Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Meet the New IPRA Boss

  • The newly named chief of the independent body that reviews police officer misconduct in Chicago says she has no agenda beyond the pursuit of integrity and transparency.

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel named Sharon Fairley as leader of the Independent Police Review Authority on Monday after the former leader resigned.

    “I promise you I bring no agenda, other than the pursuit of integrity and transparency in the work that IPRA does,” Fairley told reporters at a news conference.
She is a former federal prosecutor and worked in the Inspector General's office as First Deputy and General Counsel. She also graduated from the University of Chicago - an old haunt of the Obamas.

A quick Google search reveals Fairley (great name by the way!) has a soon-to-be ex husband named John W Rogers Jr. Among his career highlights:
  • Head of Ariel Investments, a HUGE name in high finance;
  • Head of Sparklefarts 2009 Inaugural Committee;
  • former Board President of the Chicago Park District;
  • a former basketball playing buddy of Sparklefarts
So, the connected ex-wife of the connected Chicago insider. Rahm isn't even trying to hide the direction he's driving here, he just tells the Chicago media not to cover it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, and Shakman wasn't needed. Hey federal judge, this is why the unclouded PO will not get a fair shake in Chicago. You did this by saying Shakman no longer is necessary. You have failed America.

12/08/2015 12:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let the order of the day be:

Sit parked with your backs to a wall and don't move until called.
Drive safely to your call.
Try and go to a call with 2 cars minimum.
Do paper where necessary, advise warrant when possible.

If someone is walking away or running when you pull up to your job, let them. Most likely they are just up-standing citizens out for a stroll or a jog.

This goes for the bad neighborhoods and even the north side. The citizenry is not on your side or a lot of things would be different right now. The victim is not your friend, the witness is your enemy.

The only places where you should still be policing are your own neighborhoods. You guys know where I am talking about.

Let the radio Zones be silent except for dispatchers calling out jobs. Let the words "On view" or "traffic stop" or "street stop" never be heard coming from officers.

Ignore the exhortations of bosses to get this or that, the bosses do not care about you. If they threaten SPARs or other useless paper, let them play their game.

If they threaten to change your car or start time, let them. You will still have your job. At least if the guys in patrol stick to the program, it will make a dent. And cover our asses. I don't know about what the people working in units or on teams have to do, they have their own thing going on.

Doing the absolute minimum is still doing your job as per your general orders.

Officers, don't let your ego get the better of you. This is 2015. The badge used to be the key to the City, and CPD was feared and our actions not questioned. It was understood that Chicago was a rough town and needed rough coppers. Not now. Not any more. What else has to happen for you people to get the point?

Add to this its not hard to do paper, get coffee relax here's you paper, he's over there? Where? Self preservation is the order of the day, please be safe, animals in the jungle are the best example of humanity the toughest and biggest survive, if they don't want police why rush like morons to calls? Unless blue is involved get there safely!

12/07/2015 06:13:00 PM


Can we make this gospel?? This needs to be implemented in every district, every unit, every team and every watch. If we dont stick together on this one then it will absolutly be the last straw for this department to be a cohesive unit. nobody sticks together anymore, this is bigger than a slow down because no contract or we dont like our mayor or supt.. this is different, this is HUGE! We are in a really really bad place and getting attacked on every front. do NOTHING!!! Not forever guys, im not saying to stop all together but send a damn message for once! two or three months of everyone doing nothing.. that includes units, teams everyone do nothing!

12/08/2015 12:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the real deal. Rahm saw a video that got him scared before his re-election. It showed the shooting of a human being. It didn't matter that that human being was a vile, criminal, knife wielding threat to the community and high on PCP, it just mattered that it would look as ugly, as shooting any living being looks, right before his re-election and after the Ferguson lies. That's why he paid quick.

Then, so as to not let any crisis go to waste, he hung the CPD out to take a beating when the timing was right for him. Now he brings in all of the shit bags that he can, and here we are. Let's just see how this pans out for public safety, as the cops with any brains take his advice and get fetal.

12/08/2015 12:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We probably would have never heard about this connection if you didn't post it. Good job once again, SCC.

12/08/2015 12:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could this be part of the culmination of the protests and anti police rhetoric? Send somebody associated with the house of ill repute to oversee allegations of police misconduct. Obama is saying, "go get those motherfuckers."

12/08/2015 12:53:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Rogers...look him up in your browser....had $$'s given to him for start-up company by many in Cgo Politics....Valerie Jarrett, Arne Duncan Family, others....is divorced from Desire Rogers...and now nearly Sharon Fairly. Desiree was the gal Friday to Obama's in White House, ceo for Gas Company...Richie Daley passed her around corporate Chicago.......Richie Daley added John Rogers Ariel Investment as one of the numerous stocks City Workers could invest in...plus John is a Basketball Player with the largest Goof in Education,....Arne Duncan..he gave a talk at a university I was at....he was goofy....on stage, he kept interrupting the Professor next to, making the guy laugh (even though the Prof. looked quietly and didn't want to laugh with Arne) ---Arne took notes of what others were saying, used their statements then left early, before Graduates were called up stage....What a DUD!!! Arne was paid handsomely by the university...what a nasty Goof....made lots of money from Taxpayers as Chief of Dept. Of Education for USA. Sharon Fairly will help get Rahm off the HOOK. Bettcha. Everybody!!! Get Under the Bus....Hurrah....its getting bigger by the moment. Oh, Pensions...where are You???

