Friday, August 05, 2005

Hi Mr. Shakman! (an open letter)

Dear Sir,

Understand we appreciate your patronage of our site here. As it is a public board, accessible to all on the internet, we have no right, nor in fact, any ability to block you from visiting. We have no registered users and require no ID to post. Anonymity is our byword. We answer no e-mail as a matter of course. We post no ads (yet) and derive no revenue from this site (again, as yet). Should we upgrade at some point to more advanced blogging software, we could, if warranted, block certain IP addresses and users, but this is far down the road.

We are second to none in our admiration for your part in dismantling the "Machine" of old. We even appreciate it as many people we know never could have gotten as far as they did had the old political restrictions remained in place. However, we would appreciate you NOT using anything posted on this board to wage battles or wars we have no stake in at this time. This board is simply a place to rant, to gossip and to exchange information. And, as stated above, it is a public board with no restrictions. We'd hate for you to get the wrong impression of our readership. Although primarily directed at police in this fair city, anything posted here could come from any corner of the globe at any time. We'd have a hell of a time proving it came from North America, let alone Chicago Police Officers.

Again, welcome, enjoy your visit, and don't forget your grains of salt.

The Management

TO EVERYONE ELSE: The above is in response to a couple of comments in the "Meritorious Sergeant Letter" post. Mind your P's and Q's boys and girls. This is a public board, accessible to anyone with a computer, which means bosses, politicians and even lawyers.


Anonymous Michael L. Shakman said...


Enter "CPD/CONFIDENTIAL" in subject field.

8/14/2005 08:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I bet this is his email.....Which dickhead rat bastard in IAD is it going to????? Send comment to this email and enjoy callback.....

8/15/2005 08:15:00 PM  

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