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Nothing like running up to the DNC with all sorts of vacancies in the upper echelons so that there is either: 

  • no cohesive chain-of-command or
  • a new exempt comes in and upends all the existing plans.

But that's Larritorious for you, the almost useless figurehead who couldn't pass a single promotional exam to get ahead....because he was too busy chasing tail with his other head. 

All we've head so far is a few laterals (commander 020 to 009), a promotion (captain 015 to commander 020)  and a demotion (016 back down to lieutenant.)

Someone has got a list lying around, ready to be faxed out at the close of business Friday.


How to Manufacture a Felony

Crimesha pulling the strings behind the scenes - remember, this is Prickwrinkle's and Soros's girl:

  • Police officers in south suburban Flossmoor intended to file a misdemeanor charge against the man accused of tossing a soft drink on Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and reversing his truck toward her. Foxx, however, was unimpressed with the police department’s investigation.

    Sent packing without her signature on the misdemeanor complaint, the cops started to work the case again. Within hours, attorneys from Foxx’s office were in Flossmoor to review the case, which eventually ended with two felony charges filed.

    Those are some of the details CWBChicago has learned through conversations with people familiar with the investigation and public records requests, including newly received footage from the body cameras worn by Flossmoor cops that day.

    Foxx insists that she never asked anyone from her office to get involved in the case, which she sincerely believes involved a man’s attempt to run her over with a pickup truck, according to a high-ranking employee of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

    It is unclear exactly how prosecutors became involved in the case, but records show that the county’s felony review unit supervisor personally handled the matter.

    Here is a full accounting of what we have learned.

Head over the CWB for the reporting the Cuck Goudie only wishes he had the testicles to do. But he gave those away to the Machine years ago.

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Great Plan to Miss the DNC!

Get stripped for allegedly being n out of control drunk:

  • A veteran Chicago police supervisor has been relieved of his police powers while officials investigate allegations of off-duty misconduct.

    The move comes after Instagram videos posted Sunday showed men engaged in an altercation at a downtown venue over the weekend.

    In one clip, a man looks down the length of a bar, angry at another man standing several feet away.

It goes downhill from there, all caught on social media and broadcast for the world to see.  

And of course, once your name is out there, they dredge up all the previous records of your career, good, bad and really bad, including lawsuit payouts. Best of luck're going to need a lot of it.

Clue for all you younger Officers - seek help before this point of your career.


Conehead Caves

Listen here Conehead, we know you're a communist. Everyone knows it actually. And we also know you're beholden to the "progressives" over at CTU. They own you....and they have the receipts.

This story broke just yesterday and the skidmarks located in both City Hall and your underwear are a sight to behold:

  • Mayor Brandon Johnson on Tuesday night reversed course on a decision to remove a statue of George Washington from the hallway outside the mayor’s office on the fifth floor of City Hall.

    The Sun-Times reported the plans Tuesday morning. Ronnie Reese, Johnson’s communications director, said at the time that the statue would be “removed from the hallway outside the mayor’s office as we make updates to some areas around City Hall.”

    Ald. Nick Sposato (38th) was outraged when told about the plans to remove the statue. “When does this stop — the redoing everything and eliminating everything? I just don’t get it,” said Sposato, Johnson’s handpicked chair of the City Council’s Committee on Cultural Affairs and Special Events. “He’s George Washington. He risked everything. We are who we are because of this man.”

    But shortly before 8 p.m. Tuesday, the Johnson administration reversed course. Sposato got the news in a phone call from senior mayoral adviser Jason Lee. “It’s not coming down. It’s staying right where it is,” Sposato told the Sun-Times.

Sposato also called out certain media outlets who were on record making fun of Trump's prediction that democrats would be removing statues of Founding Fathers years ago, because making Trump look correct in anything is a "progressive" no-no, so this misstep had to be stopped, especially with the DNC just a few weeks away. The political commercials write themselves.

Conehead went and blamed Groot because she is a known Statue Remover and no one liked her anyway. We're thinking Conehead's polling numbers might just be rivaling Groot's about now.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Strange Graffiti

Four years ago, you'd never see anything like this in Englewood. Now?

70th and Halsted. 

Is the hood voting pattern in question?


Investigate COPA?

Hey look, something for the IG to look into (instead of wasting time an already completed investigation over non-existent "extremism"):

  • A civilian oversight panel voted unanimously Monday to push Chicago’s independent watchdog to probe “the quality and integrity” of investigations led by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability and allegations of retaliation against whistleblowers.

    Anthony Driver, president of the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability, said the referral to Inspector General Deborah Witzburg was based on “information from multiple knowledgable sources that raised serious concerns” about COPA’s operations.

    “The information we have received concerns the quality and integrity of COPA’s investigations, the quality and integrity of COPA’s disciplinary recommendations and retaliation against COPA employees who have raised concerns about COPA’s investigations and recommendations,” Driver said during a special commission meeting at JLM Abundant Life Center in East Garfield Park.

This ties into the illegal alien "sex scandal" that wasn't, where the head of COPA Kersten would write an email to purportedly update some official and then tips off the media whores to FOIA the email using specific keywords to create a story.

Larritorious called her out for her bull$shit and Catanzara has made noises about involving the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission to look into the legality of these tactics. Of course, it's illegal and unethical, but it's Chicago, Cook County where root beer assaults are double felonies.


