Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Special Service Award Denied

The criteria for different awards can be located in Department Special Order S 01-01-01. The so-called "Special Services Award" is earned in the following manner:
  • - is granted to any Department sworn or civilian member whose service contributed to any event that has a significant impact upon the historical direction and operations of the Department.
That's it. Pretty straightforward. So what's the problem with this submission?
  • Captain Lemmer was assigned to the 11th district in the early part of 2014. Through his domineering personality he was able to drive out all the Lieutenants assigned to the district and the institutional knowledge they possessed. He was also able to replace approximately a third of the remaining supervisory staff and their knowledge. This institutional knowledge, in some cases had been developed over cumulative decades of being assigned to the district. These efforts were not limited to the supervisory ranks his effort additionally purged the experienced patrolman ranks.

    The Captain was then able to bring in all new personnel who were not only brand new to their ranks and the billets they held, but also had not been soiled by assignment to the 11th district in previous billets. This fresh supervisory staff, coupled with implementation of the tactics from previously failed programs, the Captain's pugnacious sense of entitlement, and firm belief in his own infallibility allowed the Captain to obtain the greatest single year increase in homicides this century. The homicide numbers had such an increase that the year end totals were the second highest year over year increase since the founding of the Harrison District, and also the second highest increase since the Chicago Police Department began keeping records by district.

    This apex certainly qualifies for the criteria of special service award as the wording for this award is: "a member whose service contributed to any event that has a significant impact upon the historical direction and operations of the Department." The significant increase he was able to obtain completely changed the historical downward trend of homicides the 11th district has been experiencing for several years, and the amount of manpower poured into this district during the performance of this increase did also directly and significantly impact the operations of the Chicago Police Department. Meeting both criteria for the Special Service Award, Capt Lemmer is hereby nominated for this honor.
The comments have been alive with bitching from 011 for the past few months, mostly since the assignment of the psycho ex-commander who (allegedly) stuck a gun in someone's mouth and a Taser in another guy's nutsack. Most people wrote it off as an exaggeration of sorts, until you look at the 2014 transfer orders and see four lieutenants, nearly ten sergeants and upwards of 40 veteran officers leaving, then you have to wonder if there isn't a grain of truth in it all. 011 certainly had more than their share of shootings and killing in 2014, winning the homicide race decisively for the first time in years.

In any event, a negative impact is still a "significant impact upon the historical direction and operations of the Department" isn't it? Word from the street is the nominating individual has already taken a three-day-suspension in regard (retaliation) for his efforts. It seems a sense of humor is definitely lacking in the upper echelons. A tip of the hat for the "silliness" and a shake of the head for the three days.


Clout You Think?

  • A former city supervisor was sentenced to two years probation Tuesday after admitting he stole cigarette cartons from a city evidence room and sold them to his relatives’ South Side convenience stores, the Sun-Times is reporting.

    [...] Ayesh, now 36, was working as a $66,564-a-year supervisor of tax and license compliance for the city’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection when he was arrested in 2010.

    He was responsible for storing and securing contraband cigarettes seized by the city. But he took some of the confiscated goods for himself to disperse to his family, prosecutors said.
This could have been a much bigger problem though:
  • Ayesh, a father of two, refused comment after Tuesday’s hearing. He had worked as an aviation security officer for less than a month in 2001. In 2003, he spent a few weeks as a probationary Chicago Police officer before going to work for the Revenue Department. He was fired a few weeks after his arrest.
Aviation Department. CPD. The guy had connections. How about some reporter Out-the-Clout?


Paper Saves Lives!

  • Local authorities encountered an Arlington Heights man at least a half-dozen times before he was accused of brutally killing his wife with a hatchet in Wisconsin last year, newly released police records show.

    Beginning in March, police were called multiple times to incidents involving the couple. There were claims of a suicide attempt, threats, suspicious incidents, domestic trouble, battery, verbal abuse, trespassing, stalking, a hidden gun and an order of protection, according to Arlington Heights police records.

    But Cristian Loga-Negru, 38, was never arrested, nor was he charged with any crimes in Arlington Heights, where he lived with his at-times-estranged girlfriend-turned-wife Roxana Abrudan, 36.
Police tens of minutes away. Piece of paper issued by a Court tens of miles away. You know what would've worked here? A pistol.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So, About that Retro (UPDATE)

A whole bunch of conflicting info and so many people starting shit that we got fed up and deleted about a dozen of the more egregious ones. The latest word from the front lines is, "no retro yet." And the FOP, led by Dean Angelo, has the latest info up on the FOP website. It states as follows:
Oh, who are we kidding? Dean hasn't said shit about the retro checks. Not even to put up a simple calendar that would put a stop to every rumor and lie being told citywide. Here's what we've gleaned from public sources and archives and letters and comments:
  • The Sun Times archives - (11/05/14) Chicago Police officers will get back paychecks averaging $6,000 within 75 days — and an 11-percent pay raise over five years — thanks to a contract ratified Wednesday that guarantees pre-election labor peace for Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
So the clock starts on 05 November? That would put the checks in hand by 19 January. That didn't happen. Someone said that Rahm sat on the legislation for a week, maybe two. That pushes the due date back the same number of days. And the FOP had this to say:
Yeah, a veritable font of information on such a simple matter. Here's a clue Dean - find out when the clock started and then post it. Trust coppers to find a calendar somewhere and count the days. It's really rather simple, but this crew seems determined not to make waves with the mayor under any circumstances.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like the FOP finally did something intelligent and updated the website with EXACTLY what we suggested here. Way to go boys! Happy to have shown you the way. We'd like you to express your appreciation in a financial gesture - one day's salary from each of you contributed to the Memorial Foundation in the name of "SCC and Readers."

