Friday, April 29, 2016

Bad Luck....Or Good Luck

Don't play the lottery Officer - you've used up a lot of luck:
  • A suspect fleeing police tried to throw his gun onto a roof, but it hit a wall instead and went off, hitting an officer in the shoulder, prosecutors said Thursday.

    The officer's partner kept chasing Rafael Martir-Ubiles, 25, Monday afternoon and cornered him in a gangway in the 2300 block of South Trumbull Avenue, where the officer used a Taser twice to subdue him, prosecutors said.

    Martir-Ubiles appeared in court Thursday, charged with aggravated battery to a police officer, aggravated assault of a police officer, resisting an officer and unlawful possession of firearm by a gang member, police said.

    Judge Peggy Chiampas ordered him held without bail.
Thank you for the no-bail Judge. It's greatly appreciated.

And now we can see where a taser would be appropriate if the partner saw the gun being tossed.

But how much freaky bad luck is that? Dude half-ass pitches a gun and you still get shot? Thank the Fates, Lady Luck, Dame Fortune, whoever, that a cheap pistol didn't end up costing us an Officer's limb or life. Speedy recovery Officer.


Rumors III


Actually, this could work...for a little while at least.

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Rumors II

This one has been popping up for months. Now a resolution to part of it?
  • Speaking of ninnies . . .. while we are getting our collective asses handed to us by the media and Rahmbo has his bus parked on our heads. Nothing to see here. . . FOP State Lodge has agreed to pay Shields $100,000 to get out from under his lawsuit. The battle with Lodge 7 continues. So that's 100K of our money paid by the State (wasn't it the State Lodge President that removed him?) and now how much more from L7??? I think the members should at least be informed about what is going on with this and who admitted to what!

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Rumors I

From the comment section:
  • So, I'm not sure if anyone else's district has had this yet, but we were surprised yesterday by the sudden arrival of a civilian employee working behind the district desk without fore warning, handing out radios, being trained on AIRA, having I-clear access, not to mention the equipment, old shotguns, rifles. This person has access to all of our computer systems, employee information, leads, ect. All the access we have. No badge, no oath taken. A 3 week stint in the academy. Doing more with less I guess. Did they not learn their lesson three years ago when police officers homes were being burglarized and weapons taken, turns out the source was a civilian with login credentials?! In this current era of no accountability and police hatred, we now have people that have unabated access to not only the computer systems, but the actual police station. Un-fucking believeable.
Anyone care to chime in? We haven't heard about any sort civilian class going through the Academy and we assume that's where there would be some training.

And there would be more than a little noise from displaced bid personnel. Those are Contractual spots that will be manned by sworn officers. So while Rahm might cream of such a thing, we're calling bullshit on it.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Redefining "Use of Force"

We had a bunch of fun with the term "deescalating" earlier this year. It gave rise to the "De-Escalante" nickname foisted upon the interim Supernintendo.

Then we heard Eddie "Never saw nuthin" Johnson praising the officer who used a Taser to take a police shooter into custody. If the officer was aware that the subject had dropped his weapon, then the Taser would be a viable option, but you better be damn sure to have a copper with a gun backing you up to drop the assailant if he wasn't following directions.

But then this was brought to our attention. A concerted effort to rewrite the entire Use of Force paradigm, starting in that bastion of leftist thought and action - California:
  • Government is looking at a proposal for creating a statewide “use of force” policy for law enforcement. The creator of this project is talking to politicians and the media, special interest groups—but REFUSES to talk to law enforcement officers, to hear their concerns. This is an attempt to politicalize law enforcement—to make them an arm of the State instead of protection for the public.

    “Ironically, one key PERF’s proposal on use of force calls for peace officers to “consider how the public will view the action” before deciding to employ force. Let’s apply that PERF concept to our invitation for Mr. Wexler. “How will rank-and-file peace officers view Mr. Wexler’s refusal to discuss the PERF guidelines before audiences of rank-and-file deputies and police officers?"
That underlined portion right there - that is going to get police officers killed. And PERF (the Police Executive Research Forum) is obviously a bunch of ninnies who pretty much never spent any more time on the street than they had to. Otherwise, they'd be taking input fro the people who are going to have to live, or die, with their stupid uninformed crap.


More Political Correctness

  • In an effort to help young people involved in the justice system find jobs and housing, the U.S. Departments of Justice and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today announced $1.75 million for Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) and nonprofit legal service organizations to address the challenges justice-involved individuals face when trying to find work and a place to call home.
"justice involved individuals"

Not troublemakers. Not hoodlums. Not miniature gangsters, delinquents, punks of ruffians.

