Sunday, June 16, 2019

This is Some BS

Can someone explain to us how the teachers can threaten to strike if their non expired Contract isn't renegotiated and signed before the new school year but the FOP has to sit and beg for a new Contract that's two years expired? And the PBPA is three years gone.

The CTU hasn't put out a decent product in our lifetimes with "graduates" reading at levels unseen outside of most Third World shitholes, but somehow have the audacity to demand raises. At least the police kept homicides somewhat stagnant for a time...even with the lies told to the media and at CompStat meetings.



  • Attorneys who won a consent decree in federal court requiring reforms in the Chicago Police Department are threatening to have the city held in contempt over a half dozen citizen deaths.

    Attorney Alexa Van Brunt, with the McArthur Justice Center, said she’s deeply concerned.

    “The consent decree explicitly requires respect for sanctity of life, as well as specific mental health measures; and Myles Frazier was in mental health crisis when he was shot and killed in his own home by a SWAT team. So, I think the evidence is in the killings The evidence is in the lack of response from our leaders," she said.

    The city, she said, could be held in contempt.
Among the alleged "six" deaths, they're counting the recent death of the nurse killed by the cop just charged with DUI. What that has to do with the Consent Decree we have no idea at all. HeyJackass only has four total deaths attributed to the police and all were armed, either with guns or knives.

Guess what the response is from these idiots?
  • “You do not have to shoot to kill. It is not necessary,” said Crista Noel, with the group, Women’s All Points Bulletin. “There aren’t any police officers being killed. As a matter of fact, they’re the only people getting to go home to their families. None of these individuals got to go home to their families.”
Everyone's an expert - even this moron.


California Crashing and Burning

  • The state of California has made no secret that it wants to let as many people out of prison as possible.

    From the early release of inmates through AB 109, to filling parole boards with felon friendly commissioners, to decriminalizing a litany of felonies and drug offenses with Props 47 and 57, Sacramento lawmakers are bending over backwards to dramatically reduce the state’s inmate population.

    Despite all of these efforts, the number of inmates hasn’t dropped dramatically enough to satisfy the state’s ruling Democrats, so they’re kicking tires on a new approach — rigging the jury system so no one gets convicted in the first place.

    This most recent push is Senate Bill 310, authored by state Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, and would allow Californians who have prior felony convictions to serve on juries.

    In a press release promoting the proposal, Skinner wrote, “SB310 will help ensure that California juries represent a fair cross-section of our communities…People with felony records have the right to vote in California. There is no legitimate reason why they should be barred from serving on a jury.”
Except for the fact they'd be more willing to excuse behavior that ought to earn prison time. They'd be hanging juries constantly and nullifying the entire process, making the already near-impossible task of holding criminals accountable that much more impossible.

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  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot joined the Rev. Michael Pfleger and hundreds of anti-violence activists Friday night for the outspoken priest’s annual anti-violence march through Gresham, rallying for citywide peace as shootings in Chicago tick upward along with the rising temperatures.

    “We must teach our young people different ways to resolve disputes. We must teach our young people that this growing community of victims is not a place where they want to be,” Lightfoot said on the steps of Saint Sabina Church.
Like this shit just a few days ago?
  • The man was arrested last summer after he got into an argument with a woman in a White Castle on the South Side and was accused of snatching the receipt from her hands, according to a police report. The 24-year-old woman, who was with her 3-year-old niece, said the man then threatened to kill them and said, “I’m a police officer. Meet me outside. See what’s gonna happen,” the report states.

    A witness recognized the man as a security guard at St. Sabina Catholic Church on 78th Street, where police took him into custody.
Pfather Pfelcher has surrounded himself with gun-toting "bodyguards" for years and as we pointed out yesterday, one finally went off the rails and executed a shoplifter, and we have yet to hear a single incident of condemnation.

Lightgroot has made every single wrong move so far, whether by accident or design remains to be scene, but it's hard to believe anyone could be this stupid by accident.


Saturday, June 15, 2019

Lightgroot "Cares"

  • The No. 2 man in the Chicago Police Department is in hot water with Mayor Lori Lightfoot for taking a family vacation approved and paid for months ago but now in violation of the mayor’s edict that none of the top brass take time off during the violent summer months.

    Lightfoot refused to say whether First Deputy Superintendent Anthony Riccio’s job was in jeopardy after he took a trip during the first week of June. But it sure sounds like it.

    “That would be incredibly disappointing to me if that happened because I gave a very specific directive that no exempt should be taking vacation during the summer,” Lightfoot told reporters at an unrelated event Friday.

    “If that happened, that’ll be something that we have to have a serious conversation about,” she said
Keep this in mind when the orders come down about "restricted time due" and "cancelled RDO's" and whatever else the City and Department can do to make you miserable and disallow you the meager-est amount of time off - even when planned, paid for and approved two-thirds of a year in advance.

