Friday, August 17, 2018

Wildings Again

Channel 2 finally gets around to covering some wildings from a few days ago:
  • A brawl involving dozens of teenagers broke out near Chicago’s Water Tower Place Tuesday night, prompting a flurry of 911 calls as the mob spread to Chicago Avenue and State Street.

    The disturbance grew so large at one point that some businesses in Chicago’s busiest tourist district were forced to shut down, CBS 2 [...] reports.

    “The group is running westbound on Chicago,” one 911 caller is heard saying.

    One person who witnessed the fight asked to stay anonymous, but told CBS that a group of about seven teenagers jumped a person walking down Chicago Avenue between Wabash Avenue and Rush Street.

    Witnesses reported seeing teenagers and adults fighting at Chicago Avenue and State Street, prompting McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A to lock up.
So merchants in Chicago actually have to lock their doors, effectively closing down their businesses, due to the misbehavior of people (or folks) who couldn't find their guns to add to the daily carnage totals. Can the protests be far behind that these racist businesses denied some poor youths the ability to spend our hard earned tax dollars?

Ed once again, mischaracterised the violations of Civil Rights to create mayhem:
  • In an attempt to control the mob, police barricaded the area with police cruisers and bikes before ushering people toward the trains.

    [...] Police say there have been at least four large disturbances in this popular area this summer. Right after Memorial Day, Superintendent Eddie Johnson explained why officers moved kids toward the Red Line.

    “We didn’t force anyone to go anywhere — we directed them,” Johnson said. “You choose to stay here, then that was your choice. But if you choose to leave then we gave you a safe way to leave.”
Yeah, okay.

Water Tower Place decided to fight back. Not against the wrong-doers. Oh no no no - against the reporting by the Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown blog:
  • The night before, we published a report that detailed several recent gun arrests on the North Side, including one that took place on the sidewalk at 835 North Michigan Avenue outside of Water Tower Place. Our story was accompanied by an image of the arrested man’s mugshot overlayed on a photo of the mall’s exterior.

    Then, on Tuesday evening, we got an email.

    “Please edit your blog post to remove the photo of Water Tower Place,” we were told. “Thank you very much.”

    The email came from Lindsay Kahn, senior manager of public relations for GGP, the Fortune 500 real estate entity that operates Water Tower Place.
The CWB Blog helpfully included the email and business contact information of Ms. Kahn in case anyone wants to point out that Water Tower Place exterior is a building on the public way in full view of the public and accessible to the public at large.

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Cops Denied Voice

Anyone with half-a-brain has stopped proactive police work. This message is to everyone else, so if you know someone who doesn't read the blog semi-regularly, let them know:
  • Stop doing proactive police work or you are going to lose your job, be indicted or go to prison.
  • Promising he will give the Fraternal Order of Police — “and indeed all Chicago police officers” — a chance to be heard, a federal judge Thursday nevertheless denied an attempt by the police union to formally intervene in a lawsuit expected to lead to a consent decree governing reform efforts at CPD.

    In a 25-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Robert Dow said the FOP waited too long to try to intervene in the federal lawsuit brought by Attorney General Lisa Madigan against the city of Chicago, “despite its clear recognition” through public comments that the case could significantly affect policing in Chicago.

    The judge said the state offered to let the FOP enter into a memorandum of agreement — along with a coalition of community groups — giving it the right to raise objections and give input toward the consent decree. But citing state attorneys, the judge said the FOP refused the offer — a decision the FOP doesn’t deny.

    Therefore, Dow said the FOP’s decision to publicly oppose the consent decree but limit its own role in negotiations “appears to have been strategic, and it must live with the consequences of that decision as it relates to this belated attempt to intervene as a party in this lawsuit.”
Parties are added and subtracted from federal proceedings all the time - years after the fact even. The FOP taking its time and assessing all of its options over the course of a few months shouldn't be a big deal. In act, the FOP seems to be the only party actually telling everyone to slow down, take a breath and let cooler heads prevail (kind of like de-escalating if you think about it) instead of rushing around like there's an election around the corner.

Oh wait...

Don't say you weren't warned that the lib-tards involved are going to crucify you the first chance they get.


Once Again....

  • Cook County prosecutors on Thursday dropped criminal charges against the brother of a man shot and killed by Chicago police during a confrontation that led to racially charged protests in the city’s Mount Greenwood neighborhood in late 2016.

    Michael Beal, 30, faced numerous felonies including aggravated battery to a police officer, attempted disarm and unlawful restraint following a melee that touched off outside a firehouse near 111th and Troy streets that ended with his brother Joshua’s death. But officials with the Cook County state’s attorney’s office dropped all charges against the Indianapolis man during a hearing before Judge Carol M. Howard at the Leighton Criminal Court Building.

    A state’s attorney representative wasn’t immediately available to comment.
Add these felonies to the list of crimes that the "community" doesn't have to obey.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Exempt Movement

These are unusual to say the least:
  • Keith Calloway Chief IAD
    Elgin Deputy Chief Area South
    Joel Howard Comm 005
    Kevin Johnson DC Academy
    Varrick Douglas XO Area South
    Rod Robinson Commander 011
    King-Smith to Farce Mitigation Section Commander
    Skahill to Commander (Civilian) of IAD (again)!!

    These are some strange promotions...EJ is trying to take care of his ppl before he leaves!! But why make Calloway who was out the door until his kids got the UC scholarship? Why put KJ (011) at the Academy of all places? Why Skahill at IAD again?? So many unanswered questions, it’s laughable!!!”
As we see it, these are promotions of a guy on the way out the door.

Force Mitigation is preparing for an entire stable of camels.

Skahill, a half-assed lawyer when she was sworn, now a civilian, in charge of IAD?

And does there seem to be a certain lack of....shall we say "diversity" these moves?


Another Guilty Aldercreature

  • Ald. Willie Cochran is considering whether to take a plea deal nearly two years after federal prosecutors accused him of fraud, extortion and bribery.

    But no final decision has been made, according to defense attorney Christopher Grohman. And no hearing has been set before U.S. District Judge Jorge Alonso for Cochran to change his previous plea of not guilty.

    “(Cochran) has not yet decided whether or not he will plead guilty,” Grohman told the Chicago Sun-Times. “He has been offered something, and he’s thinking about it.”

    The feds accused Cochran in December 2016 of looting a 20th Ward fund meant to help children and senior citizens, using $5,000 to pay his daughter’s college tuition and withdrawing $25,000 from ATMs near his preferred casinos. The former Chicago Police officer was also accused of accepting bribes from businessmen who needed favors from him.
So a "Two-Fer" - crooked aldercreature, crooked former cop.