Deep State Lies

The head of the Secret Service actually made this excuse for not having the obvious sniper nest covered at the Trump rally:

  • Secret Service Director Kim Cheatle, on why they weren't stationed on the roof where the assassin fired from: "That building in particular has a sloped roof at its highest point. And so, you know, there's a safety factor that would be considered there that we wouldn't want to put somebody up on a sloped roof."

Evidently completely forgetting that this picture (and thousands of others) exist:

Not a real level surface where the counter-snipers were stationed, eh? And let's not forget - these people are trained to place their actual bodies in the line of fire for certain members of government. We don't see a sloped roof that barely breaks the horizontal plane (4/12 at best?) as a comparable great danger.

And it turns out that there were at least three officers/snipers INSIDE the building that the assassin was climbing on. Additionally, he bought and carried a ladder to the building along with a rifle, and some reports have them taking his photograph as he used a rangefinder from the roof to the podium before firing.

The more this drags out, the more everyone involved should be subpoenaed, questioned, tried and imprisoned for gross negligence if nothing else.


Everyone Gets an Ambulance

Many years ago, prior to even our careers, a political decision was made to send police to every call. There was no discretion - if you called the police, you got the police. It may have been hours later and the situation more than likely played out already, but eventually, someone would come by.

That appears to be the case with CFD ambulances now, and it's going to (if it hasn't already) going to cost lives at some point:

  • That’s exactly what Chicago is dealing with. 80% of what these ambulances are responding to are less than BLS they are literally Boy Scout first aid matters and of course mostly coming from “the community”. That’s a fact. Let me tell you a few events that they go to…
    - arm sore from new tattoo
    - scratched by a cat
    - cut face shaving
    - had a bad dream wants to be checked out
    - needs std check
    - needs pregnancy test
    - hiccups x one hour
    - new belly button piercing bleeding
    - man on corner whistling at birds

    I’m not making this up this is what our ambulances are tied up on all day long but it’s what CFD wants it’s what their second in command wants made it clear every caller no matter what gets an ambulance no questions asked.
    As a result? Half the tower ladders are broken and out of service, up to 10 companies a day downgraded from ALS to BLS, more and more medics laying up on the medical or leaving for another competitive agency, current medics exhausted and severely burnt out and nobody fresh out of paramedic school applying for Chicago

And there have been a few comments that say call-takers on the fire side aren't allowed to "triage" these nonsense calls to keep ambulances up and running for serious medical issues.


Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Hide the Salami!

Did we say salami?

Sorry Keesing Bandit....we meant "homeless:"

  • As Chicago rolls out the red carpet for the Democratic National Convention next month, one of the city’s largest and most visible encampments for people without permanent homes is about to be shut down and fenced off for good.

    The “tent city” sandwiched for years between the Dan Ryan Expressway and the 1100 block of South Desplaines Street will be cleared out Wednesday and permanently cordoned off, Brandie Knazze, commissioner of the city’s Department of Family and Support Services, told the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Nearly all of the 22 people who have been living there in a few dozen blue and orange tents have agreed to move to a city-operated shelter of 60 beds at 100 E. Chestnut St., in the former Tremont Hotel. This year’s inaugural summer shelter arrangement has been funded through Aug. 31, Knazze said. That’s a little more than a week after the end of the convention, which is expected to draw tens of thousands of Democratic leaders and supporters as well as protesters.

We've also heard Fata$$ has been shutting down various encampments of illegals and stuffing them in hotels on the outskirts of the city (and some suburbs) so as not to have them wandering around hassling delegates.

Anyone got a price tag on that little expenditure?


Covering the Important Stories

You go Slum Times!

  • More than a month after Mayor Brandon Johnson faced questions over why his campaign fund spent more than $30,000 on personal grooming, records show he’s continuing to pay a South Side makeup artist out of his political committee.

    In a disclosure report filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections on Friday, Friends of Brandon Johnson reported making 11 payments totaling $8,200 to Makeup Majic in April, May and June.

    That brings the total amount paid by Johnson’s campaign to the business — based in a South Side home and run by makeup artist and self-described “skincare enthusiast” Denise Milloy — to more than $36,000 in 2023 and 2024, records show.

No deep introspection on the constant drumbeat from their editorial "staff" about Trump being a fascist, racist, homophobe, enslaver of minority persons, etc. Nope, they got Conehead spending campaign funds on getting his hair did. 

How about a story on how big of a carbon footprint this waste of paper and ink might be? that would keep the greenies happy.

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Still Got It

Friday, we posted:

  • In that spirit - and in recognition of the weekend of 90-plus temps - we're going to make a prediction of 9 dead and 31 wounded, starting at 1700 hours Friday until 0001 hours Monday morning. on Monday morning:

  • Final Demonized Tally: 9 killed, 30 wounded

That last homicide was at 0205 hours Monday, so we can't claim that was predicted.

But not a bad guess. Too bad there isn't a sports book organization taking bets.


Ask Yourself This....

Where did the ladder come from?

No one knows. The feebs are just blaming the local cops for not securing the rooftop. However, the Secret Service named it as a "security risk" days beforehand, but seems to have done ZERO follow up. And like it or not, they are where the buck stops in terms of venue security.

Anyone who claims we're picking on fellow law enforcement, if the agency is incapable of defending an after-action critique - especially after an incident this startlingly bad - then they aren't a law enforcement agency - they're a political job factory.


Monday, July 15, 2024

Here's an Idea

The FOP nor the PBPA cannot advocate for a job action. It's in the Contracts, it would violate Ordinances, and it would trigger certain sanctions against the organizations. 

