Monday, June 29, 2015

Slow Weekend (UPDATE - Not So Slow?)

  • Three people have been killed and at least 13 others injured in shootings across Chicago since Friday evening.
We happened to be relaxing in the pool with a frosty beverage (root beer floats if you must ask) and we plan on more of the same shortly.

UPDATE: The Tribune has updated its shot-o-meter:
  • Three people were killed and at least 21 were wounded in shootings across the city over the weekend.

    That pushed the city homicide total for 2015 to at least 213 and the shooting total to at least 1,255, according to a Chicago Tribune database of city shootings. Both of those surpass yearly totals for similar timespans in 2013 and 2014, according to an analysis of that database.
And wait until this weekend.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy, you deserve it.

6/29/2015 12:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just gonna throw that in our face, SCC?

I hope it rains (I'm a self admitted hater. So much a hater that im THAT hater that rappers always talk about. I'd even say I hate so much that even they hate me. Now that's a lot of hating.)

6/29/2015 12:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take it slow and easy Officers...every one else is doing that.
OT: with Supremes changing marriage into a free for all...will the next thing be that Christian/Catholics will close hospitals due to Obamacare and Reverends will close shop due to new Marriage Rights?? Next thing is non-for profit status will be exempt no more...and adopted children or surrogate children will have 2 same sex care-givers for the rest of their lives. It appears memories of 2 sex parents will fade into the sun-set. No more Mary & Joseph.

6/29/2015 12:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chicago is famous. Hundreds of thousands attended Chicago's Pride Parade. What a show it has been written up in newspapers and seen on TV around the world. A real plus for the Windy City Chicago and CPD can be proud of our LGBT population. Maybe the parade and all the love vibes had something to do with shootings being down.

6/29/2015 12:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully with "not your father's root beer"....

6/29/2015 12:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Paul Kersey said...

Root Beer Floats? That sounds like such a different, more simple, (and kinder) time.

Hopefully, you still live in a Beaver Cleaver area - there aren't many neighborhoods left like that - not just in Chicago, but everywhere.

I was wondering if the Gay Pride Parade sparked a lot of violence?

No big uprising?

I am very glad to hear you went back to one of life's simple pleasures - a Root Beer Float.

Maybe there is still some hope out there.

6/29/2015 01:09:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We happened to be relaxing in the pool with a frosty beverage (root beer floats if you must ask) and we plan on more of the same shortly."

Rubber raft springs a leak --


-- grab hold of one of those aluminum half-kegs bobbing around and kick for the shore.

We'd hate to lose ya.


God bless.

6/29/2015 01:36:00 AM  
Blogger SpankDaddy said...

I am resting my sore right hand. Paddling butts can be difficult work.

6/29/2015 05:35:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gay pride was a shit show again. I'm amazed that no po's were seriously hurt. Crime in Boystome has a great run down of the events with a radio log. Time for the charade to end. None of the neighborhood attends the after party events, it's turned into Bud Billiken North.

6/29/2015 09:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This weekend really helped GMAC. The same weekend last year there were 44 shot and 7 killed. He made up a lot of ground. Fourth of July weekend thursday-monday they are calling for mid 70s in the day with on and off rain all weekend and most nights staying around 60 degrees and the 3rd to have a night time low in the high 50s. I'm guessing that will kill some crime considering I saw a few puffy coats last week when it was 65 at night. GMAC is getting lucky and will make a ton of headway with shootings and murders considering last year was such a bloodbath

6/29/2015 09:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What root beer do you like? FrosTop makes a nice brew.

6/29/2015 10:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Q: Can someone confirm that the state FOP is settling with the former president to the tune of $270k? How does this happen? It can't possibly cost that much to challenge it in court.

6/29/2015 11:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The city always over reacts on this stuff. The 4th will be as usual.

6/29/2015 11:52:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, but "overall crime" is down for like 12 years in a row - What is "overall crime?" Does it have anything to do with MAACBART?
Do they include Treason in their stats? !!

6/29/2015 02:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gay Pride Parades, Gay Marriage upheld, Law Enforcement under siege all across the USA, coldest, rainiest June in our history, now SCC in his pool drinking root beer floats. Apparently the Apocalypse is Upon Us.

6/30/2015 11:40:00 AM  

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