We guess the papers are calling him the "No. 2 man in the Department" because he's about to get shit on by a worthless politician who has already been on one west coast and one east coast trip to collect campaign cash from people she doesn't work for.

UPDATE: And as pointed out all over the comment section, Summer doesn't start for another week or so.



Just so we have this straight:
  • named offender in a Mississippi shooting flees to Tennessee
  • makes a video saying how he's not going down without a fight
  • is tracked down by US Marshals - not Memphis PD
  • rams numerous law enforcement vehicles
  • exits car with a gun
  • is sent to meet his maker - Satan we're assuming
And the Memphis "community" decides to riot over this piece of shit, injuring two dozen officers?

Story here.

The media calls them "rowdy protestors" and are attempting to bury any extensive national coverage of the entire incident.

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Special Ed Thoughts

We're going out on a limb assuming he actually has thoughts of his own occasionally:

"What am I still doing here?"

We don't have any answers for that either Ed.


Hey Phleger?

  • The night manager of the Walgreens was having problems with a woman he suspected of shoplifting, so he called someone who lived around the corner and used to work for a security firm.

    The ex-guard arrived at the Northwest Side store within minutes Wednesday night and started struggling with the 46-year-old woman, finally pushing her to the floor and shooting her once in the head, according to a law enforcement source. She was carrying five boxes of leggings and a black T-shirt.

    The gunman picked up a single shell casing, walked out and drove off in his SUV, police said.
Sounds like a straight up execution. And it turns out he has a connection to to phreaky pfather:
  • The man was arrested last summer after he got into an argument with a woman in a White Castle on the South Side and was accused of snatching the receipt from her hands, according to a police report. The 24-year-old woman, who was with her 3-year-old niece, said the man then threatened to kill them and said, “I’m a police officer. Meet me outside. See what’s gonna happen,” the report states.

    A witness recognized the man as a security guard at St. Sabina Catholic Church on 78th Street, where police took him into custody. The charges were later dropped when the accuser did not show up in court, according to Cook County court records.
Perhaps Pfleger will offer him sanctuary?


Prayers for NYPD

  • A New York police officer killed himself Friday, marking the third officer to die by suicide since last week.

    The 29-year-old officer died outside a New York Police Department precinct in Staten Island, marking the third police suicide over the last nine days, NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill confirmed in a statement Friday. Authorities did give information about the officer's identity.

    "This cannot be allowed to continue," O'Neill said in a statement. "Cops spend so much of their days assisting others. But before we can help the people we serve, it is imperative that we first help ourselves."
This is as bad a stretch as we've seen in some time.


Friday, June 14, 2019

Special Ed Hospitalized?

Rumor mill kicking up all of the sudden:
  • Anonymous said...BREAKING NEWS..... Superintendent Johnson is hospitalized, needs emergency surgery.
Hopefully, nothing serious, but he's been looking like shit lately. Maybe this is the push needed for him to retire.

And with Staples supposedly retiring and Riccio on the outs.....

Don't Be a Candyass Lightgroot

  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday renewed her threat to remove police officers from public schools on the heels of a blistering audit that accused the Chicago Police Department of continuing to operate the program without oversight and training.

    Lightfoot’s transition report recommends “encouraging Chicago Public Schools to work with individual schools to define the mission, goal and scope” of school resource officers and tailor that role “to the needs of each school’s student body.”

    But months after a confrontation between police officers and a student at Marshall High School, Lightfoot hinted again Thursday that the days of having Chicago police officers stationed inside Chicago Public Schools may end on her watch.
We've been advocating to get out of schools for at least a few years now. Even McCarthy toyed with the idea. But we don't think Lori has the balls to do it, especially after twenty-eight parents and students went to jail the other day.


Gory Lori

An interesting stat from one of our friendly neighborhood bloggers:
  • In the first 20 days since Lori took office, there has only been ONE DAY was homicide-free.
It's true. Here's the breakdown:
  • Date (Killed) Wounded
    20 May (2) and 5
    21 May (1) and 6
    22 May (2) and 7
    23 May (2) and 10
    24 May (1) and 7
    25 May (2) and 10
    26 May (3) and 14
    27 May (2) and 2
    28 May (3) and 6
    29 May (5) and 5
    30 May (2) and 10
    31 May (4) and 11
    01 Jun (3) and 24
    02 Jun (3) and 8
    03 Jun (1) and 7
    04 Jun (1) and 8
    05 Jun (3) and 5
    06 Jun (2) and 13
    07 Jun (0) and 10
    08 Jun (2) and 25
So the 20 Day Running Totals work out to be:
  • 44 dead and 193 wounded
Lori's Daily Average of Carnage works out to be :::::drumroll sound effect:::::
  • 2.2 Homicides and 9.65 Maimed PER DAY!
That's a pretty piss poor showing by the new mayor and Special Ed. We aren't sure what Rahm averaged, but we know the totals were in the thousands. Perhaps our friends at HeyJackass can come up with something close? Or at least over the past couple of years of Rahm's term since they didn't exist that far back.