But we can propose a certain....course of action. This wouldn't be a job action, but rather a health action. 

Commenters have proposed that in the face of repeated denials of Regular Days Off being maintained, Officers who don't want to work every single weekend through September, put in for an unpaid day off. We've looked into it and asked a few persons to look into it and it seems pretty straightforward.

It used to be on a PAR Form - Absent Without Pay. Now it's all electronic and it looks legit. 

Find this:

 The PER-73 attachment looks like this:

As long as the "Leave of Absence" is under 29 days, it seems there's pretty much nothing they can do about it. You won't be paid, but the dollar hit is easily absorbed by any Mandatory OT you choose to work. We're told Insurance penalties don't kick in until you're absent 30 days. There may be a seniority hit, but unless there are a significant number of people from your class in your unit, how far do you move down the furlough bid list? And best of all, it's not the Medical Roll, so you don't have to go to HQ to get released.

Can you imagine if there was a trial run of five or even ten officers per District who dropped these forms prior to the next Mandatory OT date? Is that Lolla? Or Billiken/Air and Water Show? And then a few hundred did it for the DNC? Conehead would be hospitalized with panic attacks for weeks and exempt heads would explode across the Department.

We aren't slaves after all. If you can absorb the paycheck ding for a chance to make a huge statement to the a$$holes in charge, why not take the leap?


Police Shooting

This one got lost in the assassination news:

  • One person was wounded after officers opened fire during a foot chase on the West Side Saturday night, according to Chicago police. About 8:50 p.m., officers approached two people in the alley of the 3800 block of West North Avenue to conduct a “street stop investigation,” police said.

    As officers approached one person fled and officers followed, according to police. Police say the person was seen running with a handgun and attempted to throw it away but was “unsuccessful.” The person then picked up the handgun and officers opened fire, striking them multiple times, according to police.

    The person was placed into custody and taken to Stroger Hospital in good condition, police said. A handgun was recovered from the scene.

Officers will be second-guessed by at least three different oversight agencies and the trolls in the media.

Well done and glad you're all uninjured.


This is the FBI

And this is exactly why they cannot be trusted to investigate the attempted assassination:

  • Report: FBI employee who works in background-check division jokes about Trump getting shot, takes aim at "2nd-Amendment loving hillbillies"

And the offending employee:

How can an organization that can't (won't) filter out obviously biased persons like this be trusted to run any legit sort of investigation? 

Anyone know why she hasn't been fired yet? Because the FBI rot is so deep that this is the prevailing attitude there now. If you believe in the Second Amendment, you're just hillbilly trailer trash.

UPDATE: And the Tribune headline today?

  • FBI says it has not determined a motive for assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump
UPDATE: Stop with the "He was a registered Republican" trope being circulated by the lame-stream media as a cover. Remember what the dems were doing prior to the Pennsylvania primary? They TOLD their voters to register as Republicans to be able to pick Biden's opponent. This assassin was twenty and had just registered to vote for this election cycle. His political contribution went to a far left organization and he was recorded on someone's social media having a Trump freak out.


Root Beer Case Looking Shaky

Crimesha's office is even bragging about abusing her power to enforce the double standards:

  • When a driver allegedly tried to hit Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx with his pickup truck and drenched her with soda after she had given him the finger, her chief investigator and security detail sprung into action and tracked the suspect to a library in Flossmoor, the Sun-Times has learned.

    Hours after William Swetz was taken into custody on June 21, two Cook County prosecutors came to the Flossmoor police station to review the evidence that had been collected, according to investigatory reports obtained through an open records request.

    The following day, one of the prosecutors conducted follow-up interviews with Foxx and a witness who saw the alleged attack in the 800 block of Sterling Avenue and informed police that Swetz would face felony charges.

Anyone remember that part of our General Orders that says you will not deliberately place yourself into jeopardy and claim your life was in danger? Seems like common sense, right?

But Crimesha can admit she was walking in the middle of the street, interfering with traffic, and then she can claim this guy attempted to run her over?


  • A witness who watched the incident unfold said she was alarmed, but didn’t consider that Swetz had tried to hit Foxx with the pickup. “That did not come to mind,” the witness told an investigator.

If we had a witness to a crime say anything close to that, we'd be looking at an (A) continuing investigation or (B) a refusal of charges. Guaranteed. 

So the double felony is crap charging right off the bat.

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Not Surprising

An innocent bystander, protecting his family from an assassin, turns out to have been someone who served as a First Responder for years:

  • A former Pennsylvania fire chief, Corey Comperatore, was reportedly shot and killed when a gunman attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump during a rally in Butler County, Pennsylvania, on Saturday.

    “Comperatore is being remembered on social media by family members, friends and colleagues of the firefighting community. He had retired from the fire department, but remained well-known in the community,” WPXI Pittsburgh reported.

    Comperatore’s sister, Dawn Comperatore Schafer, wrote in a post shared to Facebook that her brother died as he shielded his daughter as the shooter fired on Trump.

    “The hatred for one man took the life of the one man we loved the most. He was a hero that shielded his daughters,” she wrote, the New York Post confirmed. “His wife and girls just lived through the unthinkable and unimaginable,” she said.

There's at least one fundraising site that has over $2 million pledged to the family, but we aren't sure what's legit and what isn't. Do your due-diligence over the next few days if you're so inclined to contribute so you and the family aren't scammed.