You can bet the media will count him as both even though he hasn't been a cop for fifteen years.


Memorial Park

  • It was decades ago but seems like a headline today: A gunman, with apparently no particular target in mind, enters a Near West Side school and fires a shot that kills a Chicago police officer, solidifying her legacy as an everyday hero.

    Now, after years of mass school shootings and the unimaginable losses of life, a reminder of Irma Ruiz — the officer, wife and mother who died in that 1988 shooting protecting students — may surface in a city park on Chicago’s Southwest Side.

    On Wednesday, the Chicago Park District board is set to begin the process of renaming Walnut Park in the Archer Heights neighborhood after Ruiz. Board members will vote to launch a 45-day notice period in which park officials will field comments on “public support for, and public opposition to, the proposed name,” according to the Park District’s criteria for naming parks.

    Ald. Ed Burke, 14th, is behind a proposal to rename Walnut Park — which is in his ward — after Ruiz. He said her death remains one of the most devastating episodes in Chicago police history.
If we had our way, there wouldn't be nearly as many public spaces named after politicians or business persons or trees for that matter.


Picket the Airport

Remember, if you reward bad behavior (or ignore it), you're going to get a lot more of it:
  • He organized the shutdown of Lake Shore Drive that snarled traffic earlier this month and now the Rev. Gregory Livingston wants to do the same thing on the Kennedy Expressway, jamming up travel to and from O’Hare International Airport.

    Livingston, of New Hope Baptist Church in West Humboldt Park, staged a news conference Wednesday outside Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office in City Hall to announce his plans for an anti-violence march on the Kennedy Expressway — the main thoroughfare to O’Hare — about 11 a.m. or noon on Labor Day.

    “We need to get Rahm’s attention because we are really following (Mahatma) Gandhi’s pattern,” Livingston said. “Gandhi said first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then we win.”
Or in Rahm's and Special Ed's case, first they ignore you, then they pander to you, then they march with you, then they exchange $$$ for promises of votes.

We've got news for the revs - all you're blocking are the passengers. The airplanes are going to keep on arriving and departing with or without the passengers. They ought to try blocking a runway with a 747 wide body coming in at about 160 MPH. We'd actually respect that, though the Federal Government might not.


Police Kill Englewood Woman

Firing blindly through her front door....wait, what? It was the "community"? Again? What the Hell?
  • Longtime neighbors on Paulina Street in West Englewood were used to seeing Estelle "Stella" Smith strutting up the street, calling out to residents, sharing laughs and wise words with families she'd grown up with.

    But the family lost their bungalow in 2010, and Smith moved her family around the block to Hermitage Avenue and 64th Street. Still, she remained a regular presence on the block, catching up with neighbors and swapping stories and banter.

    Smith, 44, was sitting on a couch in her home when shots were fired outside around 8:40 p.m. Tuesday, according to Chicago police.

    One of the bullets pierced the front door and hit Smith in the abdomen. She was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.
And another lady, 80 years old, caught a round yesterday, too. Rumor is there's no police involvement there either.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018


  • An activist coalition led by Black Lives Matter on Tuesday pressed its case for major changes to the consent decree outlining the terms of federal court oversight over the Chicago Police Department.

    “If the city refuses to include these demands in the decree, this most recent effort to address police violence and racism could fail like every effort that has come before it,” Jonathon Projansky of Black Lives Matter Chicago, told a City Hall news conference outside the mayor’s office.

    Ted Mann of Network 49 said the demands go far beyond police shootings that make headlines. It’s about stopping police violence that is “so frequent, it’s not newsworthy,” he said.
Yeah, because the police are routinely shooting people (and folks) in double digits every single weekend. NEWSFLASH - It's not newsworthy because it ISN'T happening asshat.
  • “So much of this violence is committed because police have incentives to escalate encounters with our community. And much of this violence is committed when officers claim to be arresting people for minor non-violent issues such as marijuana possession, drinking in the public way and disorderly conduct. Arrests are their own kind of violence and they destroy lives.”
Um, what? What does that mean exactly? The dumbassery on display here is laughable. This is the same type of bitching we hear when out-of-control blockparties lead to gunfire and someone says, "Why didn't the police do something?"
  • Some of the recommendations released Tuesday — like removing police officers from Chicago Public Schools and an elected civilian police oversight board — were articulated in May, long before a draft copy of the proposed consent decree was released.
Yeah, we've been advocating getting cops out of the schools for years, but that's to alleviate manpower shortages already present.
  • Other ideas are brand new. They include:

    • Prohibiting Chicago Police officers from unholstering their firearms unless lethal force becomes necessary.

    • Requiring police officers to file a report every time they point a gun or Taser at someone — or even observe a colleague using force.
We've been assured by two different Deputy Chiefs at roll calls that this proposal is Dead on Arrival. Even the brass knows this would spell the end of any sort of police work.
  • • Mandating that police officers pass annual psychological evaluations and receive “supervisory authority” before making minor arrests and requiring officers to “engage in best efforts to create diversion partnerships, including restorative justice and community mediation.”
Um, how about "Go fuck yourself sideways"? And "supervisory authority" to initiate a "minor arrest"? Talk about activity grinding to a halt. Wait for a sergeant to respond to every job, duplicate officer's previous efforts on scene, making a few calls and then telling you, "Sure, you ought to arrest this person." Do these idiots have any idea how stupid that sounds?
  • • Making de-escalation the “rule and not the exception” by providing incentives to officers who “refuse to use force and solve problems without making arrests and strengthening language that authorizes officers to de-escalate “when safe and feasible.” In addition, officers must not be penalized for taking time to resolve an incident without using force. They must also be prohibited from taunting, humiliating, threatening and using racial or gendered slurs that escalate incidents.
Incentives? Like a cash reward system for not arresting people? If that's the plan, count us in!
  • • Prohibiting police officers who continue to be assigned to schools from carrying firearms or handcuffs or using force “except in exigent circumstances.” Officers would also have a “duty not to intervene in incidents on school grounds absent a real or immediate threat.” They would be barred from interviewing or interrogating youth on school grounds.
So no guns in schools? One more reason to get out of schools. And ignore crime off of school property. We're actually getting into this part of the proposal. If we could just include eight-foot-fences, topped with barbed wire, surrounded by a moat and patrolled by rabid feral cats, you've got our vote.

There's more to the insanity and all it does is create a furtherance of "Laws that don't have to be followed by the community or else we call everyone a racist!"