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Today's Lightroot Rumor

All Hail Baphomet:
  • There were rumors floating around about — and we at SCC didn’t verify this — but rumors floating around that Lori eats babies after commending their souls to Satan. We hope to God that isn’t true because, man oh man, if that happened there’s going to be a reckoning.
Fuck you Lori.


Any Truth to This One?

From the comments:
  • Funny how LIGHT-GROOT said she ws not going to use POLICE OFFICER to follow her around and act like secret service agents.

    Just seen an order come down form the IVORY tower for Detective to be sent to follow LORI around at SGTS pay till further notice.

    She talks out of both side of her mouth.

    ALL MAYORS hate leaks!!! keep that in mind while she disrespects us at CITY hall meeting.
Why would you take a detective out of a Division with the lowest clearance rate in history?

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This Will Stop Crime

Lori is promising to raise taxes, but has money for this?
  • “The City & Department cry broke every day (especially when it comes time for contract talks) but we have enough money to buy all EXEMPTS new shiny stars and leather wallets...WTF is wrong with this job.
Remember, costs have been cut everywhere possible in government.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Arbitration Now Please

You've had meetings dating back to the Rahm administration.

The City has refused to present anything except proposals to gut Contract protections.

Lightgroot is repeating unsubstantiated rumors slandering the entire organization.

Now she shows her ass at a City Council meeting:
  • Growing tension between Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Fraternal Order of Police were on display at Wednesday's City Council meeting.

    After calling to order her second city council meeting, it did not take long for Mayor Lightfoot to prove that she will not stand for what she considers "unfair criticism."

    "What you failed to do mayor is you failed to take and ask the FOP for our input during the public comment part of the meeting, said Patrick Murray, the 1st Vice President of the Fraternal Order of Police, as he criticized the mayor for leaving the police union out of discussions on reform.

    "Mr. Murray, any time that the FOP wants to do anything other than obstruct and object to reform I'd be more than willing to meet with you," Lightfoot replied.
So standing up for the rights of the membership and maintaining minimal protections for due process are now obstruction for communists progressives.

We don't know how much clearer it can be - we are not going to get anything like a fair shake in any negotiations with the City. Arbitration is the only option.

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Guess What Time it Is?

Evidently, city government is being run as efficiently as possible - time to raise taxes!
  • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday said there’s “no question” residents will need to pay more in taxes or fees to plug a looming city budget shortfall estimated at more than $700 million.

    Lightfoot made the comment, without elaborating on specifics, after her second City Council meeting, when she was asked about a campaign promise to find budget cuts before seeking a property tax increase. The city’s next budget will be presented in the fall.

    “There’s no question we’re going to have to come to the taxpayers and ask for additional revenue. What that ask is, I think remains an open question because we’re still trying to get our arms around how big is the deficit for next year and what can we do to winnow it down,” Lightfoot said. “But I think we’ve got to demonstrate to taxpayers in the city that we are taking a different approach to running city government much more efficiently.”
Anyone know if Lightgroot has seen the graphics we put up about cutting redundant supervision in the Department? You know what's amazing about those charts? You can apply it to all sorts of city departments. Slash and burn middle management, starting with anyone who has the word "deputy" or "assistant" in their job titles. Then start on the aldercreature offices.

So just this year, the State has jacked up taxes, fees and penalties.

The schools have promised to limit-up their portion of the property tax levy.

And now Lightgroot is promising more pain for taxpayers, who can't leave Chicago, Cook County, Illinois fast enough.


Secret Meetings

  • Community groups remain skeptical of the Chicago Police Department’s efforts to address the use of police officers in public schools after a series of invite-only meetings have largely been shrouded in secrecy.

    Nine months after the Office of the Inspector General released a scathing report about the department’s lack of oversight and poor training of school resource officers, neither police nor Chicago Public Schools officials will say if the two institutions have met to discuss the report’s recommendations.

    Since April, police have held nine “community input meetings” to talk about school resource officers. All but one have been closed to the general public.
They don't want police in the schools? Then get out. There are districts across the city that would love to have the manpower back on the watch sheets. Schools should be places of learning and quiet study.

Like this one:
  • More than two dozen people were placed into police custody after a fight broke out near a high school in Chicago’s Brainerd neighborhood Wednesday, officials said.

