Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sniper in PA

Identified after killing one trooper, wounding a second and missing a third:
  • The suspect in the shooting of two Pennsylvania state troopers is a sharpshooting survivalist who specifically targeted cops and was out for mass murder, authorities said.

    He's a skilled shooter who "doesn't miss," his father, a retired U.S. Army Major, told police. The father also told police that he was missing two weapons, a .308 rifle with a scope and an AK-47, according to court documents released today.

    Suspect Eric Matthew Frein, 31, from Canadensis, Pa., practices survivalism -- the ability to survive without the help of government or society, and often storing food and guns, Pennsylvania police said today. Police who searched his home found a copy of a book entitled Sniper Training and Employment, according to the court documents.
Nightmare scenario. Bless the fallen and wounded and may the powers-that-be watch over everyone hunting/pursuing this offender.

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Maybe.....More Cops?

We wonder if anyone has looked into the possibility of hiring more police:
  • A fatal shooting in Uptown this week is fueling concerns about gang violence in the North Side neighborhood, with the alderman calling on police to step up patrols.

    Christopher McGee, 22, was shot in the chest around 11 a.m. Monday a block north of his home in the 4400 block of North Magnolia Avenue, authorities said. McGee was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in critical condition, where he was later pronounced dead, according to officials.

    The shooting marks Uptown's third homicide of the year, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.
Gee aldercreature, we'd love to "step up patrols." Only there's nobody to do the steppin'. Rahm and Garry have been stealing cops from your neighborhood to patrol the crappy 'hoods. And guess what? The crappy hoods are still crappy and a bunch of the crappy-ness is moving to the less patrolled areas! Who wouldn't thunk it? Besides us we mean - we've only been sounding this alarm for years now.

Thank goodness downtown is safe from the mayhem:
  • A high-end fashion boutique in the Gold Coast neighborhood was the scene of a dramatic burglary early Monday morning.

    Police say the burglary occurred around 3:45 a.m. and they believe three vehicles were involved, with one being used to drive into the storefront. The team of thieves then grabbed three to four racks of expensive clothing and left in less than a minute.

    In video shot soon after the heist some fur products that apparently were dropped and left behind could be seen on the floor of the Milan based high-end boutique.

    [...] It’s not the first time there have been smash and grab burglaries around the Mag Mile recently.

    Just three weeks ago, a batch of cell phones was taken from the Best Buy at the John Hancock Center after windows were smashed to get inside and in in April, thieves used a similar m.o. to hit the Saint Laurent Paris store on Walton getting away with hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Oh. Maybe they're not so safe after all. Maybe, just maybe, they need more police, too? Those "entertainment" details can't be everywhere we guess.


Illinois Sucks

  • SPRINGFIELD -- A new subpoena seeking records about Gov. Pat Quinn's botched 2010 anti-violence program has been issued, this time from a federal grand jury based in Chicago.

    The request marks the first subpoena issued by Chicago-based federal authorities in the probe into Quinn's $54.5 million Neighborhood Recovery Initiative. Numerous prior subpoenas had come from federal authorities in Springfield.

    The federal grand jury in Springfield has subpoenaed emails from the governor's former chief of staff, Jack Lavin, and several others heavily involved in implementing the program.
  • The next time you complain about taxes in Illinois, take some comfort in knowing your complaining is justified — at least according to a new report on the fairness of tax systems across the U.S.

    The study from Wallethub focused on federal tax policy and analyzed and ranked each state based on the fairness of its state and local tax system, which included income taxes, property taxes and sales and excise taxes.

    Where does Illinois fall? No. 47. Arkansas, Hawaii and Washington are the only states with more unfair tax structures.
  • Among the many metrics that show Obama's home state is struggling to break the Great Recession, a new report shows that applications for food stamps in Illinois is greater than its creation of jobs.

    Illinois has had the worst recovery from the recession of any state in the country, the Illinois Policy Institute reported this month "There are nearly 300,000 fewer Illinoisans working today than in January 2008, and 170,000 fewer payroll jobs. "

    "For every post-recession job created in Illinois, nearly two people have enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps," the Institute wrote. “In the recession era, the number of Illinoisans dependent on food stamps has risen by 745,000."
And democrats still hold a lead in every major political race this year?


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Good Point

(We read a comment that really made us think today - it's buried somewhere, so we can't quote exactly, but this is the thought it provoked in a lengthy roll call/squad car conversation)


Former president Shields fucked up. Whether by accident or design, he failed to send in the letter to commence negotiations. Every other negotiating party did, but not FOP. There were plenty of people who could have (and might have) told him that the letter had to be sent. Certain persons insist they were never told, other persons insist that they told Shields and he ignored them. As a result, charges were hurled back-and-forth, grievances were filed and the FOP lost each and every one of them. Retro for 2012-2013 was gone.

Now it's back?

Sorry, something doesn't make sense here. Pardon our doubt, but Rahm isn't that kindly. He knows cops aren't going to vote for him. He knows the teachers are a lost cause. Firefighters have no great love for him. So why reward the cops with retro that they had already lost? Rahm is a political animal - emphasis on the "animal" part of that. He doesn't fight something tooth-and-nail, have his spokes-weasels say "the cops are going to have to give up something big" to get retro, and then after he wins every battle, just give it back.

Something is rotten in Denmark and the noises coming out of various labor entities pushing "retro retro retro" bring to mind the bad old days of Bill Nolan telling everyone, "Enjoy your retro!" as if that made up for the massive screwing we got in the 1990's contracts. And guess who Nolan's Chairman of the Board of Trustees was during those years? If you said, "Dean Angelo," pat yourself on the back.