Get Your Opinion In

The FOP is encouraging officers to participate:
  • Speak now or forever hold your peace.

    So says the minister at the wedding, and it’s excellent advice now.

    Chicago is about to embark on a historic overhaul of the training, practices and accountability of the Chicago Police Department, and you have until Friday to offer your ideas for reform. You can go online and read a draft of the proposed reforms, negotiated between City Hall and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and add your thoughts.

    Go to:
We've got nothing to lose.


This Might Be Interesting

Any truth to this rumor?
  • Ferguson is in hot water. Stay aware and watch. He’s been too crazy. Rahm is going to get embarrassed. It’s a lot more than just davina now that he refused to investigate. It’s also Rahm’s donors committing environmental stuff and cases are not prosecuted. He’s in deep water. Watch it unfold. Gonna make Rahm look really bad. And Rahm’s lawyer knows all about it. 
If true, this would most likely torpedo Rahm even making it to the finish line of the election. It might also end up reopening all sort of cases people think are closed - like the Lieutenant cheating scandal.


Stories That Fell Through the Cracks

A couple of things that give the impression that Rahm is in electoral trouble:
  • CPS Sex Scandal - Won't someone think of the children?
    • Earlier this year, when investigative reporters at the Tribune began gathering information about sexual assault and abuse within Chicago Public Schools, they hit a cement wall. CPS stalled requests for public records for months and relented only when the Tribune threatened to sue.

      By then, reporters Gary Marx, David Jackson, Jennifer Smith Richards and Juan Perez Jr. had pieced together — through police reports, court files, state records and interviews — an alarming revelation. Police investigated 523 reports that children were sexually assaulted or abused inside city public schools from 2008 to 2017, or an average of one report each week.
If there was a sex assault every week in Englewood, you can bet there would be heads rolling, command changes imminent and a massive push to solve the crime. CPS students though? Almost nothing.
  • Willie Wilson fires back at Lisa:
    • Responding to what his mayoral campaign called an investigation by Attorney General Lisa Madigan, a defiant Willie Wilson on Thursday defended his recent cash giveaways and said there’s “nothing wrong” with his charitable foundation’s paperwork.

      Speaking at the Chicago Baptist Institute International alongside supporters, the mayoral candidate also called on Madigan to investigate Mayor Rahm Emanuel over the Laquan McDonald shooting and said Emanuel talked down to black Chicagoans in response to the recent crime wave.

      Noting he was raised in the Jim Crow South, Wilson, who is black, said, “I’m just tired of white people telling me what to do.”
Wilson is taking a shot directly at the Illinois Combine with that line. And he's probably the only one who could get away with it.
  • Rahm is victim shaming?
    • Mayor Rahm Emanuel was accused Wednesday of “victim shaming” for citing an absence of “values” and “character” in the African-American community after the weekend bloodbath in which 71 people were shot, 12 of them fatally.

      Shari Runner, until recently the president and CEO of the Chicago Urban League, said the mayor’s blame game is offensive and insensitive. “I cannot see the victims of racist policies and bigoted practices shamed by anyone who says they need to do better or be better in their circumstance. I won’t accept it,” Runner said.

      “Scolding the African-American community for the ills of what’s happening in those communities is not only not helpful. It’s not correct. There’s no more religious, conservative, amazing community than the African-American community. The African-American community is resilient. The African-American community survived this strife. … It is not fair to blame the victims of policies that have created their circumstance.”
Can you tell us on this anatomically correct doll exactly where the truth hurt you? Always the "victim" and always someone else's fault.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Escamerit Follies

Someone who was taken out of a police station in handcuffs should NEVER even get a sniff at a "merit" promotion. You can't trust them not to embarrass the Department or their sponsors. This goof has gotten multiple bumps based on politics, and now he's got an Inspector General beef:
  • Good morning, I wanted to pass along to you some information that has been making the rounds in 025 regarding Crazy Tony. I emailed you about a month ago regarding the CAPS office picking up Escamerit‘s son from Summer camp in city vehicles.

    Well it looks like someone finally had enough and beefed on him regarding this situation.

    All officers from 025th District CAPS office has been called individually to IAD to give statements regarding picking up his son not only from summer camp but school as well.
There are rules against transporting non-police personnel in Department vehicles - the City liability is incredibly high should something bad happen. Escamerit has been using his CAPS sergeant as some sort of free Uber or Lyft service and then using the CAPS officers as babysitters for 4 hours a day or more, when they should be at least pretending to do CAPS related stuff. You'd think a commander could afford some sort of daycare or a babysitter, rather than have taxpayers footing the bill.

So, how long until this one gets swept under the rug? IAD is in possession of pictures. That should make the issue harder to hide.


We Don't Need No Stinkin' Laws

In addition to the list of laws that the "community" doesn't have to obey, it looks like we're going to need another list of laws that the "comunidad" doesn't have to follow:
  • A Chicago alderman Monday questioned whether the city violated its own sanctuary city ordinance, and criticized the Police Department after a raid targeting counterfeit sportswear in Pilsen allegedly led to federal authorities taking a woman into immigration custody.

    Ald. Danny Solis, 25th, who represents the Latino Pilsen neighborhood, said an Aug. 1 police raid in his ward violated Chicago’s pro-immigrant Welcoming City Ordinance by collaborating with homeland security officials, a charge police disputed. Solis also criticized the department for focusing on what he considered a relatively low-level crime, such as counterfeit clothes, when the city recently experienced its most violent weekend in years.

    “With all the crime we’ve got going, this is how we spend our resources?” Solis said.
Well gee whiz Danny, last time we checked, this was still a nation of laws, despite the left's efforts to make it not so. We'll continue to encourage officers to make anonymous calls to ICE anyway.

Counterfeiting of all types cost the United States Economy something on the scale of $600 BILLION a year. That's a lot of money - Chicago's entire budget is still under $10 billion - so this isn't exactly a victimless crime. Everyone has to pay higher prices because of counterfeiting, businesses lose profit, government loses tax revenue....

...and then Danny happily votes to raise taxes.


Crime is Solved!

  • Chicago’s five most violent police districts will get 600 additional weekend officers — and police will continue to break up large unsanctioned parties — “until we’re comfortable things are stabilized,” Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Monday.

    The costly overtime that is difficult to sustain was hastily authorized to prevent a repeat of the bloodbath last weekend that left 71 people shot, 12 of them dead — and it worked.