    Twenty-eight people were taken into custody after police responded about 12:15 p.m. to an incident in the 1300 block of West 95th Street near CICS Longwood High School, a charter school, a police spokeswoman said.

    One victim was taken to the Little Company of Mary Hospital, where the person’s condition was stabilized, a Fire Department spokesman said.
It's funny when Reality intrudes on the "progressive" narrative.

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Today's Lightgroot Rumor

We're just saying:
  • There were rumors floating around about — and we at SCC didn’t verify this — but rumors floating around that Lori is a bad tipper. We hope to God that isn’t true because, man oh man, if that happened there’s going to be a reckoning.
Fuck you Lori.



An aggressive cancer took him, leaving four young kids behind (click for larger version):

Helping our own.

(comments closed here- informational post only)


Useless Proposal

  • Two years ago, state Rep. Sara Feigenholz, D-Chicago, championed a new state law aimed at reducing motorcycle noise and loud mufflers on Lake Shore Drive that prevent residents from getting a good night’s sleep.

    It empowered the city to install noise monitors along Lake Shore Drive similar to the ones that measure jet noise around the clock in neighborhoods surrounding O’Hare and Midway airports.

    On Wednesday, Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) moved to take advantage of that 2017 state law — by introducing an ordinance authorizing the installation.

    “Unmufflered motorcycles all summer long race up and down Lake Shore Drive. This is gonna help us get a handle on that problem by measuring the decibel levels so we can respond appropriately,” Hopkins said.
And then what?

One small piece of duct tape and a refusal to pull over and....

We already can't chase motorcycles by Order. Termination Orders are on hair triggers. Toss in the possibility of punitive damages against cops along with the built in self-preservation attitude (fetality) currently in full force and you have a law that will do exactly nothing to stop assholes from being assholes.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Don't Make Plans.....Ever

We really really need to get double-time or double-time-and-one half in the Contract:
  • Off topic, The Department put out AMC message 248216 today regarding restricted time off July 3-7. Since this is more than 21 days in advance notice will they honor section 23.6, overtime for pre-planned events, in the contract? Or will they try and get around seniority again like they did on Memorial Day?
Every other union has specific instances where time-and-one=half just doesn't cut it. The City screws over the police because even if you win a Grievance, the penalty can only be.....time-and-one-half, so they get away with what would be extra penalties for any other union.


Today's Lightgroot Rumor

We're just saying:
  • There were rumors floating around about — and we at SCC didn’t verify this — but rumors floating around that Lori has a very naughty tattoo just south of her waist toward her left hip. We hope to God that isn’t true because, man oh man, if that happened there’s going to be a reckoning.
Fuck you Lori.


Bias? What Bias?

Interesting search results from

Anyone think Google is trying to slant search results?

Almost like there's a narrative being pushed by someone.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Mayoral Skidmarks

If you're looking drive down crime numbers, you think you'd want at least a sizable portion of the police on your side. You know, the ones doing the work, arresting people (and folks) who are doing the actual killing. You wouldn't want to alienate them by talking out of your ass, giving credence to actual falsehoods, lying and slandering them and their representatives, you know, like Lightgroot did.

Now she's learning the Chicago Back Pedal:
  • On Monday, the new mayor attempted to make the case that her remarks were taken out of context, while also insisting the source of the rumor was a credible one.

    “What I said was I heard a rumor and I hope that’s not true,” she said. “That piece hasn’t been picked up in the news media. And this is, I think, another example of context matters.”

    “We have to have every single officer on deck, focused on the issue, which is to keep our neighborhoods safe,” she added. “So I was concerned about it. The source who came to me was credible. But I caveated it because it was simply a rumor.”
"credible." Doesn't sound like she learned shit. The Slum Times "caveated" it, too, and still rated your claim as "false" probably because they couldn't believe you were so incompetent as to actually repeat it. And Special Ed, the man who didn't even apply to run the Department, couldn't put a polish on the turd Lori laid:
  • Johnson said he didn’t give credence to the rumor about the FOP. “I never heard that rumor,” he said. “We swore an oath to serve and protect the city. That’s what I expect (officers) to do. But I never heard that rumor. I know that the mayor has full confidence in myself, and she’s showing her support for the Police Department.”

    He said he wasn’t concerned the mayor repeating such an unsubstantiated rumor could hurt officer morale. “Morale is what it is,” Johnson said. “I don’t think that — you heard what the mayor said. There’s absolutely no reason we should be giving this any brain time. There’s really not.”
Well Special Ed, you and your staff don't have any brain time to waste, so we aren't surprised you aren't dwelling on it. You have your hands full making excuses for crime, sitting on a testing scandal that put incompetents in positions of authority, more than a few exempt scandals regarding Social Security checks, sexual harassers getting chief spots in the burbs, and a crazy captain-in-training who can't follow orders.

