Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Well That Was Quick

From having the guy's back just a few hours ago, to paving the way for the return of Leo?

Let the rumors begin!


Cool - Another Task Force!

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel will announce on Tuesday the creation of a task force in an effort to “strengthen the fabric of trust between the Chicago Police Department and the communities it protects,” the city said in a news release.

    The Task Force on Police Accountability will review the processes that hold Chicago’s police officers accountable, as well as oversight and training for the department.
Not enough that we have IAD, the Inspectors, IPRA and a full compliment of supervisors while actual officer numbers decline to historic lows. A committee is a sure-fire way of nothing getting done. Well done Rahm!


Hate Crime? Terroristic Threat?

  • For each of the 16 bullets that hit Laquan McDonald, Jabari R. Dean allegedly took to the Internet and promised to “execute” a white student or staff member at the University of Chicago.

    But his uncle said he’s simply a “stupid kid” with nothing to do. And the feds don’t think he could have pulled off the shooting.

    Regardless, U.S. Magistrate Judge Susan Cox told Dean, 21, that he’d spend the night in federal custody after authorities arrested him for making chilling comments on the website worldstarhiphop.com that shut down the University of Chicago’s Hyde Park campus Monday. Dean admitted he used his phone to post the comment Saturday but quickly deleted it, according to the feds. Someone sent a screenshot of the post to the FBI, and the words are contained in the criminal complaint filed against Dean...
So let's see how this plays out. The smart money is on the complete and utter double standard we've come to expect. Any takers?


No Positive ID

  • The alleged victim of an assault by Chicago police Cmdr. Glenn Evans was unable to identify Evans in a photo array conducted by authorities not long after the incident, Cook County prosecutors said Monday in court.

    Rickey Williams also misidentified four other people who he alleged were involved in the 2013 incident in an abandoned house in the Park Manor neighborhood, said Assistant State's Attorney Lauren Freeman. He had selected all four of their photos, but none were at the scene, she said.

    A fifth person misidentified by Williams was actually at the scene, according to Freeman.

    The disclosure came Monday as Judge Diane Cannon dealt with last-minute issues in advance of Evans' trial scheduled for Dec. 8. He is charged with aggravated battery and official misconduct for allegedly shoving the barrel of his gun down Williams' throat and threatening to kill him.

    Attorneys will return to court on the case Wednesday.

    Evans has elected to let Cannon decide his fate in a bench trial.
If someone was sticking a gun in our mouth and threatening to taser the family jewels, you can be damn sure we'd be able to pick them out of a line up.

As someone pointed out, the media is making hay about the officer in the McDonald shooting having 18 complaints against him in 14 years, but Evans had nearly 40 over a shorter time span, over half involving Excessive Force, Illegal Searches and False Arrest, yet he has the support of a large segment of the community.

Looks like Anita has fucked up yet again. And it also looks like Martin Preib and his Crooked City blog, (who has been all over this case), are truly uncovering the unholy alliance of the media and the corrupt Innocence Project.


Media Still Pushing for Unrest

They want a riot and by golly, they're going to get one, even if they have to push the wildest conspiracy theories in the face of actual.....you know, facts and shit. Here's Channel 5:
  • On the night of the Laquan McDonald shooting, Chicago police entered the nearby Burger King restaurant on Pulaski Road to see what its security cameras captured, a store official told NBC 5 News six months ago.

    When they left, the store official said, the security video was missing.

    Now NBC 5 News has obtained screen grabs of what appears to be at least one police officer in the Burger King at what appears to be a computer terminal that night.
The Tribune also has some story hidden behind their paywall. But the FBI says, "No tampering:"
  • A forensic analysis for the FBI found “absolutely no evidence of tampering” with video from a Burger King near the scene where Laquan McDonald was gunned down by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke last year on the South Side, a source close to the investigation said Monday.
We are no great fans of the FBI - they're accountants and bean counters with an unlimited budget. But one thing they're good at is computer stuff and data crunching, and if they say something like "absolutely," they're probably right on. But certain media outlets are running this "conspiracy" crap for the sole purpose of keeping certain folks (or people) on edge.

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Officer Makes Bail

And you'd think that the world was ending.

People get bail all the time.

Dart wants his jail empty after all.


Monday, November 30, 2015

More Body Cams

  • The city will equip Chicago Police officers with 1,400 body cameras in a major expansion of a yearlong pilot program designed to boost oversight of cops as protesters have blasted the department for incidents such as an officer’s videotaped killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

    Since January, officers have been testing 30 body cameras in the Shakespeare District on the Northwest Side.

    Following a Sun-Times story last week that the slow-moving pilot program was showing promising results but was only expected to move into one more district in January, city officials have announced they will expand the program into six more police districts throughout Chicago by mid-2016.
And the Chicago connection?
  • Taser International was the vendor for the first phase of the body camera program. Former police Supt. Terry Hillard is a lobbyist for Taser in Chicago, records show.

    The city is now planning to test a new-generation Taser camera against other manufacturers’ devices. Then the city will select a contractor to supply the 1,400 cameras next year.
Good to see Terry is doing so well.