We've even moved beyond juvenile delinquents and "Y-numbers."

God forbid you use the term criminal.

Nope - justice involved individuals.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ramsey's Parting Thought

  • Three months ago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel defended the $350-an-hour fee he had agreed to pay Charles Ramsey to help guide the Chicago Police Department through a federal civil rights investigation triggered by the police shooting of Laquan McDonald.

    The Justice Department investigation is expected to drag on deep into 2017. But the show will go on without Ramsey.

    After billing the city for $37,490 in consulting work, Ramsey is bowing out as a paid adviser.

    “Chief Ramsey originally agreed to act as a consultant on a limited basis, but because of his own commitments can no longer play that formal role. However, he has agreed to continue serving the new superintendent as an informal adviser free of charge,” newly-appointed Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson was quoted as saying in an emailed statement.
Free of charge? That's a bargain then, after $37,000.

But this paragraph made us laugh out loud:
  • Ramsey could not be reached for comment.

    But sources described Ramsey as troubled by the degree to which the mayor’s office attempts to micromanage the Chicago Police Department — so much so that he urged top brass to “man up.”
You mean like not stripping officers for clearly reasonable actions five years ago as a political favor to a mayor who suppressed an politically inconvenient video? Or providing cover for the wives, girlfriends and significant others of assorted exempt members? That kind of "man[ning] up"?

Don't hold your breath.



Just before the summer rush.

Eighty-eight sergeants.

Thirteen Lieutenants.

And how many from IAD this time?


Please Identify

If you know any of the parties involved, please contact Eddie Johnson immediately so he can strip and suspend them ASAP:

311 will direct your call to his office or voicemail.


Police Like a Samurai

  • A newly translated 19th-century book, written by samurai, describes martial arts techniques designed to help police officers of the time. The highly guarded practices included how to tie suspects up using paper string and fighting techniques that allowed officers to defeat suspects without killing them.
Sounds perfect!
  • The book, which contains illustrated instructions, was published in 1888, a time when the samurai class had lost many of its privileges and the formally secretive martial art schools that taught the samurai were willing to divulge their secrets.
Ropes instead of handcuffs. A primitive form of CPR taught to resuscitate drowning victims.

We won't mention the swordplay though.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lost in the Shuffle

The "Hey look over there!" strategy means everyone has already forgotten about this:
  • Six people were killed and at least 39 were wounded in shootings across Chicago in one of the more violent weekends the city has seen since last fall, according to police.

    Among the victims were five people who were on a porch in West Englewood when someone fired shots from a vacant lot across Damen Avenue on Sunday night. Two men were pronounced dead on the scene. Three others went to area hospitals.

    It was the third attack in less than a week that wounded four or more people in Chicago.
You have to love the writer - " of the more violent weekends the city has seen since last fall..." No mention of the warm weather. No mention that it's still April, merely springtime. No mention that Lord only knows what going to happen when school is out for good, the temperatures soar and the killing season gets fully underway.

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Gee, What Could it Be?

  • Davon Barrett gathered at a home in West Englewood on Sunday to celebrate and remember. A friend had just gotten out of jail, and it was the birthday of his younger brother — who was slain seven years ago, according to family and police.

    As he sat on the porch in the 2000 block of West 68th Place, someone fired shots from a vacant lot east of Damen Avenue shortly after 11 p.m., police said.

    Barrett, 38, was hit in the head and died at the scene. Another man, 26, was hit in the chest and killed. Three others were wounded and taken to hospitals, where they were stabilized, according to police.

    Police sources said some in the group on the porch may have returned fire. It was the third attack in a week in Chicago where four or more people were shot. Police reported no one in custody.
How many of those four were shot by the police again?

We don't recall anyone ever doing a scientific study on the propensity of certain neighborhoods to celebrate the birthday of someone who was killed in gang violence.

And the habits of those "celebrations" being marred by gunfire.

Not to mention the genetic disorder that causes certain families to have an unexplained attraction to lead.


A Suggestion for Readers

From our e-mail, from someone who knows the system: 
  • SCC?..please ask your readers to get themselves an account so they can file witness slips to oppose these screwed up anti police bills put forward in Springfield. Its easy as hell. Any time a bad gun rights bill comes up, Illinois Carry sends out an urgent request to file witness slips either opposing or supporting bills. Here is a link for people to create an account. Once you log in and find the bill or amendment you can file a witness slip. Time to start organizing the troops to stop some of this shit.
Seems pretty straightforward. We don't think you actually have to appear in Springfield - the Witness slip is your "appearance." But it lets Springfield know that you're following something closely, and the more witnesses, the more weight that is given to their consideration.