    Another hot summer weekend came and went without a single homicide and 33 shootings, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

    During an unrelated news conference on CTA security, Johnson was asked how long the additional attention and manpower would last at a time when the Fraternal Order of Police has warned of burnout by officers whose requests to take time off have been refused.
Pretty much every field unit in the Department has been told that they aren't getting two days off - they're getting one until the beginning/middle of September. Districts are hiring people back on their RDO's.

  • The Chicago City Council is considering an ordinance that would punish employers who don’t have crystal balls. It’s a boneheaded proposal.

    Are you a boss? Do you manage people? Do you run a business? Pay attention.

    The ordinance would require Chicago employers to post work schedules for their employees at least two weeks in advance. Employers would be required to pay their employees for at least one hour extra if the schedule changed or work was added or subtracted. Companies also could face fines of $500 for each employee affected in each pay period if they fail to comply. If employers make changes with 24 hours’ notice or less to on-call workers, the workers would have to be compensated.
Amazingly, the City Council (and Rahm) think that they know how to run a business, despite having zero practical experience in the field, and after spending Chicago into insolvency. Even more hilarious, the "rules" they're attempting to put in place against businesses are those that the Department is currently demanding officers submit to, despite family plans, vacations, appointments or just living life away from this grind.


Streets and San Moron

So this was all over the place at Billiken (click for larger version):

Whatever. Freedom of speech. We don't really care except for the fact it gives proof to the argument for a change of venue. Remember the liberal heads exploding when they spotted a red Trump "MAGA" hat on the dashboard of a squad car?

Does this endorse some sort of City position on a trial that hasn't even had a jury seated yet? Because it certainly looks like it. We guess some city employees are more equal than others.


The Department Cares!

It would seem that it isn't just the Policeman's job to "preserve disorder." It's also the aldercreatures main purpose:

If the aldermoron knows that there's a potential for gang conflicts,why does he even issue the permit? And depositing a single CAPS officer into the middle of a potential war zone? That's some top-of-the-line exempt type thinking there.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Taking the Night Off

Been a busy few days lately and we had some technical issues with the comments. They're still there - we just can't get to them all. Hopefully later today.

In the meantime, open post.


Rearrange the Deck Chairs!

Supposedly, a bunch of exempt movement this week as Rahm attempts to tweak his chances for re-election and Special Ed attempts to staunch the flow of blood.

Also, an Inspector General investigation of a certain escamerit exempt seems to all but doom his chances of moving upward.

Stay tuned.


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Newest Plan

Via the comment section:
  • Send the News Media in first to film and document the behavior. Then get their opinion on how to handle it.

    Then forward that to the Reverends for approval.

    Then the Aldermen and Mayor. Then State Attorney and Judges for review.

    If all OK by all of them, commence Immediate Action!
We'd call this a joke, except we remember the 1990's and the guys we worked with who policed the 1970's. They just weren't looking far enough into the future when they warned us what was coming.

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Spending Twice for Safety

  • Residents and business owners in Chicago's Roscoe Village neighborhood have installed new security cameras as part of an effort to help police fight crime.

    The high-definition cameras are being installed at key undisclosed locations in and around the North Side neighborhood. A secure cloud will hold uploaded camera footage which can be accessed by police.

    "Residents and business have the option to tap into a seed network of 27 cameras in Roscoe Village. We hope that we show with the initial 27 cameras how effective the program can be," said David Kerber, president of the Roscoe Village Neighborhood Association.

    The cameras are part of the Roscoe Village Neighborhood Watch's Neighborhood on Watch video camera program. The group, which represents 10,000 homeowners and businesses in the neighborhood, raised the $40,000 need to pay for the cameras through fundraising at neighborhood festivals.
They also reached out to the always shorthanded Department:
  • The community's efforts to work with police come as the group celebrates Police Appreciation Day to honor the roughly 300 officers in the 19th district. A neighborhood restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at the station.

    "In the last few years, politics made the job more difficult. The shortage of 2,000 officers in Chicago made that more difficult. So they're being stretched thin. We're trying to find a way to say thanks," said Brian Daley, a Roscoe Village resident.
We're pretty sure if 019 has 300 officers, it's down from the 500 that used to patrol 019 and 023. We're surprised that Channel 7 let the "shortage of 2,000 officers" pass the editorial process. No one wants to admit that when Clinton was in office, CPD numbered over 13,500 and nowadays, we barely have 11,500.

While we always appreciate the kind effort, it's disheartening that a community that pays massive amounts of taxes has to reach into their pockets again to try to make up for the officer shortages that Rahm and Special Ed strip from them in and endless attempt to chase votes at an obscene cost.


What's Behind Crime

  • It is an accepted but lamented fact of life among police officers that in order to rise on the promotional ladder, one must endorse the political fashions currently in favor among the city’s politicians. And the higher one ascends on that ladder, the more convincingly one must do so. As a consequence, reflecting the governing principles of almost any city you can name, most police chiefs are liberals, or at least pretend to be with a passing level of feigned sincerity.

    As a result of this, the upper levels of most police departments, most certainly those in large cities, become clogged with men and women who can recite leftist pieties as confidently as any MSNBC host, the better to curry favor with politicians whose sponsorship is essential to further promotion. All of these men and women believe themselves qualified to be the next police chief, but the one selected will have proved himself to be the most proficient panderer.

    But this creates a problem within a police department, to wit, a division in the rank structure between those at or near the top who adopt the leftist nostrums of the politicians, and those at the bottom who must go out onto the streets each day and confront the very real problems engendered by those very same leftist nostrums.
Dunphy also points out the rank hypocrisy of Rahm and the steps that Rahm WON'T take to even begin to bring the streets under control. Dunphy also points out the politically inconvenient fact of the driving factor of "community" crime.

Go read it all.



  • The controversial proposed mixed-income housing project at 5150 N. Northwest Hwy. in Jefferson Park appears to be moving forward, as Alderman John Arena (45th) plans to hold a teleconference Aug. 14 regarding the plan before taking steps to rezone the property.

    Arena announced earlier this week that he would hold a teleconference town hall from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 14, so that residents can learn more about the project and ask questions before the site is rezoned to accommodate a seven-story building with 75 apartments. The Chicago Plan Commission could hold a public hearing on the proposal as early as September.

    Additional financing for the project is required, but it is not unusual for the Chicago City Council to approve a zoning ordinance prior to the applicant being ready to complete the purchase of the land. The Illinois Housing Development Authority denied the issuance of low-income housing tax credits for the proposal in 2017 and also earlier this year. The developer can re-apply for the tax credits in January for 2019.

    Those wanting to participate in the teleconference are asked to call 312-792-3983 on Tuesday evening.