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Fioretti Misstep?

Maybe an effort the throw the election in light of recent polls showing him running second?
  • Mayoral candidate Bob Fioretti on Monday cranked up the rhetoric in Chicago’s mayoral contest, saying that Mayor Rahm Emanuel “failed us again” by not filing any charges in the assault on the mayor’s own teenage son.

    “It sends the wrong signal,” Fioretti said, comparing the mayor’s actions in the robbery case to the general problem of community members afraid to give police information to help solve crimes.

    Fioretti made the comments following his appearance before the City Club of Chicago, where he read from prepared remarks about his vision for the city.

    In a question-and-answer session with reporters, however, Fioretti let loose on the mayor and chided other opponents for coming late to the party on backing elected school boards and recognizing the city’s crime problem.

    Fioretti brought Emanuel’s 17-year-old son into the picture when talking about Chicago crime, accusing Emanuel of not pursuing charges against the suspects in the December attack, which happened on Emanuel’s block.
Mark Brown from the Sun Times is outraged Fioretti would bring up this incident. We'll spare you the histrionics, but where to begin? Let's try this - the media has an appalling double standard where the children of politicians are concerned. They protect the ones they want and savage the others, or at least stand idly by while the "entertainers" like Letterman, Maher, and SNL launch broadsides at children.

So is Rahm's kid off limits? He is arguably, a minor public figure as the son of the mayor. And even if he isn't, he was the victim of a crime in front of his own home. That in itself is newsworthy.

And now the million dollar question - has the Chicago media ignored, misreported, under-reported and/or covered up significant facts of a crime involving someone attached to a public figure? We're pretty sure they have. No one, not a single reporter has asked how a college counselor phone call was so important that young Emanuel had to:
  1. go outside
  2. out of earshot of mom and dad
  3. ditch/avoid a police detail
  4. after 2200 hours
The story doesn't make any sense at all. The theories here, some presented by people who were actually on scene, are far more likely. Is that newsworthy? In a small way, yes, but easily deflected by the plea of "It's a family matter."

Also not making sense if the lack of prosecution of the person with the phone. People are charged on a near daily basis with "Possessing Stolen Property." You're going to tell us that someone didn't know they were buying a stolen phone when they got it at a greatly discounted price? We're going to call that bullshit.

So is Fioretti wrong? Rahm's treatment of crime numbers is a fragile house of cards built on a discredited method of policing. But by dragging young Emanuel into it, is Fioretti hoping to provoke a firestorm or backlash to drive his numbers down and enable Rahm to win outright? The Machine has always run shadow campaigns against itself to either block out real challengers or just to give the impression of opposition candidates. Rahm's opponents that even show up in the polling are a white guy, a black guy and a brown guy. Odd coincidence, but not so odd that one wouldn't withdraw and maybe endorse Rahm if Rahm's numbers were a little soft in that community.

Does anyone know if the ballots have been printed yet?

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Prayers Still Needed

One of ours is recovering, albeit slowly, from her bone marrow transplant:
  • A Chicago police officer and mother of four left the hospital after she underwent a bone marrow transplant.

    After undergoing a life-saving bone marrow transplant, a Chicago police officer has a message to share about the critical need for more donors. Blanca Magallon left the hospital on Monday.

    "I'm just happy to have a second chance. I'm just happy," Magallon said.

    Magallon is beating the odds. After fighting an aggressive cancer for months, she's going home just days after a successful bone marrow transplant gave her her life back.
The prognosis is optimistic so far and Officer Magallon is hoping to return to work by summer. Best wishes to her on the road back.


Suburban Lawsuit (UPDATE)

Another nonsense suit that accuses police of wrong doing, diminishes respect for the law, and could make officers second-guess themselves - even in the face of video evidence:
  • He was shot dead by police in the emergency room of Highland Park Hospital. Now, the mother of 27-year-old Christopher Anderson has filed a federal lawsuit against the city, claiming officers used excessive force.

    [...] Newly released are some of the last pictures of Anderson seen alive. Dashcam video him taking a field sobriety test and then being handcuffed after he and his 9-year-old daughter were injured in a crash on Interstate 94 that allegedly was alcohol-related.

    Minutes later, Anderson was killed by police, after he took out a gun during treatment in the emergency room.
Momma has the usual litany of excuses:
  • “It was senseless. I just want to see justice done for my son,” his mother, Venus Anderson, says.

    On Monday, she filed a federal lawsuit against Highland Park, after her attorney reviewed the city’s own reports.