At least, in theory. A bought politician is probably going to stay bought. But others, not so much.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Officers Shot, Cut

  • A Chicago police officer suffered a gunshot wound and another suffered a cut to the hand in the Little Village neighborhood Monday afternoon, authorities said.

    The Ogden District officer who was shot about 4:15 p.m. apparently was hit by a bullet that went through the shoulder, and he was expected to survive, an official said. He was shot near Trumbull and 25th Street while chasing an armed suspect, said Anthony Guglielmi, a police spokesman, said in a Tweet.

    It was not clear how the other officer cut his hand. A gun was found at the scene and was being taken into evidence, a source said.

    The two were being taken to area hospitals for treatment, according to the Chicago Fire Department. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson was expected to make a statement about the shooting later Monday evening at Stroger Hospital.
Hopefully, Johnson isn't going there to strip them of their police powers. Maybe he'll slip them the answers to the Detective exam instead?

Best wishes to the injured for a speedy and full recovery.


Well, Fuck You Very Much

  • Perhaps surprisingly, the deadliest jurisdiction is patrolled by the least experienced officers. Seasoned and better-connected officers tend to work the safer neighborhoods on the North, Northwest and Southwest sides. This is the result of an unusual “bidding” system negotiated by the police union in 1980, which allows officers to use their seniority to claim shifts with better hours or in low-crime neighborhoods.

    Approached at a police-community meeting, the commander of the 11th, Deputy Chief James Jones, acknowledged that the deployment of the least experienced cops in the most dangerous neighborhood is a problem. “They know how to play video games, they know how to tweet, they know how to Facebook,” he says. “They don’t have any personal skills. They never learned.”
But they just learned a hell of a lot about their supposed "leader," didn't they? Young coppers who don't have any seniority to leave the west side just got kicked in the teeth by their "boss."

We're told this jackass has got the personality of a wooden door and during his previous stint in the 011th District as Tact Lt, he called the entire team a "bunch of savages." Needless to say, he didn't last long in that spot as numbers dropped off, but it didn't stop him from commanding three different Districts.

Fuck up, move up we suppose. This is supposed to be a leader, yet he denigrates the entire District. You think this tool has anyone's back? That he'll support you if a citizen complains? Or if you justifiably shoot a gunman who confronts you in an alley?

Or will he talk shit about you behind your back and to the media? Like now.


A Real Chief Rips Agenda Media

A little background: (Note: VIDEO LINK IS NOW DEAD - seem the media was shamed into taking it down given the Sheriff's epic dismantling of the media.)
  • Three habitual car thieves with extensive records, continued their crime spree in Florida recently. They were pursued in a stolen car and missed a turn, plunging into a pond where all three juvenile females drowned. Poetic justice. Video was released and the media there began making hay out of it, claiming the deputies argued about whether or not to rescue the miscreants or let them drown.

    This blatant misreporting has inflamed the low-information segment of society and the usual bottom-feeders are popping up making noise.
Now here's how a real police chief dismantles the media trolls - Ed, take some notes, you might learn something instead of giving Rahm that reach-around and fucking decent coppers:

Bravo Sir.


Victim Supports Police

An unbelievable piece from Channel 7, actually supporting the police:
  • A day after dashcam video of a violent confrontation between a woman and Chicago police in 2011 was released, a woman who witnessed the robbery who led to the confrontation spoke publicly with ABC7.

    Martha Osborn was in a McDonald's in the Portage Park neighborhood on May 25, 2011 when Floyd May allegedly robbed the restaurant. He then jumped into a vehicle driven by Tiffani Jacobs.

    Osborn then called police and gave them a description of the vehicle.

    Police pulled over the vehicle driven by Jacobs and dashcam video shows the officers throwing her to the ground as they arrest her.

    CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson called the arrest "concerning" and has ordered a new review of the two officers, who were previously cleared of wrong-doing five years ago. The officers have been relieved of duties pending an investigation.

    Osborn said police did the right thing. In recalling the robbery, she said that May grabbed her to use her as a pawn while he robbed the McDonalds, telling the cashier "If you don't give me the money I'm going to shoot her." She said he had a gun in the left side of her back and said, "Gimme the money, gimme the money, the cash, the cash in the drawer."
She also comes up with this amusing quote:
  • Meanwhile, Osborn is reliving the robbery and is haunted by the image of the man who robbed her.