And here's an amazing statistic - if true:
  • So far this year, more than 4,600 videos have been captured on body cams, totaling more than 745 hours. No citizen complaints have been filed against officers wearing the cameras, officials said.
Not one? Sounds too good to be true. Don't get us wrong, we'd like it to be true, but zero complaints in 4,600 videos?

You know what we're thinking of doing right now? Investing a lot of money in data storage companies. Maybe the Pension Fund ought to look into that investment opportunity, too.


Where Does the Money Go?

Imagine if you were able to see every taxing body that sticks their fingers into a gallon of gas:
  • In April 2014, I suddenly realized that when you buy gasoline, the receipt does not list all the different taxes you have to pay.

    So I emailed the Illinois Policy Institute (https://www.illinoispolicy.org) and asked them to make up a facsimile of a gas receipt.

    Here's what they came up with, and they featured it in a story on their website.

    Turns out a gallon of gas in Chicago has eight taxes on it. In Park Ridge adds two cents more. (I think today they are higher.)

    I went to a neighborhood gas station – the owner was a nice guy. I asked him if people get angry with him when gasoline goes up in price.

    He said of course they do. I said, "Why don't you put a sign in your window, listing all the taxes the customers are paying on a gallon of gas?"

    He said, "That's illegal in Illinois.  I would get fined and could lose my gas station!"
Eight different taxes - and the vendor isn't allowed to show you what the taxes are.


This is a Big Deal

  • The University of Chicago announced Sunday that all classes and other activities planned for Monday on its Hyde Park campus will be canceled after FBI counterterrorism officials informed the university of a gun violence threat to the campus.

    University President Robert Zimmer sent an email to students and staff warning them of a threat posted online by an unknown individual, which specifically mentioned "the campus quad" at 10 a.m. Monday. Zimmer asked staff and faculty members who do not have emergency duties or patient care responsibilities to not come to the Hyde Park campus. Students who reside on campus were told to contact their resident heads and "to remain indoors as much as possible if they are on campus."

    "Based on the FBI's assessment of this threat and recent tragic events at other campuses across the country, we have decided in consultation with federal and local law enforcement officials, to exercise caution by canceling all classes and activities on the Hyde Park campus through midnight on Monday," Zimmer said in the email.
Target the president's last known neighborhood, his employer, his wife's "employer," his political cradle, the birthplace of the atomic bomb, etc. It's a natural target. Of course, this doesn't mean it couldn't be a feint of some sort and something would happen somewhere else. Stay alert.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015


We don't claim to be fashion plates. Sears and JC Penny figure large in our wardrobes. We wouldn't recognize these types of clothes unless someone pointed them out to us...which a reader did in the comment section:
  • "Thats what people listen to . . . money". The daughter pointed this out; many times when phleger shows up on the news he is wearing Ralph Lauren sweaters and Movado watches. Yep, its all about the money baby. A priest with bling, you gotta love it.
Diocesan priests don't take vows of poverty, not by any stretch of the imagination. Many orders of priests, brothers, sisters do, but not the largest segment of priests that most are familiar with.

We wouldn't be able to pick out a Movado watch on a bet, nor a Lauren sweater (we don't wear sweaters). Some people have more expensive tastes than Sears...people like Mike Pfleger here:

That's Macy's in suburban Cook County. After a hard day of protesting and keeping regular people from entering stores on Michigan Avenue to spend their money, you have to blow off some steam, spending some dough away from all those high city taxes.


Down to Dozens

  • Activists held at least three rallies Saturday in Chicago in the wake of the release of videos of Laquan McDonald's killing but drew only a fraction of the crowds that shut down parts of the Mag Mile for much of Black Friday
Well Done to all who ended up working the protests, and will no doubt, continue to be on stand-by until the temps start dropping and the snow piles up.


More McCompStat Blame

Whatever Rahm is paying this guy, he's getting some amazing mileage out of him:
  • A day after thousands helped shut down Michigan Avenue to shoppers on Black Friday, a small group of community activists circled City Hall Saturday afternoon with an empty black casket to pay respects to both Laquan McDonald and Tyshawn Lee.

    But the symbolic casket also was intended to point a finger at three city officials the group blames for mishandling police misconduct cases in the city: Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy and Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

    And the chorus of voices calling for McCarthy grew louder late this week; on Friday, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle called Emanuel and asked for McCarthy’s resignation, according to Preckwinkle spokesman Frank Shuftan.
Yep, McCarthy's fault. He's Hitler-lite you know?
  • [Domestic Battery Offender Tio] Hardiman had harsh words for McCarthy: “McCarthy’s spirit is not right. The man is a cancer. He’s an Adolf Hitler type of guy,” adding McCarthy’s programs in black communities are putting people “under siege.”
Well thank goodness that Tio is there to tell us all the bad that follows McCarthy around. Not a peep about how gangs, the easy availability of drugs, missing family structure and complete lack of moral compass might contribute to the "siege" mentality. Not to mention getting millions from then-Governor Quinn for a CeaseFire program that doesn't really seem to have CeasedShit. McJerseyShore has a lot of sins to answer for, but this isn't really one of them.