    News of the teleconference quickly sparked a debate on social media. Some project opponents charged that Arena does not want to face his constituents at a traditional community meeting, while some supporters said the teleconference accommodates those with disabilities and others who would otherwise struggle to travel to a meeting.
How "interactive" can it be? Supporters flood the lines, anyone not of the approved class is dumped the way talk-radio cuts off callers who don't stick to the agreed script, and we're sure that a simple computer patch can filter out unwanted numbers - we can do it on our cell phone. Complete control of the input and resultant narrative.


The Vallas Plan (Long Post)

An e-mailer got a response from the Vallas campaign. Here it is in its entirety:

    Goal - I will rebuild and maintain the Bureau of Detectives strength at a minimum 1,200. I will provide additional support for the Bureau by recalling 400 former CPD Detectives and Officers with Detectives experience. The “Retiree Corp” is intended to SUPPORT, NOT REPLACE CURRENT OR VACANT DETECTIVE POSITIONS. They will provide the critical support needed to get violent offenders off the street. Over the longer term it will be my intent to increase the “active” strength even more to bring Chicago closer to other major cities. Even with a restored force of 1,200 we will have little more than half the Detectives as percentages of overall Officer strength that cities like New York and Los Angeles have.

    Background - Clearance rates on violent crimes, shootings and homicides are at an abysmal all-time low. The Detective rank has shrunk to below where it once was, over burdening detectives who are already struggling with limited resources and larger spans of territory to cover. Judges and prosecutors are demanding more than ever before from law enforcement in criminal cases. Standards for charging a criminal are higher now than ever before.

    Because the Bureau of Detectives has shrunk you have Detectives doing “assembly-line" homicides investigations. Assembly-line homicide investigations occur when you have too many cases and not enough Detectives or support. If there are enough leads that could result in an arrest, Detectives will continue to work the case. If not the Detective will move on to the next case leaving the previous case unsolved. This is the casualty of the lack of Detective manpower and resources. By hiring back retired Detectives or Officers with Detective experience, the current assembly-line homicide investigations can stop.

    The hired back Detectives will provide investigative support in the following areas:

    • Case review and case management
    • Witness follow up
    • Subpoena support
    • Obtaining digital evidence and evidence coordination
    • Transporting of witnesses for interviews or Grand Jury.
    • Aid in interviews and interrogations
    • Social Media investigations

    While there is no substitute on the part of the State’s Attorney’s Office and the Courts for aggressive prosecution and long sentences for violent offenders and gun law violators, it begins with an arrest.

    To qualify for the position, the retiree would have to have left the department in good standing and be free from any Internal Affairs or Cook County State Attorney investigations upon their retirement. Retired Detectives who return to these investigative support positions would be required to undergo continual training to ensure understanding of current department practices and procedures as well as the most up to date state and local laws.

    The are NO obstacles to hiring retired Retired Detectives. Hiring retired Detectives and Officers with Detective experience would be a fast way to provide the Bureau of Detectives with the additional support and experience the need during these challenging times. These are not replacement employees and will not be filling existing vacancies. There are no obstacles to bringing seasoned experienced and accomplished Officers back into fold.

    Facts: Government agencies have been hiring back retired employees for years including CPD. The retirees do not displace existing employees or to fill existing vacant positions but to supplement. Major Police Departments are engaging in hire back programs including Denver, Dallas, New York, even London were the City hired 400 Constables. New York’s public safety surge back in the 90’s included the hiring of over 400 Detectives.

    City rules regarding residency could be waived as the retirees would be part time contract employees.

    Health insurance can easily be extended

    There are no union issues if there is no displacement.

    Remember, these are supplemental positions designed to provide additional support. There are no excuses nor obstacles for taking this common sense approach to quickly enhancing Detective resources. The City’s response to everything seems to be to cancel more days off, pay more overtime and to move more Officers off their beats.
It seems like a good idea, but again, we think it's a pipe dream. Vallas has to win for this to even get a shot.


Saturday, August 11, 2018

One Question for Special Ed

  • Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Thursday that officers will crack down on "large, unsanctioned street parties" of the sort that became the scene of several shootings this past weekend, one of the city’s bloodiest in more than two years.

    While such street parties are nothing new in crime-plagued neighborhoods on the South and West sides, Johnson estimated 20 percent of shooting victims this past weekend were taking part in those gatherings. Tribune data show 74 people were shot, 12 fatally, across the city over the weekend while police counted 66 people shot within a slightly shorter time period.

    On Tuesday Johnson announced that 430 officers have been added to patrols in some of the hardest-hit West and South side police districts, and that the number will jump to 600 by this weekend. Some of those officers will be asked to monitor unauthorized street gatherings, he said Thursday.

    "We have a responsibility to ensure that any large gathering is safe and being conducted legally," Johnson said at a news conference at police headquarters, flanked by other top department brass. "This is to ensure the safety of the surrounding community."
August is "Block Party Season." On any given weekend, tens of dozens of block clubs apply for a permit to take over the entire street from 10 AM until 10 PM. Ninety percent of more of these "events" take place on Saturdays. The street is blocked by parked cars, sometimes a Jumping Jack or similar kid-friendly event is on site, and much drinking takes place. There aren't nearly enough cops to give each party any sort of special attention.

Guess what happens after twelve hours of unrestricted drinking, zero police presence, and assorted neighborhood "rivalries" being stoked all day?

And Special Ed decides were going to "crack down" on parties of people numbering several hundred in dozens of locations across the entire city. Some of these parties don't even have permits, but are essentially just take over of streets. And if they aren't taking over the actual street, a few hundred people gathered on the sidewalks is illegal how? They're drinking and smoking dope? Illinois has all but legalized weed smoking and if you're going to try to ticket 200 people drinking on the public way, you better bring at least one hundred cops and ISPERN gas teams to do it...and that's for a single unauthorized block party.

Now try to do that 30 or 40 times in a single night.

How about something simpler - deny aldercreatures the authority to issue block party permits. If the aldercreature wants a ward party, it gets coordinated through the police Department so that we can keep streets open, emergency services moving, and at a reasonable number, like three a weekend, so that the Department isn't spread so thin.

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Officer's Home Invaded

  • A home invasion in the Longwood Manor neighborhood turned deadly early Thursday, when a 43-year-old man tried to fight off the intruders, and was shot and killed. In an ironic twist, it happened in the home of a Chicago police officer, although that officer was not the victim.

    Police said the suspects entered a home near 97th and Harvard through a side window around 3:45 a.m.