Sunday, July 14, 2024

Missed Chance to Stop Assassin

This video might end up disappeared shortly as it:

  • the BBC and
  • it paints the Secret Service in a bad light

The included text is as follows:

  • JUST IN: A guy outside the rally saw the shooter crawling on a roof and attempted to warn police and the Secret Service. "We noticed a guy bear crawling on the roof with a rifle." "I'm standing there pointing at him for two to three minutes, and the Secret Service is looking at us." "Next thing you know, five shots rang out." "Secret Service blew his head off." "They crawled up on the roof and made sure he was dead."

He and others saw the assassin with the rifle, called out to the protective detail, pointed, waved, did everything possible to warn them, and was ignored until the assassin got his shots off.

Now the FBI, which has been busy chasing down grandmothers, Catholics, people who address their local school boards, harass nurses who reveal illegal gender mutilation in hospitals, and political dissenters for the past few years, is the lead agency for assassination attempts. Remember, this agency won't release the tranny manifesto, can't determine a motive in the Vegas shooting, and has missed every "known wolf" in the past few years....all of whom happened to be raging leftists.

But hey, we all need to come together and forget that while the left is always screaming about "extremism from the right," the violence always seems to start in their neck of the woods.

UPDATE: The chance to bury the story has come and gone it seems. It's out in the general public with a lot more information. There need to be mass firings if they don't resign immediately.


How Close Was It?

Photographer Doug Mills caught this amazing picture - he'll probably win a Pulitzer for it:

That's a bullet in flight that missed Trump. 

It may be the one that killed the innocent bystander.


Lateral Program Closed?

And the rehire program, too?

  • On top of all this, the rehire and lateral programs have been closed. Both programs netted 74 officers. Not the 600 plus rehired. As a exempt said at compstat, "the job is soo good that over 600 people want to come back." A good portion of new hires want to leave after a year or two.

Well that's going to go down as quite the failure. Tie it into the massive wave of retirements in May, June and July and no one is going to see a weekend until September at some point.


Loretto of the Ghetto

Hospitals are supposed to be places of treatment and healing?

  • A former Loretto Hospital executive who resigned amid a series of COVID-19 vaccination controversies in 2021 is accused in a new federal indictment of scheming with others to embezzle more than $15 million from the hospital.

    Anosh Ahmed, 40, Loretto’s onetime chief financial officer, is charged with eight counts of wire fraud, four counts of embezzlement, 11 counts of aiding and abetting embezzlement and three counts of money laundering.

    Also facing several criminal charges is Sameer Suhail, 47, the owner of a medical supply company who allegedly participated in the fraud along with Ahmed and Loretto’s then-chief transformation officer, Heather Bergdahl, 37, who has previously been charged in the case. Ahmed also held the title of chief operating officer.

Golly, everyone is making a buck on the misery of the west side....except west siders. They aren't even getting decent medical treatment.


Saturday, July 13, 2024

Assassination Attempt

The left has been advocating for this for months, years even.

They finally got their wish....almost.

What are the odds that they cancel one or both of the conventions?


He Said, She Said

But he is a nobody and she is a political heavyweight, so he must be crushed:

The link of course, is CWB, the one of the only local investigative sites in existence.

The reading is extensive and pretty thorough, and it shows two people acting like assholes to one another. It also shows the two standards of "justice" applied when one "victim" is an elected official. We can't get two ASA's to show up to an Officer Battery incident for a slam-dunk by-the-book felony charge, but Crimesha can.

See if you can spot the racial profiling by the witness.

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What the Absolute F#$%???

All credit to CWB for puting together and reporting this ridiculous happening:

  • Sandra Kolalou, the woman sentenced to decades in prison this week for murdering and dismembering her landlord, won a $3 million lawsuit against the CTA while she was in jail awaiting trial on the charges, court records show.

    The judge overseeing the ongoing civil suit permitted Kolalou to proceed under her maiden name, Sandra White, following her arrest for the murder and dismemberment of Frances Walker.

    Jurors were never told about the murder allegations or why Kolalou wasn’t in court for the civil trial (She was in jail.).

    [...] Within weeks, her civil attorneys sought to have the jury sequestered during the upcoming trial, an effort that failed. However, they succeeded in convincing a judge to prohibit anyone from using the name Kolalou during the trial due to a “strong prejudice against murderers.”

And to add icing to the shit sandwich, after the civil trial, city lawyers discovered her social media accounts:

  • ....showed Kolalou “cliff-jumping, swimming with the dolphins, roller-skating, playing tennis, wearing high heels, and traveling to far-away destinations such as Egypt, South Africa, and Mexico” while she was experiencing debilitating leg and back pain

And the incompetent CTA Counsel still lost the appeal!

They're trying for a third time, but it sure looks like this piece of garbage will be a millionaire whiule serving a fifty-eight year sentence.


Conehead Fumblerooski

A vague attempt to hold someone accountable for community misbehavior ends in no one being held accountable:

  • Mayor Brandon Johnson appeared set to throw his weight behind a proposal this week to fight chaotic Chicago “teen trend” meetups and illegal parties that sometimes end in gun violence, but backed away from the plan amid progressive pushback.

    Aldermen were discussing with the administration Thursday a draft ordinance to levy $10,000 fines against the organizers of certain “unlawful gatherings” — including many of the raucous, social media-fueled get-togethers pulling crowds of young people together at city parks and abandoned buildings.