    “He never pointed the gun. No officer is claiming he pointed the gun at the officer. So, while he was seeking to comply with the officer’s instructions, they shot him,” attorney Blake Horwitz says.

    The city contends Anderson was repeatedly told to drop the gun. Officers fired nine shots in less than two seconds.

    “They weren’t trying to disarm him, they was brutally trying to murder my son,” Venus Anderson says.
It was a STOLEN gun momma. We've all seen the video of doctors and nurses running for their lives, and as the lawyer is no doubt aware, police don't shoot to "disarm," they shoot to end the threat.

UPDATE: CBS took down the link - here's a current one.


Salt the Side Streets Already

We were driving through the burbs today and marveling at the curb-to-curb plow job and ice-free side streets. Then we came back into the city and slid through an intersection that, unfortunately, lacks a direct sunlight exposure that might have assisted in melting the glaze ice from the overnight freeze.

It certainly seems everyone is skimping on the salt:
  • The Eisenhower Expressway inbound lanes have reopened between Wolf and Mannheim after salting for ice.

    IDOT is warning travelers throughout the night that conditions and temperatures are ideal for the development of black ice, which is difficult for drivers to see and can cause spin-outs and accidents. IDOT encourages all drivers to slow down and drive cautiously when on roads and highways in the Chicago area tonight.
The three wrecked squads in 010 the other night also make one wonder how much icy streets contributed to the wrecks. We lost a sergeant a few years back to icy roads.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Disgraced ASA Looking for a Job

  • Sarah Naughton left her job as a prosecutor after an off-duty run-in with police that included her berating and allegedly swatting at a cop

    But that widely publicized episode hasn’t discouraged the politically connected lawyer from trying to get back on the public payroll — in a job working with law enforcement officers.

    Naughton’s unusual brush with fame began back in September 2012.

    A prosecutor with the Cook County state’s attorney’s office, she was arrested by Chicago police for an off-duty incident that followed a day of drinking and involved a scuffle with a North Side shopkeeper.
Just a reminder:

A "scuffle?" As we recall, she bit the shop owner, didn't she? And the abuse recorded and uploaded on YouTube was definitely "R" rated. Amazingly, a crooked Cook County judge cleared her of all charges although an ARDC hearing is still pending. But hey, if a criminal record can't keep you from political office, why should a little thing like biting a store owner, resisting arrest and generally making an ass of yourself keep you from a government job? It seems that the private sector isn't willing to take a chance on her.


Crashes Injure Four Cops

  • Four police officers were injured early Sunday when their squad cars collided during a chase in the Little Village neighborhood on the Southwest Side.

    About 3:35 a.m., Ogden District police officers were pursuing a stolen car near the 2600 block of South California when two assisting squad cars collided, police said, citing preliminary information.

    Two officers each were transported to Mount Sinai and Stroger hospitals, police said. All had non-life-threatening injuries.

    The stolen vehicle also struck another squad car in the 3100 block of South California, but no one was injured in that crash. Two people were arrested after that, and charges are pending against them, police said.
We understand all but one of the officers were treated and released. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and hopefully, the last officer returns home shortly.


This is Obscene

  • Early last year, Mayor Rahm Emanuel helped out developer Dan McCaffery by backing McCaffery’s controversial plan to transform the former Children’s Memorial Hospital site in Lincoln Park into apartments, condos and stores.

    After the Chicago City Council approved the project in April 2014, McCaffery, his wife and an executive with his McCaffery Interests development company contributed $65,900 to the mayor’s campaign fund between June 30 and Nov. 24.

    Asked whether there was a connection between his projects getting approved and the contributions to Emanuel, McCaffery says, “Never. No way.”

    It’s not the only time Emanuel has gotten campaign contributions from people who have benefited from actions he or city agencies or pension funds have taken, according to a Chicago Sun-Times examination of the nearly $30 million amassed so far by: the mayor’s campaign committee; a second campaign fund he controls; and a super PAC that supports Emanuel and aldermanic candidates he backs.
$30 million. And he's spending it everywhere. We've gotten four different flyers touting Rahm's alleged accomplishments and savaging his opponents.

But for all that, is Rahm headed to a runoff?
  • While Mayor Rahm Emanuel holds a two to one lead over his nearest rival exactly one month before the February 24th election, Alderman Robert Fioretti has emerged as the leading challenger to the Mayor, ccording to a new independent poll on the Mayor’s race.

    The poll of 806 likely Chicago voters, conducted January 17-21 by Victory Research, shows the incumbent Mayor leading in his bid for re-election with 36.4% of the vote. Respondents answered with both land lines and cell phones. The margin of error for the poll is 3.45%

    Alderman Robert Fioretti is in second place behind the Mayor with 18.2%. County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is third at 12.0%. Businessman Willie Wilson and William “Dock” Walls are in fourth and fifth place with 8.6% and 0.9% respectively, according to the poll.