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Is This an Option?

This popped up in the comments:
  • Why the City of Chicago is even involved in our medical benefits? We have 12,000 active members, 5,000 retires and how many dependents? Why can’t the FOP handle our medical benefits? The plus side would be the City can no longer use medical benefits as a contract negation point tied to any other parts of the contract, also we could no longer use the City of Chicago Benefits Management Division and deal directly with a real company and or a health insurance broker. Why do I have to call the City if I have problem with Blue Cross and not call Blue Cross directly? I would pay more for insurance if retires had free health care, because we are all going to be there someday. It’s a benefit for members that should be controlled by members not the City.

    I'm glad you brought this up. I have been working on an alternative insurance plan for our retirees anticipating something like this would happen. Hope to have something soon. Stay tuned.

    Kevin Kilmer
    Financial Secrerary [sic]
    Fraternal Order of Police.
We recall a similar proposal years ago....we think it was referred to as the "Philadelphia Plan" where their bargaining agent actually ran the health care system, eliminating dozens, maybe hundreds of nonsense city jobs and kept it in house at a huge savings.

It might be time to revisit this suggestion and cut Rahm (and the city patronage jobs) out of the equation entirely.

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Farewell Officer Schultz

  • MERRILLVILLE — Images of Merrillville Police Officer Nickolaus “Nick” Schultz flickered past on the screen at the Star Plaza Theatre — as an apple-cheeked toddler playing in the bathtub, a boy preparing to launch a throw in a Little League game, a teen excelling at football, hockey and golf, hanging out with family, friends and his girlfriend, and celebrating graduation with a cigar.

    A picture of him in his Franklin College football jersey graced the stage alongside his Merrillville Police dress uniform, mementos and a bevy of flowers.

    All of it was a reminder of a life that ended far too soon.
A sizable city, county, suburban and state presence from this side of the border. Thoughts and prayers to our Indiana brethren who have been having a very rough time of it.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Explain Please

From the Comment Section:
  • My Two Cents said...
    A few quick points why I and everyone I know will be voting NO. This is referencing the literature FLOP posted on their website:

    Section 2 - Wages, Section D. "Pension Legislation Reopener":

    says the Lodge "can" reopen the Agreement and renegotiate salary, percentage increases and duty availability pay. Doesn't say they "WILL" or that they "HAVE TO". If/when we wind up exceeding 9% of our pay for our pension, watch for them (FLOP) to say something along the lines of "the city ain't gonna budge and it ain't worth fighting/going to arbitration".


    Section 3 - Duty Availability Allowance

    The fact that they want to keep new hires after 01 Jan 15 from duty availability pay for 3 1/2 years is total bullshit. These kids are the first ones to have to be 'available' for the worst of assignments via reverse seniority. They do the same job we all do, they shouldn't have to lose this perk. PLUS THIS IS PENSIONABLE, SO THIS 'TEMPORARY' LOSS ACTUALLY EQUATES TO MUCH MORE THAN APPROX $10K.

    Section 10 - Time Due

    States in part: "Accordingly, for officers assigned to District Law Enforcement" and "approval of which shall not be unreasonably denied".

    A) This language suggests that people in units and detectives won't have any recourse when denied the use of elective time
    B) Define "unreasonably" until the "minimum set percentage" of officers allowed off on any given day is established

    Section 11 - Police Department Vehicles

    Should have NEVER been a contract proposal since the employer has to provide us with the tools necessary to do our jobs. Says city "intends" to purchase 400 cars by years end and an average of 200 for each additional year of contract. Also says how city and FLOP will form a committee regarding repair, maintainance and mandatory retirement of vehicles.

    A) Are there repercussions if they DON'T buy those cars? "Intends" is doublespeak for "NOT mandated".

    Oh yeah, the 11 percent over 5 years is an insult. Especially since, by Rahm and Garry's own repeated admission, crime is at record lows across the board (sans agg batts with firearms). You can't justify paying teachers, streets and sanitation folks and every city labor union employee from window washer to painter a higher percentage in wage increases than first responders.
Anyone from FOP want to address these specific concerns?



Someone want to address this?
  • For officers getting ready to vote on the new contract, please be aware of the 2-tier provision RE hospitals. Certain hospitals are listed as tier 1 hospitals. Costs for treatment at these hospitals will be paid at 90/10%. Hospitals NOT on the list will be considered tier 2 hospitals. Costs for treatment at these hospitals will be paid at 75/25%. I am told there are NO Advocate hospitals on the tier 1 list. That means Christ, Illinois Masonic, Lutheran General and Trinity (among others) will cost you 25% of the bill instead of 10%. This means that any hospital services incurred while traveling will cost you 25% of the bill instead of 10%. I am not asking anyone to vote 'yes' or 'no' on the contract. I just want everyone to be aware of one of the lesser talked about provisions of the new contract.
We don't know about anyone else, but this is going to end up having an impact on more than a few health care decisions we make in the future - St. Roger isn't an option we were even remotely considering.

Is there a full list floating around? That "death panel" rhetoric in the last election isn't looking so far-fetched anymore, is it?


Hey FBI....

  • A deal involving the federal government’s most expensive lease in Chicago produced millions of dollars in profits for a development group that included Penny Pritzker, a top campaign fund-raiser for President Barack Obama who is now his commerce secretary, a Chicago Sun-Times / Better Government Association investigation has found.