    "The girl had a gun, my wallet and the money from this restaurant when she was stopped," Osborn said. "Her mother is spoon feeding a banquet full of bologna to the general public."
Ms. Osborn is too kind describing it as "bologna." We would have said it was a heaping steaming pile of horseshit, but the other media outlets are eating it up with two hands because Rahm told them he needs cover for the cheating scandal that might ensnare most of his current command staff.

A commentator raised an interesting point - why isn't the Superintend-tool out telling everyone what exactly is "concerning" about the video? What policy was violated? What law was bent? What training is necessary to correct some perceived transgression of the Use of Force paradigm that necessitated the stripping of two officers FIVE YEARS after being cleared?

Shouldn't this be an educational opportunity, not just for the public, but for officers as well? Or is the lesson being taught something along the lines of "Don't do shit lest Rahm and Eddie stick in up your ass to cover for a lot of exempt girlfriends and IAD cheaters."?

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

What the Hell is This?

That didn't take long - Eddie has shown he is Rahm's tool to completely destroy the morale of the Department in order to deflect the spotlight hitting uncomfortably close to his bedroom and the bedrooms of all sorts of other cheating promotees.

This is a bullshit move:
  • When Chicago police officers stopped a Lincoln Town Car suspected of being used in a McDonald’s robbery in 2011, the female driver allegedly tried to run over one of them at a gas station on the West Side, police said at the time.

    The officer fired twice, hitting the woman in the chest and side, but she kept driving and came to a stop on an adjacent street. When she got out of the car, she was thrown to the ground, Tasered and handcuffed.

    On Friday, police Supt. Eddie Johnson released a video of the incident recorded by a dashboard-mounted camera. Although the shooting was deemed justified, Johnson is launching a reinvestigation to determine whether officers used excessive force during their arrest, said a department spokesman.

    In a statement, Johnson called the video “concerning.”
No Ed, what's concerning is your complete lack of something resembling a spine. Did the operation hurt?

This criminal attempted to kill police officers with a car for which she was justifiably shot. That she pulled over almost immediately has zero bearing on the officer's actions. She failed to follow verbal direction and was taken down with a move taught to each and every police officer currently on the job - the "emergency takedown." Any and every piece of clothing or limb or even hair is fair game, especially in a life-or-death situation on the street, to enforce compliance with lawful verbal direction given to an offender.

You can see her kicking and failing to submit to handcuffing, which means she was justifiably tasered. It's right there in the Use of Force model and in keeping with the training and directives taught to every officer currently on the job. She pled guilty to 12 years and her accomplice got 25 years.

The video is "concerning"? No, your willingness to reopen a five-year-old case already adjudicated as "Justified" to satisfy the political whims of a mayor who suppressed a video for his own political gain is concerning. There is nothing "concerning" in the video and quite frankly, it ought to be used as a training aid to show the immense restraint of the officers involved. But you're willing to put them in the Rahm-trick-bag in order to remove media attention from the promotion of your girlfriend and her buddies at IAD?

You're worse than a tool. You're an asshole.


The Reader Does Journalism

Here's what happens when someone actually reads the "Task Force" report - they discover there's a lot of bullshit in it:
  • A statistic recently cited from coast to coast: 74 percent of those shot by Chicago police from 2008 through 2015 were black, although black people make up only a third of the city's population.

    It's from the report by the Police Accountability Task Force, published last week. The statistic "gives validity to the widely held belief that the police have no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color," the report asserts.

    The New York Times agreed with that assessment in an editorial the day after the report was published. "The sense of injustice and grievance that pervades the black community . . . is borne out by the police data," the editorial said, citing the shooting statistic. The Associated Press News Service cited the stat in its story, which was headlined, "Report: Chicago police have 'no regard' for minority lives." Atlantic Cities ran virtually the same headline over a story that cited the "devastating" shooting disparity.

    The task force had to realize that its "no regard for the sanctity of life" assertion about Chicago police would dominate the initial media coverage and drown out most everything else that the 190-page report offers. And it offers a lot. But the report doesn't quite connect the dots on what else may be behind that shooting statistic.

    Poor black neighborhoods in Chicago are "ravaged by violent crime," the task force report acknowledges. In the west-side Austin neighborhood, there were 3,341 violent crimes in 2013 and 2014, including 67 homicides, 219 nonfatal shootings, and 725 armed robberies with guns. In such neighborhoods, there are bound to be far more stops, arrests, and confrontations with police than in more affluent neighborhoods where violent crime is much rarer.
All of which we've been pointing out for the past week and our readers have been saying for years now. But you don't even have to believe us - has a running counter of crime victims and offenders broken down by race for the past few years, and guess what it shows? Minorities are the vast majority of crime victims, perpetrated by a vaster majority of minority offenders.

