re:coming to terms with the fact that Quinn was 1st LODD,the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, is currently selling commemorative replicas of Constable Quinn's star, noting that he is in fact, the "first fallen officer" of the CPD.

The Quinn case never should have turned into the circus that it became. Why? Because city officials (who were in charge all hiring, firing and all other administrative issues related to the CPD at the time) decided back when it happened that Quinn, in fact, died in the line of duty. Two separate bodies (the Committee on Police in a Dec. 12, 1853, decision and the Committee on the Judiciary, in a March 6, 1854, decision) both found Quinn's death was in the line of duty and as such, they compensated his widow, Margaret Quinn, $50.00 from city funds. And make no mistake, at the time these committees were in charge of the CPD. See the Ordinances that created the CPD for proof.

Your refusal to accept the incontrovertible evidence and facts in Quinn is oddly similar to the story of the curing of the blind man found in the New Testament...In that case, the Pharisees refused to accept the Truth even though it was standing right before them. (Have a Catholic priest explain it to you.) The point is any time the accepted narrative is challenged, the challenger better be prepared for a fight. Some folks just resent change.

8/29/2011 10:30:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally, re:coming to terms with the fact that Quinn was 1st LODD,the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, is currently selling commemorative replicas of Constable Quinn's star, noting that he is in fact, the "first fallen officer" of the CPD.

I checked it out on the CPMF website and also found a "Retired CPD" Challenge Coin there that honors all those that served. Great gift for my partners that retired and one for myself.
Read the accompanying history about the coin, nicely done.
Thanks CPMF!

8/31/2011 09:25:00 AM  

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