    When a 43-year-old man inside the home tried to fight off the suspects, one of them shot him in the chest and the back. The victim was pronounced dead at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.


    Fellow officers from the Chicago Police Department’s 5th District are investigating 11 shootings in less than three weeks, five of them homicides. It’s a section of the South Side familiar with crime.
No word if her home was targeted for her being the police.

UPDATE: Seems the victim had quite the background.


The FOP Stirs

  • In an unprecedented move, the Executive Board of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 (FOP) voted unanimously Tuesday to cease cooperation with the Chicago Tribunebecause of a powerful anti-police agenda at the newspaper together with an unwillingness by certain Tribune staff members to objectively report vital criminal justice issues.

    The unanimous FOP vote comes in the wake of last weekend’s explosive violence, which led to the deaths of 13 individuals among 72 shootings across Chicago. While not a single bullet that struck the victims came from police fire, there was not a single mention in the Tribune of that salient fact.

    That is one small example that has led to the FOP to cease cooperating with the Tribune. It is the newspaper’s dark alliance with the wrongful conviction movement that is the most troubling.
We don't know what extent the "cooperation" was supposed to be. The FOP has been inviting or holding press conferences for years and they're lucky to get a single print reporter to show up and maybe a mention on page 22. Almost all of the Trib articles nowadays are Washington Post or LA Times reprints and investigative reporting is non existent. They aren't exactly known for supporting the police, so good riddance.

Second, the FOP points out something we've been saying for years now:
  • The weekend bloodbath that left 71 people shot — 12 fatally — could be “a hint of what it is to come if the war on police continues” with a consent decree imposing “drastic new police oversight,” the police union is warning.

    In a post this week on “The Watch,” the union’s blog, the Fraternal Order of Police notes the “explosion of violence” came less than a week after Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who is not running for re-election, unveiled their proposal outlining the terms of federal court oversight over the Chicago Police Department.

    “The FOP has argued that these measures will make policing even more difficult in Chicago, burdening officers with endless bureaucracy, paper work and ambiguous policies that ultimately will be used to arbitrarily discipline officers,” the blog post states. “Last weekend’s mayhem is a direct and chilling refutation of the entire argument posed by the talking heads from the city, attorney general and from groups like the ACLU to impose this proposed consent decree. It also may very well be a hint of what is to come if the war on the police continues.”
A disengaged police force is a city lost to crime. Meanwhile, the ACLU keeps spreading their lies:
  • Karen Sheley, director of the Police Practices Project for the ACLU, accused the FOP of continuing to “excuse Chicago’s violence by pointing fingers” at what she called “modest reforms to ensure officers follow the law.”

    Sheley further argued that the union’s “continued fight against reform shows how badly” those changes are needed.

    “Their contract effectively codifies the code of silence. The CPD has lost the trust of many in the black and Latino community to the extent that the department cannot solve murders and violent crimes,” Sheley said in the statement.
Has anyone ever outlined how the so-called "code of silence" is written into the Contract? Because we can't find it anywhere and we've read the thing back-to-front a few times and the Contract is far more strict when compared to other police forces and the FBI. Will someone in authority ask for specific instances of this "code"?


No More "Bait Cars"

Almost immediately after Kim Foxxx dropped all charges against the burglars who cut open truck trailer seals in order to unlawfully loot whatever was within, Norfolk Southern acquiesced to the criminal class and agreed to allow their trains to be looted with impunity:
  • The Norfolk Southern Railway apologized on Friday for its controversial "bait truck" operation in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood and said it wouldn't use the tactic again.

    In a letter in response to a Tribune editorial, Herbert Smith of Norfolk Southern acknowledged that the undercover operation “eroded trust between law enforcement and the community.”

    “We sincerely regret that our actions caused further unease, and we don’t plan to use this method in the future,” wrote Smith, the railroad’s manager of community and legislative relations in Illinois, Iowa and Michigan.

    The joint investigation with Chicago police — dubbed "Operation Trailer Trap" — used a truck loaded with goods that was left parked near 59th Place and Princeton Avenue in Englewood as a lure for potential thieves.

    The probe, however, came under fire from the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois and others after video footage of the operation went viral.
Reverse Stings are completely legal and accepted police tactics. If you don't cut open a trailer seal and unlawfully enter and remain within while intending to commit a theft, YOU CAN'T BE CHARGED! It's like an actual law. Imagine that - obey the law and nothing happens.

But now, newly emboldened burglars can cut open train cars and parked trucks and loot with the knowledge that whatever they break into isn't being watched by cops.  And the cost to everyone else can be calculated in million of dollars. And you can thank Kim Foxxx and the ACLU for starters.


Lazy Reporters

How lazy are the Sun Times reporters nowadays?

They can't even send a reporter out to get a picture at street level. They have to use "Street View" after Google sanitizes what the actual neighborhood looks like.

Do the Snowflake reporters think it's too dangerous for them?


Friday, August 10, 2018

Once Again, Wrong Conclusion

Once again, the media dances around the elephant in the room, all so they can bash the police and pretend they're all "woke:"
  • Nearly 33,000 juveniles arrested over about the last two decades have been labeled by Chicago police as gang members, according to police data.

    The records, released as a result of an open records fight by the Chicago Tribune, provide the first look at gang data kept by the Police Department for those 17 or younger, most of whom were African-Americans and Hispanics from historically violent neighborhoods such as Lawndale and Back of the Yards.

    At the time of their arrest, 13 of the juveniles were just 10 years old. About 60 were 11. And more than 300 were 12, a Tribune analysis of the records showed.

    Experts cautioned that labeling juveniles as gang members can create a stigma that causes lifelong problems for them yet serves little purpose for police.

    The Police Department defends its gang databases, saying they remain an important tool in fighting what drives much of Chicago’s violence. However, the department has promised reforms in how people end up listed as gang members and in how they can remove their names.
"Labeling"? In 99 cases out of 100, the juvenile admits to gang affiliation. In fact, they're proud of it. Do you know why? Because it gives them a sense of belonging to something. Their home life sucks, the "father" isn't in the picture, and the gang replaces the family structure, providing money, stature, protection, especially in Juvie, jail or prison. Some juveniles even make up their own "gangs" and associate with established gangs to give themselves street cred.

Are they "hard core"? Maybe. Depends how long they stay in, how involved mom is, maybe a decent uncle or some sort of intervention might save them. But the gangs get their hooks in the early and use them to run dope and guns, knowing that if they get caught the charges will be less.