    The developers also included Jack Higgins, a friend and political backer of former Mayor Richard M. Daley.

    Over the 14-year term of the lease, the government will pay $280 million in rent and operating expenses for the Near West Side property, which houses the FBI’s Chicago headquarters.

    That’s more than double what it cost to build the complex at 2111 W. Roosevelt Rd., which opened in 2006, records show.
Didn't the FBI have something like three or four separate task forces investigating public corruption in Chicago? New York City had one and so did Los Angeles. Even New Jersey had one for the whole state, but Chicago had at least three. And there they are in a building paying rent to the Pritzkers and Higgins that will net their families untold millions.

Evidently, the feebs have zero shame and no sense of irony.


Dangerous Highways

  • Shootings on two area expressways left two young men wounded overnight, according to police.

    A 24-year-old man was shot during a chase between two cars heading south on the Dan Ryan Expressway about 3:15 a.m. Sunday, according to police.

    The 24-year-old suffered a leg wound and was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center, where his condition stabilized, police said.

    A witness saw two cars speeding down the highway and then gunfire, police said. The man was dropped off by his friends at 79th Street just above the expressway in the Chatham neighborhood on the South Side.

    Earlier, about 1 a.m. Sunday, a young man whose age wasn't available was shot on the Kennedy Expressway near Armitage Avenue in the Bucktown neighborhood on the North Side. Police shut the outbound lanes to search for evidence.

    The man was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in good condition.
Must be the Troopers' fault since we don't patrol the highways. McCompStat probably won't count these either since we aren't there.


Church Isn't Safe Either

  • As the pastor and several other members of the One Way M.B. Church in the city's North Lawndale neighborhood were enjoying lunch Sunday afternoon, they were interrupted when shots rang out on the other side of the small brick building.

    Outside of the church, a 28-year-old man lay critically injured on the sidewalk in the 4100 block of West 16th Street on the West Side, one of at least three victims of shootings and a stabbing on the South and West sides of the city. The man later died, according to police.
Maybe more churches would slow down the bloodshed? It'd give everyone something solid to hide behind at least.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Officer Hit by Car

Stable at last report - suspect was shot during the incident:
  • A Chicago police officer was hit by a car and the suspect shot on the Near West Side Saturday night, officials said.

    The incident took place about 10:12 p.m. in the 2300 block of West Lake Street, according to said Police News Affairs [...].

    The officer's injuries were not believed to be life-threatening, Gaines said. The officer was struck by a vehicle and police fired shots, hitting a suspect, who was shot in the leg.....
Best wishes to the Officer for a speedy recovery.


Thanks for Your Service!

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Friday dropped another financial bombshell on Chicago’s 25,000 retired city workers and their dependents: their monthly health insurance premiums will be going up by a whopping 40 percent — in spite of a pending lawsuit and a precedent-setting Illinois Supreme Court ruling.

    Last year, Emanuel announced plans to save $108.7 million a year by phasing out the city’s 55 percent subsidy for retiree health care and forcing retirees to make the switch to Obamacare.

    For the city, the Year One savings was $25 million. For retirees, that translated into an increase in monthly health insurance premiums in the 20 percent and 30 percent-range.

    On Friday, city retirees and their dependents got hit again — only this time, even harder. The city notified them of a 30-percent to 40-percent increase that will cost most of the retirees between another $300 to $400 a month.
At this rate, no one will ever be able to afford to retire - except know. like Rahm.


Officer Saves Child

  • A Chicago Police officer performed CPR on a newborn baby to help save his life Friday night in the Bridgeport neighborhood on the South Side.

    About 8:15 p.m. the officer, who works the evening shift in the Deering District, heard a radio call from a dispatcher asking “if anyone on the zone knew how to perform CPR on a newborn baby,” according to a police statement.

    She went to a house in the 3100 block of South Lituanica, just west of the Deering District station, where the 2-day-old boy’s great-grandmother was holding him, police said.

    The baby was blue in color and not breathing, and the officer began performing chest compressions for several minutes until he began to breathe on his own, police said.

    Paramedics arrived and took the newborn to Mercy Hospital, where police said his condition was stabilized.

    The officer is a 14-year veteran who recently had been CPR certified, police said.
Very well done Officer.


Bob Runs

  • Alderman Bob Fioretti jumped into the race for mayor of Chicago Saturday with an attack against Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the mayor's campaign fired back.

    Fioretti launched his campaign with a website and a campaign video.

    The two-term City Council member wasted no time criticizing current Emanuel, painting him as out of touch, unwilling to listen, and divisive, a politician of broken promises on jobs, crime, and education, and attacked his administration's policies like charging not-for-profits and churches for city water.

    "But our schools are being gutted, our streets are not safer and so many are missing out on economic opportunities and jobs," Fioretti said.

    The Second Ward alderman made his announcement Saturday morning before a crowd of about 100 supporters at East West University in the South Loop.
Channel 7 says former aldercreature and Machine tool Robert Shaw has filed to run and of course, Karen Commie Lewis continues to make noises from the sidelines. The anit-Emanuel forces split the protest vote three ways and Rahm slips in on the liberal, alternate-lifestyle and outright fraud vote totals.


Seven the Other Way

Last week, Bears were 7 point favorites. This week, they're 7 point dogs. And with all the obituaries being published this week, we're surprised it isn't 10.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Contract Videos

FOP Prez Angelo explains certain aspects of the proposed Contract in a number of short videos available over at the FOP site (link on the right hand side).