But it's easier to blame the police that actually look in a mirror.

In any event, the Reader beats the mainstream media all to hell in the article. They quote major university studies, and what is allegedly happening in Chicago is no different than anything happening in anywhere else, even New York City. What's the word we're looking for again? Oh yeah - journalism.

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End of the Sworn Affidavit?

  • Amends the Uniform Peace Officers' Disciplinary Act.. Provides that a sworn affidavit or other legal documentation is not required to file a complaint against a peace officer (currently, a sworn affidavit is required). Removes a provision referring unsupported complaints containing false material information to the State's Attorney. Effective January 1, 2017.
So no sworn affidavit, a completely sane provision that cut down on false accusations by magnitudes.

And no referral of False Complaints to the State's Attorney for prosecution under the perjury laws.

The usual cast of police hating Chicago democrats are writers, sponsors and co-sponsors.

If it passes, any scumbag can level any accusation against you and IPRA will be investigating it, and when they "Not Sustain" a few, you'll be placed into the Personal Concerns program anyway and you'll have to do counseling, see a shrink, answer all sorts of questions because of the "red flags" put in place to dissuade you from doing anything proactive.

Is everyone getting the message yet?


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Check Your Ammo

From the comments - an explanation why all qualifying has been cancelled at the moment:
  • All p.o's after you qualify with your weapon check every bullet you are given in the box. Officers are finding defective and rusted bullets in what we are issued. from what we hear that is why qualifications have stopped. These bullets can misfire, jam or not go off at this writing there is no special memo or explanation for this from our department
Old ammo? Improperly stored? Something to do with the steel (or nickel steel) cases instead of brass?

Or crappy manufacturing?

UPDATE: A few Range guys have written to say it's was manufacturing problem. Seems a portion of the side of the cases were actually bent into the case, causing a sharp edge that could hang up a bullet upon ignition of the powder. They explained that this would be a very bad thing. Like very very bad.


Um, Duh?

  • The Chicago Police Department struggled Friday to explain why the third-highest ranking member of the Chicago Fire Department was neither tested for alcohol in his system nor charged with drunken driving after crashing his city-owned SUV this week near Lake Shore Drive in Lincoln Park.

    The Chicago Fire Department has concluded that John McNicholas, who ran the Fire Department’s Bureau of Operations, was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

    But the Breathalyzer test was administered hours after the crash happened, at Fire Department headquarters at 35th and State, by the Fire Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

    Chicago Police officers were on the scene of the accident on LaSalle Drive just off Lake Shore Drive for up to two hours but never administered a field sobriety test or Breathalyzer test, sources said. Four squad cars were dispatched to the scene and were there from 30 minutes to two hours.
Anyone else think that there are a couple careers about to be sacrificed in order to give Eddie Johnson credibility as a "reformer"? You know he isn't going to take any action on the cheating scandal that involves his betrothed. That would point the spotlight at too many people in the past who "assisted" their minions into positions of power - the same minions who are currently picking the next generation of "merit" fuck-ups who will continue to drive this department into the ground.

Rahm has to be jumping up and down with glee - his handpicked superintendent who was already under a cloud for his proximity to this stinking exam scandal, is now obligated to hammer the involved officers, a sergeant or two, maybe even a lieutenant if one showed up. Voila! Reform! Burnished by a couple of hefty suspensions and/or firings.

And to the inevitable trolls who are going to blame the blog for this seeing the light of day, this was all over the Fireside Chat blog almost immediately after it happened - McNicholas is roundly despised among the CFD - and the interested parties had already e-mailed this with numerous photographs to every news outlet they could find. We were at the bottom of a long list of e-mails, so spare us the whining.



  • McNicholas was driving his Chicago Fire Department SUV west on La Salle Drive just off Lake Shore when another vehicle cut him off, police said. The SUV swerved to avoid a collision, went over a curb and struck a utility pole. No one was hurt, but the vehicle was heavily damaged.
With all the cameras at LaSalle and Lake Shore Drive, it should be immensely simple to verify the presence of this mysterious black vehicle.

Here's another tidbit that ought to worry a lot of people:
  • Instead of calling 911 and having the conversation recorded, sources said McNicholas called a “black phone” at the 911 center that is not recorded.

Actual verifiable proof of a mechanism in place to grant connected people a way to circumvent and bypass the protocols that are supposed to in place to prevent exactly this sort of thing from happening. The media should be having a field day.

This scandal has the potential to expose a shitload of the blatant corruption that has been part-and-parcel of this city since its founding.