    Alderman Fioretti builds his runner-up position as a result of a strong showing on the city’s northwest and southwest side, where he finishes a strong second to the Mayor. Fioretti runs a strong third in the largely African-American wards on the south and west sides.
$30 million war chest and Rahm polls under 40%. And Fioretti is polling "a strong second" in the white enclaves to Rahm? Wow. Bob really ought to be cultivating an endorsement from Karen Lewis to break out in the black parts of town. Lewis could swing this thing, but Bob isn't really making the effort.


Nice Find

  • Chicago police seized marijuana valued at over $1 million after stopping an East Garfield Park man in his car Saturday evening on the Northwest Side, authorities said.

    Officers tried to stop James Hargrett in the Galewood neighborhood around 7:15 p.m. after seeing him fail to use a turn signal after exiting an alley in the 1700 block of North Moody Avenue, according to a police report.

    But Hargrett, 37, continued north on Moody, blew another stop sign and again failed to use his turn signal before he jumped out of the 2007 GM Denali and ran off, with the car still in reverse. An officer got in the vehicle and placed it in park, according to an arrest report. It was then that he noticed several garbage bags behind the front seats.

    Soon after, officers apprehended Hargrett when they noticed him hiding under a porch in the 1800 block of North Mobile Avenue.
You know, if these assholes learned to drive properly, dope seizures might go way down.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Police Week 2015

Start planning your trip to the 2015 Police Memorial Week in DC.  Here's the info packet put together by retired Officer Al Piantkowski:

Finally Dc 2015uploaded by SCC

It's 13 pages, so click to enlarge and scroll through.


Nebraska No Snitching

  • OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Gunfire erupted during a crowded party in a vacant house in Omaha early Saturday, leaving three people dead and five wounded, and most witnesses refusing to help investigators, according to police.

    As many as 50 people were in and around the small home when shots were fired "by multiple shooters" around 2 a.m., Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said. No arrests have been made, and police said they were confident the shootings were gang-related.

    The vast majority of people at the scene refused to help police, the chief said during a news conference Saturday evening. He said he understood witnesses' fear but pleaded for them to come forward.

    "Now that you are away from that scene and have opportunity to be away from any intimidation, I'm asking you for the sake of the community to contact law enforcement," Schmaderer said.
You know what'll fix this in Nebraska? CompStat - it's a guarantee.


Tracey Ladner Fired

Someone finally launched her from a government spot. Looks like it was Preckwinkle:
  • Didn't take too long for Toni Preckwinkle to figure out what we already 312-603-6121 and ask for Tracey and you will be told she is no longer here.
The wreck of Personnel Departments across the greater Illinois region is her legacy.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

More Camera Questions

Some people in the comment section get it - why not the city?
  • My concern is having the audio / sound recording on ALL THE TIME.

    Isn't this a violation of Illinois eavesdropping laws? (written by the crooked Illinois lawmaker/politicians)

    With the "in-car" camera system we are only allowed to audio record state charge violations.
    The audio MUST BE OFF for any municipal violation.

  • how about the new gps radios. we were issued them right before Christmas in 024. no training as to what the buttons or features are of the radio, no mention of gps in the radio, the gps parameters, etc. just here's your new radio and go. this place is ass backwards. it doesn't surprise me at all with the body cameras given the history of training in this department.
And this important question:
  • I'd like to ask a White Shirt if they are ok approving an arrest report that has body camera footage and not watching it?
This however, bears some scrutiny:
  • Bernard Kerik, former NYPD Commish, made $6.2 million by exercising stock options he received from Taser.  Kerik was released from the Federal Pen in 2013.  G-Mac was Deputy Commish under Kerik.

    Taser is's owner.

    See what's going on now?   


Great Start to Snowy Weekend (UPDATE)

  • Two men have died and at least six were injured in separate daytime shootings Friday on the South and West sides, including a man shot in a vehicle in which a young girl was found unhurt, police said.
We understand this has something to do with the shorter daylight hours. This has been a particularly bloody week...for January.

UPDATE: 3 dead and 15 wounded
,,,,and still going on.


Gun Buy-Back Debacle

  • A recent gun buyback event in Oregon, aimed at curbing the number of weapons on the street, turned into a planned profit making opportunity for a group of firearms enthusiasts.

    The Jan. 17 event was co-sponsored by Central Coast Ceasefire Oregon and the Newport Police Department, who offered gift cards to superstore Fred Meyer in return for guns, no questions asked. A sliding scale meant assault rifles fetched $175 gift cards each, and high capacity magazines were worth $25 credits at the store, which ironically sells firearms.

    Second Amendment supporters took to’s forum to spread the word about the event, and to plan out their attendance to make maximum profit.

    “A $25 gift card for "high capacity magazines - like the ones you can buy for $8?” questioned one forum member.
Some other folks got pretty nice weapons at a steep discount by intercepting folks headed into the event and offering them more than the CeaseFire gift cards. And the usual rusted-out "couldn't fire a bullet if you used it as a hammer" types netted cards to be used to buy more modern arms.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Cameras Cameras Everywhere

Someone asking a camera question we hope doesn't need an answer:
  • The city and are asking PO's to sign a contract with Is that kosher??????
Don't you dare sign anything like that. You'd have to be freaking insane to do that. Call your rep, call the FOP.