    The mayor’s administration wanted to push the measure through the City Council as soon as next week, Ald. Lamont Robinson, 4th, told the Tribune before it was pulled. The ambitious timeline for the crackdown suggested Johnson feels the need to do something about the parties, which have drawn attention for some high-profile acts of violence.

    However, his administration quickly changed its tune in the face of questions from aldermen about its ramifications, and instead planned to hold the draft ordinance by Friday morning. Despite the administration’s intergovernmental affairs team’s work to push the ordinance and its appearance on a council agenda, a Johnson spokesperson said Friday it had moved forward “erroneously.”

Those "progressives" just can't get enough of dead and maimed minority children, can they?

And Conehead plays along instead of, you know, actually leading.

In that spirit - and in recognition of the weekend of 90-plus temps - we're going to make a prediction of 9 dead and 31 wounded, starting at 1700 hours Friday until 0001 hours Monday morning.


Graft Continues

All of this automated progress, and no cost cutting:

  • Gone are the days of stashing coins in your car for highway toll booths, the last vestige of a 60-year period when drivers could stop to deposit change or hand over cash.

    The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority tore out its last physical booth along the southern section of Interstate 294 this summer, more than four years after the agency stopped using booths during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You'd think without toll booth attendants, money transport and counting, toll booth maintenance and all sorts of other overhead, there might be an effort to cut tolls? Maybe pay off a few of the bonds from the 1950's and 60's and finally make the tollways the freeways they were promised to be, instead of a sprawling bloated government entity with a helicopter fleet three times larger than CFD and CPD combined.



Seriously? The Black Death?

Is this the next election interference by democrats?

  • Colorado health officials on Tuesday confirmed a case of human plague in that state.

    The infection -- which occurred in Pueblo County, in the southern part of the state -- was first reported Friday based on preliminary test results, while the source of the infection is still being tracked down.

Trump must be making inroads in Colorado. They're importing illegals to generate absentee votes, the Russia hoax is being re-released, the lawfare proceeds apace and liberal courts are once again rewriting election law ahead of November.

Going to be an interesting end of the year.


Friday, July 12, 2024

Another $100 Million Appears!

From the "business community:"

  • In a show of political and private force after a horrifically violent extended holiday weekend in Chicago, civic leaders joined Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Mayor Brandon Johnson and state legislative leaders to announce progress in their commitment to funding community-level violence prevention programs.

    The Chicago business community has raised $100 million to support on-the-ground programs, which typically take the form of nonpolice interventions in communities at risk of violence, in a first-of-its-kind effort from the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago. In addition, $175 million in state funding for those programs has begun to be distributed, Pritzker said.

    The gathering of CEOs, philanthropic leaders, police and violence interrupters came after more than 100 people were shot in Chicago over the extended Fourth of July weekend.

It would have been nice if this $100 million was available prior to the one-hundred-plus being perforated, wouldn't it? 

So what happens when the business community doesn't see any return on this investment? What pressure was brought to bear to garner these "donations"? Are they buying access to a presidential hopeful?

And what tax benefit was granted to these corporate and private entities that will deny tax revenues to Illinoisans as a whole, rather than a subdivision of society that has refused to live by the law, constantly claims to be victims of a institution that ended tens of decades before any of them were born, all while victimizing thousands of honest citizens to the tune of billions of dollars?

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60 Years, Out in 30

Another Cook county judge releasing a murderer, and no one told the mother of the victim:

  • Despite receiving a natural life prison term for the murder and decapitation of a friend more than 30 years ago in Barrington, Paul Modrowski is free again after a judge ruled the defendant had been too harshly sentenced in a grisly crime that garnered widespread headlines.

    Modrowski was quietly released without media fanfare July 2 from Stateville Correctional Center near Joliet after serving more than three decades behind bars. He turns 50 later this year and, according to public records, is living with a relative in the southwest suburbs.

    Two hikers found Dean Fawcett’s dismembered body without its head, left arm and right hand near a railroad embankment in Barrington on Jan. 18, 1993. Prosecutors charged Modrowski and a co-defendant, Robert Faraci, with the 22-year-old LaGrange Park man’s murder that April.

    In a Tribune interview, the victim’s mother, Mary Kay Fawcett, said she assumed her son’s killer would die in prison. “I just figured with what he had done, no way would they ever let him out,” Fawcett said. “The thing I keep wondering, hopefully it was quick and my son didn’t suffer. It’s hard to comprehend, even after 30 years.”

And the offending judge:

  • Cook County Judge Marc Martin resentenced Modrowski on June 28 to 60 years in prison. Under sentencing laws in place at the time of the crime, Modrowski was eligible for day-for-day credit, allowing for his release days later. He must serve three years of mandatory supervised release.

    In a recent ruling, Martin had tossed out Modrowski’s original life sentence after finding in part that he had been unfairly portrayed as emotionless and cold during the trial and sentencing proceedings when the characteristics were likely due to his autism.

Um, he forced the victim into a car, shot him, chopped off the head, left arm, right hand (none of which were ever found), and expressed no regret for any of it. We don't care if he was a high-level functioning autistic, he's a psycho and should have died behind bars. 

Now he's a fifty-year-old psycho running around in reasonably good health and might live another forty years. Have you seen a list of serial killers who reached their prime killing years during their forties and fifties? It's extensive. 

Cook county courts are beyond broken.