Did you know Tio Hardiman's house doesn't have a single mirror in it? Not a one.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Charges in Homicide

  • Cook County prosecutors on Friday gave a chilling account of the final hours of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee’s short life, outlining their case against a man they say targeted the boy for death amid a murderous cycle of retaliation between rival gangs.

    As the grade-schooler played on the swings at Dawes Park on Nov. 2, Corey Morgan sat parked in a black SUV with two other men, watching, Assistant State’s Attorney George Canellis said at Morgan’s bond hearing on a charge of first-degree murder.
Remember, Jesse won't march for this kid why?

From left-to-right: Jesse, Jeff Fort, Mickey Cogwell

Oh yeah.

Excellent job by all involved. Very well done.


Jesse Overshadowed

  • And even earlier Friday, not long after the start of the protests, the Rev. Jesse Jackson had been cut off as he spoke about the McDonald shooting.

    Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition had organized the march, which brought together a variety of groups and community leaders. They had started at Michigan and Wacker. From there, Rev. Jackson had led several hundred people north on Michigan to the Water Tower, where several people were to speak.

    Jackson, U.S. Rep. Danny Davis and more than a dozen other ministers and leaders crowded onto the steps of the historic tower. Crowds counted each bullet that struck McDonald. But as they began to pray and speak, several young men with bullhorns approached from all sides, overpowering their sound with chants of “Indict Rahm.”

    “This is about indicting Mayor Rahm Emanuel,” one called. The ministers countered, “Let us pray, let us pray.”

    “We’re not here to pray,” a voice repeated over a megaphone.

    They pulled Jackson’s microphone and stormed the stairs. Someone yanked the cord to the speakers, knocking out Jackson’s audio.

    “Indict Rahm!” the protesters shouted as a brief shoving match ensued.

    Those who interrupted Jackson, included a group shouting “black power!” and carrying red, green and black flags.
    Amid cries of “Send Rahm to jail,” Jackson and the other officials quickly dispersed as the masses hijacked Jackson’s presentation, and competed with the shoppers who flocked downtown to advantage of Black Friday sales.
Must have been a crowd of legal scholars or something. Jesse ran like the irrelevant has-been of recent years.


More Staring Asshole

This guy gets around:

And he seems to be suffering from that horrible arthritic condition that has crippled so many of our fine upstanding youth of today.

(post amended for confusion)


The Staring Asshole

We're told this isn't the guy who slugged the cop? He's just an angry asshole, knowing that this is the pinnacle of his entire existence:

Gee, with the leftist head of the teachers union.....and with the ex-governor. Ah the connections one finds in Chicago.

(Post amended for confusion)


Friday, November 27, 2015

Anti-Police Vandalism

We've gently suggested before that maybe Officers would be better off not advertising the fact that they're the police on their personal vehicles. Now we're telling you, it's a good idea to lose the FOP stuff:
  • SCC,

    A lot of cars vandalized in MG overnight, all with FOP medallions or window stickers. Someone wandered through and cut tires, scratched paint, the quiet but expensive damage. I'll be out overnight checking on strangers wandering, but let everyone know in the MG area, it's come to our backyard.
We've heard that the FOP is looking to file a formal complaint against Alvarez for her recent dereliction of duty, but we can't find it on the FOP site.

We've also heard that Deano has released a statement removing the FOP from the "We Are One" coalition in light of Karen Lewis's calls for teachers to march with Jesse and Pfleger and the protesters Friday, but again, no link on the website so we can't verify. Shit like this should be front-and-center so everyone sees where the FOP stands.

We give two fucks if it doesn't get covered in the media - they're working against us anyway. Get it out to the membership so we can see where our leadership is.....or isn't.


Meanwhile, in the Hood

  • At 3:32 p.m., a 23-year-old man was shot on the 4900 block of West Erie Street in the Austin neighborhood, police said. The man was shot in the right leg and got himself to West Suburban Hospital, where his condition had stabilized, Trainor said. The man, who is a gang member, was walking when a vehicle drove up and someone inside began firing, said police.
Gee, that's only what....a half a block over the the home of noted "poet" and battery offender Malcolm Ten London...he lives in the 4900 block of Huron. Why didn't he stop this shooting? Protest this shooting?

Or maybe this one?
  • A 16-year-old boy was killed in East Garfield Park just west of Kedzie Avenue on Van Buren Street. He was shot in the head a few minutes before midnight near his home. Police said two males approached on foot and one fired at the boy.
That victim enjoyed a year less of life than McDonald - why is his life not even worth a protest? Or a march? Just a passing reference in the Tribune before everyone forgets about him. That hardly seems fair - but if it doesn't fit the agenda, we suppose it #Doesn'tReallyMatter.


Here's Some Disconnect

Minutes after the State dropped charges against a "poet" whose only talent appears to be staring at people from a distance of three inches, this happened:
  • The Auburn Gresham man who shot an 11-year-old girl in August was aiming for her adult cousin, prosecutors said Wednesday — but there were few outsiders in the courtroom to hear it.

    "Why don't we have a packed courtroom for this?" Cook County Judge Peggy Chiampas demanded to know as Cordero Harris, 27, stood before her Wednesday afternoon on charges of aggravated battery and aggravated assault.