In the mean time, an all-call message went out from 014 notifying anyone in adjoining districts that up to 40 cameras were being deployed nightly in the District. That is certainly amazing, seeing as how:
  • there has been ZERO training in Camera usage. You are expected to show up for work, sign out a camera, strap that baby on, and go do police work. That's it - good luck.
  • there has been no communication from the city to our fine labor organization regarding the cameras. Not a single memo, legal brief, training class, etc. 
  • no word on when you should activate it, no direction on when you are restricted by the Constitution, not a single bit of info on what constitutes a lawful use of a camera outside on a street stop, inside a domicile answering a call, traffic stops, meetings with supervisors.
  • since this is a piece of equipment signed out to you, you are responsible if anything turns up broken, detached, disabled, etc., you're on the hook.
This is direct from the meeting this week. One would think that maybe the FOP would step up and point out the inanity of supplying officers with something they have no idea how to use and expecting it to be used properly. You wouldn't just issue a cop a flame thrower without instruction, a manual, a legal bulletin, and expect them to use it properly. Unless of course, it was a Vanecko Flame Thrower - then you know that the City is just doing it for the money.

Anyone know if Hilliard still works for Taser International? Is he getting his beak wet in this budding debacle?


St. Baldrick's Event Info

Plans are well underway for the 2015 St. Baldrick's event to be held on Friday, March 20th from 0600 - 1700 hours. Registration is open and you can go to THIS LINK HERE and choose the location you want to go to.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the south side location organizer, Bill Murphy, will not be able to help with getting an event in 022 again this year, but there is plenty of room at either the Academy or 025.

If you have any questions you can contact me at or Anne Zamzow for 025 at

Thanks to all who have helped in the past and in advance for all who will be participating this year, we look forward to seeing all of you.

Until we find a cure!

Bill O'Reilly


Joravsky Toasts Local 2

  • It seems like only yesterday that Mayor Rahm—backed by his mayoral body guards, of course—was marching into firehouses to tell the rank and file he was cutting their pensions. And, if they didn't like it, they could kiss his mayoral derriere.

    Well, that was then—or 2012, to be exact—and this is now, where to my surprise, the firefighters' union has decided to endorse Mayor Pension Snatch for reelection.

    To get the inside scoop, I called Thomas Ryan, president of Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2, to ask: Tommy, what the f . . . In so many words, of course.
And he shows how the parties are attempting to rewrite history...and getting away with it.

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More CR Files Released

Once again:
  • During October of 2014, Department members were notified that lists containing information related to complaints lodged against officers would be released in response to Freedom of Information Act ( FOIA) requests filed by reporters Jeremy Gorner from the Chicago Tribune and Tim Novak from the Chicago Sun-Times. The time frame for the information sought was January 1, 1967 to the present.

    The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and the Policeman’s Benevolent & Protective Association (PBPA) petitioned the circuit court for injunctive relief. In the matter of Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge No. 7, et al. v. City of Chicago, et al., 2014 CH 17454, the circuit court, on December 19, 2014, issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting the release of information on those lists that is more than 4 years old

    Consistent with the terms of the preliminary injunction issued by the circuit court, the City of Chicago Department of Law will release to each of the above reporters a list containing information related to complaints lodged against any officers for the 4 year time frame of 19 December 2010 through 19 December 2014.

    A copy of the list will be furnished on 27 January 2015 to each reporter and will consist of complaint histories of officers maintained by the Department. The list includes the following information: officer name, date of appointment, complaint category, complaint number, incident date, complaint date, closed date, final finding of the investigation and any action taken.
Fishing expedition anyone?


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Darren Wilson to be Cleared

  • The Justice Department is taking the final steps toward closing the politically charged investigation into the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., and clearing the white police officer involved of civil rights charges.

    Federal prosecutors have begun work on a legal memo recommending no civil rights charges against the officer, Darren Wilson, law enforcement officials said.

    That would close the case in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. An investigation by the F.B.I., which is complete, found no evidence to support the charges against the officer, the officials said.
Of course, Ferguson is still a burned-to-the-ground shithole, Officer Wilson is now ex-officer Wilson and likely won't be finding law enforcement work any time soon, and there's probably a civil suit in the works that will take up a bunch more time and money.

Anyone know what Al, Jesse and all the other drama queens are up to at the moment?

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Funny Stuff

Every so often, we get a comment that just makes us laugh out loud. A lot of people miss it scanning through the comments or not checking every thread the way we have to. This is one of those times:
  • The superintendent’s claim to fame is that he is a formerly high ranking police official like Chief O’Hara from the Gotham City. Weren’t there two costumed Caped Crusaders who took on premier criminals such as The Joker, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, The Riddler, King Tut and puuurrrrr Cat woman from Gotham City? Chicago will not be outdone!

    The Gotham City may have Batman and Robin. The Second City has Garry McCarthy as Statman and mayor emanuel as Throbbin, The Boy Blunder. And throw in a special appearance by Ric Flair and Deputy Chief Gorgeous. All dressed in stretchy spandex glamour with snug utility belts with all the crime reduction strategy tools.