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The Politics of Race

Someone made a comment that Chief of Patrol was always a "white guy" spot, because whoever was in it was expendable to the political administration, and the political fallout would be minimal. It provoked this comment from another reader:

  • The entire assignment of exempts is political and racial. Why can't a Black be commander of 8 or 16? Why can't a white commander head up 2 or 3 or 5? Why is it always a Latino who has 10 or 14? Time to assign by qualifications and not race or ethnic background? I was told by a black commander when I brought this up that the black people of Chicago would not stand for having a white commander in their area and the Mexicans would not stand for a black commander in their area. Lets test it. Let do something different.

They have tested this at different points of our career....and as we recall, it always failed. We think it was McCompStat who wanted to buck that trend, and the 011th District woke up to one day to a commander named O'Grady. After being named boss, O'Grady introduced himself, then went on furlough a couple days later. He never returned to 011. The entire experiment lasted maybe three weeks. There was something similar in 010 we believe, and perhaps 015? 

Politics is too intertwined with the Department. Anyone have other examples? Qualifications have never meant squat on CPD.


Crank Calling a Judge

There's going to be some sort of "commitment hearing" for the naked crackhead who attempted to murder one of our own on 15 August. Don't expect much in the way of incarceration - the judge claimed she was mentally impaired, but there wasn't a single doctor or therapist report in evidence, so there's pretty much nothing to justify holding her, addressing her behavior or addiction issues.

The judge however, went on some sort of rant last week claiming she's been getting anonymous phone calls complaining (threatening?) her over her obvious incompetence. That accusation would cover damn near 90% of the judges in Cook County.

But we're sure someone will use it to paint the police as "extremists" even without an iota of evidence the calls were connected to the CPD.


Thursday, July 11, 2024

Hammer Time!

When your only solution is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a bent nail:

  • The leader of Chicago’s largest police union is warning CPD brass that renewed reliance on canceling officers’ days off will tank morale ahead of the Democratic National Convention, when the eyes of the world will be watching how they respond to demonstrations and gun violence.

    John Catanzara, president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, recently lambasted Chief of Patrol Jon Hein for allegedly directing other supervisors to “cancel whoever’s days off you need to.”

    Catanzara insisted that Hein was “on a warpath,” and he urged Chicago Police Supt. Larry Snelling to step in. “Unless the superintendent reins this nonsense in, morale is about to start fading away really fast … before the huge convention that is going to turn this city upside down on its head,” he said in a YouTube video on June 28.

Hein is quite frankly, a moron, a piss-poor "leader," and just dumb enough to miss that Snelling and Conehead are using him as the whipping boy for any blame coming down the road for staffing issues. 

Look at Larritorious deflecting:

  • Before Memorial Day, Snelling told reporters that his administration would “be judicious” about cancelling officers’ regular days off and would give them “advanced notice so that they can plan around those changes.” But in recent weeks, as gun violence has spiked and police resources have been stretched thin by special events, the department has again relied on the controversial practice, aimed at addressing long-standing staffing woes.

    Former police Supt. David Brown faced sharp criticism for canceling days off, and concerns grew as a wave of suicides impacted the department.

    When Snelling addressed the violent Fourth of July weekend on Monday, he told reporters that day-off cancellations had fallen by about 70% this year, but he said canceling time off is sometimes necessary. “It’s not just canceling days off just to cancel days off,” Snelling said. “It’s to make sure that our officers have enough manpower out there to deal with the situation at hand and make sure that they keep down the violence.”

You know how he can claim a 70% reduction in cancellations? 

  • The department stopped doing it for the first five months of the year. They let beat cars go unmanned, watches were shortchanged, and they hoped the weather would keep crime down.

And it worked as it does every year....until the weather warms up, as it does every year. Then the staffing issues are exposed for everyone to see. Then they rely on the media to not report it....which they don't.

The solution remains what it always has and what we've writing about for seventeen years and what we've espoused for our entire careers:

  • gut HQ for real...make it stick. Every bureau is overstaffed by 75%;
  • minimize front don't need a secretary, assistant secretary, ticket clerk, stat person(s), DAC officers and whatever other made-up positions exist merely to hide officers. Civilianize it all;
  • get rid of CAPS for pete's sake. It's outlived it's usefulness and is merely a money laundering operation nowadays. The amount of swag, cash and outright thieving that goes on, it's amazing that the media has never done a deep dive into it;
  • downsize unit administrative staffs, Detective areas and Homan Square especially. You could reduce inside staff by 50% and no one would ever know;
  • revamp the Academy. Teaching one hour of every five is ridiculous, and it's worse at the outlying training spots. At one training session last year, we had eleven different instructors in an eight-hour session, four of whom never spoke a word;
  • someone grow a set of testicles (looking at you Larritorious and Hein) and tell Conehead he gets twenty cops and two sergeants the way it used to be. The other hundred-and-thirty go back to a District;
  • man the beat cars, every single one, every single watch, first and foremost. Instead of Tact Teams, go back to 06 cars. Make it a monthly assignment, plain clothes, and they're the Area response team. Make the Chief there responsible for their deployment and for their numbers. Real numbers, not blue cards. Heads and CB numbers.

And those Area Teams, that's your old Task Force deployable asset. If you run it correctly, you'll probably have a few hundred officers per Area. Add in a voluntary Special Employment OT initiative and you'll get plenty of greedy cops sucking up the OT, further minimizing the need to cancel days off all summer.

But sadly, no one has the balls or the will power.