Is the DOJ taking notes? You want patterns and practices? Here it is, gift wrapped.


Aldercreature Smacked

  • Chicago Ald. Walter Burnett Jr. was attacked as he was entering his office on the Near West Side Thursday night.

    One of his staff members said a man approached Burnett and punched him square in the face as he was arriving for "Constituent Night". The alderman suffered a cut but declined to be taken to a hospital.

    According to that staff member, the alleged offender had threatened the alderman earlier in the day. He came into the office and said he was going to kill Burnett as well as Mayor Rahm Emanuel. It's unclear what he was angry about.

    Burnett is currently serving his sixth term as alderman of the 27th Ward, which covers parts of the North and West sides.
You think Chicago might be short police now Wally? Or does a lack of police make it easier to get away with armed robbery, something we recall you have some sort of experience with.


Friday, April 22, 2016


Here's the article we referenced yesterday marking the 1,000th shooting victim this year:
  • The number of people shot in Chicago so far this year has already passed 1,000, a grim milestone as gun violence in the city continues at a pace not seen since the 1990s.

    The city reached that dubious mark Wednesday, six to nine weeks earlier than in the previous four years, according to data compiled by the Tribune.

    The day saw one 14-hour stretch in which 13 people were shot, including a 4-year-old boy hit in the foot as he walked with his mother in the Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side. In the nearby Austin police district alone, four people were injured in three shootings during the day.

    The 1,000th gunshot victim appeared to be a 16-year-old boy who was wounded in the knee shortly before 4 p.m. near 131st Street and Champlain Avenue in the Altgeld Gardens public housing complex on the Far South Side.
An unsubstantiated rumor says the guys over at had a cake delivered to Altgeld early this morning.

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Fire Oops

  • The third-highest ranking member of the Chicago Fire Department resigned Wednesday after crashing a city-owned vehicle near Lake Shore Drive in Lincoln Park.

    John McNicholas, who ran the Bureau of Operations, was involved in a crash off Lake Shore Drive near North Avenue early Wednesday, according to an emailed statement from Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford.

    He was driving a CFD vehicle westbound on La Salle Drive just off Lake Shore at 12:50 a.m. when another vehicle cut him off, according to Chicago Police.

    The CFD vehicle swerved to avoid a collision, went over a curb and struck a utility pole, police said. No one was hurt.
The vehicle:

It sure looks like that pole did everything it could to jump dead center of the hood. Luckily, none of the occupants of the city owned vehicle were seriously injured. 

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Quinn Wasted Money???

  • A state agency at the center of a scathing audit vowed it would follow through on findings that showed "significant breakdowns" in how it doled out anti-violence grants and oversaw spending.

    The auditor general on Tuesday released the 200-page audit that focused on the third and fourth years of the program overseen by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority. In 2014, state auditors released a highly critical report that covered the program's first two years.

    Auditor General Frank Mautino, a former Democratic lawmaker, noted that the latest audit shows many of the problems continued with little accountability.

    "These are all very important programs," Mautino told the Tribune, adding that "you can't really show whether (the initiative) achieved the goals that it was supposed to do."
Um, if you can't measure the goals, then is it anything other than a waste of money?

It's surprising that no one pointed this out as Quinn shoveled money out the door by the wheelbarrow full in the waning days of his administration in a futile effort to buy the election. We mean, if someone like Tio Hardiman was running around with millions in unaccountable funding, someone should have said something then, right?

Oh yeah, we did. But no one listens to us, and the press just ignores corruption when it's Illinois democrats doing it.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Back to Bedlam

One of the better pieces of journalism we've read in awhile, and we don't toss the "journalism" label around very often:
  • Will the anti-cop Left please figure out what it wants? For more than a decade, activists have demanded the end of proactive policing, claiming that it was racist. Pedestrian stops—otherwise known as stop, question, and frisk—were attacked as a bigoted oppression of minority communities. In March 2015, for example, the ACLU of Illinois accused the Chicago Police Department of “targeting” minorities because stops are “disproportionately concentrated in the black community.”

    Equally vilified was Broken Windows policing, which responds to low-level offenses such as graffiti, disorderly conduct, and turnstile jumping. Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King launched a petition after the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, demanding that Attorney General Eric Holder “meet with local black and brown youth across the country who are dealing with ‘Zero Tolerance’ and ‘Broken Windows’ policing.”

