Thursday, August 04, 2005

Interesting quote

Well, we just heard the most amazing thing on WBBM radio this evening. Seems Frankie "misleading headlines" Main interviewed Barack Obama today and asked him about the current mayoral scandals what he thought about current hiring practices at the Hall. Obama stated words to the effect that the people of Chicago deserved the most qualified employees the city could hire. So by these words, could it be that we are seeing the end of the merit process? Hahahahaha. Sorry, we know better.

BUT - take note of this any FOP reps if you are reading this - shouldn't we be holding all of these politicians feet to the fire and creating a library of quotes in an effort to beat back the "merit" percentages that are ONLY benefiting the politically connected? Don't the people of the city deserve (their own words) the most qualified police officers available to patrol and detect and supervise the Department?

We are definitely hoping this is going to be published in the slum-times tomorrow and will link it if it is.

UPDATE: The sun-times post is now linked here


Anonymous Garda said...

Why is the FOP hiding its head in the sand. Could the rumor be true
that some one has sold out and will be getting a merit promotion?

Wasnt it amazing the arbitration ruling came out one week before the election was over. I believe the arbitrator should have waited to after the election. After the contract was settled only half the ballots were returned.

Why are they not on television explaining traffic stops, and preaching officer safety.

Are they in bed with the city? Some one produced a great poster with the president as a talking dummy sitting in Mayor Dumb Dumbs lap. Daley was pulling the strings.

Our union is a Fraternal organization. We need a leadership group that the city administration will fear.

I would luv to see what Donahues approval rating is among the real police who vote in elections and attend union meetings.

If Bill Nolan was still in office we would at least have some one fighting for us. Nolan was never camera shy, I didnt always agree with him but he fought for the good of the membership.

The FOP is very busy preparing for the annual golf outing, and doesnt have time to serve the membership. There are also state FOP functions they have to attend. Dont you luv their pictures chugging on beer on our membership dues. Then they have the balls to send you a newspaper with their smiling faces drinking booze when I drive around in my state of the art squad car with 110000 miles, no air and get denied time due.

Its more important to golf, fish and drink than it is to fight for the membership. Merit promotions fall behind the social commitments of the FOP, some one passes gas and its time for an FOP social event. Screw the rank and file.

The social events rank over locking in the politicians during the wide spread blanket of corruption coming out of city hall. Now is the time to place preasure on the politicians.

All other major departments produce and publish an eligibilty list in rank order for promotions. Why doesnt the FOP print the Sgts list so that we can see how the Merit/Scabs have violated it. There is no reason that the list shouldnt be published in rank order in the news letter.

It would be refreshing to see that you are 450 on the list and your Sergeant was number 5000.

How did they make it. Are they precinct captains, relatives of politicians (member political organizations), or did they have sexual relations with one of the old GOATS on the merit selection commitee. Also what old goat sponsored the merit selection.

The union is letting the best cops in the world get analy penetrated by sitting there doing nothing.

Now is the time to save the department from the destruction from with in, are we going to let these Merit/Scab whores ruin the greatest Department in the US.

Just look at all the young Lts. and Sgts. that have pulled the pin early because their aggravated with the promotional process and the dog and pony show produced by
the administration.

8/05/2005 02:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well put comment. I agree that the FOP is basically a joke and run by the mayor. There has been a lot of negative stories about the police in the news lately and the FOP is nowhere to be found. I did not vote for Mark Donahue, I believe he is a terrible leader. I remember all the promises and the changes the Donahue team was going to make. I’m still waiting (as usual, broken promises), I knew nothing would change. When was the last time a representative from the FOP came to your roll call? How common is it when t you get your FOP newsletter, half the events they mention have already passed? Going back to Mark Donahue, he is never on television defending the membership. If anyone for the FOP is reading this, maybe a survey of how your membership approves of the FOP should be conducted. Yes I know a lot of negative feedback will come back. And it is true, who wants to see pictures of FOP board members drinking? We you voted in for change or for promoting drinking? Your supposed to be professional. The best thing about a FOP meeting is the free beer……that’s what everyone says. How about addressing our problems and talking more to the media.

8/08/2005 12:46:00 AM  

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