We on the other hand, realize that if the mayor doesn't have the decency to keep her trap shut about bullshit "rumors" she probably got from the same people/folks claiming CPD was doing all the killing, and the bosses prove time and again to not have our actual backs.....well then we have to spend some time on it because it will color every decision we make on the street.

Hey Lori? Two things. (1) Do something about this: Eleven of the nineteen individuals arrested on gun charges over the Memorial Day weekend were on the street by Tuesday. Seven were previously convicted felons and six had prior gun offenses in their backgrounds. (2) Go fuck yourself.


CAPS Vampire Rises Again!

All this program ever did is hide hundreds of cops from street duty, enrich a selected few with questionable overtime and and generate untrackable expenditures to connected persons. And now it's back?
  • Two years ago, an advisory committee created by Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson proposed a top-to-bottom overhaul of a community policing program allowed to wither and die because of inadequate training, insufficient funding and incessant bureaucratic shuffling.

    Johnson did follow through on the committee’s recommendation to appoint Dwayne Betts as deputy chief for community policing reporting directly to the superintendent.

    But little progress has been made on other changes, including: training officers in “cultural diversity and competency, active listening and effective community engagement tactics”; creating a citywide Youth Advisory Council and similar councils in each of the 22 districts; and giving each district an unspecified number of officers and civilians devoted exclusively to community policing.
And this?
  • The first meeting will concentrate on creating “opportunities for positive engagement” and on making certain local businesses know the “expectations” of area residents.

    He talked about increased foot patrols, more frequent visits to local businesses and encouraging partnerships between residents, businesses and police. Each liaison officer will have a cell phone businesses can call at any time.

    The second monthly meeting will deal exclusively with “violence deterrence.”

    If there are problem businesses with a spike in criminal activity, police liaisons will work with those businesses to develop a corrective safety plan, Betts said.
"opportunities for positive engagement" means "don't prosecute shoplifters."

And "violence deterrence" because legit businesses are the biggest drivers of violence.

Someone please stop the stupid.


Clueless in Chicago

  • Another summer in the City of Chicago starts with a bang. No pun intended as 52 people were shot, 10 fatally in street violence. On Memorial Day it was 30 shot with five killed. That’s right. You read that correctly: 82 people shot leaving 15 dead—not in the first five months of the year—not in the last 30 days— not even in the previous week! Two weekends is all it took.

    Several weeks ago a madman went on a rampage and killed 12 people in a Virginia municipal building. We were horrified hearing this. Everybody asked the same questions, such as: what caused this or what technical fix can be implemented to prevent this from happening again? We even got the usual blame-the-gun whining from the left. Yet, the violence in Chicago gets ignored. Why? Two reasons. First is the left’s casual attitude about ghetto violence and culture. Second is that Chicago’s political class is clueless on how to reduce the senseless killing.

    Most violence in the American ghetto involves blacks killing other blacks. This is complicated for liberals and Democrats. They can’t blame this on “whitey,” systemic racism, the police or the National Rifle Association. The cultural rot involved in this violence has the left tied in knots.
And that's just the opening couple of paragraphs. Clarke sounds off not only on "cultural rot," but cultural dysfunction, under-use/mis-use of jails/prisons, Crimesha, Lightgroot, and Special Ed. Go read it all.


Today's Lightgroot Rumor

Maybe this will catch on:
  • “You know, there were rumors floating around about — and we at SCC didn’t verify this — but rumors floating around that Lori leaves the toilet seat up at home. We hope to God that isn’t true because, man oh man, if that happened there’s going to be a reckoning.”
See? We can be full of shit, too, just like the mayor.

Fuck you Lori.


Father's Day Mass

From the Chaplains:

    All active and retired CPD members, Gold Star Families, Chaplains Ministry supporters, and their families are is the public.

    Mass will be finished by 10:30 for the sake of on-duty worshipers on their lunch break.

    While this is a Catholic Mass, ALL are welcome to honor dads/grandfathers/father figures whose names are inscribed on the walls of the CPD memorial.

    Bring a lawn chair or blanket...and a picnic lunch if you'd like to stick around.

    IN CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER, call Fr. Dan Brandt, CPD Chaplain, at 773-550-2369, for status.

    Ample free parking is available on Museum Campus Drive. Uniformed CPD officers will direct you.
At the moment, storms are predicted, so keep Father Dan's number handy.


Monday, June 10, 2019

Fuck You Lightfoot (UPDATED for Morons)

  • In her remarks, Lightfoot sought to draw a connection between the weekend carnage and difficulties she is expected to encounter negotiating a new police contract with the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, which represents thousands of rank-and-file officers.