    Minutes earlier, activist Malcolm London — who'd been charged with battery to police following a Laquon McDonald protest Tuesday evening — appeared in the same court room.

    When charges against London were dropped, the myriad activists, protestors and reporters who had flooded Chiampas' courtroom to see London, stood up and left. Chiampas had to pause proceedings to account for the exodus.

    "Why don't we have every single press person in the room for this case? For an 11-year-old child?" Chiampas bellowed Wednesday afternoon. "Why aren't there people protesting outside for this case?"
Because, Your Honor:
  • it isn't a white cop doing the shooting;
  • it doesn't fit the political narrative;
  • only some black lives matter
Anyone ready to have that discussion on race that Eric Holder was so gung-ho about?


Nice Double Standard Tribune

An interesting point brought to our attention by a reader. This story appeared in the Tribune on 24 November:
  • A man Chicago police detectives consider to be a person of interest in the slaying of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee is free on $1 million bail following an arrest last week on a gun charge, according to court records.

    The man, 27, was arrested with two handguns on Nov. 16 after leaving a hotel in southwest suburban Oak Lawn, authorities said. Chicago police detectives received a tip that he was in possession of guns at the hotel. The man is a convicted felon who by law cannot possess firearms, according to court records.

    Records show he was released on bail on Friday. According to a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation, the man’s girlfriend, who recently received a huge settlement in a civil lawsuit against a Chicago hospital, put up $100,000 for his release.

    The man was also questioned last week about Tyshawn’s death during his arrest, sources have said, but never charged in the slaying. He had also been questioned on Nov. 4 at Area South police headquarters about the killing before being released at that time, sources have said.

    The Tribune is not naming the man because he hasn't been charged in Tyshawn's killing.
But he had been charged with two counts of "UUW by Felon," a pretty serious charge in every jurisdiction except Cook County. The Tribune refused to name him at all, despite the charges and bail.

Contrast that with the recently indicted officer, whose name was thrown out there by reporters and published for weeks, even months leading up to the indictment.

Anyone care to explain?

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Time for Phleger Dollars!

You know, if Pfather Pfleger is going to interject himself in the political arena, it's time the Church started paying taxes:
  • Protesters threatened to disrupt Black Friday shopping along the Midwest’s most luxurious stretch of retail in response to the release of a video showing a white Chicago police officer fatally shooting a black teenager 16 times.
Because North Michigan Avenue retailers had anything to do with a PCP-whacked out, knife-wielding car burglar getting shot. Makes perfect sense.
  • “It has to be an economic hit,” Father Michael Pfleger, a Catholic priest and activist, said while walking with protesters on a breezy Chicago night. “That’s what people listen to -- money.”
Nothing about reason, evidence, rule of law. Nope, just a money squeeze. Well, speaking of "an economic hit," looks like it's time to roll out the Pfleger Dollars again:

Toss a few of these in the collection basket so maybe Blase gets the message to rein in this idiot.


Time to Cut Aldercreatures

As stated here and elsewhere, Chicago has way too many aldercreatures in relation to its population. This fractionalizes any sort of opposition to the mayor, costs taxpayers millions in corruption and tens of millions in taxes, fees, fines, overhead, etc....not to mention the cost of jailing a few every couple of years. Now they're abdicating responsibility to jagoffs like this, to writing policy? Between arrests after being videoed attacking a police officer?
  • Black caucus Chairman Ald. Roderick Sawyer, 6th, said that London was a family friend who had helped draft a stop-and-frisk ordinance he introduced.

    “I have to give him credit for that,” Sawyer said.
Well, since he went to college, we imagine he could sound out the harder words for the alderasshole. Do the citizens of the 6th Ward know their representative is abdicating responsibility to a so-called "poet" and agitator with no legislative experience, legal background and surely no sort of police training.

But hey, when they approve a $5 million settlement without even seeing the video, we guess you can't expect much:
  • Emanuel has been under fire for keeping the incendiary video under wraps until after the April 7 mayoral runoff and waiting until one week after the election to settle the case for $5 million even before the McDonald family had filed a lawsuit.

    [...] On Wednesday, African-American aldermen who voted to approve a $5 million settlement denounced as “hush-money” ran for political cover. They claimed they had been “misled” before signing off on the settlement without seeing the dashboard camera video.
Sure...."political cover" for not being informed and voting blind. What's the matter aldercreatures? You figure that you missed out on a few extra thousands in "donations" after approving the settlement?

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Going to be a lot of people missing family dinners this holiday.

Stay safe boys and girls and remember the small things.

Open post - keep it civil.


Room to Destroy

Minimal coverage of this crap tonight:.

Yes, that's protesters pulling down the lights on the Official Chicago Christmas tree. Because nothing says "Justice" like destroying property and abusing people (and coppers) who had nothing to do with the shooting.


Time for Garry to Go (UPDATE)

[SCC asked us to step in tonight...enjoy]

Congratulations. The situation has just hit rock bottom:
  • Saying it was in the “best interest” of the city, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office dropped charges Wednesday against a poet and community activist who was arrested during a protest on Tuesday.