    Superintendent McCarthy as Statman has archrivals such as the Gangsta Disciples, The Latin Kings, The Black Peace Stones, last years manipulated murder statistics, Four Corner Hustlers, Com Stat deniers, The Two Six and his personal pet peeve, The MLDs or Maniac Latin Disciples.

    Mayor emanuel as Throbbin the Boy Blunder can take on his identified rivals in daily battles with made up villains such as the previous Presidential Administration, Wall Street, 2nd Amendment Right Advocates, The Republicans, Big Oil, Private Enterprise, The Congress and his ultimate political opposition thorn in his side common sense everyday people nemesis, The Taxed Enough Already or T.E.A. Party.
We're still smiling at "Statman and Throbbin, the Boy Blunder."


Is it Spring Already?

  • Three people were killed and at least nine others were wounded in shootings on the South and West sides Wednesday, police said.
And according to reports, one of the nine wounded might be joining the three already dead. January is certainly hitting her stride. On a weekday no less.


Can't Import? No Problem!

Obama recently banned the importation of certain guns due to the Ukraine situation. The AK-47 is one of the best known banned weapons that can't be imported any more. Solution?
  • An American gun company has found a way to deal with the dearth of new AK-47s on the market since U.S. imposed sanctions on Russia went into effect in July: make them in Pennsylvania.

    Thomas McCrossin, CEO of the Tullytown-based RWC, was forced to stop importing the famous rifles, but he does have the rights to make Kalashnikov brand rifles in the U.S.

    “We are not permitted to pick up the phone and to talk to [Kalashnikov Concern],” Mr. McCrossin told CNN Tuesday. “In the second quarter of this year we are going to start manufacturing here in the U.S. What I’m manufacturing are our own AK-47s and shotguns under the Kalashnikov brand,” he added.
Get em while they're hot.


Doctor? Doctor. Doctor? Doctor!

  • WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Police say a teenager in Florida was “playing doctor” inside a real medical facility.

    The teen, who posed as a doctor, was able to walk the halls of St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach.

    Police say he wore a white coat with the St. Mary’s logo.

    “I think it’s just crazy. I can’t believe he got away with it for a month,” Stacy Morales said.

    The impostor was busted while wearing a stethoscope around his neck and a mask on his face.

    At the time, he was in an examination room with a patient.
As one of our readers pointed out, at least we caught our impersonator before the end of the tour.

The hospital is denying that he was ever alone with a patient....except for that one time that he got caught. Yeah, right. And our guy never drove a squad car either.

Anyone think al Queda just got some nifty ideas?


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Camera Time

  • Starting in the next two weeks, some Chicago police officers will begin wearing body cameras, police announced today.

    As part of a 45- to 60-day pilot program, officers working afternoon shifts in the Northwest Side's Shakespeare District can wear body cameras on their headgear and clothing. The Shakespeare District covers parts of Logan Square, West Town and Humboldt Park.

    "[T]his new program ... will ensure more transparency from CPD and a new view of the work performed by our officers," Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said in a statement. "While they are not the be-all-end-all, I believe body cameras will strengthen police and community relations."

    The department is being provided 30 cameras that attach to officers' glasses, headgear or clothing. Officers will turn the cameras on during routine stops as well as "high-risk situations," according to the statement. They will be required to inform anyone they contact that they are being recorded.
Rumor has it that this is purely voluntary. Rumor also has it that volunteers are rather scarce at the moment. Which means of course, that in short order, "voluntary" will become "mandatory" for certain people with certain spots they want to keep.

Keep us updated 014.


Stab Stab Stab

  • A 13-year-old boy suffered a minor stab wound and three others were injured in a fight Tuesday afternoon at Bond Elementary School in the Englewood neighborhood.

    It's not clear how all four came to be injured, but a 50-year-old woman suffered a puncture wound to her left arm, police said. A 39-year-old woman, a 15-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl were battered. The older woman and the two children were taken to St. Bernard Hospital and Healthcare Center in good condition, according to Police News Affairs.

    The altercation happened about 4:30 p.m. at the school, 7050 S. May St.

    Officers responded to a fight at Bond School after school had dismissed and determined that the 50-yr-old CPS security guard the two children had suffered injuries, according to Police News Affairs.

    Three adults had gone to the school and caused a disturbance over things they had seen on Facebook, and at some point, a fight developed, a police source said.
Teaching the next generation to be the assholes you were raised to be.


Rahm the Crime Fighter

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday tried to make the case he's done on a good job on crime during his four years in office while acknowledging that many Chicagoans don't feel safe in their own neighborhoods.

    The mayor's speech on public safety came as challengers Ald. Bob Fioretti suggested the city launch a parking ticket amnesty program and Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia introduced his campaign themes at a downtown speech.

    Violent crime has been one of the most vexing problems for Emanuel during his term, earning Chicago national notoriety both for the sheer volume of shootings and a series of high-profile killings of young people. Emanuel tried to reframe the issue during a campaign speech to about two dozen supporters and several reporters at Washington Park community center.