    “You know, there were rumors floating around about — and I didn’t verify this — but rumors floating around that they were telling their officers, ‘Don’t do anything. Over Memorial Day weekend, don’t intercede,’” Lightfoot said on CAN-TV’s “Chicago Newsroom” program. “‘If you see some criminal activity, just lay back, do nothing.’ I hope to God that wasn’t true because, man oh man, if that happened there’s going to be a reckoning.”


    “Leading into Labor Day in 2016 when we had this catastrophic level of violence, the then-(union) administration — which, there are some carryovers from that — put out a memo telling officers that they should not show up for work, that they shouldn’t do their job, that they shouldn’t be the police,” she said.
If you didn't verify it, why did you say it? If it's a "rumor" as you state, why do you throw it out there? There was exactly zero purpose to this except to inflame the public...or a portion of the public...into believing someone somewhere is actually talking about this. It certainly seems slanderous - and actionable.

Even the Slum Times is flabbergasted:
  • That exaggerates the record. According to an August 2016 Chicago Tribune story, the union called for officers not to accept overtime requests during Labor Day weekend — but it said nothing about the officers’ regularly assigned work, as Lightfoot suggested.

    What’s more, that example does not back up the claim Lightfoot made about Memorial Day weekend, which she acknowledged was unverified but chose to publicly repeat nonetheless.
Not accepting overtime offers isn't a job action. It's a Right not to work extra if you don't want the extra money.

Hey FOP, you saw this, correct? You know what this is? It's "negotiating in the media," something you and your predecessors have always insisted was off-limits due to "gentlemen's agreement" with the City. Guess what? No "gentlemen" here - never were.

Undermining the entire union by claiming the FOP violated Contract Section 5.1 is a Declaration of War. Such a position advocated by the FOP could result in the dissolution of the bargaining unit itself.

It's also a sign that Lightfoot is not serious about negotiating in good faith. Arbitration Immediately. This statement is Exhibit #1. Get it done.

UPDATE: Listen closely unpublished Tiny Brains - what we post here IS NOT the FOP position. It's coppers venting steam and taking City/Department directives to their ILLOGICAL extremes. 
  • Rahm says we all went "fetal"?
  • Officers being stripped for defending their partner being choked out?
  • Damages being assessed against officers for being on scene?
  • Supervisors being stripped for approving reports?
Self preservation and gallows humor is not policy. They told us the new rules via their actions. We aren't stupid, but obviously you are.


Any Connection?

Our intrepid readers dug this up:
  • The ARDC lists her name as Cara Lefevour Smith. Could she be any relation?

    July, 14th, 1985 Chicago Tribune article: Circuit Judge Richard F. LeFevour was convicted Saturday of all 59 counts of an Operation Greylord indictment that accused him of taking thousands of dollars in bribes over 14 years to fix drunken driving cases and parking tickets.
LeFevour isn't exactly a common name, and especially connected to anything Cook County. LeFevour was so crooked that a jury found him guilty in just about four hours, an unheard of turnaround in a trial that took months. Smith doesn't appear to be a daughter from the limited records available - a niece or cousin perhaps?

We remember these trials vividly and it contributed directly to our never ever voting to retain a Cook County judge.


Hey Tough Guy

You're the police, right?
  • Yesterday nite at about 3:00 AM on zone 4, while 001st district was in a rap since 4:00 PM the previous day, 5780 of the MAIU unit goes over the air to announce a disturbance at the front door to the MAIU office. "There's an intoxicated female banging on the door, send someone to take care of this". There were no cars available, as its Saturday nite and 001 has the usual skeleton crew.

    A couple minutes later, 5780 goes over the air again, this time with a very agitated tone, telling dispatch someone has to take care of this disturbance, he can't have this happening there all nite. Another reasonable voice goes over the air, telling 5780, "You're the police, handle it yourself." I was laughing my ass off when I heard it. 5780 replies over the air very maturely and intelligently, "come here and say that to my face." Because, apparently, he's too busy to handle a disturbance at his front door, but has time to pick fights over the air on a backlogged nite, when the airwaves are actually needed for real police issues.

    Long story short, dispatch asks a unit that's in 001 on paper to please take a break from the paper and walk over to MAIU and handle what apparently can't be handled by 5780. The moral of the story is, once you're in a unit, you lose the ability to perform basic law enforcement functions.
What the Hell is going on at Major Accidents?


Well This is Awkward

  • A man who recently worked for an organization dedicated to nonviolence is facing an attempted first-degree murder charge after being identified as the alleged gunman in a shooting last year in West Garfield Park.

    Cornelius Moss, 30, who lives in the West Side neighborhood, allegedly shot a 24-year-old man while the younger man was stopped at a red light Oct. 16 in the 400 block of South Kostner, according to Cook County prosecutors.