    Malcolm X. London had been accused of punching a Chicago Police officer in the face during protests tied to the deadly shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

    “You are free to go,” Judge Peggy Chiampas told London.
This in light of video proof of a battery and (allegedly) after the judge had already found Probable Cause:

So open season on the police, courtesy of Anita Alvarez. We thought McCarthy had said something about people were free to march, free to exercise Freedom of Speech, but not free to break the law. Battery is breaking the law. Something changed?

We're going to have to call on McCarthy to resign. He's lost the confidence of the Department. Same for Anita and her failure to even appear to be even-handed. The FOP is mysteriously silent, too. Nothing on their website, no quotes in the media.

It's time to stop policing. Chicago doesn't want you to be the police. Rahm has his cameras. Garry is a product of a corrupt CompStat system that lies regularly. The FOP has surrendered the field to the politicos, working hand-in-hand to screw the membership over 10-hour days, slow-walking grievances, surrendering contract protections.

All you young kids, stop. Just stop. Respond to your calls, write a report, return to service. You don't need to worry about the system destroying you. The reason we retirees ended up old dogs is because we were smart enough to see which way the wind was blowing.

UPDATE: To the reading challenged among the visitors, the judge had already found PC when the States Attorney dropped charges in the supposed "interest" of the City. Reading is a skill.


Lt. Test Results Out

Fresh from the comment section:
  • OT-Congratulations [MH], wife of retired 1st Deputy Al. #1 score on the most obviously compromised lieutenant's exam in modern history. We all hope you and all your friends enjoy your stolen promotions!
Wow. Couldn't be bothered to score #2. Had to be #1. And married to a Subject Matter Expert. Amazing how that happened. Good thing Al retired - something like this might open up some questions.

We can't wait to see how the rest of the top 50 shook out. These are the up-and-coming leaders after all...the command staff of the future.


Holiday Game

At Green Bay, underdogs by 8.5, over/under set at 45, and Da Coach took off his sweater a few weeks too early. We're thinking Green Bay covers this easily, but we won't be watching.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Media Fans the Flames

Evidently, the shit isn't hitting the fan hard enough, so certain media outlets have started to.....get this.....lie to advance their agenda. Here's CNN:

Yes, that was CNN saying that Chicago Police shot this guy for "jaywalking." No mention of the burglary to auto calls, nothing about the PCP influenced behavior, not even a mention of the knife. Just shot for jaywalking. Amazing, right?

And assorted columnists aren't any better. Here's Mope-rah (no link for this turd):
  • You can’t look at the video of a Chicago police officer’s shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald and hold onto any illusion that black people are exaggerating police brutality.
Can we point out that the black community's selective outrage and gullibility believing the media narrative remains as strong as ever?
  • It doesn’t matter what side of Chicago you hail from, there’s no way to understand why a white Chicago police officer would stand over the sprawled body of this young black male, and empty his weapon.
Um....didn't happen. Not even close.
  • The puffs of smoke wafting from McDonald’s body broke me down.
It isn't smoke Mopey. Smoke would imply that something in the human body was bursting into flame or that incendiary rounds were being used. Try to be less inaccurate.
  • And in what could be described as the ultimate display of disrespect for this life, an officer kicks the small knife out of the teen’s still hand.

    He doesn’t bend down to take it.

    He kicks it.
Um, yeah. Unless you want to leave work with less fingers than you started with, you don't ever reach for a knife. Ever. That's just smart, unlike Mope-rah.

There's plenty to view in the video and plenty for sane people to discuss at length. No death is going to look pretty, and we've seen plenty of death, mostly at the hands of Mope-rah's "community." And the victims have been from Mope-rah's "community," too, come to think of it.

Stay safe, stay calm.


Payouts in New York

  • The city has agreed to pay a $150,000 settlement to a former NYPD sergeant who sued his superiors for retaliating against him after he reported that crime stats were being fudged, the Daily News has learned.

    Robert Borrelli, 50, is the second police whistleblower in recent weeks to pocket a six-figure payout to settle their federal lawsuits that alleged the NYPD was cooking the Compstat books during then-Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly's administration.

    Borrelli's suit, filed in Brooklyn Federal Court in 2013, accused his former commanding officers at the 100th Precinct in the Rockaway Peninsula of intentionally downgrading felony complaints to misdemeanors in order to misrepresent the crime rate.
That "cooking the books" isn't a bug of CompStat - it's a feature because it allows politicians to claim something that isn't so to grease the skids on reelections.

And Adrian Schoolcraft, who was psyched and involuntarily committed to a hospital after objecting to and recording quota orders, just got $600,000 and years of back pay.


Application Deadline Extended

Anyone want to guess the number of applicants they've gotten that would require them to extend the deadline an extra 30 days?
  • The Chicago Police Department is extending the time period within which potential applicants may apply to join the police department.

    Applications are being accepted now through Sunday, January 16. A written exam will be administered the weekend of April 16, 2016 for those who applied.

    A special focus is being placed on encouraging more minority participation in the written exam and building diversity in police ranks. The city is also reaching out to military veterans and Chicago Public School graduates to ensure that a portion of recruit classes meet these criteria.
There seems to be no dearth of people who can tell us how to do the job, but not too many stepping up to actually do it. That would actually take some guts. But maybe it's for the better - how many unemployed liberal art majors could we possible hire?



  • Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said Monday that blocking Syrian refugees from entering the United States would impair the ability of police officers to connect with the Muslim community.

    Clinton, who wants to import thousands of Syrian refugees, told reporters in Reno that it would look bad not to let in Syrian refugees, and that might inflame Muslims against law enforcement.

    “If you’re in law enforcement, … you want the people in the communities that you are looking to get information from to feel like they want to help you,” Clinton said at a Nevada roundtable. “And if the message from people who are running for president, for example, is that we don’t want to take any Muslims whatsoever, that’s not good for law enforcement.”
Um....right. Whatever you say sister. It's not like we couldn't use another group hating on us at the moment.

But this one really amazed us in terms of tone-deafness:
  • ....Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton tweeted solidarity with victims of sexual assault. The response could not have been what she was hoping for.

    The link in her tweet went to a campaign webpage on sexual assault on campus that starts with a quote from a speech Hillary gave in September: “I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault: Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed, and we’re with you.”
Like Juanita Broaddrick? Kathleen Wiley? Paula Jones? Monica Lewinsky? Maybe that 12-year-old you smeared on the stand in 1975 defending her rapist? How many other "bimbo eruptions" you were tasked to handle because Bill couldn't be kept on a leash? Those women?


Kind of Busy Tonight

As you might imagine.

We'll post when we can.

Be sure to check out the shrieking from the media.

Stay fetal.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

First Degree Murder? (UPDATE)

  • Sneed has learned a criminal probe launched by Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez into the shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald is expected to result in first-degree murder charges Tuesday against 37-year-old Chicago police officer [...]

    [...] will turn himself in Tuesday morning, sources tell Sneed. Accompanied by his lawyer, the disgraced officer will be processed, fingerprinted and charged before appearing at a noon bond hearing at the Leighton Criminal Courts Building, 26th and California.

    ∞The shocker: If a first-degree murder charge is placed against [the officer], it will be the first time in Chicago history an “on duty” police officer was charged with such a crime.
Looking over the ILCS, the only phrase that we can find that even comes close to passing the smell test is this:
  • 720 ILCS 5/9-1(b)(11) the murder was committed in a cold, calculated and premeditated manner pursuant to a preconceived plan, scheme or design to take a human life by unlawful means, and the conduct of the defendant created a reasonable expectation that the death of a human being would result therefrom...
And even that would be quite a hurdle to surmount.

Releasing the video now will inevitably taint the jury pool and for a First Degree Murder trial, you want everything in order, double-and-triple checked, and no surprises. Anita is in a fight for her political life at the moment. Does she have something that justifies a charge this high or is she pandering in the face of a primary challenge from the Prickwrinkle arm of the Machine?

In the meantime, get ready for an ugly holiday weekend ladies and gentlemen.

UPDATE: Evidently, we quoted the penalty phase of the law. Here is the Homicide Statute:
  • 720 ILCS 5/9-1(a) A person who kills an individual without lawful justification commits first degree murder if, in performing the acts which cause the death:
    (1) he either intends to kill or do great bodily harm to that individual or another, or knows that such acts will cause death to that individual or another; or
    (2) he knows that such acts create a strong probability of death or great bodily harm to that individual or another; or
    (3) he is attempting or committing a forcible felony other than second degree murder.
The charge still doesn't fit the facts currently in circulation.


All the Answers

Once again, a professor has all of the answers. If only we'd listen to our betters:
  • Another police shooting of a young black man — this time in Chicago. Laquan McDonald was shot to death in 2014 by a Chicago police officer. The city agreed to a $5 million settlement to McDonald's family. A video of the shooting is set to be released to the public this week, and city leaders are braced for a strong public reaction.

    As usual, though, few solutions are being offered.

    It's time to consider a factor that has been ignored: the role that collective bargaining agreements play in controlling police behavior. Union contracts and civil service regulations make it difficult, and at times impossible, to dismiss bad cops.
Now why didn't we think of that?? Surrender all contractual protections to the political masters! It's so simple, we're surprised it hasn't been done before. What other pearls of wisdom will drip from this professor's lips?
  • Police unions are quite powerful. Most states compel local jurisdictions to collectively bargain with police unions, and bargaining can be wide-ranging. The unions have used bargaining to resist body cameras and GPS tracking, and collective bargaining agreements almost always provide for binding arbitration for any significant disciplinary action taken against officers — a system stacked heavily in favor of police.
Um....well, let's see. Our "union" collapsed like a tent of wet newspaper when the issue of body cameras came up. They're being tested in a couple places already and we're sure they'll be department-wide in short order. And that GPS thing - yeah, we've got that, too. The union never said a word about it because, quite frankly, it's the City's car, and they're entitled to know where it is. There isn't a leg to stand on with it. Plus the city promised...promised...that the GPS would only be used as a safety feature and not to jam officers. That lasted all of a minute, but again, it's their car.
  • Moreover, cities almost always indemnify police officers for any civil judgments against them for civil rights violations.
Oh man....if only! For a judgement like that, the city is usually forbidden by law from indemnifying an officer from punitive damages. we're covered only for actions that arise in the course of our official duties, and violating civil rights doesn't fall within any official duty of which we're aware. We're specifically trained not to violate civil rights and even sign Consent Agreement paperwork to that effect.
  • Even when officers are not covered by union contracts or arbitration, statutes, regulations and highly detailed police manuals make termination a challenge. New York City, for example, does not have binding arbitration, but the process for terminating officers is very slow and rarely used.
Really? Every one of those "highly detailed police manuals" was gone over by teams of lawyers, read thoroughly by elected representatives (haha) and signed by an executive elected official somewhere. That's the process. Now this ass is braying about the process? And binding arbitration only seems to work on way in this town - binding on the union. The city is free to appeal (at taxpayer expense) any disagreement they might have with the status quo that they negotiated.

