Wednesday, February 20, 2019

10-1 Benefit

These are the guys that Corp Counsel is trying to fire for mixing up the locations of two pieces of evidence - a simple mistake that the FOP wrote about:
  • A move to separate two of the city’s best officers on baseless allegations that they lied about an arrest could have drastic fallout for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s relationship with Chicago Police Officers.

    The possible move by the mayor’s Corporation Counsel to fire Officers John Wrigley and Jack O’Keefe for a 2013 arrest that netted a submachine gun, a pistol and a cache of dope from a career gang member comes in the wake of other decisions that have framed officers for doing legitimate police work.

    In their trial testimony, Wrigley and O’Keefe may have confused the location of two items only a few feet apart at the crime scene. That’s it. That is apparently enough to now get an officer fired from the CPD.
Read it all, then buy a ticket or a raffle chance.

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