    Prosecutors said surveillance video from a nearby BP gas station showed Moss retrieving a gun from his own car before walking up to the other man’s car and firing multiple times.
Look! We're over it already.


Stop Drinking and Driving

We don't care what excuses you come up with - if you are drunk, don't drive:
  • About 12 hours after an off-duty police officer slammed into a Gresham restaurant, killing one woman and seriously injuring another, the department announced it would seek charges against the unnamed officer on suspicion of driving under the influence.

    In announcing the new development, the department did not revise earlier details about the crash, in which the off-duty officer suggested he swerved into the restaurant when faced with a split-second decision when the black Toyota sedan he was driving was cut off by another motorist early Sunday.

    The officer, whose name was not released, was driving east in the 1700 block of West 87th Street near the intersection with South Wood Street at about 2:45 a.m., according to his account, which was in an online notification from the Chicago Police Department. He was going to turn onto Wood Street when a vehicle heading west on 87th Street cut him off by turning onto Wood Street in front of him, police said.

    To avoid hitting that car, the officer made a sharp turn and went up onto the curb and into Tony’s Philly Steak at 1757 W. 87th St., where his car hit two women.
Being in an accident is excusable.

Being in an accident while drunk isn't.

Being in an accident while drunk and someone dies?

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Sunday, June 09, 2019

Cops Injured in Crash

  • Two police officers on the way to a call of a person shot were injured when they collided with a dump truck in the Humboldt Park neighborhood on Saturday afternoon, officials said.

    Ambulances were called to the intersection of California and Chicago avenues about 12:30 p.m. for the crash, according to Chicago Fire Department Deputy District Chief Curtis Hudson.

    Hudson and Officer Jose Jara, a spokesman for the Chicago police, said two Harrison District patrol officers in a sport utility vehicle were injured and taken to Stroger Hospital with serious head injuries.

    The front end of the SUV was mangled, and the collision punctured the dump truck’s diesel fuel tank, prompting fire officials to call a Level I Hazmat, which brings multiple Fire Department rigs to the scene, Hudson said.

    The officers, 24 and 25, have both stabilized, said Jara, speaking from Stroger Hospital. One officer was in the probationary period.
First of all, they should both recover, though concussions are tricky things. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

We're told video recovered from the surrounding scene show all traffic yielding to the squad - except for the truck, and unfortunately, one is all it takes.


Concealed Carrier Two-Fer

We've said it before - these CCL people ought to be getting Special Junior Police Badges and a coupon for ammo and range hours:
  • A concealed carry holder shot back at two gunman Friday, hitting them both in a South Side Englewood shooting that hurt three people. The license holder was seated in a vehicle about 2:15 p.m. when at least two men came up and started shooting, Chicago police said.

    The gunfire hit a 22-year-old man standing outside the man’s car in the 6200 block of South Justine, police said. The concealed carry holder stepped out of the vehicle, took out his own weapon and shot two men.

    One of those men was critically wounded with gunshot wounds to his groin and ankles, police said. The 20-year-old was rushed to Mt. Sinai Hospital. The other alleged shooter was shot in the buttocks and grazed in his arms and head, police said. The 25-year-old’s condition was stabilized at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.
TWO offenders - that's one cool customer. Well done Citizen!


They'll Let Anyone Be a Judge

  • Cara Smith, a veteran policy adviser to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and a registered attorney, has been named to serve as a county judge.

    The Illinois Supreme Court appointed Smith to fill a vacant judgeship in the county’s seventh subcircuit, according to an order filed this week.
Sure. What "policy advisor" doesn't dream of becoming a judge? Guess who nominated her?
  • Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, the spouse of indicted Chicago Ald. Edward Burke, nominated Smith for the position.
Well sure. That makes it all right.

Can you believe this shit?

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Saturday, June 08, 2019

Lake Shore Drive Shooting

Too bad it wasn't a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday - there would have been six cars with the magical flashing Poverty Prevention Lights on:
  • A man was killed and three others were critically wounded when someone in a passing car opened fire at their van on Lake Shore Drive near the Fullerton exit late Thursday night, according to Chicago police.

    The four were headed north in a Honda Odyssey van shortly before midnight when they were shot in the northbound lanes in the 2500 block of North Lake Shore Drive, police said. The driver of the van sped away to the Belmont exit and pulled over at a parking lot in the 3200 block of North Broadway, police said.
And an expressway shooting:
  • The shooting happened about four hours after two men were shot near the northbound I-94 ramp to southbound I-57, according to Illinois State Police.

    Troopers responded to the shooting on the Far South Side about 7:35 p.m. and found a Nissan on its side.
Wait a minute - Fullerton exit, I-94 ramp.