Discuss here. Hopefully, it dispels a lot of rumors - and undoubtedly, will provoke a few others.


Horse of Honor Unveiling

There will be a number of these events in upcoming days. We'll try to get to any that are forwarded to us:
  • Dear SCC and SCC (Retired):

    We would very much appreciate a post on Second City Cop tomorrow inviting current and retired members of the Chicago Police Department to attend the unveiling of a Horse of Honor dedicated to the memory of Off. Michael A. Ceriale.

    Saturday, September 13
    12 pm
    Hyatt Regency Chicago
    Chicago 60601

    The life-size horse statue was designed and painted by artist and Chicago Police Officer Peter Bucks, a high school classmate of Off. Ceriale.

    Horses of Honor is a public art campaign to raise awareness and support for the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. This horse was underwritten by the Officer Michael A. Ceriale Memorial Foundation. 
A lot of upcoming events. Hopefully, everyone can make one or two.


Candlelight Vigil Coming Up

Tuesday, 16 September:
  • The 2014 Candlelight Vigil will be held on Tuesday, September 16 at 7:30 PM in Gold Star Families Memorial and Park. All police officers, their families and friends are invited. The ceremony is expected to last an hour and will take place rain or shine.

    As is the tradition of the Candlelight Vigil, the names of all Chicago police officers who died in the line of duty will be read. Those who wish to read the name of a fallen Officer should email

    Gold Star Families Memorial and Park is located on Chicago Park District grounds near Waldron Drive (in the shadow of Soldier Field). Uniformed CPD personnel will direct attendees to the parking lot at the 18th Street exit off of Lake Shore Drive.
Hope to see you there.


Charity Softball Game

Featuring one of our favorite Chicago sports teams:
  • The Chicago Blackhawks Alumni Association is busy planning the 7th Annual Blackhawk Alumni and Friends Charity Softball Classic presented by BMO Harris Bank.

    Chicago Blackhawks current players and alumni "face-off" in a 16" softball game with members of the Chicago Police and Fire Departments. The event also features the annual CFD vs. CPD City-Wide 16” Softball Championship.

    The event benefits the Chicago Firefighters’ EMWQ Retirees’, Widows’ and Children’s Assistance Fund and the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation and related police and fire charities.

    [...] Plan to join in this premier event on Sunday, September 14, 2014 from 11:30am – 3:30pm on Ferrell Field at St. Xavier’s University, 3700 W. 103rd Street, Chicago.


Friday, September 12, 2014

He'll Steal Your Soul!

Hilarious pic of Rahm someone snapped on the CTA:

Here's the article about how it was taken.

It must have been a slow news day over at the Sun Times, too.


Casper Lauer Motorcycle Run

14 September - here's the flyer:

Informational post only - comments closed here.


Coldest in 74 Years

  • Chicago seemingly switched from summer to fall overnight.

    Temperatures plunged from a high near 80 degrees on Wednesday to the mid-50s on Thursday, and by mid-day the area set a record low for high temps.

    On this date in 1940, the coolest high temp was 61 degrees. On Thursday, O'Hare Airport recorded a high of 56 degrees.
  • The speech by former US Vice-President Al Gore was apocalyptic. ‘The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff,’ he said. ‘It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years. Seven years from now.’

    Those comments came in 2007 as Mr Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaigning on climate change.

    But seven years after his warning, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that, far from vanishing, the Arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in succession – with a surge, depending on how you measure it, of between 43 and 63 per cent since 2012.
And as we exit the 17th consecutive year with no measurable global warming, you may have noticed that the peak Atlantic hurricane season passed with zero named storms.



  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel is starting an online community forum to engage directly with Chicago's residents and business owners.

    In a city of more than two million, the chance to sit down and talk about important issues is rare. The chance to sound off to city officials directly may not be an option for everyone, but a new website opens that possibility to anyone with a computer or smartphone. went live on Thursday.

    "The technology allows to create that community forum 24-7, throughout the process, all year round," said Emanuel.

    Emanuel says he will respond directly to some of the comments, and have city commissioners do the same.
We left the link in the paragraph above - be sure to contribute.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thirteen Years

A day of remembering all that had gone before and all that has happened since.

God bless all.


Street Sign Dedicated

Bunches of people sent us photos. We're using a small selection, so please don't be offended if we didn't use yours:

A lot of people showed up, reps from all over the Department - Mounted (and the CFD):

Bikes and the old-time restored squad:

Pipes and Drums:

A very nice presentation all around. A salute to all involved.


Ofc Schultz Returns Home

  • Police vehicles from more than a dozen law enforcement agencies clogged the streets outside of the Cook County Medical Examiner's office Wednesday, flashing red and blue lights in tribute to the fallen Indiana officer whose remains they would escort for burial more than 50 miles away.

    Nickolaus Schultz, 24, served with the Merrillville police department for a little more than a year before he was shot Friday night by a man who later committed suicide. Schultz, an organ donor, was pronounced dead nearly two days later at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

    Outside of the medical examiner’s office on the near West Side, somber looking police officers said they made it their mission to support Schultz’s family who had made the trek from their Lowell, Ind. home.
Godspeed and God bless Officer.


Stripped Cmdr Saves a Life?

Truth or rumor? Anyone have the supposed RD#?
  • Sounds like Evans got a payday coming too!
    Any truth to the rumor that he saved some guys life out in 005 yesterday?