Just Drop It Already

It seems "reporter" Leah Hope is attempting to take up the mantle of shit-stirrer Cuck Goudie:

  • A new report from Chicago's Office of Inspector General is raising concerns about alleged connections with extremist groups in the Chicago Police Department. The inspector general said not enough is being done to extract extremism and repair trust.

    "We cannot ask people to trust a police department whose members are allowed to dabble in hatred and extremism," Chicago Inspector General Deborah Witzburg said.

    Witzburg said Tuesday her recommendations to further investigate and oust officers with connections to extremist organizations have not been heeded.

Conehead and the Department counter:

  • Last month, the IG recommended CPD reopen its bureau of internal affairs investigation of eight officers associated with the Oath Keepers. CPD declined, emphasizing there was a thorough investigation, and there was not evidence the accused officers actively participated in the Oath Keepers.

    And, in April, the IG suggested the city convene a task force.

    The mayor's office responded last month, saying the office is "fully committed to rooting out extremist, anti-government and bias organizations" and outlined efforts to address and prevent these issues, but did not agree to set up a task force.

There was already an investigation....a pretty thorough one from all we've been told. And the main issue is that there is no evidence - aside from being named on some mailing lists - that any officer participated in any questionable behavior while representing the CPD, on CPD property, or while being attired in a CPD uniform.

Now, if you go though assorted social media posts during the St. George of Fentanyl "protests," you can find all sorts of photographic evidence of police officers, in uniform, on duty, in police stations, actively participating in prohibited behaviors. 

Guess why that isn't an issue?

We think there are a few pics in our archives, we probably saved a few others in our records, and we know for sure that many other officers have dozens of these pictures, just in case they're needed as evidence in a politically motivated persecution of officers exercising their freedom to associate off duty.

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"Surge Ambulances"?

Where did these come from? Who are they manned by? 

  • Chicago Fire Department officials are meeting with local hospitals to devise a plan to make available the best possible emergency medical services at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago next month.

    The department has now confirmed they will be providing emergency medical support both inside the secure perimeter that will be going up around the United Center in August for the DNC, and inside the stadium as well.

    Sources told the CBS News Chicago Investigators the CFD also will be bringing in its fleet of extra ambulances called surge ambulances. Those will be stationed near the United Center and providing aid wherever else they will be needed.

Why do we think these are pool or retired BLS ambulances? No way they have fully-equipped ALS ambulances stashed away in a climate controlled garage.

Could have used a few "surge" ambulances this past weekend. 

The article also says there will be more CFD protests and informational picketing at the United Center. Turnout at NASCAR was around 125 attendees.


Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Not Just Nixon

A reader with a better memory than we have found that Conehead's blaming of Richard Nixon wasn't the most outrageous leap of liberal stupidity this century.

Some "insignificant blog" wrote about some carpetbagging supernintendo from NY over twelve years ago blaming.....the Pilgrims:

  • [July 2012] It’s official: With more than 240 dead, Chicago’s murder rate has surpassed the body count in war-torn Afghanistan. But as the city death toll continues to mount, outraged residents are asking questions and city officials are scrambling for answers – at least, the politically correct ones.

    Answers that usually involve blaming dead white guys or ones that are still kicking.

  • When asked about the “gap” between law enforcement and the black community, McCarthy reached back 400 years for an answer.

    “It’s a big issue. It’s a long time coming. We’ve done a lot of things wrong in policing in this country. I’m willing to admit that,” said McCarthy. “But this goes back 200-300 years to the time when Pilgrims came here and things developed from that, the African American experience in this country.”

    But the Pilgrims weren’t the only people being blamed for the violence. The superintendent also laid blame at the feet of America’s finest and inferred – without actually stating it - that white police officers are the problem.

We closed the post with:

  • Pilgrims and cops enforcing the law. That's to blame for 7-year-olds getting killed at 10:45 p.m., 3-year-olds getting winged at 11:30 p.m., and a body count rivaling Afghanistan.

    Thank goodness we finally know who to blame.

Probably should have added, "McCarthy is a liberal New York a$$hat."


A Future Picasso

Someone has a bit of undiscovered talent:

We hope the sergeant approved it as is. 

And we hope it ends up as Exhibit A in a court proceeding.


Supreme Hypocrite

Remember this moron dissenting in the McDonald v Chicago US Supreme Court case?

  • Breyer/Ginsberg/Sotomayor contended, “I can find nothing in the Second Amendment’s text, history, or underlying rationale that could warrant characterizing it as ‘fundamental’ insofar as it seeks to protect the keeping and bearing of arms for private self-defense purposes.”

    Later in the dissent, after criticizing a prior SCOTUS decision — District of Columbia. v. Heller (2008) — Breyer/Ginsberg/Sotomayor stressed, “Further, there is no popular consensus that the private self-defense right described in Heller is fundamental.”

    In the early portion of the dissent’s conclusion, Breyer/Ginsberg/Sotomayor claimed, “In sum, the Framers did not write the Second Amendment in order to protect a private right of armed self-defense. There has been, and is, no consensus that the right is, or was, ‘fundamental.’”

Essentially, there is no "Right" to self defense.

Then this happened a few days ago:

  • In July, one of Sotomayor’s armed guards shot a would-be carjacker outside her home.

    According to the New York Post, the incident occurred shortly after 1:00 a.m. on July 5, 2024. At that time, 18-year-old Kenneth Flowers allegedly pointed a gun at a U.S. Marshal assigned to protect the justice, and the Marshal opened fire, leaving Flowers with non-life-threatening wounds.