The rest of the article goes on about how a tiny percentage of officers are responsible for a vast majority of the complaints. Really? Well welcome to reality professor. Of course, he advocates punishing the vast majority for the actions of a few. He probably is an anti-Second Amendment type using the same tiny-brained method of thinking.

How about instead, you look at the political machinations behind the scenes? See how many clouted individuals were covered for, lied for, moved through the system? See if any of these ring a bell:
  • Abbate - no one has yet explained to our satisfaction how he even got on the job, let alone kept his job given his checkered past;
  • a big name gold star, pissed hot twice, kept his exempt spot for years;
  • a still employed lieutenant, demoted at least once for running plates of females he wanted to date, stalking said females, harassing females, both on and off the job;
  • a still employed officer with a background including battery, numerous firings for egregious behaviors, and a massive payout for harassment, still hired somehow;
  • a detective lieutenant and detective commander, involved in a case for a certain politician's nephew that had files mysteriously walking out of a police station in the midst of an investigation and then suddenly reappearing years later, and the commander is suddenly the Chief of Detectives;
And that's just scraping the surface. We could come up with a dozen more incidents, and we'll bet our comments will be alive with dozens more. So how about we stop picking on duly negotiated protections and perhaps start asking why the political structure in place too often protects the bad apples for years?

Kind of like how Northwestern backed a certain professor for years and years while he suborned perjury in an attempt to empty Illinois Death Row of dozens of heinous killers with the assistance of certain media types and a distinct aversion to actually telling the truth.



  • Out since June, he’s among a growing number of ex-cons being released on parole in Illinois and trying to leave prison behind for good. In the past four years, the number of parolees in Illinois has shot up by 14 percent, to more than 28,000, according to the Illinois Department of Corrections.

    They live in communities across Illinois. (Click here to see the number of parolees by Zip code.)

    But the largest cluster by far — one of every six parolees — is, like Hilton, on the West Side, straining an area already struggling with crime and joblessness.
A 14% increase in parolees roaming about with no jobs, no purpose, no direction. Wait a minute....let's hope over to HeyJackass.com for a sec:

Damn....a 15% increase in shootings. That's damn close to the 14% increase in parolees. Someone ought to look into that.

See? We can make the numbers dance to a tune, too.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Who Controls Jesse?

People still wonder why Jesse talks when he does? Why he can be the Invisible Man when a 9-year-old is gunned down in a targeted assassination, yet all over the news when a cop shoots a kid high on PCP?

Everything you need to know about Jesse is right here in one of our favorite photographs:

That's Jesse seated at the feet of Jeff Fort. The same Jeff Fort who is listed as a co-founder of the black p stones. And why is that important?

  • Law enforcement sources have told the Tribune that the bloody conflict involves rival factions of two of Chicago's oldest gangs — the [g]angster [d]isciples and the [b]lack [p] [s]tones. Police believe the [t]error [d]ome faction of the [b]lack [p] [s]tones targeted Pierre Stokes' son because his father, a convicted felon, reputedly belongs to the [g]angster [d]isciples' [k]illa [w]ard faction.
(Sorry about all of the [small letter] corrections to the story, but we're old school that way...no respect to those assholes)

Jesse was told to sit down, stay out of sight, and shut the fuck up about the death of Tyshawn Lee, no doubt in our mind. Wars have their casualties and the b.p.s. "nation" wanted to make sure their message was heard loud and clear. Nothing about this hit was going to be clouded by the Jesse Jackson circus.

You can bet Kass or Marin will never touch this one.


Start Growing Your Hair

March is right around the corner:
  • Plans are underway with many exciting changes coming, so save the date for St. Baldrick's 2016. This year we're going to try something new and hold it on a Saturday, March 12th. Stay tuned for more details and for how to sign up for the 2016 event very soon, and welcome our new event organizer, Brenda Valadez! Keep an eye out here, in the daily bulletin, and in your e-mail for more information in the near future. The web site for the event is not active yet but we'll get the link out soon.

    Until we find a cure!
Details next year when available.


Calls for Calm

  • Leaders in Chicago's African American community are calling for calm ahead of what could be a contentious week, as the city must release a video showing a white Chicago police officer killing an African American teen.