It must be the ramps!


Prayers for NYPD

  • A detective with the New York City Police Department's Brooklyn South homicide squad died Thursday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, according to the New York Post.


    His death comes a day after another NYPD officer, Deputy Chief [...], died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in Queens. The 62-year-old deputy chief had been with the police department for over 38 years and was nearing retirement.

Full article at the link up top. This epidemic really needs to be addressed and not just at the local levels.

Prayers for the Officers, their families and their coworkers.

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Media Accountability?

  • Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn owes the citizens of Chicago, including its police officers, a column about an impending federal trial in a civil lawsuit brought by attorneys representing Stanley Wrice.

    Zorn owes the public this column because he needs to explain whether he thinks Wrice is truly innocent of the vicious rape and severe burning of Karen Byron in 1982, a crime so vicious that Wrice was sentenced to 100 years in prison even though Byron survived the attack and the treatments she received at the Loyola Burn Center.

    Zorn has never held back making known his opinion about the conduct of detectives on dozens of so-called wrongful convictions going back decades, including the two main ones involving the Wrice investigation, retired detectives Jack Byrne and Pete Dignan. In fact, Zorn’s career at the Tribune could reasonably be described as being the most outspoken voice in the Chicago media claiming false convictions based upon corrupt police.

    And those articles throughout the years from Zorn and his cohorts at the Tribune often come out on the verge of a trial in these cases, often precipitating a settlement by a city guided as much by media pressure as any pesky rules of evidence.
Go read Preib's entire article.

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Friday, June 07, 2019

Hypocrites for Money

So the killing of Brittany Hill was captured on POD video. The narrative spun around it turned out to be complete bullshit, but no one knew that....until the video was leaked.

Now, the family wants paying from the only entity with actual money:
  • James Hill didn’t want to be standing in front of Chicago police headquarters Thursday morning, but he and a dozen others were there all the same.

    “I’m just a dad hurting,” he said, as a single tear — one that would be far from the last — streamed down his left cheek.

    Hill, other family members, supporters and faith leaders were outside Chicago Police Department headquarters at 35th Street and Michigan Avenue to announce that Brittany Hill’s family will pursue legal action against the city after video footage of her murder was leaked last week. No litigation has yet been filed, but the family’s attorney said that “we are pursuing a lawsuit of some sort.”
"...a lawsuit of some sort." That means what exactly?
  • The video was recorded on equipment paid for by taxpayers to solve crime. It worked (surprisingly). Barring national security concerns (of which there are none in this case) the end product belongs to the taxpayers.
Isn't that the argument made by media types every single day in attempting to FOIA police officers CR histories? Wasn't that the argument made to unseal the divorce records of Sparklefart's opponent in an election? Didn't we see the Laquan video played on television 24/7 for years?

But now someone bitches and other someones want money because something was too transparent? Screw Special Ed. Screw Crimisha. Screw Lori. Screw IAD, COPA and any other investigatory agency. Your rank hypocrisy makes us ill. We hope that even more videos leak and show taxpayers exactly who the accountability needs to land on.

It ain't the police.


Interesting Defense

  • Arguing that prison sentences historically have “not done anything to curb Chicago’s tidal wave of aldermanic corruption cases,” Willie Cochran’s lawyer asked a judge Thursday not to put the latest convicted ex-City Council member behind bars.

    Attorney Christopher T. Grohman instead asked for probation with six months of home confinement for the 67-year-old former 20th Ward alderman, insisting that Cochran’s crime does not count as a typical public corruption case.

    To make his argument, Grohman pointed to a list published by the Chicago Sun-Times of 35 aldermen convicted since the early 1970s. He also made reference to last week’s indictment of 14th Ward Ald. Edward M. Burke on racketeering and bribery charges — a case former 25th Ward Ald. Danny Solis helped build by wearing a wire for the feds.
We'd make the opposite argument - that aldercreatures aren't sentenced to nearly enough prison time.

Look at Blago - 14 years for attempting to solicit a bribe that never left the ground - and not a single Illinois governor has been to prison since.

Imagine if we added public flogging to the sentences.


Nice Court Evans

  • A Cook County judge made unwanted sexual advances toward a court reporter, made inappropriate sexual comments about a prosecutor and tried to kiss a police officer — a pattern of harassing behavior toward women, a state board that oversees judges said in a complaint Thursday.

    The Judicial Inquiry Board charged that Judge Mauricio Araujo’s alleged conduct spanned from spring 2012 through fall 2018 and was directed “toward women with whom he has interacted in professional settings and in his official judicial capacity.”
Wait - from 2012? That was prior to #metoo, so it doesn't count?

We're actually wondering why the Keesing Bandit didn't file a complaint earlier.

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