    Well, the police got the message. In response to the incessant accusations of racism and the heightened hostility in the streets that has followed the Michael Brown shooting, officers have pulled back from making investigatory stops and enforcing low-level offenses in many urban areas. As a result, violent crime in cities with large black populations has shot up —homicides in the largest 50 cities rose nearly 17 percent in 2015. And the Left is once again denouncing the police—this time for not doing enough policing. King now accuses police in Chicago of not “doing their job,” as a result of which “people are dying.” Stops in Chicago are down nearly 90 percent this year through the end of March, compared with the same period in 2015; shootings were up 78 percent and homicides up 62 percent through April 10. Over 100 people were shot in the first ten days of 2016. King scoffs at the suggestion that a new 70-question street-stop form imposed on the CPD by the ACLU is partly responsible for the drop-off in engagement. If American police “refuse to do their jobs [i.e., make stops] when more paperwork is required,” he retorts, “it’s symptomatic of an entirely broken system in need of an overhaul.” This is the same King who as recently as October fumed that “nothing happening in this country appears to be slowing [the police] down.”
Ms. Mac Donald has written a book, out this June, titled "The War on Cops" and if it's as good as this article, it'll be on our wishlist in short order.

In a completely unrelated matter, we were told that Chicago passed 1,000 people shot for the year yesterday - if so, a hearty congratulations to the ACLU for driving this new record. And a salute to Rahm - one fingered - for caving to these jagoffs.


CFD Being Looked At

This is being portrayed as a "double payment" as CFD has a uniform allowance in addition to a commissary system - a system that operates with 99.9% efficiency according to Ferguson:
  • Chicago taxpayers are shelling out $5 million-a-year to provide a uniform allowance to firefighters and paramedics that’s more like an “automatic cash bonus” because it’s “completely unmoored from any determination of actual need or use,” Inspector General Joe Ferguson concluded Wednesday.

    Four years ago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel took aim at treasured union perks that included the clothing allowance; holiday and duty-availability pay; pay grades; premium pay; non-duty lay-up coverage; a physical fitness incentive and a 7-percent premium paid to cross-trained firefighter-paramedics.

    The mayor subsequently backed away from all of those concession demands in a pre-election contract that won him the surprise endorsement of a Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2 that had endorsed mayoral challenger Gery Chico over Emanuel in 2011.


    In the audit, Ferguson examined 58,257 transactions valued at $1.7 million over a one-year period ending on June 30, 2015 and found that 99.9 percent of those transactions adhered to department policy and management practices.
As we've stated here before, things like this were negotiated items in the CFD contracts. These were instituted instead of pay raises because pay raises are pensionable and Shortshanks didn't want to have to pay a larger pension bill. As it turned out Shortshanks (and Rahm) ignored their own accountants and actuarial reports and screwed the pensions funds for decades anyway. This was just a sop to the public sector workers for their endorsements and votes. And now they're looking to take it away.

You know if the city is going to claim the CFD Commissary is operating at 99.9% efficiency, then they're going to try to force it on the CPD and take away the uniform check.

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Inevitable Lawsuit is Filed

  • The family of a 16-year-old boy fatally shot by Chicago police during a chase on the West Side last week has filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit alleging the department's long-standing racist practices "result in the unjustified deaths of people of color."

    The lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges police had no justification to shoot Pierre Loury on April 11 and conspired with one another to give "false, misleading and incomplete versions" of the incident to make it look like officers were in imminent danger.

    The suit, brought by Loury's mother, Tambrasha Hudson, also cites a report by Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Police Accountability Task Force that found inherent racism in the department and an accountability system that is broken.
The usual "conspiracy" theories, no justification, despite all the pictures the dead jagoff posted on Facebook of him actually having a gun.

But the lawsuit actually quotes and bases its main argument on a completely flawed and biased report just released last week claiming "inherent racism." Nothing that a court of law would actually call proof, just allegations made by a committee of axe-grinders.

Well done Rahm. Hope your crackerjack legal eagles over at Corp Counsel have a rebuttal all planned out for this. If any offer of a settlement is made, proffered or instigated, remember, it's on Rahm's doorstep, not the CPD.


Brotherhood in Ohio

The Brotherhood of the Fallen in Columbus, Ohio for another funeral:
  • COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–“We’re brothers and sisters that take the same oath.”

    Those were words spoken by Chicago Police Officer Steven Vidljinovic outside of St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Westerville.

    “Our job is dangerous,” Vidljinovic said. “When the worst of the worst happens, we want to be there for anything that they need from us.”

    Vidljinovic is one of three Chicago officers not only representing his department, but also the Brotherhood for the Fallen at Columbus Officer Steve Smith’s visitation and funeral.