    Nearly 200 strong they came together Saturday to call for peace. Neither the cold nor the snowy weather was going to stop the men of Alpha Phi Alpha, an African American fraternity which counts many of the city's leaders among its ranks.

    "We want people to see the positive professional males that are in our community," said Rev. Roosevelt Watkins, Pastors United for Change.
Unlike the woman from yesterday's post, this person isn't deflecting or redirecting the question. He is rejecting the racism of low expectations and expects the "positive professional" side of his community to put their foot forward. Hopefully we see more of that in the coming days. Contrast that to Jesse, Al and their ilk.


Jesse Wants Change

  • Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling for a shake-up in the Chicago Police Department as it prepares to follow a judge’s order and release the dash-board video of a white police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times last year.
How about right after the riots?

How about this?

Rumors have him looking for a new job shortly.

Rumors are the job is here.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Copper Injured in Fire

  • Five people were injured in a fire that broke out Saturday afternoon in a bedroom on the 50th floor of the John Hancock Center, officials said.

    None of the injuries was considered serious, officials said at a late-afternoon news conference. One person was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. One of the injured was a police officer who suffered smoke inhalation.

    The cause of the fire has not been determined, officials said.
A high-rise fire has to be one of the more challenging events for CFD to respond to, but it all seemed to run smoothly from the coverage we heard/saw. Best wishes to the injured for a speedy recovery.

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Jesse Appears

  • WBBM [...] reports Rev. Jackson stood at a memorial to young people killed on the streets in the Pullman neighborhood saying he believes Laquan McDonald was murdered by [...] and that there was a cover-up and he questioned why the investigation by the state’s attorney’s office has taken over a year.
Well gee, we had no idea Jesse was such an expert on legal investigations...from the police and State's standpoint we mean. We're pretty sure he's a well known expert on all sorts of other investigations.

Someone can correct us if we're wrong, but the feds have this one now, don't they? So the State has to take a back seat to any Federal charges that might be filed. We not fans of Anita, who is a corrupt Machine politico who hates the police, but Jesse's "cover up" claim is very obviously a play to Prickwrinkle's handpicked candidate for the State's Attorney job. If the feds stumble or punt, Anita is free to file state charges.

What really stood out was this paragraph later in the article:
  • “The questions that you’re asking, is there going to be a riot, like black people are going to riot, rebel, tear up the city but did you not ask the police department about the continued shooting of young black men?” said Diane Latiker of the organizations Kids Off The Block.
NewsRadio 780 played this paragraph numerous times yesterday during their "reporting." No one bothered to check the HeyJackass.com website that shows that police have been involved in about 20 shootings this year - 7 fatal. There is no racial break down of the 2,655 shootings that didn't involve police, but black folks (and people) have been involved in 348 homicides so far this year - 80% of the Chicago total. So yeah, the police are DEFINITELY the problem here.

If we were asked this sort of question, we'd be kind of insulted that the media (Kass, Marin, Krauser, etc) think so little of the self-control of our people (and folks) that all they expect is riots and looting, but this lady's reaction kind of shows she thinks (and expects) the same thing, which is a sad commentary on the entire community.


Terror Threats

Anyone have the scoop on this?
  • About three hours ago, a male in his twenties, apparently of middle eastern descent, walked into the lobby of 024 with a bucket full of an unknown substance stating "this is a gift for your chief". When confronted by officers, he quickly exited the building while leaving the bucket just outside the front door. Officers successfully pursued the suspect who was brought back into the station. The subject stated the bucket was full of water and was a "gift". When Lt's DH and NS of 3rd watch were apprised of the situation, they were overheard saying "I would rather take the chance than cause any media backlash". Lt NS then ordered the officers to write the man parking tickets, release him, and then do an information report. No other units/agencies were notified. Said information report was to be forwarded to the FBI. The bucket of "water" was returned to the subject. Not only do I want officers to be aware such dry runs are currently happening here, I also wanted to point out the gross negligence of the two lieutenants....
Well this would certainly fall into the "un-fucking-believable" category in a normal month, but this isn't that time.

There was also this little incident a few nights ago:
  • With both the nation, and the city, on high alert, police are taking no chances on potential terrorist threats.

    Last night, there was a large police response on the Gold Coast, as officers were trying to figure out whether an incident was the real deal, a false alarm or a drunken joy ride.

    On Rush Street last night, SWAT teams descended with heavy weapons, after two people pulled up in a white van and yelled out that they were with ISIS. The suspects were described as bearded men in a white van with temporary plates. When police tried to stop them, the van sped away.

    Uniformed cops and SWAT teams buzzed the area but they never caught the suspects. Police now believe they were probably just joking around.
Sure. Joking. Everything is perfectly fine, nothing to see here. Never mind that ISIS is issuing near daily threats and bragging of their "lone wolf" soldiers. Or that the FBI confirmed that a threat exists for this weekend in a number of cities across the globe. Continue living in your little bubble.

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Odds Dropping

A chance to make it to .500 on the year, and as the injuries piled up for Denver, the point spread kept narrowing.

Da Bears currently stand as one-point underdogs. With the tiniest bit of luck and the Cutler of recent days showing up, we feel comfortable actually turning on the TV for the first time in weeks.


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