We certainly hope that Justice Sotomayor has the offending US Marshall fired for exercising what she considers a non-existent Right.

We also expect that she surrenders her government supplied vehicle to the criminal, so that he may pawn it to pay for his hospital bills and legal fees.

And finally, we pray she pencils another opinion about using Deadly Force to protect private property that results in a re-evaluation against those who rule one way while living behind armed guards that none of us common persons can afford.


Tuesday, July 09, 2024

This Guy Was a Teacher?


This would help explain the sorry state of the schools and the appalling ignorance of its graduates.

  • In recent years, Chicago’s leaders have blamed a wide range of external factors for the city’s infamous street violence. They’ve pointed fingers at Donald Trump, Indiana, Kim Foxx, and gun manufacturers, among others.

    On Monday, after 108 people were shot, 19 fatally, during the Independence Day weekend, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson became the first leader to blame Richard Milhous Nixon.

    “We are standing here today talking about a violent weekend because of generations of disinvestment,” Johnson told a room full of reporters.

    “Black death has been unfortunately accepted in this country for a very long time,” Johnson claimed. “We had a chance 60 years ago to get at the root causes and people mocked President [Lyndon] Johnson and we ended up with Richard Nixon.”

Has Chicago's BJ been talking to "president" JB?  Is senility transmissible?

Nixon resigned fifty years ago and has been dead for thirty years. We barely remember his presidency. We'd even bet actual money that 33% of Conehead's voting base has no idea who Nixon was. The country ended up with Nixon because LBJ declined to run again. 

We're also aware of the quote by LBJ, and apocryphal or not, are amazed Conehead would attempt to make this "Nixon-crime-LBJ" link after a few decades of crime numbers. (attempts to accurately quote it will be deleted)

Does he think that he and LBJ are related via last name? Because that isn't really anything to be proud of.

UPDATE: - always ahead of the game - already has a T-shirt up for sale. Go visit and support their site.

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Statistical Variations

As far as we can tell, it has to do with starting and ending times:

  • Channel 9: Chicago police have confirmed 109 people were shot, 19 fatally, across the city over the Fourth of July weekend.
  • Channel 5: After a Fourth of July holiday weekend that saw more than 100 people shot in Chicago....
  • Channel 2: At least 19 killed, 87 hurt in shootings across Chicago during 4th of July weekend

Everyone seems to agree that 19 people (or folks) got chalkified. had the totals at 19 and 89 (108 total). (UPDATE - late's now 20)

But you'll be happy to know that Conehead and Larritorious agree - this must stop! Right now! 

  • A “heartbroken” Mayor Brandon Johnson on Monday declared “there will be consequences” for those responsible for “wreaking havoc on my streets” over the long holiday weekend. It was a clear change in tone for Johnson, who has in the past often emphasized the need for youth programs or other social spending to get at the root causes of crime.

    “We are here to say emphatically that this is enough. It’s enough. When this reckless violence ravages across our city at this magnitude, we are losing a piece of the soul of Chicago. It deeply pains me to admit that, but it is true,” Johnson told reporters at public safety headquarters, flanked by Chicago Police Supt. Larry Snelling and other officials.

    “But I will not stand idly by. We will not be passive in this moment,” he added. “We need to ensure that we are holding every single individual accountable for the pain and trauma and the torment that they have caused in this city. There will be consequences for the violence. We will not let criminal activity ruin and harm our city.

We agree 100%. Consequences are the only thing that will alleviate the constant bloodshed. Consequences like extensive prison sentences. And not just for shooters - lock up accomplices and those who shelter offenders. Prosecute straw buyers and sentence them to the maximum allowable by law. Bring in Project Exile like Virginia did in the 1990's and saw murders drop by 33% the first year.

  • As of Monday morning, there had been no arrests in any of the weekend’s fatal shootings.

Oh. That's a new definition of "accountable" we hadn't thought of.


Next "progressive" Target

What did we say just last week? 

  • Stop doing traffic stops 

That set off quite a few angry comments. You think we advised that lightly? That we just think up dumb $hit to post about to provoke controversy?

Check out what CWB is reporting today:

  • With the ShotSpotter gunfire detection system soon to be removed from Chicago’s streets, so-called “reform” activists are turning their attention to another tool police find useful: traffic stops.

    Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx said in May that her office is developing a policy not to prosecute gun, theft, and drug charges stemming from certain traffic stops. Foxx said her staff would refuse to file charges in most cases if evidence was found during a traffic stop for missing license plates, expired registrations, and other minor infractions. She called the anticipated change “a public safety enhancement effort.”

We saw this coming years ago, and we struggled to reconcile two different schools of thought:

  • our desire to do actual police work 
  • and our other desire to stay out of Federal Court

After a slew of Federal cases where we were named as defendants or witnesses, we started see what a bunch of old timers had told us - the winds were shifting and weren't headed back any time soon, and we began to accept that police work as we were taught was more dangerous than ever, just not in terms of violence directed at us. 

We were in real danger of losing our houses, salary, savings, deferred comp, pensions, even our actual freedom and families. Not because of conscious criminal acts, but because of the "progressive" mindset taking over the courts.

If you aren't paying attention to the politics in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois today, then you're going to get blindsided one day, for something that was legal and proper just a few years ago.



A couple coming up or ongoing:

Also, a GoFundMe for a copper who suffered a debilitating stroke.

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