But the media is acting all worried about how this "labeling" might affect futures? We're they this worried about Yummy Sandifer? He was a known gang member before the age of 10 and shooter for his gang. What about Gakirah Barnes? She was a two-time killer at age 14 before she was gunned down by Chief Queef's associates.

How about instead of further enabling the criminal element by denying them a label that many seem to crave (and deserve), the media start taking the community to task for enabling, praising and rewarding the anti-social tendencies of its most vulnerable members?


Sounds Tasty

Anyone know what Fred's cut is from the sales?


SWAT Redeployment?

Trouble in SWAT-land?
  • Did you think that your proposal was going to bring the city to it’s knees? Hope you remember how to answer calls. Your days of overtime and sleeping at Sox games are over. Hope your blue uniform still fits. You will be answering calls on the south and west side. Your body cams are being ordered. Now go get your shoe shine box.

    8/08/2018 08:58:00 PM

    Hearing the rumours that swat will be sent back to districts on all three watches. If an HBT incident occurs they will redeploy to that location. They will get two training days a month. This is in response to them banding together and refusing to volunteer for a search warrant and not responding to an HBT job while off duty. Swat boys want D3 pay and on call pay for being on stand by when off duty. City is pissed.
Refusing a search warrant? Not responding to a call-out? Isn't that part of the assignment?

We have a hard time seeing the old HBT bosses letting this fly. Of course, we have a hard time seeing the old bosses allowing any one of the current sergeants and lieutenants remain after the stunts they've been pulling the past few years.

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It's Only Fair

  • [Sposato said] ”I don’t know how they can say we’re the haves when we have 33 square miles and 225 officers, when the 15th district is three square miles, and they have 325 officers.
That seems decidedly unfair.

In fact, our "One-third, One-third, One-third, Chinatown-footman, Hawaiian Part-Timer" proposal is looking a whole lot better than anything Beale can come up with, strictly from a fairness standpoint.

Anyone have the "square miles to cops" ratio for 011? 006? 007?

Body Cam Fine Print?

Anyone know if this is true?
  • fillmoreranger said...

    The city doesn't own these videos, read the fine print in the contract. Taser owns them.The city has no power to erase them. Did you not read the fine print on the paperwork you were ordered to sign before you were issued it? When you log in to view a video after downloading do you log into a city website? NO! You long into taser's website.
A third party "owns" video of government employees undertaking City business on the City's time clock?

Something smells funny here. FOP, you listening?


Thursday, August 09, 2018

Beale "Shares Some Pain"

This must be what those "revruns" meant when they said they were going to bring some suffering to other neighborhoods - they already had Beale in their pockets:
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel was urged Wednesday to permanently reassign police officers to gang-ravaged South Side and West Side districts instead of taking the political path of least resistance and assigning 600 additional officers only temporarily.

    “We cannot continue to just move things around temporarily to get us past the weekend. We need a bold approach to make the entire city safe by putting `em where they’re needed and not where they’re wanted,” said Far South Side Ald. Anthony Beale (9th), former chairman of the City Council’s Police Committee.

    “You go downtown and you still see an officer on every corner. You see `em on the Riverwalk. If you go into the community, you don’t have that same presence. We need to make this entire city safe and move those resources around from one end to the other.”

    Beale said the reallocation Police Supt. Eddie Johnson promised two years ago — but failed to deliver — can be accomplished without putting North Side police districts at risk.
Um, no, it can't. We've all seen what happens when you pull officers out of so-called "safe" neighborhoods. Property crime increases, in some cases exponentially. Criminals aren't completely stupid - they go to where the police aren't and the pickings aren't as slim.

Some aldermen are saying no way:
  • Among those already screaming is Ald. Anthony Napolitano (41st), whose Far Northwest Side ward also includes the Jefferson Park District. He said a permanent reallocation of officers will occur “over my dead body.”

    “The 16th District is the largest district with the least amount of police officers. Just because we don’t have homicides and shootings doesn’t mean we’re not escalating in other crimes,” Napolitano said.


    North Side Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) has been on the warpath about a drop in police manpower in a Town Hall District plagued by robberies and burglaries that runs contrary to a promise made in exchange for his vote for the largest property tax increase in Chicago history.


    Northwest Side Ald. Nick Sposato (38th) said he, too, would not tolerate a reduction in officers.
It's time to institute the "Prickwrinkle - Foxxx - ACLU" policing strategy. We've been hearing for years now that too many black and brown people are in jail and that police dis-proportionally stop too many black people (based on zero actual evidence.)

These mopes believe that all police work should be reflective of the percentages of the population. That means traffic stops should be approximately one-third, black, one-third white and one third brown, with appropriate fractions of Asians and Hawaiians. Same thing with arrests and jail populations. Even police manpower should be reflective of the city - so says Rahm.

Therefore, one third of police manpower should be in black areas, one third in white neighborhoods and one third in assorted Hispanic neighborhoods. Chinatown can have three foot men and we can hire a part time Hawaiian for the weekends. And as the black middle class flees and the Hispanic population rises, the mayor can adjust the percentages accordingly.

Time to start making the morons live by the rules they create.

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Some Interesting Maps

Our Stat-Guy came up with some interesting data. Here's the last Cook County election for States Attorney:

That's a precinct-by-precinct breakdown of who voted for Foxxx. The darker the, we mean red, the more votes she got.

Here's two other maps:

Those are Homicide tracking maps for 2017 and 2018 and you'll notice the concentration of killings happen to line up with Foxxx's voting base. So the people (or folks) bitching the most about bloodshed are the exact same people who voted for someone who is releasing predators back into the neighborhoods where the bodies are laying thickest on the concrete.

What's the word we're looking for here? Oh yeah.....Surreal.

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Railroading? Are You Kidding?

Who was bitching and moaning in the last year or two about freight yards being looted of guns? It wasn't just guns being stolen of course - TV's, liquor, appliances, clothes - all of that was stolen also. But guns are the bugaboo of the Rahm administration, so guns got the headlines.

Now some of those same people are claiming they're being "entrapped" into stealing shoes:
  • A joint investigation by Chicago police and the Norfolk Southern Railroad that used a truck loaded with goods and left parked in Englewood as a lure for potential thieves has come under fire after video of the operation went viral.

    “This bait truck operation is an unacceptable and inappropriate use of police resources,” said Ald. Roderick Sawyer, 6th, chair of the City Council’s Black Caucus. “In a moment where police capacity is clearly under extreme strain, these sort of tactics are the last thing we should be spending manpower and energy on.”
Really? So the CPD and Norfolk-Southern should just wait until boxcars are broken into, looted, packed into cars or trucks, and then chased at high speed through neighborhoods so that the burglars can run over little old ladies and tiny children. We guess Tommy Dart should stop running reverse prostitution stings, tactical teams might want to scale back the reverses, and the Second Deputy (along with Farrell) should apologize for those delivery truck robbery things that they stopped.

