Monday, August 08, 2005

Another reason to dislike judges

You all know our position on judges. We feel about judges the same way the mayor feels about the police department - a necessary evil. Yes, someone needs to be at the top of the legal process to render decisions after a verdict has been reached, but at the same time, activist judges legislating from the bench seriously tick us off. And since they're lawyers, when the revolution comes, there'll be a spot against the wall for them. Their attitudes are particularly irksome too. Read Judge Marvin Aspen's comments in the sunday tribune. Here's a few:

U.S. District Senior Judge Marvin Aspen said law enforcement needs to find a better way to identify threats to the judiciary as well as better procedures to protect judges and their families. Hey judge? We know how to do it. You just won't let us. Or it's too expensive. Or too intrusive. Or not secure enough. Anyone can kill anyone if they're willing to make the effort, even four presidents, remember?

Aspen said it took the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal courthouse in 1995 for officials to get serious about court security and the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to make the issue "even more mindful." We recall McViegh's (may he rot in hell for all eternity) beef was with the federal government as a whole, not the judiciary as a single target. And 9/11? That wasn't about the judiciary either Marv. That was about being Americans. Way to cloak yourself in the memory of almost 3,000 dead Americans!

He also decried the political debate that has targeted the judiciary for criticism. Marv? It's called "freedom of speech." NEWSFLASH!! You aren't above it. The day we can't criticize our political leaders is the day you ought to start to worry. And if you STOP legislating from the bench and leave it to our ELECTED representatives, that criticism will go away.

"What we have now is really a wholesale attack on the judiciary," he said. Really? Can you name a few more attacks that have occurred other than a lone psycho killing a single judge's family? We've already destroyed your OK City and 9/11 cards. Hmm? Nothing? Atlanta? That was a breakdown in court security, not a targeted killing, try again. Hmm? That's what we thought. Bupkiss.

Let me tell you what we have here: A grandstanding "know-it-all" who thinks he can score cheap political points off of dead children and dead Americans. Marv sure has a bunch of free spending ideas with your tax money, though. Maybe Marv would like to go over to North Lawndale or Englewood and check out their casualty rate? Maybe Marv can go to Washington next spring and watch them carve the names of 100 more police officers into the granite of the memorial? Where is our protection for our houses and families Marv? Because it seems we might need it just a tiny little bit more than you. Hypocrites like this really tick us off because, in the position they hold, they really ought to know better. Or at least know enough to shut up.


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