12/08/2015 01:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Not a Gold Star said...

(Que the music to the Dating Game.....)

She is a former federal prosecutor and worked in the Inspector General's office as First Deputy and General Counsel. She also graduated from the University of Chicago - an old haunt of the Obamas..................

Please welcome.......the next clouted minion.....

12/08/2015 01:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rejoice! Your Lord and Master Rahmbo the Magnificent will be safe from any IPRA investigations!

12/08/2015 02:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please please please investigate the recent LT's exam results. I have never in my 26 years on the job seen so much in your face cheating. Retired 1st deputy's wife rumored at number #1...what a joke.

12/08/2015 02:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of the connections (from farther down the blog) --

"That is because Mr. Rogers is the consummate insider. His Chicago office is adorned with photos of himself and President Obama, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and President Obama's brother-in-law, Craig Robinson.

"Mr. Rogers attended the elite University of Chicago Laboratory School with Valerie Jarrett, now a senior adviser to the president, and Education Secretary Duncan... At Princeton, Mr. Rogers was an economics major and a shooting guard on the basketball team. Mr. Robinson, Michelle Obama's brother, was a teammate.

"Mr. Rogers won his first million-dollar investment in 1984, from the city of Chicago. He, in turn, has helped others, including Michelle Obama who, through Ms. Jarrett, once got a job as assistant to Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley..."


"Rogers is co-chairman of Jesse Jackson's annual Wall Street Project minority conference...He has served numerous civic, educational and arts organizations as a director or trustee, including the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition...In the early 1990s, Rogers served as a fundraising leader in Project Vote voter registration efforts led by current United States President Barack Obama.

"He was part of the inner circle of the Barack Obama presidential campaign. He is a long-time Obama associate who serves as the co-chair of Obama's Illinois finance committee and who has been a major fundraiser for Democratic Party candidates. He served along with Bill Daley, Pat Ryan, Penny Pritzker and Julianna Smoot on Barack Obama 2009 presidential inauguration committee."


12/08/2015 02:59:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't get out of the fucking car....ever !

12/08/2015 03:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You Shitcago dummycrats voted for this so just enjoy it.

12/08/2015 06:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember, no more white bosses of anything.

12/08/2015 07:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CPD'S goose is cooked. But why?

12/08/2015 07:13:00 AM  
Blogger Mr. SouthSide said...

I hope she treats everyone Fairley.

12/08/2015 07:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aerial investment? So she is a millionaires many times over! But don't worry she is here to help us! What can happen for officer moral, no support from mayor, justice department oversight, states attorney in tail spin, gold star club scared, fired superintendent ( thought he was Bronx bulldog, but saying nothing more like Paris poodle), church leaders, 50 not speaking out pro-police, yes sir boss. Like when we went into Iraq the bombing going off behind tariq iziz have m standing in a room media everywhere saying " nothing happened we are great!"

Morales in the tank self preservation rule of the day!

12/08/2015 07:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tiny Dancer appointed President Barack Obama’s former White House social secretary and ex-wife of John Rogers, Desiree Rogers as chairman of the Choose Chicago board, replacing Bruce Rauner, who stepped down to run for governor in 2013.

12/08/2015 08:40:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The male Rogers and his investment company was given a large chunk of our pension money to invest. This did not work out well for us and he quietly left to fuck with aoither proples money. This was more that 20 years ago...

12/08/2015 08:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AND she went to U of C law school. AND Rogers went there too (big donor). AND she only started in law school after marrying/dating Rogers. AND she goes straight from being an Illinois Assistant AG to the US attorney's office (odd career path). AND she worked for the Chicago IG as general counsel. AND has only been a lawyer since about 2006 (not very long!!). AND her ex is knee deep in the police pension fund. AND can you smell what the RAHM is cooking?

Ultimate insider.

12/08/2015 08:58:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the greatly reducing of pro-active policing. But just realize this, all three of these videos that have been released stem from 911 calls. And the less pro active stops there are will lead to more 911 calls. Less guns off the streets, more people shot. More drug dealers on the street, more targets to shoot at. Less traffic stops, more accidents will occur. So on and so forth. I think the silent majority of the public realize this, but I think they have buried their heads in the sand. Maybe the public needs to learn the hard way. Maybe then the public will vote for a true leader that will follow the constitution and not the rabble rousers.

Pro-active policing began its demise when Jody came in. Some people hoped with McCarthy that there would be a return to this type of policing, but it seems the New York strategy is police presence not arrests. More to blame is the cell phone camera, the bottom feeding lawyers, the Democratic party and yellow journalism.

So although the smaller amount of citizen contacts might reduce your chance of ending up in a shitstorm, JVD has been charged with first degree murder not by a street stop, traffic stop or search warrant, but by merely responding to a 911 call.

12/08/2015 01:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rham sure is good at dodging responsibility.

12/08/2015 03:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The coming changes in Discipline can result in unpaid suspension and quicker path to separation.
Rahms Weasel Team is looking to reduce our numbers.
He's looking out for his political future and not your financial well being.
Put the blinders on and ride this out.

12/08/2015 04:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

C O N T R A C T!!!!!!!

12/09/2015 12:13:00 AM  
Blogger Justin Glawe said...


2/01/2016 05:03:00 PM  

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