Wednesday, May 26, 2010

...Continued into Daylight...

(following up on the post directly below this one)

This was particularly bloody:
  • Three men were gunned down in broad daylight outside a building on the South Side this afternoon, witnesses said.

    The attack happened at about 1 p.m. outside a large courtyard building at 7609-19 S. Coles, a few blocks from Rainbow Beach State Park.

    Neighbors said they heard rapid gunfire. Linda White, 27, said two men approached the three men with guns drawn and started shooting.

But don't worry!
  • “Thank god we have cameras. They’ll find who did this,’’ said the woman, who identified herself only as Franny. Police had already requested the footage from the cameras, she said.
Cameras. Right. Prevent all sorts of crime, eh?

On the bright side, J-Fled has dispatched half-a-dozen gold stars to go to the south side and tell the gang leaders to "Knock it off!"

Everything should be quiet by this weekend. We swear!

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