Monday, April 27, 2015

For Emily

Help make a little girl's dream come true:
    Lobby of HQ, 35/Michigan

    Honorary Chicago Police Officer ceremony for Emily Beazley (age 12) and Olivia Beazley (age 8)

    Dress blues are encouraged but not necessary. If people come in civilian dress we ask they were either purple or green- Emily's colors. The family will arrive at 1150hrs and I ask people arrive with enough time to secure parking and get into the building, lining the star case walls.

    Emily has terminal cancer, she has been bravely fighting this for four years. She received a stem cell transplant from her sister Olivia in August. Sadly she relapsed at Christmas and has exhausted all treatment options, becoming chemo resistant and has entered hospice care this week.

    Further info for Emily:
Special Events is supposed to be sending out some info and there might be last minute changes.

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