    Yes very true, there was a GOCR done on the incident. Evans performed CPR on the guy and the ER doctor confirmed that if Glenn had not been there, the guy would have died. Great job boss. He has already been put in for a Life Saving Award.
 Word is that Anita has already collected the clothes from the hospitalized individual for DNA testing.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Those Damn Coppers

We're already the bad guys again - and the contract hasn't even been approved by the Board of Directors to go out for a vote:
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel may borrow more money to come up with the $65 million or so the city will need to cover police back pay if a newly proposed contract is approved, the city’s top budget official said Tuesday.

    Budget Director Alexandra Holt did not say how much the city will need to borrow, but indicated it would be a short-term loan paid back by mid-2017, when the new police contract would expire.
That'll be some interesting accounting. But damn those coppers making Rahm borrow money again. If only there was a spare $65 million lying around - like that money DePaul got to pay for a third of that new stadium for a team that hasn't made the NCAA tourney in years. Or that "Maggie Daley Park" that's a cover for an underground parking structure that can't stop leaking or collapsing.



E-mail from a west side cop:
  • Monday morning, 010 had 14 crossing guards call off. That's 14 crossings that had to be covered by coppers. 010 only has 12 beat cars, a few rapids, and some specialty cars up on days. Dispatch did what they had to do, downed the District and put in the backlog.

    So 010 had no cars up. If there was a shooting or a legit robbery/burglary/domestic, there was no one to send. I thought Garry was all about keeping cars up and available for jobs?
And that's just one district. Any idea if the rest of the districts suffered similar shortages? Safe Passage couldn't cover anything? Parent Patrols? But we're up to strength!


Surprise! A Lawsuit

  • A lawyer for a man who alleges a Chicago police commander shoved a gun into his mouth ripped Superintendent Garry McCarthy for taking no action against the commander even after DNA evidence months ago appeared to corroborate the incident.

    A federal lawsuit filed Tuesday on behalf of Rickey Williams comes about two weeks after the commander, Glenn Evans, was criminally charged for allegedly putting the barrel of his service weapon “deep down” Williams' throat, holding a Taser against his groin and threatening to kill him.

    The suit alleged that the incident last year started oddly -- as Williams waited at a bus stop in the Park Manor neighborhood, Evans, then commander of the South Side's Grand Crossing District, pulled up in a squad car and stared at Williams for several minutes. Unnerved, Williams, then 22, took off running and was chased down by Evans and as many as 10 other officers in an abandoned house, where the abuse took place out of public view, according to the suit.

    [...] According to the lawsuit, Evans grabbed, pushed and beat Williams, throwing him to the floor inside the abandoned house on South Eberhart Avenue. Evans held a stun gun to Williams' groin and demanded to know where Williams “put the guns,” the suit said. Evans then jammed the barrel of his service weapon deep into Williams' mouth, touching his throat, and said, “I should kill you right now,” the suit alleged.

    No gun was found in Williams' possession, but he was still arrested on a misdemeanor charge of reckless conduct. But that charge was dropped a few months later when the arresting officers didn't show up in court. In bringing charges late last month against Evans, Cook County prosecutors noted that police reports from the incident didn't indicate that Williams resisted arrest or tried to disarm Evans.
Ten coppers and the commander chase this guy down and no one shows up at court? Didn't the SOS scandal start like that with no one showing up at court and no one being held accountable?

The latest rumor in this case is Evan's lawyer filed a motion to have an independent test done on the DNA swabs, but Anita's office destroyed them all after the results arrived. If so, look for the hue-and-cry to reach epic proportions. Maybe the Cook County States Attorney's Office needs a federal monitor.


Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Fioretti Announcement This Weekend

  • Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd) said Monday he will decide by the end of the week whether to challenge Mayor Rahm Emanuel and revised downward the amount of money he believes it would take to compete with the prolific fundraiser.

    Fioretti refused to respond directly to speculation that he would declare his candidacy for mayor on Saturday. But the smile on his face gave it away.

    “I’m considering it. I’m seriously considering it,” he said during a break at Monday’s meeting of the City Council Finance Committee.

    Fioretti's political adviser Michael Kolenc was less cagey.

    "We have a big event planned for Saturday. All we're asking is that people save the day for an important announcement," Kolenc said, promising more details by the middle of the week.
Run Bob run.


Training Tomorrow's Battlefield Docs

  • The U.S. Navy is using Chicago's Stoger Hospital to train and prepare doctors, medics, and nurses for battlefield conditions.

    As with so many of the experiences awaiting military medical personnel once overseas, "Stoger [sic]Hospital... stands in the middle of a war zone... in its own way."

    According to the AP, "the Navy doesn't have any trauma training facilities in the U.S., [so] military medical teams" have to be sent elsewhere for "experience dealing with penetrating wounds." And these teams have found that bullet wounds--"even a single bullet wound"--"[unleash] the same kind of massive infection inflicted by roadside bombs in Afghanistan."

    There are plenty of bullet wounds to learn from in Chicago, where Stoger [sic] Hospital has "one of the busiest... trauma units" in the country. In 2013 alone, Stoger [sic]Hospital "treated nearly 600 gunshot victims," over 260 stab victims, "and almost 900 people injured in traffic [accidents]."
Maybe Rahm can make this into some sort of commercial for the tourists?

UPDATE: The "Stoger" Hospital is how the paper spelled it - we don't correct media spelling errors. That's the editors' jobs and if they don't care enough to do it, who are we to point out that once again, their layers of "fact checking" and background research and such aren't very accurate?