    "The truth is that as much progress as we've made over the last four years, we simply have to do better," Emanuel said after citing statistics he contended show overall crime is down citywide since he took office. "Too many families still have their kids off the porch when it gets dark. Too many families, too many parents do not let their kids go outside because they're scared."
And whose fault is that Rahm? The buck, as it were, stops with you. You've played hardball with the Department, seriously ticking off most of the members. You brought in another outsider as chief, someone with no connections whatsoever to this Department. That's well and good for you controlling him, but not the Department. He has promoted the clouted and connected, no doubt at your behest, but let's face it - the best and brightest they ain't. His number game sucks and all the stats in the world aren't going to conceal the perception of crime...and the citizens perceive disorder.

You negotiated in bad faith, told everyone you were going to "stick it in the ear" of the cops, that firefighters had to learn to "bleed" and continue to threaten our hopes of a secure retirement over our heads, knowing that your own retirement is comfortably guaranteed by shady market gimmicks and undeserved compensation for a no-show job. You broke a promise to hire 1,000, instead playing a word game with the voters, disbanded effective city-wide units and eliminated nearly 2,000 vacancies to declare we were "up to strength."

In short, you suck. The trouble is, your opponents are only less sucky...or sucky in different ways. But at least they're striking a populist note here and there.


We Thought Illinois was Bad

  • In the near future, I [State Rep Thaddeus Kirkland Pennsylvania], will introduce legislation amending Title 18 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, which will address the use of human silhouette targets at shooting ranges.

    Rather than perpetuate violence by continuing to allow individuals to practice their target shooting by shooting at human silhouette targets at shooting ranges, my legislation will prohibit the use of targets that depict human silhouettes at shooting ranges across the Commonwealth. Instead, silhouette targets could include, but are not limited to the following: white-tailed deer, black bear, wild turkey, and elk.

    My legislation creates a new section under Title 18 Chapter 61 regarding firearms and other dangerous articles. Specifically, the bill prohibits the use of human silhouette targets at shooting ranges across the Commonwealth except by law enforcement officers, military personnel or other public safety personnel in line with their official duties. If a person violates the provisions of the new section, he or she will commit a summary offense.
Seriously, he wants to ban silhouette targets because god forbid someone practices with something that looks slightly like something they might actually encounter in a shooting situation.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sergeants to Sue City

  • The Chicago Police Sergeants Association intends to file a lawsuit this week seeking to compel Mayor Rahm Emanuel to hold a lieutenants exam that they suspect he is delaying because the sergeants endorsed Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd) for mayor.

    The lawsuit will accuse Emanuel of violating a 2012 agreement to schedule the lieutenant’s exam as soon as possible.

    The agreement to hold Chicago’s first promotional exam to the rank of lieutenant since 2007 was not written into the sergeants’ contract.

    Sources said that’s because City Hall did not want the Fraternal Order of Police or the Chicago Firefighters Union Local to know that it had bargained with the sergeants over the issue of promotions for fear of setting a precedent for those other unions.
And the reasons are exactly what was speculated here:
  • In the politically charged atmosphere of a mayoral campaign, there also has been speculation that Police Supt. Garry McCarthy may be working behind the scenes to persuade Emanuel to eliminate the requirement that candidates have two years on the job as sergeants to qualify for the lieutenants exam.

    Sources said McCarthy told the last group of sergeants promoted that they would be able to take the lieutenants exam, but City Hall overruled him.
Hey, the City takes your money, that's a binding contract of a sort. But if a timetable isn't written down, well...."buyer beware" and all that. Rahm plays the game in such a way as to demoralize. No surprise there.


Cake, Coffee WOOOOOOO!

A farewell to Leo:
  • On Friday, 23 January 2015, from 12pm to 2pm, the 007th District will be hosting cake and coffee for Deputy Chief Leo Schmitz. Please join us in the community room to bid the Deputy Chief farewell and good luck.
As he's provided us with more than a little material in the past few years, you know we'll be there.


What? You Want Your Money?

  • New security measures to deter identity theft and fraud will delay Illinois income tax returns this year, Illinois Department of Revenue officials said.

    The agency won't say what those security measures are, but they could cause returns to take a week or longer, rather than days, spokesman Terry Horstman told the State Journal-Register in Springfield.

    He said both paper and electronic filings will be affected, though electronic filings - the vast majority of the 6 million returns filed last year - still will be quicker.
You trying being a heartbeat late on any of your payments and see how the government tacks on fines, fees, charges, etc. But hey, your retro, your refund of overpayment, your contracted payment for doing business with the government, well, that's a whole separate story.


Police "Radars" for Homes

  • At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies have secretly equipped their officers with radar devices that allow them to effectively peer through the walls of houses to see whether anyone is inside, a practice raising new concerns about the extent of government surveillance.

    Those agencies, including the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service, began deploying the radar systems more than two years ago with little notice to the courts and no public disclosure of when or how they would be used. The technology raises legal and privacy issues because the U.S. Supreme Court has said officers generally cannot use high-tech sensors to tell them about the inside of a person's house without first obtaining a search warrant.