Here's a quick adjustment to the "community's" moral compass - if it ain't yours, don't touch it, don't trespass into it, and don't steal it.

Once again, you know what would be helpful to the police? That list of laws and ordinances that certain people aren't expected to follow. We guess we can add "Burglary" to the already extensive list.

On the bright side, we guess that the question of whether or not Sawyer is a complete moron has now been answered.


More Time Due Restrictions?

So this weekend (11th, 12th) was already restricted due to Billiken and a Soldier Field concert.

And now, next weekend is restricted (18th, 19th) because of the Air and Water Show.

Not only that, with this "redeployment," tactical teams aren't going to see a day off before September ends.

Just our opinion and all, but the FOP (and PBPA) ought to be using this as an opportunity to bring the Contracts up to snuff with other unions in town, including
  • Double-time for anything over 12 hours;
  • Double-time for first 8 hours of a sixth or seventh day worked;
  • Double-time-and-one half for OT after that
  • Triple-time for cancelled holidays and the like
Make it too expensive to not hire up to strength.

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It Never Disappears

So it turns out that the City, in violation of State Law (and written Department Orders) is NOT erasing any of the body cam videos.

It's supposed to be destroyed after 90 days if there's nothing of evidentiary or disciplinary in nature. But it seems that there is a backlog of videos rapidly approaching 100,000 recorded incidents that are not associated with any particular incident or event number. There is also no mechanism in place to review and attach the recordings to a police response.

Don't worry - in 50 years, the City will be releasing these like they're releasing 50-year-old CR records that should have been destroyed 43 years ago.


Wednesday, August 08, 2018


Somewhere along the line, someone is going to have to tell Rahm and Mr Fenner that robbing Peter to patrol Paul's neighborhood isn't working:
  • After the most violent weekend in Chicago in more than two years, police Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced Tuesday afternoon that several hundred additional officers have been deployed to neighborhoods most wracked by the shooting.

    At his second news conference in as many days, Johnson said 430 officers have been added to patrols in five of the hardest-hit districts on the West and South sides. Those numbers will increase to 600 by the weekend, he said.
And where will they come from?
  • Some beat officers will have their hours extended during regular shifts, while tactical unit officers from those districts will have their days off canceled, Johnson said. Officers from the department's fugitive apprehension unit, which works with deputy U.S. marshals to find wanted criminals, will also have their days off canceled, Johnson said.
So, kind of like VRI, but you get drafted if you work in one of these shithole districts? That's going to be great for morale. The unit people will do what they're told if they want to keep their spots, but what's the benefit of being on a tactical team if you don't even get to work in the district you're assigned to?

Then the word games begin:
  • Redeploying officers is often a politically risky move, but Johnson insisted no beat officers would be pulled from other districts.
Right. Beat cars will still be manned, at least as much as they have been these last few years, but eight tactical officers will be missing on days, and sixteen every night. So will mission teams, saturation teams, bikes, and every PPO they can move because they don't have contractual protections. But reporters have been trained NOT to ask the correct questions - that might embarrass Rahm.


Hire Retirees?

How many of these guy still live in the city? And why would they come back?
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Supt. Eddie Johnson are calling on people to come forward and tell police who’s responsible for the 11 murders among 74 shootings over the weekend. Meanwhile, mayoral challenger Paul Vallas has a proposal to help make that happen.

    Fear is why so many people in the high-crime communities don’t come forward. Vallas says if the police department would bring-back 400 retired detectives, some of that fear would go away.

    “When you have enough experienced detectives working in the detective division,” says Vallas, “who the community knows and is familiar with, they’re gonna be more included to come forward and co-operate. So they’ll have more confidence that if they co-operate with the police officers, there’ not gonna be retribution.”
This is one of those ideas that looks good on paper, but in reality, has a snowball's chance in Hell to come to fruition. The logistics alone are daunting:
  • pay (and how it affects pension), insurance, other benefits, union issues, liability, residency, disciplinary issues, shifts, expectations, the list is endless.
We see this only as a campaign issue.


Dirty Tricks

Gee whiz, who ordered this? (no link for the Mopey article)
  • Mayoral hopeful Willie Wilson’s habit of handing out wads of cash on the street has come under more scrutiny.

    On Tuesday, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan ordered the philanthropist to provide additional information about his foundation’s spending by Aug. 23.

    “Every year charities have to file an annual report with financial information. If a charity has a certain amount of money coming in, they have to provide us with an audit of their annual report,” said Maura Possley, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Attorney General.

    Although Possley said the audit form doesn’t amount to an investigation, she acknowledged that the office has concerns.

    “I don’t think of it as an audit. But they need to be fully compliant with our process. We have some questions. If he is giving money from his foundation, that is a perfectly legal thing to do. We just have to make sure everything is accounted for,” Possley said.
Lisa hasn't found a single politician to confront over corruption, but suddenly this pops up on the radar? IS Wilson making too much headway into a voting bloc that Rahm has to win half of in order to keep his spot?



  • One of the two officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark was confronted by Black Lives Matter protesters on his wedding day. Sacramento police have not released the names of the two officers who opened fire on Clark on March 18 due to safety concerns. CBS13 has blurred the faces of the newly released video to protect their identities.

    The small group of protesters had gotten word about the wedding and made sure they were there just hours before the officer apparently said I do.

    Now the confrontation is shedding light on what these officers are up against both in and out of uniform and begs the question, is this going too far?

    “I think they need to be approached in spaces where they’re a little more vulnerable,” said Sacramento BLM founder Tanya Faison.
Let's give assholes like this a seat at the table - nationwide - because they're trustworthy members of the community. They better at least have brought something from the Bridal Registry.


Legalized Streetwalking?

Did everyone see the AdMin Fax messages last week?

MCC 8-4-015 is Gang Loitering and MCC 8-4-017 is Narcotics Related Loitering.

MCC 8-4-016 is Prostitution Loitering and the Department is being ordered NOT to enforce it citywide. So do the working girls, boys, and gumps have free rein to ply their trade for now?. You'd think that the 50 aldercreatures would actually consult the Legal Department before passing some law that doesn't run afoul of the Courts and cost taxpayers some obscene amount of money when a plaintiff attorney gets a hold of it.

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