End Legislative Pensions?

Here's an idea in the Tribune editorial section - where have we heard it before?
  • Illinois lawmakers are busy* this summer.

    (*Campaigning, golfing, fundraising.)

    The House and Senate adjourned in May and won't reconvene until Nov. 19, the start of the fall veto session.

    We don't know whether the Illinois Supreme Court by then will have ruled on the pension reform law making its way through the courts. Gov. Pat Quinn in December signed into law pension changes for state workers, teachers outside Chicago, university employees and General Assembly members. The law immediately faced a court challenge from organized labor, putting a projected $145 billion in taxpayer savings on hold.

    Regardless of whether the Supreme Court rules this fall, lawmakers can and should take additional steps to curb future pension costs. Remember: While we wait for the courts to rule, the liabilities in all of the pension funds continue to climb precipitously.

    So, lawmakers, go first. Pass legislation ending General Assembly pensions going forward for all new members.
So far, everyone is expected to bleed - except the jackasses working a part-time gig for somewhere around 60 days a year for a sweet 85% pension after a mere four years of service.


Still Stealing Money

Retired politicians don't ever stop - they just become "consultants" or lobbyists and keep stuffing their faces at the trough:
  • Three years after leaving City Hall, former Mayor Richard M. Daley has gone after a government contract in Chicago, apparently for the first time, records obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times show.

    But Daley’s Tur Partners — the company he formed with his son Patrick Daley when he left office in 2011 — was part of a group that suddenly dropped out of consideration for the deal to develop 9.5 acres of government land in the West Side medical center district on May 13, in the middle of the process to choose a developer.

    That left just two bidders, each with ties to the former mayor, vying to develop the property for the Illinois Medical District Commission.

    The winning bidder, IMD Gateway Partners, has hired Daley’s nephew Patrick Daley Thompson — a lawyer and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District commissioner who recently announced he’s running for the Chicago City Council — to handle the project’s zoning issues with City Hall, according to a spokesman for developer Jack Higgins.
Lots of connections there. And the rumored haul?
  • just $300 million or so
And this involved the nephew running for aldercreature. Isn't it about time to put an end to the "business-as-usual" jagoffs?


Monday, September 08, 2014

Scene of the Crime (BIG Post)

Apologies in advance to Tribune reporters Peter Nickeas and Jason Wambsgans, but we are going to pretty much link and steal your entire article from the triple shooting in 011 Saturday night. Nickeas has gotten quite a few compliments on this site and he writes as close to a coppers point-of-view as we've seen any reporter in this town do in years. That's not just us talking - he's actually been called a "gentleman" at crime scenes, which is saying something.
  • "I know who did the shooting," the woman said with a sneer. "Do you?" The sergeant stood across yellow tape, and a delayed look of bewilderment briefly overtook his face before he asked, "Well, are you going to tell me?" The woman said nothing. She kept walking.
Right there, that tells you just about everything you need to know at a west side or south side crime scene. They tell you they know more than you, they revel in their knowledge of what happened, and then they walk away. We deal with this constantly.
  • Moments before the woman taunted the officer, neighborhood resident Lou Norris and the sergeant – one who's been doing the job long enough for the dark chevrons on his shoulder to fade into a powder blue – talked about life for a few minutes. They stood next to a green light pole and traded theories about how this came to be: Three people being shot here, including a 73-year-old grandmother.

    Chaos followed the shooting, with people testing the boundaries of the crime scene on different sides at the same time. The sight of a scuffle or an officer running sent a dozen more off in the same direction as police tried to lock the scene down. The ambulances lined up on Pulaski, two facing north and one south, and police had to yell at people lingering in the street to move so ambulances could leave.

    People yelled threats at the police. They shouted slurs and curse words and at various points in the night, six people were cuffed until things calmed down. Some invoked the shooting death of a teen in Missouri and walked away with their hands in the air while taunting police. The scene would stay testy for about two hours.

    Norris, in a clean white T-shirt, dark jeans, black construction boots and a flat-brimmed White Sox hat, shook his head as he and the sergeant solved life's problems after most of the hundreds of people had dispersed. The two agreed: Kids need more attention. They need more discipline. They need love. The constant exposure and access to violence is messing with their development. The willingness to shoot instead of fight is not how it always was.
A copper, the sergeant in this case, latches onto one of the calmer citizens there, maybe someone he knows from around the hood, one of the ones not making noise, whooping and hollering. Get a patter going, feel it out, see who's been shooting lately, who's on the outs, who's moving in or fresh from jail. Tape goes up, assholes try to breach the scene, pushing, shoving, as if they could solve it all - and they could, if they'd speak up...but they won't. And out comes the Ferguson bullshit hands in the if the police came by and lit grandma up. We'll be seeing that one for years, even after they clear the officer.
  • What brought Norris and the sergeant together was a burst of gunfire that left behind groups of shell casings at the corner of Pulaski Road and Arthington Street at the north end of the Lawndale neighborhood. Police said at least two people opened fire during a party being thrown by the food and liquor store here, an annual gesture meant to show the community the store's appreciation. Kids were out but none hit.

    The 73-year-old who was shot was already ill, according to Shay Griggs, the woman who taunted the sergeant. She's the woman's granddaughter.
Stop right there and think about that. The woman from the first paragraph, the one taunting the sergeant with what she knew? That was her 73-year-old grandma that got shot. And she ain't gonna share shit with the police. She's going to whisper it to someone else with a gun and they're probably going to go and shoot the shooter. That right there is what we see, feel, experience every single day, yet we can't recall even one instance of something like this appearing in the media. Sure, they might do a fluff piece about a lack of info/cooperation, but a story where the reporter (Nickeas?) actually witnesses the hoodrat telling the sergeant how much he doesn't know?And then she makes more appearances once she finds a reporter:
  • "She said, 'Something's wrong with my back.' And the kids started crying," Griggs said.