    The Brotherhood for the Fallen has chapters in Chicago, in New York, and in Aurora, Colorado. Each chapter sends at least two members (police officers) to the funerals of every officer killed while serving his or her community.
Unfortunately, a lot of travel this year for the organization. RIP Officer Smith.

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Economic Success Story

  • The gun industry has boomed over the past eight years resulting in a massive increase in gun-related jobs throughout the country.

    The number of full-time jobs in the firearms industry increased from about 166,000 in 2008 to nearly 288,000, according to a new report from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, or NSSF. That represents a 73 percent increase.

    In 2015 alone, the gun industry went from 263,223 jobs to 287,986, an increase of nearly 25,000 jobs.

    The NSSF estimates that the gun industry currently has a total economic impact of nearly $50 billion. That’s up 158 percent from $19.1 billion in 2008. Wages in the industry rose 126 percent over the same time period. The average industry worker now receives $50,180 between wages and benefits.

    The gun industry has also generated record amounts of tax revenue for both the federal government and state governments in the past eight years. In 2015, the federal government collected $3.7 billion in tax revenue, an increase of 144 percent since 2008. State governments saw nearly double the tax revenue over the same period. Excise taxes are also up 92 percent.
The best gun salesman ever. If only he could expand this to the entire economy.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Irony is Heavy Here

  • Damond Dawson was "goofing around" with his brother and other relatives and friends, rapping and shooting video in Foster Park when two gunmen opened fire early Tuesday, killing Dawson and wounding four others, according to police and relatives.

    “Basically like an ambush," said Dawson's aunt, Angela Mathis-Tate, 44. “One coming west of the park and one coming south."

    The shooting happened around 2:20 a.m. as Dawson, 23, and a small group were “rapping around (taking) selfies with their phones” at Foster Park at 1440 W. 84th St., according to relatives.
So where was the Park Car? Aren't parks closed at that time?
  • “They were very close,” Mathis-Tate said. “It was like they were all brothers. They just hung out together, go to parties together, go to clubs.”
And maybe had jobs together? Car-pooled to work? Maybe after graduating college at the same time? Or trade school?
  • Some witnesses said the group was staging a party scene for a video titled “Two Tecs and a 50 Shot,” but Mathis-Tate said they were just having some fun in the park.

    “He was really, you know, just goofing around, playing like he could rap a little bit,” she said. “He wasn’t no rapper. He was a newcomer just trying to say some lyrics.” He sometimes went by the name “Thugga,” according to family and friends.
Golly, a rap piece titled "Two Tecs and a 50 Shot." Whatever could that mean? Tecs? Maybe video technicians? Or technical drawings like blueprints or schematics for a new heart/lung machine? Are we getting close? "50 Shot"? Like a really big novelty bottle of scotch? Or something else? And a nickname like "Thugga." No idea what that could mean....maybe one of our readers could clue us in?
  • “People out here (are) just shooting people, other kids, for no reason,” she said. “It doesn’t mean anything to them but ‘oh yeah, let’s get this person.’ … They don’t have no concern for life anymore.”
Those damn police, not a concern in the world. You know what this place needs? Another march or something.


Check Admin Fax Messages

A reminder to ensure your educational records are current.

Promotional class on the way.

Sergeants at least, so they're on the street before summer.

Lieutenants, so there are three per watch per the DOJ "recommendations."

A final Detectives class? No one knows.

So....are they hiring anyone?


The Other Losses

Illinois isn't just bleeding millionaires. It's bleeding factories:
  • When Marty Flaska moved his forklift-manufacturing business to Illinois 18 years ago, he didn’t think to look at the cost of operating in other states. In 2014, out of curiosity, his son ran the numbers.

    “I didn’t believe him,” said the elder Flaska. His son told him that a short drive east would save the business $2 million a year.

    Thus began the journey of Hoist Liftruck to greener pastures in Indiana; a move that resulted from policy mistakes that have made the Land of Lincoln a laggard state when it comes to forging well-paying manufacturing jobs.

    On March 31, Flaska cut the ribbon on a massive facility in East Chicago, Ind., the new home of Hoist. The Indiana factory will house nearly 300 manufacturing jobs transplanted from Bedford Park, as well as 200 new jobs Flaska plans to create. The average salary for one of those positions is $55,000.
The entire article is an eyeopener....if you've had your eyes shut for the past few years we mean. Those of us who pay attention and work(ed) the blighted areas of Chicago, have seen manufacturing fleeing for years now. Anyone traveling south has seen abandoned suburban properties as light industry (and heavier industry) left Cook County, then northeastern Illinois and finally the state itself. And until Illinois becomes more business-friendly, expect this trend to continue.


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