    The radars work like finely tuned motion detectors, using radio waves to zero in on movements as slight as human breathing from a distance of more than 50 feet. They can detect whether anyone is inside of a house, where they are and whether they are moving.
So, can you tell if they're cooking up drugs? Bagging? Interesting developments, but fraught with Constitutional peril.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Cop Saves Drowning Man

  • A 21-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department kept a 58-year-old man from becoming submerged in icy Lake Michigan waters off Oak Street Beach on Sunday afternoon, authorities said.

    Near North District Officer Wadell Hardy was among the first on the scene about 1 p.m. when someone called in that a person was in the water near 1000 N. Lake Shore Drive, after police say the man may have tried to plunge in the cold water briefly but realized too late he would have difficulty getting out.

    The Police Marine Unit responded and crews were able to pull a man from the water, said police spokesman [...]. The man was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospitalfor treatment....

    Hardy saw the man’s clothes nearby and was able to spot the man in the water.

    When Hardy saw the man, “He had that look of fear, that this is going to be it,” Hardy said in a news conference at the Near North District Headquarters Sunday evening. At first, Hardy was afraid to venture out onto the ice to try to rescue the man, but went ahead with the rescue.
Yeah, that ice isn't exactly sturdy. All's well that ends well - great job Officer.


Someone Want to Verify This? (UPDATE)

From the comments:
  • FYI, members of the cities law department, finance and mayors office (not the mayor) had an "impromptu" meeting with attorneys at Jones-Day law firm. You probably think why is this important. Its important because if you do research you will see that the Jones-Day law firm just finished handling the City of Detroit's Bankruptcy. Jones-Day orchestrated the entire Detroit financial restructuring and pension overhaul. Research even further and you will find that Jones-Day are major business/municipality experts for bankruptcy. Trust me, that 500 million dollar payment for our pensions will not get paid and the above meeting is why. Yes, the city will declare bankruptcy to get its pension overhaul. The information may seem off the wall and exaggerated but from the person I got the information from its extremely reliable and needs to be received seriously. God help us.
Does Illinois bankruptcy law allow for municipalities to declare in light of numerous financial assets that can be re-appropriated to make payments? There are two airports sitting around generating billions. TIF funds with little-to-no oversight. If the red light and speed camera revenue had been directed to pensions (as our readers and we suggested), Rahm wouldn't even have a payment to worry about. Sounds shaky.

UPDATE: As someone reminded us, Detroit's bankruptcy required a very specific inventory of assets:
  • After Detroit's bankruptcy filing July 18, 2013, creditors targeted the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts as a potential source of revenue. State-appointed emergency manager Kevin Orr hired Christie's Auction House to appraise the collection. After months of determining the fair market value of art purchased with city funds, Christie's released a report December 19, 2013, saying that the collection of nearly 2,800 pieces of city-owned artwork, was worth $454 million to $867 million, with one masterpiece by Van Gogh worth up to $150 million.

    To prevent possible sale of the works, museum proponents developed what has been named the grand bargain. Under the plan, the museum will raise $100 million, nine private foundations pledge $330 million, and the state of Michigan will contribute $350 million for a total of $820 million that will guarantee municipal workers' pensions. In return, the city of Detroit will give the collection and the building to the non-profit entity that already operates the museum. This plan was challenged by other creditors, who claimed that it treated them unfairly and requested to conduct their own appraisal of the museum collection. Some creditors came forward with offers from other parties to buy the artworks for sums higher than Christie's appraisal. Meanwhile, May 13, 2014, Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr asked Detroit automakers to add $195 million to make the grand bargain stronger.

    The discovery in 2014 that DIA President Graham W. J. Beal and Executive Vice President Anne Erickson received significant raises in 2014 and $50,000 bonuses in 2013 caused a lot of anger among Wayne, Macomb and Oakland County taxpayers, and Oakland County Commissioners threatened to stop Oakland County's participation in the DIA millage. During a meeting October 23, 2014, the Oakland County Commissioners warned DIA board chair Gene Gargaro that they have drafted a resolution to dissolve the Oakland County Art Authority which collects the Oakland County millage and passes it to the DIA.
One has to wonder what a forensic accounting of the Chicago Art Institute might reveal. We've got a couple good crowbars - maybe a van Gogh or a Renoir would look good on our retirement wall in lieu of payment.

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This is a Funny Idea

  • What are Perceived Carry Decoys? We're glad you asked! Perceived Carry Decoys is a veteran owned entity that offers the worlds first and only way to exercise your 2nd amendment right, without the stigma or concerns associated with owning a gun.

    PCD understands that not everyone is comfortable with owning an actual firearm. But why should those feelings affect your personal safety?

    Now they no longer have to. With the launch of Perceived Carry Decoys, you may now give off the appearance that you are toting serious heat, while in actuality you have nothing more than a one piece device attached to your hip that is as harmless as a cell phone.
This has to be a satire site - nothing loads up in the ordering area, and the sales pitch is just too sarcastic to be real. If a criminal with a gun sees you grabbing for your waistband, he's probably going to shoot first and flee. Cops are going to shoot first and ask questions later. Go take a look and laugh at this idea - you know the anti-gunners would embrace it in a heartbeat.


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