    Griggs, who had taunted police at other times throughout the night, said she doesn't know who was shooting. The tussling at the scene reflected a deep divide between officers and residents. Some on each side – and they often are diametrically opposed to each other – understand the intensity that follows shootings.

    "What are you blaming us for – we didn't shoot her," one officer said to Griggs earlier in the night. Arguments often follow. Some officers won't engage with belligerent residents. Some residents seek to calm down their neighbors. But some residents try to get a rise out of the officers, some officers respond in kind and the situation worsens. Investigators said that, of the hundreds of people who were outside when the shooting happened, they had a difficult time finding witnesses. It's not an uncommon refrain.
So now she doesn't know shit. Amazing. She obviously doesn't realize that at least one of the reporters saw her tell the sergeant what she knew and the reporters have been keeping an eye on her taunting the police, then playing weeping granddaughter, then taunting some more.
  • This sergeant who talked with Norris often engages with residents in a way a lot of cops won't. He'll suffer a fool longer than some colleagues and chance a conversation with someone who is dancing on the edge of reasonable. It happened half a dozen times in 15 minutes on Pulaski – with a man who claimed to have a gun and ID card at home, with another man over the use of the n-word, with women who felt disrespected by officers who laughed at the scene.

    Norris tries to keep kids off the streets, steering them away from the violence gripping the neighborhood, and beams when talking about the kids who've said to him, "Unc, you see what I'm doing? I'm back in school." Norris, a 53-year-old who had had been shot before, lifted his shirt, revealing a long scar up the center of his abdomen and a couple of bellybutton-like holes.

    "I whooped a guy –" here Norris raised two fists like he's used them before – "and they came back on me with a .45 (caliber handgun) with a hollow tip (round)." He works construction in the neighborhood and schools the kids when he's out and about. "I try to get 'em back to school, get 'em off the corners," he said.

    Before leaving he grabbed the sergeant again to say goodbye and stepped away. The two sounded like old friends by the time they finished talking.
Ghetto drama - "I got a gun at home." "My ID is in my other pants." "Did you hear what he called me?" "Why they laughin' that grandmama got shot?" We've heard it all and if you've worked any ghetto, you've heard it all and more. But Nickeas (and maybe Wambsgans) know that most of their readers haven't, and they capture it like you remember it. Then come the crazies.
  • The skirmishes at the scene were many and the chaos that followed the shooting, though not uncommon, was more intense and spread out over a wider area than is normal. And after police had finally set up a huge crime scene and chased people out at Taser point – red dots on white T-shirts abounded – the group stumbled upon an Hispanic man on the ground, face up, arms and legs spread as if if he about to create a snow angel.

    His yellow lab sat next to him in the middle of the road, more calm than any of the humans nearby. Those hustled away from the expanded crime scene gawked and jeered at the man, who most thought was a lush who had fallen out drunk. A few minutes earlier, the man, who appeared to be in his 30s, had walked down Pulaski with his dog and a military bearing, arms and legs swinging like a metronome, and exchanged a handshake and a hug with an officer at the edge.

    He wore shorts, sneakers, gray socks and a T-shirt that looked tailored over his thick frame. The man talked for a few minutes with the officer before turning around with his dog and walking away. A couple car lengths away, he yelled: "Stop! Stop the shooting!" He waved his arms. "You gotta stop all the shooting!" He jumped up and down, stomping his feet on the ground. Not 30 seconds later he was sprawled around the ground on Pulaski, unmoving, and his dog was just looking at him.

    "Man down," one onlooker yelled as cops jogged over to him. A woman laughed and yelled, "He's just trying to get a ride home. Look at his dog playing along." The dog sat calmly as an officers checked for signs of life. They checked his pockets, tried addressing him by name. He didn't move. Then, with officers standing over him, he kicked back to life, going into fight mode, rolling over into police and trying to hug his dog as if to protect him from the crowd around him. He rolled on the ground, his head tucked, eyes closed.

    The dog didn't move as officers moved to subdue the man. It didn't bark during the entire ordeal, remaining calm under his owner's embrace. "At ease!" one officer yelled, a command used in the military to return a serviceman from attention to a resting position. "At ease! At ease!" And like someone snapped fingers, the man stopped moving. Police identified him the man as a prior-service Marine with a service dog. A deep scar stretched from his right ear up across the top of his scalp where his hairline would start. The dog sat as paramedics tended to the man and tugged at the leash as he was wheeled into the ambulance. And when it left, south on Pulaski, an officer walked the dog north toward a car. Every couple steps, the dog tugged a bit and turned around toward the ambulance, sirens blaring, as it moved toward Mount Sinai Hospital.
And finally, just the juvies, drunks and assholes looking for a thrill:
  • The sergeant's patience had worn thin. Ninety minutes after the shooting, a kid tested the edge of the crime scene and the sergeant grabbed him by his shirt, pulled him into the scene and put him against his squad car in cuffs. "Alright, anybody else? Who wants to join him? You're all juveniles, you're all curfews," he said. The group jogged away and giggled. The boy arrested was fifteen.

    Officers who guarded the scene as the crowd dwindled also left, leaving behind a core group of district officers tasked with making sure the half-block long perimeter wasn't breached. One woman threw a glass bottle at a passing car as someone inside took pictures. The car took off, turning toward the Eisenhower Expressway on Pulaski, and another bottle took flight, crashing down against a police department Tahoe as half a dozen officers looked on.

    A couple people yelled there was a gun in the departing car. There weren't enough officers to make an arrest, though. Police have to pick battles. There were more residents than officers and if the woman who had thrown the bottle resisted, there wouldn't have been enough officers to subdue her, guard the scene and keep a small crowd back. Another woman made fun of the fact that the woman's poor aim had sent an empty liquor bottle into a squad car. The woman who chucked the bottle tried to fade back into the small crowd.
Odds are the shooter turns up shot himself in short order. Exceptionally Cleared/Closed and the beat goes on. This story repeats itself nearly daily and is one of the reasons coppers burn out and bid for more peaceable districts when they can. It something that the so-called "normal" people will never see...or will never believe.

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More Downtown Mayhem

  • One man was stabbed and two others were hurt during a fight early Sunday on Michigan Avenue in the Loop.

    Two groups of young people began arguing while walking past each other at Michigan and Wacker at 2:12 a.m., police said.

    One member of each group began fighting, and a third person slashed two people in the abdomen and stabbed a third, also in the abdomen, police said.

    The 21-year-old man who was stabbed is in serious condition at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, police said.
And this time it's the Sun Times with the non-existent descriptions of the offenders.


Officers Injured

  • An off-duty Harvey police officer was beaten and robbed near the 59th Street Harbor early Sunday morning on the South Side, according to police.

    The officer was approached by unknown offenders at 2:50 a.m. in the 5900 block of South Lake Shore Drive, said Chicago Police Department News Affairs officer Janel Sedevic.

    The officer was transported in critical condition to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. His condition was later stabilized, Sedevic said.
  • An off-duty Chicago Police Department officer was the victim of an attempted armed robbery early Sunday morning in the Park Manor neighborhood on the South Side, according to police.

    The officer was in the area of 74th Street and Langley shortly before 3 a.m. when he was approached by a person who asked him for the time and then displayed a handgun, said Chicago Police News Affairs [...]. A struggle ensued and the offender fired shots...
Amazingly, both were attacked by invisible men as there are exactly zero descriptions in the Tribune. Best wishes to both officers for their recoveries.


Merrillville Officer Succumbs to Wounds

  • Merrillville Police Officer Nickolaus Schultz, 24, was taken off life support Sunday morning, less than two days after he was shot in the head while responding to a call.

    Robert Byrd, spokesman for the Northwest Indiana Major Crimes Task Force, said Schultz’s family “graciously made the decision to make him an organ donor.” He was pronounced dead at 9:47 a.m. at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Byrd said Schultz was surrounded by family while he was on life support.

    Schultz was shot by 33-year-old Michael Hrnciar about 10:45 p.m. Friday at Tempe Lake Condominiums, in the 8200 block of Lincoln Circle, where he and another officer were responding to a call about an unwanted individual in a vacant condo.
Just over a year on the job, 24-years-old. That is far too young to be taken from us in such a manner.

Godspeed Officer Schultz.

Prayers and sympathies for the Officer, his family and his Department only in this thread please.


Gee, a Repeat Offender

  • A Mount Prospect woman who authorities say drunkenly struck a state trooper on I-294 Saturday had pleaded guilty to an aggravated DUI charge just days before and been sentenced to probation, according to Cook County court records.

    Leslie W. Thurow, 59, was ordered held without bail for violating the terms of probation that were set Thursday, when she pleaded guilty in the previous incident. A ruling to hold her on $450,000 bail on charges that she struck the state trooper in the northbound lanes of the Tri-State Tollway near Berkeley Saturday afternoon was largely procedural.

    Thurow also struck a van carrying seven people after driving away from the injured trooper, Assistant State’s Attorney Sean Brown, said Sunday in court.

    Thurow is charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, aggravated DUI and aggravated DUI in an accident involving personal injury, all felonies, according to court records.

    Thurow pleaded guilty last week to an aggravated DUI charge from earlier this year, according to court records.

    Brown said Thurow also has a DUI-related conviction from 2008 and was driving without a valid driver’s license Saturday.
Pleaded guilty last week? And at least her third DUI? Why is she even permitted to own a car?


Bears Season Over

We're hockey fans. We cheer the Bears, and we've got a lot of readers who follow the Bears. But we're hockey fans. Steve Rosenbloom has an amusing take on the Bears game yesterday in the Tribune:
  • Now comes the death march that will make it hockey season.

    The Bears have consecutive road games on opposite coasts, first against the 49ers, who have an offense that’s tougher than the Bears defense, and then Jets, who always seem to be tough, if not good.

    Then the Bears come home to play the Packers, who toy with the Bears en route to a sick number of wins in a sick number of ways. Then the Bears go to Carolina and Atlanta, neither of whom might or might not be any good, but the Bills just proved you don’t have to be a good team to beat the Bears.

    But wait. There’s more. Two of their next three games after Atlanta are road trips to New England and Green Bay, the Patriots and Packers, two teams that some observers believe will meet in the Super Bowl.
After the opening drive, we thought the Bears looked in good form. Then the turnovers started and the wheels got loose. Then they fell off. A winnable game slips away, and the Bears are going to be missing that win at the halfway point.

31 days until hockey season.


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